pt2 of pt3
We settled into our little fun house on the prairie and talked about odd ball shit for a while. But I could not get the picture of Hopes pussy on Fred’s face of my mind. I had seen her naked all my life. I had eaten her pussy and she had sucked my dick and jacked me off more than once.

It had been an hour at least and I was way past horny again, so I started to rub my cock and fantasize about what had just happened. Hope was the first to notice and said, “Damn Brother you are always horny aren’t you?”

“Not always, but today? Right now I am super horny.” I said looking at her small breast poking through her thin yellow top.

She did not miss my stare and asked, “Well what do you want to do about it?” She was as calm as could be, with just an innocent smile on her face as she looked me straight in the eye.

“I think I would like to eat you out while Fred sucks my cock. That’s what I would like to do about it.” I said looking straight back at her. We had never really talked during our sessions together. One or the other would catch the other one trying to rub one out or looking at porno and just offer to help.

Hope leaned back against a big slab of concrete that made one side of our hideaway and hooked her thumbs in her shorts. She started to push them down but stopped and met my stare again, “Do you want me to set on your face like I did Fred, Brother?”

“Yes I would like that very much Sis.” I wasted no time in getting my bottoms off and was stretched out waiting for Hope to get over my face. I watched her pull her top off and step over my torso. She was facing me and as she lowered herself down her legs slid to the outside of my arms and her bald little pussy was just inches from my face. I looked it over closely for the first time. Her outer lips were puffy and came together to cover all the goodies underneath. Her Hole was just barely visible at the back of her vulva and still a beautiful shade of pink. Bald was not the best way to describe the light covering of white hair that was evident to the eye at this close a view.

I felt Fred’s hand wrap around my shaft and his other cup my balls just seconds before his hot mouth covered the head of my dick.

At the same time Hope slid forward just enough for me to get my mouth to her pussy. As I looked up at her I could see her eyes looking at my mouth covering her cunt. The sight of her tiny breast with her puffy nipples framing her face as she looked away from my mouth and to my eyes was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. This is the very moment I became the pervert I am today. Nothing was better than having a young girl on your face while your dick was being sucked by anyone. A girl wanting you to have her to make her happy, fucking feeling love for everyone you have sex with. This was my perversion, this is what got me off and still does to this day.
I put my hands on her thin waist and stared into her eyes and sucked he vulva nd tongued her clit for all it was worth. I could feel her getting close and this made me work even harder. I took turns from licking her clit to stuffing as much of my tongue inside her vagina as I could. I could tell she liked this as she would grind onto my tongue every time. It was with my tongue buried inside her and her clit grinding against my nose that she orgasmed. I could feel her body tighten up on me and I could taste her wetness. I could have came in Fred’s mouth then but he had felt it too. And had stopped suck me to watch Hope writhe on my face.

Sis was finished and had slid back onto my chest with her hands on either side of my head. She whispered into my face, “That was the best anyone has ever done that for me.”
And she kissed me on the mouth. It was just a normal brother sister kiss and I thought her part in this was done, but I was wrong. She started to move back, down my chest bringing her pussy close to my cock. We had never done this and until this moment I had not even considered it.
“Put it in me Fred, put his dick in me.” Hope said this without ever breaking eye contact with me. I felt Fred’s hand on my cock and then I felt Hopes pussy slowly covering the head. “Damn it. You have a big one Brother.”
I moved my hands to her hips and meant to pull her off my cock. But as my hands touched her skin she pushed back hard onto my swollen dick. I went almost all the way in before I felt the bottom of her hole hit the head of my cock. She froze and sucked in her breath. “Shit, it aint all going in, shit oh shit. It feels good Big Brother.” She said as she started to move her hips side to side.
I let her do what she wanted because I knew if I moved a muscle I would cum just like that. It was only a few moments before she started to move up and down on my painfully erect cock. The feeling of her tight little cunt was so amazing. I wanted to grab her hips and fuck her the same way I had done Fred just an hour ago, but I did not. I waited and let her build the tempo.

Hope bounced on my cock like this for 4 or 5 minutes each time I would go in just a tiny bit further and finally her vulva made it all the way to the base of my dick. She slowed a bit and set back onto me. I could feel the bottom of her pussy rubbing the head of my cock and her pussy walls were like a vise. She ground onto me like this for just a couple of minute and she started to cum again. This was too much for me and I took her hips and drove her up and down onto me as she groaned and squealed. Just as she started to stop cuming I grunted that I was going to cum. And just as the first wad was about to shoot out, Hope slid forward popping my dick out of her and setting back onto it she humped back a forth over my shaft with her peach fuzz covered pussy as cum shot out all over my stomach. And Hope came again not an earth shaking orgasm but she came.

As she rolled off of me Fred moved into lick and suck my sensitive cock as he furiously jerked himself off. I kept flinching and finally he let my cock slip out of his mouth. As he leaned up he wiped his hand across my stomach and scoped up a handful of my come and used it for lube as furiously worked his dick. Very soon he shot off all over me and my sister.

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I love your stories! I wish you could've came inside of her!!


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I love it myself. I notice in your list the next one is pt6.6 Is there a pt 4 and 5?

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It wasn't supposed to be good for your information, but it was probably quite good for his sister !

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It wasn't supposed to be good for your information, but it was probably quite good for his sister !

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I think that was not good for your imformation

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