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Chapter 8

Less than a week went by after the incident, the initial preparatory class necessary almost over

Jenn just finished teaching when she said, “Erick I’d like to see after class”

Erick got a questioning look from Elizabeth to which he simply shrug his shoulder “I’ll see you at the caf” he told her as she was the last to exit the room.

Promptly Jenn glided to the door locking it pulling, she kissed in the lips saying “I’ve missed you, for about two weeks I’ve been seeing you, working up the courage not to rape you right here in front of everyone.” Before long, she was on one of the desk with her skirt hiked to her waist, her puffy twat dripping.

“Fuck Me,” she whispered

Briskly his pants along with his trousers were around his ankles, his dick penetrating her vagina. He kissed her roaming his hands over her tits as she bounced on the table. A hand on her mouth covered the screams of lust leaving her throat. He strapped his hands to her tights enabling him to fuck her harder. Not long after, both reached their climax.

As he started playing with her covered breast, Jenn smacked his hands away saying, “Get out”

“What” he muttered

“I can’t believe this just happened, leave now” she said her raising her voice

Promptly, he made himself acceptable exited the class, questioning Bella about the events

“She’s not mad at you, but at herself, she’s the teacher she can’t be having sex with her students, she could lose a lot” She explained

He went to the cafeteria sitting next to Elizabeth when she asked, “What did Jenn Want?”

“She misplaced one of my tests and gave me an alternate assignment to do instead” he lied
They chatted for a bit before leaving

“Ummm if you’re not doing anything tomorrow do you mind if we hung out, after class I mean, if it’s okay with you, you don’t have to come if you have other things to do” she said rambling turning redder by the second

“It would be my pleasure,” he answered.

She glowed of happiness unable to contain her joy she hugged him, stopped herself abruptly her ears turned a deep red she slipped out of the cafeteria.

“You didn’t have to do that but thanks anyway,” he told Bella

“I didn’t do nothing, that was all you right there, although something feels off about this I’ll check on it tomorrow when you’re with her” she replied.

“Okay, now time for Shara”

Arriving at his apartment he saw her sitting as well, as some of Rick’s goon, on the benches outside the building, getting close to them he waived at the henchmen who got the message leaving the scene. He opened the door to Shara watching her ass move in the tight whit shorts she wore, her tits bouncing in a bright orange shirt, she smiled seductively, getting in the elevator he put his hands on her ass giving it a nice smack followed by a squeeze.

“Baby, I’ve been waiting since the last time we got together two days ago, I’m wet, horny give me the dick” she implored, doing just that he had sex with her until it turned dark out shipping called for her to get picked up and watched her walking bowlegged leaving his dorm. Afterwards he phoned his parents, Nikita, Gabbie telling them only part of his adventure, this done he slept.

Next day Erick woke up, brushed his teeth, shaved, took a shower; put some clothes consisting of some jeans and a white T-shirt, grabbing a quick bite he moseyed on to class. He stood waiting seeing no one he checked his phone the time read 10:10 am, before he could do anything it rang, Elizabeth was calling him.

“Why is no one here?” he inquired

“I’m guessing you didn’t read the e-mail she sent us, telling us there would be no class today” she responded

“No, but thank you though” he said

“So seeing as you don’t have anything to do right now do you mind if we hang earlier instead”

“Sure where should we meet”

“In front of the school to the pick-up area, I’ll come pick you up” she answered

“You’re thinking it’s because of yesterday,” Bella confirmed, as he walked to his destination

“Yeah I’ll try calling her”

True to his words, he called her to no avail, putting the phone back in his pocket he heard a roar lifting his head up in front of him was a baby blue Aston Martin DBS pulling up.

The trunk opened, passenger window descended Elizabeth face appeared “put your things in the back,” she told him

Doing so promptly in awe as the trunk closed automatically, proceeded to get in the car.

“If you’re trying to make me jealous, you succeeded,” he said sitting down on the white leather seat.

“Thank you” she replied

“Elizabeth, where are we going” he asked

“A place I like to visit from time to time and you can me Lizzie”

A long drive later, “We’re here, just gotta find parking” Lizzie said

Finding a nearby spot she paralleled parked on the street, they got out of the car to their back was central park in front was an immense building with the inscription “truth, knowledge, vision” at the top.

“This is the American Museum of Natural History,” she told

The museum was a magnificent building with a renaissance architecture where eyes followed horizontally.

“Who’re these people on top” he wondered

“The first is Pearl Lee Boone an American zoologist. Next is John James Audubon, originally named Jean-Jacques Audubon is a French-American zoologist, ironically enough he wasn’t born in the U.S. nor France but in Saint-Domingue modern day Haiti. The last two are Lewis and Clark famous for their exploration of the west coast,” she uttered

Erick stood in awe looking at her admiring the blue denim hem shorts, along with her white gladiator sandals, complimenting her stripped pink and white tank top, her coiffure the same smooth hair down her back.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” she pondered

“It’s because Lizzie, you looking mighty fine today” he responded

Turning scarlet, she turned her head away saying “Let’s go we gotta cross the street”

They crossed the street entering the main area they were greeted by a spectacle wearing frumpy woman who, when Lizzie flashed a card, let them in free of charge.

“What was that card?” Erick asked

“Oh, it’s nothing don’t worry about it” was the only explanation she gave him.

Off they went to their little expedition. They visited multiple halls where Lizzie again showed her knowledge on different subjects especially, biology and history.

“We’re being followed” Bella interrupted

“By who, Rick and Co.” Erick questioned

“Nope… they’re Lizzie’s body guard apparently, they’ve been tailing us for a while, there‘s one in the corner… yeah he‘s wearing the baggy shirt… yup he‘s sagging… yes the white one”

Sure enough when he turned to see where Bella was saying he saw the man in question.

“Ummm Lizzie do you know this dude?” he said pointing at him.

“No why?” she asked confused

“He’s been following us for a while now” he explained

“Oh my gosh he did it again, I’m so sorry Erick, I will straighten this out” she apologized

“Who did what now?” he inquired

“My father he’s always doing things like this, give me a minute to call him” she slipped out going to the nearest restroom

“Her father’s name is Henry Cherry, he also gave money to the museum, that‘s why you got in free” Bella told him.

Henry Cherry was the creator of Cherry inc. which single handedly has sold more computers around the world than any other company.

“Oh explains a lot, but”

“Last week after Rick tried to jump you I started probing people mind looking for those who were extremely interested towards you”

Shortly after Lizzie came out of the bathroom fuming, which looked cute Erick thought like a five year old throwing a fit.

“Again I’m sorry about all this, I just thought he would stop doing that, it sucks being Henry Cherry’s daughter” she said

“Wow you’re his daughter” he exclaimed in mock shock.

“Yeah I know hard to believe huh, how about we just leave now, the day was ruined” she mourned lowering her head.

“It’s ok for a pretty girl like you it was well worth it” he praised

She glowered at his compliment whispered a barely audible thank you, Erick extended his hand which she timidly accepted with a smile stuck on her cherry glossy lips as they went down the stairs.

Crossing the street Bella notified Erick of all the bodyguards in the area, who upon directed proceeded sent a message to all of their brains to ignore them leaving the premise also not to follow them afterwards.

Entering her car he sat on the red plush leather seat listening the engine roar when the car came alive, she veered onto the street, traffic was thick with rush hour in full effect as twilight was approaching.

“You hungry” she inquired

“Not really, don’t worry about it though, I’ll just order some Chinese when I get on campus” he replied

Two hours passed before they arrived at MKU stopping in the pick-up/drop-off area Erick climbed out the car thanking Lizzie for the day.

“Do you have any plans this week end” Lizzie asked him before he closed the door

“No nothing really” he answered, “why’re you asking” he said giving her a quizzical look.

“Well, I’m all alone at my place and was wondering if you wanted to spend the weekend with me” she said

“It would be my honor, just let me get my bag and put some things in it” he replied happily quickly getting his back and marching down to his dorm.

Lizzie had just done the unthinkable, inviting someone at her place, least of all a guy as handsome as Erick. Because of her father she had a hard time making friends she could trust since most of them only wanted to be near for her money. Now sitting in her expensive car all she could think about was him, how he made her feel, how he ignored the fact that she was the daughter of one the richest person on the planet. Daydreaming over she made a phone call to Mr. Lee’s Restaurant placing her order.

Leaving the car Erick was happy on the day’s events.

“Don’t fuck it up with her by being impatient,” Bella said sternly

“I won’t,” he said

“Listen, you’re one of the rare people in the world who didn’t freak out when you learned about her father. Since she was young she’s always wanted to be normal, she sees you as the window that can get her there. Even if it’s only a glimpse,” she explained

“So I should take it slow than”

“Let the relationship go at her pace, always, if not she’ll clamp back up” she stressed

Understanding what Bella told him he packed the necessary items in his bag, walking back to the car.

“Done,” he announced dropping his bag in the trunk

“Ok, we’ll go order take out then to my place”

A short drive later they arrived at Mr. Lee’s Restaurant, situated in a more modern part of town the exterior looked out of time in comparison to everything around it. Erick entered the restaurant observing the pond to the side containing koi fishes swimming about. A single podium stood in the middle of the reception area behind it stood a middle aged Asian man smiling brightly dressed in a black suit as well as a matching tie greeted them.

“Hello Miss Cherry glad to have you here, oh is this you’re guess?” he asked in perfect English

“Yes Mr. Lee is our table ready?”

“Right this way” he added ushering them.

The restaurant was divided into three compartments numbered 1-3; compartment 1 to the left seated parties containing one to two people, compartment 2 in the middle those from three to six and 3 housed to the right larger groups from seven up. Needless to say they entered compartment 1 which normally had multiple tables, now had a single table in the middle donned by a white tablecloth, he sat them down gave them the menu disappearing into the kitchen afterwards.

“Why are we here, I thought we were just gonna order some food, plus I can‘t afford ¾ of the things in the menu” he said

“It’s a way of saying thank you, because you are a rarity, since I told you who my dad was you didn’t treat me any differently”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to go all out for lil’ ol’ me, we can still leave and order takeout”

“Don’t worry about it I already reserved this place for the night”

Erick’s jaw dropped when he heard this “How’re we gonna pay for this then” he exclaimed.

“My dad, after the little stunt he pulled this evening he ‘agreed’ for it” she explained smiling devilishly.

“I don’t know how I feel about that but good enough for me”

They ordered waited for the food to come out, chatting learning more from each other, their dishes arrived noodles fried rice including a variety of sides. Erick used chopsticks for the first time in his life, the results ten minutes of various pieces of meat, noodles bombarding the table, causing Lizzie to laugh uncontrollably unable to eat a single bite, he gave up this folly picking up his fork he ate the savory dish.

The meal done they exited the premises jumping into the sleek car they sped toward her place. A short thirty minute drive later they stopped in front of a gate, Lizzie pressed a button near her rear view mirror the Iron Gate open a winding driveway gave way in its wake. She drove up the road for half a minute coming to a stop in front of a two-door garage.

“We’re here,” she said shutting the engine.

Erick again was amazed this time by a humble yet grandiose house. Surrounded by the forest the three-story house made its stand, neatly trimmed bushes walled the walkway leading to the porch. Inserting the key in the door the front hall appeared, she flipped the light switch her footsteps sounded through the house thanks to the hardwood floor.

She led him to the living room the brightly lit room comprised of two leather armchair conjoined the white couch facing the glass coffee table which stoop on a white Indian carpet comprising of yellow embroidery in the contour, all around the fireplace something Erick wasn’t used to seeing being from Florida.

“Damn” was all he could say

“What?” she asked

“You’re the only one who lives here?” he inquired

“Yes, daddy didn’t want me to leave in ‘inferior rooms on campus,’ as he puts it. So he bought this house,” she answered.

“I guess no matter how rich you are, you still have a little princess,” Bella said

Approving of this he asked Lizzie “So does your dad buy you anything you want?”

“Not really, most of things I own he bought it for me without me asking, like the car, house. It’s not like I make him buy everything I want all the time. Today was a special because of the guards, which he knows I don‘t want following me. Let me show you your room it‘s getting late”

They climbed the stairs near the front hall. In contrast to the bottom, the top was covered with a beige carpet, complimenting the white walls. She made a right walked down the hall opened the door to the guest room.

“Here you are Erick, your room for this evening”

The bedroom itself was as big as his dorm’s bathroom plus living room. A full sized bed to the side of the door, with the elegant modern bedpost made of ash wood, an adjacent night stand had a peach colored porcelain lamp. At the far side of the room was the dresser crafted of the same wood as the bedpost had two doors one on the right housing the bathroom the other on the left leading to a medium sized walk-in closet.

“Thank you Lizzie, imma crash now I’ll see you in the morning’

“Yeah, sure good night”

He sat on the bed unable to believe today’s event

“Looks like you’ve had a hell of a day” Bella commented

“Mmmhhmm, the whole thing was just crazy, I mean her being who she is, and now I’m sleeping in the nicest bedroom I’ve ever been in.”

“Nice, I figured why she has taken a sudden interest in you”

“It’s because of my irresistibly good look,” he said

“Close but no cigar, it seems that your body is emitting a powerful pheromone which has a profound effect on the opposite sex. The more contact you have with a female the more said female will want you”

“Meaning her being nice to me today was because of all those times we spent talking at lunch., and the whole Jenn debacle”

“Is directly related to the pheromone, after you’ve had sex with her she was hooked plus seeing you in class everyday being exposed to it did her no good.”

“So it’s basically my fault that she’s like this” he asked somberly

“In a sense yes” was the truthful reply.

A soft knock came from the door

“Come in” Erick answered

Lizzie came in “Here” she said handing him a green towel “I forgot to give you this earlier”

“Ok, wait there’s something I forgot to give you,” with this he bent down, kissed her softly on the cheeks. Her face turned beet red, she smiled, putting a hand on her cheek she walked out passing the other two guest rooms nearby.

“Smooth move” Bella said complimenting him

He smiled in appreciation, disrobed took a shower, laid in bed before going to sleep he called Jenn one last time, she did not answer the phone again, nothing left to do he fell in a slumber.

Chapter 9

Erick awoke did his morning rituals in the spacious bathroom by midmorning he was downstairs and joined Lizzie who was eating a bowl of cereal.

“What do you want to do today” She asked between bites

“Tell me the choices”

“There’s swimming, running, tennis and if you’re into it I got a few video games”

“Umm… hold up you said tennis, where exactly is the court” cocking his eyebrow

“There’s a pathway past the pool just follow it”

“How big is this place?” he asked

“It’s decent only 2-3 acres, why?”

“How about we go see your gaming collection for now”

She smiled brightly, finished eating they cleared the table putting the bowls in the dishwasher. She led him to a door near the den leading to the basement, descending the stairs entering the greatest collection of games Erick had seen in his life. The large room contained a library of games from different years and consoles.

They walked on the bright yellow carpet toward a huge L-shaped couch which unlike the one upstairs looked used, facing the couch was an equally sized plasma screen television. Near the T.V. was an office cupboard containing different consoles.

“I just jizzed in my pants, this place would make Game Stop jealous.”

“We’ll my dad is a big gamer, he has something similar to this in most of his houses. Where do you wanna start?”

“Do you have Halo.” she nodded “we’ll start with it, are you any good.”

“I dabble from time to time” she answered as she connected the right things to the T.V.

“I’ll go slow and let you catch up”

Seven hours later, they were done with Halo Combat Evolved (anniversary edition), on legendary, with all skulls on. Lizzie just about took on the whole covenant herself needing only an inkling of help from him. Flabbergasted Erick looked at the screen unable to comprehend the events, which just took place. Her death throughout the whole game could be counted on one hand, his, however, reached ten in the first thirty minutes.

“Do you want Italian for dinner?” she asked

“Yeah” still trying to process the one sided gamble.

She stepped made a short phone call, twenty minutes later the doorbell rang enter Sofia. Sofia was a full head taller compared to Lizzie, pudgy, had a round face and a cherry heartwarming smile.

“Hello Miss, who’s the gentlemen here,” she asked, exposing her slight Italian accent.

“This is a Erick, he’s my guest for this week end.”

“Ok pleasure to meet you dear. Food will be ready in an hour,” she went to the kitchen and started to prepare the meal.

Erick shook his head in disbelief, “so lemme guess, she’s your personal chef.”

“Well, she is our Italian cook,” she answered.

“Huh? You got multiple chefs.”

“A few,” she walked back to the basement.

“Lizzie, I realize that your definition of a few and mine are worlds apart,” he followed her downstairs..

Another round of lopsided gaming followed, she proved to be the ultimate gamer.

“Food’s ready,” Sofia announced.

Erick relieved when he heard this went to the dining room amazed with the plethora of food she was able to whip up in such a small window. Baked ziti, spaghetti with meatballs, lasagna

“Wow Sofia you’ve outdone yourself. Why did you make this much food it’s only the two of us here,” he inquired.

“Well, Miss Lizzie eats enough for...” behind him, Lizzie was shaking her head vigorously, imploring her with her eyes not to say anything. Sofia smiled knowingly calming her fear.

“What was Sofia about to say,” he asked Bella

“Women in this day in age tend to eat less, especially in front of male who they are interested in”

“I’ve seen Lizzie eat, she got an ant sized stomach. That was before she showed any interest in me”

“Also it doesn’t help that when she was little other kids used to make fun of her because of it. So now when she is in public she curtails the amount she eats,” was the explanation he was given.

“Now Mr. Erick and Ms. Lizzie, I shall take my leave,” Sofia said

They walked her out, thanking her for the dinner she made. Sitting at the table eating he was watching the minuscule amount of food she ate. Dinner done they cleared the table, putting the leftovers in the fridge and the dirty dishes in the dishwashers. Going back to the basement Erick had to turn down more games opting for a movie. She went upstairs brought a blanket they cuddled together under the covers, her head laying on his shoulder and watched Harry Potter and The Sorcerer Stone.

At the end of the movie, Erick heard a small grumble; he looked down at Lizzie, who blushed.

“You’re hungry?” he questioned.

“Kind of”

“How bad is it,” he asked Bella

“She’s starving, put food for her. I’ll tell you when to stop,” she replied.

He took a large bowl filling it to the brim with the leftovers, microwaved it.

“Here,” he said presenting her with the food.

“That’s too much,” she exclaimed.

He sighed, picked up the fork, “say Aaaahh.”

She opened her mouth, he placed the food in her mouth, and she ate the whole bowl as if it was nothing.

“Okay, now time for second,” Bella told him.

“Seconds that was about ¼ of the leftovers,” he said shockingly.

Again he added more food in the bowl, watched her down it with ease.

“Why didn’t you eat like this before?” he questioned.

“And have you think that I’m a fat ass,” she lowered her head in shame.

“Lizzie,” he said holding her hand, “I only want you to be truth full to yourself.”

He cupped her chin lifting it up, gazed at her brown eyes, approached her and kissed her soft lips. She returned the tender kiss as if she was pouring her whole self into him. They separated, smiled hand in hand they walked upstairs stopped at the top and kissed again.

“No, not today,” Bella, warned.

Listening to her he pulled back, wished Lizzie good night, went to his room.

Sunday was more of the same except the increased kissing, which took place in the house. At 6 PM, Lizzie drove Erick back to his dorm.

“You sure you can’t stay over longer?” she asked popping the trunk open.

“Yeah, unlike you I don’t have people doing the laundry for,” was his answer.

They kissed goodbye, watching her leave Erick walked toward his dorm. Once he arrived he did all the chores he neglected during the week.

“Time try call Jenn,” he told Bella after he was done cleaning.

“No need she’s at the door right now”

He rushed to the door before she had time to knock. Opening the door, he saw a disheveled, distressed Jenn. He let her in, as soon as he closed the door she broke down crying in front of him.

“She’s conflicted because her parents have such high expectations for her. The relationship and the feeling she has for you are confusing her on what she is supposed to do. She’s afraid that if she continues to like this she will shame her parents by not completing her schooling. So all this has been crashing her hard, for her to come see you here took a lot out her,” Bella explained to him.

He nodded held her to his chest asking, “Can you do anything to lessen the pain?”

“Yes, hold her soothe her, I’ll see what I can do on my end.”

Erick led her to his room calming her until she gathered herself and said “I’m sorry it’s just everything has been overwhelming lately. Can I stay here for a little more?”

“No problem, stay here till you feel better I’m here for you.”

After he had said that her whole demeanor changed she relaxed, the anxiety flushing out of her body, peacefully cradled in his arm she slept.

“That pheromone of yours is powerful” Bella said, “It made her crave you like a drug.”

“Isn’t there a way to lower its effect on her, because imma leave in about a month, is she going to be like this when I leave”

“No, she’ll be alright then”

“How do you know? How can you be so sure?” he questioned.

“Call it a hunch, get some sleep I’ll monitor her for the night”

With no further explanation, he slept cradling Jenn in his arms.

To be Continued…


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