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Rose and Tony are to be married. But Rose is in for a surprise on her wedding day!
— THIS STORY CONTAINS EXPLICIT CONTENT. It is fictional and does not depict real people or events. All characters are above the legal age of consent. —

Rose was all nerves as she pulled her stockings up and clipped them to her garter belt. Today was her big day. Today was the day she was to marry the love of her life. She sighed, her breathing shakey and her heart racing. She looked up at herself in the mirror on the vanity she was sitting at. She was beautiful. Her hair was pulled up into a gorgeous up-do. Her makeup was natural and highlighted her eyes. Her curved figure was covered in nervous goose bumps. She tried to gently rub them away. She sat in her bra, panties, stockings and garter, waiting on her maid of honor to return with her dress.

A knock came from the door.

“Rachel, hurry and get in here with my dress! I need to get ready!”

But it wasn’t Rachel who walked in. It was Tony, her lover and husband-to-be. She watched him walk to her through the mirror on the vanity. He was smiling, his hands behind his back. She smiled back to him before turning around to face him.

“You know it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.”

“I have something for you, love” he responded, still smiling.

Rose blushed, unable to stop her grin from growing across her face.

“Stand up and turn around.”

She obeyed, turning away from him. She assumed he was about to clasp a necklace around her pale neck, or something of the sort. But what he did surprised her a bit.

He pushed her down, bending her over the vanity. She gasped, but did not object. She was use to his dominant behavior, and she was happily submissive to him. He set a rectangular red box on her back, and gently pushed her head down so she could not see what he was doing in the vanity mirror. He pulled the lid off the box and removed part of its contents.

She felt him lower her white lace panties to her knees and then slip them completely off. Was he going to take her, right there before there ceremony? It certainly would not bother her if he did. They’d had sex before, and she enjoyed it quite a bit.

Something probed at her smoothe shaven pussy lips. She adjusted herself, trying to spread herself a bit. The thing slid into her dry cunt, pulling at her lips, making her wince and tense. He massaged around the thing, adjusting her lips to relieve the pulling. Once she relaxed, he pushed it in deeper.

“I want you to wear this dildo during the ceremony.”

Her eyes fluttered as she felt the dildo slide completely into her. She heard the soft sound of air being pumped and pushed, as the dildo inside her began to grow in width. She moaned as her cunt stretched and was filled with the dildo. Tony continued to inflate it further and further until he was certain it could not be removed without deflating first.

Rose felt something wet on her ass crack, as Tony spit on her. He gently massaged his saliva into her asshole before probing it with an anal plug he has removed from the box, still balanced on Rose’s back. The plug began to grow too as Tony inflated it. Rose tensed, feeling overly stretched and full. She wasn’t sure she could handle both probing toys being inflated and stretching her. Once Tony was satisfied with the size of the plug in Rose’s ass, he gave it a gentle tug and then a hard smack.

Rose squeaked, making Tony laugh.

“Do not remove those, Rose. Wear them through the ceremony, until I remove them. If you remove them early, I will put them back in and fill them until you rip and cry. Be a good girl.”

Tony pulled her upright, groping her round breasts, and kissing her neck. He then called for Rachel to come in with the dress and he left them to prepare for the ceremony.


Rose couldn’t concentrate on the ceremony. All she could think of what how stuffed full she was and what Tony had in store for her later that evening. She could barely get through her vows, blaming her stumbling over them on her nerves and excitement of being married. If Tony had stuffed her full for the ceremony, what on earth was he going to do after? She couldn’t think of anything, and couldn’t put anything past him either.


After the ceremony, the wedding party stayed behind for photos as everyone else went to the reception hall. All seemed fairly normal, other than the two toys still deep in Rose’s holes, and the fact that the groomsmen seemed to be smirking and staring at her. Did they know Rose’s tight cunt and ass were stretched to maximum compacity? Did she know how wet she was getting, thinking that they knew the secrets of what was hidden under her innocent white wedding dress?


In the limo, on the way to the reception hall, Tony stripped her down to her undergarments. He checked to make sure both the plug and dildo were snug in place in the depths of Rose’s precious holes. He smiled when he saw they were still deep and stuffed in her.

“Good girl” he stated proudly as he laid her down on the seat and deflated the plug before pulling it free from her. She winced a bit, but smiled, being happy he was so proud of her.

“On your hands and knees, love.”

She rolled onto all fours, her ass facing him.

He spanked her a few times before parting her cheeks. He let out a soft, lustful “mmmm” when he saw how the plug had made her asshole gape a bit. He let go of her as and grabbed the dildo, shoving it deeper into Rose’s snatch. She gasped, then yelped loudly as he ripped it completely free from her without deflating it.

Her yelp caught the attention of the driver, who raised his eyebrow as he looked in the rearview mirror, seeing Rose almost naked and vunerable to her new husband’s every desire.

“My aren’t you wet” Tony stated, noting the driver’s sudden interest. “Driver pull over a block before the reception hall please.”

Obeying Tony’s request, the driver pulled over.

“Rose dear, climb up there and give our driver a nice sloppy blow job for his service in driving us.”

Rose looked at Tony in a bit of disbelief. Realizing he was serious, she climbed over the divider between the driver and the back of the limo. She unzipped his pants and pulled his semi hard cock free. She sucked him timidly at first, then a bit more enthusiasticly with the coaxing of Tony.

Quickly, the driver’s body tensed and jolted as he began to cum. Rose felt a hand push roughly on the back of her head as Tony restrained her from pulling free of the spewing penis.

“Swallow it” he ordered, and Rose obeyed.

Once the driver went limp, Tony pulled Rose back to the back of the limo, helping her dress in a new dress for the reception. Tony had picked out the reception dress. It was super short, and super low. Rose insisted that it was white, but Tony had the say on everything else.


The reception was pretty normal. There were the usual toasts and dancing, throwing of the boquet and garter, and food and alcohol.

But as the night went on, things got a bit more rowdy. The guests were getting tipsy, some already drunk.

Most of Rose’s and Tony’s families had already said their goodbyes and left. The remaining guests were the partiers, and they were getting rambunctious.

After a bit more dancing, Tony pulled Rose free from the dance floor. He instructed her to climb onto a table near the front of the room, on all fours. Of course, she obeyed. He untied his tie and tied it around Rose’s head, covering her mouth like a gag.

After getting the rest of the guest’s attention, Tony hiked Rose’s dress up, reveiling her naked ass and pussy. He pushed her legs apart as the guests gawked. With a smile on his face, Tony announced that the guests were allowed to come up and spank Rose, the number of years they wished Rose and Tony to have together. One spank was equivalent to one year.

Rose was surprised, but she didn’t move. She trusted Tony.

One by one, the guests came up and spanked Rose’s ass and pussy. Her ass quickly became bright red and sore as the guests had fun beating her raw. Tears began to stream her cheeks as she whimpered and cried out. Tony rubbed her cheek, looking into her eyes. He mouthed the words “I love you” and “I’m proud of you.”

Once the guests lost intrest in either spanking her brused and welted ass, or lost feeling in their hands (whichever came first), more toasts were made, with slurred speech as the guests were quickly getting drunk. Tony had still not allowed Rose to move from her kneeling and exposed position. He uncorked a bottle of champagne and quickly inserted the neck of the bottle into Rose’s ass, pouring the bubbly liquid into her guts.

She squeaked and squirmed, feeling the liquid slosh inside her. Some of the liquid escaped and dribbled down her pussy. After emptying the bottle into Rose’s bowels, Tony removed the bottle and quickly inserted the anal plug back into her, forbidding the rest of the liquid to escape.

He kissed her on the head, and turned and walked out of the room.

Rose began to panic. Where was he going? Why would he leave her so exposed?

The best man, Dean, tilted Rose’s face up to look at him and smiled, before moving behind her and licking the escaped champagne from her clit. He inserted a finger into her snatch, pumping it hard and forcefully into her.

Rose whined and tried to pull away, but he inserted another finger. Then another, and another. Finally forcing his thumb into her cunt and then pushing his entire fist into her. Rose cried out around the tie that was still over her mouth. Dean laughed and continued force fucking Rose’s cunt with his fist, without mercy.

Once he grew tired and bored, he pulled his fist free with a “pop.”

“Come on boys! It’s time!” Dean called and waved over the other groomsmen.

They grabbed Rose, groping and man-handling her. They pulled her arms behind her back and tied them together, then they tied her ankles together as well. Two of the men picked Rose up as she squirmed and tried to break free from them.

What were they doing? Where was Tony? Why was he letting this happen.

Rose was carried out a back door of the reception hall, and into the back of a white van. The groomsmen jumped inside, two in the front the other two in the back with Rose. The van engine started and was kicked into gear as they drove off with a helpless Rose.


The tie was removed from Rose’s mouth as the four men in the back of the van took turns forcing their cocks down her throat. Her pussy was fingered and her ass was spanked. It seemed like forever before the van finally stopped.

The men got out of the van, pulling Rose out and dragging her into a motel room. Rose was tossed onto the bed and the tie was put back over her mouth. The men laughed and joked together, relaxing in the room around her.

What the hell was going on?

That’s when Rose heard the bathroom door open. She looked up to see Tony. Her heart fluttered. He was here to rescue her! She would tell him what they did to her, and he would surly help her and free her.

Tony smiled at her and rubbed her face gently.

“I love you so much Rose.”

He pulled the top of her dress down, exposing her tits. He then rolled her over, untying her ankles. He rubbed her cunt, spreading her lips to see how much her reddened pussy gaped. He moaned in pleasure as he began fingering her. He then quickly shoved his fist into her pussy as she yelped.

What was he doing? Was he not going to free her? Was this all part of a bigger plan? Did he already know what the others did to her?

He fisted her tight pussy for a good while as Dean came over and removed the tie again, shoving his cock into her mouth and down her throat.

“Suck him, Rose” Tony ordered, and Rose obeyed. She closed her eyes and sucked on the intruding cock in her mouth, until it was pulled from her.

Tony removed his fist, and laid down, pulling rose ontop of him. He pushed his cock into her gaping pussy, moaning in pleasure and kissing her repeatedly. That’s when Rose felt Dean pull the anal plug free from her ass. She tensed, trying to keep from squirting the champagne that was still sloshing around in her bowels, out of her. Dean pushed his cock into her asshole.

Rose gasped, and the two me began thrusting into her holes. She moaned. They moaned. She grinded to them and they began thrusting harder and faster.

One of the other groomsmen pushed his cock into Rose’s mouth as Dean climbed completely ontop of her. Another one began to push is cock into Rose’s pussy, sliding it in next to Tony’s.

Rose’s body tensed as she stretched further than she ever had. Further than Tony had stretched her with the dildo.

The men kept thrusting. They showed no mercy as they pounded her holes.

The last groomsman held his cock to Rose’s face, and she went back and forth between two men, sucking their cocks.

Rose closed her eyes in pleasure, as she was forced to fuck the men.

The rest of the night consisted of constant fucking. Rose would fuck two or three men at a time, sometimes just one. When her pussy and ass were not in use, she had a large dildo or plug in them.

The men seemed pretty content with using Rose for their pleasures, or at least until they passed out.


Once the groomsmen were asleep, Tony removed the restraints from Rose’s arms, and the tie from her mouth. He stood her up and helped her to the bathroom. He removed the plug and dildo from her holes and sat her on the toilet to do her business. He knelt by the bath tub and ran water as Rose expelled what was left of the champagne in her bowles. Once she was done, Tony stripped her and sat her in the tub. He gently washed her clean and massaged her body to relax her. Once done, he pulled her free from the tub and wrapped a towel around her. He dried her body a bit before picking her up and carrying her out of the bathroom….out of the motel room, and laid her in the back seat of his own car.

He drove her to a nice hotel, and carried her up to their room where he made gentle love to her. He showered her in kisses and pleasure. Then he let her rest in his arms. She had a big day, and he was so very proud of her.

He was married to the love of his life, and showed her off. Tomorrow, he would rub ointment on her holes to help heal any possible bruising and aching. They would spend tomorrow together, alone. And they would spend the rest of their lives, together, in love.

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Girl, there are far more people here who like your stuff than not.

To 2013-04-28:
"...where (they) are absorbed..."

And it's no use wielding Biology if your common sense is dyslexic: "...absorbed with(out) the benefit.."

Also, if you insert something into a space or through an elastic opening and you find yourself straining to do so, you will find it to be a 'tight fit'.
Pussies shrink back to their original size after childbirth. I don't know how badly you have to be torn to loose elasticity, but that's what doctors are for. The pussy is resilient, even when under-researched jokes had stretched the truth about it's anatomy, it bounces back every time - but apparently we really do have teeth down there.
I'm off to find a dentist with pliers.

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That was super hot. Love all your stories, but this was the hottest. Keep writing! :-)

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Hey fucktard! Do some research first, fuckwad. You poured alcohol directly into her intestines, where they are absorbed with the benefit of being detoxified by the liver first. The whole bottle of champagne would cause alcohol poi zoning and. Ecessitate a trip to the hospital....or more likely, the morgue.

And how the fuck can you fist a tight pussy? If you've got your whole hand in, then it's not going to be very tight anymore.

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