pt1 of pt3 the turning point
Life went on like this for a couple of years. I did not know which I liked better fucking Fred or his female family members. Fred was very into sex more than me I am sure. He would make any excuse to break away from others and run off and sex it up.

It was a Saturday, I had turned 12 by now and Fred had gotten his older brother to drop him off at our house. Mom was busy doing some sewing and we asked if we could go to the “Meadow” to play. She gave us the,” be careful and watch for snakes” speech and went back to what she was doing.

The “Meadow” was an open area of grass in the middle of thousands of acres of cultivated fields. It was about 100 acres and at least half a mile from the closest house. A few trees had taken hold and the remnants of old equipment were scattered around. The meadow was the perfect place to do a lot of things.
We wasted no time getting gone. Fred was talking dirty the entire way there.

“I am needing you to fuck me good. It’s been too long sense the last time.” We were not even 50 yards from my front porch.

“I need a good cum, I hope you are ready for more than one load.” I replied.

It went back and forth like this until we made it to the meadow. I had cleared a place within the shelter of some of the old farm equipment weeks earlier and made a kind of club house. You could see anyone coming from a long way off, but they would not have a clear view of you. As soon as we made it into the cover of our hideout Fred got on his knees in front of me and started to undo my pants. My dick was already hard and had started to drip pre-cum. He wasted no time in putting it in his mouth like he was starving.

This guy was one of the most accomplished cock suckers I have ever had the pleasure of pulling my dick out for.

He loved to suck, lick, squeeze, and stroke and worship a dick. He never got the hang of deep throat but he never let this deficit slow him down. He had his hand around the base of my shaft squeezing it firmly and his head was bobbing up and down at a steady pace. He would pull his mouth off and slide his hand up the shaft until my cockhead was in his hand then slowly roll it as he sucked and licked my balls.

In the past year my cock had grown. It was now a full 8.5 inches and very big around. I had out grown Fred in stature, being 5’7” to Fred’s 5’5. His dick was a nice 7 incher but not very thick. He could shoot a load of cum 5 or 6 feet though.

I loved to watch him cum. When he would shoot off the first three to four wads would go the 5 or 6 feet then the next few would come in shorter spasmodic burst. Often totaling 9 wads of cum. The down side of this was when he came he couldn’t do it again for a couple of hours. But the up side was he would still want to fuck.

“Fred, let me suck on yours for a while.” I said when I felt myself getting close to orgasm. I was not ready to blow my load just yet. I knew I could come two or three time in a hour but the longer I took for each nut made them feel that much better.

Fred acquiesced and stood up in front of me. I got to my knees and pulled his dick out of his shorts. He quickly helped by pushing them down and steping out of them completely. Now I had a 7 inch latin cock just inches from my face. I leaned in and used my tongue to lick the huge drop of pre-cum off his cock head. It tasted so sweet. I watched his dick bounce as I heard him catch his breath. Putting my hands on his hips I opened my mouth and took his swollen brown member into my mouth. I gently sucked it as I slowly leaned forward and held onto his hips so that he would not jab it into my throat. He had done so before. Fred was a horny fucker.

I sucked of his cock like this for a few minutes before He said, “I want you to fuck me now.”

“Why are you in such a hurry dude?” I asked leaning back on my heals.

“I told you I need it bad. I aint fucked nobody sense the last time you and me fucked.”

“Why not?” I asked, somebody was always fucking someone at Fred’s house.

“All the dudes are busy with their chicks. I messed around with Olga some but I really like the way a dick feels in my ass.” At this Fred blushed some, “I think that I may be turning into a fag.”

“You aint no fag Fred. You just like it. Fags don’t do it with girls.” I was not going to let my friend get down on himself. “Besides it don’t make any difference. You and me are friends and I like doing this too.”

At this I squeezed his cock and stood up and asked, “ How do you want it, from the front or the back?”

“From the front, I think. It feels really good and I can watch you fuck me like that.”

This was not our first time in the meadow and I had stashed a jar of Vaseline for times like these. Fred laid down on his back and I took a large dollop of lube and started to rub it on his asshole. Fred closed his eyes and lifted his legs with his hands pulling on the back of his knees. His hard cock was pointing straight at his face as I work the Vaseline into his butthole.

My cock had gotten bigger from the time we first did this and spit didn’t let us have all the fun we could. I worked his ass until two of my fingers went in fairly easy. I then wiped the rest of the lube onto my rock hard cock. I repositioned myself so that my dick was touching his asshole and started to push it in. It only took a few moments to get the head and about half of my cock into Freds tight ass. I stopped my labors for a few minutes to let him get ready and when he started to rock his ass onto my dick I started to slowly fuck in and out of him.

It was half the fun of fucking Fred just to work it in. He would whine and grunt and say yes and no in the same breath. I had worked it in and was slowly fucking his ass when I saw my sister coming through the grass. She could see my head and waved to me and put her finger to her lips in a shush sign.

My sister had played the same games as me with the Valdez’s. We had even helped each other out while masturbating a few times.

I could see her mouthing, “It’s just me, don’t worry.” As she drew closer. She knew that I fucked Fred when he came over and I was fairly sure that Fred had fucked her at least a few of the time we had played the games at his house.

When she was well inside the cover of our make shift hide out she stopped long enough to take off her shorts and panties. I was trying not to let Fred know something was up and had continued slowly stroking in and out of his ass.

“I bet you would like to eat some pussy right now wouldn’t you dude?” I asked Fred.

“I would love to eat some pussy. I like to use my mouth to make people get off.” Fred answered between moans as he stared at my cock sliding in and out of his ass.

“Okay, then you can eat Hope’s pussy.” At this he flinched and looked up at me then followed my eyes to where Hope was standing, wearing nothing but a yellow tank top. He budding breast were poking straight out, her swollen nipple were plain to see under the thin fabric.
“Shit,” Then a small pause before he finished with, “Do you want to set on my mouth?”

Hope did not answer she just walked up to us and squatted down over Fred’s face until her hairless pussy was touching his lips. Fred wasted no time in starting to lick and tongue her.

I had eaten Hope’s pussy a few times and she had sucked me off but we had never seen us with anyone else. I could feel my dick get harder watching her perched over his face. And I pushed harder and deeper into Freds ass with each stroke. I watched as my little sister came on Fred’s mouth. She rocked forward and put her hands on his chest for balance as the waves of her orgasm rolled across her small body.

She noticed at the same time as me that his cock was starting to twitch and bounce of it own accord. Hope quickly too her top off and tossed it to the side. I quickened my pace of fucking and she wrapped her hand around Fred’s dick and jerked it only a few strokes before the first wad of cum hit her left nipple with so much force it spattered. The second hit her chin and the third her navel after that I lost track because I fucking exploded in his ass.

I came harder than I had in all my remembering. Hope was giggling and Fred was grunting and I was pounding into his ass like I wanted to break his hips.

When it had all subsided Hope had wiped off Fred’s cum and put her top back on. I was cleaning the shit and Vaseline off my dick and Fred was off to one side shitting cum.



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What an awesome series, hahaha. Keep up the good work.

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And, typically, not a silnge thought about whether the shoes are getting off. Just a bunch of selfish jerks thrusting themselves roughly into a receptacle & finding it pleasant.Whatta buncha assholes.wv: schuskin (shoe skin ARE YOU SERIOUS?)

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