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I looked at him for about 3 seconds because I thought it was Lyle
playing a trick on me. And when I noticed that it was not Lyle, I got
embarassed and
looked away. When I first saw him, it was dark, so I was only able to
see his outline and none of his face or anything like that. As I
stayed with my face
turned away, the person then spoke and said "Pretty cool." I did not
say a thing. He then said "I knew you and that dog had something
going." I still stayed
frozen and not looking at him and not saying a word. The only thing
running through my mind was, Im busted, and my parents are soon going
to know
that I was being fucked by a dog. He then spoke again and said "How
old are you?" I still said nothing and just kept my head turned away
from him. A few
seconds later, he said "You know, you can talk to me..Im not going to
tell anyone." I was glad to hear that, so I slowly turned my head to
look at him, and I
said in a very low voice "thanks". I was still not able to see his
face clearly, but I was able to see that he had his hand on his pants
and that he was slowly
stroking himself. He then said again "So, how old are?" I said "16",
and he quickly said "16!, and your able to take Rascals knot!, wow."
I then again said
nothing..I was still to embarassed to be seen stuck to Rascal by a
total stranger. He then asked me "How long before Rascal lets you
go?" I knew what he
ment and said "Im not sure...maybe 15 more minutes." I then thought
to myself, 'He just said "Rascal", he knows his name." I then waited
for another
question from him, but he said nothing. I then spoke up and said "How
do you know Rascals name?" He then said "Because I work here, and
he's my bosses
dog." I then said nothing, and went back to being Rascals bitch...and
hoping that this guy would just go away.. But he didn't.
About 2 minutes later he said "Whats your name?" I made up a lie and
said "Jeff". He then said "Well Jeff, im going to go back up to my
apartment and get
the keys to the side gate and join you." I didn't know what to
say...but I said "ok". I was hopeing that I would be untied from
Rascal by the time he got
back, and I even tugged at at Rascals knot trying to pull it out of me
before this guy came back. I tried a few times, but everytime I did
it hurt like hell.
Rascal was firmly locked inside me and there was no way I was going to
be released by him soon. I then went back into submission with Rascal
and moved
my ass back up to his so I could not feel his knot tugging at me
anymore. I then started to see if I could feel him still cumming
inside me. I hoped to not
feel his cum going in me anymore because I was wanting to get untied
with him because I really wanted to not still be tied with Rascal when
this guy came
back. Once I re-submited to him, I still felt his cum squriting out of
his cock, and filling me up as he kept breeding with me.
About 5 minutes had passed since this guy left and I started to think
that he was not comming back, and I began to relax. Rascals knot was
still at full size
and tightly holding us together. I then felt his cum stop going in me,
and I was relieved knowing that I was only 5 more minutes or-so away
until his knot
would shrink and release us. As I waited, alls I could feel was my
insides heated up to the max and a bloated feeling again from all of
Rascals huge cock and
cum that was planted inside of me. And my ass was sore from all the
friction he gave me when he was fucking me for a long time before he
tied with me. I
was tired as hell, and well fucked this time. I then re-adjusted my
ass so I could put my elbows on the ground to rest. I then heard the
sound of keys, and
the side gate being opened. Fuck! I thought to myself, he's back. as
'this guy' came in the yard, Rascal wanted to move towards the noise,
and he did, with
my body in tow behind him. Rascal only moved about 10 feet until he
stopped and I then heard 'this guy' say "Hi buddy, still tied with
your bitch I see."
Rascal began wagging his tail at him, and it was such a strange
feeling on my ass that it felt like his knot was wiggling back'n forth
inside me. As he came
closer, I was able to see his face when he passed by the little light
that was on inside the office. He looked to be about 20 years old,
and he had long blond
hair the was touching his shoulders. He looked like a typical
california surfer dude. He looked to be about 5'11 and about 150
pounds. He was wearing a
jacket and his pants looked like jeans. He then said "Wow dude, how
did you and Rascal get over here?" I then said "When he heard you
comming in the gate,
he dragged me here." He then laughed and said "Damn dude, I thought
by the time I got back here that you and Rascal would be untied, and
you would be
gone." I then said nothing, and wished I was gone. I was still so
embarassed to be seen by this guy, a total stranger, stuck to a dog.
He then asked me "Has Rascal stopped cumming yet?" I waited a few
seconds and said "Yeah". He then said "I bet his cum feels real hot
inside you, and
theres a lot of in you too." I didn't know how to answer him, so I
just said "It's alot alright." He then told me something I did not
know, He said "The reason
Rascals cum feels so hot inside you is because dogs have a warmer body
tempeture than humans, ours is 97 degrees, and dogs are 101 degrees."
I just
answered with "ok". He then said, "You must have a real tight ass for
Rascal to be stuck to you for this long." I again said nothing.
Then he said something
that just blew me away, He said "Rascal fucked me about four hours
ago, im surprised that he fucked you and was able to knot up with
you." I then started
getting comfortable with this guy, since he had been fucked by Rascal
also. I then said "Really?, You let him fuck you too?" He then said
"I let him fuck me
a few times a week...whenever I get real horny." I didn't know what
to say next, so I just said "Cool." He then raised his shirt and I
instantly saw that he had
scratches running down his chest and into his pants waistline. I was
just about to say something when all of sudden I felt Rascals cock
slide out of me. I
instantly landed on my stomach on the ground, and wanted to rest, but
that wasn't going to happen.
As I was laying on the ground, that guy then said "I know your ass
is full of cum right now, but do you think you can take some more in
you?" I knew what
that ment! I then said "Dude, im really sore down there right
now..maybe some other time." He then said "Your ass looks ready to be
fucked again, and I
won't tie with you." I then said nothing, and then heard his pants
zipper come down. I then turned to look, and he was taking off his
pants, and comming
over to me. He then started to get on top of me, and I got scared and
quickly turned my body sideways. He then put his hand on my back and
forced me
back onto my stomach and said "Your not leaving this yard without my
cum inside you also." I then got kinda scared, and didn't know what to
do. He was
bigger than me, and I was too weak from all the fucking Rascal gave
me, so I thought to myself..I guess im going to get fucked again. He
then grabbed one
of my legs and spreaded me open and began to mount me. I then felt his
dick sliding up and down my wet ass crack looking for my hole. He then
spoke up
and said "Im lubing up my dick with Rascals cum that is leaking out of
you so I don't hurt you too much." I then felt him do a few more lube
wipes with his
dick and then I felt the head of his dick pokeing right on my hole.
The head of his dick was pretty big by the feeling of it pressing at
me. I then said "Dude,
how big is your dick?" He answered with "Not as big as Rascals cock
that was just in you, but your going to find out real soon..and when I
cum in you, your
going to know it, because I shoot a lot of cum." I then felt him push
at my 16 year old hole, and the head of his cock slipped in me pretty
easy since I was
already just fucked by Rascal. I then felt him slowly sliding the
shaft of his dick in me, and I began to moan from the size of it
streaching my tight hole. He
then put one of his hands over my mouth to muffle my moans and then
slid the rest of his dick deep inside me. Fuck, it felt huge! I then
felt his balls
resting on top of mine, and they felt damn big too! He then began
fucking me, and I was moaning like crazy from the size of this dick
that was now fucking
me. He kept his hand firmly over my mouth as he was pounding away at
me. I then heard a squishy sound as he was fucking me, and I quickly
felt Rascals
cum being pushed out of me, and flowing down my balls and getting his
huge balls wet and sticky as they slapped at mine with each of his
thrusts. I was
getting fucked real good by this guy. About a minute into it, he
started to push every inch of him in me with quicker thrusts and then
he planted his hips
firmly at my ass and I then felt his cum shooting into me. He was
right, I was feeling what felt like a fire hose in me shooting his cum
hard against my
insides, I was REALLY moaning loud from this feeling, and he then
spoke up and said "Take it all, Take it all my little bitch." as he
gave me his final thrusts
and then just stopped.
He then took his hand away from my mouth and held his still hard
dick inside me. I was still feeling Rascals flow of cum running out of
me and down my
balls as we rested. He then caught his breath and said "Fuck your ass
is tight, you made me cum quick!" He then slid his dick out of me and
went right over
to his pants and put them back on. He then said "Thanks for the fuck.
Im leaving, but I will leave the lock on the side gate open for you.
When you leave,
just lock the the lock." and with that, he just up and left me laying
naked on the ground full of Rascals and now his cum too. I was now way
to sore to even
move. My insides where boiling with all the cum that was in me, and my
asshole was tingling from all the fucking I had just got tonight. As I
layed there,
alls I could feel was cum flowing out of me and running down my balls
onto the ground. I wanted to stand up and release most of it out of
me, but I was
way to weak, so I just layed there letting it flow out of me. I then
looked to see where Rascal was, and I saw him laying by my clothes,
sound asleep. I knew
that it must be at least 2 AM by now and that I really wanted to get
home, but the tingling from my asshole ran all the way down into my
legs which made
them feel like rubber. I tried to get up a few times, but when I did,
I would feel a huge ammount of cum running down my legs, and my legs
wanted nothing to do with standing and just collapased under me. I was
starting to get scared and wondering if I was ever going to be able to
walk again. I
wanted to at least put my clothes back on, but I knew if I did, I
would just fill my pants up with all the cum that was leaking out of
me. I did put my shirt
back on since it was cold and at least I was wearing something. I then
submitted myself back to the ground and began to wait for the tingling
to go away.
As I layed there, my insides felt like they where moving around, and a
few times I would, without warning, feel a ton of cum come rushing out
of me and
spewing onto the ground. Wow, I thought to myself...I have really
been fucked good tonight.
About what felt like an hour of just laying on the ground, I heard a
clinking sound and I quickly relized that someone was coming in the
gate that that guy
had left open for me. Rascal heard the noise too and woke up and
quickly ran towards the gate. I suddenly found a burst of energy and
scrambled over to
where my pants where and began to put them on when all of a sudden my
legs said No where not ready yet, and I went back down to the ground.
I was able
to put my pants on while I was on the ground, and then I crawled over
to the side of the office and hid behind a bunch of oil drums. I then
heard a voice say
"Jeff, are you still here?" I knew it was 'that guy' again and I
quickly answered "Yes." I then 'gingerly' came out of my hiding place
and he said "Why are you
still here, it's almost 3 AM?" I then said "Dude, my legs won't let
me walk yet." He then said "Why not?" I looked at him and said
"Because their still tingling
from the fucking I got." He then said "You can't be here right now
because my boss just called me and a customer is coming down right now
to pick up his
car, you have to leave!" I then said "But dude, I can't walk home
yet, my legs won't let me." He then paused and said "Can you at least
walk over to my
apartment and rest there until your ready to go home?" I said "Sure,
I think I can make it that far." He then said "Well, come on lets
go..I will help you if you
need it." We both then walked over to his apartment and I was weak
during that little walk. He seemed to notice it, and when we got
there, and he saw me in
the light, he said "Your clothes are all dirty, take them off and I
will run down to the laundry room and wash them. In the meantime, you
can wear some of
my clothes." I then said "Dude I can't do that because I don't want
to stain your clothes up." He then looked at me kinda puzzled and
said "Why not?" I then
shyly said " leaking." He then seemed to know exactly
what I ment and smiled and then said "Use my bathroom to empty
yourself out and
then take a shower if you want, I really have to get back to the shop
before the customer arrives. I will be back in about 2 hours, so if
you leave, lock my
door please." I then said "Sure, no problem." He then went out the
door, and I was quick to use his bathroom. I will spare you all the
details, but I was in
there for about 20 minutes.
When I was done with that, I looked in his mirror and noticed all
the new scratches on my body that Rascal had given me when he was
fucking the hell out
of me a few hours ago. Damn, some of the scratches on me had cut into
me real good, and I saw some dry blood on me. I then decided to take
up 'this guys'
offer, and take a shower to clean myself up. During the shower I was
still a little weak and I had to hold onto the soap dish that was
mounted to the wall.
When I was done, I felt so great, but yet tired. I was still naked
since he had taken my clothes to his laundry room someplace in the
buliding, so I walked
into his living room and saw the clothes he left out for me to wear,
and I put them on. I then sat down on his couch and noticed he had
some of his mail
laying on a table. I then looked at them (just to find out what his
name was) and all his letters said "Steve" on them. I now knew his
name. I was feeling very
tired still and I wanted to go home, but I was wearing someone elses
clothes while mine where still in the wash. So I decided to wait for
Steve to come back
when he was done with his customer and bring my clothes back. I then
layed down on his couch just to rest, but ended up falling asleep.
When I woke up,
I noticed that his apartment was filled with daylight! I then looked
for a clock, and saw one hanging on the wall. The clock read 9:23 AM.
I instantly
panicked since I knew my parents had woken up and where already at
work. But since it was the weekend, and I didn't have school, I knew
that they didn't
check my room, since they never do on the weekends. I then got up and
went looking in the other rooms for Steve. He was not in his bedroom
or any place
in the apartment. I then looked out his front window which had a full
view of the Auto Repair Shop that he worked at. I saw a few people
walking around the
yard, but I did not see Steve. I then figured I better go try and find
the laundry room to find my clothes. When I found the laundry room,
my clothes where
still in a washer, and not dry. I then put them in the dryer and went
back up to his apartment to wait for them to dry. I then layed back
down on his couch
and fell asleep again.
I was awoken when I heard the sound of keys at Steves door. I kinda
sprang up, and then I saw Steve walk into the room. He was carrying
my clothes, and
then put them on the tabe in front of me and then said "Did you put
your clothes in the drier?" I said "yeah, you where gone for a long
time, and I need to
get home. He then said "Sorry about that, the customer showed up late
as hell, and didn't like the way his car was sounding, so I had stay
in the yard and
work on his car again, even though nothing was wrong with it..pain in
the ass jerk." I kinda laughed and then looked at the time. It was
now 11:27 AM, and I
was getting hungry, and I really wanted to get home so I could get
some more sleep before my parents came home. I then picked up my
clothes and said
"Im going to go change now." Steve then gave me a strange look and
said "Even though my clothes don't fit you, you look pretty hot
wearing them." I kinda
knew what that ment, and I was not up for another fucking from him. I
was still to 'wore out' from the fucking I got a few hours ago from
Rascal and him. I
then said nothing to his 'hint', but I said "Be right back." I then
went into his bathroom, and locked the door, and changed into my
clothes. When I came out,
Steve was sitting on the couch watching TV and said "So, are you
leaving now?" I said "Yeah, I have to get home." He then said "Sorry
about last night." I
didn't know what he ment, so I looked at him puzzled, and said "What
do you mean?" He then said "You know.. Rascal had just got done
fucking you, and I
got horny seeing you on the ground...I then fucked you even though you
didn't want me too. Im really sorry about that." I then thought for a
second and
said "It's cool dude." He then quickly said "Are you sure? I kinda
felt bad all day since I took advantage of you." I then said "No, it's
cool, trust me." He then
paused a bit and said "So..we are both good?" I quickly said "Hell
yeah dude, it was a fun night." Steve then said "Really? Cool! He then
paused and said "Did
you get off at all last night? I then said "No" and he was quick to
say "Wanna get off right now before you leave? I'll suck your dick or
you can fuck me if you
want" I thought about it for awhile since he was pretty hot, and I was
sporting a semi-hardon. So I said "Well. im kinda tired and worn out
right now..but if
you want to suck me, that would be cool." His eyes then gleamed, and
he said "Awesome! Take off your pants and lay down on the couch." I
then did what
said, and just by his motions alone, I could tell that he was real
eager to suck my cock. As I layed down on the couch, my cock was now
rock hard and he
said "For a guy your age, you sure have a nice cock." I didn't know
what to say so I just said "Thanks". Steve then moved over to me and
grabbed my cock
with his hand and strocked it a bit and then placed the head of my
cock in his mouth. He then began sucking me slowly and with each
sucking motion, he
would sink my cock deeper into his mouth. His lips where wrapped
around my cock real tight as he really started getting into it. As hes
was sucking away at
me, I then felt something I never felt before. Steve had his tounge
out of his mouth and curled around my cock tightly and was deep
throating me real good,
when I felt the tip of his tounge go arounf my balls and begin to lap
at my asshole while he was sucking me. The second I felt that, My
whole body shook
and started to tingle with pure pleasure and I let out a huge moan,
and he then kept digging his tounge around my hole and sucking me at
the sametime. I
could no longer stand this new awesome feeling, so I said/moaned out
"Im cumming." I then began jerking my hips at him as my cum came
flying out of me
hard. I was cumming so hard that I didn't know if I was ever going to
stop cumming!! I must have shot at least 10 hard spurts into his
mouth. When I was
done, I stopped jerking my hips and just collapased in pure extacy. I
then felt Steve gulping down the last of my cum, and he slowly got up
and said "So
how was I?" I then looked at him to say something, when he then spoke
up again and said "Wow dude, your eyes are glossy looking, I guess I
was pretty
good." I then said "Fuck..dude...that was intense.." He then said
"You liked my tounge on your asshole while I was sucking you, didn't
you?" I was still in a
bit of shock, but said "Yeah...that was so awesome!!" We both then
paused to catch our breaths. A few seconds later Steve said "Wow, you
have some sweet
tasteing cum, and a lot of it." I was so wore out, that I said
nothing and just smiled at him. He then placed his hands on my chest
and ran them down to my
waist and said "You got such a hot smooth body..Rascals scratches on
you look so fucking hot, Rascal has a good fuck right here....lucky
fucking dog." I
then began to wonder if he was horny, so I looked at his pants, and I
saw a huge buldge in his jeans. I then knew that if I didn't get up
and leave Right Now,
that he would end up fucking me next. I would have let him fuck me,
but I was too tired from last nights fucking from Rascal AND him in
the yard.
I then said "Dude, I have to go before my parents get home and find
me not there." Steve then said "Yeah..ok.. Maybe we can meet again
real soon...I can
bring Rascal into my apartment and let you two fuck in here, or you
can watch him fuck me if you want." I then (just to get out of there
quicker) said "That
would cool." I then swung my legs off the couch and put my pants on.
I didn't want to be a prick and just leave, so I said "Awesome blow
job dude..thanks..
I have school all during the week, but maybe next weekend we can meet
up with Rascal and make a night of it." Steve was quick to say "That
would be
awesome!" He then got off the couch and came over to me and gave me a
big tight hug and said "I will be dreaming of you every night until we
meet up
again next weekend." He then gave me a kiss on my cheek, and opened
his door to let me out.


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hes not writing it hes stole it off from another author. go to nify and look in the beast section for s story called auto repair shop dog

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