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Chapter 7

The rest of the class time went smoothly with no surprises, Jenn went through the syllabus, videos on proper lab conduct, assigning them lab partners with Erick partnering him up with Elizabeth much to the former’s content and released them early. Staying behind Erick waited for her to finish talking with all the students.

After they left she peaked out seeing no one around she turned to him saying, “ listen no hard feelings, but, I could lose my job if it was found out what happened between us, could keep it quiet please and I promise I’ll do anything for you afterwards”

“Calm down it’s cool you know we just had fun together it really wasn’t anything that serious, it’s OUR secret and no you don’t have to do anything for me to keep me quiet you did enough of that already” he replied with a smile.

She smiled at him as he walked past her going to the hallway. He went to the cafeteria a rather large building with multiple table arranged around in no order in particular, a few booth next to the large windows which lets the sun illuminate the room. He got in the sandwich line, made his order spotting Elizabeth sitting alone in a nearby table he walked toward her.

“Anyone sitting here” he said pointing to the empty seat

Looking up she shook her head no clearing space for him to set his tray. She was wearing a black cropped tube top, covered by a coral blue lace knitting patterned sweater, ending with a white three layered skirt and flip-flops. Her hair cascaded on her back with a single braid to the side her rosy thing lips shinning with her smile. As they sat there chatting he learned a few things from her. Elizabeth lived nearby and at eighteen was two years younger than him, she wanted to become a biochemistry major work in the laboratory making medicine work Erick himself was not interested in, after the talk they each went their own separate ways.

Since it was a nice day Erick decided to go to the pool, he quickly went to his dorm changed, then to the pool he went. A short walk later he was there, the pool was large with the maximum depth being seven feet deep. About forty feet from it was a beach volleyball court where he saw some women playing in their tight bikinis. One of them in particular caught his attention she was above average at 5’7” had a toned golden body, with legs reaching to Mt Rushmore a tiny ass, cute breasts that bounced up every time she jumped along with her shoulder length blonde hair.

“You said you had your powers back right” he asked Bella

“Yes, so the you want the blonde, nice choice give me a second” a reply followed

Twenty second or so passed before the blonde turned around to where he was standing completely oblivious to the game going on.

She jogged towards him, gave him a hug and said “Hey Erick I didn’t know you were going to be here.”

Flustered he stammered, “Yeah, I had some free time today,”

“What’s going on?” he demanded Bella

“You wanted to get in her bikini right, so I made it so that you’re her friend” she answered “by the way, her name is Taylor”

Understanding the situation he hugged her back Taylor smiled at him showing her diamond shaped face, dainty cleft chin, a narrow nose leading to her light blue eyes.

“You up for a game?” she asked

He nodded removing his shirt showing he near perfect body, she checked him out gazing slowly at his muscles and biting her lower lip. At the first serve Erick noticed something else had changed within him, he now had coordination with his extremities, making the game, and the ones that followed, a one sided affair with the both of them winning easily.

The first part of their exercise being done Erick now wanted her in his room. With Bella’s help he made Taylor want him, in a rush they gathered their stuffs and went to his dorm. Locking the door behind the he reached behind her and unmade her top exposing her perky b-cups tits, as per instruction Bella raise her arousal when he was removing her bottom and in the most literal sense the dam broke as copious amount of juice flowed down her legs. In a flash Erick was naked, on top of her, ready to pound and he did just that. He kissed her neck enjoying its salty flavor due to the sweat, biting her nipples watching her flush, shake from a powerful orgasm.

He got off her admiring his work, a few minutes later she moseyed on passed him retrieved a beach bag pulled out a small bottle and smiled.

“This is a lube, I want you to fuck my ass” she said as she added a generous amount on his dick, she got on the bed doggy style with her asshole pointed up. Erick moved closer smacking her cheek, grabbing her hips he slowly made his way in. Bit by bit he fed her his prick into her nether hole, till he was buried to the hilt pulling out to the tip and smashed back in.

Cries escaped her lips as his dick kept on pumping her gaining speed with each passing minute. Her asshole was tight being pulled out and pushed in by his cock, in order to make things more interesting he continued to slap her ass till it was red and radiating heat. The sex was animalistic only physical pleasure could be gained from both parties, thus Erick continued until he came in her ass feeling her shake as her second orgasm came around. When he removed his prick from her hole he heard a plop, suddenly with the drop of a dime Taylor came around putting it in her mouth. They continued fucking for hours, thanks to Bella who maintained their arousal along with their stamina.

“Another sheet to wash, at this rate imma have to wash at least one everyday” he told Bella half an hour after Taylor had left.

“Sounds like very personal problem you have there” was her only answer

“Today was good and thanks for your help”

“No problem, there’s something that bothers me though”

“What?” he asked

“When trying to control Taylor I found it slightly more difficult for her compared to Jenn”

Thinking about it for a while he replied “When you controlled Jenn she was drinking and down to fuck, while Taylor was playing sports and not DTF at the time”

“Makes sense”

“Something is bothering me now, how come I can‘t read people‘s mind after the ‘change’ took place” Erick said

“It seems the ‘change’ reset everything for you and unlocked most of my power” she explained

“Mmmhhmm okay, Good night” with that he slept soundly.

The next week followed Monday’s pattern with class first, which for some reason Jenn seemed to be deliberately avoiding to meet him one-on-one whether it be at her office hours or in the hall way, not wanting to disturbed her anymore Erick talked to her only in class. Afterwards is what can be described as his favorite section of the day lunch/study/chatting time with Elizabeth. Who proved to be a tough nut to crack because of her shyness, then was the marathon fuck session with Taylor, which usually lasted most of the day, because of Bella he really didn’t have to study having the highest grade in the class.

Saturday came by having no plan he decided he would visit Manhattan this time he would go to the Toys R Us. He left the campus at lunchtime taking the bus all the way down to the closest subway, as Jenn showed him. Getting out of the bus stop, he saw a beauty. She black was on the short side wearing a cropped shirt exposing her tight belly, which also restricted her rack, blue low rise jeans encased her nice ass, she had a heart shaped face, hazel eyes a cute nose with a small mouth with thick lips and long hair reaching her lower back.

“I want her” he exclaimed

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, she’s involved with the wrong kind of people” Bella warned him

“Ehh, what could possibly go wrong?” he said completely ignoring her.

Working her magic Bella made the ebony nymph come their way, she presented herself as Shara through Bella’s perseverance she brought Erick to her apartment. She undressed herself showing her smooth hairless pussy. He sat on her sofa beckoning her she sashayed towards him, pinching her erect nipples kneeling in front of him she opened his zippers grabbed his hard cock gasping at its size, he smiled at her reaction put his hand at the back of her head pushing it, She received the message and went down on him.

She bobbed her head expertly taking care of six inches of his shaft, Erick pushed her head down forcing her to take the last two inches, in turn gagging her. He loved the feeling of his dick deep in her throat as spit dribbled down his balls, grabbing her head with both hand he fucked it depositing his cum down her chute.

“What the fuck was that?” she blurted while gagging

“A blow job” he explained

“Mother fucker you lucky you got a nice piece, if not I would have stabbed your ass”

All of a sudden the front door opened two men, both black, muscular, wielding baseball bats with an angry look on their faces came in.

“Bitch who the hell is this nigga” asked one, as Erick was trying to pull his pants up.

“Rick it’s not what you think, he‘s just a friend I met at the station” Shara answered

“You must think I‘m stupid. you‘re naked he just pulled up his pants when I walked in” Rick yelled

“Run to the room on the left, you will find the fire escape by the window,” Bella told Erick

Knowing what was going to happen next he ran to the room went through the window down the fire escape before Rick or his buddy had time to catch him. Down on the street Erick was walking acting as normal possible that was until he heard.

“Hey catch that nigga” looking around he saw various men moving in his location he started running.

“No point in running I own these streets bitch, imma find your ass” he heard Rick say.

“Take a left here, right there, go straight, cut here…” Bella saying instructing him to the subway being chased by twenty men.

He jumped the turnstile “this one, go in it” he heard her say about the approaching train. He got in the door closed and off he went.

“That was fun,” he told

“I told your dumbass no, do you listen nope” Bella exclaimed.

“Yeah, yeah I know, you were right, so where we going” he asked her

“This train leads to central park take it, we could hide there for a few” she retorted

“Since when were you a NYC traveling expert?” he demanded

“The day you were about to get your ass clobbered” she replied venomously

Not wanting to have this right now he silently looked outside as he could feel her fume in his head. He got out of the subway and saw the park. Central looked out of place surrounded by the skyscrapers was a garden seemingly untouched as trees towered, flowers flourished, people basking in its never ending grass, he sat in a semi secluded spot where it was less crowded and laid in the shade.

“Bella” he waited and no answer

“C’mon you can’t be pissed forever” he added still no response came, seeing he could do nothing more he took a nap tired by the excitement of the day. He jumped awake when a squirrel grazed his body looking around he saw the sun had already set, he got up and made his way to the subway.

“Serves you right,” Bella said

“I’m sorry for this morning” was his answer

“And” she replied sternly

“For letting my dick thing instead of my head, for putting us in danger”

“I guess I can let it go” a sense of happiness and forgiveness engulfed Erick when she said that.

While they walked in the park, someone appear behind him and CRACK hit him in the back of the head with a bat.

He fell to the ground dizzy “Watch out” with that warning he rolled to right avoiding being stomped on.

Erick struggled but somehow got up and watched the face of his assailant in fear.

“Rick, but how” he asked

“You thought you got away, I only had to find what train you took take the same one, and your dumb self didn’t even move from here” saying that Erick saw his henchmen surrounding him he counted twenty of them.

“So you know anyway to get out of this,” he asked Bella

“You could learn martial arts,” she answered

“Seriously, that’s all you have, I’m fucked than”

He saw one of the henchmen charging him with a bat over his head and was about to bring it down. Erick took half a step towards him brought his arms up wrapped them around the bat while simultaneously elbowing him in the nose causing him to let go of the bat. Erick grabbed the bat with both hands at the hilt like a sword and waited for them to attack.

He might have looked cool on the outside but on the inside he was a confused wreck, he asked Bella “What are you doing”

“Nothing I have no clue why you‘re holding the bat like that. Behind you” she told him

Without thinking about it he turned around moved his left hand to the middle of the bat parried the blow and kicked the henchmen in the stomach.

“Get him you pussies,” Rick yelled

They charged, they failed, and they suffered. Surrounding him they attacked him together, with Bella’s help Erick was able to predict their attacks effectively

Rick the only one left standing looked in disbelief as his crew fell one by one. He pulled out a hunting knife, knees shaking the smell of fear oozed out of his body

“He‘s scared as hell” Erick told Bella

“You did annihilate his crew in a matter of minute, c’mon we got this” she replied

“No, don’t get involved , I’ll end it mano y mano” he said, crouching subconsciously moving his left hand forward in a horizontal position and his right hand, holding the bat, low ready to counter.

“What’s with this sudden male pride of yours”

“If I can‘t take care of him by myself than I am worse than him.” he explained placing his left foot in front.

“All right you better win”

Adrenaline pumping through his veins, Erick waited for him to make the first move, he did arching the knife over his head bringing it down with two hands. Erick raised his left forearm up intercepting it, he crouched down twisting his body he hit Rick to his exposed side at full force. He bent over in pain, seizing the moment Erick kneed him to the face breaking his nose, Rick fell to the ground in pain, his status two broken ribs with a side of crooked nose.

Walking next to him Erick told him “Don’t ever lemme see your face again, unless I ask for it” scribbling on a piece of paper he gave it to him saying “this is my number text me yours ASAP, also don‘t you dare lay a hand on Shara she‘s mine.” after he said that he walked away.

“You never learn do you, wanting to fuck her again,” Bella said reprimanding him

“Well this time I got the situation under control” he said cockily, “also…”

“When Rick and his buddy came in the house I quickly scanned Rick’s brain finding the fastest way out of there.”

“So why did you have me fight like medieval warrior, couldn’t I be like the Karate Kid I’d ‘wipe on and wipe off’ all night long” he exclaimed moving his arms in an exaggerated manner.

“Like I told you I did nothing, for some reason you used the bat like a sword and your left arm like its holding a shield. I found that very strange”

“Does it matter we won, we make a pretty good team you and I. Now we have to worry about his goons coming after us now, since he is a big shot”

“No, this was his whole gang you beat up, he’s so small that cops don’t bother with him”

“Really, when did you learn this” he asked her

“This morning when I scanned him, although expect them to find us in the park, although I didn‘t expect him to chase us in the park” she said nonchalantly

“Why did I have to go through all this shit than”

“To teach you that I’m the brain, you’re the muscle, and no matter the situation muscle should always listen to brain, if not then it may stay limp” she threatened

“Bella you’re joking right” he added worryingly.

She did not respond, however, at the end of this day both became better friends growing their ever-expanding relationship.
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