A brother and sisters romance with their daughter.
To fully understand this story please read the first part. None of this is true this is completely a work of

fiction. I would never harm a child especially my own child. Constructive Criticism is welcome please keep you negative comments to yourselves

Laura and I have been together for nine years now. Sarina our eight year old daughter and Chris our fourteen month old son have been living the story book life. Laura was the love of my life but Sarina our little princess stole my heart. The love that I had for her was nothing like the love that I had for her mother. I could feel the tension sometimes when Laura would come in the room when we were playing or when I would let her stay up late and watch TV with me. I could tell that Laura was getting jealous of her own daughter especially when she would get scared and crawl into bed between Marry and me. Sarina would cling to me and I could tell it was driving Laura insane.

It was one of those nights where the moon and stars were behind the clouds. The night was so dark we couldn’t see anything outside of the house. It was as if there were black sheets over the windows. Sarina and I were playing some of her games when Laura came into the room and instructed Sari to go to bed Sari protested not wanting to stop and looked to me for permission to stay up longer. Not wanting to start a fight between Laura and myself I told Sari to go to bed. She got angry and stormed out of the room stomping her feet.

Laura and I turned the lights out and cuddled up on the sofa and watched a movie when it started to rain. Lightning was piercing through the clouds; the loud claps of thunder shook the house and echoed off of the trees. I knew at that moment Sari would get scared and come running looking for us. That’s when I felt Laura’s hands go to my crotch and unzip my zipper and unfasten the button pulling my pants to my ankles. Her hand went up my boxers and started to stroke my penis. I was now at full mast as my boxers were off along with my pants. My sister crawled between my legs putting the head of my dick in her mouth. It sent shivers up my spine as she accepted more into her mouth. I leaned forward removing my shirt.

The lighting and thunder were now bearing down. With every blast of thunder Laura’s teeth would graze the side of my hard cock. The lightning seemed to be getting closer to the house when a blast illuminated the room that we were in. that’s when I saw the silhouette of my little daughter in the room. I put my hands on Laura’s head leaned forward and whispered “Sari is watching us.” I looked down at my sister as she looked up at me and placed a tiny kiss on the head of my raging penis. Laura got up from the floor and walked to our eight year old daughter. I could not hear what she said as she walked behind her removing her nightgown and putting her hair up in a ponytail. My little girl stood there in nothing but her panties. Laura’s hands rubbing between her legs. That’s when I heard “Go see Daddy!”

Sari was reluctant and turned back to her mommy. Laura put her thumb in Sari’s mouth moving it in and out turning her back around and guiding her closer and closer to me. Laura was hot sucking on Sari’s ears and neck as sari was now between my legs. Holding the base of my cock with my left hand I put my right hand behind my daughters head pulling her mouth to my penis. She tried to avoid putting it in her mouth so my engorged penis was rubbing pre-cumm all over her face and lips. I instructed Sari to allow my hard penis into her mouth and suck on it. She looked up at me and I could see the moon reflecting in her tearing eyes. I said to her in a soothing and calm voice “Take it Baby suck on it for daddy!” Her little mouth opened accepting the head into her mouth I groaned as the warmth of her mouth sucked on me. I put my head back when I noticed my sister was now sucking on my hard cock with her daughter. That was about to put my over the edge When Laura pulled my cock out of her mouth and letting me explode all over myself. Laura instructed Sari to clean me up with her tongue and get it all off as Laura got up and walked away.

Sari did as her mother said as she licked my stomach, my thighs and my balls. Laura came back into the room turning on the lights and said Carry Sari to our room. My daughter looked at me with confusion in her eyes wondering what was going to happen next. I knew what Laura had in mind and I was thinking the same thing.

I scooped Sari into my arms removing her panties as I carried her to our room. When I got to the room Laura was completely naked and lying on the bed with her legs spread I carried Sari to the bed and placed Sari down on it. Laura with her finger started to motion sari closer to her and between her legs Sari was now laying on her stomach with her mother’s pussy in her face. I than crawled on top of my daughter my elbows on both sides of her head as I licked her ears and kissed the back of her neck. I stuck my finger in my sisters soaked pussy. I penetrated her deeper and deeper with my two fingers when Laura pulled Sari’s head to her crotch. I whispered in Sari’s ears giving her instructions on how to eat her mother’s pussy. I pulled my fingers out of Laura and placed them in sari’s mouth.

Laura pulled me up to her kissing me as she moaned in my ear. In a gasp of breath and ecstasy she said “Fuck me!” I moved down her body picking sari up in my arms rubbing my hands all over her virgin pussy and said “Go sit on mommies Face!” Sari did as she was told as she straddled her moms face. I entered my sister going through the motions not wanting to expel myself on her. Laura’s tongue found her babies’ pussy licking and sucking on it. Laura found her tiny clit and started to squeeze as she sunk a finger inside of her. I reacted seeing Sari penetrated by yelling “HEY HEY Save that for me. That’s when Laura crawled out from under Sari. And then flipped her over on her back and crawled back in between her legs. Laura wasted no time finding her tiny clit and sucking on it. Sari was now moving her body in unison with the pleasure her mother was giving her. I straddled Sari’s face placing my cock to her lips. “Suck on it honey you want to get it all nice and wet.” I lunged forward putting my entire cock into her mouth. I felt her start to gag and said “Breath through your nose.”She took a breath through her nose as I would pull out leaving the head of my cock in her mouth and then lunge forward again throat fucking my daughter.

I was getting the blowjob of life when Laura put her hand on my thigh and said “She’s ready for you.” I pulled out of her mouth her saliva was all over her chin and my cock as I drug my hard penis all the way down her body leaving a trail of her saliva and my pre-cumm. My cock was now at the entrance to her pussy. Laura straddled Sari facing me instructing me to go slow. Laura Kissed me wrapping her arms around me as I started to lean into my daughter. I could feel her body tense up as Laura climbed off of Sari and lay down next to her. Sari was taking it well as I started to sink deeper. Laura’s hands were rubbing sari’s Pussy as my cock was against Sari’s Hymen. I looked at Laura as she looked back at me giving me like a nod of approval. I put my hands on her hips and started to push into her. I could feel her hymen breaking as sunk deeper and deeper into her. Sari’s body was still. Her mouth hung open gasping for air as I penetrated her deeper and deeper. I was now all the way in. Her tight pussy putting so much pressure on my hard cock made it difficult to retract. I started to pull out as Laura was wiping the tears from her eyes. I was now all the way out accept for the head of my cock. I entered her again. Now her pussy was wet making it easier to enter and retract. I was in a rhythm now picking up speed. Sari was moaning as I was started to go faster. Laura was fingering herself as I fucked our daughter mercilessly. Sari was now meeting each of my thrusts moaning asking for more. “Daddy that feels good Daddy.” I leaned in kissing my daughter putting my tongue in her mouth as we were now making love to one another. My body started to tense up. Laura knew I was getting ready to blow when she said “Cumm in our mouths!” I pulled out crawling up to my sister and daughter’s mouth letting loose cumming all over their Faces putting my cock in and out of each of their mouths. I sat there and watched as my sister and daughter kissed each other licking all of my cumm and our daughters’s pussy juice off of each other.

That was the beginning of a long love affair between my sister our daughter and eventually our son. Stay tuned for more.


2014-12-30 09:58:58
"A Brother And Sister's Secret Romance Pt. 02" - Thirty-one Year Old Unnamed Brother And Father of Two Children and His Thirty Year Old Sister And Mother Laura, of Their Eight Year Old Daughter Sarina Marie and Fourteen Month Old Son Christopher.

The structure and paragraphing of this story is improved to nine paragraphs and two seperate sentences. The writer has a great imagination and writing ability!

With mother Laura fingering and eating their young daughter Sarina Marie's pussy, preparing and encouraging her to suck her daddy's cock, eat his cum and perform a mature-like blowjob on him, adds a great dimension to all the elements of this story.

The unnamed brother and his sister Laura are the parents of Sarina Marie and son Christopher; they are preparing, seducing and making their daughter the (double) incestual and consummating sex object for themselves. The concept makes for an illicit, erotic, sensual and even a romantic love story of magestic proportions!

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2013-04-18 08:42:21
Reminds me of the day my daughter begged me to let her daddy pop her cherry.... Best day of my life, I was so proud.

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