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Secon part of adventures, seeing through my eyes
My friend’s adventures, now seen through my eyes

Sorry for bad English, not my native language

Brief summary of the first part. Kadri felt at 11-year old, that her passion is exhibitionism. She was cautious at first, but then more and more daring in her exhibitionism adventures. She was naked at the beach of the lake in front of almost hundred people, then took shower with boys. Her football coach noticed Kadri’s habits and proposed her to take shower with him. Then Kadri got first sex experience at 12. After that she also tried winter nudism, being almost four hours outside and meeting fisherman at icy lake.
I met Kadri first time in the summer, when she already was 13. She was hitchhiking, I picked her up and she traveled with me about 90 kilometres. This time about one hour was enough to get know everything about her preferences and favourite behaviour.
Kadri was not talkative at the beginning of this not long journey. But then she suddenly noticed sticker on my car’s dashboard. On this sticker was a logo of the Nudist City, Cap d’Agde in Southern France. And Kadri asked: „What an interesting sticker you have here! Have you really been in nudist resort?“
I explained that I really have visited four times Cap d’Agde and described a little bit this place. „There is also much of girls of your age, but only few girls aged 15 to 18. I even don’t know, why older teens anymore don’t dare to go nudist resort. But why you asked? Are you interested of nudism?“
Then I heard, what you already know from first part and here above is also summary. But also for me was very interesting to hear her conclusions and hesitations about all this matter. And obviously I was somehow stunned to get to know about girl’s exhibitionism, which is usually very rare phenomenon.
Kadri gathered more and more courage and after some time she told openly of her sexual experiences. „Which is the most weird, that I never feel a shame, when I have sex with older men and not about being naked in public place. Really, no shame, only fun and excitement! But do you understand, that I feel the shame, because I don’t feel the shame?“
I understood. Kadri really enjoyed being naked and also having sex. She had become even sex addict in such a young age. She told, that after having much sex with her coach she had an obsession to find more and more partners. She itself proposed sex to several men and usually they not rejected, only few men were resolute, that they never have sex with underage person. Maybe some of them afraid to break the law, others were of high moral character.
Also Kadri was very astonished about her naked walks in winter. „Do you understand, if I will go at minus temperatures outside in T-shirt, shorts and shoes, then I quickly feel the cold and want to return immediately inside. But when I go naked, then I don’t feel the cold, maybe only a little bit. Even bare feet are sore not much. I tried it several times and if I met men on my winter walk, I immediately forgot about whole situation. Like there was no winter, no minus degrees. I can’t explain, how sexual excitement can be so powerful, that it completely eliminates the feeling of cold? Thinking of it even scares me,“ she told.
I really couldn’t explain this. Because I am also nudist and maybe exhibitionist, I have tried sometimes winter nudism. Maybe I withstand cold more than usual people, but for example at -5 (23 F) about hour and certainly wearing boots, gloves and ski hat. But Kadri told, that one quite cold day in March (sun was shining, but temperature not warmer than -2-3) she joined one group of hikers and spent more than 9 hours (!!!!) with them, having also sex.
„You don’t believe?“ Kadri asked.
„Why not,“ I said, but frankly I doubted.
„Six people can prove this,“ said Kadri. „I started at 9.30 a.m., when temperature was even colder, about -8 and met hikers after twenty minutes. I joined them, ate lunch with them, we made a campfire and I returned to place, where I hid my clothes at 6.40 p.m, some minutes before sunset. And sometimes even at summer I don’t feel itself so warm, than at this particular day. No problem at all, no sore feet! Isn’t this scary?“
Yes, it was scary, if she told truth. But now was summer and naturally I proposed her to took a short walk in forest, both naked. Kadri said, she have no time now. „But when you will drive me back to city day after tomorrow, then I have more time during the journey,“ she proposed.
Obviously I found the time to pick up her again after two days and we stopped near hiking trail and covered it naked. Maybe Kadri wanted hold itself back and not have sex also with me, but she couldn’t. Seeing my hard cock, she broke immediately. After that we met many times in summer and I was surprised, how skillful and experienced she was in sex at age of 13. She was able to do everything – anal sex, handjob, blowjob, she was ecstatic about cumming on face, she swallowed sperm with extraordinary pleasure. Yes, she was perfect sex addict.
When Kadri was only sixth woman, whom I was sexually involved (at my age 29), then she couldn’t even count her partners. „Maybe about 70-80,“ she considered.
„And how much men have seen you naked?“
„Maybe ten times more,“ she answered and saying that, her expression was unconcerned and indifferent. Numbers were not important to her.
But then she added: „Inside I do not approve my behavior. At school I try always be a good student and decent girl. At the beginning of the last school year I started with sexual experiences, but my marks in school are not gone worse, teachers consider me a nice girl, usually they only praise my behavior and even makes me a role model in order to teach lazy pupils. Everyone should be as careful and a decent as Kadri,“ laughed she, referring words of the class teacher.
After some time I told about possibilities of new exhibitionism experiences for her. „You have experienced not too much, you can do number of other things,“ I explained. „By the way, I made a list for you. Maybe you read this and will say me, what you can or want to do.“
In this list was:
1) naked shopping
2) naked at dinner
3) naked at spa or gym
4) naked bus or train ride
5) naked hitchhiking (also in winter)
6) naked at crowded market
7) left naked at town centre and then spending all day without clothes
8) starting day naked at one town and going to another, using any transport
9) same as previous in winter
10) naked at church
Kadri read this list, shaked many time her head, sometimes laughing and saying then: „I have imagined to do some of these things already, but practically have not done yet.“ She was quite calm, but said: „The problem is, that somebody can recognize me. Our country is not so large, that somebody familiar can’t be in whatever place.“
Slightly I was surprised, that all these activities made not her horny or something like this, but instead of she thought about my proposal rather rationally. „Shopping is OK, I hope. But security guards are working in Supermarkets. It is possible, they simply don’t let me buy goods. And the next thing is publicity. Somebody will took my photo and will send this to tabloid. Media can create a fascinating story. But on the other hand it would be interesting to try everything,“ she concluded.
„In every place I can accompany you. Also when I left you naked at town centre, I can follow you from distance. But have to remain impression that you're alone and no one is forcing you to go naked, but all is voluntary. If the police will gonna catch you, for this possibilty must be figured out some kind of story, but not pointing to me,“ I explained.
„I hope I can survive,“ said Kadri. „This promises to be interesting. Obviously most of these things I can do only far from my home city. Summer is soon over and I will again go to school. We have to start quickly to accomplish most of this list.“
„It means you agree?“
„Yep. The thrill again won the fear.“
After three days we met and I drove her 140 km from home city, but also to quite big town, which had remarkable Supermarket, including 52 different shops and some cafes and restaurants. That was the place, where Kadri was due to start her new adventures. Because it was my idea, I gave her about 60 euros, which she put into a small purse, which was attached to the wrist band. That was enough to buy some products, sandals and some stuff, which she need for school.
At the way to the Supermarket she already took her clothes off. Her behavior didn’t show any nervousness or anxiety. „This Supermarket is really big. Why you chose that?“ I asked.
„Now I can buy all necessary things for your money,“ she laughed.
When I stopped the car in a parking lot of the Supermarket, Kadri immediately left and walked towards front door. I followed a minute later, but I can tell also, what I didn’t see in this adventure, because Kadri described the most interesting situations.
„Young lady, didn’t you forget anything,“ asked one about 40-year woman ironically, when Kadri entered through main door. „No,“ said Kadri only and continued walking. She went at first to the food store. It was very strange, that security guard was standing there and looking blankly and seemed tired, he even didn’t notice, how Kadri took cart and walked inside the store. Only one woman shouted: „Oh, my God, the world has gone crazy!“ But she didn’t approach to the security guard and Kadri could continue to look products undisturbed.
I was already inside the store and looked how Kadri very calmly put some products into the cart and very slowly moved between stalls. That was her plan, she told: try to show, that everything is OK, that she really came naked to the store, because she consider it normal.
And I can confirm, that plan worked. Then finally one store employee turned towards Kadri and asked: „Has something happened to you, or you really wanted to come naked here?“
„I feel more comfortable without clothes, therefore if it is not illegal, I don’t see any problems,“ said Kadri.
„I also don’t see a problem, but anyway I was curious, because nobody will do it just like that. I thought, you had some reason to come naked,“ said woman and left. Kadri put some more products into the cart and walked to the cashier. When she stood and was ready to pay for her shopping, security guard at last saw her. But he was well-mannered, let Kadri to pay and when she put goods on bag, approached to naked girl.
„Young lady, I can’t accept, that you are naked here in public place. This is not a beach,“ he said.
„Is it illegal?“ asked Kadri.
„Oh, I even don’t know. Anyway, I have no intention to penalize you, but you must leave immediately,“ he said.
„But I already finished my shopping,“ said Kadri and walked away. At this moment I watched the security guard and he really became speechless. He would have wished to run towards Kadri and to say something more, but instead of stood motionless.
Kadri didn’t turn to the main door, but instead of stepped to the escalator and went to the second floor shoe store. There was less people on the second floor, because only food store was crowded. But shoe store was in far side of the corridor and Kadri met some people.
Two boys were laughing very loudly, seeing Kadri, and they stared her behind. „What she is doing here,“ one asked from other. „Gone mad or what?“
„You didn’t like the view?“ asked other.
„Why not? But anyway, this can’t be serious.“
„But see, she is turning to the shoe store.“
„Oh yes, maybe she have a bet, that will go to the supermarket, will buy all clothes and then will leave from here dressed.“
At same time Kadri entered to the shoe store, where two sellers were waiting for customers. Only one man was inside the store, looking sports shoes and didn’t notice naked girl coming. Kadri looked around, looking sandals, when salesperson, as nothing special happened, turned to Kadri and asked: „Young lady, what I can offer for you?“
„I am looking for sandals,“ said Kadri.
„Here,“ showed vendor and asked: „What is your foot number?“
„36,“ said Kadri. She was pleased, that here nobody pointed to her nudity.
Kadri tried three different types of sandal brands. Finally she picked nice brown-coloured sandals and paid for them. „Thanks, you are welcome here,“ said salesperson only.
Because now I was also in store and watching Kadri to leave, I heard conversation of two sellers.
„It was difficult to remain calm, but I did my job, like everything would have been normal. Brave girl, she didn’t show any signs of nervousness.“
„How old she was, you think. Quite young seemed.“
„Maybe 13 or 14. But I appreciate her decision to come naked.“
Kadri had now left to buy only some school stuff, but she started to enjoy her status now. She entered several shops, but didn’t buy anything. She was talking to some people and took maximum advantage of the situation.
One woman asked Kadri: „I saw you almost an hour ago, and you are still here?“
„I am looking some stuff to buy. Not decided yet,“ said Kadri.
„You really don’t worry about your nudity?“
„No, I don’t even think about this, when shopping here. Honestly, I really feel comfortable without clothes. And I will still look around here.“
„But don’t you afraid, that somebody has already called to police,“ asked woman.
„I don’t think so,“ said Kadri. „People are nice here.“
I realized, that Kadri don’t want to leave yet. But I was starving already and wanted to go some place to eat. I approached to Kadri and quickly told to her, not to showing, that we know each other, that I am going to eat and asked, that if she wants to stay, I will return about an hour. „Yes, you can go, I have much to do here,“ she said quickly. „But please, take my products and sandals, then I can walk emptyhanded, will be easier.“
I took her bags and let Kadri to look around more time. She was clearly pleased. Later she entered also to the toy store. There were some children with mothers and one woman got angry: „What you are doing here. I saw you in clothes shop, where is your right place. But why you came here do scare children?“
„I am also child. Why I can’t look in toy store, if I am only 13,“ said Kadri. Finally she bought small soft rabbit and left from toy store. More and more people were coming to the shopping centre and Kadri felt herself privileged. She again forgot about time and when I returned, she were not still bought school stuff. Instead of she went second time to the shoe store, where seller was now more surprised: „Young lady, you came back, is something wrong?“
„No, these sandals suited me well. I only wanted to look one more time here, maybe coming back some day,“ Kadri said.
„You were all the time here, in shopping centre? It is almost one and a half hour passed, when you bought here sandals.“
„Yes,“ said Kadri. „Very nice shops are here.“
„Glad to see, you like our shopping centre. Did you enjoyed really?“
„Yeah, really.“
„And you like to be naked?“
Kadri laughed: „Being without clothes is more natural. And shopping also. I had great time here.“
Soon Kadri bought her last things from school store and finally left shopping centre. „I even don’t know, why it felt so good,“ she said, sitting in the car.
Will be continued.

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