part of Reflections
--- Flight 231---

About 80 friends had gathered at Jack and Kim’ property..., 81 counting myself...The gathering was to celebrate Jack and Kim’ business success as well as their new home... They had purchased a large ranch style home three months prior and renovations were underway. The group of us had gathered at the house to have a look at the progress being made; they were very proud of it.

I think they wanted their old friend Bob to check it out...which I did. Everything seemed in order so off to ‘The Inn’ to celebrate with a banquet.

Most of Jack and Kim’ guests were locals, a few of us Aliens’ are from out of state. I had arrived from the west-coast to help celebrate, a lone beacon of light from the Golden State.

There were some two dozen foreigners who’d flown into St. Louis then on to ‘The Inn’ for Jack and Kim’s celebration. THE international scope of our business had contributed greatly to Jack and Kim’s success over the past few years, and of course...enhanced our own businesses.

There was even a Canadian. Were the hell is homeland security.

--- [The aircraft rolling down the tarmac stirs Bob back to the present]

I hadn’t thought of that night for a long time. Happier times. Obviously the news of Jack and Kim’ daughter’ murder was the catalyst. I’d called Willie to let him know about her death.

The connection between Willie and Jack was business and business only. Ten years ago Jack’ business had gone bad. I had asked Willie and Gino if we could help; ‘their old friends of mine’. WE DID and Jack did very well, and now this; the senseless murder of a young woman. (the gift)***

WITH respect to the murder I had asked Willie to talk with Gino and see if there was any way we could become involved in finding her killer. It seems a diary was found at the murder scene. The man named in the diary is suspected...or as they like to say..., a person of interest. He is from a moneyed family and their lawyer is a well known criminal lawyer.

Basically..., he walks! --- It smacks of the Kennedy rape trial in Florida many years ago so I have become proactive.

If Gino becomes involved they will dig up dirt on the Perry’; Gino and Willie will strong arm this prominent St. Louis family. Using this tactic our businesses will become legitimately involved in their wealthy conglomerate. Several years hence their son, one John Perry, and any accomplices would die, by accident of course...

By that time our position within their multi-billion dollar conglomerate would be strong, if not dominant. I get my pound of flesh and my partners benefit financially, as so I. Although none of us need the money so it is a matter of principle..., and I suppose ego!

---Flight 231 ---

I looked about the aircraft: Gino and Willie like to sit up in first class. AS for myself, I like to talk with regular folk and enjoy their conversation, so I sit with Bohemian upbringing I suppose!

Jack and Kim had delayed the funeral by one day so we could attend. Upon our arrival in St Louis we will be picked-up in a limo and driven to our destination, Gino’ people will be our escorts.

I don’t see much of Gino but when I do I get that; ‘eh Bobby’...with a big Italian-American hug. I’m a little surprised he is coming to the funeral. He didn’t really have much to do with Jack and his business. It must be out of respect for me and my long time friendship with Kim.

The roar of the engines catches my attention. The aircraft takes off and we soar upon silvery wings. I look out the window, seeing clouds off in the distance.
The air crew indicates we can remove our seat belts. I leave mine on. There is no one seated beside me so it will be a quiet flight; too bad.

I move my seat back a notch or two; turning my head looking past the empty seat out the port. I watch the clouds off in the distance...the wing tip cutting across the sky. I close mine eyes.

--- Reflecting--- [The house warming party years back];

Thinking about Kim and Jack;
---Kim is a long time friend of mine. I was happy for both of them, but especially Kim. She was so thrilled about the house.

WE HAD arrived at the hotel in our limo...Jack had rented one for us but WE always use Gino’. When I am with Gino I am very well taken care-of.
The 81 in our party who'd been to Jack and Kim's house were joined by 200 plus other guests, many of the VIP type. Gino and Willie were given the VIP’- treatment.

ME, I’m the wealthiest person here by a mile and I get treated like a regular guy. That would be Kim catering to my affinity for the common folk, go figure!

Drinks were served, then dinner; followed by a dance with the ceremonies inserted thought-out the night. All in all one of the better galas I’ve attended.

---- Gino’ people do their usual lobbying of VIP’..., for Gino’ purposes. Of course coercion will be part of their stratagem..., it always is; too be applied later.

‘Hai avuto modo di amare la cosa nostra’--- you’ve got to love La Cosa Nostra.

I have come to respect the ways of Gino’ organization...he does not operate his organization like a two dollar ‘thugge’. In running his organization thusly he has earned respect amongst the powers that be in organized crime. Some are emulating his methods...and in doing so they leave him alone to lead the way...

My admiration I guess is only natural since I am the one who guided him into big business.
Although in fairness; Willie, Gino and my relationship’ are symbiotic.

Gino is a thinker, he uses business to advance his agenda; not muscle, although that is always there if needed. NO drugs or prostitution in Gino’s Organization, gambling yes; and construction involvement though ‘Luther Corp yes; that would be my part.

Hell, most people don’t even know he is La Cosa Nostra. I sometimes think even he has forgotten.

I smile thinking back to one rather well off fellow who got tipsy and felt up one of Gino’s girls. The whole episode was photographed, unknown to him. He paid millions out in lost and shared revenue just for grabbing someone’s tit.

The Party:
----The party went on until 1:00AM., when we had to shut down due to local curfew bylaws. WE milled around finishing our drinks until 2:00AM. I had not seen much of our host and hostess all night. They were busy with the VIP’s.

Since I was alone at this function I helped out. I met allot of new people. Got a little pissed; patted a few asses; had loads of fun.
I was the last one out the door after I made sure we met Hotel regulations for the banquet. I always feel more comfortable when I have things to occupy my time.

Crossing the lobby I saw Jack and Kim talking with some people, Jack saw me so I gave a hello wave and continued toward the elevator. Jack waved back, said a quick good night to his guests and came over to me.

“Hey Bobby, I haven’t seen you all night”.

“You were busy so I helped out with the banquet. I had a blast Jack, lots of great people at this ‘do’”.

The conversation went on for about 5 minutes with topics changing several times. I did notice that Jack was quite drunk..., for him.

Some history;
---- Jack, Kim and I went back many years. There was 9 or 10 of us in a group who hung together and partied allot in our late teens and 20-s. I was likely the least involved with the group as I was very much into my construction company; not to mention other things.

Back to the party;
---- Kim eventually got away and came over to say hello. WE embraced; her with a light hug..., me with a bear hug. She gave me a peck on the cheek; I kissed her on her nose...and smiled. Kim didn’t like that years ago. It had been a long time since I’d seen Kim.

“BOBBY! She exclaimed, wiping her nose. Kim blushed.
Jack and I was always a lark teasing Kim.

---Kim was notoriously timid. We, her group of friends, had all gotten used to her shyness over the years and had become quite protective of her. If someone bothered Kim we moved on them like a pack of Wolfs. It was quite funny as I think back upon those days.

Kim still has her looks, and her slight disability. She has a very minor condition in that her left wrist is not fully flexible, and her right foot is ‘toed-in’ about 5 degrees. This gives her a mild limp, no big deal really; other than that Kim’ a near perfect beauty.

---We got into the elevator with some other guest’ and rode it to our respective floors. Most of the hotel had been booked for people to stay the night after drinking. Jack, Kim and I plus one other couple got off on the 8th floor. I went right and the other’s turned left. There was the usual joking as we went our separate ways.

I got to my room and put on the coffee, I enjoy a late night cup of coffee before I hit the sack. Six or seven minutes later my phone rang and it was Kim. She asked if she could come to my room; she wanted to talk.
“Sure, I’ll meet you in the hall”.

I went down the hall toward her room to meet her. I knew if someone bothered her she would have a difficult time defending herself; that old defence mechanism of mine kicking in.
I met Kim near her room and we walked and talked on the way to my room at the far end of the hall. Jack had gone to sleep and Kim wanted to keep the night going.

Once in my room we talked a bit; Kim wanted some wine so I opened the complimentary bottle left in each room. I put my coffee down and had a glass with her.

Kim and I must have talked for over an hour, covering every topic under the sun. During this gab-fest I had two glasses and was a bit tipsy, but not too bad. Kim finished the rest of the wine and seemed unaffected. Shy, quiet Kim could always handle her alcohol.

I found myself staring at Kim’ legs... Kim looked at me quizzically;
“Sorry Kim, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen your legs. I’d forgotten what gorgeous gams you have”.

“The better to run away from you..., and thank you Bobby for the compliment”, [standing] ..., “got to use the bathroom though”, she said with a mild slur.
[‘Hum’, I thought. Kim getting a little tipsy..., that’s new]

It was nice talking with Kim I thought to myself, allot of memories. I watched Kim walk to the bathroom. She sure is something and such a nice sway to her hips. Kim catches me, and stops, looking at me.

“I always liked watching you walk Kim; so sexy”.
I fall silent as Kim enters the bathroom. I smile to myself and listen to her pee.

Kim returns; I get up to escort her back to her room.


--- I interrupt:
“... me to Kim, it was sure nice talking with you, I m sorry it has to end. I know you have to get back to your room and Jack”. I reach to hug my long time and dear friend Kimberly, feeling a tug on my heart-strings, I really miss her.

Kim steps into my arms and slips her arms about my neck...she looks into my eyes and smiles...a kind of soft gentle smile, if there is such a thing.

Kim kisses me on the mouth. Surprised I instinctively move my head back breaking the kiss...still holding her.
[I do not remember Kim kissing me in all the years I’ve known her. I was always that bad boy good girls kept clear of]

I give this dear lady a smile...I’m not taking advantage of her. Kim is far too special to seduce drunk, or sober for that matter.

Kim moves her hands to my face;
“Bobby, make love to me”?

WELL FUCK! I am dumb-founded. Maybe stunned is a better word. I start to say something but I don’t know what to say.
Thinking to myself--- ‘I, Bob Smithe; fucker of a hundred women am speechless... rendered mute by the sweetest woman I know’.

There is silence in the suite---Kim places her finger on my lips. She smiles at me, seeing my astonished look.

“I want this Bobby; I’ve wanted to experience another man for awhile and this may be my only chance; and who better that someone like my special friend Bob Smithe”.

“Kim..., I don’t know if I can. I love you dearly, you’re exceptionally beautiful..., and sexy. BUT..., I’ve protected you from predators like me for so many years. It’s ingrained in me”...

“Bobby treat me like any other woman you want..., so I can experience that”.

“Jeez Kim, I don’t know”.

“I’ve always been treated differently. I hear other women talk; for one night I want to be treated the way their treated”.

“That’s not always pleasant Kim”.

“I trust you”, she said, then smiling she winked at me; “Just don’t leave any marks I won’t be able to explain”.

Kim turns around showing her lovely long hair covering her to just below her shoulder blades.
“I’ve often thought about I am not so innocent”. She said.

“This is going to take some doing to get past who you are Kim”, I said... feeling very awkward.

Kim looked over her shoulder at me, walked to the bed and took a pillow case off a pillow. She walked back to me, pulled the pillow case over her head and turn around again.
“There”! She said.

WELL that broke the ice to be sure; I had to laugh. I slipped the case off her head; taking her hands I tied them loosely behind her back... “If we’re going to do this lets make in interesting”.

“Ok”, she said... Kim slipped her hands free of the loosely tied pillow case and placed it over her eyes:
“There, she said; blind fold me”.

I knotted the pillow case behind her head. I was surprised somewhat since Kim is slightly claustrophobic.

---- With her back towards me Kim made it easy. I parted her hair enough to undo the clasp on the dress. Taking hold the zipper, I moved it down past her waist, exposing the waist band of her thong like panties.
Kim wore quality clothing; this dress has its own lining and a built in bra. Classy I thought, but then again Kim always was a class act.

I moved the dress apart and began kissing her back, trailing kisses on either side of her spine. Starting near her neck and kissing her right to her panties...and all the way back up to her neck...dragging my lips along her skin.
“You are beautiful”... I said.

“That feels so good”, she said.

I continued kissing her back, smelling her hair. Sliding my hands around her back to just above her hips, I hold her waist. Kim is a slender woman; fat free... one might even say delicate..., and deliciously sexy.

My hands move under her dress up the front of her cupping her breasts;
“Uhh”! .... She gasps at my touch...her nipples rock-hard. I caress her little tits. Kim’ head slowly tips back until it is resting on my upper chest.
“I love your hair...I always did Kim”. I whispered.

Kim moves her hand back touching my crouch...finding my cock she squeezes it.
--- “Ohhhh”! ... “OHHH”!

She spins around...her other hand finds and squeezes my cock. Holding her hands against me she feels me harden. I sense her rising excitement. Her hands tremble with excitement. Kim finds my zipper; moving it down I feel her fingers searching...exploring.

I press my face against the nape of her neck..., gently kissing her there, inhaling her fragrance. My hands pull her dress from her shoulders.

“I love you Kim, I always have”. I feel her soft flesh.

Kim’ hands are probing my cock, my balls. I feel her gentle caresses..., she tightens her grip on my cock...jerking it.

Suddenly Kim pushes up on her toes and kisses me passionately; her hands cupping my face. Her lips quivering as she kisses me. Her tongue darts out and touches my lips searching. I feel her body press hungrily against mine...her body moves excitedly against me.

Her dress is loose. I touch her...electricity shoots through me.

Pressing against me...she writhes when her pubic bone finds my hard cock...rubbing herself against the bulge...her breath coming in gasps...

“You smell so good, and your neck is shaped perfectly for little stolen kisses to land on before they runaway and hide in the fragrance of your hair”.

She looked at me, blind fold gone, and smiled. Her arms moved up and around my neck.

Moving my hands to her naked back I caressed her lovingly...Kim looks up at me, we kiss.
“I’ll hold your dress in place while you unbutton my shirt”.

She smiled and slowly..., one button at a time unbuttoned my shirt exposing my hairy chest. I could see she was savouring this task...her eyes never left my chest. When my shirt was open Kim pressed her face against my chest.
“I love your chest Bobby, I’ve always wanted to touch it...kiss my fingers through your hair”.

She looks at me and rolls her eyes. Kim rubs her nose into my hairy chest...I see a wicked smile, and the lust in her eyes.

I undo my pants, she pulls them down, and off along with my boxers. My pants fall to the floor and Kim drops to her knees;
---“Oh Bobby, Oh... oh... oh, my God”.

Looking down I see my lifelong friend on her knees worshipping my manhood. Kim kisses the end of it. I smile at her as she hesitantly kisses it, touches it, and finally slides it into her lovely mouth.

A loud moan escapes from Kim as she realizes her dream of being with another man. My cock is the recipient of her frenzied sucking. I move a little, slowly face fucking her. Kim seems unaware. [A moan escapes my mouth]

Kim sucks and sucks and sucks; she is rapt over her new found toy.

I move my hands to her shoulders and slip her dress off her shoulders. In one smooth motion Kim slips her arms out of the arm holes and her dress slides off her upper body stopping around her waist.

[Kim is a svelte creature. Her small breasts have no sag...proud nipples...light pink in colour. Kim eats properly and it shows in her skin tone...truly beautiful is my Kim]

She never stops sucking. Her hands hold my cock and balls; she seems unable to decide what to do. Her pace and moaning dominate our sex.

Her old friend Bobby gently fucks her sweet mouth. Ever so slowly I introduce my cock into the deeper recesses of her sexy mouth. Occasionally I touch her throat; this does nothing to interrupt her sucking.

Kim sucks and sucks and sucks...she is obsessed with my cock... I watch her head move... I move gently in her mouth...aiding her.

I wait and watch:
“Kim..., should we”? [She nods and rises] Kim’ clothing slips from her body... I do the same but not nearly so effortlessly.

Kim moves across the bed..., moving like a crab..., a cute sexy crab...
I crawl over the bed, a man on all fours... a man about to receive a gift he knows he does not deserve.

Kim is open... I swoop in for a taste...

“NO! NO! Bobby no... I cannot wait any longer... Please Bobby”?

Looking..., I see her torment...mouth twisted...eyes hungry...moving into position I look down between her God she is wet.

PUSHING ahead...watching Kim’ face...her eyes widen as she feels my cock pressure her opening...she gasps at the feeling of a new cock entering her. Her back arching...eyes wide open...mouth agape...
I push my cock in as far as it will go...

Kim’ body settles back on the bed, hands gripping the bedding...her hips push up to me...a HUGE sigh comes from Kim...

I barely got going when Kim climaxed...she was wild...I held her in check...I was afraid she would hurt herself.

--- Flight 231 ---
I am woken by THE Stewardess;
“Everything alright Mr Smithe”, She asks?

“Yes”..., I answer...wondering why she would ask that question.

My facial expression must have begged an explanation.

“Your partners in first class ask me to check on you”.

“Ok” I said thinking; Willie and Gino must have dropped by and caught me napping.

---- THE PLANE dips as begins its descent. The skyline begins to include city and highway lights... I watch these beacons of civilization move slowly.
---- I am suddenly gripped with a feeling of nausea.

I will be seeing Jack and Kim in less than two hours...seeing them for the first time in a long time...and seeing them after their daughter’ murder...(***)

I close my eyes, resting my head against the seat. I’d better get my act together before I meet them, they do not need me being morose.

Turning my head I look out the port...

I will never forget the sound Kim made as I entered her...her lungs taking in air...the beauty of her arching body as my cock entered her... Those beautiful large...un-seeing...
Her mouth...purring...trying to speak.

WE made love...gently mostly, with some roughness thrown when I was cum-ing.

Kim enjoyed herself. MY fragile Kim can really screw. One of the best fucks I ever had, and I told her so; she beamed with pride. The second time was pretty good too..., and the third. WE fucked half the night away.

--- I looked around the aircraft, everyone is seated. I close my eyes again, we are on approach. I’m not found of landing so I’ll go back to thinking of Kim, that’ll ease my mind; or so I thought.

Her skin is so soft, nearly flawless, and nearly as white as milk...we joked about that later. Well I joked about it.

Kim’ face appears in front of real as if she was actually here. The last time I saw her was at her daughter’s twelfth birthday party...
I can remember that little girl..., a young woman really. She had Kim’ skin, no doubt there.., none of Jacks colouring..., cute and smart. More muscular than Kim though.

I open my eyes;
‘FUCK! ... FUCK! ...Fuuuuck! ... [I say under my breath]... Some fucking cunt kills her. I feel my ire growing...I’m seething, my anger growing exponentially... I haven’t felt like this since the Jones’. (****)

MR.SMITHE..., are you ok. [The Stewardess asks]

“NO I AM NOT”, I yell back at her.

“BOBBIE”! --- I hear Willie yelling at me from first class --- “SETTLE DOWN”.

People are looking at me but I don’t give a shit.

‘God, I hope Sally is waiting’. I said under my breath, or at least that was my intention.

“Who’s Sally Mister”? A young passenger seated across the aisle from me asks.

I looked at this young man, maybe 8 years of age, realizing my temper had caused him some anxiety.

Sally, how the hell do I explain Sally? My focus now on this youngster; “She’s an enigma young fellow”, I answered rather curtly.

“Is that like a wife Mister”?

There were several smiles that I could see and a few laughs I heard. This youngster was damping my rage all by his little lonesome.

His mother, I presumed, looked at me with a warm smile and a twinkle in her eye.
“I am looking forward to your answer sir”, she said to me.

I looked at her and smiled, my troubled mood swept away by this youngster and this woman’s smile.

“Ya know”, I said, “she’ meeting me in the terminal. If you can spare a few minutes I’ll introduce you. Then you can see for yourself. I can guarantee it’ll be worth your while”.


--- Flight 231 ---
Willie and Gino: [On approach]

“I knew we shouldn’t have left him alone”. Willie says to Gino.

“He’s a big boy Willie, he knows how to act in-fight...or he will get himself cuffed”.

“I remember how he acted all those years ago when those friends of his-family were killed in an auto accident. He worked his ass off to pay me the dollars needed to get rid of the guy. I had to physically restrain him at times in the early going or he would have murdered that - dui. -driver in cold blood on the front steps of city hall during lunch hour if need be”....
---“He was insane Gino”. Willie added.

“Yeah..., Bobby is relentless I’ll give him that, and a vindictive SOB. Good qualities to have in a partner in our line of work, eh Willie”, Gino says.
After a moment for reflection Gino says... “Remember how he came at me Willie in the restaurant over Fredrick’ biting that woman, Janet I think her name was”. (**)

“Ya, I love Bobby but he is a fucking nut case at times”. Says Willie...

---- Flight 231 ---
The wheels touchdown...
---- *** ref... (the gift)
----**** ref... (BBQ at Willie’, afloat)
--- ** ref... (Reflections 4)

--- Air Terminal ---
[The following is background for Reflections, NO sex]

Sally was tardy, what else is new Bob thought. The woman loves to make an entrance. Clicking heels and all. Quite a few of the passengers had stopped to see this irate passenger’s woman. Some left laughing under the misconception that ‘SALLY’ did not exist. Most were waiting for luggage.

In this latter group was Willie, he never traveled light that man, the youngster and his mom were also waiting for their luggage; Chad and Wendy.

“Where’s the Angel mister”? Chad asked.

A choice of words:
While disembarking the aircraft Bob had mention Sally was an Angel. He used the word ‘Angel’ in such a fashion as-to give the word some levity, and didn’t weigh into the physical beauty of the woman, which classified her as an Angel in any mans world.
He’d alluded to her-self ascribed ‘Angel’ illusion in a polite way so as to prepare the youngster for Sally antics. Which Bob new would surely come...Sally loved a crowd

“She’ll be here...just listen for the sound of her shoes clicking as she walks Chad”. Bob answered the youngster.

Young Chad’ ears perked up.

Bob carried on a casual conversation with Wendy. Turning his attention to Chad, Bob asked the youngster were he was from, what grade he was in, the usual chit chat. The sound of heels stopped the conversation.
“She’ here, she’ here mom, can you here her”? Chad said excitedly.

“CLICK”... “CLICK”... “CLICK”...

---- The sound of Sally’ steps resonated throughout the terminal;
‘Just the way she likes it’, Bob thought as he smiled. He was somewhat relieved to hear her footsteps although he would never tell her that.

Chad as bouncing about, very excited; “Where is she Mr. Smithe, where is she”?

“Give her a minute to get here Chad; then you’ll see the Angel”.
Bob immediately regretted his choice of words. What a faux pas he thought. Bob looked into Wendy’s eyes; he hoped the expression on his face showed his regret.

Wendy smiled;
“I get it Mr. Smithe”, she said...extending a hand touching his arm sympathetically.

Several other people notice Chad’ excitement..., including some other children. People’s attentions slowly began to turn to the sound of those heels.

‘CLICK’..., ‘CLICK’..., ‘CLICK’...,

A woman’s heels clicking as she walks catches people’s attention. It has a soothing affect, even an erotic effect and so Sally Hudson walked, her steps a perfect cadence. Such a simple thing the sound of a woman’ heels; yet..., bringing so much comfort or pleasure; or in some cases fear.

---- AND so, she walked... Sally could see Willie and Gino off to her left some 150 feet away. Bob would be somewhere near them she knew; he always was. She smiled to herself as she wondered what Bob’ surprise would be today. He loves to evoke her antics.

They’re all tall men so she should be able to see Bob, and he see her. Sally in her heels is over six feet tall; Bob is near 6’3”.
Sally saw Bob’ head pop up as he stood... ‘Children’, Sally mused. Bob would be talking with children..., she smiled. He would be hoping for her to perform some tricks to entertain the children...Bob always loved that side of her. Sally always carried a few trinkets for children.

Time to perform she thought...

---- Many passengers had retrieved their luggage and left, many had stayed on watching Sally with the children, of which there were six. Some had stopped by but parents hauled them off. Others paid no heed to her tricks; and still some other adults were amused by Sally and the goings on.

A couple of security personnel stood off to one side keeping a vigil on the small crowd.

Bob had retreated to the Willie and Gino’ location; where the three men watched Sally and her antics, commenting a laughing amongst themselves.

A crowd would gather and disperse, gather and disperse; as people took in Sally’ play with the children. The constant influx of passengers picking up luggage fed the fluctuating audience.

It must have been a good fifteen to twenty minutes a tireless Sally had engaged these children. At about this time a young lad of perhaps four years of age escaped his parent’s scrutiny, making his way to Sally’ mini-circus. His addition brought the number of children to seven.

“Taylor, no come back”! His mother yelled at him, to no avail. She moved quickly to apprehend her child but he was too quick and was at Sally’ side before she could catch him.
--- Sally received the youngster in her usual manner, bringing smiles and ‘awes’ from the crowd.

See-ing this the mother stopped her pursuit and looked on...

Unbeknownst to this lady a second child, a young girl less that two ran past her following her four year old brother as it turned out. This little girl with her blonde tresses and pink coat ran head down looking at her feet moving, as children of this age are wont to do.

The mother spun to grab this little girl but missed. Once again Sally received a child in her fashion, lifting said child redirecting the child’s bodily momentum...using only one hand.
A special trick of Sally’ Bob had noted over the years.

Sally stood holding this little girl:
“Hello”, she said in a voice as soft as humanly possible.

The little girl looked at Sally and shot her arms out wanting a hug. Sally pulled the girl to her and triggered an unknown signal because all the other children moved in on Sally hugging her in any way possible.

Gino quotes the Bible:
--- “And the angel of the Lord went further, and stood in a narrow place, where was no way to turn either to the right hand or to the left”---
“Numbers 22:26, Gino said”.

“You religious types”, Willie says, “you drive me insane”. Continuing, Willie says, “Angel of the Lord yet... Sally? Give me a break Gino”!

Gino’ hearty laugh drowns out much of the din coming from the airport terminal. Gino enjoys pushing Willie’ buttons from time to time and religion is the one area of disagreement between the two friends that always works. AND, Gino being a religious man himself gets pleasure from it.

Bob looks on amused by this little give and take between friends. Willie himself seeing he was suckered smiles at Gino.

There is more laughter and gaiety from Sally’ mini-circus and the three men turn their attention to it. The crowd has grown in size; Sally crouching down with the children is no longer visible to Bob, Gino and Willie.

There’s a chorus of ooh's and aah's as Sally entertains... Bob, Gino and Willie move closer to get a better view. AS they move into position Sally stands; there is a gasp from the crown, some laughter, and feathers flying upwards as Sally begins here finale.

Moving her hands she uses the air to control the feathers...each rotating about his axis hovering above the children...Sally directs each feather one at a time into the outstretched hands of each child...

More ooh-ing and aaah-ing as people applaud her efforts. AS each child gets his or her feather they run to their parent or parents ... arms outstretched showing the feather as they ran.

Young Chad was second last to receive his feather upon which he ran toward his mother yelling;
---“Mommy...she gave me a feather...the Angel gave me a feather”.

Willie gave a groan of sorts, Gino not one to miss an opportunity;
“Out of the mouths of fools and babes Willie”

“Uh HUH ! Willie says.

One feather to go someone said. Surely there was Bob noted...Sally picked up the small child leaving the feather to waft about in the air above her head... Sally held this little girl as the feather seemingly of its own accord made its way into her little outstretched hands.

NO ONE watching missed the look on this little girls face. Her eyes were enormous, her face beamed... she squirmed as Sally put her down. ALL watched as she ran hands outstretched holding her feather to her mother.

Some woman said;
“That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seem”.

There was an -‘HUH’- from Willie, Bob turned to look at his buddy. Willie looking toward Sally spoke:
“I’ll give her-her do Bobby, she is very a very special Woman”.

Bob turned toward Sally and was surprised to see her but a few feet away from him; “Hello Bobby, enjoy the show”?

--- Sally put her arms about Bob and gave him a nice peck on the cheek, then kissed him... all to the dismay or amazement of at least one crowd member who uttered; “Lucky bastard”!

“Yes I did, very much actually”... Bob replied. As did my buddies here, we all thought it mind boggling.

Sally turned her attention to Gina and Willie; “Good to see you both”, she said...continuing ... “So you liked the show, I am making progress then...”

Sally winked at the trio, taking Bob’ arm the foursome walked away.

“Sally”, Willie asked; “you’ve really got my curiosity; how do you manufacture those feathers from what seems like thin air”?

“ALL us Angels have feathers...I just pluck them from my tail”.

“Uh Huh, nice try Sally, no really how do you do it”? Willie asked.

“Would you like a demonstration,” she asked.

“YA! ... I want a feather from your tail Angel”, Willie countered mocking Sally.

Gino and Willie had been walking behind Sally and Bob...Sally stopped, holding her hands up over her head showing Willie that she had noting in her hands. Bob walked on not paying attention to these shenanigans. His mind focused on the upcoming funeral.

Sally turned slightly, giving her patented sassy smile with a wink;
“Would you like a feather also Gino”?

“NO SAL-,” he said... “I just got on your got side a while back. It’s easier if I don’t stir things up between us”.

“ALL my sides are good wouldn’t you say Gino”, she answered.

“Are you gonna produce a feather or talk us to death Sally.” Willie said, butting in unceremoniously.

NO sooner said than Sally spun about bringing her left hand up from behind her ass producing two feathers... wafting them upward and with quick movements of her hands causing both feathers to spin about their axis.

“That is some trick -SAL-“Gino said.

“Ya, I’m going to figure that one out Sally Hudson”, Willie said.

Sally winked.
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