A lost spirit reinacts his intimate life on new inhabitants.
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Excerpt: Starts off depressing, then gets very erotic, then ends humorously.

Contents: Prologue, Chapter 1, 2, & 3

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It was a lonely trip back from the graveyard. Justin Rivers had buried the only love he ever knew. Hope, his wife of 50 years, had left him to contend with the changing world around him and the times that continued, no matter how hard he tried, to become more and more unfamiliar to him.

He threw his black jacket on the banister rail, planning to store it back in the closet later, and headed for the kitchen. There, he reached between the oven and the wall and grabbed the lever. With some effort, he turned off the gas. With that done, he headed to the finished basement. Passing the Jacuzzi he had installed, he remembered the many romps he and his wife had in that thing. Making his way to the fuse box, he turned the main breaker off.

After that, he headed back upstairs to his recliner. The very same place he’d spent many an evenings with his beloved watching game shows and eating snacks she had made them.

The clock on the mantle ticked time by the second and he became acutely aware of its sound. He remembered not hearing it before as his mind was focused on living. Her laughter and pouts, air kisses and hugs, all muted the passing of time. But now, it mocked him in his chair, reminding him of his neglect in noticing the passing of days.

He didn’t have to sit there in silence and tolerate the torment of time. Instead, he had another alternative and rose to change his condition. He passed the mantle on his way and dropped a letter on it. Out of spite, he punched the ticking nuisance.
A crooked smile crossed his lips after hearing the clock go silent. He grabbed his coat and bounded up the stairs to seek his only alternative.

He passed his daughter’s old bedroom that reminded him of her life’s journey. She’d married a lawyer she’d met in college and both lived in New York chasing their dreams. She was at the funeral of her mother’s but stayed busy with old friends still in town. She left for the airport after the funeral to pick up her life with her husband. He sighed with the realization that Annette had her own life to live and didn’t need daddy anymore.
He passed a picture mounted on the wall of the three of them in the amusement park. Hope with a shit eating grin on her face and he with a look of surprise. Innocent Annette was standing in the front, not realizing her mother had just pinched his ass. His daughter had asked on many occasions what was going on back there. But both had told her it was for them to know and hers to keep on guessing.

He headed into the bedroom where many romantic nights took place. The blackened wood on the top of the dresser stood out from when a candle burned too long. The hours spent with his beloved that night forgave the neglect of its flame. That mark stood for more than it was; a blemish on a perfectly good dresser. It stood for caring, passion, and lust filled with love and much more.

Placing his coat on a hanger, he swapped it for a case on the shelf. Walking back to the bed filled with memories, he tossed it on the bedcovers. Taking a seat beside it, he unlatched the two clips holding it closed. Flipping the lid back, he revealed the option he had chosen to fight the pains of his memory.

His aging fingers quivered over the metal and felt the cold from its barrel. A clip on the side held the tool he would use that would make his life all the better. He picked it up first just to study it and noticed the hollow center. They were designed to split apart, keeping it from traveling beyond the target. He grabbed the handle and fed the tool in the shaft, hearing it click in place.
Oh, his daughter would be upset at first but she knew the love they shared. She’d witnessed him holding Hope’s hand when they walked or the cuddling they did in public. Surely she wouldn’t expect him to go on without the love of her mother. She would simply have to understand, a love like that is forever.
He didn’t want to be anyone’s burden and had given it hours of thought. He rose from the bed frame he’d deflowered his love on and turned towards the mirror on the door. It showed the elderly man at his worst with sunken eyes and wrinkly skin.

No longer the young man he once was when he first took his love but he remembered it in vivid detail. “You have to.” she said, when he hesitated in fear, not wanting to hurt his love. “I know” he replied, and swallowed his worry, and placed his manhood on her sex. He was gathering up his courage when Hope thrust her hips at him. His heart sank when he saw the drop of blood trickle past his shaft. The grimace on her face put one on his own and he mouthed, “I’m sorry” at her. She sucked in air and reassured him, “It’s ok Justin, it’s supposed to hurt a little.” which he already knew but it bothered him just the same.

Yes, there was a time when he was trim with muscles to match any other man. He’d said so many times in the past, “Hope didn’t marry a fat slob.” and kept himself physically in shape, to keep her with a decent-looking man. But he didn’t know that it would lead to outliving his love and suffer her absence every minute of the day. If he had his rather, he’d have died in her stead. But all of that was hindsight and it didn’t do any good right now.

He was going to make it right and headed to the bathroom to do it. The picture on the nightstand stopped him and he stood staring at it for a while. Hope’s smile looked back at him as if saying things will be ok. She looked so happy when that was taken on Annette’s graduation day. He picked it up and took it with him, still staring at it while he walked.

She died of a broken heart he was told, some fancy name the doctors gave it. Myocardial infarction made his head hurt thinking of it but a heart that couldn’t be mended none the less. She went so quick he didn’t have time to tell her he loved her one last time and kicked himself every day since then for not thinking of it quickly enough.

The expressions on her face still haunted him at night, first curiosity as she clutched herself and then realization of its seriousness. Horror was the last he saw before her life gave out. He was too busy asking her what was wrong and giving her his own look of horror. He clutched himself like she had and shook his fist in the air. The memory played in his mind’s eye, forcing a scream at an uncaring God.

He laid his weapon and picture on the edge of the tub and tore his shirt from his chest. Buttons flew and ricocheted in the tub but he didn’t give them a thought. He stripped himself naked and climbed in the tub, grabbing the picture before it could fall.

Sitting down, he let out a sigh and stared again at the photo. Using his toes, he flipped the lever that would stop the water from escaping. On to the faucets, he turned those both on and waited while the tub filled with water.

The preacher at the church taught that if you killed yourself, you couldn’t get in to heaven. He didn’t give a damn about any of that; God could keep it for all he cared. All he did care about was his beautiful Hope and the love he had for her still. He would climb out of any pit in Hell or jump over golden gates in Heaven if it meant being with his love once again.

He had to smile at those thoughts he had and the photo helped him do it. Her smile was so contagious with him and he always smiled looking at it. He didn’t know when he’d started crying but a drop landed on her left cheek. Aggravated at the sight of it, he wiped it off with his forearm.

Water had risen up over his crotch and lapped at his gray pubic hair. It was almost time to end this misery he was soaking in. Using his toes one more time, he turned off each of the faucets. This was going to take some thought on what he had planned to do. Angle and trajectory among other considerations would have to be contemplated over.

But settling back in the tub he shared with the love of his life brought back a memory of her. “No honey” she said, “I don’t think I can.” as she straddled him in his lap. They were in the tub at the time and Annette was on a sleepover.

“You can do it babe.” he coached her on, “Just take it slow and easy.” and patted her on the sides of her hips to get her to rise above him. It was her idea to try and his mission to fulfill her fantasy. She’d told him she wanted to after seeing it done in a movie. They made it look so easy on screen, slipping it in without a thought. But in real life, it wasn’t so simple and Hope took forever fitting him in.

“God, you were a trooper.” he whispered aloud, clutching her photo tight. She had her bucket list and he his own and compared them when they wrote it down. Many of the top ten they’d chosen were exactly same and they laughed at the similarity. It seemed more than just a coincidence to her and she actually accused him of peaking. Two could play that game of hers and he accused her of the same.

“Oh please honey, can we do number three?” she asked, pointing out a visit to Japan.

That prompted a response he had given a million times in the past, “Well, there’s always hope.” he said, and waited for her own unique response.

“Oh you…” she huffed and gave him his expectation, “We have so much just in hope.” combining his name and hers in the sentence.

The tough times they shared were many; the happiness they shared had been many too. But that phrase from her had brought them through the stressful perils of their lives. Yes, they had a lot on many of occasions if only just in hope.

With that thought still in his head, he laid down flatly in the water. Reaching up, he grabbed the pistol off of the side and cocked it. He remembered buying the weapon and the store he got it from. He’d asked the clerk behind the counter, “Where’s the safety on this one?”

The elder man looked at him sideways and asked, “You want a safety on it?” and he nodded his head, “Don’t” he paused, “Pull” and paused again, “The trigger.”
“So no safety then.” he replied, turning it over in his hand.

“Yes, the best safety you could ever have.” the clerk retorted, “Don’t pull the damn trigger.” he repeated.

He bought it flat out with those words of wisdom and enjoyed it on the range many times. Now, he was going to do exactly what that clerk told him not to and pointed it under his chin.

He tried different angles in case the bullet went bouncing around the room. He settled on tilting his head back in the water and pointing the pistol down. That would allow the option he’d chosen to travel through his skull and if it ricocheted, would probably go back through him.

Lifting the picture back off of his chest, he gazed into the smiling eyes of his beloved. He didn’t know if she was on the other side, just waiting for his arrival. Perhaps she was watching him do this act and would jump in his arms once he crossed over.

“Well” he said, and took a breath, “There’s always hope.” and ignored the safety he was given. Without hesitation, Justin pulled the damn trigger.

Not a sound. No click of the hammer, no pop of the gunpowder. No anything. All he saw was the ceiling and it was getting darker. Although he didn’t feel it, he saw the picture drop on his chest. He must have been holding his breath too long because he passed out right after that.

He woke up to an awkward sight and found himself staring at the banister. Apparently he had been day dreaming and came home to his empty house. He’d done it before in the past, driving without remembering it. Perhaps the thoughts were so heavy on his mind that he had gone into cruise control. He took a seat in his recliner and rested his weary soul. He was beat by the long day he had and found himself nodding off.

He woke up in another strange place, looking at the picture in the hallway. It was dark since night had fallen but he could still make out his family. He lost interest after a minute and headed for his bedroom. He was determined to do what he meant to do and headed straight for the closet. It was already open and his black jacket hung in it. Looking on the shelf for his gun, he found it missing from its place.

He stepped back and took a seat on his bed, trying to remember where he hid it. He hadn’t used it in a while and maybe Hope had moved it when she cleaned. The room was pitched in black but he could still see, even with all of the darkness. Why the closet door was opened became a concern for him then. Perhaps an intruder took his weapon. That would be a lot of bad news all of a sudden and he dreaded what that would mean.
If that were true, someone’s life could be in danger and even worse, it wasn’t his life. How he was going to carry out his plans became another concern rather quickly. But then, he thought, there had to be an explanation and laid back on the bed to think about it.

He was tired from his efforts but couldn’t imagine why. Just getting from the hallway to the bedroom seemed to tucker him right out. He closed his eyes, intending to rest for a moment but fell asleep instead.

The next time he woke up, he was standing in front of Annette’s bedroom. Her door was wide open which should have been shut because he damn sure didn’t open it. He stepped inside to an empty room, everything was taken out. Daylight shown through the bare window and only dust in the air remained.

His first emotion was anger, thinking someone had robbed him blind. How the hell did they get everything out without waking him up in the process? His daughter was going to be pissed at him for letting her pennants and posters disappear. He bolted from the room and slammed the door behind him. Somebody was going to hear about this and the police would be the first on the list.

He went to his bedroom and found it empty. First his weapon and now… everything he had was gone. The bed, dressers, and end tables were missing and he’d be damned if the closet door wasn’t left open. Hell, they even took the mirror that was on it. He seethed with rage and turned away from the closet and stared at the naked wall.

The night stand was gone but that wasn’t as bad as the missing photograph of his beloved that used to sit on it. “They took everything!” he screamed in empty air and dropped to his knees in agony. “What the hell is going on?” he screamed at nobody and passed out from his tremendous anguish.

Chapter 1

Faith was sick of it. Daniel had gone too far this time and she was through. There wasn’t a son of a bitch alive that would touch her daughter and get by with it and he was no exception.

Finding the bruises on her teenager was a wakeup call for her. Kristy wouldn’t tell her when he’d beat her but the evidence was on her back. “You can’t mom!” she begged and pleaded; fear glaring from her eyes, “He could do a lot worse to me next time!” and sniffled against her will.

“There isn’t going to be a next time.” Faith vowed, packing a suitcase in her bedroom.

“But you don’t know what I did to deserve it!” Kristy defended, fearing her father more than her mother.

“I don’t care if you robbed a fucking bank!” Faith hissed, “There’s nothing you could have done to deserve that.” turning to the closet to get more clothes. “Get your ass to your room and start packing.” she instructed, “We have to be gone before he gets here.”

“But momma, I’ll lose all of my friends!” she said, trying to talk some sense into her.

“Well, if your friends can’t understand then they are certainly not your friends.” she replied, dismissing her daughter’s concerns.

Daniel had struck her once but only once. She remembered the back of his hand and the threat she used to prevent it from ever happening again. Telling him he had to sleep sometime and waking up without his manhood was enough to keep his anger sessions in check.

But Kristy, his stepchild, was apparently next in line to receive his wrath and that was the straw that broke Faith’s back. She’d married him after Kristy’s father died, placing the two in dire peril. Daniel was going to take them from the hellhole they were struggling in. That was almost laughable because, since her wedding day, she’d swapped one hellhole for another.

Oh, the condo was nice and so were the two cars. But money can’t buy happiness, especially when you married an asshole. He was a lawyer for a large corporation and he seemed to think the law was on his side.
She was smart enough to stow money from her budget away. Fifty a week for two years straight added up enough to get by on without her abusive husband for a while. She warned the bastard this day would come and she intended to follow through on that.

The divorce was long in coming as Daniel kept it tied up in court. Finally, her day came and she tolerated Daniel’s testimony. She was an unfit mother; her daughter was neglected and left to do as she pleased without adult supervision. Daniel was the only adult role model in the household. She was verbally and physically abusive towards her husband. On and on the accusations went, even suggesting sexual misconduct under her care.

That was alright though. His pack of lies was going to be revealed and prove what a despicable snake he was. The look on his face when her lawyer clicked on the recording of his threats to her and her daughter was priceless. The pictures of bruises along with Kristy’s testimony sealed it. Daniel had the misfortune of getting a female judge on top of it all.

Her lawyer did a good job and she got half of everything. On top of that, the pig would pay alimony as well. That beautiful home was turned into cash and she got to keep one of the cars.

“What do you plan to do now?” her lawyer asked, smiling at an elated Faith.

“Oh, getting out of that flea bag motel is first on my list.” she laughed, taking the finalized paperwork from her lawyer.

“You know, my wife has a quaint little cottage for sale. Her parents passed away last year and she’s looking to get it off of her hands.” he said. Annette still wasn’t over losing both of her parents and the house was just a constant reminder. He’d almost give the damn thing away if he knew she would be happy with it.

“Really” Faith started, looking at him curiously, “How many bedrooms is it?”

He was surprised she seemed interested, “Well, it is in a small town just outside of Cincinnati. They do have a good school district.” he said, “It is a two bedroom, one and a half bath and the bathroom upstairs has an entrance from both bedrooms.” he explained.

“I don’t really care where it is, as long as it’s far away from here.” Faith replied. Knowing Daniel, he would try to cause her grief if she were to spend her life anywhere near him. “What is your wife asking for it?” she asked, seeing if it was in her budget.

“It’s valued at 200k” he started, “But my wife is only asking for half of that.” hoping she wouldn’t get too inquisitive about it.

“Seriously, why just half if it’s valued for more?” she asked, wondering what was wrong with it.
He hung his head and said, “Both of my wife’s parents lived and died in that house. It brings painful memories to her.” and sighed, “She wants to get rid of it for closure you see. It isn’t the money that’s important.” Justin and Hope had left Annette a small fortune, dying without spending all of their retirement. They lived a modest life in that town and had made plenty in stocks and bonds. They made more than enough to tour Italy, Rome, and Japan. Just who decides to go snorkeling in the Caribbean when they turned seventy years old for Christ sakes? Why that would be Annette’s parents of course, living their lives to the fullest.

“I’d be interested if it is in good condition.” Faith said, wanting nothing to do with repairs. “I don’t want a money pit that I’d have to drown in.” she warned.

He had to smile at that and said, “Trust me, my father-in-law kept up on the repairs and we have a lawn service tending the yard.” then leaned back to gather his thoughts. “If you like, I could bring you the key this evening and drag my wife along. You could check out the place over the weekend, it’s only a four hour drive.”

A trip out of the city actually sounded good right about now. Kristy was depressed from missing her school friends and sitting in a roach motel didn’t help. Time away would do them both some good and this was an invitation worth taking. “Would you mind if my daughter came along? I’d want her opinion on the house.” she asked.

“No-no, that’s fine. I would expect you to take her.” he said in assurance and made arrangements to meet her at seven.

Annette was elated to hear the news and gathered a few things to take with her. Nobody wants just any old house and she thought to take some history with her. That place had some wonderful memories in it but sadly, some terrible nightmares too. You couldn’t ask for better parents than hers. Their love for her showed daily. Her mother paid careful attention to little details most people don’t even think about. Her father spoiled her rotten of course but taught her invaluable life lessons.

Speaking of which, she still hadn’t forgiven herself for letting him go after the funeral. She should have known something was up with him smiling and reassuring her like that. She knew he was crushed when her mother passed away. She was all he lived for. Knowing her father, he probably pulled that trigger without a second thought. Never mind the fact that she loved him too; didn’t he love her enough to stick around?

But she was tired of it all. Tired of wondering what her father was thinking. Tired of wondering what she could have done differently. She was certainly tired of being reminded every damn month when the bills for the house came due. If she could sell it, she would. Hopefully, the woman David had in mind would take it off of her hands.

The knock on the motel door came a few minutes early and Kristy answered the door. David introduced him and his wife as Faith approached the visitors. “Good to see you.” she greeted and David held up the keys.
“Yes, this is my wife Annette.” David replied, dropping the keys in her hand.

“Good to meet you.” Annette said, shaking the woman’s hand. “I’ve brought pictures of the place and wanted to fill you in on its history.”

She told the two that her dad had built it before she was born. She explained that it was located between three schools, the elementary, middle, and high school. There was two acres of property and a two car garage. A riding lawn mower was still in one side of the garage. Things she couldn’t take or didn’t want filled the rest of the garage.

“It is a long drive so if you wanted to spend the night, there’s bed frames and mattresses in the garage you could set up.” David suggested.

“Yes, the utilities were never turned off.” Annette added, “Just flip the breaker in the electric box.” remembering the police officer telling her that flipping that switch was probably one of the last acts her father did.

Faith planned to return Sunday night and call them on Monday with details on how their trip went. Truth be told, anywhere was better than there and she was anxious to get out of town. Kristy was on the same page and as soon as the door closed behind the lawyer and wife she asked, “So? When are we leaving?”

Tossing the keys in the air and catching them, Faith asked, “How about now?”

“I’m driving first!” the excited teenager exclaimed, turning her back and heading for the suitcases.

Getting out of that motel, if only for a few days, was at the top of their priorities. Faith was sick of the clerk licking his lips at her and Kristy hasn’t seen a person her age in months. School would be starting back up soon and this town wasn’t where she wanted her daughter to be when that time came.

She tried to sleep while her daughter drove but worry kept her from it. She trusted her daughter, or so she thought, but somehow, she didn’t rest very well. Jumping at every bump in the road, she finally took the wheel at the halfway point.

A coffee in one hand and chips between her legs, she was more than ready to get where she was going. A quiet town would be a world different than the hustle and bustle of the huge city she was used to. If it was as nice as Annette made it out to be, she could get used to it.

The four hour drive turned into five by the time they stopped for gas and food. By three o’clock on the dashboard, the car rolled into the drive way. Thirty minutes after bar closings, you couldn’t tell it here. She didn’t see a single car on the road through the whole town.

She nudged her daughter awake and headed for the front door. She had it unlocked by the time Kristy made it to the porch. Her fingers traced the brass flower design molded between the glass and pushed it open. Expecting the door to creak, she was pleasantly surprised to hear nothing.

The first thing to get her attention was the banister, she walked right into it. Kristy laughed out loud at her. “Funny” she retorted, and searched for a flashlight in her purse. She had one on her key ring and hoped it still worked. Luckily, it came right on. “Go get the suitcases” she instructed, “while I get the fuse box.” and headed into the living room.

She laid the maps and paperwork containing David’s phone number on the mantle. Next, her purse and cell phone where placed beside them. She looked around the living room and headed for the dining room. The place certainly had potential it seemed. The kitchen was next and she was just as impressed with it.

Someone knew what they were doing when the remodeled it. She loved the frosty glass on the doors of the cabinets. Her flashlight found the door to the basement so she followed it. The next thing to catch her eye was what appeared to be a Jacuzzi. A cover was over the top and two steps led up the side. She nodded at it and passed the half bath she was told about. There, tucked in a nook of a corner, was the fuse box.

Her flashlight shined on each breaker, labeling what they went to. Jacuzzi was one, washer and dryer, sprinklers? ‘Ok, CA must have meant central air, Kitchen, living room, garage… all rooms were labeled. Playroom?’ Well, she would figure that out later. Located at the top was the only breaker set to off. It was also the largest. Turning it on was a challenge so she put the flashlight in her teeth and used both hands.
The world came alive with the hum of electricity and the loud clapping sound made her jump. Turning around, she saw night lights embedded in the floor like a landing strip, leading in both directions. ‘Someone had a man cave’ she thought, following them with her eyes to the steps she came down. She turned to see where they ended but followed them instead.

They turned a corner and there, she found another door. Opening it up, she found it just as quiet as the front one, and climbed the steps. The top door opened and she found herself behind the staircase she’d bumped into. ‘Pretty cool.’ she had to admit, and turned into the hallway.

“Hey!” she heard at the flash of light, startling the crap out of her.

“What!?” she replied, a little frazzled at Kristy’s scare. She had turned the hallway light on and was setting cases down.

“A street light came on over the garage.” she said, standing back up. “Did I scare ya?” she asked, looking at her sheepish mother.

“No!” she retorted, dismissing her daughter’s accusation. “Let’s hit the garage and drag some mattresses in.” she huffed, heading for the mantle to get the keys.

She followed Kristy outside and walked to the garage. A keypad on the side of one of the doors had a keyhole. She inserted the key and typed in the four digit code. “Open Sesame!” she exclaimed, and the door lifted up.

A Light came on and they studied the items that appeared. It looked like the whole house was stored in the garage. End tables and chairs, beds and coffee tables, Annette said she didn’t have a chance to move everything. From the looks of it, she didn’t move anything.

“Wow” Kristy whispered beside her, “That… is a lot.” she said, and stepped inside.

After wrestling two mattresses out of the garage, they managed to get them to the front door. “Did you turn out the light?” Kristy asked, seeing the darkened hallway.

“I don’t think so.” Faith replied, plopping the mattress she had against the wall.

‘Well I didn’t” Kristy replied, dragging her mattress in first. The light came back on as soon as she entered.
“I must have done it out of habit.” Faith surmised, grabbing hers.

They settled in for the night, locking the garage, car, and front door. As they settled in to sleep, Faith said, “There’s a Jacuzzi in the basement.”

“What, you’re kidding me!” Kristy said, with a rush of thoughts she could do with it pouring in.

“You’ll see it tomorrow.” Faith said with a grin, glad to see a smile on her daughter’s face again.

A minute passed by and Kristy spoke again, “Sure is quiet here.” and turned on her side.

“That it is.” Faith agreed, turning on her side as well. “Good night baby.”
“Night mom” Kristy replied, and both let sleep overtake them.

Chapter 2

Justin woke again for the millionth time in front of the banister. It was night time and something different was happening. Apparently, he’d come home in the dark and flipped the light on. That was the first time he’d done that. He gave up worrying about it though, knowing he lost his mind anyway.

He flipped the light off and headed upstairs. Someone else could turn the electric off; he had a mission to complete. If he could make it to the closet without passing out, he might just execute his plan right there. The powers that be were preventing him from doing it, so it seemed, but they didn’t know his resolve. Every time he woke from his sleep walking, he’d head for that closet. One of these times, he was going to make it.

Sure, he thought that he had other options. One of his biggest hopes was passing out and dying, crossing over that way. It hadn’t happened so far. Maybe he would die while he was out, doing whatever he was doing outside. At first, he thought he had come home from the funeral, but after so many times, he had to scratch that thought. Surely he was out doing something else. He wasn’t hungry so maybe he went out to eat.

God knows what all he was doing, he certainly didn’t. He struggled to remember anything that he could have done but all he got was snippets of time in the house. Banister, Annette’s room, bedroom, basement, kitchen… it was the same thing over and over.

This time he made it to the bedroom. Stepping in, he found the same thing awaited him, nothing. Getting to the closet, he found his shelf empty. He was never going to make it to Hope. Once again, his despair was so great, he passed right out.

When he came to, he found himself in front of Annette’s door. This time was as strange as the last because now, the door was closed. He was thankful to see any change and a closed door was definitely a change. Summoning the strength, he turned the knob. It slowly opened to reveal a dresser first and a bed second.

This had to be a dream. His wife’s dresser in Annette’s room was straight out of one. Did he actually find it and move it there? Was he really dreaming and would forget it later? He froze when he saw the bed. There seemed to be someone in it.

Fear went through him first but quickly turned to curiosity. He stepped in to get a better look. Hair was on the pillow. The darkness didn’t allow him the ability to tell the color but it was definitely someone. He had to look closer and took the steps to do so.

Stepping to the side of the bed, he looked down at the head facing away from him. He might have been out of his mind but it sure looked like Hope lying there. Carefully, he reached to move the hair that blocked her face. He knew his hand was quivering with excitement and steadied himself.

As if in slow motion, he watched his hand brush against the strands of hair. Just as he suspected, he was in a dream because each single strand went right through his fingers. The highlight of this scene before him occurred when Hope turned her head.

Yes, it was Hope. A much younger one but Hope he was sure. Somehow, she was able to come back and haunt him. She was in Annette’s room, probably mourning her absence. That realization shook him to the core and he passed out from the excitement.

He awoke in his bedroom but it was no longer empty. Somehow, Annette’s dresser and bed where placed in his room. As dark as it was, he could still recognize the bedposts. Hope was in it, he knew. But something else was different. She was so much younger this time. He struggled with the reality that Hope was as young as the first time he met her.

He didn’t care how it was possible. He loved her no matter her age. If he could only touch her again, he would die a happy man. Maybe if he could get her attention; let her know that he was here; she would realize that his love had never died.

He stepped to the side of the bed and took a seat. How you touch a ghost was his first challenge. He knew he’d pass through if he tried it again. This time, he only hovered over her, getting as close as he could without passing through. He caressed her cheek and down her neck. He could only imagine what she felt like. Her soft skin, unblemished by time, had to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

The apparition turned on the bed and settled on her back. “Hope” he whispered, just as in awe of her beauty as the first day he met her. She had positioned herself under his hand. He was inches from her breast. He had to try and focused at his task.

A dark circle under thin material marked her nipple. With his index finger, he brushed over it. Perhaps her chest rising and falling caused it but he thought it rose up. So, he circled it a few times and watched. He glanced at her eyes and saw they were still closed. Focusing again on the nipple, he let his fingers run through it. That done the trick and the nipple perked up.

The reaction his love had wasn’t what he expected as she raised the cover up and tucked it under her chin, as if suddenly cold. He then thought it would be expected since she did cross over to the spirit world. It had to be cold over there after all.

Since he had no way to bring her back over his only other choice was for him to go to her. Rising from the bed of his life-long love, he headed for the closet, expecting his transportation to the spirit world to be resting on the shelf. This time, the shelf held everything but what he sought. He was so shaken from being so close and being denied, he passed out from his rage.

He had to blink from the light that struck him when he woke from his blackout. He was in the bathroom and the light was on. He saw water filling from the spout in the tub and his eyes adjusted to the toes clinging to the faucets. He started to leave and head for the closet but the toes pulled back from the end.

Knees showed over the side and he had to think back. Yes, he seemed to remember being haunted by Hope. There, with her hair tossed over the back of the tub, was Hope. He smiled at the thought, ‘There’s always Hope.’ and stepped closer to the metallic tub. It wasn’t the youngest Hope. The middle aged Hope was soaking in suds. He remembered shaving as she bathed once and her begging him to come and love on her. She was haunting him with past memories, it seemed.

This time, he didn’t give her the chance to ask. Instead, he bent over and kissed her non-existent forehead. Placing a hand on a non-existent breast, he mimicked squeezing and kneading it. With her head tilted back, a look of peace on her face, she let out a quaint little sigh.

Thinking he’d caused her to react, he slid his hand further down over her stomach. She arched her back in return. As if giving him an invitation, her knees spread open and touched the sides of the tub. Spirit or not, she looked so sexy spread eagle like that. He took the invitation and went lower, entering the non-existent water. His mouth was close to the breast he was at so he licked the non-existent nipple. Her hand lifted and rubbed the bud in her palm.

His hand combed non-existent pubic hairs submerged in ghostly water. No ghost story he’d ever heard told of anyone being able to feel a spirit like this. Perhaps Hope had wanted him to find her; she must be looking for him. At the least, she was waiting for him.

He cupped her mound and melted a finger between her folds then pressed on her hooded clit. It was surely a dream because she lowered a hand to cover his and placed her finger where his was. He looked at the face of his life-long lover and saw the lust written on it. Since she took control of her sex, he went for her soapy breasts.

As if it was his fault, goose bumps formed around her areolas as he circled both with his fingers. Hope gasped like she could take in air and her hand quickened between her legs. He thought to add to this dream of his and lowered to suckle a nipple. He could almost feel its texture and imagined the taste of soap. Her passion filled his soul and fueled it.

Hope’s pleasure was his and he reveled in it. Even more, he feasted on it. His thoughts became clearer. His strength improved and his reasoning sharpened. He didn’t know if he was watching an event from the past or a scene on the other side of life. But, he felt her energy regardless of its source.

Her chest heaved faster and her hand clutched at her sex. Justin tried to gain her scent and lowered his head to her working hand. The ghostly water splashed from her efforts and he studied her technique. He never saw his love do this act and now, it fascinated him.

He tried to insert his fingers into the translucent form of his wife. She tensed up and slowed her work and then sped up again. His only hope was that there was a way to touch his beautiful love again. He remembered the closet but Hope rose her hips up and a moan echoed from a corridor somewhere. He stayed to watch the intense flood of a climax cross her adorable face.

He was tormented by Satan himself, he surmised; forced to watch such pleasure and unable to be the one to give it to her. He hoped she fantasized about him doing just that, perhaps thinking of him in the past. He hoped it was one of the good memories they shared, like the time she passed out from her orgasms. His head now inches from her mound that was thrust in the air allowed him to witness her trembling. The shimmering beads of ghostly water only enhanced the view on her sex.

A wave of energy struck him as the middle-aged Hope finished her release. That was enough for him to deal with and left for his destination again. He saw her eyes when he rose up and paused long enough to see them blink. There wasn’t a sight on earth that could match that so off to the closet he went.

He entered his bedroom and saw Hope again, still haunting him. Now she was in her young form and teased him. Her halter top barely covered her nipples and her panties hugged her mound. He cared too much to walk through her image and prevent himself from doing it. Instead, he watched her rake her fingers through her hair and tuck strands behind her ear. He followed her hands to her neck with his eyes and then on to her breasts. Her hands smoothed out her top and tugged it below a darkened areola and sprang up to cover it again as she stretched her arms out to yawn.

So fascinating was his Hope, he had to stay and watch her. She climbed on the bed on all fours and fluffed up her pillow. He saw her pull the sheet up and snuggle in the bed. She let out a sigh and turned the lamp off on the night stand and curled up in the bed. He stood in awe and watched her fall asleep on her pillow.

Justin had a habit. It lasted for over fifty years and, old habits truly do die hard. When Hope was in bed and lying on her side, you could find his hand cupping a breast every night. He wanted to relive that habit because he didn’t know how long the apparition would stay and, he wasn’t dead yet. He carefully climbed in bed behind his young love and watched her sleep from there. Her sheet was blocking his destination so he tugged it down to her waist. Gently, he cupped her breast in his hand and imagined the warmth from it. Just before he fell asleep himself, he swore he could feel her nipple stiffen.

Chapter 3

From the first night Faith and Kristy had spent in the house, they felt it was a place they could call home. Now, after a month of living there, both felt at ease. Gone were the sounds of brawls and partying they had endured in the roach motel. Worry was lifted from the threat of violence being removed. The stress of the divorce was taken from them as well. Even a pleasant change in Kristy was noticeable to Faith.

She stepped back from the dishes and breathed in the fresh air of the country. When she had woken up on the first day here, the sun had pierced through the windows. She remembered days of not seeing it, cast in the shadows of skyscrapers. Now, she could smell the flower garden that aligned the house just outside the kitchen.

It couldn’t have been better for the two. They never returned to the city and stayed in the house the whole weekend. She reached a deal with Annette and threw in another five thousand to keep everything in the garage. A cashier check was sent and a deed was sent back. It was the happiest day in her life to get it from the FedEx driver.

She walked the property line and met her next door neighbor that lived a quarter of a mile away. She’d visited the mall and shopping center close to the expressway. She even visited the farmer’s market and bought some fresh vegetables and fruit. Life here seemed so much simpler than the city.

But the cherry on the cake was the house. You could almost feel the love that radiated from it. It was like a big welcome thrown out to you every time you came back home. Everything from the fireplace to the bathtub emanated a romantic get-away to her.

And speaking of the bathtub, she had such a wonderful fantasy sitting in it one night; she mentioned it in her diary. She’d pleasured herself in the past but that was a mind-blowing orgasm like no other. If she had to tell the truth, she’d have to admit that the fantasy was so real, she could swear she saw her mystery man appear in the steam from the bath. She’d heard others claim that their climax was like an out-of-body experience but had her doubts until that night.

Yes, she’d only been there for a month but it was already feeling like home to her. Oh, there were little quirks every now and then. The hallway light wouldn’t stay on for long or the closet door in Kristy’s room wouldn’t stay shut. Why, twice she had to turn the main circuit breaker back on.

But overall, this was the best thing in her and her daughter’s life. It was so nice here that she was able to dream again. Since Kristy’s father died and her second husband was a creep, she’d pretty much given up on loving a man, let alone dream of one. But the vision she had in her mind was of a man that couldn’t possibly exist. You can’t find a man to love you that much anymore.

She finished the dishes and headed for the study. She had work to do and wanted to finish before Kristy came back from Coney Island. The neighbor’s daughter had passes to the amusement park and pool. It was another one of those things you can’t find much of in a big city, good old hospitality.

Thank God she had a job that could be done at home. Before, she hated it but now, it was too nice not having to dress and go out. Here, there was no asshole to deal with either which was the one reason why she hated it. Soon, a school bus would pick her daughter up instead of her walking blocks in a crime-riddled city, leaving her the whole house to herself.

She pounded out the three reports and emailed them off. She answered her boss’ emails and sent brochures to the people requesting information. She noticed an email from Annette, the previous owner’s daughter. It was the information for the lawn care service with the account information. She thought to add her address to her contacts in case she had any more questions about the place.

After sending off a thank you reply, she got up to head for the couch, wanting to see the news of the day. Since she wasn’t familiar with the local area, she decided to watch the national news. Nestling into the plush couch, she laid her head on the arm with a pillow for support and watched a report on the sex slave racket. These men were promising modeling careers to women and when they got them transported out of the country, sold them to others who would then pimp them out on the street.

One of the girls was being interviewed with an interpreter. She claimed to be chained to other girls and tortured to do their captors bidding. Faith started nodding off when the show turned to statistics and how you could help these poor women. She let her eyes close during a commercial break but didn’t open them back up. Instead, she fell asleep on the comfortable couch.

Her mystery man appeared in a dream. This time, he was standing over her while she was on her knees. He ordered her to show him her breasts. She shyly untied the rope holding her robe together. He urged her on and she had to do it, fearing he would punish her. Grabbing the edges, she slowly pulled them apart. She felt the material rake her nipples and knew they would come into view soon. As the robe separated, she also knew her panties were in full view. When she couldn’t hesitate any longer, she tugged enough to let the nipples pop into view.

He eyed what she revealed and then looked further down at her panty-clad crotch. Looking back up in her eyes, he urged her to drop the robe. She let the robe slide off of her shoulders, keeping her eyes locked on his. Putting her arms behind her, she let it slide off of them and fall to the floor.

Unconsciously, she covered her breasts with her arms and waited, watching his gaze follow her hands. He leaned closer and reached out a hand and brought it to her lips. His thumb pressed on her bottom one, urging her to open her mouth. He tilted his head and looked at her teeth, as if inspecting a horse. His thumb rubbed across the pouting lip as if testing its softness.

Satisfied, he lowered his hand and dropped it to her arm. He urged her to move it so she dropped it to her side. Lifting up the breast she revealed, he rubbed her nipple with the thumb. He got some sort of enjoyment as it stiffened for him. Another hand urged her to remove her other arm and he caressed that breast the same way. She was embarrassed at being handled like this and turned red watching her nipples stick out. They were betraying her. He tugged on both once, lifting each breast a little and increased the ache that was building in them. She betrayed herself next and gasped as he let go of both.

He stood up and took a step closer and she watched his manhood come into view. He guided it to her but she didn’t dare move, even when it touched her forehead. She didn’t know what he expected of her so she didn’t do anything at all. All she could do was watch the swollen testicles hanging underneath.

He guided the tip of his erection down tracing a line to her lips. She’d swear to herself that he hadn’t smeared pre-cum on her face, even as she felt it moisten her lips. He circled his head around her mouth and then pressed on her bottom lip. Taking the hint like she did with his thumb, her mouth opened to let him in. Dream or not, it felt real to her as his manhood raked over her tongue. She didn’t dare back away from him as his cockhead hit the back of her throat.

She looked up passed the muscles on his stomach and the broad chest he had and gazed in the eyes of her captor. The lustful glare staring back at her let her know she was all that he wanted. He grabbed her hair and twisted it behind her so she prepared for his onslaught of thrusts. She was almost disappointed when he gently urged her to take more of him. She allowed her throat to open and he leaned in while she took all that he had.

His pubic hair tickled her nose as he stayed deep in her for a while. She even wondered why she wasn’t gagging as far down her throat he seemed to be. Instead, she moved her right hand to her crotch and rubbed an ache forming there. Material prevented her destinations so she pulled it to the side. Dreaming or not, she was soaking wet from the erotic scene taking place.

He slowly backed out and seemed to take forever until he popped out of her throat. She wasn’t letting him go just yet and nursed on him until the tip left her lips. Her head tilted back and his manhood lay to her chin. He lowered and traced the cockhead down her neck and paused at her breastbone. He feigned going left and changed to the right, tracing a line towards her nipple. He paused again and then circled her areola, coating it with his pre-cum. Her bud was his next focus and she watched it depress under the tip. It reappeared on the other side and seemed to emerge even larger. He wasn’t through playing with her though and swiped himself back over it.

He traced a line under her breast and moved towards the other nipple. Just watching its path and knowing its destination was enough to drive her crazy. But she knew not to move, no matter her ache, in fear of him abandoning her. She watched it disappear under her breast and felt it go up its center. As before he paused again and then started circling her areola.

Her hand was rubbing her ache away as he paused again at her nipple. She panted in anticipation, dying to feel him cross her nipple. Finally, as she stroked herself quickly, his cockhead grazed over her bud. It was too much for her to stand but she stayed in place and quivered. Her climax was hard but increased even more as he swiped himself over and over again. The awkward position of being on her knees with a cock depending on her breast made her orgasm somewhat restricted, preventing her from a better release.

She looked into her captor’s eyes and realized that he somehow knew that her orgasm had left her wanting. He extended a hand and placed a finger under her chin, urging her to rise. She stood up while his hand wandered over a stiff, aching nipple and then he stepped behind her. Her mystery man that had captured her was now inspecting her backside. She could feel him caress an ass cheek and a finger dipped into her crack.
She turned red again when he pinched her ass right beside her puckered exit hole. He held her there while the next hand pinched the other side. She knew better than to tense up on him, even as he spread her apart. He rolled the two pieces of flesh between his fingers and tugged on her before he let go. She was slightly relieved with that but then he scraped her ass cheeks with his nails. She couldn’t help but tense up then, feeling the goose bumps rise on her highly sensitive skin.

A hand on the backside of her knee urged her to lift up her leg. He placed her foot on the couch and caressed her leg up to her ass. She expected him to find her sex but his hand trailed off of her. She waited a little but it seemed like forever. She almost jumped when his hand went between her legs and grabbed her pubic hair. He tugged at her bush and then scraped his nails over her labia while making sure one finger ran over her clit. Another blush crossed her face, knowing his finger would be wet from it.

His hand crossed her face and proved her right as he wiped his finger on her lips. He urged her to bend over with a palm on her back and she grabbed the arm of the couch for support. This was where he was going to take her and she steadied herself for his intrusion. Instead, he grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and a wet tongue traced a line down her crack.

He worked his way into her vagina and stabbed his tongue in deep. Dream or not, it felt real as he worked back to her clit. She saw his chin peeking out at her as he sucked her into his mouth. She closed her eyes from the sensation and let out a low moan. He slapped her ass when she thrust back in to him, reminding her of her place. She had to stay still while he explored every inch of her crevasse.

She felt him suck in a lip and remove any dew that was on it. He turned to the other side and raked his chin over her while he did it. He sucked her lubricants from that lip too and let it pop out of his mouth. Digging his claws into her ass, he began fucking his face on her. That was it, she refused to take more and let him have all of her orgasm.

He slowed when she trembled out her climax and set to work cleaning her off. He nibbled and sucked both sides and licked her down the center. He acted like he was starving and ravaged her sex, not caring how sensitive it was. She could hear him slurping up her juices. If he kept that up, she might climax again.

Finally, he eased off of her and she felt nothing until his hand on her back urged her to lower herself. He kept pressing until a knee rested on the couch and the other rested on the floor. Half of her was support by the couch and the other half supported by an arm and a knee on the floor. His hand followed her spine and gripped her ass cheek once more. Now, she was sure, he would take her.

She knew better than to protest when another hand gripped her one swaying breast. Her captor indeed held her captive this way. She was embarrassed to realize that her ass was on full display and just knew her labia were puffing out under it.

The hand on her ass moved to her crevice and took her mind off of her embarrassment. He swirled a finger around her clit and dipped it into her sex. Pulling out, the now wet finger crept up to her anus. He swirled it around there and gave her something else to think about.

She’d never done anal but it wasn’t for the lack of offers. Both men in her life had tried to get her to but that took more trust than she had. Now, her captor seemed to be interested but how could she tell him no? She certainly wasn’t going to be punished just to end up getting it in her end.

Her fear was realized as she felt his manhood stroke into her backside. She could only imagine it as it ran over her hole there but then, she felt him go lower. A relief went over her as she felt him hit her vagina. But then, he passed it and hit her clit. He rolled himself over it and then backed away, retracing his path to her backside.

It was his way of playing with his food it seemed as he circled her anus once more. Again, he made a trek of it as he eventually swiped over her clit. He started to back away again but stopped, hovering over her entrance. Her eyebrows furrowed into a questioning look wondering what he was waiting for, but then felt him hit approach her clit again.

Now he was torturing her in the most intimate way, rubbing himself over her bud and sending stabs of pleasure in her sex. She started to close her legs together, preventing the sweet torture he was rendering. But the couch was in the way of her efforts and she was left to endure the pleasure. All she could do was bury her head in the couch and deal with the sparks in her groin.

He sped up on her and kept her in place with his hand still on her breast. He tugged on a nipple while masturbating her clit with the cockhead being guided by his hand. She panted into the couch cover while her bliss was brought on. He must have suspected her approaching climax and stopped right on her clit. A second went by while she teetered on her orgasm and another second while her legs tried to squeeze together. The man lowered himself and pounded his face into her entrance, causing new, thrilling sensations to take over.

As she boiled over from his ministrations, he popped out and rubbed her clit and then re-submerged himself in her entrance. She could feel his hand strike her clit as the pounding in her entrance sped up. She didn’t know what pleasure he gained but she was getting the best.

Unable to close her legs to prevent it, she felt herself urinate a little. She didn’t care at the time it happened as her climax had her fullest attention. He let her ride out her bliss on him and slowed when she came back down. She turned her head sideways to catch her breath and was met by the backside of his hand. He wiped his soaked hand off with the side of her face and just had to smear it over her lips.

She waited until he removed his hand and gave in to her own curiosity. She licked her lips to prove her suspicion but found no acidic taste of urine. Her sense of smell told her it wasn’t either but then her attention went to her captor. He tapped on her leg urging her to set it down, relieving the cramp she had gotten in it.

She felt he needed to let her recover but he didn’t seem to think the same. He grabbed her arms and pulled her back on him, and in to a sitting position. She felt his shaft in her now soaked gash and he gripped her thighs to hold her there. He waited until she had caught her breath and then moved her hips over him.

She got the hint and did her captor’s bidding, sliding up and down his shaft. He urged her faster so faster she went, that is, until he plowed into her vagina. Surprised by the intrusion, she slowed to adjust, eventually settling on him. His hands trailed up and cupped her breasts and his fingers played with her nipples. He lifted her breasts, urging her to rise off of him, and then tugged them back down again.

She did as instructed and developed a pace, impaling herself repeatedly. A hand still roamed between one breast and the other but another hand groped her mound. He worked his fingers in and spread her sex lips, and then pinched her clit with two fingers. Pressing it down, he made it touch his shaft and she made it grind against it.

She just couldn’t go fast enough after feeling that on her clit. Her nipples were aching now and she wished he would pinch them a little. As if reading her mind he did just that, one at a time, tugging them before letting go. He must have sensed her tiredness and rose up, forcing her forward. She caught herself and was now on all fours while he stayed in her and followed.

This was it, he was going to tear her up, or at least, there was always hope. He stabbed into her and she felt him go deep, slapping against her backside. For added pleasure, his testicles struck the bud he’d recently pinched. Another stab made her head drop down between her arms while her tail pointed in the air. The third made her elbows go to the floor and her head rested on a forearm.

She couldn’t get any further down while he sped up his efforts. She sucked in air through carpet fibers and her hair draped over her face. He could maintain such powerful thrusts at his current speed never rose up in her mind. All she thought while he plowed away was thinking he was fucking the shit out of her.

But that wasn’t going to happen if the captor had anything to do with it as a thumb capped her exit and pressed on her anus. Thankfully it didn’t go in. Her climax was building very fast after that and she took him without a struggle. As her bliss approached, she clamped her legs but his legs stopped them from closing. Denying her that, he spread his legs, and forced hers further apart. She was left to scream into the carpet while he slammed her into paradise.

Just as she was coming down from that, he slapped her ass again as if getting her attention. Another hand grabbed her hair and tugged while he still rammed himself in. She couldn’t get away from his animalistic attack so she decided to climax again. She’d swear she felt him explode in her womb which only enhanced her orgasm. She arched her back and rode the wave of pleasure he was forcing out of her.

His speed decreased into stabs as he milked the rest of his orgasm into her. Her legs weakened from the multi-orgasm and she wilted to the floor. His grip on her seemed to fade away leaving her crumbled body to gasp in air on the floor. Her eyes closed to rest from the action and her breathing slowed to normal. Pulling an arm under her head, she fell into a sweet comatose.

“What the hell mom!” she heard behind her, and she popped up her head at the sound. Kristy saw her head move and said, “It’s ok, don’t move anything. I’m going to call 911!”

The rest of this story is marked for publishing.

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