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The Cuckold adventure:

Authors note: This is a true story; I knew both Al and Joyce (not their real names). Before they moved away Al was a complete cuckold. Joyce was truly a cum slut. If you liked this I can continue telling you of their 18 month relationship with John. Please give me some feedback.

Al and Joyce had purchased a three story condo in the city. As the entire unit need renovation it worked out well for Al, being a security geek he had to have every room wired for sound and video. He had it hooked up to a large desktop computer which allowed the operator to zoom in or out and change angles as there was several units operating in each rooms.

He worked for a large dairy combine they allowed their executives to us company personnel and vehicles for moving locally. Al left the handling of that to the plant manager. Moving day went off without a hitch as the manager had sent big John to supervise. John was 6’6” and weighted 265. He seemed to be all muscle. As he arrived home Joyce was still unpacking boxes. She told Al it was going to take a month to get everything put away properly.

At dinner she joked about big John, how friendly he was the fact that he always seemed to be close by her if she needed something moved. Al joked with her “perhaps he got the hot’s for you.” Looking Al straight in the eye she smiled and responded “he could make a girl cream her jeans with his smile.”

Over the next three weeks Al showed Joyce how to use the system both while at the computer and remotely.

Wednesday afternoon he left his office, once in the car and on his way he called Joyce. The phone rang four times before she answered. “Hi babe I’m on my way how was your day?” After a slight pause he heard Joyce’s voice it had a hint of she had a few glasses of wine. “Well today has been very interesting to say the least.”
“Really like what?”
“Well I had big John over hear most of the afternoon.”
“Really what did he want?”
“Apparently he wants to fill my cunt and ass with his cum.” Al was shocked as she continued, “I turned the system on so you can see the afternoon’s events but he said he’d like to come back around 7:30 for a party.”
“What did you tell him”?
“He should call first so we can discuss it.”
“Do you want to have him over?”
“I’d love too, when you see the playback you’ll understand why. He in a round about way told me he hasn’t cum in three weeks since he moved us, all he has thought about is my ass.”
“I’ll be their in fifteen minutes have a drink ready for me please.”
“See you in a few babe.”

Al arrived in ten minutes and walked in, he put his keys down and headed for the upstairs bedroom where he heard Joyce. Joyce was a very pretty girl she was only five feet tall with 34c breasts, she had dirty blond hair which went below her shoulders. She had a tight ass, shapely legs and the most inviting set of hips and lips imaginable.

She was in the bathroom putting on a little makeup; she was wearing red French cut lace panties and a red half bra which allowed her nipples to stick out. He kissed her took his drink and went to the computer. “Where do I start from babe?” She stuck her head from out of the bathroom, “from 2:08 living room.” She ducked back inside.

For the next twenty minutes he fast forwarded the unit while she and John made small talk and drank. At 4:11 John looked at Joyce “come over her and sit by me Joyce.” She got up and walked over and started to sit next to him, he pulled her onto his lap and stuck his tongue in her mouth. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and started sucking on his tongue. They must have kept this up for five or six minute. Then his hand went between her legs, she spread them so he could get better access to her wet pussy. Her hips were moving up and down on his hand and he knew she was on the verge of cumming. In another few seconds her body shuttered and she moaned loudly as she came. She held him tightly as the waves of orgasmic pleasure moved over her. As the orgasm ended she quickly scouted off his lap and moved the other end of the sofa.

Her face was still flushed; she looked at John “I’d like to thank you for that.”
“I hope that will be just a taste as I want to fill your cunt and ass completely full of my hot cum now!”
“I’d love nothing better baby, I have a confession. I’m happiest when my cunt is completely full of cum and I’ve sucked a load or two into my belly, frankly I love warm cum so I guess I’m a cum slut. The only thing is I’ve got to discuss this with Al first.”

John looked at her, “you’re going to tell Al?”
“Yes I’m sure it will be good with him but I’ve got to tell him. Why not call me at 7:30 if he good with it we can get together at 8?”
“Ok I guess I can do that.” They continued too kissed, he groped her for another twenty minutes before he left.

“Wow he certainly wants you doesn’t he?”
“You bet he does now it’s almost 7:30 what do I tell him?”
“Tell him to come over and we’ll all have a drink and talk for a while.”

The next minute the phone rang, she answered he saw her face light up. She told John to come over and they’ll have a drink and sit around. As she hung up the phone she looked at Al, “honey should I wear stockings?”
“No babe just put on shorts to hide what you’ve got on and let’s get downstairs.”

At 7:50 the doorbell rang, Joyce opened it; John gave her a kiss on the lips. He entered and saw Al, “Hey John do you want a drink?”
“Sure would Al I brought some really cold beer so I’ll take one and maybe you could put the rest in the fridge.”
Joyce was sitting on the left side of the sofa and John sat on the right side, Al sat in a chair across from them. They made small talk for almost 45 minutes all three consumed three more drinks each. John asked where’s the bathroom was as all the beer he drank need to get out.

Joyce smiled down stairs to the right then the second door on the right.” No sooner had John gotten half way downstairs then Joyce jumped up and pulled her shorts and top off. “Al I’m going down to be with him, go up and watch the show.”

Al walked into the bedroom and pushed the button for the downstairs bathroom; Joyce had just put her hand on the door and opened it. John was standing their cock in hand just finishing his piss. “Hi John I thought I’d come down and see if you need any help shaking him?” Joyce dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock for all she was worth. “Hey babes hold on what about Al?” She looked up at him she took the huge cock out of her mouth and said “I thought I come down and see how big it is and get it nice and hard, then if you want we can go back upstairs and I can show Al what I found.” She continued to suck and lick his enormous cock.

Finally she stopped sucking, she stood up and while still holding on to it pulled him close. “Baby just how big is that thing anyway?” John looked into her face smiling he replies “10 inches baby.” Her jaw opened she gasped and asked, “have you had any woman take the whole thing, I mean balls deep?”
“No but I’m sort of hoping you will be the one.” She stood their looking at him for a long minute, finally she responded “well my darling I’m certainly going to try, now it’s more important then ever to show Al.” John gave her a confused look, “why is that?”

“It’s simple if you do get it all the way in, the first time I’ll be sore for a week, but if you are happy with my pussy and continue to use it on a regular basis I’ll begin to stretch out to accommodate your cock. Poor Al will not be able to get a good fucking if I’m accustom to you.”
“Don’t forget your ass babe.”
“John that thing will never fit in their, if you try I’ll need a hospital and stitches.”
“Not true if I use a lot of lube you’ll be fine, before I leave tonight I’m sure you’ll be purring about the experience.” She smiles and kept slowly rubbing his cock, “let’s go upstairs and show Al.

Al was on his way back to his seat in the living room. They got to the top of the stairs and Joyce looked at Al, “honey, look what I found.” She pushed John onto the couch and started lightly kissing and sucking the head of his enormous cock.

Al looked at John “well have you ever gotten that thing completely in a pussy?” John looked at Al “my friend I’m hoping this girl is the one.” Al just shook his head in acknowledgement. Joyce never stopped sucking on the cock. She picked her head up and looked at John. “Baby I have a large wet spot in my panties,” she stood up and proudly displayed the wet patch in the panties. “I think it’s time we went upstairs” she said coyly. In unison they both looked at Al, OK with you? All he could say was go for it.

As they entered the guest room and she closed the door she looked at John. “Is it true you haven’t cum in three weeks?”
“Yes ever since I saw you all I wanted was to unload in you.”
“Well I’m flattered” she said as she climbed on the bed.

She undid her bra as her tits sprung out; her nipples were rock hard and sticking almost an inch out. She pulled her panties down and through them on the floor. John went to work eating her pussy in less then three minutes she grabbed his head and screamed “I’m cumming don’t stop please.” Her body shook from the power of the orgasm. It took her almost a minute to get her breathing under control. She took the bed sheet and wiped his face which was covered in pussy juice.

John climbed up and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy, slowly he used the head of his cock to part the swollen lips, it rubbed her clit slowly but with purpose. He pushed forward and the head plopped in, he stopped and looked down at her. “Are you ok? Does it feel good?”
“My god it feels wonderful please keep going baby just slowly.”
John worked his cock slowly for at least five minutes, from the pictures Al was seeing and from the noise coming from Joyce almost his entire cock was in her.

John looked at Joyce “babe I’m going for it.” As he thrust down as deep as he could Joyce yelled Greatttttttt. “Don’t stop John please keep fucking me oh yes it feels wonderful fuck me.” John kept pumping his cock deep in her; his cock was past her cervix no cock had ever made her feel this good. With every thrust down deep into her she felt a shock deep in her pussy; she knew she couldn’t hold it back much longer.

Suddenly John stiffen, his cock felt like it was getting bigger, a shock wave surged over her as she convulse in the most powerful orgasm of her life. At that same moment she felt the first powerful blast from his cock as his balls erupted blasting hot cum deep into her pussy. She screamed with animal pleasure and continued to orgasm with every blast of cum his cock deposited in her. Her body shook for two minutes before she was breathing normally.

Her eyes were glassy, almost a dreamy look in them. She kissed his lips “honey you cock is still hard.” John just continued to pump her again, this time she had at least four orgasms before he she felt his cock stiffen and blast yet another huge load of cum deep in her. He rolled off her, as his cock plopped out of her pussy a river of cum started flowing out of her. John smiled, “honey how about I feed you this cum instead of letting it go to waste?” Joyce spread her legs wide “oh yes please I want every drop.”

Fifteen minutes later she had swallowed every drop. John just lay their smiling at her. “You are truly my a cum slut, but I think it’s great.”
“I’m your cum slut, my pussy is as sore as hell but it truly feels wonderful I’ve never had an orgasm like that in my life.”
“Well you’re the first women to be able to handle the entire cock of mine, unless you have a problem that pussy is mine!” Joyce looked deep into his eyes “I’m fine with that Al is just going to have to get accustomed to it.” She sat up and asked him “you want a drink? I have to go to the bathroom.”
“Yes and bring me a tube of lube as I’m going to own your ass next.” Joyce looked into his eyes, “baby I’m your please not their I’m afraid.”
“Joyce get me lube your ass needs my hot cum!” She gave him a smile “ok give me a few minutes,” she headed out of the guest room. Her and Al bedroom was at the other end of the house and she saw the door open a crack Al waved her to come in. She entered the room and Al closed the door.

They both looked at each other for a long minute, Al spoke. “Was the cock really that good?”
“Better honey I love you but that cock owns my pussy completely. Give me your hand.” She placed his hand on her pussy, his cum was still leaking out of her. In no time at all his hand was covered with cum. She smiled “in a while my ass will be leaking with the same stuff, I’m scared but excited too. When he leaves I’ll come in and we’ll get me cleaned up.”

Joyce walked out leaving Al with a hand full of cum. She got two drinks, a wet wash cloth and a large jar of Vaseline. Back in the room John outlines his plans for the weekend, which included her. He had been gently rubbing her clit for at least a half hour. Her clit was standing up rock hard, as were her nipples. John looked at her “seems you may be ready babe?”
“I’m yours whatever you want me to do.” John lubed her ass then inserted two fingers a short time later a third. It didn’t feel bad just different. She felt his hands on her hips, as slight pressure and she realized there was the head of his cock in her, he started pumping her five minutes later she was moaning as an orgasm was about to erupt from her pussy with his cock deep in her bowls, she screamed as her climax sent her in spasms, she felt the familiar feeling of hot cum being pumped into the bowels, the feeling sent her into yet another roaring orgasm. Before he left she sucked his cock and swallowed the last of any cum left in his nut sack. She walked him to the door in nothing but panties so as not to leak on the floor. A long kiss and he was gone for the evening.

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2014-05-18 22:09:10
This story needs work. The grammar is very bad, and hard to understand in places. Also, why didn't she put on some stockings? It's much sexier when women wear those during sex.

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My girl took my best friends 10 inch cock all the way,,, and I came all over the floor !!! I love watching her suck both my buddies now !! Every Friday night !!!

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True? You need professional help,all three of you!

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my wife had a 10inch cock but only once what a wonderful site that big cock stretching her hot pussy it was fucking great, she sucked while she was fucking him. I wish she still liked to play like that.


2013-05-21 01:33:28
good story wish al cleaned her up at the end and has some grammar errors that need to be fixed but good job i liked it a lot

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