Ed gets called to babysit his neighbor's girl
My name is Ed. I was 25 when I was called by my beautiful 30 year old

single mother neighbor to babysit her 9 year old daughter. Sandy's

daughter Cindy was a miniature duplicate of her sexy red headed mother.

I'd seen Sandy around town and seen her sunbathing in her back yard in

her bikini often with the top straps untied! I had fantasized and

masturbated to seeing her in my mind's eye. Now she was telling me her

former husband had molested Cindy and if Cindy asked me to do anything

unusual I could do as she asked but no more than she asked.

Now I was sitting on the sofa in the living room as Cindy played with

her Barbie dolls on the floor in front of me. She laid her Barbie over

the Ken doll with Barlie's head over Ken's crotch, and Barbie's pussy,

if she had one, over Ken's head.

After about a half hour she got bored and looked up at me and said,"Play

with me." I said, "What do you want to play?" She simply repeated, "Play

with me." I said, "I don't understand. What do you want me to play

with?" She clarified it for me. "Here is the deal. You can play with my

pussy. If you make me cum I'll play with your cock until you squirt. If

you rub me til I cum then lick til I cum again maybe I'll let you fuck

me!" I told her,"You are too young to fuck and you should not use that

language." She says,"Mommy says I can do whatever I want with my own

body and I've seen you look at mommy in the back yard. I've seen her

fuck her boyfriend and I told her to get you so I could fuck you."

I was dumbfounded. I was being propositioned by a nine year old whose

mother had been my fantasy! As I sat there open-mouthed she reached

under her dress and pulled down her panties then she pulled her dress

over her head and walked up right in front of me naked and me said,"Play

with me."

I reached out and rubbed up and down the slit of her pussy on the

outside. She said,"You are not doing it right! You need to get inside

there." Then she reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart exposing

the little clit inside and I continued running my finger up and down.

When I touched her clit she gasped and let go her her pussy lips and

grabbed my knees. She said,"Keep doing that."

I circled by finger around her clit and then down to her vagina where I

picked up a bit of lubrication then repeated the motion she started

moaning in the rhythum of my movements. After about five minutes of this

rubbing up, around down and back up she shivvered in climax and then

said,"Stop. Do you want me to jack you off? or do you want to eat me?"

I told her,"I'll eat you if that is what you want." She said,"If you

make me cum once more I'll suck you off. If you make me cum twice more

I'll let you fuck me!" I ask her,"Are you a virgin?" She says,"Yeah, I

never fucked anyone and I don't put anything up there too far either." I

tell her,"Then you'll bleed and your mother will know I did you." She

said,"I will put a tampon in to absorb the blood and we can do that in

the bedroom." Then she stepped back from the sofa and laid her pretty

little ass on the floor with her knees spread and up with her feet flat

on the floor and said,"Come and make me cum twice, please."

I knelt on the floor in front of her and bent over to bring my mouth to

her hairless pussy. Her red hear was fanned out around her pretty little

face with its pouty mouth and slightly turned up nose. I licked her up

her clit bringing lubrication from her vagina up the slit to the clit

and ran my tongue where my finger had been before. She moaned in sync

with my lapping. I experimentally put a finger into her vagina and

reached in until I hit her hymen. She flinched just a bit when I touched

her maidenhead. She pushed up on her elbows and said,"Don't you trust

me? I told you I was a virgin but you can cure me if I cum two more

times." I kept up the lapping at her slit until she stiffened and quaked

in climax. Then she said,"One more and I'll take you to heaven." I kept

licking her and ran my tongue up her slit, around her clit and down to

her vagina again and again until she stiffened and Shivvered and quaked

in climax. As she came out of it she pushed me back and said,"Follow

me." She picked up her panties and her dress and holding my right hand

her her left one she walked me to her bed room.

She tossed her clothes on the floor and turned in front on me and

started to unbuckle my belt. When she had finished she unzipped my jeans

and pulled them down. I started to unbutton my shirt and take it off.

She said,"Let's see this big thing of yours and she pulled down my

shorts. My already hard cock sprang up, sticking straight out. She

grabbed it at the base and stroked it like a pro. Then she put it into

her mouth and slid her head back and forward sucking me. I told her,"If

you keep that up I'll cum." She said,"If you do I'll swallow." That

almost tripped my trigger. but I tensed up and held it off.

She asked me,"Do you want to fuck me?" I asked her,"Do you want me to

fuck you?" She said,"Be gentle, you will be my first." I grabbed her

underarms and lifted her onto the bed. She rolled over and pulled down

the bed spread and top sheet and the rolled over again and pushed them

to the bottom of the bed with her feet with her painted toe nails. She

put her hand on her pussy and masturbated herself until she was

lubricating well then I slipped the head of my cock into her and ran my

hips in a circular motion to turn her on more.

As her stimulation grew she began to moan with my circular motion. She

was panting in her heat then she stiffened and shivvered in her fourth

climax that morning. As she shivvered I pushed through her cherry and

she never felt it tear. As she came out of it she said,"You feel real

good inside me." I began to hump her slowly at first but building up

speed as I continued to make passionate love to this child.

I'm not that big. I have a five and a half in long cock with about a 6

in circumference so she was big enough to take me. I was riding high in

her slit and pumping away for fifteen minutes when she lifted me up off

the bed with a climax that made all the previous ones look small. She

yelled,"God I never knew it would be like this!" Her climax fulled my

trigger and I pumped squirt after squirt of my cum into her vagina.

She said,"Eddy, that was soooo good. Now I know why my mother does this

with some of her boyfriends."

We laid in bed for another half hour holding each other. She said,"I

love you Ed." I said,"I love you too." She said,"Maybe when Mom comes

home you can ask her out. If you live here I could fuck you when she's

at work or anytime we want to." I tell her,"If I live here your mother

would become jealous if I fucked you and she would probably send me to


She sent my dad to jail and knows he only was doing what I asked him to

and she admits she was wrong to do it. We got up and I made her lunch

after we were both dressed. It was just boiled hot dogs and chips with a

glass of milk for her and Sprite for me. I normally drink Coke but Cindy

explained that her mother says she sucks of guy off the cum tastes

better if the man has been drinking clear liquids or chocolate milk and

if I could get it up again and wanted to make her cum once more she'd

suck me off.

She excused herself after lunch and went in to the bathroom when she

came out she said,"Douching is fun too." I told her,"Why douche?" She

said,"Some guys don't like the taste of their own cum so Mom aways

washes it out." I ask her,"Are you sore, now?" She said,"Just a little.

I'm okay."

We went to the living room and she resumed her play with the Mattel

dolls. She laid Barbie face up on the bed and put her legs up then put

Ken in between her legs and played at thrusting him up and down as if

Ken were doing to Barbie what I had done to her before.

As she played she said,"Mommy does like it when she sees you looking at

her. She says she would roll her without her top but she doesn't want to

be too obvious. I tell her,"If you mother wants me to come to her she

needs to be that obvious just like you have been." She says,"I'll tell

her that."

She got bored after about three-Quarters of an hour and said,"Wanna eat

me some more?" I asked her ehen her Mother would be back and she

said,"Not until after 4 and she said she'd call first." Since it was

only half past one I said,"Okay." She took her dress and panties off and

laid down next to me on the sofa. These panties were blue. The ones

she'd had on earlier had been pink. I asked her,"Why the change of

panties?" She said,"They had some blood on them." After that she could

not speak as the wash of stimulation washed over her as she went from

breathing hard to gasping and moaning as I lapped at the juices of her

sweet spot. Then she shivvered in climax. I kept on lapping but she

said,"My turn to see what you taste like."

I sat back and she knelt in front of the sofa. I took out my semihard

prick and she started to stroke it. Then she opened her mouth and

engulfed my hard cock. Her tongue carressed the bottom of my organ as

her lips ran up and down it. I pulled her long read hair up into a

ponytail and guided her up and down. She took almost the entire length

of me into her throat before her gag reflex forced her to retreat.

I told her,"You are really doing to good job of that." She cupped my

balls with that and squeezed gently and I came down her throat. She kept

fellating me until my eruption subsided. She then stood up and opened

her mouth to show me my load on her tongue. Then she closed and

swallowed it. She got dressed again and I put my organ back in my pants.

She went to her bedroom and came out with a video tape. I put it in the

VHS player and sat back. As the video started I say Sandy making out

with a man. They are on a bed. Her bed. The kissing advances to petting

the the light petting to heavy petting and soon I see Sandy giving her

boyfriend a blow job. I hear Cindy say,"Mommy, doesn't that hurt him?"

The guy says,"No, honey it feels real good!" Sandy then says,"Cindy,

would like to try it? Just don't let your teeth get into the act and it

will be fine." I watch intently as Sandy tells Cindy to keep her tongue

in contact with the man's thing while going up and down on it. It is

twisted that her mother is giving her tips on blow jobs. Soon the guy's

face scrunches up and he squirts into Cindy's mouth. Sandy says,"Honey

just swallow it. It won't hurt you." I see Cindy following her mother's

instructions. The man apologizes to Cindy for cumming in her mouth and

Sandy says,"She has to learn sometime." Then she turns to Cindy and

asks,"How did it taste?" Cindy says,"A little salty but not too bad."

They talk awhile then the man asks Cindy to take off her clothes. Her

Mother objects because she doesn't want Cindy raped. The man

says,"Sandy, I still want to make love to you and if both of you are

naked it might help me get back up." I see both mother and daughter get

naked. The man's penis enlarges but is still semi-hard and won't be able

to penetrate Sandy. Then Cindy says,"Mommy, will it help him if I suck

on it some more?" Sandy says,"Maybe" So Cindy puts her mouth to work

again and as she bobs her head on the man's cock we can see if stiffen

with each stroke. At the side Sandy is fingering herself to get ready

for the man's cock. After a few minutes Sandy Says,"Cindy, that's

enough, just hold it straight up and move to the side.

Sandy walks until she is stradling the man's crotch and then she squats

down on it and says,"Cindy, see the hole in my pussy? Point his cock at

it." Cindy complies and Sandy squates impailing herself on the man's

cock. Then Sandy asks the man,"Do want to make her cum?" The guy says,"I

wouldn't mind." Then Sandy tells her daughter,"Squat down and put your

pussy on his mouth." So as the man eats Cindy and fucks Sandy I feel my

organ starting to respond. Cindy sits on my lap and wiggles her but and

asks,"Do you think we can fuck again?" I look at the clock and it says 3

o'clock so I say "Yeah."

She strips down to her clear white skin and I take off my clothes and

squats over my hard cock and impales herself on it. She is still as

tight as she was this morning. I slip and finger down to rub on her clit

as the rides my cock up and down and up and down, moaning as the goes.

We go at this for a good 20 minutes and at 3:22 she collapses over me

and goes limp. She is out cold with my whole organ inside her

impulsively squirting my sticky white jism into her tight pussy.

She comes to and says,"Damn that was soo good. I love you Ed and when

I'm old enough I'll marry you so we can do it three times a day." I

think ahead nine years and wonder if she will still feel the same way.

We lay holding each other for a long while when the phone rings. She

gets up and answers it with a rivulet of my cum running down her leg.

She says,"Hi Mom, Yeah, he cured me today. No it did not hurt at all.

"He says he'd love to date you but you have to be more obvious in

showing interest in him. Yeah, I'll tell him." As she hangs up I look at

the clock and it says 4:00PM. So I guess this day of baby sitting is

over. We get dressed and as I put my shoes back on I hear Sandy's car

pull up. She knocks on the door! I do and answer the door and she shocks

me with an ardent hug and a kiss during which she teased my tonsils with

her tongue. She says thanks and hands me a pair of twenties and I leave

the house that has given me so much pleasure.

As I look out my home's back window that evening I see Sandy topless

lying face up on her chase lounge with a smaller chase lounger next her

for her duaghter. This is doing to be a great summer!

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What`s the deal with space between every fucking line? this is just as horrible as a wall of text. and learn to proof read. some words are the wrong versions of the word intended and some words just make no sense at all in the sentence. I think the story might be good if it were more understandable, but this current waste of time gets a negative vote.

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Good little vignette (Positive Vote) spoiled by lousy spelling. shiver only has one 'v' and it's "Chaise Longue" not 'Chase Lounge". Suggest if you're going to use foreign words you get the spelling right.

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I agree... this is a good story. Looks like we have a bunch of ignorant jerk offs who have nothing useful to do today so they're leaving negative comments. They're lucky if they're able to write their own names without misspelling it.

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