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Mark's wife agrees to be the star in a movie about a schoolgirl getting gang raped!

Mark Collins lay breathlessly next to his petite young wife, Susie, his prick now deflating and oozing its last gobs of semen. He'd just deposited a huge load inside of her as she rode his prick to her own explosive orgasm. Susie flopped back onto the bed, her naked B cup tits bouncing. Long blond hair spilled onto the white pillow beneath her. She let her skinny thighs fall apart, exposing her puffy pink gash and the thin stripe of brilliant white semen emerging from her engorged labia. Her cunt meat pulsed in the afterglow of her climax. As the tight pussy muscles clenched and unclenched, a long stream of sperm started to leak down her thighs and into the crack of her ass. Mark turned to his wife, his heart still beating fast. There was something important he had to ask her.

"Honey," he began, tentatively.

"Yes?" she said, still breathless, turning to him with a small smile on her thin pink lips.

"So you know how I have that uh, amateur movie director friend?"

"Yes, that pompous asshole Jasper Jenkins?" Susie said, her brow furrowing already.

"Well, uh, he says you'd be perfect for a part--"

"Wait a minute, wait a minute! Mark, are you gonna ask me if I want to be in one of his sleazy porno movies?!" Susie exclaimed, her mouth falling open.

"Look, I only ask because I know how much you've enjoyed our open marriage. I know how much you love taking on more than one cock at a time..." Mark said, reaching out to tenderly caress his wife. "I've always loved watching you get fucked by a crowd of men... Come on, honey, now's your chance to get paid for it, and to get paid well!"

"How much money are we talking?" Susie asked quietly.

"Thousands -- like five figure thousands!" Mark exclaimed. "He'll negotiate a price with you -- trust me, he says you're perfect for this movie!"


"You love gangbangs, you love creampies. Of course I've bragged to him about that over the years. And the guys will all be tested and screened, so it'll be safe."

"I see..."

"The only thing is, you gotta dress up like a little girl."

"Oh yeah?" said Susie. She was more than a little intrigued, though trying to keep a straight face.

"You know, like pigtails and a little Catholic schoolgirl outfit," Mark said.


"And one other thing. It's gonna be a rape scene -- you have to pretend like you're being raped."

Susie looked back at her husband, her eyebrows raised. Mark's heart skipped a beat. Would his wife take the part? A lot of money was in it for them. Susie was quiet for a few minutes, not knowing what to say. Mark's cum continued to leak from her pussy. God, she did love creampies... She shivered, secretly feeling aroused at the idea of being the star in one of Jasper's raunchy porno movies.

"Alright, let's talk to him about the price..." Susie said finally. It was Mark's turn to raise his eyebrows. She was seriously thinking about it!


Susie spoke to Jasper the next morning, a handsome price was negotiated, and the shoot was arranged for a few days later. Indeed, the petite little wife would be the ideal actress for this scene! Susie Collins stood all of 4'11" tall and weighed less than 100lbs. Although she was 20yrs old, she could easily pass for a Freshman in high school. She'd won numerous accolades for gymnastics competitions over the years, keeping her body toned, flexible, and tight. Her pert B cup tits were adorned with little pink nipples that pointed straight up. Jasper envisioned the girl's slender, folded up body being pulled in a multitude of directions by a crowd of hungry men -- animals impatiently waiting their turn to dominate and inseminate her womb again and again.

Before the shoot, Susie made sure her pussy was completely hairless. Her hair was in braids for an extra girlish look, and she wore little makeup, only some pink blush and pink lipstick. Under the schoolgirl uniform she wore a white bra with matching white cotton panties and white pantyhose. Shiny white patent-leather shoes completed the look. She also wore a necklace with a big silver cross on it. Mark's prick twinged when he saw his sexy young wife transformed into a young schoolgirl. She fit the part so perfectly!

The set of the video shoot was the basement of an old house owned by one of the male actors. Of course Susie was the star of the movie -- but joining her were one dozen horny men, their pricks raging from Viagra and hungry for a hole to penetrate! Mark got to watch from the sidelines, out of the way of the cameramen who were eager for their perfect shot. In the middle of the basement, on the floor, was a grungy old mattress. A chain hung from the wall nearby, with shackles attached to either end. A large cracked mirror stood propped up nearby. There was another mirror on the ceiling over the mattress. Torture implements hung from the wall -- a ball-gag, whips, and hoods, along with giant dildos and some buttplugs. It was truly a dark, grungy, foreboding set-up.

As the cameras began rolling, Susie was brought into the room kicking and screaming. Two men carried either arm, two more holding her ankles. The rest of the men stood around the mattress, waiting for her. Someone grabbed a roll of duct tape and put it over her mouth. Her crystal blue eyes went wide, seeking her husband through the crowd of men. But she couldn't see beyond the male actors who were now pushing her down onto the mattress and shackling her wrists to the rusty chain hanging from the wall. Each man had a blank white mask over his face. Their dicks were out instantly, each at least 9" long.

One of the men took a pair of scissors, and as two others held her skinny thighs wide open, he cut the crotch panel out of her pantyhose and panties to reveal her perfectly bald, bright pink pussy slit. The men nodded and muttered with approval at the sight of her cunt meat, all jacking their big dicks to raging erections. Susie continued to kick her legs and scream into the duct tape as their fingers began to poke and pry at her slender body. Mark shuddered, his own dick hard in his trousers. His wife was putting on a convincing performance thus far.

Next, the white buttoned up shirt Susie was wearing was ripped open savagely, exposing her cotton bra and flat belly. The man with the scissors took big chunks out of her bra right over the nipples, leaving her little pink buds exposed for the hungry crowd of men. They were touching her body all over, pulling her limbs in all directions, slapping her with their cocks and hands. One man even rubbed his turgid prick on her feet as she struggled. The cameramen were getting it all, practically salivating with excitement. Jasper stood proudly observing the intense, depraved scene.

Soon the remaining shreds of Susie's panties were torn from her body. All of the men were naked now, their clothes tossed aside. The first man stepped up in between her legs, his prick in hand. Susie stared at it, genuinely alarmed at the sight of the man's nearly 10" cock! She swallowed hard. He rubbed his bulbous prickhead and veiny shaft all along her pussylips, genuinely sighing with satisfaction at the feel of her silky smooth cunt flesh. Then he put his hands on the mattress aside her body, his hips finding hers, his steel hard cock poking into her soft, wet sex. Susie's heart pounded; she knew penetration was imminent -- with no foreplay or even any lubricant beforehand!

The man straddling her thighs grunted loudly, pressing his cockhead into her warm cunt flesh. His big, shaved balls dangled as he thrust another inch of his prick into Susie's tight hole. His grunts echoed off the walls, sounding like an animal. Susie shrieked into her duct tape, the massive pole stabbing into her dry pussy. The camera zoomed into to capture Susie's pink pussy petals parting open, then spreading painfully as the thick shaft plunged inward. Her bra was torn off, leaving her little B cup tits exposed to the big marauding hands. Hands yanked her braids in every direction. Tears fell down her face. Her whimpers could be heard through the duct tape. Mark's wife had quite a talent for acting!

Sean Long, the actor fucking her, grunted again as he bucked his hips powerfully, forcing another two inches of his meat inside the tight pussy hole. He'd fucked many pussies, but this was one of the tightest ever! Half his cock was inside her now. The men crowded around, pulling her little pink nipples and slapping their pricks against her face and even over her eyes. Her legs were held wide open so Sean Long could fully penetrate her cunt. He bucked steadily until finally his balls were pressed against her. Susie thrashed manically on the mattress, shrieking into the duct tape.

The cameramen filmed a few good minutes of Sean penetrating the girl's hole, his cock plunging balls-deep only so he could withdraw it almost to the tip and slam it back inside her again. Sean shouted again and again about how tight her pussy was, and he seriously meant it! Susie groaned and wailed helplessly. Some of the men wiped their pricks on her face, using her tears for lubricant so they could jack their erections even harder while watching her get hammered roughly. Jasper nodded, very pleased thus far. Then he gave the cue for Sean to ejaculate inside Susie's pussy. All cameras focused on the base of Sean's raging pole, capturing the thick shaft pulsate. His nuts jiggled, his cockhead exploding in Susie's cunthole. He groaned like a madmen, gripping her slender hips tightly. A copious load of semen had been deposited into the entire length of her pussy canal.

Sean pulled out, his cockhead an angry red color with a glaze of cum on it. He wiped his dick on Susie's slit and stepped aside for the next guy. The camera zoomed in on Susie's pink cunt petals folding back in on themselves after the big cock retreated. Then the next actor, Butch Bigfellow, stepped up and pressed his cockhead into her pussylips, taking her hips in his hands. He growled, his thick prick parting Susie's tight cunt walls. She tossed her head from side to side, her muffled "No, no, no" still audible beneath the duct tape. Her blond hair was getting matted with tears and sweat.

Butch folded Susie's legs up, shoving his entire 9" prick completely inside her hole until his balls were pressed against her gash. He looked deep into her blue eyes as he then began plunging rapidly in and out of her pussy, pistoning like a machine, the lewd sounds of skin on skin echoing off the basement walls. Susie's little tits bounced with Butch's manic thrusts. Mark's cock was so hard as he watched his wife folded up and hammered hard. Butch nailed her into the mattress. One of the men took the opportunity to sit on her face, rubbing his balls all over her cheeks and chin and forehead and eyes.

Jarvis gave the signal a few minutes later, while the girl's legs were folded high over her head. Her face was red and wet with sweat and tears. Butch's cock was buried in Susie's womb when his nuts tightened and exploded, sending torrents of cum into her hole. He hollered loudly, then grunted, then gasped, looking right into Susie's eyes as his cock unloaded a copious amount of sperm deep within her womb. His cock pulsed to a stop a minute later, oozing its last globs of cum. Susie was breathless, her small tits heaving. She looked away, her eyes tearfully pleading with the men around her, then her gaze moving to the mirror above her. The man inside her pussy bucked his hips hard once more with a grunt.

A long string of cum clung from Susie's pussy onto the head of Butch's dick after he pulled it from her depths. The next man stepped right up, leaving her no reprieve. She continued to thrash about on the mattress, shaking her head, her pleas still muffled by the duct tape. This actor went by the name Stone the Impaler, and he prided himself on a nearly 11" dick! He was a 6'5" black guy with massive muscles, a dick down to his knees, not to mention giant balls. His body easily eclipsed the petite girl laying prone on the bed beneath him. Susie continued to scream into her gag. Stone let out an ominous, throaty chuckle as he forced her down, his prick stabbing into her slick hole.

Jarvis wanted to get a lot of footage of this impressive cock inside the little pink pussyhole. First, he had Stone fuck her missionary style for several minutes while two men held her legs wide open. Jarvis directed Stone to penetrate her deeply, hard and fast with no mercy, like a savage. Stone put his hands on her throat, pretending to squeeze, as Susie tossed her head from side to side. The big cock noisily plunged in and out of Susie's juicy cunt, his enormous balls slapping wildly against her thighs and ass. His giant black fuckstick and balls were a stark contrast to Susie's pale skin and bright pink pussy gash. The previous loads of cum that had been deposited within Susie's womb were now leaking out of her hole and down into the crack of her ass.

Then Jarvis had Stone roughly throw the petite girl onto her stomach and continue fucking her pussy from behind, hammering her into the mattress. Stone held her ass cheeks apart, prying her wide open. The camera zoomed in on the 11" shaft plunging deep inside Susie's cunt. Her face was buried in the grungy mattress. Stone held her braids like reins, bucking his hips wildly, filling her to the brim with cock. They filmed her getting fucked hard while flat on her stomach, a portrayal of her true submission to the giant cock that was dominating her womb. Then Jarvis had her pull her to her hands and knees so he could fuck her doggystyle until completion. Susie's muffled cries echoed throughout the basement, mixed with Stone's grunts and the lewd sound of his thick shaft penetrating her slick hole. The camera zoomed in on the tears flowing down her red cheeks.

Stone hammered her cunt from behind, shoving the entire length of his giant cock into her depths and savagely back out again like a machine. The powerful penetration continued a few more minutes, the cameras roving over the entire scene, from Susie's writhing body to her split open cunt meat to the queue of men crowding around to be next inside her. Finally Stone shouted that he was going to cum, his cock lodged deeply inside Susie's womb. Her pussy walls were still so tight around his raging dick. His cock pulsed, thick ropes of sperm shooting from his cockhead almost directly into her cervix. Susie groaned into her gag, feeling the massive cock exploding inside her. He grunted, squeezing her hips hard as he inseminated her. Jarvis was pleased.

Stone pulled his pulsing cock out as he was still cumming, shooting a trail of cum all throughout her pussyhole. The remaining spurts of brilliant white semen were shot directly into the crack of her ass. Her cunthole gaped open once his prick withdrew completely, globs of cum dripping out of it. The next guy up went by the name Jake the Ripper. He pushed Susie's face into the mattress, keeping her ass up in the air. His 10" prick parted her wet cuntlips from behind and easily sank inside her flesh. Susie howled, though her cries were muffled by both the duct tape and mattress. After a minute of deep, slow, hard penetration, Jake pulled his cum-coated prick from Susie's womb and began poking it at the puckered asshole that lay nestled between her pert asscheeks. Everybody heard Susie's screams loud and clear despite the duct tape.

The men held her body still so Jake could get inside her asshole. He spread her asscheeks, mashing them savagely with his hands, the head of his dick stabbing into her hole. Jake grunted, his nuts swinging. The cameras captured the valiant fight Susie's little asshole put up against Jake's thick shaft. But Jake's prick was far too hard and powerful to lose the fight. He thrust his hips, keeping her asscheeks spread apart, determined to impale her rectum with his fuckstick. Jake felt her asshole finally starting to give way, succumbing to his powerful cock. An inch of his shaft sunk inside her depths, splitting her anus open. Susie howled wildly. Mark cringed at the sight.

They held her down as Jake continued to thrust a few more inches of his steel hard prick into her tight asshole. The cameramen rushed to film the orifice being split open by that nearly soda-can thick cock. Jake gave a few more thrusts, half his prick inside Susie's asshole now. He groaned at the restriction of the tight walls choking his shaft. Jake gasped -- he didn't mean to cum, but his orgasm crept up on him with the intense penetration. Quickly he signaled that he was cumming, and the cameramen zoomed in to capture his pulsing shaft, the only part of his cock that wasn't buried in her ass. His cock twitched and then erupted inside Susie's rectum, flooding her bowels with semen.

The next 4 guys fucked her up the ass while twisting her petite body in a multitude of positions. There were lots of close-up shots of Susie's big, tearful blue eyes and shaking tits, along with shots of all the cum gobs leaking from her holes now. Her ass was way more stretched out after a few hard anal poundings and sperm deposits. Then, a guy going by the name Max Peter pulled Susie's petite body on top of his, impaling her asshole on his 9" spear as she sat facing away from him. The duct tape still covered her mouth, her face all red and sweaty and wet with tears, her eyes wide. Max Peter bounced her up and down on his shaft for a minute before another actor, Jim Jameson, stepped up in between her splayed thighs. Susie's blue eyes grew even wider. Her muffled screams rang out through the basement as Jim plunged his nearly 10" prick deep inside her cunthole in a single thrust.

Jim groaned loudly, enjoying the constriction of Susie's pussyhole while the other guy's prick was buried in her shitter. Susie's petite body was squashed into the guy underneath her as Jim began thrusting hard in and out of her cunt. Max was motionless in her asshole, leaving his cock lodged balls-deep in her rectum, letting Jim do all the work. Jim fucked the girl hard -- he'd always loved petite girls, and was endlessly turned on by her braids and schoolgirl outfit. He bucked away wildly for several minutes, working up a sweat. Susie continued screaming into the gag, her body barely visible beneath the muscular man on top of her. Only her skinny legs and feet stuck out from the jumbled pile of bodies on the soiled mattress. The men grunted with their intense efforts.

Max picked up his pace in her asshole until the men were rhythmically sawing in and out of her holes. Cum continued trickling from Susie's ass with the wild penetration. There was a giant wet spot on the bed from all the loads of cum leaking out of her holes. Mark had blown his own load from the behind the scenes but he was hard again instantly; he found himself mesmerized by the sight of his wife being dominated by so many men. She had to be loving it -- he knew she loved a good hard fuck and especially double-penetration.

Indeed, the men were sandwiching Susie into a blinding orgasmic oblivion. She shut her eyes tightly, her limbs shaking between the men, waves of orgasm crashing over her body. Nobody could hear her moans under the gag. The men didn't notice her climax -- they were too intent on nailing her cunt like animals. Jim only noticed her pussy seeming to get juicier, but he thought little of it. Her pleasure wasn't supposed to mean anything to him in this scene. He continued fucking her savagely, mercilessly, intensely, with no sign of slowing down. From the bottom, Max was working hard to keep up with Jim, though he was crushed under the pile of flesh, too. The chains that were shackled to Susie's wrists were rattling noisily with every thrust.

Jarvis had given the signal to Jim and Max to shoot their loads simultaneously in the girl's holes. The men needed to coordinate with each other, and it seemed Jim wanted to keep on going. Cameras zoomed in on Susie's gash, capturing her cunt split open by Jim's thick spear, and her asshole squelching around Max's big dick. Max was ready to cum, his balls aching badly to unload. Finally Jim shouted that he was cumming. He went still atop Susie's body, jerking and grunting with each spurt of semen that shot deep into her cunt. Max groaned, the cameras zooming in on the veiny, pulsing shaft buried within her rectum as it ejaculated a torrent of sperm into her guts. Susie howled into the gag, feeling the cocks simultaneously erupting inside her.

Jim pulled his cock out abruptly, and a flood of cum immediately gushed from her cunthole. The cameramen were all over it. Another actor, Johnny Rocket, stepped up to the mattress and yanked Susie up by the arms, pulling her off of Max's cock. He pulled her down on top of him as he lay down on his back, his cock sinking into her gushy cunthole. The sound of her sloppy pussy was loudly echoing with each hard, rhythmic thrust. Her pink asshole gaped open, white cream bubbling out of it. Cum was crusting onto her thighs and back and all over the nasty mattress.

Susie screamed, feeling another man step up to her asshole from behind. It was Big Bob, who was not only almost 6'10" tall, but he also packed a 10" cock that was thicker than Susie's wrist! He then plunged it into her rectum in a single stroke without any additional warning. Her guttural screams intensified. The cameramen took a close-up shot of her face, capturing her reaction as the big cocks penetrated her depths. She continued wailing into the duct tape. Tears matted her blond hair, her face now nearly purple from screaming and crying. She stared right into the camera with her teary blue eyes. The cameras then pulled out to focus back on her obscenely split-open holes, so impossibly stuffed to the brim with meat.

Johnny kept a steady, hard pace in her cunt, but Big Bob was tearing her ass up with his giant pole. He kept his big hands on her hips, spreading her asscheeks apart to get as deep inside her as possible. "Yeah, yeah, pack that fudge! Pack that fudge!" chanted the crowd of men watching the obscenity. Mark cringed at the sight from the sidelines, occasionally turning away at the sight of Susie's spread asshole. Susie was so petite that Big Bob's hand was the size of her entire asscheek. He squeezed and pawed her ass while thrusting like an animal. Finally Johnny held his load, but Big Bob spurted his cum into Susie's ass a few minutes later. Cum dripped out of Susie's holes, so inundated now with a dozen loads of sperm. The cameramen crowded around to capture the pulsing pricks unloading inside Susie's holes. The men grunted wildly.
Jarvis walked over to Mark and handed him one of the white masks that the male actors were wearing. Mark took it, momentarily confused. Then he realized Jarvis was offering him a chance to fuck Susie's sperm-filled holes on camera. Mark put the mask on slowly. The cameramen were focused on capturing the sudden gush of cum that burst forth from Susie's pussy and ass when Big Bob and Johnny finally pulled their giant cocks out of her. Then they zoomed in on her slick, quivering cunt and stretched out asshole. Susie wailed and writhed on the cum-soaked mattress. The men pushed Susie onto her hands and knees as Mark stepped up behind her.
Mark grabbed her by the braids, jerking her head back hard as his cock rubbed up against her semen-covered ass. His prick was maddeningly hard, his balls instantly coated with jizz. He thrust forward, his stiff cock stabbing into the crack of her ass. Susie groaned, fruitlessly pulling against the chains. Mark steadied his hands on her hips, his prick sinking into her gushy cuntlips. He sighed at the heat from her pussy enveloping his stiff meat. He thrust forward powerfully suddenly, making Susie collapse into the mattress. The cameras roved around the scene, focusing on every lewd detail. Mark built up to a rhythmic, hard pace inside her cum-filled cunt, fucking her hard for several minutes, forcing a steady stream of sperm to leak out of her hole in big shiny globs the entire time.

His balls finally tightened, the base of his shaft pulsating. With his hands on her hips, Mark unloaded even more semen inside Susie's womb. Her holes were filled with an impossible amount of cum -- more than a pussy could possibly be expected to take! Thirteen loads, to be exact. "Take that bitch!" shouted one of the men watching Mark fill Susie's hole with his cream. "You got billions and billions of sperms inside you right now!" Susie's face was pressed into the mattress. She was whimpering with defeat. Mark finally pulled his prick out of her sopping hole with a loud sucking sound. More globs of cum leaked out as he removed his deflating prick and stepped back to the sidelines.
Jarvis then gave another signal to one of the actors. The man disappeared for a few minutes. Mark tucked his prick away, wondering what was next. He figured the scene was winding down now. Susie continued sobbing on the mattress on hands and knees, her ass in the air, cum endlessly leaking out of her holes. Every time she tried to peel the duct tape off her mouth, big hands smacked her ass painfully. Cocks were still hard, despite unloading inside Susie already. Mark then heard footsteps coming back down to the dark, dingy basement. He also thought he heard something else -- panting, and the sound of claws clicking against the cement floor! His jaw dropped when the man came into view. He was holding a leash attached to a massive black Great Dane!

It seemed the excitement in the room reached a fever pitch. The crowd's chattering overtook the sound of Susie's screams as she looked over her shoulder and saw the dog. She got up off the mattress, cum leaking down her legs, and struggled against her chains. The cameras captured it all. Jarvis directed the man to bring the dog up to the mattress. The men grabbed Susie's arms and legs and forced her down on her back. Her legs were spread painfully wide, exposing her gaping pussyhole. The Great Dane stood in between her legs, staring at her wet gash and panting happily. Susie kicked her legs and shrieked. Mark's heart pounded fast. He wondered how much extra Jarvis offered to pay Susie to fuck a dog on camera!
The man holding the leash commanded the dog to lick Susie's cum-glazed pussy gash. Susie tried struggling, but became afraid when the dog started barking at her loudly. She laid still on her back, her small tits heaving wildly. Everyone watched as the dog's big pink tongue reached out and swiped a swath of saliva along the entire length of Susie's slit. They could hear her muffled moans. The large animal continued licking from her clit down to her asshole, cleaning the sperm off her gash. Mark's prick began growing back to life -- he'd never seen his wife fuck a dog, though she admitted she used to fuck the family pet when she was a teen girl! This was quite an exciting development for in the movie!
Susie's toes curled, the beast steadily eating out her pussy. The dog was teasing her clit, making shivers of ecstasy ripple through her petite body. She still struggled against the chains and shouted into her gag. Mark was awestruck. Now the men were quiet, the sounds of the dog's slurping tongue and Susie's groans filling the basement. Every cock in the room was hard, even the cocks of the cameramen. The Great Dane intently licked Susie's cunt and asshole until she was clean. Then the man pulled the dog away from her gash and the rest of the crowd pushed Susie onto her hands and knees again upon the soiled mattress. She screamed wildly, pleading and begging. The dog barked again and she grew quiet.
Jarvis had shot a few bestiality films using the Great Dane, and he couldn't wait to see the large animal dominate Susie's petite little body. The dog was trained well, and had been fucking human bitches on camera for over a year now. Unbeknownst to Susie, the Great Dane was packing a 10" prick with a grapefruit sized knot! The man holding the leash commanded the dog to mount Susie from behind. Susie let out a grunt as she felt the powerful animal jump up and drape its enormous body on top of her. Strong forepaws wrapped tightly around Susie's tiny waist, big claws digging into her soft skin. She cried and screamed manically into the gag. With its tongue lolling out, the giant beast rested his head right on Susie's shoulder. Mark came closer for a better view of this glorious scene. All the men were jacking their dicks at the obscene sight.
Once securely in position, the dog began humping at Susie's backside. Her screams turned into groans when she felt the animal's bone-hard prick poking into her ass from behind. One camera focused on her ass and the Great Dane's fervent attempt to get inside her. The other camera focused on her tear-stained face nearly smashed into the mattress. She looked right into the camera, whimpering pathetically. The dog panted loudly with its efforts. Susie felt a few more inches of cock descending from the dog's sheath. Its prick stabbed into her asscrack and almost into her asshole. She jumped, tugging on the chains affixed to her wrist. The dog paid no attention to her fruitless struggles. Its hips haunched wildly now, desperate for an orifice to penetrate and inseminate. Huge, smooth, dangling black balls smacked at Susie's ass and legs with the dog's manic thrusts.
The dog weighed Susie down, pinning her helplessly to the bed. Its forepaws wrapped so tightly around her waist, almost choking her. Susie's petite body could hardly be seen under the massive Great Dane draped over her back! This horny beast was determined to get inside her! His thrusts brought his hard prickhead further and further down her slit until it was parting her thick labia. Once it felt Susie's warm pussylips swallow its prickhead, the dog bucked forward powerfully and began fucking her manically, plunging his meat into Susie's hole! Susie howled like an animal herself, feeling the dog's raging hard prick immediately growing longer once inside her! The dog's cock pistoned noisily inside Susie's wet cunt, its balls loudly slapping against her gash and thighs, its tail bouncing with its rapid penetration,

Everyone was bending over for a closer look at the rutting animals. It was so obscene, so taboo, yet so incredibly sexy. The dog pushed Susie around on the bed until she was at the extent of the length of chains manacled to her wrists. Her muffled cries continued. Save for the sound of Susie's groans and rattling chains, the Great Dane panting, and the noisy sound of his prick penetrating her womb, the room was quiet. No man spoke. Mark was entranced by the sight of his wife's cunt filled with dog cock. He wondered if the dog would knot her, too?

The smell of sex thickly pervaded the room. All eyes were glued on the wildly humping dog savagely dominating its human bitch. Susie could feel its cock growing longer and longer, filling up the entire length of her pussy canal! It seemed its pointy prickhead would reach right into her cervix! The chains' noisy, rhythmic song accompanied the obscene dog-fuckery. Some men couldn't hold their load anymore, letting their pricks explode ropes of bright white semen all over the dog and the girl. The Great Dane paid no attention to the cum showers raining down upon its haunched body. A giant knot had formed at the base of the animal's long cock, and it was now seeking to implant Susie's cunthole! A few hands pushed the dog's tail and fur aside so the cameras could zoom in on the veiny, pink shaft buried inside Susie's womb. Everyone gasped at the size of the knot that was forming. The animal pressed his hips so hard against her backside, forcing the knot into her lips little by little.
It had been several minutes of intense penetration so far, although it felt like an eternity to Susie. Her breathing was so hard that she was nearly snorting. Her face and hair were wet with perspiration. The dog was panting and drooling on Susie's shoulder with its incredible efforts. It continued humping her cunt for all it was worth; everyone could hear the sloppy sloshing sounds of the dog's prick in Susie's cum-filled cunt. The beast's hard, jackhammer pace nearly pushed Susie off the mattress. She was screaming into the duct tape now as the knot pushed in between her stretched out labia. The men were in awe at the amazing sight of Susie's engorged pussy meat swallowing the dog's bulbous, veiny knot! Even the cameramen were shaking their head and rubbing their dicks. Another guy shot his load onto the dog's back, but the animal went on hammering its raging meat into the girl's womb without noticing.
Susie's throat was hoarse now from all her shrieking, but she continued on nonetheless. Mark was beyond impressed with his wife's performance -- he couldn't wait to see the finished movie! A few of the actors crowded around Susie's face, jerking her head up by the braids as the dog continued screwing her cunt hard. She looked up with pleading eyes only to receive several loads of sparkling white cum right over her face. The men chuckled, showering their cum in her eyes, nose, and into her hair. She shook her head, trying to stop the jizz from leaking into her eyes. The dog's big paws squeezed the air out of her lungs, not to mention its huge body crushing her into the bed. For a moment Jarvis thought she might pass out, but she didn't. That would have made great video!

Her cunt noisily accepted the massive dog knot. Finally the beast was balls-deep in the girl's womb. When the animal went still over Susie's back, haunching its hips to a stop, the men knew she was about to get inundated with dog sperm. The cameramen were practically salivating for the shot. Susie's groans turned to whimpers. The dog let out a whine, humping involuntarily at Susie's ass while its prick exploded inside her. She gasped, the beast's cock throbbing wildly. Susie felt jets of hot dog cum wash over her insides, plugged up inside her by the beast's big knot! The men gasped in amazement as they watched the first long strings of dog cum start oozing out from beyond the dog knot. Susie could feel the pressure of her bulging cunt and abdomen, she was so full of dog meat and sperm. She'd never felt so full before in her life!
The men let out a cheer, shooting their final loads of sperm on Susie's face and backside and onto the dog's fur. Even Mark stepped up to blow his cream all over the entire obscene coupling -- his cum landing in Susie's hair, on the dog's head and tail, and on Susie's feet. He gave a thumb's up at the camera and stepped aside, his dick bouncing against his thigh. Susie closed her eyes, her face pressed to the mattress. Her pussy walls convulsed around the animal's prick and knot, squeezing hard. The dog's pointy prick erupted for an entire minute, dumping a massive load of semen inside her womb. Some sperm was leaking out from the knot, but it felt like a full gallon was still inside her!
Once its cock finally throbbed to a stop, the dog whined and immediately grew restless. Susie groaned when it tried to free itself, its knot pulling painfully on her insides. The men laughed cruelly. None of the observers knew it, but the girl felt an orgasm stirring in her body as the animal struggled. The dog barked and stepped over her, now ass to ass with her! This felt even better for Susie. She enjoyed the feeling of the big knot sealing up the sperm inside her, and she loved being so full of cum! Her pussy rhythmically squeezed the dog meat until her climax washed over her petite body. She screamed into the duct tape, her body shaking. The dogs balls jiggled in the space between their bodies. And still no one realized she was cumming. More strands of dog cum dripped from her sealed pussy gash. She was moaning with pleasure, unbeknownst to her voyeurs.
The dog stayed tied to Susie's pussy for about 20 more minutes. When it finally gave a hard tug and freed itself from her womb, jaws dropped at the sight of the animal's massive prick! It was 10" long, and brilliant pinkish-red with purple veins, tapered to a hard point. Cum glistened on every inch of its surface. The beast's knot was even more impressive -- bigger than a man's fist, and glazed with sperm. Instantly a torrent of dog cum was released from her insides, puddling onto the soiled mattress beneath her. Everyone stared down at Susie's restrained body. She was crusted with cum from head to toe. The dog went off to lick its subsiding meat, seeming pleased with its performance.

Jarvis ended the movie by having all the men leave and turning the lights off in the basement while Susie was still restrained on the mattress, giving the impression that she was going to be their sex slave indefinitely. Every moment of her intense human and canine gangbang were caught on camera -- it was beautiful! The director was immensely pleased with the resulting product. And out of all of the hard fucking the men put her through, Susie's only complaint was that thirteen men fucked her instead of the promised twelve! She made Jarvis pay her extra for the additional man. Jarvis didn't mind paying extra -- he hoped the girl would star in many more of his movies to come!

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