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If your a bloke who likes the thougjt of your woman making u eat your cum or a wpman who wants to feed your mams spunk to him read on
Learning To Eat Cum 2

Lynne lay next to me in bed, asleep. She looked so sexy and now after her willingness to feed me my cum the night before she became even more desirable.
I gave her a quick kiss but I had to get up and go; a 3 day conference 100 miles away awaited me.
As she started to stir she said 'Don't you go wanking yourself off whilst away, we don't want you to waste your spunk; save it up for me and I'll give you a treat over the weekend'.
So, I was away at the conference. I couldn't concentrate, my mind kept returning to the thought of what Lynne might have in store for me. My cock was really hard each evening and it was so difficult not to touch myself. But I got through the three days without playing with myself.
I arrived home Friday evening; Lynne had obviously been in the shower as she just had a towel round her; she wrapped her arms around me. 'Did you behave?' she asked. 'Are your balls full of cum?' Yes' I replied.
'Come upstairs then and we'll empty them'.
In her bedroom Lynne dropped the towel. Her breasts were firm, tits hard. I looked at her fanny, it looked like she has trimmed her hair; but not shaved completely, I liked her dark pubic hair, running my fingers through it, licking it.
She could see my growing bulge and encouraged me to take off my clothes, my cock stuck out and she came over and squeezed my shaft. Then she cupped my balls. 'They're heavy, you have been a good boy, you"ll get your treat'.
And with that she pulled me onto the bed. 'Eat my cunt' she ordered, and I went straight down between her legs and stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy, she did taste good. As earlier in the week I went to kiss her and again she sucked her juices off my mouth, loving the taste of her cunt.
'Now. fuck me' she said...but don't come'.
I pushed deep inside her and her juices covered my cock. Without coming for three days I wasn't going to last long and Lynne knew that so she didn't mind when I withdrew. She looked at my glistening cock and went down on it; she lapped her juices, I thought I was going to come but she stopped just in time. With her juices on her mouth she kissed me; her mouth tasted of her cunt and my cock, wonderful.
After kissing me she reached over and grabbed a jar. 'Lets collect that spunk of yours'; and with that she started to rub my cock. 'Shoot your cum into this jar' she said; and she caressed my balls as I took over from her rubbing. It wasn't long before I came, three days worth of cum went into the jar.
'Very good' Lynne said; 'We'll save that for later'.
She could see I was a bit disappointed with not eating my cum there and then so she put her finger on the end of my cock to collect my last drops of spunk. She then rubbed her finger on her nipples and encouraged me to suck; which I eagerly did.
She put the lid on the jar of spunk and said 'Thought you were taking me out tonight?'
My mind was a bit of a blur, but we got dressed and set out for the local pub. We ordered a drink and meal and went to play on the fruit machine. We both liked to gamble; but I am more of a risk taker. We took it in turns to play; winning a bit losing a bit. On Lynne's next go she had a chance to double up to £20 but she was reluctant to gamble, but I took over, pressed the gamble button and lost. 'Well, thanks for that' she said, 'You get a forfeit'.
And with that she pulled the jar of spunk out of her handbag, unscrewed the lid and dipped 2 fingers in. They came out covered in my cum and she moved them up to my mouth. 'Eat!' she said; and I licked her fingers clean.
The jar returned to her handbag.
We played a bit more and again on Lynne's turn a bigger gamble came up 'It's £50 if you win' I said. ' But are you willing to take the consequences if I lose?' she replied. I wasn't sure, were people looking at what was happening? That I'd sucked cum off my girlfriends fingers?
What the hell I thought, and pressed the gamble button. I lost.
Lynne reached into her bag but luckily the waitress said our food was ready so we went to our table.
Lynne had lasagne and I had a burger. I took the top bun off and added some ketchup. As I was about to put the bun back on Lynne told me to wait. 'You just lost all my money' she said; 'and you haven't had your forfeit'. I was starting to get aroused at what she might do, another couple of fingers of spunk I guessed. She removed the jar from her handbag, unscrewed the lid and instead of dipping her fingers in she gave me a wicked look and poured the entire contents over my burger. 'Enjoy your cumburger' she said.
At first I thought this was a bit repulsive, but my cock was telling me otherwise; I had gone really hard.
So I ate my cumburger. Lynne was really turned on; I could see her nipples press against her blouse. 'I love you eating your cum' she said 'but I guess you lose most of the taste as it't on you food; and it is an hour old; we'll get some fresh stuff for you at home.'
And with that we left the pub and 5 minutes later we were back in her bedroom. We took our clothes off and she told me to lie on my back.
'I want you to eat more of you cum for me now; not from my mouth but direct from your cock. I looked on the internet and found a position for you'. And with that she lifted my legs over my head. I looked up and I saw my cock pointing towards my mouth.
'Can you lick it?' she asked. I reached my tongue out as far as it would go but I was an inch away, even with Lynne pushing down on me.
'Oh well' she said, 'At least I get to see you shoot in your mouth' and she started to wank my cock. It was erotic to see my cock so close to my face. Whilst rubbing me Lynne moved her other hand over my arse and pushed a finger into my bumhole. I groaned with pleasure as she worked her finger deeper.
'You're a dirty pervert' she whispered 'I'm finger fucking your arse and your about to get a mouthful of spunk which you're going to swallow'. This talk turned me on even more and my cock started to swell.
'Open your mouth for me' she said, and as soon as I opened it wide I came, and thick spurts of cum shot into my mouth. One shot slightly missed and dribbled down my cheek, but I swallowed everything else. Once my balls were empty she pulled my legs back down. She looked at me hornily. 'You missed a bit' she said, 'Can't have you wasting any of your cream' and she used her finger which had been up my arse to scoop up the cum on my cheek and she put her finger into my mouth for me to clean.
'You're the best' I said.
'So are you my little cum eater' Lynne replied. 'I think next time you'll have to eat some spunk that's not yours!'


2016-05-17 14:50:16
I Love SUCKING COCK and eating CUM! I eat my own when I Jack it off too!,,, or after He has Fucked me hard in my Ass then shoot it in my mouth! It's CUM! don't waste it!

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2016-03-28 10:08:01
This is from Isida.
Tony I loved the part where you had your legs up and got ready to swallow your cum.....AMAZING. mmmm I do like your girlfried...

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2013-04-19 07:49:03
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Again, you forgot the fag tag. Neg rate bomb.

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