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1970's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood.
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His eyes were glassy but seemed to retain that surprised look.

Lisa had waited along time for her moment. It went back to her gang rape from
Lamont’s nephew and his friends. She had not been locked up properly
and when she was left alone she was able to find an extra key Lamont used
to lock up her chain. She also found a knife to hide by her bed.
She couldn’t find a way out because everything was locked up.

She had waited for the right time. Lamont would unlock her but it would be hard to
catch him by surprise.It was hard but she was patient.
Malik coming had forced her hand. He would have killed her.
Getting on top of her at the bed gave her the perfect opening. She used the knife
like her Dad had told her. Don’t hesitate, no regrets.

Lisa quickly looked for clothes but could only find some of the “whore clothes” Lamont made her wear
so she quickly washed and dressed. She had the key that somehow Malik had gotten to let herself out.
She found some old shoes and put on a coat

What was outside? Where was she? Where would she find help?

Lisa struggled to open the door. The lock would not open. Panicked she struggled pushing and pulling
No No. Please Open.
Finally she was outside, first time in over a year. It was dark with only faint building lights in the dark alley. She stumbled in the night light breathing the fresh air. The street was an old warehouse
The empty Street was littered with only a couple abandoned cars as she walked along having no idea where she was going. Lisa heard a car behind her approaching slowly. Finally, she looked back to see an old Cadillac moving slowly down the street from behind.

Hey Bitch, How Much.
NO NO you got it wrong.
Hey whore, how much.
I am not a whore, you don’t understand I….
You look like a fucking Whore.
Lisa started to walk faster and faster.
Come-On bitch don’t be hard to get. Maybe we should take some.
Come ON sweetie. The car door opened and a man jumped out.

Lisa ran down a side alley.
Fucking bitch. Whore. Come on back.
The horn blew and they drove off.

Lisa could not believe it. Had the world gone mad?
She ran down the alley making sure to get away from the Cadillac.
She ran and ran. She could not be taken again.

Down the alley she ran to a cross alley. Blue lights flashed, a siren beeped shortly
and a spot light lit up her path.

The Police. OHHH. Finally, it was over. Oh OH. Lisa could not believe the relief.
She ran to the squad car and the burly Sergeant. She saw his name tag, O’Malley,
a name she would never forget.

Oh am I glad to see you, I am….
Slam, she was pushed up against the fender of the car.
I gruff voice rang out.
You know the drill, up against the hood.
What, wait.
Not going to warn you again.
Stammering Lisa leaned against the car.
She felt the billy club up against her thighs.
Come on spread them. Don’t tell me the whore is shy.
Wait, you don’t understand.
Shut the fuck up. Barked O’Malley and backed it up with a strong poke in the ribs.

Another car pulled up. Hey O’Malley what you got now.
Just another Whore, looks like a greaser down from Taylor Street.
Fucking Wap’s have no shame, coming down here selling their ass.
Wait, listen , Please, You don’t………….
SMAAACK. Lisa took a whack to the head.
Told you to shut your WHORE mouth up.
A black hood was pulled over her head. They called it a “Tune-Up” hood
used when they had to hand out a little street justice to the brothers.

Hooded up against the car she felt the hands up and down her thigh’s.
Then the hands were up and down across her breasts.
Hey Sarge, you sure you checked her good.
No, he laughed, you boys better check too.

Two sets of hands worked their way up and down her body.
Lisa was shaking, trembling. How could this happen, this is the police.
She tried to explain but her plea’s were only mumbles under the hood.
Her whore shorts and panties were ripped off. Then her coat, top and bra.
She was naked except for the hood.

The two cops ran their hands all over her body.
This Bitch is shaking Sarge, you think the whore would be used to this.
She is young, still learning. Yea well she is gonna get a lesson today.
One cop squeezed her tits while the other pushed his fingers inside her.

Sarge, this one sweet piece of ass you found her.
Yea, she just walked right into me. Fucking Whore’s are not too smart.
Dumb fucking Bitch, she is lucky the Brothers didn’t slice her up.

Lisa was pulled across the alley.
The handcuffs clicked tight on one wrist and then wrapped around an old pole
then the other wrist was fastened.

Ok, spread those legs. O’Malley grabbed her ass cheeks.
Lisa kicked out, struggling. NOOOOO she screamed under the hood.
AHHHHH. The night stick rapped her ribs.
Bitch, spread those legs and keep them there or I’ll crack some ribs
and fuck you with this stick instead of my cock.

Lisa leaned forward handcuffed to the pole, naked, hooded in the dark alley.
O’Malley spread her cheeks. Well boys, who is going first.
Lets flip for it Sarge. Ok.
First guy to only get Tails goes first.
Sarge slapped the Bitch Ass. That’s the tail you get.

Oh, look Sarge, the poor little Whore is shaking.
She should have thought of that before she came into my district.
They all laughed and flipped their coins.

Heads, Heads, Tails.
Fuck You O’Malley, you are first again.
Yea sick of your sloppy seconds.
Boys you like it, fucking a pussy with my cum running out.

O’Malley squeezed her ass cheeks.
Gonna fuck this guinea bitch good. She should have stayed up on Taylor Street
with the rest of the gumba’s.


Lisa started to move her legs, her knees were buckling.
Bitch, I told you keep them spread wide, you won’t like it if I have to improvise.
Sarge slapped the Bitch ass on each cheek.
Look at that boys, jiggles real nice. Like them RED.
Come on Sarge fuck her already, we are stiff already.
Yea fuck that pussy already.

To Be Continued

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