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I didn’t meet any of the neighbors when I was looking at the house that I had just bought, but with the cul-de-sac location, privacy fenced yard, and the large in-ground pool, I wasn’t worried. The movers had brought my things, and I had started unpacking boxes, after several hours of trying to figure out the right place for things I decided I needed a break, so I grabbed a towel, walked out to the pool, stripped off my clothes and dove right in, the water felt fantastic as I floated along…just relaxing, I thought about how I got here, I was 49 years old, had started my own machine shop when I was 20, and had built the my business up to 5 large facilities serving hundreds of corporations, a large corporation had finally offered me a sweet deal to sell them the business, I couldn’t pass it up, I was in good shape both financially, and physically.

What I didn’t know, was that I was being watched, on one side of my house, my neighbors 17 year old daughter Denise (who I hadn’t met yet), and on the other side…my 29 year old married neighbor Karen (also whom I hadn’t met yet) were watching me as I floated along, both girls hands slipped into their shorts, and down into their panties as they fantasized about my rather thick cock.
I finished of my swim by cutting a few laps across the pool, then climbed out and dried myself off, grabbed my clothes and wandered inside…much to the dismay of my spectators. I went back to unpacking boxes, and about 1 ½ hours later my doorbell rings, I open the door to see 4 stunning women, and a sort of meek gentleman, “Hi there, can I help you folks” I said, the oldest of the 3 blondes on the right say’s “I’m Janice, this is my oldest Daughter Susan, and my younger Daughter Denise, we’re your neighbors on this side” indicating the house to the East. “And I’m Karen, and this is my husband Don, and we live on the other side, and wanted to welcome our new neighbor” as the petite brunettes eyes tried to burn a hole in my shorts, “Well I’m Steve, it’s a pleasure to meet you all, please…Wont you come in?”

I lead them to the living room, and everyone has a seat, I offer up drinks, once everyone gets comfortable we start talking, I find out that Janice is a divorced 38 year old accounts manager, as I look her over I figure her to be a nice 38C, with everything else in proportion, and quite nice. Her Daughter Susan who is 19 and a student at the local university, has slightly darker hair, and almost the same proportions as her lovely mother. Denise is 17, a senior in high school, has almost strawberry blonde hair, 36 B or C breasts, glasses, but she has that hot librarian look going on, as I smile at her when her mother tells me about her she blushes slightly.
Karen is about 5’1”, with slightly wavy brunette hair, a very cute face, and maybe 34 B breasts that seem very perky on her, her husband Don who is a sales rep for an advertising firm, is an absolute mouse of a man, 5’5”, maybe 155 lbs., a handshake like a dead fish, and the social graces of a loaf of bread, but I tolerate his presence because of the bevy of beauties that surround him. I tell them about how I got here from my business sale, we have a pleasant conversation amongst ourselves (well, except for Don, who sits in the corner of the couch and doesn’t offer anything of value to any conversation) after a bit I say “Well folks, I would like to propose that we have a little pool party get together Saturday, pot luck, I’ll provide the drinks and chips, what do you say?” everyone gave a resounding “sounds great!!” and that point everyone got up to leave, as I walked everyone to the door, Janice hung at the end of the line, and when we got to the door she said “it was so nice to meet you, and if there is anything…and I mean anything you need…let me know” as she ran her hand down my chest, then across my cheek, smiled and gave me her best runway ass shaking strut out the door, even managed the sexy little glance back at me, damn watching her walk away had my dick twitching.

Saturday came and everyone showed up at my place, the weather cooperated and was beautiful, as were all my female neighbors, Janice sported a nice red bikini that left nothing to the imagination, her daughters wore slightly less revealing bikinis, Karen surprised me by showing up in a tiny white bikini that showed more than it hid (which earned her a glaring stare from Janice!!) we ate, and drank and played in the pool after a couple of hours Don said “if you will all excuse me, I have to get on the road so I can be in Tulsa Monday” and left, the girls all teased me mercilessly after that, rubbing against me when we were swimming, Denise yelled out “let’s play Marco Polo” and proceeded to jump onto my shoulders, as we moved during the game I could feel more moisture than there should be on my neck and thought to myself (this little chicks pussy is soaking!) of course Janice had Susan on her shoulders, and Karen was just in the mix of things, as Susan and Denise battled up top, Karen and Janice used the time to rub all over my chest, stomach, and holy shit! One of them grabbed my package and started rubbing it!, my dick responded the way any red blooded males would, and started rising to the occasion. I dumped Denise off my shoulders and waded to the side of the pool, climbed out and said “excuse me ladies” and walked into the house.

I went into the bathroom, pulled off my shorts, and started stroking myself (it had been way too long) when suddenly the door flies open, and in comes Janice, she closes the door (and locks it, something I had neglected), drops to her knees staring at my cock “my god this thing is huge, I can’t even get my hand around it” and starts stroking it with both hands, then stretches her mouth open around the head, and gets about 3-4 inches in and starts working her mouth and hands up and down my cock “oh fuck that feels good, if you keep it up I’m gonna cum in your mouth, because it’s been way too fucking long” so she really picks up speed then all I can hear is “guk,guk,guk” as she chokes herself on my rod, I feel my balls tightening up, she pulls off and says “let me eat your cum baby, pump it down my throat” so I grab her head and pull her back onto my cock, a few strokes later I feel that old familiar feeling…”here it comes…I’m cumming…” and I blast into her mouth, the first powerful shot was too much and she chokes, spewing my cum out of her mouth, the second shot sprays across her face, she gets a handle on it and takes the rest of the load in her mouth, stroking and licking me, she wipes the huge load off her face with her hand and licks her fingers “I guess it had been a while, that was a hell of a load!, I’ve never had anyone cum so much before”.

I pull her up into a kiss, and tug her bikini top off, and latch onto a hard nipple with my lips, as my hands move down and slip her bottoms off, I lift her so she’s sitting on the sink and move between her legs, I slowly lick her pussy from the bottom, making sure to suck in her labia, then slipping my tongue into her slit “oh fuck, oh fuck…” she moans, I reach one hand up and roll a nipple firmly, slide my tongue to the top of her slippery gash, and suck her clit, suddenly her pussy gushes juices as she quivers “oh fuck I’m cumming, oh fuck, oh fuck”, I keep flicking her clit as she starts shaking “oh god, I’ve never cum that quick” I stand up and rub the head of my hardening cock along her slit, coating it with her juices, then I slowly push the head into her “fuck that’s big,uhnn…oh fuck” I push it deeper, pausing every now and then to let her get used to it, once I have about 5 inches into her I slowly push it all the way home “oh fuck, oh fuck…so big..” is all she can say between grunts as I start fucking my rod in and out of her.

Her pussy makes squishing noises as I fuck her “uhn, uhn,uhn, oh fuck me with that big cock..” as I speed up, my balls starting to slap against her ass, she raises her legs as far as she can and holds them there as I start pounding her deep and fast then starts out with what seems to be one long continuous moan “ohhhhmyfuckinggodImcummingImcumming” with a little “uhh” everytime I thrust my cock into her hard, she pulls me to her hard squishing her beautiful tits against my chest as I jackhammer her pussy, then I moan out “here it comes..where do you want it?” she moans “in my cunt…in my fucking cunt” I slam my cock as deep as I can, as I feel the cum pushing down the length of my cock, and just grunt as I explode deep inside her hot wet pussy, again and again I jerk as another spurt leaves me, coating the inside of her “oh god it feels so good feeling you cum in me, oh fuck…soooo good” as she moves her pussy up and down my deflating unit, I pull out and we both look at the frothy white mess that surrounds her pussy “oh god baby….you fucked me sooo good” she cooed, I kiss her and tell her “we need to clean up and get back out there to the party, or they’ll miss us” Janice just slips off the sink and dropping to her knees again, licks and sucks my cock clean, she pulls my shorts back up, and says “go out and mingle, it will take a bit for me to clean up here, I say “thanks, and you were fantastic” unlock the door and go back out to the party.

Denise looks at me and asks “what took so long…my Mom rape you?” with a naughty kind of glint in her eye, I smile at her, “no…but I think the bean salad went through me a little quick” she says “oh gross!” and I laugh and say “no, just kidding, I just needed to take care of some business” she laughs as her mother comes out of the house and over to us, Denise looks at her mother “did you eat some cake while you were in there? It looks like you have a little frosting on your cheek” and shocks me by leaning over and licking her Mothers cheek, Janice’s eyes are wide as her daughter turns to me and says “mmmm….good frosting…, huh?” and walks off.

We continue the party until about 9 that night, then everyone starts cleaning up their things. I escort all the ladies to the door, and give each of them a kiss on the cheek as they go out the door, Denise manages to be last, and as I lean in to give her the kiss on the cheek, she turns her head and I end up kissing her on the lips, she opens hers, and lets her tongue just brush against my lips “goodnight Steve, sweet dreams…I know I will be having some” and walks out the door, I just stand there watching her cute little ass as she walks away, then slowly close the door.

I go back into the kitchen to put things away when the doorbell rings, I answer the door to find Karen standing there “hi Steve, did I leave a cake pan here?” “uhh, I don’t think so but you’re welcome to look…come on in” I close the door behind her and watch her cute little ass as she walks down the hall to the kitchen “you want another drink Karen” “sure Steve, but are you sure you’re not trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me are you?” I pour her a drink and hand it to her, “I wouldn’t want to get you drunk to take advantage of you…I promise” I tell her, she takes a sip and looks at me over the rim of the glass and says “why…..wouldn’t you..want to take advantage of me?” with a gleam in her eye, I feel my cock twitch as she stares me down, “well I wouldn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize your marriage to Don” “Don and I were married right after high school, we gave each other our virginity, I love him dearly, but our sex life is something of a disappointment, but when I saw that magnificent cock of yours….my pussy just got so wet I had to frig myself three times to calm down!” she said “when you saw my cock….ummm….when?” I stammered, she giggled a bit and said “when you were swimming that first day…I can see your pool from my sewing room window” and she moved closer to me, running a hand down my chest “so….do you think you would like to take advantage of me…?”

I took her glass and set it on the counter, leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips, they tasted so sweet, she parted her lips and our tongues met in a dance, she moaned out her pleasure as my hands moved to caress the underside of her breasts. I broke the kiss “would you like to move this to a more comfortable location than the kitchen?” I asked, to which she boldly replied “that would be nice, although I plan on fucking you in every room of both our houses” I smiled and picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist and put her arms around my neck as I carried her up the stairs to my bed kissing her along the way. When I got to the bed I leaned over laying her on the mattress, unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it open revealing her pert little breasts with the rock hard nipples, she moaned as I sucked a nipple in, and twirled my tongue across it, then licked my way around her areola, licked my way to the other breast and gave it equal attention, she continued to moan softly as I unbuttoned her shorts and slid them off, I kissed and licked my way down across her flat stomach, I slipped her panties off and inhaled her sweet aroma, placing her legs over my shoulders.

I pushed my tongue into her sopping hole, she moaned out “yesssss…” with my left hand I reach up and rub my finger around her left nipple, feeling it stiffen, then roll the nipple between my fingers, I hear her say “mmm…yess…ohhh”, as I slide my tongue up her pussy, I push a finger into her tight hole, her hips start to move up and down as she cries “oh fuck yeah…mmmm…ohhhhh” I fuck in and out a bit watching her hump my hand, and listening to her moan, then I slip a second finger into her, trying to stretch her open to get ready for me, her pussy juices are running down my fingers in a river as I pump them into her, I let my ring finger get soaked in her juices, then slowly slipped it into her tight little asshole “oh god, oh fuck…what are you doing?..oh fuck that feels good” she cooed, as I started sliding the two fingers in her pussy, and the one in her ass in and out, she started crying out “oh fuck…oh god oh fuck…I’m cumming, jesus I’m cumming…” then just yelled out “ahhhhhhhhhhh….” as she humped onto my fingers, I pushed all three fingers as deep as I could and just held them there, letting her ride out her orgasm on them.

After she calmed down a bit I moved up her body and kissed her hungrily, our tongues dancing together as I positioned my hard cock at her opening, I pushed the head into her sopping cunt, as it stretched her open she cried out “oh fuck..oww…oh my god it’s too fucking big…oh fuck…” I continued to push, holding the shaft with one hand as I fed my dick into her incredibly tight pussy, I started working the head in and out a bit, “oh god….oh my fuckin god…it’s too fucking huge” I pushed it deeper “owwww…uhhhh…fuck” I started fucking it in and out of her, her pussy squishing each time I pushed into it, she was moaning and crying louder by now “oh fuck…it hurts, but it feels so good…uhhh… big…fuck…uhh…uhh” I was thrusting it all the way in now, her legs spread wide as my balls slapped against her ass, she started screaming as I pushed against her g-spot “ohhhhh….fuckkkkk…..I’mmmmmm…cummmminggg” and I felt her already tight cunt clench around my cock, then I felt hot juices spraying from around my cock as her pussy gushed.

I picked her up like a little doll and using my arms ran her up and down my cock, she kept on screaming ahhhhh….ahhhhhhhh…fuuuuck” as I continued to pump into her twat, I sat on the edge of the bed with her still impaled on my meat, we slid back until her knees were on the bed, I laid back and looked up at her, she had her eyes shut and her mouth open, panting hard, sweat pouring off her body as she rode herself up and down my pole, her pussy stretched wide open as she screamed out again “ahhhhhh…fuuuuuck….ahhhhhh” as she slammed down onto my cock driving it to her deepest depths as she fell over the edge again, I felt her pussy rippling around my cock again, then the hot gush as her juices sprayed out of her again, she went into overdrive slamming herself onto me, holding onto the headboard, yelling out “ahhh…ahhhh…ahhhh” she couldn’t even speak anymore, I felt the churning in my balls and asked her “I’m gonna cum….where do you want it?” she didn’t even reply, just drove her hips back and forth faster going “eeeee…eeee..eeee”, my rod swelled up, my balls crawled up, I blasted the inside of her pussy with my sperm as I thrust up into her hard, she let out one continuous wail as she felt my cum blast into her “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” then she fell limp onto my chest.

I waited until she starting moaning softly again and asked her “you alright?” she slowly picked herself up and looked me in the eye “alright?...are you fucking insane? just destroyed my pussy, oh my god…I am going to be so fucking sore, fuck that was so fucking incredible, I’ve never had sex like that before, hell, I’ve never cum like that before!” she gushed “oh my god…I’ve never felt a guy cum so much before, it must be running out of me in rivers, that cock of yours is so fucking huge…it hurt but felt so fucking good at the same time…” she rambled on, I chuckled “well gee, I’m glad you enjoyed it” as I picked her up and my cock slowly slipped out of her with an audible “plop” she moaned out “oh fuck…I feel so empty” and looked down at her pussy that was still gaping open, with white foam around the edges, and my cum running out of her “that is one well fucked pussy” she stated firmly.

I asked her “would you like a shower” she answered “I think I really need one at this point”, she looks at the large wet spot on the bed, then looks at me “was that from me?” I smiled, kissed her and said “you tend to squirt a lot when you cum, in fact it was spraying past my cock like when you cover the end of a hose, you soaked me….but I loved it, that told me I was doing a good job” she gawked at me as she said “I’ve never done that before…” I picked her up into my lap, she put her arms around my neck as we kissed, our tongues exploring each others mouths as I stood up, and carried her into the bathroom.

I started the water and we stepped into the shower, soaping each other, I ran my soapy hands across her petite breasts, rubbing my fingers across her taut nipples, eliciting a moan from her, as she slowly wrapped her small hand up and down my shaft, “when you put your finger in my ass, that was the first time I had ever had anything go in there, I was nervous at first, but it felt really good” she said, so I reached behind her with a soapy finger and slid it into her tight little rosebud, she cooed “mmmm..yes..that feels good..” so I started working a second finger into her, pushing them deeper, “oh god…oh…so full..” I grinned at her “you like this you little slut…don’t you” she cried out “oh yes…I’m your little slut…make your little slut cum…please..please..” I pulled my fingers out of her ass, and bent her over in front of me, took my hardening cock and started rubbing it along her pussy lips, “ohhh god…please fuck me again, my pussy is so raw, but I want you to fuck me more..” she said.

I pushed my cock into her all the way, grunting my pleasure “ahh yeah” and she moaned “oh god…oh so fucking big….” as I started to build a rhythm, my balls swinging and smacking her clit, “ahhh…ahhh…ahhh…” she cried as I pumped into her, then I slipped two fingers deep into her asshole and spread them apart and I matched the timing to my thrusts. “fuck my cock you little cunt…cum on me you little whore…you love this big cock wrecking your tiny pussy don’t you..” I growled at her, she screamed out her pleasure as I pushed into both her holes again and again, pushing her closer to the edge with each thrust, she held her arms out, palms against the wall as I pummeled her brutally, I felt her pussy and her ass tighten around my cock and fingers as she came, screaming “ahhh…fuck…ahhhh” as I pushed as deep as I could and held it there for her, her pussy sprayed her juices again as they ran down my thighs, I had to catch her as she started falling, my cock and fingers slipping from her body as she collapsed, I held her to me as I slowly sank to my knees.
As I sat there with her in my lap, the water cascading down on us, she says “oh my god…I can’t stop my legs from shaking…” I look and her thighs are quivering uncontrollably “that was fucking incredible…again” I kiss her and rub her until she says “let me try to stand..” she slowly gets her legs under her and we finish our shower, step out and dry each other off. “I don’t know about you…but I’m starving” I said, “ sounds good right now” she replied, and we made our way to the kitchen for some tasty treats.

As we sat on the couch cuddling and munching, she said “I hope you don’t feel less about me because I liked the dirty talk do you?” to which I replied “are you kidding, the way you reacted when I started calling you a slut made me want to blow my load” and she giggled, “well I hope you don’t mind if I fuck and run, but Don will probably be calling home soon, but you made me feel more like a sexy woman than I ever have in my life, and I’d like to continue this if that’s okay with you?” I said “I would love to, and you are..a sexy woman..very sexy, but I will tell you this, I am going to be with other women, I just want to be up front with this, so there are no hard feelings, okay?” she nodded her agreement “I understand, I can’t have a hold on you, and be married to Don, but I can live with having you when I can” I kissed her gently and caressed a breast, and said “mmmm…that’s my little slut” she giggled and got up, “I have to get dressed and go” kissed me again and said “I’ll let myself out, see you later….stud!” with a sexy wink as she went to get her clothes on, I went about cleaning things up, went up to my room, changed the bedding, and proceeded to sleep the sleep of the sexually contented.

I got up the next day, and worked around the house all day getting the rest of the boxes unpacked and everything put away where I wanted them, ate some leftovers from the party and went to bed exhausted. Monday morning found me catching up with the news, having some coffee, and relaxing…then my doorbell rings, I open the door, and there stands Denise, in tight little booty shorts, and a button down shirt tied right below her luscious teen breasts, “Hi Steve, everyones gone to work, I was wondering if I could…well..maybe hang out with you, and if I can, could I invite my friend Charlie over?”

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my BF talked me into sucking his best friend one night,,,, my god,, 10" beautiful cock!!! I looked over at him and said" I want to fuck this" !
I am now his personal dirty slut... my BF said anything he wants... he brings over co- workers ,,,, had four hard cocks yesterday!!! I love the dirty slut I have become!!!

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Excellent to a great story. I look forward tom reading more of this tale.

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