Probably has some mistakes, but of course, not english class. It a Sex Story!
When I got home, It was about noon time, and I was tired as hell,
but hungry too. I then made a sandwich and went right to bed. The
second I hit the pillow, I was out. Was awoken around 7 pm by my mom
telling me that dinner was ready. She then asked me "Why are you
sleeping at this hour." I then gave her a lie and told her that I was
playing tennis all day with my friends, and I was tired. She suspected
nothing, and bought it. After dinner. I went into my room to watch
some TV and reflect on what happened that morning. As I thought about
it, it only made me horny again. I was still pretty sore from all the
fucking, but damn it, I wanted to get fucked by Rascal again, and as
soon as possable. But I didn't want to see Steve.. I just wanted
Rascal. Since Steve lived across the street from where Rascal was,
and he could see the yard from his apartment, I was wondering how I
would be able to do this without Steve seeng us or being involved. A
few minutes later, I heard the doorbell ring. I payed no attention to
it since my parents would get it. A few minutes later, my mom came in
my room and said "One of your friends are at the door" I was not
expecting anyone, so I asked her "Who?" She said "I don't know, but
he has a dog with him." I was kinda worried that it might be Steve,
but he didn't know where I lived. When I got to the door, there stood
Lyle with Buster. I then said "Hi, whats up?" He then peaked his
eyes into my house and said "Is your mom gone?" I said "Yeah, shes in
the back room." He then said "Can you come out right now?" I then
looked at the clock, and it was only 8:30 pm, and I said "Sure". I
then told my parents that I was going to go out for awhile, and they
said "Be home by midnight" (Midnight was my curfew on the weekends).
I then went outside with Lyle, and in his blurting out style, he said
"Dude, do you know of anyplace we can go right now that is cool,
because I want to let Buster fuck me right now." I then instantly got
on his ass and said "Dude, what happened last night, why did you leave
me at the Auto Shop?" He then said "I saw someone watching us, so I
got scared. I thought maybe it was the cops of something." I then
told him the whole story about Steve and all, and he said "Wow dude! I
guess that means we can't go back there no more." I kinda paused, and
then said "I know of a cool place where you and Buster can fuck, but
im horny too, and I want Rascal right now." Lyle then looked at me
kinda puzzled and said "We can't go back to the auto shop because I
don't want to be caught by Steve." I then said "Yeah, me too." I
then thought for a few seconds and said "I think I have an Idea..Lets
both goto the auto shop and see if there is a way I can get Rascal out
of the yard without Steve seeing us." Lyle then said "How?" I then
said "I think if we both pull on the chain link fence by the railroad
track side, Rascal might just be able to crawl under it and get out of
the yard." Lyle then said "Ok, lets go."

We then headed off towards the Auto Shop. Once we got there, I was
worried that Rascal would see Buster and they would both start barking
at each other and making too much noise. As Lyle and I came up to the
fence from the Railroad side, I heard Rascal running towards us and I
quickly said "Rascal, Rascal, shhh. Rascal, it's just me." When Rascal
was right at the fence with us, he noticed that it was me (his bitch)
and never barked once. Rascal and Buster then saw each other, and
they then started sniffing each other through the fence. They seemed
to be cool with each other, which was great! As Rascal and Buster
smelled each other through the fence, Lyle said "Wow, when I walk
Buster by this place, Rascal always barks and goes crazy." I then
said "Well, after last night, he must know you now. I told you he was
a cool dog." Lyle then said "He's not even barking at Buster." I then
said "Well, maybe he knows whats up right now." Lyle then just
laughed. I then said "Lets grab this part of the fence (middle of the
chain link fence) and see how much we can raise it." We both then
grabbed the fence and pulled, and it raised up a lot! As we raised
it, I was saying Come on Rascal, come on come on, come on boy. Rascal
knew what we where doing, and he tried a few times to come under the
fence, but stopped because we could not the fence to raise enough for
him to fit through. I then told Lyle "Lets try a diffrent section of
the fence." We then both started to lift the next section of the
fence, and this part came up real easy. As we lifted, Rascal came
crawling out from under it real easy. The second he was out of the
Auto Shop, I grabbed the coller that was around his neck and held him
for a few seconds while Buster and hin introduced each other...I was
worried that they might fight or not get along. But they seemed to
have no problems with each other. They smelled each others ass a few
times and then went back to paying attention to Lyle and I. Lyle then
said "Whew, im glad they get where is the place we can go?"
I then just pointed my finger at the old abandoned 'haunted' house on
the other side of the Railroad tracks and said "right there dude. it's
perfect." I was expecting Lyle to say 'no way' because of the houses
reputation of being 'Haunted', but he just said "Lets go."

When we reached the house, we went inside and checked the place out
first, just to make sure nobody else was in it. When we got to the
second floor of the house, there was a bedroom that still had some old
carpet on the floor, so I said to Lyle "This looks like a good place,
what do you think?" Lyle was quick to respond with "Looks good to
me." And as soon as he ended his sentance, he began taking off his
clothes. I then let go of Rascal and started taking my clothes off
too. It was kinda hard to see each other because of the darkness, but
there was some light comming in through the busted out window, enough
light that we where able to see each other semi-clearly as we took off
our clothes. Once we where both naked, I felt a tounge start licking
at my ass, and lubing me up for a fucking that I was about to happen.
I then saw Lyle get on his hands and knee's and I did the same right
next to him. I then felt the tounge return to my ass and start
digging away at me. Since I knew what Rascals tounge felt like, I
could tell that this tounge was Busters. I then heard Rascal lapping
away at Lyle's ass and Lyle began moaning and then I heard him say "Oh
yeah Buster, go for it, im ready." He then addressed me and said "Is
Rascal ready to fuck you too?" I was wanting to tell him that he had
Rascal lubing him up, and I had Buster, but I then thought to myself
'Since Lyle left me at the auto repair shop last night when he saw
somebody, and didn't tell me. I was not gong to tell him that Rascal
was the one that was just about to fuck him.' I knew that once Rascal
mounted, and took hold of him, that there was no way Lyle would be
able to get out of it. Like the first time Rascal fucked/raped me. A
few seconds later, Buster mounted me a took hold of my body with his
front legs tightly wrapped around my chest. I then felt his paws
digging into my skin as he began to poke his cock at my hole. I then
lowered my ass so Busters cock would not go in me yet, and waited fot
Rascal to mount Lyle. I then said to Lyle "Im mounted, what about
you?" He then started to answer me when all of a sudden I watched
Rascal mount him. Lyle then said "Dude! This is not Buster, its
Rascal!!" I then heard him say "No, Rascal, get off of me" and I could
see in the dim lighting that Lyle was trying to push him away. I then
heard Lyle give out a huge moan, and then say "Oh fuck, he's in
me..dude...his cocks too big...please get him off me." I then raised
my ass and let Buster enter me. I then said "I can't, Buster is
fucking me." He then said nothing, and alls I heard was the sound of
both Buster and Rascal slappng away at our asses as they fucked us. I
started to moan from the fucking Buster was giving me, and Lyle was
really moaning loud from the fucking Rascal was giving him. I then
looked at Rascal as he was fucking Lyle, and I watched as Rascals long
german shepard fur slid up and down Lyles naked body with each of his
thrusts. I then looked at Lyle's face, and he was staring right at
me. His eyes where all glossy and his mouth was hanging open and
breathing hard. I then said "Are you alright dude?" He then moaned
out "Oh fuck, his cock is so fucking deep in me, theres no way im
going to let him tie with me, hes to damn big." I then said nothing,
but I knew that no matter what Lyle did when Rascals knot started
forming, Rascal would make sure he locked up and began his breeding
with Lyle.

As we both kept getting fucked by these two dogs, both Lyle and I
where both in our own litttle heaven. I was being pounded hard by
Buster, and his cock was growing and getting deeper and deeper inside
me. My eyes still stayed focused on Rascal as he pounded away at Lyle.
A few seconds later, I heard Lyle say "No way Rascal" I saw Lyle
tring to move his ass lower in hopes that Rascals knot woud not go
inside him. I knew that that move was useless, since the first day
Rascal fucked me. I then watched as Rascal slid his front legs down
and latched onto Lyles hips. Rascal then quickly re-raised Lyles ass
and started pounding even harder. Lyle then began to moan REAL LOUD
and then looked over at me and said "Oh Fuck...I feel his knot im me
trying to get bigger..How do I get it out of me! I then said "Rascal
is going to tie with you, just let it happen and submit to him." He
then looked like he wanted to say something to me, but he then just
started moaning and grunting. I then watched as he bent his head down,
and je then began submmiting himself to Rascal. A few seconds later,
Buster slid his paws down to my waist, and I felt his knot deep inside
me starting to latch us together. I heard Lyle moans, but I was not
paying any attention to him anymore since Buster was fucking me
furiously and begining to tie us together. I was moaning, Lyle was
moaning, and we where both not paying any attention to each other as
both our dogs locked themselfs to our bodies and began the long task
of filling up our insides 'squirt by squirt" with their cum.

I was breathing hard from Busters fucking, and I heard Lyle doing
the same. Buster was still on top of me and holding onto my waist very
tight. His head was right next to my ear and he was panting his hot
breath onto the side of my face. I then turned to look at Lyle, and he
too was still mounted by Rascal. I then noticed that his head was
still bent down, and his eyes where closed. I then said "Hey, you
alive?" He then slowly raised his head, but did not look at me, and
said "I think so." I then looked over to his ass, and I noticed that
his ass looked like it was high against Rascals cock, but it was hard
to tell because of Rascals long fur draping down Lyles body. I then
said "Are you tied?" Lyle then rose his head again, and then looked
at me, with a cringe look in his face, and said "Fuck yeah I am." I
then began adjusting my ass to Busters knot, when all of a sudden he
began to dismount me. I began to moan as Busters cock, and knot,
turned inside me and placed us butt to butt. Lyle then glanced down
towards Busters and I locked bodies and said "Fill him up good buddy."
I then was about to say something, when Rascal began his dismount.
Lyle gave out a HUGE MOAN and grunted out "Oh fuck, fuck im fucked!"
As Rascal dismounted him, I watched as Lyle's body moved to where
Rascal had landed, and Lyle's body was leaning against mine. We where
now side by side and tied. I was already frozen in place with Busters
knot tied into me, so I really didn't want to move for Lyle. I then
watched as Lyle adjusted his ass as close to Rascals as he could, and
then he let out a long 'wimpering' breath and then he lowered his head
and began breathing hard. I then again said "You alright dude?" and
he was slow to answer me, but then moaned out "His cock is so fucking
deep inside me...(he then panted catching his breath here, and
continued) His knot feels like a baseball...fuck it hurts!" He then
turned his head away from me and went back to lowering his head and
being fully submitted to Rascal. I then did the same as Buster's knot
held me tightly locked to him. As I stood still, I could feel Busters
cum shooting into me and instantly filling me up with his cum squirt
by squrit. I could feel each squirt hitting into my insides and
heating my inside up.

About five minutes had gone by, when I heard Lyle start making a
'Emph Emph' sound. I then rose my head and said "You alright?" Lyle
then looked at me, with his glossy eyes, and said "sorta..why?" I
then said "You making a strange Emph Emph sound." He then said "Oh
that...Rascals cum is shooting into me pretty hard..I can feel every
spurt." I then said "Yeah, I can feel each of Busters filling me up
too." He then said "Yeah, but Buster is not filling you up as much
as this damn Shepard is filling me up right now, hes cumming in me
with big streams of cum, im already filled to the max, and yet hes
still cumming." I then said "Yup, I know that feeling, he can cum a
lot before hes done. Lyle then said "How much longer do you think
before he pulls out of me?" I then thought about it for a few seconds
and said "Well, we have only been tied for about 5 minutes, so maybe
another 10 minutes or so." Lyle then bowed his head back down and
said "Fuck im fucked." We both then went back to submisson to our
dogs. and waited. About a minute later Lyle rose his head and said
"How you can take Rascals knot amazes me..Fuck it's huge!" I then
looked at him and said "Your taking it right now.." and he was quick
to say "Yeah, only because I have too since it's locked up inside me
right now...fuck dude...I can't even feel my legs right now." I was
about to say something when he spoke again, and said "Since where both
going to be here for awhile, stuck to these dogs, and we are right
next to each other, what do you want to do now?" I was kinda startled
by that question and said "Dude, where both knotted up right
now..Theres nothing else we can do right now." He then kinda laughed
with a moan in his voice and said "I know, I just want to submit to
Rascal and wait for this Huge knot to pull out of me.

We then both just bowed our heads down and went into full
submission to our dogs, and their knots that held us tightly together
as one entity. As we both where being breeded, I would feel Busters
cum slamming into the walls of my insides, and I would let out a few
moans whenever I felt a big squirt launch into me. I would hear Lyle
moaning also as Rascal kept fireing his streams deep into Lyle's tight
little 16 year old hole too. I knew Rascal was really doing a good
job on Lyle, because Lyle would moan pretty loud, even though I could
tell he was tring to be quiet, he always kept his mouth shut during
his moanings. A few times our eyes would meet as we stayed submitted
to our lovers. Each time I saw his face, his eyes where always glossy,
and his face had cringe look to it. I remembered that cringe, because
I had the same cringe in my face the first day Rascal fucked/raped me.
One time when our eyes met, Lyle smiled and said "So who are we going
to give our puppies to?" I wasn't expecting that! I then began to
laugh pretty hard, which sent my body moving and tugging onto Busters
knot. It hurt a bit, but I re-adjusted myself and said to Lyle "Dude,
don't make me laugh, it made my body tug and your dogs knot. He then
said "Oh, sorry." I then said "It was funny though." We both then
went back into submission for about a minute, when I heard Lyle say
"Buster still cumming in you?" I raised my head and said "Heck yeah he
is...What about Rascal?" Lyle was quick to reply with "Fuck yeah he
is, I don't know how much more cum I can take in me." I then said
"Your knotted with him dude, your going to take whatever amount he
pours into you, just like Buster here, he seems to really be cumming
in me a lot right now." Lyle then looked down at Buster and said "Good
boy buddy, fill his ass up with lots of cum." I then said "Trust me
dude, he is." Lyle then said "How long do you think its been so far?
I said "What? since we both got tied up?" He said "Yeah" I then
thought about it and said "I think its been about 10 minutes so far."
Lyle then sighed and put his head back down, submitting to Rascal, and
I was quick to follow.

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