After the incident at the mall I decided to see how far I could push my ex girlfriend turned slave. I wanted to see if she could really become a true submissive and I wanted to see if I could really get her to do whatever I wanted. When we got home, I ordered her to kneel in front of me in her normal submissive position. At the mall I had bought her a cage to sleep in. I figured that since I was going to treat her as an animal, she should sleep like an animal would.

“Ok slave, I’m going to go out with a girl I have been fucking for the last couple weeks now. We are going to dinner, and then we are going to come back and fuck. When I return you are to be kneeling at the foot of my bed and you will not move until spoken to. Understood?” I said, wondering how she would take this news.
“That’s it Mike! This is gone far enough. You expect me to sit and watch you fuck some whore and be ok with it? No thanks. I never want to see you again!” she got up and started to storm out.
“Ok Liz, but just so you know, I knew that guy at the shoe store today and I got the whole thing on tape. It’s funny, because I’m pretty sure he isn’t even 18. It would really be a shame for that video to find its way into the hands of a police officer.” I said. Laughing as I said it, knowing she was trapped.
“Wh… What? No… you made me! That isn’t what happened. You made me do that!” she was pale as a ghost, not able to believe the situation that she was in.
“Come in, and get on your fucking knees.” I ordered and she obeyed, still in a state of shock, “Now, I was going to let you do whatever you wanted while I went out, but this little outburst has made me change my mind. Go get in your cage and I will deal with you when I get back.” I ordered.
I went out to meet my friend. Her name was Tiffany and she and I had been good friends for a long time. She was very beautiful and we did have sex from time to time after Liz and I broke up, but we both decided that it wouldn’t be smart for us to date. When I told her about my situation with Liz she was more than excited to be a part of it. She had always hated Liz when we had dated because Liz was always suspicious of our friendship.
We went to a bar and ordered a few drinks and some food and after a while decided to go have our fun with my new slave. Stumbling inside, half drunk and already passionately kissing we made our way to the bedroom. Before we started having sex I decided that I wanted Liz to be as uncomfortable as possible so I called out and told her to come out of her cage and get into the bedroom. Within 30 seconds Liz came crawling naked through the door. Tiffany lost it when she saw this once proud woman collared and crawling on all fours.
“Not so high and mighty now are you bitch?” She jeered, “So this slave has to do whatever you want?” she asked me.
“Yup! And as a punishment to her for the night for a little outburst she had earlier, she is your slave for the night too.”
As I said this I could tell Liz wanted to say something but she kept herself under control, not wanting further punishment.
“Oh Mike you shouldn’t have,” Tiffany said coyly, “Ok slave, I want you to watch as I fuck your ex boyfriend! If you take your eyes off of us for even a second I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t walk right for a week.”
Tiffany got on her knees in front of me, just a few feet from Liz and took my entire cock into her mouth all at once. My cock rammed against the back of her throat and she took my hands and put them on the back of her head. I grabbed a fist full of her hair and started fucking her face so hard that I’m surprised I didn’t give her a bloody nose. After about a minute of ravishing her throat I pulled out and told her if I did that much longer I would cum.
“Well we don’t want to spoil the fun yet!” Tiffany said, looking sexier than ever with precum dripping down her chin and her eye liner running down her face. “Oh wow, I’m all messy. Slave, come over here and clean off my face.” She ordered.
Liz picked up Tiffany’s shirt and started to move it towards her face.
“Are you fucking stupid?! Do you think I want cum all over my shirt?! Clean it off with your tongue you whore!” she screamed.
“Yes Tiffany.” Liz replied.
As she said yes Tiffany slapped her across the face.
“It’s Mistress you stupid slave.”
“Yes mistress.” Liz said with a look of shame.
Liz crawled over and started licking the cum off Tiffany’s face, getting every drop.
“Good slave,” Tiffany praised her for her effort, “But you still misbehaved earlier by calling me by my name. Only people get to use names. Are you a person?”
“N… no mistress?” Liz replied shakily.
“That’s right Slave. What are you Slave?” she asked, just trying to find new ways to display her power.
“I am a slave, Mistress.” Said Liz
“Yes you are. A worthless slave. And what is your purpose?”
“To please my owner.” Liz replied, finally slipping into her role as a slave.
“Good, now lie down on you back slave.” Tiffany ordered and Liz complied, “I’m not done with your master’s cock yet, but I’m not ready for it to fuck me either” she said, straddling Liz’s face, “I want you to get my pussy nice and wet first”
When I had dated Liz in the past I had suggested a threesome and she hated the idea. The thought of being with a woman terrified her so watching her eat Tiffany’s pussy was probably the best thing I had ever seen. She had truly become a slave.
Liz started by licking Tiffany shyly but Tiffany wanted to play rough.
“I want you to eat my fucking pussy, not lick it you stupid bitch,” Tiffany said, grabbing Liz by the back of the head and grinding her pussy into her mouth, “Eat my pussy you fucking whore!” She screamed
Tiffany grinded on Liz’s face for over five minutes and had at least two orgasms before climbing off, leaving Liz’s face soaking with a mixture of her spit and Tiffany’s sweet pussy juice.
Tiffany got on her back in front of me and spread her legs. I knew what she wanted so I grabbed her by the knees and rammed my dick right into her dripping pussy. I pumped into harder than I had ever fucked anyone before. Having her abuse Liz like that had gotten me so turned on that I couldn’t take it anymore. I fucked her and looking at Liz and then got a great idea.
“Slave, come over here and lick her pussy while I fuck it.” I demanded
“And put that pussy on my face. I want to see what a whore tastes like.” Chimed in Tiffany.
I was loving having Tiffany here with me, she knew just how to treat a slave. Liz crawled over and obeyed to the letter, licking my dick as it slid in and out of Tiffany’s pussy and straddling Tiffany’s face so that she could lick Liz.
At first Liz was reluctant to enjoy Tiffany’s tongue on her pussy but after a couple minutes Liz was grinding her pussy into Tiffany’s face. Not wanting her to get too much pleasure out of this experience I quickly took my throbbing cock out of Tiffany's pussy and rammed it into Liz's mouth. I slammed my cock to the back of her throat as quickly and violently as possible, grabbing Liz's hair and forcing her to take the full length of my cock into her mouth. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and was about to cum. At that point I pulled out of Liz's throat and came all over Tiffany's pussy.
“Slave,” I commanded as I pushed her off of Tiffany’s mouth, “Lick my cum off of your mistress’s pussy.”
Obediently she started eating out Tiffany with more enthusiasm that ever, sucking her clit and making sure to get every drop of cum off of Tiffany’s pussy.
“Ok slave, you performed well tonight. Crawl back to your cage and I will see you tomorrow. You may sleep in until you wake up.” I told my slave, who seemed pleased that she had performed well.

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