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Just read and enjoy. There is some incest and gay sex so if its not for you don't read it.
It was a Friday and I had taken off work to relax and get myself “ready” for my Master before he came to get me at 5pm. He told me I was going to prove to him what a good little sex slave I could be and that he had a surprise for me. I loved Master’s surprises and they always made me wet in anticipation of what they might be. I showered and shaved my pussy smooth, put lotion all over my body and slid my stockings on, attaching them to my garter belt. Then I slipped into my tight black dress that Master loved so much. It was tight and clinged to my body, showing every curve and my hard nipples that insisted on pointing outward. I undid a few more buttons, making my breasts fall out showing my cleavage. It was a short mini length…coming up past my fingertips and I had to be careful not to bend over and expose my pussy like a slut in mixed company. My hair, nails and makeup were perfectly done, however I knew it was only a matter of minutes before Master would have my face smeared and black mascara running down my cheeks and my hair a tumbled mess. I didn’t care. It was his way of taking me and making me all his!

The door suddenly opened and Master came in. His presence is always prevalent in a room and tonight was no exception. He forcefully grabbed my hair…pulling my head back to him and asked me who I belonged to. I answered, “I belong to YOU” and meant it with all my being. Just being in his presence made me want to be with him forever! He just smiled and told me I was his “Raven”. That’s all I needed to hear to know that I would follow his every command tonight. He blindfolded me with my leather hood and walked me out to his truck. I had a hard time getting inside and fumbled. He laughed and spanked my ass as he helped “push” me up into my seat. We drove for about 30 minutes while he listened to some classical music and occasionally pushed his big thick fingers in my pussy, making me squirm. The truck came to a stop and he told me we were at a barn in the middle of nowhere and inside were 6 of his friends that he planned to show me off to. He told me I could scream as loud as I wanted…no one would hear way out there. I shifted in my seat as I felt the wetness run down my leg. My pussy was pulsing and it wasn’t even being touched…yet!

He put the thick black collar around my neck and attached his leather leash to it. As he led me in, Master had my hands tied behind my back and I instantly smelled the sweet hay and leather inside. Master took me to the middle of the big open hay barn and instantly had my arms stretched upward and handcuffed to hanging chains that were used to lift tractor equipment into the rafters. He then left me standing there as he went over to his friends. It was okay though. It gave me a chance to get a good look at everyone. The men were standing around joking and talking among themselves. I could see just enough out of my small holes in the leather hood to make them out. Master started talking to a guy named Charles. He was loud with a big boisterous laugh that sent chills down my back. I sensed he had a streak about him that made me nervous. Standing next to him was his son, Isaac, who was about 6’4, tall and built, with a smooth body and still had a boyish face. Next to Isaac was his friend Aaron, who had long red hair and was also tall and thin. As I pivoted on my tip toes, I noticed two more men. One was lying on a bale of hay with his pants around his ankles and the other one was eagerly sucking his cock and deep throating him like I’ve never seen before. This was Ronnie & Doug and they had apparently started the party early. They could almost be brothers they looked so much alike, with their blonde, curly locks and Norwegian features and both in their 30’s. As I spun around again, I noticed that Master and Charles were talking to a black man named Hank. He was in his late 50’s and built like an ex-football player with muscles that popped out of his shirt. I soon heard a familiar voice of my Master announce, “Well, Gentlemen…let’s take a look at what you are all here for”. Master proceeded to tell them his rules.

Suddenly, there were seven men surrounding me in a circle and I felt Master’s breath on my neck as he whispered in my ear, “You are mine. Let’s show these guys what a little slut and cock whore you really are”. Master undid my arms and pushed me down on my knees as his huge, thick cock slapped my face and I started sucking his cock in front of everyone. The other men started grunting and saying things like “fuck yeah, she is a cock whore, huh?” It just made me want more of Master’s cock. I wanted him to fuck me so bad, but he had other plans first. Next thing I knew, Master twirled me around and pushed me down on a big wagon wheel that was over 5 feet and was horizontal. It was on a huge pedestal and my legs and hand were soon tied tight to the wheel, with my arms legs spread wide open. The wheel laid flat and spun around like a Lazy Susan. The men all surrounded the “slut wheel” and had their positions. Hank stood over my face and pulled my hair so that my head went back and then he shoved his huge, black cock in my mouth and face fucked me until I was choking on him. I got used to it and took more in my mouth. His dark black cock next to my milky white skin and pink lips were a contrast that made him look even bigger. Isaac was next to my side and he was pulling, twisting and biting on my nipples. Isaac grabbed some nipples clamps and put them on…following Masters Instructions since he was still inexperienced with toys. His cock stood at attention as he reacted to the power he felt as he made me cry out in pleasure each time he yanked on them. Both Ronnie & Doug were rubbing their cocks up against my thighs and reaching over me torturing each other’s nipples at the same time. Charles was in between my legs and had stuck an egg inside my pussy and turned it up to high, while he licked in and out of me, switching from soft long strokes of his tongue to hard pressure against me that was unbelievably intense. Master had his hand on Aaron’s head as he was on his knees sucking Master’s thick cock. Aaron was smitten and begged him to be his boy toy. Master topped him and Aaron immediately had cum shooting from his own cock like a canyon. He had only been taken once before, but was such a toy slut in the privacy of his bedroom late at night that he took Master’s thick cock like a pro. Master was also watching everyone use me which he loved and then he decided I still had a hole that was not being abused properly. He took out the biggest anal butt plug and lubed up my ass good and then stuffed me fuller than I had ever been. My pussy dripped as every inch of my body was being used at one time and my mind raced as I could barely comprehend the pleasure mixed with occasional pain. The men took their turns at each “station” and simply turned the wagon wheel when they wanted to get to a new spot on my body to use. I had lost track of who was where. Between the wagon wheel spinning and the sensations going throughout my entire body from being used head to toe...literally at the same time, I wasn't always sure who was doing what to me, which made me feel even sluttier and thus, made me wetter. A crazy cycle I wanted more of! Master leaned in and said I was going to give Isaac his present. I was going to be his first pussy. He had only been taken by his father and had never been with a woman. Isaac slowing climbed on my wheel of sexual delight and was over me as Master rubbed his cock and helped slide him into my wet and very used pussy. All the other men were admiring my breasts and nipples bouncing each time he pounded me, as well as his beautiful sculpted ass that they had a first row seat to enjoy. It didn't take him long at all before he started to loose control. He pulled his cock out and sperm shot out all over my chest, face and beyond, hitting Ronnie as well.

I was finally release from the wheel and taken to the center of the room where a blanket covered loose hay and was told by my Master to get on top of him and ride him like a slutty little bitch would ride a stallion. I slid my pussy down on his cock and felt his huge cock impale me and instantly squirted all over him, cumming like never before. My body quivered uncontrollable as I came over and over. The guys were all watching and rubbing their own cocks. Master told me to get on all fours because he was going to fuck my ass. He started to spank my ass first, making it burn until it turned bright red. Everyone could still see his hand print on my ass as he spread my cheeks and drove his monster of a cock into my tight asshole. It felt so tight and hurt so good right at first that I could barely breathe. Then I started to relax and Master was able to fuck me like a fuck toy that I really had become that night. Isaac couldn’t take his eyes off Master fucking me as he had just experienced my pussy and was so turned on, he barely noticed his father, Charles had gotten behind him, already lubed up, and quickly bent his son over the wagon wheel, and pushed his throbbing cock into his son’s tight hole. Charles then ordered Aaron to put his cock in Isaac’s mouth and give him a proper birthday gift of double penatration, just as I had given him my present. Watching Charles take his son while he sucked off Aaron was more than I could handle while Master took me. I screamed in ecstasy as Master pounded my ass harder than he ever had before and I came and came and came. I then collapsed, thoroughly exhausted.

Master led me to a large water trough on the side of the barn. He unbuttoned my dress and had me get in. It had been filled with warm water and he helped me get in to clean up…or at least that is what I thought! I splashed the water all over me and saw everyone starring at my erect nipples. Master came and grabbed my hair, pushing me under the water completely and holding me down. Breath deprivation was not something we had done before, but Master knew I loved water and couldn't get enough when he choked me. I always had wanted to and now, here I was, underwater, struggling to breathe, giving everyone a show as my body writhed and splashed around. Master brought me up, only to take away my breath away with a passionate kiss that made my pussy tingle all over again. This went on for several dunkings that lasted longer each time under water and I got horny knowing that Master had complete control over my body and the air that gave me life. Finally, the guys all helped me out and carried me over to bags of grain that were piled up and slung my body over them as Master tied my wrists to my ankles. I was blindfolded again and I heard a bullwhip crack in the air next to my ear. I trembled in fear and couldn’t imagine Master would allow me to be beaten by such a cruel object. The fear and excitement built up as the less harsh thin riding crop landed on my ass, again and again which stung twice as much as normal with my skin still wet from by water bondage. I was on display for everyone to see, surrendering myself to the Master I loved. I was released from my restraints when I fell back into Master’s chest. He held me and as we both looked around we saw a show of our own. Ronnie was behind Doug, slowly pumping his cock in and out with long strokes; Aaron had his mouth on Charles cock and was licking his balls as Charles groaned in pleasure and enjoyed the beginning of his training for his son’s friend. He decided right then and there he would invite him to stay with them for the summer months for his own pleasure. Suddenly I felt Master’s cock get rock hard I knew I would be fucked again. Master pushed my face forward and I was inches from Doug's rock hard cock. He made me beg to suck Doug and I did, as I could already see pre-cum dripping from his head. As I was sucking on Doug's cock, Master rammed his cock deep inside of me. As I moaned in pure pleasure, I noticed Hank standing over all of us. He had a video camera in his hand and he was getting up close and personal shots of everyone. I shook and trembled as I came at the same time Master came inside me…breeding his bitch. Everyone then came over and knelt over the top of me while Master still had his cock tied to my pussy and all together shot their loads all over my face and breasts. I couldn’t get enough of it. My tongue licked up every drop of cum I could get to.

Master looked down on me with a big smile. I knew he was proud of me and loved sharing his dark haired Raven with his friends. This was a night I would never forget.

The End
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