I am atempting to restore stories that have been deleted during this sites dark times. If you have any requests please post them in the comments.
I am atempting to restore stories that have been deleted during this sites dark times. If you have any requests please post them in the comments.

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-This involves underage persons, if this offends you DO NOT READ IT!

It was about 10am and the day was just starting to warm up. I was bumming around the house in my nylon basketball shorts and t-shirt, taking a day off after several crazy weeks of work. My wife and 12-year old daughter left on Tuesday to spend a month or so with her parents at their place on Cape Cod. I would be joining them in a few weeks.

As I grabbed a beer from the fridge, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and a girl about my daughter's age was standing there. She was wearing a tight blue Izod shirt and a short tan skirt. She had a bag over her shoulder. She was less than 5 feet tall, thin (not gaunt), had shoulder length dark hair and olivey skin...the kind that turns to a great tan with a little sun. But the most striking thing about her was her eyes...they were light blue (a stark contrast to her skin) and oh, so big. I had a tough time keeping my eyes off them.

"Mr. Thomas?" she snapped me out of my trance.

"Yes...and who are you?"

"My name is Kimmie here?" (Kimberly is my daughter)

"No...she and her mom are visiting family back east...she won't be back for a month or so."

"Oh" she said sounding disappointed. "I just moved in down the street...about a week before school let out...Mandy said I should come by to go swimming and hang out."

"Well, she and her mom decided to head out to Cape Cod just a few days ago..." She sighed.

"...but feel free to use the pool."

"No...I probably shouldn't without Mandy here...I don't want to bother you..."

"No wouldn't be a bother."


So I escorted her through the house and to the patio. "Here you go..."

"Wow! You're pool is huge!"

I smiled. "There is a fridge in the pool house with plenty of pop. You'll also find towels, beach balls, suntan lotion, whatever you want..."

"Oh...this is great...thanks so much Mr. Thomas!"

"You can call me Mike."

"Okay...thanks Mike."

"I am going to be inside working...just let me know if you need anything." And with that, she skipped off towards the pool and I returned to my home office and sat down at my computer. I glanced out my window as she found a spot in the sun on the other side of the pool, dropped her bag next to a chaise lounge and flicked off her flip flops. She spread a towel over the chair and sat down. She pulled something out of her bag and pulled all her hair back into a pony tail. Then, she stood up and reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head, revealing a toned tummy and a flat chest covered by a cute bikini top. My eyes were fixed on this display. Next, she bent over and pulled her skirt down to her ankles and stepped out, revealing matching bikini bottom, a very tight butt, and nice firm legs. I was mesmerized. Then she sat back down, kicked her legs up, and laid back, ready to soak up the sun. I glanced over at the thermometer hanging on the pool house and it said 96 degrees.

After a few seconds I broke from my trance and turned back to my computer. After a while I heard a splash outside. I turned and looked out the window and Mandy had left her spot on the lounger and jumped into the pool. She swam back to the side and pulled herself out, water dripping off of her body, and then sat back down on the chair. She reached into her bag and pulled out some suntan oil. She poured some into her hand and started rubbing it all over her arms and shoulders. She then went down to her flat tummy and then her legs and feet. She then stopped for a split second, looked around, and then pulled open her bikini top and rubbed the oil underneath. She seemed to linger for a few extra seconds and when she was finished, I noticed her nipples had hardened underneath the tight fabric. She then put some more oil on her hand and reached under the edges of her bikini bottom, making sure there was no spot left un-oiled. Again, she took a little extra time to rub in the oil. She then put the top back on the oil, turned, and laid back on the lounger. That is when I realized that my mouth was wide open and I had not breathed in several seconds. I looked down and noticed that my cock was hard as a rock inside my nylon shorts. I rubbed my eyes for a second and turned back to my computer. Maybe letting this girl use the pool wasn't such a great idea.

I went back to reading some news on the computer. I was about halfway through reading another report when I heard a cough behind me...

"Uh...Mr. Thomas..err...I mean uh...Mike?"

I spun my chair around. Mandy was standing at the double doors to my office in just her bikini, holding a bottle of suntan oil. "Yes...Mandy...what can I do for you? Are you having a nice time outside?"

"Yes, thank you..." she said politely with a sweet smile. "I was wondering could help me..."

"Sure...of course...what do you need?"

"Well...I...uh...was hoping you could put some suntan oil on my back. You see, I was hoping to flip over now and I can't reach."

"No problem..." I got up from my desk, concealing my dick that was making a tent in my shorts, and followed her outside to the pool. Once she got to her lounger she turned, handed me the bottle, and then laid down on her stomach. I sat down next to her, my handle trembling. As my eyes devoured her beautiful legs, tight little ass, and nice back all glistening with sweat. She pulled her pony tail out of the way.

"Please start on my back and shoulders." Without a word, I opened the bottle and poured some of the coconut-smelling oil onto my hand. I rubbed it together with my other hand, and then placed my hands on her beautifully soft, smooth skin. I worked my hands over her upper back, up and around her neck, out across her shoulders, and down the backs of her arms. I pour some more oil into my hands and then went down to her lower back.

"Make sure you get along my sides and under my bikini strap..." My heart was beating quickly as I ran my fingers under her bikini strap and down to the sides of her torso. I then went up under her arms and down to the top of her bikini bottoms. I got some more oil and jumped down to her legs. I started behind her knees and worked up slightly but then retreated back down to her calves, slowly massaging the oil in before proceeding down to her ankles and feet.

"Okay, that's it" I said abruptly.

"Uh, missed the tops of my legs...and make sure you get some underneath the edges of my suit...I don't wanna get burned." I took a deep breath. My cock was super hard and almost coming out of the end of my basketball shorts. I poured some more oil into my hands and then proceeded slowly up the backs of her thighs. As I got to the top of her legs, she opened them just a little more so I could reach down between her thighs. As my hand reached between her legs I felt a heat coming from her cunt. My mind was going crazy. I gently brushed her bikini-covered snatch with the back of my hand and then proceeded to let my fingers go under the edges of her bikini bottom. They massaged her tight bottom slowly as I worked up towards her hips. I noticed that she was breathing very deeply at this point. I finished with one slow slide from her feet, up her calves to her thighs and finished up with a last brush under her swimsuit and around her hips.

"There you go." I got up and turned quickly...trying to hide my huge erection.

"Thanks Mr. Thomas...that was great."

I scurried back into my office and pulled my dick out of my shorts and started rubbing furiously. In seconds I was spraying cum everywhere...on my computer screen, on my desk, on my chair...that was the biggest load I have had in a long, long time. After I had come down off my high, grabbed a hand towel from the bathroom and cleaned everything up.

After a while, Mandy appeared back at the door to my office, fully clothes with her bag over her shoulder.

"Thanks so much for letting me use the pool. I had a lot of fun."

"Sure Mandy, my pleasure."

"I know that Kimmie is gone for the next month...but do you think it would be okay for me to drop by every once in a while and use your pool? My parents are at work all day and it is nice to have someone around...and besides, your pool is nicer than ours."

"No problem Mandy, you can use it any time. And if I'm not home, just come through the side gate."

"Great, thanks Mr. Thomas...I mean Mike" she giggled. "I'll let myself out." And with that, she turned quickly and walked down the hall and out the door.

My mind was spinning in circles all night. I just couldn't get my mind off of her.

The next day I went back to work. I had a ton to do and my day was filled with meetings. I got home around 8pm that night and made some dinner before watching a game on TV.

I looked over at the glass door to the patio and noticed a note taped to the outside. I walked over, unlocked the door and grabbed the note and opened it up. It was written in nice cursive script.

"Mike, I stopped by to swim and lay in the sun. Sorry I missed you. I didn't have anyone to help put on my suntan oil.  Maybe tomorrow??? I hope so. Thanks again for letting me use your place. XOXOXO Mandy"

I read it and reread it multiple times. Did she really mean that? This is CRAZY!

I finished watching the game, went up to my bed and tried to go to sleep. I tossed and turned all night long.

The next morning I showered, got dressed, and went off to work. By late morning, I couldn't think anymore. I told my assistant to cancel my afternoon meetings and that I was going to take Friday afternoon off. I raced home in my convertible and drove into the garage. I jumped out and walked inside to the kitchen and over to the patio door. I looked out the window and across the pool. There she was...lying down in the same lounge chair. I hustled upstairs and changed my clothes into my swim trunks and a tank top. My cock was hard and making a tent in my trousers. I went back downstairs and walked out the patio door and around the pool to where Mandy was laying down.

In just a couple of days her skin had gotten several shades darker. It was hot outside and the beads of sweat were glistening in the sunlight on her beautiful, darkened skin. My eyes scanned across her body...from her cute pink toenails up her perfect calves to her nice firm thighs to her little bikini bottoms up to her flat tummy and her skimpy bikini top and her pretty face and dark hair.

My mind raced for something intelligent to say..."Hi tan looks great!"

"Thanks Mike!" she said as she opened her big blue eyes and sat up. "Did you leave work early today?"

"Uh...yeah...I decided to start the weekend you mind if I join you out here?"

"No...that would be great!" She jumped up, ran over to the pool house, grabbed a towel, and then laid it down on the lounger next to hers. "Here you go..." It was very clear she wanted me to be next to her.

"Thanks...that was very nice of you..."

"Sure" she said with a big smile. "I was about ready to flip you think you could take a couple of minutes to put suntan oil on my back? did such a nice job the other day..."

I couldn't tell if that was an innocent thank you or something more... "Okay...I'm happy to help."

She lay down on her tummy on the lounge chair and I sat down next to her and picked up her coconut suntan oil. I poured some onto my hands and started the slowly as possible. I started on her shoulder blades...her skin was so smooth and unblemished. I worked out towards her shoulders and then up to her neck. I then re-oiled my hands and worked around her torso, almost to the front of her body, before moving down and passing my fingers underneath her bikini strap. I then worked my way down her spine to her lower back, massaging the oil in slowly and gently. As I got to the top of her bikini bottoms, I passed my fingers under the edge of the fabric. I then re-oiled my hands and started on the tops of her thighs. I worked my way up and spent extra time on her tight butt cheeks before working under the edges of her swimsuit. I then went back down to her thighs and worked my way around the outside and then to the inside. Like the other day, she opened her legs, just slightly, so I could work my way between her legs. I worked slowly, brushing her swimsuit-covered cunt several times. I could hear her breathing deeply during my repeated caresses...and I heard a soft moan. Meanwhile, my dick was solid as a rock. Then I worked my way down her tight thighs and wonderful calves to her feet where I massaged the bottoms and then between her toes.

She giggled and pulled her feet away. "Mike! That tickles..."

I laughed "Sorry." She turned over and smacked me on the shoulder.

Then her tone changed..."That felt you could...uh...maybe do that to my front also?...I mean...I...uh...well...I need to put some more on the rest of my body feels so good when you do it..."

"Sure...I'd be happy to" I tried to act nonchalant. Inside, my heart was racing.

She flipped over on her back and lay down on the towel. I poured some oil into my hands and started on the tops of her feet. I worked my way up to her calves and spent some time sliding back and forth, rubbing in the oil. My fingers passed over her knees and up to her thighs, slowly working back and forth and all around. As I worked my way up the outsides of her thighs to her hip bones...

" sure to get under my swimsuit..." she said softly as her voice trailed off.

I just about choked. "Okay," I said weakly.

I got some extra oil and put my hands about mid-thigh and then started working up towards her bikini. As I approached, she opened up her thighs to provide access to all her skin. I ever so slowly worked my hands around her thighs, again letting my hand brush up against her tight, fabric-covered cunny. I looked up at her face...her mouth was open and she was breathing deeply, little moans escaping each time I touched her swimsuit. I then went to the top of her bikini bottoms and pulled down ever so gently and ran my fingers under her suit all along her tummy. Her moans turned softer. I paused to let myself relax a little and get some more oil on my hands. I then reached up and put my fingers under her swimsuit right at her hip bones and slowly worked back and forth, edging down her swimsuit, closer to her little girl pussy. As I got closer and closer, her moans became louder and her mouth opened more. Finally, my finger tips worked all the way between her thighs and I smiled as they gently passed over her pussy lips. I went back and forth over her pussy for almost a minute. She was breathing deeply and her moans were getting pretty loud and I noticed a wet spot growing on the outside of her suit. My cock was throbbing and I had to stop before I blew right there. I got some more oil and worked my way up her beautiful tummy and around her sides. I could feel her ribs through her skin. Throwing all caution to the wind, I worked my way up to her bikini top and immediately slid both hands underneath and started caressing her erect nipples. She began moaning again as I played gently with her pointy nipples and her chest. After a minute or so, I proceed up to her neck and shoulders and then gently used my fingers to put some on her nose, cheeks, and forehead.

"Okay, there you go..." and before she could respond I had turned and dove into the pool. My cock was so hard it hurt. I swam several laps, back and forth, until everything could calm down a little.

After a few minutes I poked my head out of the water and noticed that Mandy had not moved. She was still lying on her lounger, enjoying the sun. So, I hopped out of the pool and lay face down on my lounger with my head turned away from her, and closed my eyes.

"Mike? You are going to get burned...I'll put some oil on your back." And without me saying yes or no, Mandy had jumped up and straddled my body, with her legs on either side of me and sitting on my butt.

"Okay...time to flip over."

"Oh Mandy...I don't think that would be a good idea..."

"Don't be silly, flip over and let me finish my job."

What she didn't know was that I was trying to hide my hard cock. After some continued prodding, I rolled over, reaching down to pull my cock up so the tip was just barely covered by my swim shorts. I closed my eyes and tried to think of icy cold water.

I heard Mandy pour more coconut oil into her hands and she started working on my feet. After a few minutes her small hands went up to my calves, and then my knees, and finally my thighs. She did a nice job of slowly massaging the oil in...she had very strong hands. As she worked up my thighs, she didn't stop for a moment before sliding her little fingers right up the legs of my baggy swim shorts. She worked her way up my thighs and I opened my legs slightly so she could get between my legs. She spent a while at the top, massaging in the oil and lightly brushing the backs of her hands against my golf-ball sized nuts. At this point my cock felt like it was going to explode...I wasn't sure, and I didn't want to look, but it felt like the head had come out of the top of my shorts. When she had finished with my legs, she oiled up her hands and slid her fingertips under the waist band of my shorts, starting at the sides and moving towards the center. As she worked towards the center, she hesitated.

"Wow...Mike your...uh..." her voice trailed off. I said nothing. She gently touched my cock with her oily finger. It jumped and she gasped. Slowly she pulled up the waistband of my shorts a couple inches until it covered the plumb-sized head of my throbbing cock. Then, she pulled her little body up and straddled my waist, with her fabric-covered cunny resting directly on top of my rock hard cock. She put some more oil on her hands and proceeded to massage it in to my abs and then my pecks, spending extra time playing with my nipples. "'re so strong..." As she was applying the suntan oil, she was moving her pussy up and down my dick and it was driving me crazy. She moved her hands up to my shoulders and rubbed in the oil...then my neck and finally she gently applied some to my face. She hadn't noticed it, but as she rubbed herself up and down my cock, the head had escaped out of my shorts again.

At this point I opened my eyes and Mandy was straddling me, rubbing her cunny up and down my cock, her hands planted on my well-oiled chest. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back, she moaned softly, her mouth opened and her tongue tracing her lips. My mind was racing...what in the hell can I do. I couldn't handle it toes curled and my mind started spinning. I grabbed her and pulled her against my chest as my hips thrust up and my cock started spewing hot cum all over.

"Uhhh..Ohhhh..Fuuu...MMmmm," I moaned loudly.

Mandy was startled..."Mike, what are you doing?" Before she could finish, I jumped up, still holding her against my body, cum still jetting from my convulsing cock, and jumped into the pool.

While we were under water I stuffed my cock back in my shorts and hastily washed the cum from her hot little body. When we emerged from the water, Mandy was frantic.

"Mike! Why did you jump in the water?" her big blue beautiful eyes staring at me.

"I...uh...well...I...umm...well..." I couldn't stammer anything out. Before I knew it, she swam over to the side of the pool, pulled herself out, and grabbed her towel to dry off.

"I hafta go..." she said hastily. She reached in her bag, grabbed a pair of very short jean cutoffs and shimmied them up her legs and over her suit. She grabbed a small t-shirt and pulled it over her head, leaving a few inches of tan tummy exposed, picked up her bag, and headed for the side gate.

"Mandy...I am sorry..." I called as she hurried through the gate and out the driveway to the street.

"Shit" I mumbled to myself as I pulled myself out of the pool and laid down on the lounger.

The phone rang...


"Mr. Thomas?"

"Yes, this is Mike."

"Hi...this is Mitch Snyder...Mandy's Dad." Oh, shit, I thought...I am going to get in trouble. "My wife and I need to go to her Mother's place in Arizona tonight...she had a heart attack today and they are not giving her long to live."

"Oh wow...I am really sorry to hear that." My body relaxed realizing Mandy didn't say anything.

"Thank you...I was hoping that Mandy could come over and stay with your family for a few days...maybe a week...until we get back." Clearly Mandy hadn't mentioned that the rest of my family was 3,000 miles away. "We've just moved here and we haven't met too many people and Mandy has said lots of nice things about Kimmie and your family."

"Oh...of course...that would be no problem...we'd be happy to have her. Mandy is a wonderful girl. She can stay as long as you guys are away."

"Thank you so very much...that is wonderful of you. Our flight is at 7, so we'll be by in about 30 minutes to drop her off."

"See you then."

About 5:45 a very nice Lincoln Navigator pulled in to the driveway. I walked outside to greet them. The back door opened and Mandy jumped out with a large duffle bag...she wasn't happy.

"Hi Mandy...feel free to go inside." She didn't look at me or say anything as she walked past. I turned back to the car.

The passenger window was rolled down and Mrs. Snyder called out "Bye sweety...we'll talk to you tomorrow." Then she turned her eyes to me. She had the same beautiful blue eyes as her daughter. And she was hot...I mean really hot. "Oh thank you so much Mr. Thomas..."

"'s Mike."

"Thank you Mike. I am Sarah. Mitch and I really appreciate your willingness to do this. We are very sorry to burden you and your family with this...I know she is upset, but I think she'll be okay...her sister, Sandy, is staying with some friends down the street."

"No, is no problem whatsoever. We are happy to have her."

"Well...thanks again. We'll give you a call when we know more." With that, she and Mitch waved, pulled out of the driveway, and drove hurriedly down the street.

I walked inside and found Mandy sitting on the leather couch in the family room. Her arms were wrapped tightly around her bag, which was sitting on her lap. She stared straight ahead and was looking pretty glum.

"I am sorry to hear about your grandma..."

"She's old...94 or something. We were kinda expecting her to die soon." She paused and then look directly at me. "I am still mad at you for what happened this afternoon...I was having a nice time and then you picked me up and threw me in the pool..."

Did she not realize that she made me orgasm? "Well...Mandy...I am sorry...I was just playing."

She went back to staring straight ahead. I picked up a soft pillow and threw it her direction. It landed on her foot. She kicked it off.

"Oh...come'on." I said with a little chuckle as I threw another pillow that hit her in the shoulder. She smiled briefly but didn't look at me. "I saw that smile..." and I threw another pillow and hit her in the leg. She started laughing and picked up the pillow and flung it back at me.

After several minutes of pillow fighting, we sat down to eat some pizza watch TV. As I flicked through the channels, some teen-chick-flick movie was starting that she wanted to watch so we kept it there. Mandy was enjoying the movie. I thought it was pretty boring, but the girl was pretty hot, so I decided to keep watching. Once it was over Mandy jumped up, grabbed her bag, and went upstairs to get changed for bed. I flicked on sports center to watch some highlights.

A few minutes later she reappeared in the family room wearing a thin, white nighty that went just below her butt cheeks. She was carrying a bottle of lotion with her.

"Mike...would you please put some aloe on my back? I don't want to peel. My mom or dad usually does it but..." her voice trailed off.

"No problem...I'd be happy to." With that she gave me a big, warm smile and came over and sat down on my lap, out on the end by my knees. She handed me the bottle and then pulled her nighty up around her neck, giving me a full view of her beautifully tanned back. I looked down and noticed that she was wearing some little, tight thong underwear from Old Navy. Wow...don't they start them young? After getting an eye-full of her back and tight ass, I squeezed some aloe onto my hand and proceeded to rub it into her back. I worked slowly all the way down to the top of her panties and all the way up to her neck. Then around her shoulders and down her side. I spent some extra time just massaging it in because I could tell she was really enjoying. And hell...I was having a great time also. Her soft skin felt so wonderful and her dark tan was in such contrast to my hands.

After I was done, she pulled her nighty back down. "Thanks are so you mind if I stay down here a while with you?"

"Sure." Then she grabbed a pillow, put it on my lap, and lay down on the leather couch with her head on the pillow and her legs away from me. I noticed that when she laid down, her nighty crept up enough so I could see a few inches of tummy above her thong panties. Then she grabbed my hand with her two hands and brought it down so it was resting on her tummy, half on her skin and half on her nighty. She placed both her hands on top of mine.

After Sports Center ended I noticed that one of her hands had slipped off and was dangling off the couch. She was breathing deeply and clearly had fallen asleep. So I started moving my hand, gently caressing her smooth, flat tummy. After a couple of minutes, my dick was getting harder and I decided to turn the channel to something more exciting. I found the Playboy channel and started watching some guy making out with a young, big-titted blonde. After a couple of minutes, he had her shirt off and she was unbuttoning his pants and fishing out his dick. I was getting pretty interested and my hand was doing a little more exploring on Mandy's hot body. She let out a sigh and I froze my hand. Then, as she twisted her body, my hand ended up between her legs, right on her thong-covered, pre-teen pussy. I watched the TV a few minutes as the blonde started giving this guy a fantastic blowjob. Then I slowly started moving my hand again, tracing the outside of her panties and running my fingers down between her legs. Mandy's breathing became more intense and she let out a few sighs. I noticed the heat between her legs and her panties begin to moisten. Meanwhile...what I was watching on TV and what I was doing to Mandy had gotten my dick pretty hard.

The scene on the TV ended with the blonde getting a mouthful of cum. I was pretty close, so I decided to turn it off and head upstairs. I slid my body out from under Mandy and then picked her up and carried her upstairs to Kimmie's room. I put her in bed, gently kissed her forehead, and then stood there and watched her sleep for a few minutes. I pulled my cock out of my pants and started to rub it as I stood next to the bed and watched her. I then held my dick out and touched her feet with it. Then I slowly went up her leg and gently rubbed my 10 inches on her panties and then her tummy. The sensation was making my cock throb. A little pre-cum was oozing out so when I got up to her head, I gentle rubbed that on her chin and cheeks and forehead.

I was about to I left her alone and went into my room, got undressed, quickly brushed my teeth, and then turned out the light and jumped into bed. I started to slowly stroke my cock meat as I remembered the day's events and thought about having this hot little temptress living with me for the next week.

After a couple minutes of stroking, I was back fully aroused. All of a sudden, I noticed the sheets lift up on the other side of the bed and a warm body snuggle right up next to me. She reached across my chest and then pulled herself up so she was lying on top of me. Both my hands went to hold her in place and I noticed that she wasn't wearing her nighty. My hands worked their way down her body and I discovered she had taken off her panties too. My dick was poking between her legs and resting on her tight little ass.

I couldn't believe I was, in bed, with this beautiful, pre-teen girl lying naked on top of me. I took a few minutes to just caress her soft, smooth skin. Working my way up and down her body, taking special care to squeeze her butt cheeks and feel her skin.

She then put her chin on my chest and looked in my eyes. "Teach me to kiss like they did in that sexy movie" she whispered.

"You were awake?" She just smiled mischievously. I pulled her up so our faces were close and gently kissed her lips. Oh...they were so soft and full. I kissed again and again. Then I stuck out my tongue and caressed her lips. She opened her mouth slightly and I gently kissed her, pushing my tongue into her warm, wet mouth. After a couple of minutes she was getting the hang of it and starting to give little, soft moans as we kissed. Her hands were rubbing my arms and chest and she began to rock her hips back and forth against my body. She was clearly enjoying herself as her hands moved faster and her breathing got heavier. I was getting pretty excited too. I reached down and pinned her legs together around my cock and started thrusting between her thighs. After a minute or so I was so heated that my cock was a blur thrusting between her legs. By this time she had figured out that kissing my neck and sucking on my earlobes and putting her tongue in my ear drove me crazy.

I couldn't take it anymore. My toes curled and my whole body started to tingle. "uh...uh...uggggggggg.... ahhhhhhh" I screamed as my cock convulsed and cum started spraying everywhere. All over Mandy's ass, all over her back, in her hair, some even came up and hit me in the face. Ropes and ropes jetted out as the biggest load of cum I have ever seen came out of my dick.

My heavy breathing subsided and my cock slowly deflated as I gently rubbed the hot liquid into Mandy's skin...first on her legs, then on tight ass cheeks, and finally on her smooth back.

"Oh my god," she whispered. "What happened?"

I grabbed the sides of her head and looked deeply into her eyes. "I came."

"Hugh...what do you mean?"

"I had an orgasm helped me have one of the greatest orgasms of my life." She looked puzzled. "Have you never had an orgasm?"

"I don't think so..." her voice trailed off.

"Well...we need to fix that." I slid out from under her and flipped her over on her back. "Close your eyes and let me do the work." She had a little fear in her eyes. "Trust me sweety." She smiled and closed her eyes.

I kneeled between her legs and reached up to her face. I touched her beautiful long dark hair that framed a sweet tanned face...I ran my index fingers over her eyebrows and down her dimpled cheeks to her chin. I then went back and slowly ran my finer down over her nose to her full lips, tracing a circle around them. She opened her mouth slightly and dipped my finger in, touching the insides of her lips. She greeted my finger with her tongue and then gently closed her lips and sucked on it.

After a few moments of her sucking, I pulled my finger out and ran it down over her chin and down her neck to her collar bones. My other hand joined and I worked my way out her shoulders to her arms, slowly massaging her smooth skin until I reached her hands. I then interlaced our fingers and pulled her arms up over her head. I then brought my hands back down to her flat chest and her super-hard little nipples. I traced circles around them as she moaned. I squeezed them, gently at first, and then pulled on them. She gasped and then went back to light moans. I continued to rub and play with her titties for a few minutes before moving down to her sexy little tummy. I worked my hands over her narrow waist and cute little belly button.

After a few moments I gazed down her body and found the holy land...her bare pussy lips, swollen with anticipation. I brought my hands down her sides and played with her hip bones for a few seconds before descending on her hot little honey pot. My fingers passed across her pussy lips and her body jerked involuntarily. I then reached my two thumbs down and spread her lips apart, revealing a surprisingly large was about the size of the top knuckle on my pinky finger. Inside her cunt lips, her pussy was dripping wetness. I blew warm air gently on her clitoris and down her pussy crack.

"Oh...Oh...god!" her breaths were short. I ran my finger down between her wet pussy lips from her clit down to her hole. I slowly pushed my finger in...only up to the first knuckle. Damn was she hot.

"OH!" her voice went up about an octave. I pulled my finger out and went back up her juicy pussy to her clit. I gently massaged it between my thumb and forefinger.

"Ohmigod! Ohmigod!" she squealed, her body writhing. I decided to give her a rest and I proceeded to work down both her legs, alternating between gently caresses and firm massaging. I scooted back a little to the bottom of the bed and laid her legs flat.

I put my head down low and began kissing her cute little feet. Then I opened mouth and started to caress her big toe with my tongue.

"oooooo.....mmmmmm..." she sighed. Then I worked my way up between her perfectly proportioned legs, alternating sides and tasting the sweetness of the coconut suntan oil as I went. I looked up at her face and her eyes were closed tight. She was biting her lower lip and had a death grip on the headboard. I intentionally went around her pussy because I wanted to string her along for a little while. I went up to her flat tummy and buried my tongue in her belly button. She giggled. My tongue danced up her tummy to her flat chest. I started in on her right nipple, nibbling it gently with my teeth, then licking it lovingly, then tracing larger and larger circles around it with my tongue before going back and nibbling on her hard, pointy nipple again.

"Oh gooooooooooooodddddddd....I love that......oooohhhhhh....mmmmmm...." she moaned and sighed, lifting her flat chest and trying to push her nipple in my mouth. I switch over to the left nipple and restarted the process. Meanwhile, I used my finger to keep stimulating her right tittie. Her breathing quickened.

"oh...Oh...OH....OH....OH..OH..OH..OH." Damn, I thought...this girl's titties are super sensitive. She's going to orgasm just with me licking her nipples. I wanted her to wait so pulled my tongue away from her chest and licked up her neck to her chin. There she met me with an open mouth and hot tongue, wanting to kiss passionately like we did before. Meanwhile, as I worked up her body with my tongue, I was letting my now-erect cock drape over her legs and then brush back and forth across her pussy lips and her tummy.

After a few minutes of heavy kissing...damn she was really good...I went back down her body quickly with my tongue, licking and kissing her neck...stimulating her pointy nipples...down to her belly button and finally to her hot and hairless pussy.

I started at her clit, sucking it into my mouth, licking it and biting it. At this point she couldn't help it, my sweet little Mandy was thrusting her pelvis upward into my face. I put my hands under her ass, grabbing her butt cheeks and lifting her up to meet my active tongue. I worked on her clit for a few more moments and then worked my way down between the swollen folds of her pussy lips down to her cunt hole. I stopped there and thrust my tongue inside her tight little cavern. She couldn't control herself...he body was going crazy. I dipped down slightly to the skin between her pussy and ass holes and worked my tongue all around....then I went back up to her pussy hole.

This 12-year-old's pussy was so sweet and there was no hair whatsoever to interrupt me. I continued working my way up and down her slit, from her clit to her hole, tasting her juicy pussy. All of a sudden I realized that her juices were leaking down onto my hands that were underneath her ass. I pulled my right hand up, got my index finger nice and lubricated, and then thrust it inside her hole. Now there was no holding her back.

"Ah...Ah...Ah...Ah...AH...AH...AH...AH..." I went double time with my tongue on her clit and my finger thrusting a little into her super tight pussy. "AH. AH. AH. AH. AAAAAHHHHHHHH." She came like a maniac, bucking wildly on the bed. As her body continued to writhe and she continued to scream I realized that I was covered in her juice...she had cum a ton all over me, my face, and the bed. As she was coming down off her orgasm I jumped out of bed and grabbed a towel, wiping myself and the bed off and then wiping off her little sexy body.

I laid back down next to her and she rolled over and snuggled into me. She looked up into my eyes and gave me a beautiful smile. "That, my beautiful Mandy, was an orgasm."

I woke up Saturday morning and realized that Mandy was not in bed next to me. I pulled on some nylon basketball shorts and headed downstairs. I heard some clanging in the kitchen so I headed that direction. As I walked into the kitchen my mouth dropped open. Mandy was standing at the stove, facing away from me, cooking breakfast. She was wearing a yellow apron...and that was it! The color looked wonderful next to her dark tan but I really loved the fact that her back was exposed and her pretty little butt cheeks were showing for all the world to see. least for me to see. Mandy spun around.

"Good morning handsome," she said with a huge smile. She skipped over to me and gave me a big hug, planting a kiss right on my chest. "Are you hungry? I am making some breakfast." She walked back over to the stove.

" smells great."

"My mom has made sure that Sandy and I know how to cook so we can help out when she works late."

"Wonderful." I sat down on a stool at the counter as she put a plate down in front of me. She turned off the stove and walked around to sit next to me. She jumped up on the stool and put her hand on my thigh.

"I was kind hoping that maybe...we could...uh..." she hesitated as she looked down at her food. "Uh...maybe we could...umm...practicing doing some of those things we did last night...?" She quickly glanced at my face and then back down at her fork, as she shifted her food around on her plate.

I turned towards her. "Mandy..." I waited for her to look at me. She turned her head slowly and looked at me with her amazing pale blue eyes. I had a very serious look on my face. "Doing what we did last night could get me in a lot of trouble..."

"I would never tell anyone..." she interrupted, her eyes pleading with me.

"I know sweety," my serious look turned to a smile. "I'd love do some more of those things."

"Can we do other things too?" She asked. I smiled broadly.

"Of course...what would you like to do?"

"I want you to teach me everything," she replied eagerly.

"We'll take it one step at a time." I leaned over and kissed her softly on her forehead.

After breakfast she cleaned up the dishes and then wanted to go swimming. We headed upstairs, got on our swimsuits and met back out at the pool. She had a cute little string bikini on today, secured with bow ties on her neck and back and on both her hips. As I walked up to her, she dipped her foot in the water and splashed me.

"You wanna play that game huh?" She turned and started to run away, squealing and laughing. I caught her within a few steps, pulling her body next to mine. Then I lifted her up over my head.

", stop..." she laughed. I threw her into the deep end of the pool. She popped her head out of the pool with a pouty face and splashed me. I dove in after her. She tried to swim away but I caught her leg quickly and pulled her to me. She turned to face me and wrapped her legs around my waist. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed gently.

"Hey..." she said with a mischievous grin.

"There's more where that came from."

"Oh really?" she said in a daring tone. With that, I slid my fingers inside the fabric of her swimsuit and got two hands full of her nice tight ass. I reached over a little more and ran my finger up and down her ass-crack.

"Ohhhhh...that feels weird...but kinda good." Then she lifted my chin up and planted a big kiss right on my lips. She went around and took my earlobe in her mouth, sucking on it, then stuck her tongue in my ear. I continued to play with her ass as I kissed her cheek and then down to her neck. She arched her back, giving me access to her chest. I stuck my tongue out and licked her nipples through the fabric of her bikini. She moaned softly. We continued to play like this as I walked us around the pool. Once we got to the deep end, I lifted her up on the side of the pool.

"Wait...what are you doing? I was enjoying that." I just smiled at her. I kissed her knees and then lifted her legs out of the pool and spread them out to either side, so she was doing the splits. Damn was she flexible. Then, I looked up into her eyes as I reached up with both hands and untied the sides of her bikini bottoms. Her eyes got really big as a huge smile crept across her face. The front and back of her bikini bottoms fell down, leaving her tight little pussy exposed right in front of my face. I stuck out my tongue and dove right in, quickly licking her clitoris and making her body shiver with excitement. I reached my hands up and spread out her pussy lips and started working my way up and down. She stayed perfectly in her splits position, but started rocking her hips back and forth to meet my eager tongue. She grabbed my head with two fists full of hair and pulled me tightly against her quim.

Her body began to shake and spasm as I licked her clit aggressively and begin probing her cunt with my finger. She was as wet as ever...her juices rolling down my chin and into the pool. I reached a well-lubricated finger back and started playing with her anus. She was startled at first but then got used to it as I continued my ministrations. As she got closer and closer to cumming I drove one finger tip into her cut and another into her ass as I quickly licked her clit. She couldn't take it anymore.

She bounced up and down on my fingers, pulling my head and tongue against her clit as she came. She tried desperately to control her moans but they were pretty loud.

"Ah...Ah...Ah...OOOOoooooo..." This time I saw her cum with my own eyes. It came squirting out of her pussy in gush after gush, all over my hands and face, dripping over the end of the pool and into the water. It tasted so wonderful I licked it off my hands and off her body. She slowing came down off her plateau and gave me a big smile.

"That was wonderful Mike..." she said in the sweetest voice. "You make me tingle inside and feel so wonderful." I just smiled. "How can I make you feel that way?"

"That, my sexy little goddess, is the subject of your next lesson."

I pulled myself out of the pool. Mandy got up, grabbed her bikini bottoms and followed me to the pool house and into the Sauna. I poured some water onto the rocks to make it hotter than it already was. Then I turned to Mandy, who was sitting on one of the steps.

"You're not allowed to wear clothes in the sauna." I reached down and pulled my trunks off. I looked back up and Mandy and she was staring straight at my semi-erect cock with a huge smile on her face. She quickly untied her bikini top and threw both pieces over to the door. I sat down on the second bench and spread my knees apart. Mandy got the hint and came over and kneeled between my legs, her eyes fixated on my cock. She reached out and touched it. It jumped and was pointed straight at her.

"What's it doing?"

"Getting hard."


"Because I think you are fucking hot!" I said, making her smile. "It also is excited knowing what you are going to do...touch it and play with it a little."

She reached out tentatively and touched the tip. It jumped again. Then she grabbed a hold of it with her right hand and slowly started rubbing it up and down. Now it was really getting hard. Her little hands couldn't fit all the way around its thickness. Her eyes got bigger and bigger as she watched it grow to its full 10 inches. The head was a deep red color. She reached out with her other hand and grabbed on. Clumsily she worked her two hands up and down my super hard cock. Clearly she had a lot to learn.

It was getting pretty hot in the sauna. I was sweating and I could see Mandy's skin start to glisten a little bit. She was kinda getting the hang of playing with my dick.

"Lick it" I instructed. She stuck her tongue out and licked the head. It jumped again. She did that several more times, covering the tip with her saliva. Then she opened her mouth and tried to get the whole head inside.

"Ohhhh...that's it baby." I moaned, feeling this hot little girl take me in her mouth. She worked her hands up and down my cock at a feverish pace while her mouth sucked on the tip, her tongue probing the hole. This continued for a little while and I could tell I was about to blow my load. I grabbed the sides of her head and forced my cock further into her mouth and started to cum. She gagged and pushed away from me quickly. I tried to hold her head in place but she spit my cock out and started heaving and coughing. Meanwhile, my cock continued to spew all over her face and into her eye and onto the rest of her body. She kept coughing and started to cry.

"I'm sorry" she mumbled between her sobs and coughs. "I'm so sorry Mike" she didn't want to look up at me.

"It's okay baby" I said, trying to make her feel better.

Finally, after a few minutes she was able to compose herself. "I am so, so sorry...I couldn't breathe all of a sudden and then I got really scared...I am so, sooo sorry...I really messed that up." I looked down at her all teary-eyed, cum dripping off her face, and I felt bad. I pulled her naked body close to me and hugged her.

"It's okay's'll get better."

"I want to get better," she sniffled. "Can we try again right now?"

I chuckled. "No sweety...not right now. I have a party for work I have to go to this afternoon and evening...but when I get back tonight I've got some videos and stuff on the computer to show you that will help you get better."

She looked up and me and smiled a little. "Thanks are so wonderful." And she kissed my chest. I went out of the sauna and grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat and cum off her body. Then I picked her up.

"What are you doing?" she squealed.

"Washing you off." She stared laughing. I took her naked body out to the pool and threw her in.

The party was pretty boring. Lot's of couples drinking drinks and eating snacks. I had to explain too many times where my wife was and why. Plus, the whole time I was thinking of my pretty little Mandy, sitting at home, waiting for me to come and teach her how to suck my dick. Soon after 7pm people began filtering out. I grabbed one of the un-opened bottles of wine and headed out the door. I drove into the garage just after 7:30 and headed inside.

"Mandy, I'm home." I called as I walked through the door. She came bounding in from the family room and gave me a big hug.

"Hi Mike...I missed you." She stepped back and I realized what she was wearing...nothing. She was as naked as a jay-bird. From her pretty dark hair, to her super-cute fact, down to her flat little chest and her rockin' flat tummy, to her hairless pussy lips, down her perfectly shaped legs to the girly polish on her cute little toes my eyes devoured her sexy body.

" are amazing."

"Oh Mike" she said bashfully. Then she paused for a moment and then reached out, grabbed my hand, and started pulling me toward the family room. "I've been doing a little research while you were gone," she said as she lifted her eyebrows and smiled suggestively.

"Oh, really," I replied.

She led me into the family room and over next to the leather couch. She slowly undid the buttons on my shirt as she looked up at me, smiling broadly. She pulled my shirt off and ran her hands all over my chest, abs, neck, arms, and back to my nipples, giving them a little squeeze. Next she undid my belt and opened my slacks and let them fall to the floor. My dick was starting to grow. She gave it a little kiss through my boxers as she got down on her knees and pulled my pants and socks off. Then she looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and started to kiss and nibble my cock through my boxers, running her hands up and down and between my legs. Then, she reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them before hooking the waste band of my skivvies with her thumbs and pulling them down my legs and off my feet.

So there I was, standing in my family room, buck naked, my cock growing rapidly, with a hot naked 12-year-old kneeling in front of me.

After a few seconds of looking at my cock, Mandy took her little hand and grabbed it down at the base, near my balls. She looked up at me, smiled, and slowly began to rub my hot cock meat all over her face. Damn, I thought...that is sexy. My cock stiffened quickly as she ran it over her pretty hair, down between her pale blue eyes, over the end of her nose, around her lips, out to her cheeks and chin, and then pulled it down to caress her hot little nipples.

Damn...I didn't know how long I could handle this. Mandy stopped for a moment and brought my fully erect meat back up to her lips. She kissed the tip lovingly and then stuck out her tongue and ran it all around the head before going back to the tip and tasting the sticky pre-cum.

"MMmmmm," she moaned as she pulled her tongue back into her mouth. She reached up with her left hand and started playing with my golf-ball sized nuts while her right hand slowly started stroking up and down my long cock. She turned her head slightly, stuck out her tongue, and licked slowly along the underside of my cock. She worked her way back up to the head of my dick, opened her mouth, and shoved it inside. Her head started bobbing slowly back and forth on the head of my meat stick while her right hand was stroking up and down and her left hand was playing with my heavy balls. Her tongue was active inside her mouth, licking around the head of my dick and searching the hole for more sweet pre-cum.

"Ohhh goooood...that feels really did your research..." I moaned. She smiled as best she could with my cock in her mouth. I reached down and gently stroked her soft hair and smooth cheeks. I applied a little pressure on the back of her head, I wanted to go deeper. She opened her mouth more and on each suck down, she pulled more of my dick into her mouth. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of this pretty little cock sucker work on my manhood. After a minute I opened my eyes and looked back down and, to my amazement, she had taken virtually all of my 10 inches down her throat. This little hotty, who was choking and gagging on my cock this morning, was now a cock-sucking expert.

She pulled her mouth back and sucked on the tip again. Then she took her hands and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled her head into my crotch, taking my whole cock down her throat. Once at the bottom, she reached out her tongue and licked my balls. mind was spinning and I was about to cum. Then she pulled all the way off my cock and reached under and pulled one of my balls into her mouth and sucked hard, before moving to the other ball. Then, with one nut in her mouth, she reached her tongue down and started licking the skin between my balls and asshole. Holy Shit! My cock was throbbing so hard. Then she dropped my balls from her mouth and sucked on her finger for a second before going back up and swallowing my cock again. I was getting ready to blow my load when, all of a sudden, I felt her finger probing my asshole. She played gently for a few moments and then jammed it in, causing me to jump. OH God that was hot. I looked down and her right hand was a blur stroking my cock up and down, her mouth and tongue were all over the head, and her left hand was probing my ass.

Sensing I was about to come, she leaned back, looked into my eyes and said "com'on baby...cum on my face..." That was enough for me...

"Ohhhhhh Fuuuuuccccckkkkkk!!!!" I screamed. My knees locked, my toes curled, my cock spasmed, and I started blowing jism everywhere. The first stream hit Mandy right on the left cheek. The second hit her above her right eye. She stroked my cock quickly as more and more came her hair, on her hand and arm, all over her chin, then on her little titties and tummy. Finally, after coming forever, I fell back on the couch, my eyes closed.

Mandy continued to stroke my cock as huge globs came out and covered her hand. She leaned over and licked them off.

"Mmmmmm," she purred as she sucked my cock back in her mouth and worked her right hand up and down, urging the last of my cum out of my dick. Once it had stopped spasming, she pulled her finger out of my ass, and leaned back on her heels and proceeded to wipe the gobs of cum off her face and body. As she found more sticky goo, she gathered it with her fingers and sucked it into her mouth. My cock was beginning to stiffen again at the sight.

" really did do your homework, my sexy little Mandy." She smiled broadly as she leaned toward me and kiss my growing cock a few times, then by abs, then my pecks, and finally working her way up to my mouth and giving me several long, wet, kisses. I hugged her to my naked body.

(I found out later that she had gotten on my computer and found all my porn videos. She especially liked the Heather Brooke videos that taught her how to suck cock and deepthroat. She said she got some other naughty ideas that she promised to try later.)

She crawled up into my lap and we snuggled and kissed for a while. She felt my hard cock poking at her tight little body and she smiled suggestively at me. She lean over and kissed my earlobe and started to whisper in my ear...

"Now I want you to teach me to fuck..."

I kissed her lips softly and sat her on the couch. I lay a soft blanket down on the carpet and then turn down the lights and lit all the candles in the room. I poured two full glasses of wine and brought them back to the couch. After about 5 minutes, Mandy had finished her glass and about ? of mine and she was starting to get a little giggly. I lifted her up and placed her gently on the blanket. I stretched her legs out flat and put her hands by her side. Then I just looked at her and smiled.

"What?" she asked.

"Oh sweety...I've been looking forward to this ever since I laid my eyes on you." And I leaned down and kissed her smiling lips. I knew the wine would loosen her up a little, but I was still concerned about ramming my big cock into this little girl, so I knew I'd have to take it slowly.

I straddled her naked body and leaned over and gentle kissed her forehead...cheeks...chin...nose...then lips. I let my cock and balls slide up and down over her smooth skin as I continued to kiss her. Her lips were so soft and full. I licked them repeatedly. Mandy opened her mouth slightly, her tongue peeking out. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and we started kissing passionately and wetly. She reached down with her little hands and started stroking my cock and playing with my dangling balls.

"Mmmmm...ooooo..." she moaned and purred as we continued to kiss. I left her mouth and started working down her neck to her flat chest and pointy nipples. I sucked her right nipple into my mouth, gently holding it between my teeth and flicking it with my tongue.

"Oh gawd...ohh....mmmmm" her nipples were so sensitive. I licked my fingers and began playing with the other nipple as I continued kissing and licking and nibbling her right one. I leaned back and kept massaging her chest and nipples as she continued to moan. Her hands were working harder and harder, stroking my cock and kneading my balls. I moved down, putting my hard dick out of her reach, and began kissing her tummy. I licked her belly button and continued down near her pussy.

Mandy's breathing quickened as my hands left her nipples and spread her legs around my kneeling body. I reached down and started playing with her clitoris. Immediately it hardened and poked out to its full size. I reached my other fingers down between her swollen, wet cunt lips and spread her juices all around the outside and onto her clit.

"Oh shit..." she said softly, her body shaking. "Oh god...mmmmm...." She started moaning again. I reached down and grabbed my ten inches of throbbing fuck meat and began to work the head up and down her pussy slit. Her juices were flowing freely, all over the blanket, as I worked my cock down near her hole and then up between her lips and played with her erect clitty. Over and over again I went. With my other hand I reached down and slowly stuck my finger into her love snatch.

"Ooooooooooo.....mmmmmmm." her voice quivered as her body shook uncontrollably. I worked my finger in slowly, up to my second knuckle and then inserted another finger. She reached her hands up and started playing with her own nipples. I knew she was getting close.

I reached my left hand down and started slowly massaging her clit while my right hand controlled my cock as I worked down between her wet lips and to her waiting hole. I slowly pushed the head against her hole, applying more pressure by the second.

"Oh no....ow...ouch...ohh...fuck..." he eyes shut tight, her hands furiously pinching and rubbing her erect nipples. I continued to push until my cock head was inside her pussy. She was so tight and so warm. I worked my cockhead halfway out and then back in, gaining a half inch. Her pussy was so wet, I had no problem working in and out. As I slid in the fourth time, I hit a wall...her hymen. She felt the resistance.

"Oh gawd Mike...put it in me...let me feel your cock inside me..." she moaned. "Make me a woman."

That was all the invitation I needed. I pulled my cock back so just the tip was inside her and massaged her clitty a bunch of times. Her body was shaking and she was moaning louder every second. Then I reared back and thrust my cock into her tight, wet pussy.

"AHHHHHHHH OWWWEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo" Her eyes jumped open, wide as can be, as a guttural scream of pain came from Mandy's mouth that just about broke the windows. Her hips bucked wildly, but I kept her pinned to the floor. "Ohh god, oh fuck, ouch, ow,'s too biiiiiigggg" she started to sob from the pain, tears welling up in her eyes. I looked down and my cock was only halfway into this little girl. Her pussy was so warm and so tight. I didn't move my cock at all...I just reached down and started diddling her clitty, dipping my finger down between her pussy lips to get more of her juices and then going back to her clit. After a few minutes she had stopped sobbing and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"You okay?" I asked.

"It hurts's too big...I think you ripped me in half..."

I pulled my cock out of her slowly, so just the head was still inside. Blood was covering my cock. I slowly pushed it back in as Mandy winced in pain. I leaned over and kissed her. She met my tongue eagerly as I began to push my meat back into her tight, juicy hole. With each re-entry I penetrated a little further into her love canal. She started moaning softly as she got used to the big intruder. After about five minutes I hit entire 10 inches was buried in this sexy little 12-year-old.

"'s all inside of it'll start to feel better," I whispered in her ear. She smiled hopefully.

I stayed deep inside her slowly rotated my hips, massaging her clitoris. I continued to kiss her full lips and sexy neck as her moans got louder.

"mmmm...ooohhh...Mike...mmmm...oooo...that's nice..." I took that as an invitation to proceed. I pulled my dick all the way out of her, except for the head. She noticed the emptiness and opened her eyes.

"Mike? What are you doing? Why did you pull...ooooohhhhh" her questions stopped as I slowly pushed my cock back inside her wanton hole. " is sooo bigggg...I love how it fillsssss me uuuuuuuuup."

"Now I am really going to teach you how to fuck," I whispered as I pulled my cock back out and drove it back in to her juicy pussy. With that, she pulled me to her and kissed me wetly. She wrapped her long, slender legs around my ass and tried to pull me deeper inside. I ground against her clitty before pulling my fuck meat all the way out and thrusting all the way back in, pounding her into the floor.

"ugh..." she grunted deeply. I continued pulling out and driving my cock back in, pounding her to the floor and grinding my body into her stiff clitty. Her wet pussy slurped as her juices covered my thrusting cock. In and out. In and out. She grunted with each penetration.

I sat myself up, still keeping my cock inside this little hotty, and I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders. Now I had unimpeded access to her hot little quim. I stroked my cock in and out a few times, enjoying the feeling of her juicy pussy. She got the idea and grabbed her ankles, pulling them back over her own shoulders next to her ears. This flexible little vixen was basically folded in half as I savagely beat her young, naked cunt with my 10 inch cock.

"Oh...Yes....Oh...Yes...Oh...Yes..." she wailed, really getting into it now. "Harder...harder...harder...oh fuck..." she screamed as I pounded. "Yes...Yes...Yes...I'mmm...Gonnnaaaa...Cummm..."

"Yes baby...cum my little vixen....scream my little whore..." I yelled knowing I was really near climax.

"Yes, Yes, Yes," her beautiful blue eyes were got really big as she hit the big orgasm. Her pussy convulsed around my cock as her cum spewed out onto me, all over her flat tummy, and onto the blanket.

I couldn't take it anymore. "OHHHH FUCKKKK." I screamed as my cock continued to thrust in and out. "Here I CUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM" I pounded one last time before pulling my fuck meat out and stroking it wildly as cum started spraying everywhere. Her pussy lips, her tummy, her titties...she quickly sat up, trying to take get my cum. Another huge gob hit her in the chin before she grabbed a hold of it and pulled it into her mouth. She immediately sucked it down deep into her throat as my cock continued to spasm and drop loads of cum. I grabbed the back of her head and drove it all the way down her throat and held it there as I finished cumming.

I let her head go and she fell back on the blanket. I sat back on my legs as Mandy propped herself up on her elbows. What a beautiful site...This super sexy little girl that I had just fucked the shit out of was lying in front of me, covered in our cum. With a big smile on her face, she licked the big blob off her chin and then reached down and started to rub our mixture into the skin on her tummy.

After a few minutes to calm down, I leaned over and kissed her softly. She smiled warmly...I could tell she was totally exhausted. I picked my naked princess and carried her upstairs to my room and laid her on the bed. I went in to the bathroom for a couple of minutes and when I cam out, she was sleeping quietly.

The next morning was Sunday and I rolled out of bed around 8:30. Mandy was still asleep. I took a leak and then stepped into the shower. I let the warm water wash over my face as I thought about the last two days with Mandy. As my mind reviewed last night's events...her expert cock-sucking and busting her cock began to stiffen. I grabbed some shampoo and lathered up my hair then I leaned back to let the shower rinse it out. As I rinsed, I felt a strange sensation on my cock. I quickly opened my eyes and kneeling down in front of me was Mandy with a wicked smile on her face, licking the end of my stiffening cock. She reached out wither her left hand and started playing with my balls, squeezing them gently and rolling them around in her palm. Her right hand found the base of my dick and slowly started to stroke as she took my cockhead into her mouth and started sucking.

I just closed my eyes and leaned my head back into the warm water, enjoying the feeling of this expert cock sucker's tongue pleasuring my rock hard member. She kept stroking my cock as she switched her tongue's attention to my aching balls. She licked and sucked my balls individually and then, to my amazement, she pulled both into her mouth and started to hum. The vibrations drove me wild.

"Ohhh god....that's naughty little girl..." I moaned, voicing my pleasure with her new-found skills. With my nuts still in her mouth, she stuck out her tongue and licked the skin near my butthole. Her right hand still stroked and caressed my 10 inches of manhood. I looked down at her and noticed that her left hand was down between her legs, twiddling her clit. Clearly she wanted some action also. I pulled her up and kissed her aggressively on her lips. Then, I reached around and flipped her upside down, my arms wrapped around her little waist, her legs up in the air, her little pussy right at my mouth, and my cock right in her face...her hair hanging down tickling my feet.

I dove right in and starting lapping up the sweet nectar from her tight, hairless pussy. She quickly got the idea and started working on my cock, licking and sucking it into her hot mouth. I turned to the side of the shower and pinned her body against the tile wall. I slowly started trusting my hard cock into her mouth while I bit and nibbled her clitty. She was going wild. Her body was shaking as she tried to thrust her hips into my licking tongue. After a minute of burying my cock in her throat, I set her back down in the shower.

"Turn around and grab your ankles," I barked commands at her. She looked a little startled as she turned around and bent over, exposing her beautiful, tight ass and her hairless pussy. I grabbed hold of her hips and placed my cock at the entrance to her love cave. I worked the tip down her pussy lips to clit, thrusting a few times to get her juices on my cock and to increase her excitement. I brought my now-wet cock back up to her cunt hole and drove it in.

"OH!" she squealed as my cock penetrated her super-tight pussy. It was even tighter from behind. I started sawing my meat in and out of her cunny, pulling on her hips for leverage. I reached around with my right hand and played with her clit, rubbing it harshly then pinching it between my finger and thumb.

"eeeeee," she squealed as I pounded my cock deep inside her pussy and played with her clitty. I was enjoying the site, watching my cock penetrate this young girl's hole. Then, her cute little asshole caught my eye. I spit some saliva down into her buttcrack and took my left index finger and started working the sensitive skin around her pucker.

"Oh...oh...oh...Mike?" she felt my finger playing with her nether hole. "uh uh uh...what are you doing?" Without saying a word, I shoved my finger deep into her ass. She went off like a rocket.

"Ohhhhhhhh FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK...oh oh oh oh oh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmm" she screamed out her biggest orgasm yet. I continued to ram my cock into her quivering pussy, while my right hand stroked her sensitive clitoris and my left hand reamed her tight little ass. She continued to grunt and moan as I worked all three areas aggressively. I could tell my cock was about to blow quite a load. Within 30 seconds, she started shaking again.

"oooooooohhhhhhhhh MIIIIIKKKKKKKKKEEEEEE it's happening againnnnnnn." And before my eyes, little Mandy orgasmed again. This young girl was amazing. He pussy started convulsing again and more cum shot out around my cock, flowing out of her little cunt. Her body went limp, but I held her tight with my right hand. Just watching this amazing sight stunned me enough that I needed to work back up to orgasm.

So I re-doubled my efforts on this little orgasm machine. My cock, now completely covered in her juicy cum, was ramming relentlessly into her cunt, the head slamming into her cervix. My right hand continued to fondle her clit which seemed to have grown with each orgasm.

"Rub your titties," I barked...I wanted her to keep enjoying this. She reached up and began fondling her flat chest, grabbing and pinching her pointing nipples.

"Ohhh feels so gooooooooood..." she moaned and purred her pleasure. After just a few seconds she started panting really hard again. "Oo Oo Oo Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh...omigod...I'm gonna cum agaaaaaiiiiinnnn."

I quickly scooped up some of her juices with my left hand and plunged two fingers into her asshole while my cock rammed into her cunt like a piston.

"Ahhhhhhh...Shhhhiiiiitttttttt," she screamed as she came a third time, her body shaking wildly, more cum squirting out of her tight pussy, her asshole contracting on my fingers. I couldn't take anymore.

"OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH FFUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK," I yelled as a buried my cock one last time into her hot little quim. Jet after jet of fuck juice squirted from my dick into her pussy, mixing with her cum and squirting out her hole onto her legs and the shower tiles. I sat back on shower floor, pulling Mandy with me, my cock still throbbing inside her. She lay back on top of me, the shower washing over us. I wrapped my arms around her naked body, gently caressing her soft smooth skin as we both enjoyed coming down from powerful orgasms.

After a few minutes, my softening cock popped out of her tight girl pussy, releasing a flow of hot mixed cum. She reached down, scooped up some and sucked it off her fingers.

"Mmmmm...I love the taste of our juices mixed together," she said as she flipped over on top of me. We kissed affectionately for several minutes before getting up, rinsing our bodies, and getting out of the shower.

" sexy little you want to go to the ball game with me today?" I asked as she stood in front of me, toweling off her slender body. Her face lit up.

"I'd love too...I've never been to a game in the city before," she said enthusiastically. She dropped her towel and skipped her 12-year-old naked body off to get dressed.

I got dressed and beat Mandy downstairs, so I made us a snack and grabbed my wallet and keys. I got myself situated in time to see Mandy walking down the stairs, with the look and composure of a goddess. She was wearing a pretty pale yellow skirt, made out of some flowy material like rayon, and a pale blue spaghetti strap tank top, that perfectly matched her eyes, and fit nicely on her slender body. She finished it off with a thin white cotton sweater and cute white sandals. Her dark hair was pulled back in a pony tail, showing offer her irresistible neck, cute face, and amazing eyes. She wore just a hint of makeup that drew even more attention to her eyes and her full lips were now deep red and glossy with lipstick.

"Wow look like a model!" She smiled and blushed. "Hmmm...but there's something missing." She looked at me quizzically as I ran upstairs. I reappeared back downstairs a few seconds later. I stood right in front of her.

"Close your eyes." She closed her eyes and out of my pocket I pulled a very nice, and very expensive, string of pearls from my wife's collection. I reached around her neck and fastened them. "I thought these might look nice on you tonight." I stepped back as Mandy opened her eyes and looked down at the necklace.

"Oh Mike...they're beautiful..." she gushed. She ran over to me and gave me a big hug and planted a big kiss on my lips. I pulled a matching bracelet out of my pocket and wrapped it twice around her petite wrist. Her eyes lit up and she smiled from ear to ear. "Thank you treat me so a princess..." I smiled.

"Well, my princess, your chariot awaits." I grabbed our snakes and headed out to the garage. We jumped in my BMW 6 series convertible and headed off to the game.

It was a beautiful day as we drove down the freeway headed for the city. Mandy reached over often and touched my face or my shoulders. I couldn't keep my eyes of this beauty. She was only twelve, but she easily looked 19 when she was all dressed up. I reached over and put my hand on her left thigh, running it and up and down her soft, warm skin. Just for fun I ran my hand up under her skirt to her young pussy.

"Mandy," I said laughing, "you naughty little aren't wearing any panties." She smiled and licked her lips suggestively.

"I musta forgot," she giggled, trying to sound innocent. "Maybe we can have a little fun later..." she reached over and patted my semi-hard cock through my khaki shorts.

I was kinda bummed that we were almost to the ball park cause I would've like to find out what she meant by "a little fun". I drove right to the stadium and to our reserved spot in the building next door. Then Mandy and I walked to the VIP entrance and went up to the luxury sweet I have for my software company. Typically we bring clients and employees up here, but there was nothing scheduled for today. A few of the other executives had access, but I was not sure if they be at the game. When I opened the door to let us in the suite, Mandy ran inside.

"Wow Mike...this is amazing." She touched all the leather furniture and then ran out to the deck area. "The view is fantastic." We were the next suite over from directly behind home plate, just down the third base line. I walked down to the deck area and sat down in one of the luxury seats.

"We could have some fun up here," she said smiling. Then she sat down on my lap and ground her hot little ass into my cock. "I knew there was a reason I forgot my..."

Mandy stopped mid-sentence and jumped up off my lap as someone walked through the door into the suite behind us.

"Hey...who's here?" a voice asked. I recognized him as one of my VPs. I stood up and walked back into the suite.

"Hi Tom, it's me." Tom appeared out of the back hallway with his two boys, ages 8 and 16. "Did you leave your wife and daughter home today?"

"Yeah...they weren't interested in coming...who do you have with you?" I turned towards the deck.

"'on in here, I have some people I want you to meet." She came skipping in. "Mandy, this is Tom Sanders, one of my key guys at work...and these are his two boys, Kevin and Tommy."

"Hi Mr. Sanders, very nice to meet you. Hi Kevin, hi Tommy." She was warm and welcoming.

"Hello Mandy...and please, just call me Tom." His older son stood, dumbfounded, staring at Mandy. His younger boy, Tommy, just smiled and went out to claim a good seat on the deck. Mandy headed back outside and Kevin followed her like a little puppy dog.

"How do you know Mandy?" Tom asked.

"She's a friend of Kimmie's from school who is staying with us. Her grandmother is on her deathbed so her parents had to leave town for a week. She's never been to a Giants game, so I thought I would bring her today."

"Great idea...poor girl...wait a does she go to school with Kimmie? Isn't Kimmie 12? Mandy looks about 17 or 18."

"Nope...she's 12. Pretty crazy hugh? She's gonna make some teenage boys pretty crazy."

"No shit...she going to drive some grown men pretty looks like she's already got Kevin on a hook." We looked outside and Kevin had assumed a spot next to Mandy, trying to gauge her interest. Tom and I walked out to the deck and took some seats behind the kids as the first inning started. In the middle of the third I stood up and asked if anyone needed something to drink. Tommy and Kevin both asked for a pop and Tom asked for a beer.

"I'll help," Mandy said as she jumped to her feet and followed me into the suite.

"How's it going out there?" I asked as we both walked behind the bar area.

"Good, I guess...I wish we were here alone."

"I think Kevin is pretty hot on you."

"He is kinda cute, but I haven't really been paying attention...I can't keep my mind off of you." She turned towards me, looked into my eyes, and rubbed her hands my chest.

"Well, Baby, we're going to have to wait on that..." I said smiling. She gave me pouty look and turned towards the bar and looked out the main windows of the suite to where the boys were sitting. I stepped up behind her, pinning her against the counter. I slowly ground my semi-hard cock into her tight little ass. I reached around and rubbed her nipples through her rayon shirt, making them nice and hard.

"Ooooo, Mike," she moaned. "You are going to drive me crazy." I continued for about a minute until Tommy sprang up from his seat and walked in to go to the bathroom. I stepped away from Mandy, handed her three pops, and took two beers out to the deck. Around the seventh inning, Mandy went inside the suite and Kevin stood up and followed her. After a few minutes, Mandy came back outside, looking a little flustered.

"Mike? I am not feeling so you think we could go soon?"

"Sure, Mandy, are you okay?" I asked, a little concerned.

"My tummy hurts a little..." her voice trailed off. Kevin reappeared and sat back down in his seat. I realized that something strange must have happened inside with Kevin so I quickly got up and gathered my things.

We said our goodbyes and headed out the suite and back towards the car.

"What happened in there?" I asked.

"Kevin was hitting on me pretty hard since they arrived...when he followed me inside he really turned it up and tried to kiss me...I had no interest and I told him so and then he called me a little tease."

"Whatta prick," I reassured her. She grabbed my arm tightly and we walked toward the car. "I was ready to get outta there anyway...I couldn't keep my eyes off of you and it was driving me crazy not to be able to touch you." She smiled broadly and hugged me as we walked.

"I wanna have a little fun..." she said suggestively as we approached the car. The parking structure was empty because the game was still a couple of innings from being over so I grabbed her and lifted her ass up onto the trunk of my convertible. "Oh Mike...whattya doing?" I leaned in to kiss her. She met my tongue as we kissed passionately for a few moments. I pulled her off the car.

"Suck on my dick," I commanded, forcing her shoulders down. She quickly kneeled and unzipped the fly of my shorts, her little hands fishing for my cock. She pulled it out and let out a little gasp.

"Wow, Mike, you are ready..." She opened her mouth and welcomed my hot member inside. In just a few seconds she had my cock buried deep down her throat, her nose touching my abs.

"Yeah, baby...take me in deep..." She pulled back and then plunged back down, gobbling up all ten inches of my cock meat. I knew I couldn't take much of that, so I pulled her back up and spun her around. I put my forearm into her back and forced her to bend over, her chest pinned against the trunk...I wanted to take her doggy style. I pulled up her skirt, guided my dick to her steamy love canal and shoved my cock into her juicy hole in one rough push.

"Ugh..." she grunted. I pulled almost all the way out and thrusted back in. "Ugh..." she groaned again. I sawed my dick in and out or her juicy pussy. She moaned and grunted, clearly enjoying the ride. All of a sudden we heard voices. I took a couple extra plunges before I pulled my cock out, stood Mandy upright, and pulled her skirt back down. I shoved my cock back into my shorts just before a couple turned the corner and walked past, staring at us.

"Let's get outta here," I whispered in her ear. We both jumped into the car and I sped out of the parking garage. We were barely on the street before she reached over and started rubbing my dick and she had my cock back out of my shorts as I roared up the onramp and onto the freeway. As I sped out of the city, Mandy leaned over and started giving me a fantastic blowjob...while I was driving. I reached over, pulled up her skirt and began rubbing her clit with my right thumb and stabbing my middle finger into her snatch.

She moaned heavily as her head bobbed up and down on my 10-inch cock. I pulled my right hand from her cunny reached over, grabbed her pony tail and shoved her head down, burying my cock deep in her throat. I held her there for a while as her tongue danced around my throbbing cock. I was in total heaven. I let Mandy come back up for air as I reached over and renewed my focus on her wet pussy. Mandy grunted and moaned as her tiny hand stroked my cock and her mouth sucked and sucked.

"Fuck baby...oh god you're good..." my heart was beating through my chest as my convertible tore south down 101. "Yes baby, yes," I said as my fingers rubbed her clit. I had her skirt pulled up so anyone we passed could see me fingering her naked quim. She shook frantically, pushing her pelvis up in the air while continuing her expert blowjob.

"OOOOOhhhhhh FUUUUUCCCCKKKK," I screamed as I grabbed her head and forced my cock down her throat. My cock twitched and spewed wads of jism in her mouth. Stream after stream came out, her eager mouth swallowing it down. Mandy now had two fingers deep inside her cunt as she continued to swallow my cum. I looked over and watched as cum started jetting from her pussy, covering her little hand and squirting onto the dashboard and leather seat. Her normal vocal orgasm was quieted by my huge cock in her mouth.

She pulled her head back slightly and licked up all the extra juices on my cock, leaving it nice and clean. Just then, I noticed lights in my rear view mirror.

"Oh Fuck," I said as I pushed Mandy back up in her seat and pulled off to the right. I looked right at her... "Don't say a word." She quickly pulled her short skirt down to cover her pussy. The cop got off his motorcycle and walked up to the side of the car. I handed him my license.

"Do you have any idea how fast you were going, Mr. Thomas," he asked, looking through the dark lenses of his sunglasses.

"No sir," I replied, looking up at him.

"You came down that last hill going 95," he said calmly.

I tried to mumble a response, "I...uh...well..."

"It's not his fault sir," Mandy interrupted. Oh shit, I thought...what's she gonna say?

"Then who's fault is it, miss," he asked, turning his attention to Mandy.

"It's my fault, Sir."

"And how, may I ask, could it be your fault?" he asked her directly.

"I was giving him a blowjob, and it made him pretty excited," she said matter of factly. Now I am going to jail, I thought, as I stared straight ahead and sunk down in my seat.

"What?" he asked incredulously.

"I was sucking his dick, Sir. He just shot a huge load of cum in my mouth when you pulled us over." She paused, gauging his reaction. To my dismay, she continued. "I've been practicing a lot and I can suck his entire cock down my you wanna see?" She asked eagerly. I turned slightly towards the officer and noticed a smile creep across his face.

"I am sure you can, young lady." He said with a chuckle. He handed me back my license. "Mr. Thomas...I think you and the little lady better head on home...and keep your dick in your pants."

"Yes sir," I said respectfully as I started up the car and pulled back onto the freeway.

We were both silent for the rest of the ride home. I was still in a bit of shock.

I pulled into the garage, jumped out and went into the house. Mandy followed. As soon as she walked through the door and grabbed her by the arm and swatted her hard on her tight little ass.

"OWWW! Mike...what are you doing?" she screamed. I spanked her again and again. She spun to try to get away from me.


"Mike...I was just trying...I though you'd want me to..." she pleaded as I opened the door to the basement and shoved her down the stairs to the bonus room. I walked down the stairs, grabbed her by the ponytail, and pulled her off the floor.

"OWWW! Oh gawd, Mike...please stop...I'm didn't do anything wrong," she wailed. I dragged her over to one of the chairs, sat down, and pulled her across my lap. I put my right arm across her back, pinning her body to my knees...she was squirming like crazy, trying to get away. I reached down and pulled her skirt up, exposing her hot little ass.

"Noooooo...please don't spank me....please don't..." He pleads were replaced with screams as my right hand connected with her ass cheeks. "AHHHH...OOOOOWWWW..." she screamed.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I pounded savagely on her naked ass. After 15 smacks, her screams had turned to sobs and whimpers, her body shaking wildly. After 25, her butt cheeks were beet red. I stopped and lifted her to a standing position. She stood in front of me, her hands behind her, rubbing her sore ass. Tears were streaming down her face as she whimpered softly.

"Now go upstairs to your room until you are willing to apologize and admit the danger you put us in," I scolded her harshly. She kept her eyes to the ground until I was done and then ran up both sets of stairs to Kimmie's room and slammed the door.

I let out a big sigh and leaned back in the chair. I looked down at my legs and noticed the right leg of my shorts was drenched. I reached down and felt the wetness and then brought my fingers up to my tongue. The sweet taste was unmistakable...Mandy had cum all over me when I spanked her!

I went up to my room and changed into a pair of basketball shorts, and nothing else. Then I went down to the kitchen, got something to eat, and flipped on the TV to watch the Seattle game. Just before 8pm, Mandy came down the stairs wearing her bikini. She walked through the kitchen to the patio door.

"Mandy..." she froze, "where are you going?"

"Outside to go swimming..." she said defiantly.

"Don't you have something to say first?" She walked over to the couch and stood in front of me, her eyes looking at the floor.

"I just don't understand Mike...I didn't do anything wron..." Before she finished her sentence I grabbed her arm and yanked her towards me, pulling her over my lap. "Oh gawd NOOO!" she screamed as I ripped her bikini bottoms off her body.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I wailed on her bare ass. "You need to learn a little respect!" I said harshly. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

"Oh GAWD, it HURTSSSS," she cried as I continued to brutalize her firm cheeks. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Once I got to 12, her cries changed to grunts. "Ugh, Ugh, Ugh," her grunts kept time with my spanks. At 18 her body started shaking uncontrollably again and once I got to 23, her entire body stiffened as cum started pouring out of her cunt and ran down my leg onto the carpet. I quickly stood her up, but her legs couldn't hold her and she fell to the ground, her body still spasming.

"Mandy?" she looked up and me, ashamed. "Did you just have an orgasm?"

"Yes, Sir," she replied faintly.

"You naughty little girl! Did you disobey me just so I'd spank you?" I asked, half laughing.

"Yes, Sir," she said quietly, as a little smile crept across her face.

"So you like it a little rough, huh?" I asked, laughing.

"Sometimes!" she replied giggling.

I stood up from the couch and dropped my shorts to the floor, exposing my hardening cock. I picked her little body up off the carpet and pushed her over the back of the leather sofa. I held her there with my left arm as my right hand quickly guided my 10-inch boner to her juicy hole. As soon as I was ready, I shoved my entire length into her tight love canal, doggy style.

"Ugh," she grunted. I half-smacked her on the ass. "Ouch!" she squealed.

I spent the next 5 minutes sawing my fuck meat in and out of her hole, spanking her ass with each plunge. She wiggled her hand up underneath her and started frigging her clitty as fast as she could.

"You little naughty girl," I grunted, "I'm gunna fuck you hard as I slap your tight little ass."

"Oh, fuck me....fuck me hard with your big cock..." she said between her grunts. "Ugh, ugh, ugh....yes, slap my tiny ass."

The stimulation was too much, I pounded as hard as I could before shooting off like a rocket. "AAAHHHH FUUUUUUCK," I screamed as my throbbing cock shot gobs and gobs of cum inside her wanton pussy. That set her off in a spin.

"Ah, Ah, AH, AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH." Her pussy spasmed, milking all the fuck juice out of my cock. Her pussy juice flowed like crazy, all over my dick, and all over the leather couch. She moaned loudly as her body continued to shake with orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her tight cunt with a plop. I reached down and caught all the mingled juices flowing out of her pussy which I proceeded to rub all over her ass and bare back. Then I knelt down and tongued her cunny clean, just because it tasted so good.

After a few minutes, I scooped up her limp body and carried my little princess up to her room. We'd had a pretty exciting day, so I thought I'd let her sleep alone tonight.

After my morning shower I went downstairs to grab a bite to eat before heading off to work. I walked downstairs and there was my little mistress, in her apron, making me breakfast.

"Good morning, Handsome," she sang as she skipped over to me, gave me a big hug, and kissed me full on the lips. I reached around and grabbed her cute little ass. "ooooo...that's still a little sore," she said with a giggle.

I sat down at the counter and she placed a wonderful breakfast in front of me.

"So, Mr. Handsome...when are you gonna be home today?" she purred as she snuggled up next to me.

"Well sweety...I've got several meetings today, but I can probably be home around 4...why?"

"hmmm...well, I might have a little surprise for you when you get home," she smiled as she reached down and started fondling my cock through my slacks.

"Can you give me a hint?" I asked with a wicked grin. She smiled broadly and raised her eyebrows. She pulled me off of my stool into a standing position.

"I can't give you a hint...but I'll give you a preview..." she cooed as she went down to her knees, her hands quickly undoing my belt and pulling my pants to the ground. Her pretty blue eyes sparkled as she looked at my growing erection. Her right hand began to stroke my cock as she stuck out her tongue and licked the plumb-shaped head.

"ooo, yes know how to make it feel good..." I moan as Mandy stroked my cock lovingly. She opened her mouth wide and her full, pouty lips descended down my dick. My beautiful princess looked up at me as her head bobbed up and down, taking in more of my cock with each decent. "Oh gawd...I love how you suck my dick..." I closed my eyes and rolled my head back, enjoying her work. After a minute or two, I looked back down to see my pretty little Mandy sucking my entire cock into her mouth. She looked up at me, eyes smiling. I caressed her face gently. She spent the next few moments pulling my cock all the way out of her mouth and then plunging back down, burying my cock deep inside her throat. "Fuck yeah..." I moaned.

She pulled back and looked up at me. "I want you to cum in my mouth...I wanna swallow all of it." She purred in very seductive voice. I hurriedly grabbed both sides of her head and shoved my dick into her open mouth and began thrusting aggressively. She moaned and grunted as I drove my cock down her throat time after time.

"Um...Um...Um..." I grunted, plunging away. "Here it comes you little um um um aaaaahhhh YESSSSSS!" I screamed, ramming my cock into her mouth. Her eyes got huge as my meat started spewing hot wads of fuck juice into her mouth. She swallowed quickly but there was no way she could keep up as bigger and bigger loads sprayed from my dick. She tried desperately, but her eyes showed disappointment as cum started escaping out of her lips, drooling down her chin, and falling into her hand.

"Oh god...that was fantastic," I said as Mandy took control, sucking and licking the last remnants of cum from my pole. She planted a few final kisses on my deflating cock before licking her lips and slurping up the escaped cum out of her small hand. That, I must say, was a beautiful sight. Once complete, Mandy reached down and pulled up my boxers and pants, buckling my belt around my waist and leaving everything just as she found it. I kissed her on the forehead and walked out the door to the garage.

I got home from work at 3pm, earlier than I promised, but I was excited to see what Mandy had planned. I looked around the house and couldn't find her. I peeked outside and she wasn't in or around the pool. I shrugged and went upstairs to change into my swim trunks before heading out to the pool to enjoy the sun and wait for my sexy little princess. I lay out on a lounger, closed my eyes, and replayed the events of the last few days in my mind. My cock was stirring down in my pants when I heard some footsteps outside the side gate.

"Don't worry...he's totally cool..." I heard Mandy's voice faintly as the gate opened.

"I hope you're right..." came a reply from a voice I didn't recognize. My excited dick deflated knowing that I wouldn't have access to Mandy until later. The footsteps came down the path and near the pool. "Wow...this is beautiful!" said the unfamiliar voice.

"I's awesome, isn't it..." Mandy replied. "Oh Great...Mike, you're home early!" she smiled as she walked over to me. I sat up and opened my eyes. She was carrying a tennis racket and wearing a white, one-piece, Nike tennis looked fantastic on contrast to her dark tan. "I want to introduce you to my sister, Sandy." Mandy stepped aside as Sandy walked up to shake my hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Thomas," She said with a warm smile.

" me Mike. It's very nice to meet you Sandy," I replied as I reached out and shook her hand. Sandy looked a lot like Mandy, just 4 years older. She had on a similar outfit, but it was yellow, which looked great against her nice skin, which was a few shades lighter than Mandy. She was tall and slender, like Mandy, but had large, firm tits. Her face was cute, although not as pretty as Mandy's and she had deep dark eyes, in contrast to Mandy's beautiful pale blue eyes. Her smile, however, was just the same.

"We were practicing tennis this afternoon and I thought we should take a swim to cool off," Mandy said.

"Great two are looking pretty sweaty..." I laughed. Mandy giggled and smacked me in the arm before the two girls skipped inside and headed upstairs to change.

After a few minutes the two hotties came out the patio door and my mouth about dropped open. Mandy was looking fantastic in a little white bikini with a thong bottom. And this was my first good look at Sandy...She was wearing a skimpy little blue bikini. The top was comprised of two small triangles that covered her nipples but left the majority of her huge tits visible. Although they looked oversize on her small frame, I'd guess they were big C-cups or maybe D-cups. Either way, they looked fantastic...large, firm, and totally perky. Sandy's matching bikini bottoms was also a thong. Her tummy was flat and trim and her legs were perfectly proportioned. She had a few more years than Mandy to develop hips, but they were still slender and very, very nice.

"WOW! You two look fantastic." I said enthusiastically. "It's great having two hotties over to swim in my pool!"

"Oh Mike," Mandy said bashfully. They both smiled at my compliments. "Last one in's a rotten egg!" yelled Mandy as she ran and jumped in the pool. Sandy was right behind her and I jumped in last. We all met at the center of the pool.

"Let's play Marco Polo," Mandy suggested excitedly. Sandy I both agreed.

"I guess I am it, because I was last in the pool." Both girls scattered as I closed my eyes and said "Marco!"

"Polo!" they responded.

Within a few minutes I had tracked down Mandy and she caught Sandy after a short time. As Sandy swam around the pool with her eyes closed trying to catch us, I frequently swam near Mandy, copping feels of her great body. I'd swim up behind her, grab her hips, and ground my crotch into her ass. Then we'd split apart as Sandy got near. Then I'd get close to her and slip my hand down the front of her bikini bottom, fondling her clit and pussy lips. We continued this until Sandy caught Mandy.

At one point when Mandy was it, Sandy got out of the pool took a few steps and dove back in. When she resurfaced, her bare tits were floating in the water. She hadn't noticed but her top came off when she dove in. I got a nice look at her buoyant boobies before she realized what happened and re-secured her top.

After a while, we all decided to get out of the pool and lay in the sun to take a rest. I grabbed the lounger on the far end, Mandy was in the middle, and Sandy lay out next to Mandy. After about 15 minutes, Sandy flipped over on her tummy.

"Mandy?" she asked, "would you please put some suntan oil on my back?"

"Sure...I'd be happy to," Mandy replied, sitting up. "But Mike is really good at it...maybe you should have him do it."

"Okay," Sandy said, "as long as it is okay with you, Mike."

"Sure, I'd be happy to," I replied as I stood up and walked over and sat down next to Sandy. I looked over at Mandy, who had a huge smile on her face, as I poured some oil onto my hands.

I started at Sandy's ankles and worked slowing up her calves. Where Mandy is skinny, Sandy is just slender. The added meat on her bones was nice to massage gently.

"Ooooo, that feels nice. You are pretty good at this, Mike," Sandy said with a laugh. I looked over at Mandy and she gave me a wink and a smile. I got some more oil and started on her thighs, massaging the oil in as I slowly worked my way up.

"Make sure you get under the edges of her suit, Mike...she doesn't want to get burned." Mandy said with a knowing smile.

Sandy's moans were all the affirmation I needed. As I continued upwards, Sandy spread her legs to allow me better access. I reached my hands down between her legs and felt the heat from her pussy. I worked my hands back and forth, massaging oil into her ass cheeks and then dipping back down between her legs to feel her warmth. I let my hands slide over the fabric covering her cunny lips. Sandy moaned audibly. I looked over at Mandy and she smiled and nodded, her hand was buried down the front of her swimsuit, her fingers busily rubbing her clit.

After a few minutes I worked my up to her lower back and then up under the tie of her bikini top. She moaned and sighed as I oiled her back and shoulders and neck thoroughly.

"Okay, all done," I said as I finished up.

"Ohhhh, thank you...that was awesome..." Sandy purred as she flipped over and smiled. I noticed her nipples were hard and pointy through the stretched fabric of her bikini top. I walked back over to my lounger and lay down on stomach, trying to hide my boner.

"Now we get to put some on you," squealed Mandy. They both jumped up and ran over to either side of my lounger. They both got a handful of oil and started working on my back and legs. I thought I was in heaven...two hot girlies, clad in skimpy bathing suits, rubbing oil all over my body. Mandy took the lead and put her hand way up the leg of my swim shorts, massaging oil into my butt cheeks and brushing up against my nut sack. Sandy following on the other leg, although slightly more tentative. After a few more minutes rubbing my back, Mandy had another idea.

"Let go in the sauna!"

"OHHH...I love saunas!" Sandy said excitedly.

Mandy grabbed the suntan oil as they both scurried off to the sauna. I stood up and headed that direction slowly trying to think of ugly old women and cold water in an effort to calm my cock down a little. I walked into the heat room and could tell that Mandy had already poured water onto the hot stones. They were right next to each other, sitting on the top bench. I sat on the top bench opposite them.

"Oh crap...I forgot," Mandy started, "no clothes allowed in the sauna." With that, she stood up and untied her bikini top and threw it to the ground, exposing her flat chest and excited nipples. Then she reached down and slid her thong bottoms off, showing off her hairless pussy, and sat back down on the top bench, totally naked.

"Uh, Mandy...I don't think that is a good idea..." said Sandy, unsure of herself.

"Don't be silly," replied Mandy smiling, "those are the rules...and besides, you have a totally hot body."

Sandy opened her mouth to argue, but then figured it was useless. She reached behind her and untied her bikini top and pulled it away from her body, leaving her big, firm tits exposed. Damn were they perfect. Her nipples, smaller than Mandy's, were hard.

"Gawd Sandy," Mandy said excitedly, "I just love your boobs. They are so big and round and wonderful...I can't wait until I have boobs like you." Mandy reached over and touched her nipple. It sent a shiver down Sandy's spine.

"Hey," Sandy giggled. "Don't worry, yours will start growing soon...I was flat as a board until the summer after I turned twelve...and then they just started growing like crazy!" Sandy pushed her bikini bottoms down and flicked them onto the floor with her foot. Underneath was a very attractive pussy. Her public hair was shaved into a small triangle, just above the top of her pussy slit and her clit pointed out just a little. They both stopped and looked over at me, expectantly. I took the hint, stood up, and pulled my shorts down, exposing my semi-erect member. Sandy starred at it, her mouth open.

"Wow," she whispered to Mandy, "look at the size of it."

"Hey...I have an idea," Mandy said with her usual youthful exuberance, "let's play truth or dare."

"Okay," Sandy and I both responded together.

"Sandy, you go first," as typical, Mandy set the rules.

"Okay," Sandy paused and thought. " big is your penis?"

"About 10 inches, when it is hard." I replied, smiling. Sandy's eyes got really big.

" it's my turn," said Mandy...apparently we were going clockwise. "Dare...Sandy...I dare you to touch Mike's penis for 30 seconds."

Sandy shot a glare over at Mandy and her face instantly turned red. Very slowly she got down off the top bench and down to the floor, avoiding my eyes. I watched her tits bounce rhythmically as she stepped over to me. She tentatively reached her right hand out and touched my semi-erect cock. It jumped.

"Oh!" she said, surprise at its movement. She reached out and touched it again, then she took it in her small hands and tried to wrap her hand around it but it was too big around. I starred down at her as she stood there, fixated on my dick. After a few more seconds she pulled her hand back bashfully, turned, and went back to her bench, smiling.

Mandy looked at me intently as if to say, "Your turn."

"Dare..." I said smiling, "Mandy, I dare you to lick your sister's breasts for 1 minute."

Sandy looked over at me like a deer in the headlights. Mandy just smiled as she reached over and started fondling Sandy's tits. She moved over and knelt down between Sandy's knees, Mandy's head perfectly aligned with Sandy's tits. She reached out with her left hand and started playing with Sandy's right boob, taking special care to make her nipple hard. Mandy's mouth descended upon Sandy's left tit, licking it softly. Mandy spent the next several moments kneading and fondling Sandy's ample boobs.

Meanwhile my cock was getting huge watching this show. Sandy had leaned her head back against the wall and closed her eyes, moaning softly. Mandy continued, squeezing Sandy's tits, licking them, sucking on them, kissing them, pushing them together, and burying her face in Sandy's cleavage. Sandy reached around and pulled Mandy's head tight against her chest, forcing Mandy to stop. When she let go, Mandy gave a few last kisses to Sandy's pointy nipples and then returned to her seat.

Mandy looked over at me, smiling big. I smiled back and nodded my approval. It took a few minutes for Sandy to fully recover and open her eyes.

"Dare..." Sandy said with a wicked look in her eyes. "Mandy, I dare you to kiss Mike's dick for 1 minute."

Mandy got a big smile on her face and hoped down and came over to me. Clearly Sandy had no idea what Mandy and I had been doing the last few days. My cock sprang to attention as Mandy knelt between my legs. She reached out and grabbed my cock at the base and began to stroke it fondly. I looked over at Sandy and she was staring intently at her little sister. My cock quickly grew to its full length and then Mandy started kiss the plumb-shaped head.

"Oooo, that's nice," I said, trying to get Sandy comfortable with the situation. Mandy stuck out her tongue and licked the head of my cock wetly. Then she turned her head to the side and licked all up and down my shaft. I looked over at Sandy, who's eyes were almost popping out of her head in astonishment.

"Oooo, Mandy, you're good," I encouraged. Mandy gave my throbbing cock a few more licks and then returned to her spot on the bench, smiling at Sandy.

"Hmmm," said Mandy, wondering what to dare. "Dare...Sandy...I dare you to give Mike a lap dance for 60 seconds."

"No WAY!" said Sandy quickly. "Are you crazy, Mandy?"

"Oh c'mon, Sandy," Mandy replied, "don't be a prude." Sandy glared at Mandy for several seconds before jumping down to the floor. I scooted down to the bottom bench.

That was the first good look I got at Sandy's naked body...and it was fantastic. She started to dance slowly, shaking her hips and fondling her big tits. As she warmed up, she worked closer and closer to me, eventually arriving between my open legs. She turned to face away from me and ground her got ass into my lap, my 10 inches of hard fuck meat poking her. She was really getting into it at that point, turning around and thrusting her huge tits in my face, rubbing her nipples and tit flesh all over my cheeks and mouth. I stuck my tongue out and licked her tit as she continued her dance.

She spun around again to face away from me and bent over, giving me full view of her pussy. She reached under and ran her hand from her ass crack all the way to her pussy lips, which were swollen with excitement. To my amazement, she then reached out and grabbed my throbbing dick and pulled it between her legs. She leaned her entire body back against me and brought my hands around to fondle her tits. That was my first good feel and they were better than I imagined. So firm and perky, yet soft and supple. Meanwhile, she was stroking my cock and using it to stimulate her pussy and clitoris. After a few more seconds she flipped back around and ran a finger from my lips down my chest, over my abs, and out to the end of my hard cock before touching it to her smiling lips. She turned and jumped back up to her spot on the bench.

"Holy shit," said Mandy, "That was amazing!" She reached over and gave Sandy a high-five. Meanwhile I sat there with a dazed look on my face. After I regained my composure I was ready for another dare.

"Okay...let's turn up the heat a little," I said with a gleam in my eyes. "Dare...Sandy...I dare you to lick Mandy's pussy for 60 seconds." A look of horror shot across Sandy's face.

"N...No way! I'm not a dyke!" Sandy said shaking her head.

"Don't be dumb...we know you're not a dyke," I said dismissively. "It's just for fun...and by the way, you might enjoy it."

"Oh fuck..." Sandy mumbled as she got of the bench and kneeled between her little sister's legs. Mandy scooted her butt up to the edge of the bench, spread her legs wide apart, and leaned back against the wall, a huge smile on her face. "Holy shit, have a huge clit."

Sandy stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of Mandy's clitoris. Mandy closed her eyes and let out a moan. I could see Mandy's juices leaking from her swollen pussy lips. Sandy lowered her head down and licked from the base of her cunny lips all the way up to her clit. Then, without a hesitation, Sandy took her hands and spread Mandy's pussy lips apart and proceeded to lick her juicy snatch. Mandy's body started twitching.

"God Mandy...your pussy juice is soo sweet!" Sandy cooed before diving back down for another taste. She licked up and down Mandy's spread pussy lips, taking some extra time to nibble on her big clitoris. I sat and stroked my cock as I watched this fantastic site.

"Oh yesssss....mmmm...oooooo," Mandy was responding nicely to Sandy's oral ministrations. Mandy grabbed Sandy's head and pulled her into her crotch, grinding her pussy against Sandy's face.

After a few more wet licks, Sandy sat back. "Damn little are ready!" Before Mandy could come down she made her dare. "Dare...Mandy...I dare you to 69 with Mike for 1 minute."

Mandy was across the sauna and on top of me in a split second. She was so horny. She pushed me back into a lying position and flipped her body around and straddled my head, her pussy dripping juices on my face. I immediately dove in and starting licking her sweet pussy. Meanwhile, she grabbed my cock and started licking it wetly. I glanced over at Sandy and she was staring at us with big eyes, her hand down between her spread legs, unconsciously rubbing her pussy.

Mandy took my throbbing cock into her mouth and took me deep. In seconds she had me most of the way down her throat. I kept licking aggressively, enjoying the juice that was running from her cunt. She was thrusting her pussy into my face, grinding her clitty against my mouth.

"Okay's Mandy's turn," Sandy was trying to pull Mandy off of me. Apparently our 60 seconds was up and Sandy wanted some action.

Mandy was pissed. "Dammit Sandy...I was really close..." she sat down and took a minute to stop breathing so hard.

"Okay...Sandy...I'll let you play," Mandy said with a smile. "Dare...Mike...I dare you to fuck Sandy's tits with your big cock." I smiled broadly. I'd been wanting to do that since I first saw Sandy's perky titties.

I stood up, my 10 inches of meat pointing straight out, and walked over to Sandy who was now lying back on the lower bench. As I approached her, I admired her awesome body. Her big, perky tits stood strait up, ready for me. Her flat tummy was so nice and her hot pussy and sexy legs were out of a magazine. She was fucking hot.

I got up on the bench and straddled her body, my fuck meat resting between her two tits. Mandy hopped up to the upper bench and found a spot right above us, a perfect spot to watch. I reached down and grabbed Sandy's beautiful boobs and began massaging them. They were more than a handful. Mandy reached over and grabbed the suntan oil and poured a bunch all over my cock and Sandy's tits. I rubbed the oil into her tits as I pushed them together...surrounding my monster cock with her tit flesh. I slowly started moving my dick back and forth between her boobs.

"Oh god...this is great..." I moaned my enjoyment. "Your tits are fantastic." I picked up my pace, thrusting my fuck meat back and forth between her large melons. I looked over at Mandy, who was sitting cross-legged. She was watching intently while slowly frigging her clit and banging her pussy.

I lengthened my strokes between Sandy's tits. The next time I thrust forward, my 10 inches of meat poked her right in the chin. The next time it hit her in the cheek...then the nose...then her neck. She opened her mouth to say something and I plunged my cock right inside. Her eyes bugged out in alarm. I pulled back, leaving her mouth empty and thrust forward again, filling her mouth with the plumb-shaped head of my dick.

Sandy quickly got the idea and reached up and squeezed her tits together around my dick while welcoming my cockhead into her mouth on each thrust. I took my free hand and reached up and started pinching Mandy's nipples.

We were all grunting and moaning our pleasure. I knew I was going to cum if I kept this up so I stopped thrusting, dismounted Sandy, and offered up the next dare.

"Dare...Sandy...I dare you to 69 with Mandy for 60 seconds." I could tell that now both girls were getting into the fun because they both got huge smiles on their faces. Mandy stepped down from the top bench and got in position over Sandy with her hairless cunny hovering over Sandy's waiting mouth and Mandy's eyes staring straight down at Sandy's pussy.

Mandy reached down and spread Sandy's pussy lips apart and dove right in, licking up and down her slit like a wild girl. Then she took a few moments to suck in Sandy's little clit, nibbling and biting it while Sandy's hips thrust up to meet her.

Sandy meanwhile was trying desperately to lick up all of Mandy's juices that were flowing from her pre-teen cunt. The sweetness was covering Sandy's face as she licked up and down Mandy's slit. They were both moaning loudly as their hips bucked and their hot bodies shook and spasmed.

I walked over to get a closer look at this beautiful site. I rubbed my cockhead all over Sandy's face as she moaned her approval. Then I got up right behind Mandy and let my big boner play with her pussy slit as Sandy continued to lick like crazy. My ball sack was hanging down, rubbing back and forth across Sandy's pretty face. I was so tempted to just shove my throbbing cock into Mandy's tight pussy but I waited.

Instead I walked around to the other side of this fuck fest and presented my pole to Mandy. She immediately grabbed it, kissed it, and started using it to stimulate Sandy's clit. Then she pushed it down and rubbed the tip up and down Sandy's juicy slit.

"Oh...Oh...Oh..." Sandy moaned, nearing an orgasm. I played for a few more seconds before sitting back down on the bench. Mandy gave a last kiss to her sister's pussy and then jumped off. It was now Sandy's turn to go.

"Dare...Mandy...I dare you to let Mike put his cock in your pussy." Mandy feigned a startled look.

"But Sandy...his cock is too'll split me in half..." Mandy semi-pleaded with her sister. Then she shot a quick smile at me, making sure I kept up the story.

"Yeah...I don't know Sandy..." I said, sounding concerned. "Mandy is so little and I've got a pretty big dick."

"Don't worry," Sandy responded enthusiastically, "I'll help make it work...Mandy, come down and sit on the bottom bench." Mandy jumped down to the bottom bench as instructed. "Okay, now open your legs really Mike, you come over and stand between Mandy's legs." I did as told, my throbbing cock pointing directly at Mandy's juicy hole.

"Now we need to get you ready, Mandy," Sandy continued. She grabbed my fuck meat with her right hand and started rubbing it up and down Mandy's slit. "God Mandy...your pussy is so juicy...that'll make it easier." Mandy started moaning and cooing as Sandy used my cock to play with her big clitoris.

"Oooo...yessss....oh god...Sandy...that feels soooo gooooooddddd." Mandy was playing along well, but she was also really enjoying herself. Sandy got my dick slicked up pretty good with Mandy's juices and then placed my plumb-sized cock head at the entrance to Mandy's tight pussy.

"Okay little sis...get ready..."

"Yes...put it in me..." Mandy pleaded.

"Okay Mike...push it in slowly," Sandy instructed. I slowly leaned forward as Sandy and I watched the head of my dick disappear into Mandy's juicy cunt.

"OHHH YESSSSS....It's soooo biggggg....mmmmmmm....ugh." Mandy's moaned loudly. Sandy, meanwhile, reached down and started rubbing Mandy's clitty. "Oh...Oh...Oh...Yessss..." Mandy chanted rhythmically. I slowly pulled my cock out and then pushed slowly back in, deeper than before. "Oh goddd. It's toooo bigggg...." Mandy faked a wince and bit her lower lip. I pulled back and then pushed in even deeper...about two thirds of my cock was now inside her.

"It'll be okay, Mandy," Sandy tried to reassure her. "Just try to relax." Sandy increased her rubbing on Mandy's clit and also bent down and tongued her right nipple. Mandy grabbed her sister's head and pulled her tight against her flat chest.

"Oh YESSSS....Oh God...." Mandy was getting pretty close to orgasm. I pulled back slowly and then shoved my entire length into this tight little twelve year old.

"AHHHHHHHH" Mandy screamed. I pulled back again and pounded my fuck meat all the way back in again. I started a rhythm, sawing my cock meat in and out of her juicy pussy. Sandy continued her work on Mandy's clit and nipples.

"Oh Oh Oh Oh" Mandy chanted in time with my thrusts. "Yes Yes Yes YESSSSS...I'MMMM GOOONNNNAAAA....FUUUUUCKCKKKK" Mandy came like crazy, her pussy spasming and spewing cum everywhere...all over my dick and stomach, all over her big sister's hands. Sandy stopped and looked at her sister with amazement as Mandy continued to scream out her powerful orgasm, her body shaking uncontrollably. I pulled my still erect cock out with a plop...I wanted to wait for some more fun.

Sandy and I both sat back and watched little Mandy slowly come down from her orgasm.

"Holy little slut..." Sandy said with a laugh. "That orgasm was amazing...and you came like crazy!" Mandy just smiled at her big sister.

" it's my turn," Mandy said after a minute or so of silence. "Dare...Mike...I dare you to fuck Sandy doggy style...while she licks my pussy."

"Wait..." Sandy protested. "I've never done it doggy style...I've only ever done it once before...with Travis...and his dick is tiny compared to yours..." She sounded genuinely concerned.

"Don't worry Sandy," I tried to sound comforting, "I'll take it easy on you." In reality I was going to fuck the shit out of her! I reach out and grabbed her hand and pulled her into a standing position. I pulled her over so she was standing in front of Mandy, who was still sitting on the bottom bench. I stood behind Sandy grabbed her hips and pulled her tight against my hard cock pinned between the two of us. I then reached around her hot body and softly caressed the smooth skin on her stomach. Then I slowly moved up to her perky tits, squeezing them lovingly and playing with her small nipples. I continued to play with her boobs with my left hand as my right hand traced back down her body and found her hot pussy. I gently massaged her clit as she began to moan softly.

While my hands continued their exploration, I started kissing the back of her neck and then moved to the side and nibbled on her ear. I gently ground my cock into her ass. I looked down at Mandy and she was watching the show, her big pale blue eyes entranced on the scene.

Sandy was lost in her pleasure as I continued to fondle her pussy and tits. I slowly pushed her forward until her thighs pressed up against the lower bench. I then pressed my hand firmly into her back, forcing her to bend over at the waist, her face down even with Mandy's pussy. I kicked her feet apart, allowing me a perfect view her beautiful ass and pussy. Mandy reached up and grabbed her older sister's head, bringing her face down to her pussy, where Sandy started to slowly lick up the cum that was left over after Mandy's huge orgasm.

I grabbed hold of the base of my cock and directed the head to poke around Sandy's cunt. I ran the head of my cock meat up and down Sandy's slit, lubing it up with her juices. Sandy meanwhile was tonguing all over Mandy's pussy. Mandy was moaning softly, her eyes closed and her mouth open. I massaged Sandy's clit with my cockhead for a while and then pulled back and placed the head at the entrance to her waiting pussy. Sandy purred warmly.

"Yes...oh god...put it in me...fuck me..." she pleaded softly before returning to her little sister's hairless pussy. I slowly pushed forward and watched my cockhead disappear into her hungry quim. "More...MOOOOREEEE..." she pleaded as her head bobbed up and down, sucking Mandy's big clit like crazy. I pulled back gently and then pushed forward firmly as Sandy's left hand darted back and started frigging her clitty. "Ohhhhh...mmmm...MMM..." she moaned appreciatively.

She is as ready as she'll ever be, I thought to myself. I pulled my cock out so just the tip was inside her hot cunny, then I grabbed her hips for leverage and drove my 10-inches of man meat deep inside this sexy 16-year old.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCCKKKK..." She screamed as I held her tight, letting her get used to this big intruder. I slowly pulled it out and plunged in again. "Umph," she groaned, feeling her cunt being filled up again. Again and again I pulled my dick out and shoved it back in her tight hole. "Uh...Uh...Uh..." she moaned with each thrust. "Yes...oh god YES..." she clearly was beginning to enjoy the reaming. Sandy's tongue quickly resumed the exploration of her sister's cunt.

My cock meat was like a piston thrusting in and out of her pussy as I leaned over and grabbed her huge tits which were swaying back and forth. I squeezed them mercilessly, pinching her nipples hard. "OWWW...Oh God...YESS...YESSSSS." She screamed. I thrust my dick harder, forcing her face into Mandy's pussy. Sandy continued to diddle her own clit with her right hand while she shoved two fingers up her sister's cunt.

"Fuck YESSSS..." moaned Mandy. I looked over at my little vixen and she was furiously rubbing and pinching her own nipples.

I continued to saw my 10 inches in and out of Sandy's cunt hole and I was getting ready to cum. "Yes you little sluts! Ugh...Ugh...ARGGG!" I grunted as I pounded her pussy savagely.

"Yes...YES...YES...lick my PUSSSSSYYYYYY," Mandy screamed as she spun off into orbit with a mind-blowing orgasm. She started shaking like crazy as Sandy continued to suck on her clit and finger-bang her pussy. "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH" Mandy pussy started shooting cum all over her sister's face and hand. Mandy's orgasm set off Sandy.

"Oh...Oh...OH...OH...OHHHHHHH...YESSSSSSS," Sandy screamed as her body started quaking with orgasm. I continued to fuck her pussy as my finger dug into her tit flesh. "Ah Ah AH Ah Ah Ah AHHHHHhhhhhhh," she grunted as her velvety pussy contracted around my fuck meat. That set me over the edge.

"Here I CUMMMMMMMM," I screamed as I pulled my dick out of Sandy and started stroking my cock furiously. "AHHHHHH FFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK," I yelled as I cam, my body tensing, my hand beating my meat like crazy. "Ugh Ugh Ugh..." I grunted as spew came flying out of my cock. Mandy and Sandy kneeled quickly in front of me and tried to receive my load. Stream after stream of fuck juice jetted from my dick, painting stripes across both sisters' faces. Cum went every where, in their hair, all over their faces, in their eager mouths, as well as on their hot little naked bodies. They purred their pleasure as I stroked the last few gobs of jism out of my cock and into their waiting mouths.

"Oh Fuck..." I moaned as I stepped back and sat on the bench behind me. Mandy started massaging my cum into Sandy's big tits as she licked her own lips. Sandy followed the lead of her little sister, rubbing cum into Mandy's smooth skin and then leaning over and licking a big gob off of her cheek. Mandy licked some from her sister's face and then shared it with Sandy in a big, wet kiss. Both girls giggled.

They continued like this for several minutes, licking cum off each other and kissing passionately. I just sat back and watched with a big smile on my face as my cock slowly deflated.

Later that night Mandy was snuggling up next to me on the leather couch as we watched a movie on TV.

"Mike?" she asked softly.

"Yeah Sweety?" She sat up and moved to the other side of the couch and gave me a look like she wanted a serious talk.

"I...uh...umm," Mandy hesitated and then looked down and started picking at her fingers.

"What Sweety?"

"You really enjoyed fucking Sandy today...didn't you?" she looked up at me with puppy dog eyes.

"Sure...of course I did...Sandy is a beautiful young woman." I wasn't sure where she was going with this.

"Oh," she said as she looked back down quickly.

"What's wrong Sweety?" There was a long pause before she spoke.

"It's just...that...ummm...It's just that Sandy's so beautiful...and her boobs are sooo big...and she soo sexy...I'm just afraid you're going to get tired of me." It almost sounded like she was going to cry. I scooted over close to her and put my hand under her chin to lift her face up. She looked up at me, her beautiful pale blue eyes pleading for reassurance.

"Oh god, Mandy..." I reached down and wiped a tear from the corner of her eye and then touched her cheek lovingly. "Sure...Sandy has big boobs and she is sexy...but Mandy, your tits are gonna get bigger soon...and you are twice as sexy as Sandy. Your beautiful eyes make grown men weak and your face is like something out of a your hair, your skin...oh Sweety, you are absolutely beautiful..." I reached over with my other hand and pushed her hair out of her face, then I leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips.

"But those are not even the things that make you so wonderful..." I continued. "You're smart, playful, eager to learn...your little pussy is so can have multiple orgasms, which is sexual appetite is insatiable, which is can get my big dick all the way down your throat, which is unbelievable, and you cum like no one I've ever seen." She smiled and giggled.

"Ohhh Mike...thank you for treating me like a princess." She leaned over and kissed me on the lips and pushed me back on the couch and jumped on top of me. "Let's have some fun," she squealed as she started kissing me wetly. She quickly unbuttoned my shirt and then reached down and pulled my shorts off. She immediately went for my dick, taking it quickly into her mouth. I reached down and pulled her thong panties off and then pulled her night shirt up and over her head. She paused the sucking briefly as she got untangled from her clothes and then dove right back in. I reached down and started fingering her pussy, which was already super juicy. Mandy stopped suddenly and looked up at me.

"Mike...I've got an idea...I want to try something..." Before I could answer my sexy little vixen had stood up, grabbed my hand, and started leading me downstairs to the basement. "I saw this in one of your computer videos," she said excitedly. My mind raced with possibilities. She pulled me over to the pool table and jumped up on the edge. She grabbed me by the dick and started rubbing the head up and down her wet pussy. I leaned down and kissed her passionately. After a short time she stopped suddenly, lay back on the table, and then turned 180 degrees. So now her feet were at the center of the table, underneath the light, her shoulders were up on the bumper, and her head was off the edge, hanging down toward the ground.

"I want you to put your dick in my mouth and fuck my throat," Mandy said eagerly. Before I could reply, she reached out, grabbed my throbbing member, and pulled it to her awaiting mouth. She immediately took the head into her mouth and then reached her hands around to my ass and started pulling me deep into her throat. My mind was a total blur, I couldn't believe have quickly all this happened. I snapped out of my blur and looked down to see my 10 inches of fuck meat buried down her throat. I was astonished how being in that position allowed her to easily suck my entire cock down her throat.

"Holy shit...Mandy...this feels amazing!" I gushed. I pulled my cock about halfway out and slowly pushed back in. I was actually able to see how far my cock was going down Mandy's throat by the huge bulge in her neck. I pulled out and then pushed slowly back in, my eyes transfixed on the sight of her bulging neck. I reached down and softly stroked her cheeks as I increased the pace of my thrusting. I looked across the pool table at Mandy sexy little body laying out in front of me. I reached down to fondle her hard, pointy nipples and noticed that they looked a little different. It looked as if there were little mounds starting to form. I squeezed her nipples gently between my thumb and forefinger. Mandy moaned at the attention, the vibrations in her throat felt heavenly on my cock.

I reached down and caressed her flat tummy, tickling her belly button, and then reached down and started stroking her clit. Her moaning increased, causing my cock meat to throb and then she started swallowing, which created an unbelievable contraction on my dick.

"Oh are wonderful," I moaned as I continued to drive my cock down her throat. "Fuck yes...mmmm...mmmm...mmmm." I pounded my dick into her eager mouth, my nut sack slapping her face with each thrust. I reached down and rubbed her juicy pussy back and forth. I took two finders and started plunging them into her cunt hole as I used the palm of my hand to grind on her clit. She couldn't talk, but her grunts and moans let me knowing she was enjoying it.

"Oh god Baby...I'mmm gonna Cummm," I grunted as my thrusting continued. "Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh...OOOO....FUCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!" I rammed my cock deep down her throat and started shooting wads of cum juice strait into her stomach. Her entire body started shaking and quivering as I drove my fingers deep into her pussy. Her hips bucked wildly as she tried to grind her pelvis into my hand.

I slowly started thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth, milking the last of my cum from my deflating cock. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and stepped back. Mandy's body was still spasming, as cum poured out of her pussy onto the pool table, making a huge wet spot. Her head hung limp off the end of the table, her mouth open, my cum pouring out, running down her face and into her hair.

"Mandy...Mandy..." I said softly. She was breathing so I knew she wasn't dead. In all my thrusting she must have passed out somehow. I picked up her limp, naked body in my arms and carried her up to my room. I wiped her cum from her pussy and the rest of my cum off her face and hair. I kissed her gently on the forehead and let her sleep.

I intended to wake Mandy up a few times in the middle of the night, just to make sure nothing was wrong, but when I woke up, it was already morning. I turned over and Mandy was gone. I dragged myself out of bed, took a shower, got dressed for work, and headed downstairs. Mandy was nowhere to be found. Without my sexy little cook around, I just had to eat a bowl of cereal and read the paper.

I finished up my cereal and as I rinsed out the bowl, Mandy came walking through the door.

"Good morning handsome!" she skipped over to me and kissed me on the lips.

"Good morning Mandy...where have you been?"

"I was out for a run...sorry I didn't get back in time to cook you some breakfast," she said apologetically. It was then that I stepped back and took a look at my hot little princess. She had her dark hair pulled back into a pony tail, exposing her beautiful face and amazing eyes. Mandy was wearing a black Nike halter top and matching stretch shorts, which were very tight. Her outfit was made complete with ankle socks and running shoes. The outfit made her legs look so long. Her smooth skin was covered in a sheen of sweat. I just shook my head and smiled.

"What?" she asked.

"Damn doesn't matter if you are dressed in a cute little outfit or just back from running up a sweat, you always look fantastic!" I gushed.

"Oh Mike...that is so nice," She said with a sweet smile. "I need to go up and you wanna join me?" Mandy asked with a little wink.

"Oh baby, I'd love to...but I need to get going for a meeting. But hold that thought and I will try to be home early this evening so we can have some fun." Mandy gave me a pouty look and then came over and gave me a long kiss, her hands trying to unzip my pants. I pulled away quickly. "I'm sorry sweety...I gotta go," I said with a smile as I headed out in the garage.

I got to work and had four straight meetings...what a drag. Finally, at noon, I got to go into my office and shut the door. I just needed to sit down, relax, and go through me e-mail. After about five minutes I got a buzz from my executive assistant, Anne.


"Yeah Anne...what's up?

"Miss Snyder is here to see you...she doesn't have an appointment."


"Amanda Snyder...she says she's a friend of Kimmie's."

"Ohhh...Mandy...sure, send her in."

I was still looking at my computer when Anne opened the door. "Mike...remember, I am going out to lunch today...I'll be back around 1:30...can I bring you anything?"

"No thanks Anne...have a nice time," I replied, still concentrating on my computer, as Anne walked out and closed the door.

"What are you doing here?" I asked as I finished typing the e-mail, hit send, and spun around in my chair. Mandy was standing a few feet in front of my desk. When I looked at her my jaw about hit the floor.

She was dressed like a young school-girl. She had on shiny black shoes, white knee-high stockings, a short plaid skirt, and a pressed white shirt. She wore glasses, had on a hint of makeup, and her hair was in two pig tails. "Do you like it?" she asked as she did a quick spin, showing me all angles.

"You look fantastic!" I said eyes bugging out. "Damn you're Hot!"

Mandy's face lit up. "Oh great! I was hoping you'd like it." She ran around my desk and gave me a big hug.

"I didn't realize you wore glasses..."

"I don't," she said with a grin, "they are just glass lenses...I wanted to look studious." She pulled the glasses to the end of her nose and looked at me over the tops of the rims before leaning down and kissing me on the lips.

"Stand up...I wanna look at your outfit." Mandy stood up, between my legs, in front of my leather chair. I slowly looked from her cute pig tails to her beautiful eyes, down to her nicely ironed shirt, and then down to her plaid skirt, which only reached about halfway down her thighs. "Isn't this skirt a little short?" She smiled and raised her eyebrows as I placed my hands on the outside of her legs and slowly moved up her under the skirt, caressing her smooth skin. I reached around and grabbed her tight little ass cheeks.

"Mmmm...that feels good, Mike..." she cooed softly. I continued exploring under her skirt and then realized...

" naughty little're not wearing any panties!" I scolded her playfully. "Did you forget them again?" She gave me an innocent look.

"Oh...I must have..." She spread her legs apart as I continued to explore, squeezing her ass and softly passing my hand over her pussy. "Oh Mike...keep doing that..."

I reached between her legs and dipped my middle finger between her pussy lips. She was already really juicy. I probed her cunt hole just a little before running my finger up her slit to her clitoris, which I rubbed gently. I looked up at Mandy...her eyes were closed, her head was back, her mouth was open, and her tongue was tracing circles around her lips.

"Ohhh god feels sooo gooood...." Mandy grabbed my head and started running her fingers though my hair. "Oh Mike....lick my pussy...oh please lick my pussy," she begged.

I grabbed her hips and lifted her up so she was now sitting on the edge of my big oak desk. She lay back on the desk as I pushed up her skirt and looked at her hairless pussy. I reached down and spread her cunt lips apart and then started licking.

"Oh YES Mike...oh fuck yes....lick my juicy pussy," she moaned her appreciation. I reached down with my right thumb and penetrated her fuck hole. Meanwhile I locked on to her unnaturally big clit with my teeth, pinching it softly as my tongue fluttered quickly over the top of it.

"Ah Ah Ah Ah...YES Mike...MORE MORE MORE," she begged. I replaced my right thumb with my first two fingers, shoving them into her cunt. "Ughhh...YES." Mandy screamed as she grabbed my head and forced me down against her clitoris. Her pussy juice was flowing freely out of her cunt hole, down her ass crack and onto my desk. As my fingers banged in and out of her cunt I got my pinky nice and juicy and shoved it into her ass.

"AHHHH....omigod...omigod...I'MMM Gonnnaaaa CUMMMMMM!" Mandy screamed as her hips bucked wildly on my desk. I continued to suck on her clit as my fingers savagely reamed her cunt and ass hole. "Ah AH AH AH AH AH AHHHHHHHHHHH...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..." Mandy came like a rocket. She pulled hard on my hair as her whole body shook, her pussy and anus convulsed on my fingers as cum squirted out all over my face and my desk.

Mandy was still coming down off her orgasm, but I didn't want to lose the moment so I quickly flipped her over on her hands and knees. I stood up behind her, unbuckled my belt, and dropped my pants and boxers to the floor. My 10-inch cock was hard and ready. I placed the tip at the entrance to her tight pussy and, without a warning, I grabbed her slender hips and drove my fuck meat into her juicy hole.

"AAAARRRGGGG," she screamed. I pulled back out and then rammed it back in, burying it all the way into my little sex goddess. "OOOH....OOOH....OOOH..." she chanted in time with my penetrations. I reached up to her head and grabbed her pretty little pony tails and pulled them hard, using them as reins as I fucked my little pony.

"Owe....Owe...OH....Oh....OH...Fuck...That hurts...Oh..." I just pulled harder as I thrust my cockmeat in and out of her pussy. I suddenly realized that fucking Mandy this direction, we were missing the great view out of my top story corner office. I pulled her by the hair so now she was up only on her knees, my dick still buried completely inside her quim I wrapped my arms around her body and lifted her off the desk, turned around, and pinned her up against the huge window that overlooks the bay.

Mandy is light, so I just held her body, flat against the window, her feet dangling about a foot off the ground. Then, to my amazement, Mandy reached down, grabbed under her knees, and lifted her legs out into a splits position, providing me perfect access to her tight little pussy. I pulled my cock halfway out and shoved it back in.

"Ummph," she grunted up against the window. I pulled my cock most of the way out and then slammed back into her juicy cunt. Then I started sawing my man meat in and out of her velvety tight pussy. "Ummph...Umph... oh..oh..oh..oh...fuck yes....fuck yes...oh god..." she continued to respond as I drove my cock into her fuck hole again and again. He body started shaking like crazy and I knew she was close to climax.

"Cum for me you little slut...cum like the little whore you are..." I hissed into her ear as I pushed her into the cool glass, my meat ramming relentlessly into her tight 12-year old box.

"OH GOD," she screamed, "YES YES YES YES...OOHHHH FUCCCCCKKKKK!" Mandy's pussy spasmed around my dick as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her. I held her against the window as cum poured from her pussy.

"Oh Yea, Oh it comes you little bitch..." I yelled as my own body started to tingle. I slammed my cock into her three more times and then it hit me. "OOOOOOOHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS!" I screamed as my whole body tensed up and I buried my cock into her one last time. Jet after jet of hot fuck juice spewed into her pulsating pussy.

My throbbing cock still inside her, I pulled her away from the window and sat back in my leather executive chair with Mandy's legs draped over mine. We were both silent for several minutes, just staring out the window, looking at the boats sailing in the bay. Mandy broke the silence.

"Wow...your window is a little messy..." I looked over at the window and laughed, the bottom have was covered in cum, both hers and mine, which was slowly dripping down to the floor. Mandy reached down and pulled my softened cock out of her pussy and quickly stood up. She was careful to catch the flow of cum that flowed out of her now empty cunt and proceeded to slurp it up out of her hand. I just shook my head and smiled.

Then, Mandy squatted down in her sexy little school girl outfit, leaned over, and licked a big gob of our love juice off the window. She looked over at me with her mouth still open, showed me the pool of cum on her tongue and then very deliberately closed her mouth and gulped it down.

"Oh god, Mandy," I said, "you are so fucking hot!"

I went off to take a piss and when I came back, Mandy had everything cleaned up and was gone. She left a sweet little note on my chair. "Thanks Mike for a nice time. I am really glad you liked my new outfit.  Can't wait for you to get home tonight.,, XOXOXO Mandy"

I dreamed about Mandy the rest of the afternoon and, as I drove home, my dick got hard thinking of what new fun thing we'd to that night. I walked through the door and Mandy was sitting on the leather couch watching TV. I walked towards her, starting to unbuckle me pants. Once she realized I had walked in, she turned off the TV and jumped up.

"Oh great Mike...your home," she smiled as she walked towards me. Then, she looked down and noticed I was getting ready to pull of my pants. "Whoa...slugger! I want you to take me shopping."

"Hugh?" I said, disappointed. "I was hoping for something a little different..."

"Don't worry, my sexy sugar daddy," she said as she reached up and put her arms around my neck, "I'll make sure you have a good time."

"Okay," I said in a pouty voice. "But how can I keep my hands off look wonderful!" Mandy had her hair down tonight, framing her beautiful face perfectly. She wore a pink sun dress that looked amazing against her dark tanned skin and went about halfway down her thighs. I noticed that when she reached up around my neck the dress crept up almost to her crotch. The white trim on her dress perfectly complemented her white sandals. She kissed me fully on the lips and then skipped out to the garage and hoped into the convertible.

"What do you need to buy?" I asked as we pulled out of the garage.

"I think my boobies are starting to I want to get a new bra!" She said excitedly. I smiled big, gave her a quick wink, revved the engine on the car, and tore off down the street.

We drove down to the Stanford shopping center, just to avoid seeing anyone we might know. I parked the car and followed Mandy in to Victoria's Secret. She spent a few minutes playfully grabbing bras and posing for me but it became pretty clear that they didn't have much variety for the beginner. I didn't have much of a problem thinking of her in a year or two in one of those sexy started making my dick get hard.

So, we decided to walk down to Nordstrom, figuring they'd have more of a selection. We went into their girls department and quickly got help from an older sales lady. She talked to Mandy about her preferences and then measured around her torso to get the right fit. Mandy selected a few nice ones and headed for the dressing room. The sales lady escorted us in and opened up a room.

"Here you go miss," she paused for a moment and looked at me, "your dad will have to stay outside." I shrugged my shoulders and turned to leave.

"No," insisted Mandy, "I need him in with me...I'm want my daddy's advice...and I'm not going to parade out into the store with just a bra on!"

"I am sorry Miss," the sales lady explained, "those are the rules."

"Okay, then we're not interested." Mandy said and, to my astonishment, she dropped the bras on the floor and walked out of the dressing room area. We headed out of the store and went down to Macy's.

Once we found the girls department, we realized that the place was nearly empty. There were just a few other shoppers and one sales person. We had been looking at the bras for a while before the salesgirl came over.

"May I help you tonight?" she looked about 17 or 18 and was pretty cute.

"No thanks, we're just looking," Mandy replied.

"Okay, might like these over here, they are really comfortable...oh...and we are short staffed tonight so I am covering like three departments." The salesgirl said as she turned quickly and hustled off to another area of the store. Mandy found a few different styles she liked and we headed for the dressing rooms. A couple of the rooms were occupied but we found the "family" dressing room at the far end and went in and locked the door.

Mandy looked at herself in the full-length mirror. I stepped up behind her, grabbed her hips, and pulled her against my hard cock. She quickly reached up over her head and put her arms around my neck, pulling my head down and lifting her dress up high on her thighs. She turned her head and gave me a wet kiss. I reached my hands around her body and caressed her gently through the soft fabric of her dress.

"Mmmmm," she moaned very softly as we continued to kiss. I reached down with my right hand and felt the soft skin on her thigh. I slowly worked my hand up, lifting the edge of her dress, until my hand was caressing the smooth skin on her finely toned tummy. I looked in our reflection and realized that she was panty-less again. My mind started to spin when I saw her exposed hairless cunt, the lips swelling with excitement. I continued to work my right hand up her body as I reached down with my left hand and slowly rubbed her clitoris.

"Oh god yessss," she whisper as she spread her legs apart, allowing me better access. My left hand started stroking between her cunny lips as my right hand found the nipples on her newly budding breasts. "Ohhh...mmmmm... yesssss..." she moaned, trying to maintain a whisper. Mandy's eyes were closed, fully enjoying the experience. I bent my neck down and nibbled on her earlobe and then stuck my wet tongue into her year. "Mmmmm...yessss..." she purred.

I dipped my middle finger into her wet cunt hole, getting it nice and juicy, as I ground my 10 inches of man meat into her firm ass cheeks. Then, with my right hand, I pinched her nipple hard. When she opened her mouth to gasp, I quickly inserted my girl-juice-covered finger in. Mandy was a little startled but when she tasted her own juices, she quickly sucked my finger dry. Once she finishing tonguing my finger she quickly spun around to face me.

"Maybe I should try one of these on..." she smiled suggestively. I nodded my approval. "Hmmm...silly me," she said innocently, "I should have worn something with two pieces so I could just take off my looks like I am just going to gave to get you think you could help?"

I gave her a big wet kiss as I reached around behind her and unzipped her dress. Then I slowly lifted it up over Mandy's head, gliding my hands up the sides of her fantastic body. She pulled one of the bras, a light blue one, off its hanger and turned around to look in the mirror and put it on. As she fumbled with the hooks and stretched it around her chest, I stood behind her, rubbing my hands all over her body. I squeezed her ass cheeks, then I reached around and played with her pussy.

"Mmmmm...oh god....Mike...oh can I concentrate..." she moaned softly. That was exactly my intent. I stopped for a moment to let her fasten the bra.

"Oh Mandy...that looks very pretty." The blue looked great against her skin and the little pink flower in the middle was cute. She took that one off and quickly tried to put on the white one before I started fondling her again. But instead, I undid my belt and kicked my pants to the ground. I grabbed the base of my throbbing boner and started rubbing up and down Mandy's ass crack.

"Mike!?!?" she squealed while securing the new bra around her chest. Without a word, I grabbed her hips and ground my dick meat in between her butt cheeks. I reached around with my right hand and started rubbing up and down her juicy cunt lips.

"Ooooo...Mike....mmmm...." she whispered. I bent my knees a little bit at pushed my 10 inch cock between her thighs. I looked in the mirror at this wonderful site. Pretty little Mandy was facing this full-length mirror in just a bra and her sandals and I was standing behind her with my huge dick poking out just below her pussy lips. She reached down and started stroking it like it was her own cock. Then she started using the plumb-sized head to rub her clit. I began to thrust my cock back and forth, the head exploring between the juicy folds of her pussy and then rubbing against her clitoris.

"Oh god Mike..." he voice was getting louder, "that feels sooo goooood." I picked up the pace of my thrusting as I reached up to her chest, unclipped the white bra, and started playing with her titties. It was fun being the first guy to unclip Mandy's bra. "Oh yesssssss...ohhh goddddd," she hissed.

Knock, Knock, Knock! The pounding on the dressing room door startled me.

"Is everything okay in there? Do you need some other sizes." The salesgirl asked.

" thanks...I'm just trying these on..." Mandy squeaked out while I continued banging away. The juicy sounds of Mandy's pussy were unmistakable.

"Okay," the salesgirl was starting to realize what was going on, "just let me know if you need anything...the store is closing, so it looks like you have the dressing room to yourself." We heard her footsteps down the hallway and out into the store. Now I really started thrusting.

"Oh GOD Mike...YES...FUCK ME." Mandy had lost all her inhibitions as she grabbed the head of my cock and held it at the entrance to her juicy fuck hole. I shoved it in as far as I could.

"Oh YESSSSS," Mandy screamed. I licked her neck and sucked on her earlobe as my fingers pinched her pointy nipples and my cock sawed into her tight pussy. She put her hands against the mirror to brace herself for my savage thrusting.

"Ugh Ugh Ugh," she grunted. "Oh Mikey....I'mmmm gonnaaaa cumm....cum with meeeeee." She begged.

"Here it comes!" I hissed as I pounded my cock into this 12-year old girl.

"Yes, Yes, YES, YES," she screamed. "OOOOOOHHHHHH...GODDDDDDD." Mandy's whole body shook as her pussy started to convulse, cum pouring out of her cunt hole and onto the floor.

"OOOHHH SHIT, I'm GONNA CUMMM." I yelled as my entire body tensed up. Mandy quickly grabbed my cock out of her pussy and started stroking it wildly. My spooge started shooting out in big streams. The first several globs hit the mirror, then the wall, and then the floor. Mandy continued to stroke as we both came down off our high. After a minute her hand was covered in my jism. She reached her hand up and licked it clean.

We quickly got our clothes back on, Mandy grabbed the three bras, and we walked out of the cum covered dressing room. As we walked by the last dressing room, we both saw the salesgirl sitting down on the bench with her eyes closed, her pants down around her ankles, and her hand inside her panties. She opened her eyes and smiled at us.

"God...that was fantastic!"

Mandy and I laughed as we walked out of the dressing room area. We headed down the escalator, Mandy paid for her new bras, and we walked out to the car and headed home.

I had early meetings on Wednesday so I got up before Mandy and left for work. I thought about her all day. She was the perfect combination of amazing sexual appetite, well-developed sexual skills, and a fantastic body. I was really beginning to enjoy having her body at my disposal.

I stroked my cock on the drive home, expecting some great fucking that night. But when I walked in the house, Mandy didn't come running in to meet me. I heard the TV on so I walked into the family and found Mandy on the leather couch. She wasn't her normal sexy self...she was looking kinda frumpy in an oversized sweatshirt and some really baggy shorts. She had her legs pulled up against her chest and had her chin resting on her knees. Her eyes stared straight at the TV.

"Why is my pretty little sex goddess looking so glum?" I asked with a laugh. She looked up at me and I could tell she'd been crying. I quickly changed my tone. "What's wrong Sweety?"

"I got a call from my parents today..."

"Is everything okay?" I asked in a concerned voice.

"They are going to be home tomorrow," she explained.

"Isn't that good?" I asked innocently.

"Mike...this is our last night together! I have to go home tomorrow." She started crying again.

"Ohhhh," I said as I sat down next to her and wrapped my arms around her. "It'll be okay, Mandy."

"I'm just gonna miss you, Mike!" Now she really began to sob.

"Oh Sweety...don't cry. If we want to, we can have a fantastic night together," I reassured her as I kissed her on the forehead.

"Are you sure?" She said with a sniffle.

" dry up those tears and give me one of your wonderful kisses. Tonight we can make love as long as you want." I said with a smile.

"Oh thanks Mike," she looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and gave me a long, wet kiss.

"Let's have some fun!" I said excitedly. I pulled Mandy into a standing position in front of me. I reached up and grabbed the waste band of her shorts and quickly pulled them to the ground. I could tell that it had been a rough day for my little vixen...she was still wearing panties. I reached around and squeezed her firm little ass cheeks as I leaned forward and kissed her panty-covered pussy.

"Mmmm...ooh make me so happy..." Mandy purred. I snagged the top of her undies with my teeth and pulled them down to her knees. I then reached up and pulled them the rest of the way off with my hand. Mandy grabbed onto my head and pulled my mouth to her pussy. I got the hint and quickly started giving long licks to her clitoris. "ooooh...I love it when you lick my pussy..."

After a minute or so I started kissing up her body, pushing her sweatshirt up as I went. Once I got up above her belly button, Mandy lifted her arms in the air. I pulled the sweatshirt up and over her head. All that was left was her new bra. I reached around behind her and unclipped it and then pulled it off her shoulders and arms before throwing it onto the leather couch.

Mandy stood in front of me, completely naked. She looked up at me with the look of a helpless little girl in her eyes. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a long hug. She held on to me desperately. I realized she needed some reassurance, so I decided to take the lead. I stepped back slightly, put my hands on both her cheeks, and made her look up into my eyes.

"You are the most beautiful and sexy young woman I know." Her eyes brightened. "You are an amazing lover and I want to have sex with you all night long. I am going to make you cum more times tonight than you can imagine!" Mandy's eyes widened considerably. "Now work your magic and get my body ready to fuck you!" I commanded.

Mandy got a huge smile on her face, dropped quickly down to her knees, and started unbuckling my belt. Quick as a flash, she had my pants and boxers around my ankles and was stroking and sucking on my hardening cock. By the time I had my shirt unbuttoned, Mandy had my dick buried deep in her throat. She was making those wonderful moaning vibrations on my fuck meat as she fondled my big balls with her tiny hands.

After a few more moments of enjoyment, I reached down and pulled Mandy into a standing position and kissed her wetly. I rubbed my hands up and down her soft skin as we kissed, paying special attention to her firm ass. Mandy stopped and pulled her tongue out of my mouth.

"Oh Mike," she hissed, "fuck me now! Put your big dick in my little girl pussy!" Mandy lifted her left leg and put her ankle on my shoulder, doing the full splits, leaving her young cunt open to me.

"Holy Shit! You are so flexible!" I was totally amazed. I reached down, grabbed the base of my 10-inches of fuck meat, and started rubbing the tip all around her pussy. First I lightly caressed her swollen cunt lips and then I rubbed back and forth between her juicy folds, covering my cockhead with her wetness.

"Yesss Mike...mmmmm..." she moaned. "Oh goddddd...oh please...put it in meeeee." I rubbed my cockhead against her clitty a couple times, which made her body shutter, and then I placed the head of my man meat at the entrance to her tight, juicy pussy.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Mandy let out a long groan as I slowly pushed my cock into her waiting pussy. I got about halfway in before pulling back out so just the tip was inside. They I slowly pushed forward again, burying about ? in her wet pussy. "Mmmmmmmm," she moaned. I pulled it out again and then slowly, gently pushed it back inside her welcoming quim until it had gobbled up all ten inches of my throbbing fuck meat. I stayed still for just a minute, letting us both get used to the wonderful feeling.

I reached down with my left thumb and started rubbing her big clit as I began to slowly saw my dick in and out of her juicy pussy. I grabbed a handful of her nice ass while Mandy began pinching and twisting her nipple.

"Oh YES Mike! Fill me full of your big cock....oh god I love it!" Mandy urged me on as juices flowed out of her pussy, onto my dick, and down her leg.

"Come on Mandy...cum for me! Cum for daddy!" I grunted as I began to slam my cock into her naked cunt hole. I dug my fingers harshly into her ass flesh as my thumb rubbed her love button back and forth.

"Ohhh Yesss DADDY!!!! OH GOD YESS!!!!" Her body started shaking uncontrollably. "Here I CUUUMMMM DAAADDDDYYYY! OH OH OH OH OH YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed loud enough to break the windows. Cum gushed from Mandy's convulsing pussy, squirting all over my cock and legs, and on to the floor.

I held her tight and slowed down my thrusting because I didn't want to cum yet. Keeping my cock buried to the hilt, I pulled her left ankle off my shoulder and wrapped it around my body. I reached around her tight ass cheeks and picked her up, clasping my hands together underneath her. Mandy quickly got the hint and reached her right leg up around my body, locking her ankles together. She wrapped her arms around me neck and hugged me tightly. I slowly rocked my hips back and forth, my dick sliding in and out of her pussy.

Still holding her in my arms, I walked outside to the patio. Mandy was still coming down from her orgasm so she didn't realize that we were moving until she felt the warm air.

"Mike?" she asked, "why are we outside?"

"Just continuing our evening of fun..." I replied.

"Where are we goin..." She didn't have time to finished her question before I jumped in the pool. We both went under water and Mandy tried to squirm away. I held her tight because I didn't want my cock to come out of her. We came to the surface, still joined together.

"MIKE!?!?" She gasped. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I wanted to fuck you in the pool," I explained and then kissed her on the lips. Mandy giggled at my statement and then started thrusting her hips in an effort to pick up the pace. I've tried fucking in a pool before, but it never really works. But Mandy's juices were perfect lubrication as my cock glided back and forth into her pre-teen fuck hole. I slowly walked us over to the side of the pool. Mandy leaned back and reached her hands out to either side. I continued to drive my fuck meat into her hot pussy and I leaned my head down and kissed her exposed neck.

"Oooo Mike. Yes...fuck me little pussy," Mandy moaned. Under water, I reached my hand around and started playing with her tight anal pucker.

"Mike?!...ooooo....that naughty....mmmmm," she cooed. I continued thrusting in and out of her fuck hole while I moved down from her neck and started licking and sucking her hard nipples.

Viagra, Scarves, blindfolded, ice, popsicle, whipped cream, hot wax.

I lay there, staring up at the ceiling because I couldn't get to sleep. I had already kicked the sheets off so I was buck naked with my cock still hard as a rock from that Viagra. I looked over at the clock and it was 2:14 in the morning. I had been thinking about all different ways I had fucked Mandy during the last week and I was getting pretty horny again.

I looked over at Mandy. She was sound asleep, just her thong panties on, and laying on her tummy. I watched her back rise and fall with her breathing. She was so beautiful and sexy.

After a couple of minutes just stroking my cock, I got a crazy idea. I slipped out of bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen. I grabbed a long knife out of the butcher block and went back up to my room. I stood in the doorway and watched Mandy sleep. I walked over to the side of the bed and gently caressed her soft hair.

Very carefully, very slowly, I got up on the bed and straddled her ass. Then, I leaned down and put my forearm across her upper back. Then I put the knife right on her cheek and put my face inches from hers.

"Don't fucking move, you little bitch!" I hissed. Mandy's eye bolted open.

"Mike!?!? What are you doing?" Terror filled her eyes.

"That's not my name, you little bitch!" I yelled. "I see you walking around with your short skirts and your tight little fucking tease...I am going to teach you a lesson," I hissed. Mandy began to understand the role-play.

"Oh god don't hurt me," she pleaded.

"It's your choice you little slut! If you scream for help, I'll cut your little body to pieces." I rolled her over so she was on her back.

"Oh please don't rape me!" she begged.

"Shut up, bitch!" I screamed as I slapped her hard across the face. Tiers started streaming from Mandy's eyes. "I'll do whatever the fuck I want!" She sobbed lightly as I ran the tip of the knife down her chest, over her tummy, and down to her panty-covered pussy. "If you don't do exactly what I say, you will pay."

"Oh god no..." she whimpered, "Please don't."

I ran the sharp knife under the band on her panties and pulled up, slicing the fabric. Mandy continued to cry. I slowly moved the knife over to the other side, slid the cold metal against her warm skin, and sliced through the fabric. I wadded up the panties and threw them at her.

"Put those in your mouth!" Hesitantly, she waded them up and forced them into her mouth. I jumped off the bed and pulled a long silk scarf out of my wife's bedside stand. Mandy watched me carefully. I grabbed her hands and pulled them up over her head. I took the scarf and tied it around her wrists and secured it to the headboard.

I stood next my naked little slave and stroked my throbbing cock. I grabbed the base of my dick and started rubbing it all over Mandy's pretty face. Just to humiliate her I slapped her face several times with my man meat. Fear filled her eyes. I reached down and pulled her panties out of her mouth.

"Suck my pole, you little wench." I rubbed my cock over her lips several times but she refused to open her mouth. I quickly reached down and grabbed a clump of her hair and pulled it hard. She opened her mouth to scream but I quickly shoved my cock inside. I grabbed the back of her head and thrust my cock into her mouth. Mandy choked and gasped and gagged involuntarily as she tried to handle the 10 inch slab of meat being driven down her throat. After a few minutes of fucking her mouth, I pulled back to let her recover a little.

"Okay you little slutty girl, now I am going to rape your little pussy!" I said in my most evil voice.

"Oh god! Please don't rape me...oh please, please don't rape me..." she wailed. I got on the bed down at her feet and started caressing her legs gently.

"Let's make this nice and easy little girly," I sang in a sweet tone. She quickly crossed her legs and locked them together at the ankles. I realized she was going to make it difficult.

"C'mon you little up for daddy!" I hissed as I slowly pried her ankles apart.

"Fuck You!" She screamed as she started to squirm. She kicked me hard in the thigh, dangerously close to my balls.

"Okay you little cunt!" I yelled. "Now you're gonna pay!" I reached up and slapped her hard across the face. Her face turned red as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Now open up your pretty little legs!" I shouted.

"NEVER!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I slapped her face three times quickly. Mandy sobbed really hard. While she was still stunned, I quickly pulled her ankles apart and kneeled between her legs.

"Oh please no!" She cried harder. "Please don't rape me!" I looked down at her pussy and it was dripping with juices.

"A little slut like you should love getting raped!" I said as I rubbed my cock and down her juicy slit.

"Oh, Mmmm, Oh.....please.....oh....please don't," Mandy's protests faded as the wonderful feelings overcame her.

"You little fucking slut! You wanna be raped!" I chided her. Mandy's eyes turned red and she started bucking wildly.

"YOU FUCKING PRICK!" She screamed. "GET OFF OF ME!" Mandy cried desperately as she tried to get her hands free. I held her down as I readied my dick at the entrance to her cunt hole.

"Oh god NOOOO, You ASSHOLE! AAAAAHHHH" Mandy screamed at me as I pushed my cock meat halfway into her tight little pussy. Tears streamed from her eyes as I pulled back and rammed my dick all the way into her little, 12-year old pussy. "ARRGHHH!" She grunted.

"How do you like getting raped, you little tease?" I laughed as I held her knees apart and thrust my dick in and out of her.

"oh god no...please stop....oh it hurts...please..." Mandy whimpered softly as I pounded. I was enjoying the power I had over this hot little beauty. My throbbing cock was loving her tightness and I slowly began the climb to orgasm.

"Get ready you little bitch," I chuckled "You're about to get a cunt full of cum!"

"FUCK NO!" She screamed as she renewed her efforts to escape. I just laughed as I continued pounding my dick into her quim. All of a sudden, her right hand slipped out of the scarf tying her to the headboard. She reached up and pounded me on the chest with both hands. I was not expecting it and was thrown to the other side of the bed.

Mandy quickly jumped off the bed and ran for the door. I lunged for her, knocking her down to the ground in the carpeted hallway. She quickly got up and ran down the stairs. I hopped to my feet and ran after her. She darted through the door to the basement and slammed the door closed, slowing me down. Once I made it down to the basement, everything was quiet. I stopped and listened for her breathing.

She wasn't anywhere in the main room so I had to check each of the four small rooms, one by one. My cock stuck out straight in front of me, the excitement of the chase was very arousing.

"Oh Maaaannnddddyyyy," I sang, "Wheeerreee aaarrrreeee yoouuuuuuu?" I stepped into the first room and flicked on the overhead light. It had some workout equipment inside, but nothing to hide behind. I turned out the light and closed the door. "Oh Maaaannnddddyyyy," I sang again as I stepped over to the next room. The bed in that room was pushed up against the wall and the closet was open. "Come heeeeerrreee Mandyyyyyyy," I continued as I went around the pool table and opened the door to the third room, the wine cellar. "No Mandy in here," I sang. As I stepped out and closed that door, Mandy appeared out of the bathroom and ran for the stairs.

She screamed as I ran after her. She beat me to the stairs but I quickly grabbed her ankle, tripping as she ran up the stairs.

"Now I got you, you little cunt!" I grabbed onto her ankle with both hands and pulled her back down the stairs.

"Oh god no!" she screamed as I pulled her down the carpeted stairs...THUNK! THUNK! THUNK! She hit each step on the way down. "Please, please...oh god, stop." She begged.

"But tried to run away," I scolded her.

"I'm sorry...oh please...oh god, I'm sorry..." she pleaded to me. I got her to the bottom of the stairs and then reached down and grabbed a fistful of her soft hair, pulling her to a standing position.

"Okay we have to start over...because you broke the mood." I forced her down to her knees. "NOW SUCK MY COCK!" I screamed. She looked up at me with terror-filled eyes. She opened her mouth a hesitantly took the top of my dick inside. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it all the way down her throat.

"Ugh" she groaned.

"Yeah, baby...that's how to take it down!" I pulled it about halfway out and slammed it back in. Tears streamed down her cheeks as her body convulsed. She reached out her hands and tried to push my hips away but I stayed in control. I spent the next 2 minutes ramming my cock into her mouth and down her throat, my balls slapping her chin with each inward stroke. I pulled my dick out of her mouth.

"Now suck my balls and stroke my cock!" I instructed. Mandy immediately gobbled both of my large balls into her mouth as her tiny right hand stroked up and down my 10 inches of man meat. She was getting me pretty excited, so I had to stop...I really needed to rape her pussy.

I pulled her back into a standing position and turned her around. I pulled both her hands behind her and secured her hands together with the scarf that was still tied to one wrist.

" I'm gonna rape your little pussy!" I snickered as I threw her down onto the pile of pillows in the corner. Before she could lock her legs together I had her on her back with her knees apart. In one move I grabbed my cock, placed it at the entrance to her pussy, and shoved it inside.

"AARRRRGGGGHHHH." Mandy screamed. "Oh god no...please stop..." She was utterly helpless as I rammed my big dick into her wanton cunt. She was tight but her juices made it easy to slip inside. Her cunt squeezed hard on my 10-inch throbbing member. I was getting ready to cum so I reached down and pinched her nipple as I sawed in and out of her little girl pussy. "Oh shit! Oh god! Oh FUCK!" she squealed.

"Cum with me you little cum dumpster!" I urged. "Ugh, ugh, ugh, UGH, UGH." I grunted.

"OMIGOD YESSSSS," Mandy screamed as her whole body started quaking. Her heavenly juices flow from her pulsating pussy, sending me over the edge.

"FUCK YESSSSSSSS," I screamed as I pulled my cock from her pussy and started stroking it hard. I pointed it right at Mandy as cum started flying in spurts and streams. The first couple gobs hit her pussy. I quickly re-aimed my dick and the next several squirts landed on her face, covering it with my man juice. I moved over and kneeled right next to her head. I stroked the last few globs of cum out of my cock and wiped them on her pretty face. Then, for good measure, I slapped my cock across her face a couple times.

Mandy just laid there, humiliated, her faced covered in my cum and her hands tied behind her back. I got up and took a leak and got a drink of water before coming back and kneeling between Mandy's beautiful legs.

"Oh...look at dick's still hard! This Viagra is amazing!" I said with a smile on my face. "What should I do now?" I grabbed the based of my man meat and rubbed it back and forth over her wet pussy. Then I ventured down further and placed it at the puckered entrance to her ass. I smiled broadly as a look of sheer terror flashed across her cum-covered face.

"Oh god no...oh please don't put it in my butt. It's too won't fit...oh god, please don't do it." She was totally hysterical. "Do anything else...just please don't put it in my ass!"

I moved my clockhead away from her anus and rubbed it up and down her juicy pussy slit, which was covered with our mixed cum. I saw a look of relief cross her face, figuring I was going to leave her butt alone. Little did she know I was just lubing up my dick with our juices. I got my dick nice and wet and then ventured back down past her pussy hole to her ass pucker. She quickly realized the trick I had played.

"Oh fuck...oh god no...don't do it...please don't rape my ass..." she started kicking her feet, her body trying to get away. I would not be denied so I quickly got a hold of her ankles and pinned them back next to her ears. I had her folded over like a pretzel and her two holes where positioned for my onslaught. I thought of turning her over so I would have better access, but I wanted to see the look on her face as I shoved my cock deep in her ass.

I jabbed my throbbing fuck meat into her wet quim in order to get some final lubrication. Then I pulled it out and placed my cockhead at the entrance to her nether region.

"Oh god...please don't...oh fuck...not my ass....oh please, please..." she almost hyperventilated she was so hysterical. I slowly applied pressure on her anal pucker but she was doing everything she could to clinch her ass tight. "No No No No NOOOOOOO," She pleaded.

"I'm gonna rape your hot little ass, you bitch!" I sneered. I pushed a little harder and, all of a sudden, her sphincter opened up and my plumb-side cockhead slid inside.

"Uuuuuuugh," Mandy groaned deeply. I let it stay there for just a few seconds and then pushed some more. "Omigod NO...oh my ass!" she squealed as she took short little breaths. The look on her face let me know she was truly scared. I pushed forward again so now about 1/3 of my 10 inches of fuck meat was inside this little pre-teen's ass. I pulled my dick all the way out to let Mandy catch her I wanted more lubrication. I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy slit, gathering up gobs our of cum mixture. I put my cock back at the entrance to her bung hole.

"Oh stop! Not again! Oh please don't." Mandy wailed. I pushed my cock inside her ass firmly, sinking back in to about 1/3 depth. "Oh shit...oh please...oh stop...goddddd!" I was getting a little tired of her pleading so I pulled my hips back so just the tip of my dick was inside of her and then I brutally thrust forward, burying my entire 10 inches inside of Mandy's tight little 12-year old ass.

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," she screamed as her body shook like crazy. All of a sudden, cum started shooting out of her pussy! I couldn't believe it. Driving my cock into her ass made little Mandy cum! Gob after gob of her girl juice shot out of her empty pussy. It hit me on the chest and my cheek. Squirts also made it up to her titties as well as her face. I was so shocked that I forgot that my dick was in her ass. As her body continued to shake, I realized that I had a great opportunity.

I pulled my cock all the way out of her ass and then shoved it back in as hard as I could, my ball sack slapping her ass cheeks.

"Oh GODDDDD!" She screamed. Her ass gripped my dick like a vice. Again I pulled it all the way out of her butt before slamming it back in. "Ugh" she grunted. The feeling was fantastic as I began to saw my 10 incher in and out of her fantastic butt hole. "Oh Oh Oh OH," she grunted with each thrust. I pounded harder, wanting her to cum again.

"Cum you little me you love my cock in your ass!" I screamed at her as my dick disappeared into her bung hole.

"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!" her asshole started convulsing around my cock as her body began to shake. "IIIIMMMMMMMMMM CUUUUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNGGGG," Mandy screamed as wave after wave of orgasm overcame her young body for the second time in less than 2 minutes. I kept pistoning my cock in and out of her body as I tried to hang on for the ride. Once again her pussy shot out jets of sticky cum all over our bodies.

After watching my little fuck slave cum twice, I was ready to hit my climax. So I pulled my cock out of her butt and flipped her body over on her knees. Her hands were still tied behind her, so I just shoved her face down into the pillows. She was still a little delirious from her series of orgasms, so I just kneeled in behind her, rubbed my dick on her pussy for more lubrication, and slowly sunk the head of my dick into her newly deflowered ass.

"Mmmmm," Mandy moaned. Clearly she was having a little too much fun.

"Sounds like you enjoy having my cock up your ass!" I sneered. "Let's see how much you like this!" I smacked her hard on the ass.

"Ouch!" She yelped into the pillows. I reached forward, grabbed two clumps of her soft hair and pulled it hard as I thrust my cock into her tight anus. "OWWWEEEEEEEE..." She screamed. I pulled it out and thrust back in her well lubed ass. "Ugh," she groaned.

Fucking her tight ass doggy style was fantastic. It was so tight and so warm. I can't believe I didn't do this before. I promptly started a steady rhythm. I would yank her hair as I drove my cock into her hot butt hole and then slap her ass cheek really hard with my right hand. Then I would pull my fuck meat back out and start the process over again.

"Oh god stop," she begged. " hurts so baaaaaddddddd." I reached down and untied her hands.

"Rub your clitty!" I commanded. Mandy quickly reached a hand down between her legs and starting fondling her big clitoris. I could feel myself getting near climax so I let go of her hair and grabbed both of her hips, digging my fingertips into her soft flesh, and I started pounding hard. My throbbing cock sawed in and out of her hot little ass as our skin slapped together.

"C'mon you little whore, tell me how much you like it!"

"Oh Yes! Rape my ass!" She responded, sobbing uncontrollably. "God Yes...Fuck my little girl ass!"

My body starting tingling and I could feel my muscles tense up.

"Oh god, oh GOD, OH GOD," Mandy's hand rubbed her pussy furiously as her body began to shake. "I'm cuuuummmmmmmiiiinnnngggggg AGGGGAIINNNN!!!!!!!!!!!" Her whole body was spasming and convulsing as a huge orgasm came over her, cum gushing from her pussy. I leaned over and put all my weight on top of her, shoving her face back into the pillows and driving her hips into the floor. "UUUUGH" She groaned loudly.

Now that she was flat on her tummy, her ass tightened considerably around my dick. "Here it comes you little slut!" I yelled as I savagely raped her little 12-year old ass. "Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh," I grunted as my head started spinning. "AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH," I screamed as I made one final, brutal thrust, driving my 10 inches of cock meat into her tight butt. Jet after jet of jism spewed from my dick into her tight hole. I laid on top of my naked little vixen as my cock emptied itself into her ass. After I was done, I rolled off to the side, lying on my back as my dick finally began to deflate.

Mandy lay face down, sobbing into the pillows. My fuck juice overflowed from her still open asshole and the pillows were drenched with pussy juice from her multiple orgasms. After about twenty minutes, I realized that she had finally cried herself to sleep.

I just lay on my back and smiled.

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