Tvar russian for a feral beast. a lycans tale about one of his victims not his first and certainly not his last
With creatures like me it’s all the same no matter who it is at first you try to live your life as a man caging the beast within yourself. Then that goes wrong and you move to a life of seclusion in some backwoods wilderness that helps for a time but then the hunger takes over and you wake up inside a suburban home surrounded by what is left of a family of four strewn across the walls. After that you either give in and live as the beast or hurl yourself from the tallest building you can find and die as a man.
However there is another path the one I took to rule over the beast we became I but I made that decision long ago before humans began drawing lines on a map. I watched my former people build great empires to destroy their fellow man it was always the same. I have grown to hate these things that called themselves intelligent life they were just food to me now.
That’s all she was, I caught her scent and followed her to a small apartment she entered letting the door close casually behind her I surged forward my supernatural speed allowing me to catch it and enter the apartment undetected. I watched her as she undressed to take a shower. She was in her forties her breasts were large her muscles were tightly stretched across her frame. She turned to enter the shower and I caught a glimpse of her large but fine ass. Oh, the anticipation was killing me.
I looked through the apartment I found her name on a letter sitting on the kitchen table, Suzan, how quaint. I also would a rather extensive collection of toys in a set of drawers next to her bed. Well this might turn out to be a fun evening after all I thought pulling out a pair of cuffs and a length of rope from her collection. I sat down in a chair in the corner of her bedroom to wait for my prey to arrive. I heard the water stop, heard her wet feet hit the tile floor before the hair dryer roared to life. A few minutes later she was walking down the short hallway towards her room, she entered her body concealed by a towel.
“good evening Suzan” I said she turned in utter surprise the distinctive fear smell flooded the room I could hear her lungs expand as she prepare herself to scream. I dashed forward grabbing her by the throat and lifting her in the air. All that escaped her lips was a hoarse groan. I squeezed her throat just once to prove a point before dropping her to the floor she crumpled in a heap. I snagged her arms and cuffed them behind her. She kept trying to say something but her vocal cords were damaged. Next I took the rope and tied her arms together at the elbow she winced and began to cry as I tied the rope and pulled her to her knees. I fished my cock out of my jeans and held it before her she turned her haed away. I knelt down taking a hold of her hair.
“Listen here, I am here for you not your money or possessions I will have your body and if you’re lucky I’ll kill you when I’m done.” I whispered in her ear she looked into my eyes seeing their golden glow she realized she was in to presence of true evil she hung her head defeated and cried, I stood up and placed my cock at her lips she took it in and began to give me a rather enjoyable blowjob. I guess she thought if she pleased me I would spare her well ill let her believe her own delusions for a while. I grabbed her head twisting her hair she tried to scream from the pain but I took that opportunity to bury my 9 inch cock down her throat. She kept gagging around my cock which I liked I let her back up for air as I felt my balls begin to tingle
“here comes your last meal” I said as I rammed my cock back down her throat and sent my seed into her gullet. I laughed as she coughed and tried to get air in her lungs. Watching her large breasts heave got me rather excited I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the bed grabbing a hold of her breasts I placed my hardening cock between them and began to thrust after a few I was rock hard again. I rolled her over placing her knees on the edge of the bed I lined myself up behind her before slamming into her she tried to scream again but when she couldn’t she just cried it was wonderful. I decided to have even more fun I flipped her onto her back so she could see. I looked deep inside my mind calling upon there feral beast that dwelled within me I began to change. A few seconds later a black furred lycan stood before her; her eyes looked like saucers her fear smell dominated the room; I was really beginning to enjoy myself. I picked her up and held her to my chest her heart beat faster as she felt my massive cock touch the entrance to her pussy see looked down before looking up at me pleading. I reached behind her and sliced the rope then the links of her cuffs.
“please me whore” my words came out gargled almost unrecognizable, it was my tongue made it real hard to form words, but she understood well enough wrapping her arms around my neck and easing herself onto me. She hissed as my now 13 inch wolf cock made it’s way inside of her, she made it a little over half way down before she started bouncing on my cock hands fondled her large ass cheeks my claws cutting into her flesh, she whimpered. I could feel my knot begin to form I grabbed her hips and slid her down my pole I tore her entrance as I forced my knot inside of her a few more thrusts and my cum was flowing inside of her she looked up at me as if to ask if she could live her answer came as my fangs tore her throat out I finished cumming as she took her last few breaths. As my knot shrunk I began to feast on her body finishing starting with her lovely breasts and finishing with her heart as my cock slipped free.

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2013-08-14 16:35:34
There ought to be some sort of quality control around here. This author's stories are among the worst on the site. Dreadful content aside, would it be possible to actually edit the stories so they don't read as if people are writing in a language alien to them?


2013-04-21 11:33:00
no drugs were involved in the writing of this story just got really bored and decided to write a quick one. if you think bad mouthing me makes you normal your wrong it just makes you prey.

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2013-04-20 22:17:33
Your just jealous because you can't follow in your grandparent's footsteps


2013-04-18 13:30:05
How could any normal human being be entertained by a load of putrefied garbage? Just how demented are you, writing crap like this and thinking it's worth posting on this or any website? How many drugs did you need before this began taking root in your head?

Ideas for a 'story' aside, just the composition is atrocious! Did you have to think for a week or just come up with this on the spot, trying desperately to fill the 5000 character requirement? Even my great grandparents with dementia could have still had the brain power to actually lay out the story in a worthwhile format.

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