Twin Japanese Nieces Pt19

Belgium is a nice place to visit in the summertime. With the cooler climate and temperate weather, I strongly suggest it to anyone who is thinking of a trip over seas. And Brussels has a lot to offer for the international traveler, I just wish I could have seen more of it. With a full schedule of daily meetings and presentations, my business duties swallowed up almost every second of the 6 days I spent there.

I did, however, get to check in on the girls every evening. It was really something the way Kayko made them work. I set up my computer one day to record whenever the motion sensor detected someone in the gym. I was surprised to see that Kayko worked the girls with the pussy exercises for almost 6 hours a day! And every afternoon, US time, they left the gym carrying something inside them. I guess Kayko was not satisfied with their progress. On the third evening of my trip I turned the cams on to see Saki hanging upside down by the spreader bar. Her little legs were spread obscenely wide and Kayko was standing right next to her barking out commands like she was a drill sergeant. I looked at the cam that pointed straight down at her crotch. I could see the end of the stone inside her but very little movement. Kayko was speaking to her and making gestures with her hands while my pet pushed with her muscles. At lease she was in expert hands for her training. Erin and Shiori were on the long low table trying their best to pick up one dumbbell each. Both of them were working just as hard as Saki although in a different discipline. I was truly amazed as to how each of the girls worked to achieve what my wife had done throughout the course of her life. Each of them would be just as dedicated to their own family as Kayko is to me. A small rush of pride rolled over me as I watched them work before switching the cameras off. Heading home was going to be a real treat.

Sometimes international negotiations can be a real pain in the ass. Having to deal with international lawyers and language barriers can really slow up the whole process. Granted, it was a lot of work, but the resulting contract guaranteed further European expansion for my company for the next 10 years. And with the last signature in place I was grateful to be heading home. I really missed my wife and the girls.

As I packed up my stuff in the hotel my cell phone rang. It was my boss. Home was going to have to wait. Hamburg was next followed by a return visit to London. At least I was already in that part of the world, but a stop by my home was now set back again. My boss assured me that it would take no more than 4 days. WRONG! It took 10 days. By the time I was returning home it was July 3rd and I was dead tired. Kayko accepted the news of my later arrival in stride just as she always has. She knows that my job is what keeps us afloat and allows for the many nice things we can do. But no matter how you slice it, it still sucks to be away from home for such long periods of time.

When the wheels touched down at O’Hare I was happy as a clam. Another hour and forty five minutes and I would be home again. Hot damn, because the beast was already beginning to stir! I might have been a little tired from the last 2 weeks in Europe, but that last mile and a half to the house had me wide awake. I was really looking forward to being home.

At the house the cab let me out in the driveway. It was 2 in the afternoon but it felt like I had just stepped out into a frying pan. Hot would be an understatement to describe what it felt like. The drought in the area was still going strong, and if it were not for the extra-large well I had dug at the house, the yard would have been crisp just like everything else around it. As I walked to the door, towing my suitcase behind me, I could just make out some commotion from inside. Just as I was about to set my luggage down and reach for the door it burst open. Instantly I was buried with women. Saki and Erin both had me around the waist with Kayko in between them and all of them were hugging the stuffing out of me. Mark and Shiori were lined up right behind them in single file waiting for their turn to get at me.

“Daddy, your home, I missed you so much!” Erin squealed as she pressed herself against me as hard as possible.

“I missed you so much Uncle Mike!” Saki chimed in while hugging me just as hard as Erin was.

“Welcome home,” Kayko said just before planting a huge kiss on me. “We all missed you so much!”

“I certainly am glad to be home,” I replied as I inched my way toward the door to get out of the blistering heat. The girls separated themselves from me so I could step into the house. As I reached out to shake Marks hand Erin and Saki retrieved my luggage. “How are you big guy?” I said as I shook my sons hand like a man.

“I’m good dad,” he replied just before he threw his arms around me and hugged me really tight with Shiori at his side.

I felt like the king of the world! I had been gone for a little more than 2 weeks and my family welcomed me back like I was a triumphant hero. They really are great. They lead me in to the living room and helped me sit down on the couch. (It was more like pushed) They all piled in around me with Erin at my right and Shiori and Mark right behind her. Kayko sat on the coffee table in front of me, and my pet took her usual position under my left arm. Everyone had questions about my trip. “Where did you go? What did you see? What was it like? What kinds of foods did you eat?” These were the typical questions that came from all directions. But it was Saki that asked the most pointed question.

“Did you see us on camera Uncle Mike?” she asked with a bit of a grin.

“I sure did sweetie!” I said as I gave her a good rough hug. “All of you look like you have been working hard.” I said as I glanced around the room at each of them.

All four girls sported big smiles and a sparkle in their eyes. I could tell they were each very proud of their achievements while I was gone, and my guess was that it would not be long before I got to experience each of them; except for Shiori. She just gave a nice smile to Mark who closed his grip around her a little tighter. Those two were growing closer by the minute. Where ever one was, the other was only a step or two away. I have no regrets about my decision.

“Let’s give Mike the chance to freshen up,” Kayko finally said as she stood up from her seated position on the edge of the coffee table. “I’m sure he would love a nice hot bath.”

Can you say BINGO! Of all the treats that I get to experience at my home, a bath from my wife easily makes the top ten. As the kids all gave out an ‘Aww,’ of disappointment I stood up from the couch. “Don’t worry gang,” I said as I stepped over next to Kayko and turned to face them, “I’m not going anywhere.”

As Kayko lead me up the stairs I watched the four of them all pile out the back door. It was nice to see them functioning as a group, and as a unified family. I owe the bulk of that credit to Kayko. I might be the king of my own little world, but my wife is the one who holds the family together, and it shows in every detail at the house. I never have to tell the kids to clean up a mess they have made, or to put away their dishes. The disaster that was my daughter’s room is now a nice neat living space. I know this because I just looked in through her door as I walked down the hallway behind Kayko. Her bed is made and all of her clothes are hung up nice and neat. It really is amazing the changes that have overcome her since the twins got here. She was turning into a well-rounded and responsible young lady, and I was very happy to see it. But as my gaze returned to the slender form of my wife walking in front of me; everything else faded away.

As I have told you guys plenty of times, Kayko is perfect to me in every way. Every man has a set of ‘blue prints’ in his head that are the exact parameters for his ideal woman. And there is no detail that is left out. From the size and shape of their breasts, to skin color and texture, even personality and preferences, every last detail is mapped out in some way. For me it was as if Kayko had stolen my set of prints and modified herself to be an exact fit. Every last detail about her was perfect. For example, I know that if I take one extra step forward and reach up under her skirt my fingers will sink into her with no interference at all. And she will actually stop and spread her feet apart to give me whatever kind of access I want. Her breasts are always ready for my big strong hands to caress them, and her attention and devotion to me is unmatched. And to top it all off, she is also my friend. I still get a lump in my throat every time I think about how much she loves me. And I feel like I am going to burst every time I try to show her how much I love her. It actually hurts. (Sorry, I am really missing Kayko right now)

In our master bedroom I headed over to our closets and dropped off my suitcase while Kayko disappeared into the bathroom. I could hear the buckets rattling and the water running as I took off my suit coat and tie. Kayko was preparing everything for me. As I stepped over toward the bed Kayko emerged from the bathroom completely naked. Her long black hair flowed down over her right shoulder, obscuring her right breast and the bulk of her arm before ending just below her waist.

“Your bath is ready,” she said with a beautiful smile on her face and a small hand gesture toward the open bathroom. She was prepared to give me a real treat.

I said nothing to her as I unbuttoned my shirt and stepped right up to her. She looked up at my face with those beautiful almond shaped brown eyes, waiting for me to make the next move. I leaned down and wrapped my arms around her waist as I gave her a very passionate kiss. I had missed my wife very much during the last two weeks, and all of the feelings I had for her poured out through that one kiss. Kayko immediately wrapped her arms around me and returned the feeling of affection, a slight little whimper escaped her as the pinned up passion for each other flowed freely through the conduit of our lips. My right hand ran up her bare back till I was gently cradling the back of her head and running my fingers through her hair. Kayko clutched me tightly, pressing her lips against mine as our tongues greeted each other in a dance of longing and remembrance. I stood up, lifting Kayko off the ground as I straightened out to stand fully upright; never parting in the least from the passionate kiss we were giving to each other. Without a second of hesitation Kaykos’ legs were around my waist, holding her firmly in place. She might have planned on giving me a bath, but at the moment, that was the farthest thing from my mind.

It only took a few steps before I was laying Kayko down on the bed beneath me, and she was ready for whatever I wanted to do. I kissed my way down her neck and over her shoulders only to devour her breasts and nipples with my lips and tongue. Kayko was breathing hard as I switched from the right to the left and back again. I enjoyed every flavor and every reaction her body gave in response to my attention as I kissed and licked my way down over her smooth tanned skin. The strong musky aroma of her flaming hot box filled the air as I kissed my way over her firm flat stomach and down to her neatly trimmed patch. Kayko opened her legs wide and arched her back upward as I dragged my nose through her patch and out into the open before taking a deep inhale of her scent. My baby was ready for me, I could smell it! I moved my mouth closer to her open folds but stopped while still an inch away. I took in another deep breath of her scent before slowly breathing out the hot air from my open mouth directly onto her glistening pussy. I could hear her gasp and I saw the goose bumps come up on her thighs and stomach as my hot breath washed over her only moments before my mouth made contact with her , covering her entire labia with my tongue coming to rest directly on her slit. You would thing she had just been hit by lightning the way her body reacted. Her back arched up and she took in a deep breath as I found the little hooded rascal and flicked it with the tip of my tongue. In a flash her hands were on the back of my head and she was moaning out loud as I set about to have the feast I had missed for so many weeks. Kaykos head thrashed back and forth as I feasted on the delicacy before me, savoring her delicious flavor and relishing in the fact that I was bringing her such great pleasure. She was genuinely pleasing me by enjoying the sensations I was giving her, and she let me know it too.

“Oh my god!” she moaned as she brought her hands up to maul her breasts. “You are so good!”

‘What a nice thing for her to say,” I thought to myself as I brought my hand up and inserted two fingers into her. Kayko quickly brought both of her hands down and pulled her pussy wide open with her fingers, exposing the bright red interior and her now filled hole for my eyes to see. Her chest heaved up and down and her body shook ever so slightly as the next phase of her pleasure began. As I pushed my fingers in and out I began a new assault on her clit, swirling my tongue around and around as I sucked firmly on her little pleasure nub. Kayko did not last long before her second orgasm hit her like a boulder falling off a sky scraper. Her whole body tensed up and her legs shook, and I could feel her pussy tighten around my finger as wave after wave surged through her. Gasps and partial moans resonated from her throat as the tidal wave of pleasure consumed her. Her sweet nectar poured from inside her, only causing me to lick more and more as I feasted on my wife. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, and my wife. This made coming home all the more meaningful. I kept up my pace for quite a long time, during which Kayko must have had 10 or 20 orgasms. I am not sure because I did not keep count, but I can tell you that there was a large wet spot on the sheets directly under her ass and she was starting to become fatigued. When I finally pulled my mouth away and withdrew my fingers from inside her, Kayko experienced a few small residual orgasms while I removed my clothes. She was so beautiful laying there with her legs spread wide and her body still shaking from the sexual overload she had just experienced. I could not help but smile to myself. I had just made my wife feel good. Now, it was my turn.

With her hair strewn all over the bed, looking like she had just stepped out of a typhoon, my beautiful angle looked up at me just as I took up my position between her legs. My engorged member was pointing straight at the road to glory land and I intended to take my time getting there. With the most wonton look of love and desire on her face Kayko raised her hips up and impaled herself on me, taking all of me inside her while spreading her legs as wide apart as possible. Her hot folds opened willingly and wantonly only to clamp shut tightly around my girth when I had reached the fullest depth she had to offer. Tears burst out of her eyes and she quickly pulled me down on top of her as her body realized that the man she loved so much was now filling her to capacity. My full weight came down on her, pinning me deeply inside her as our passionate kiss resumed from where it had left off earlier. I was home.

I made slow and steady love with Kayko for almost two hours before finally erupting inside her. She clung to me tightly with her legs locked around my back as my cock surged repeatedly, filling her with boiling hot seed. We did not move for the longest time as I pumped cum deep into the recess of my wife. Kayko kept the moment alive by steadily milking me with her expertly trained muscles; continually drawing my cum from inside me to fill every last nook and cranny of her body. I felt so alive and loved as I lay on top of my wife with her holding me tightly against her and deep inside her. I never wanted to leave again. When Kayko finally spoke it was just a whisper in my ear, but words that soothed me to my very core.

“Rest honey,” she breathed into my ear as she pulled the blankets up over us. “I love you so much.”

I nestled my head next to hers and feel soundly asleep with Kayko lightly humming a Japanese lullaby in my ear and her pussy gently squeezing me over and over. I was right where I belonged.


I awoke in the same position I was in when I had fallen asleep, lying on top of Kayko with my cock firmly planted inside her. I raised my head up and looked at her. She was snoozing lightly but her pussy still squeezed and released me at a slow and steady pace, keeping me hard and deep inside her. Other than the fact that her legs were now lying on the bed at my sides we had not moved. It is such a real pleasure to wake up inside your wife, especially when she loves you as much as Kayko loves me.

I could tell it was late afternoon by the angle of the sun outside and I could hear the kids splashing in the pool. Looking at the bedside clock I determined that I had been asleep for almost 2 hours. It felt like I had been asleep for a month! My movements brought about an extra hard squeeze on my cock as Kayko opened her eyes. My angel was awake.

“Hey baby,” she hummed as her legs instantly came up to encircle my back again. “Did you have a nice nap inside me?” she queried with a playfully naughty smile and a firm squeeze on my cock.

“Oh yes,” I replied before planting small little kisses repeatedly on her lips. “I always love being inside you.”

She tightened her grip with her legs and hugged herself tightly against me before she replied, “Good, because I have missed you so much.” She rolled her head from side to side as she looked tenderly into my eyes. “Are you ready to take a bath now?” she asked quietly.

I thought for a moment about the whole situation. If I wanted to I could make love to Kayko again and she would not mind. But the faint airplane smell on me urged me to get up and allow Kayko to give me a good cleaning. But I still wanted to be in her. I wormed my right arm under her and lifted her with me as I came up to my knees. “I think I’m ready for my bath now.”

Kayko smiled at me as I carried her into the bathroom. We were going to have to part so she could get some more warm water. I raised her up and pulled her off my hard shaft, noting the cool sensation on my cock as it left the hot confines of my wife. As I sat down on the stool in the middle of the bathroom Kayko looked at me.

“Hold still for just a moment honey,” she said as she retreated toward the bedroom. “I’ll be right back.”

Before I could say a word she was gone, having disappeared around the corner that separated the bathroom from the bedroom. This was rather odd; Kayko had never done anything like this before. Instantly my mind was wondering what she had up her sleeve. I got my answer a few moments later when she returned with Saki and Erin. Both of them were completely naked and following behind Kayko in a straight line.

“What’s this all about?” I asked in a bit of bewilderment.

“The girls are going to learn how to bathe you properly,” Kayko responded as she stepped to one side and the girls lined up right next to her.

She began explaining to the girls everything necessary to give me a bath. From the placement of the stool to the clean towels and robes hanging near the door, she left out nothing. She took the two girls to the water spigot and had them fill the buckets, keeping one bucket with clean water for the rinse while the other had a measured amount of soap added. I watched quietly as the two girls followed ever instruction Kayko gave to the letter. When they approached me with the two buckets both of them were smiling. I could tell they were glad to be participants in my bathing process. Seeing their naked bodies made the beast grow to full size, and I could not help but to reach out and stick a finger into each of them.

“Mike likes touching while he is getting bathed,” Kayko quickly said as Erin and Saki both stopped in their tracks while I fingered them. “Just do your best to accommodate him. But remember, you have a job to do.”

Both the girls nodded their heads and set their perspective buckets down, spreading their feet apart in the process. Being the opportunist that I am I did not pass up on the easy access my daughter and my pet was giving me to their pussies. I quickly added a second finger into each of them and dug in deep, reaching in until I could feel the small little doughnut that is their cervix. Both girls let out a little moan and Saki actually grabbed my wrist for a moment to try and get my fingers deeper into her, but Kayko quickly stymied that move.

“Sake,” she said in a stern voice, “remember your job.”

“Yes mam,” she replied and she quickly let go of my wrist.

“As much as I like playing with them,” I said as I pulled my fingers out of both of them and began licking them clean, “I will make this first time easy for them.”

Holy shit was that ever the wrong thing to say! Kayko went from calm and docile to fuming mad in an instant. “NO!” she barked out at me, and she took a step forward and placed her closed fists on her hips. “You will do nothing of the sort! If they are going to learn, then they have to learn it all!”

In almost 13 years of marriage Kayko had never raised her voice to me, EVER! And now she had just barked at me like I was some kind of school kid. I was about to protest when I thought about the situation. This was a teaching process for the girls, and I had put Kayko in charge of them. So by changing something that I usually did, I was interfering with her teaching. That explained why she was so pissed. I looked at her and gave her a little nod, acknowledging that I understood her position as I reached out with both hands and stuck my fingers back into the girls.

The girls each took one side of me and began washing me from head to toe with Kayko giving detailed instructions. It actually worked out pretty well because I was able to keep my fingers inside them the whole time, wiggling them around at various intervals. They soaped me up from the top of my head all the way down to my feet, each of them taking a fair amount of time to wash my dick. It was great! When they were done they rinsed me off, making sure all of the soap was rinsed from me completely. Pulling my fingers out of them I stood up and headed for the pool. Kayko began giving them instructions for the next phase which was washing themselves before joining me. The girls followed Kayko over to the get the small wash stand that has the bucket on the top and the hose coming out of its’ bottom. I watched intently, after sitting down, as they brought the stand to the middle of the room and began filling it with water. Turning to face me Kayko went first, inserting most of the tapered end into her while explaining everything in detail to the two girls who were watching intently.

“Mike really enjoys watching me clean inside first,” she said as she turned the valve to allow the water to flow. She placed one hand on the pit of her stomach while continuing her explanation to the girls. They both watched as Kayko repeatedly flushed out her pussy with the warm water. When she was done it was Erins turn. Erin followed all of the steps Kayko had done down to the letter. She filled the bucket on the top, turned to face me, inserted the tapered end, and then flushed herself out repeatedly until all of the water was gone. My dick was straining at its’ skin by the time she was finished. ‘He’ wanted to be inside someplace warm and cozy, and I could hardly wait. Saki followed along behind Erin and did everything just as she had. By the time she was finished, all three of my girls were clean as a whistle on the inside, now they just had the outside to do.

Have you guys ever watched a woman bathe herself when she knows you are watching and she wants to please you? It is the most erotic thing there is, at least in my opinion. All three girls soaped themselves up in an almost erotic type dance, slowly running their hands all over themselves as Kayko gave out the instructions and showed them first hand. I must have been drooling in the pool because all three of them looked at me and smiled really big, knowing that they were driving me crazy. It was sensual, and exciting, and I wanted them all! I was ready to do some blasting and just needed a hole to drill to accomplish my task.

The rinse could not have come soon enough. They all took turns with the bucket until all three of them were clean as newborns on the inside and out. “Now,” said Kayko as she led them over to the vanity to get the tray with the shaving apparatus. “This next step requires a very steady hand and a lot of concentration,” she said as the trio slowly entered the water. I swallowed hard and almost feared what was coming.

“Erin, go and sit on your father.” Kayko said as she set the tray down on the edge of the pool.

Erin was more than happy to follow that command from her mother. Without a moment of hesitation she straddled my legs and moved up to my waist. “Hi daddy,” she said as she lowered herself down onto me, taking my full length inside her.

My daughters’ pussy was like fire. I was already sitting in hot water, but inside her felt like molten lava. She allowed me to penetrate her all the way down to my nuts before she stopped and clamped onto me with a surprisingly strong grip. Her instruction in the gym over the last two weeks was very prevalent. Kayko showed both of the girls how to make the lather in the mug with the brush, swirling it around in quick little circles. Erin took the mug and brush and began foaming up my face while Kayko continued to explain the process.

I have to admit, I was ok with the whole situation until I saw Kayko pick up the straight razor and hand it to Erin. To say that my heart was in my throat was an understatement because my nuts were there too! When you consider the fact that Kayko keeps that razor as sharp as the sword she has hanging on the wall in our room, I could easily lose a chunk of my face if anything were to go wrong. I could feel Erins’ pussy clamp down extra hard on my dick as she took the razor in hand. No matter what happened, even if the house caught on fire, I was not going to move an inch! And that meant any part of me! I froze like a statue.

Erin could tell that I was a bit nervous, and it showed in the slightly worried look she gave me just before she lowered the razor to my cheek. I held my breath as I felt the cold steel make contact with my skin before gently gliding down the side of my face. WHEW! Stroke number one was in the books and I was not deformed! Slowly and meticulously Erin shaved the right side of my face, giving me only one small little nick right by the base of my nose. Thank goodness. It could have been a lot worse. She could have slipped or twitched and sliced right through my jugular and killed me on the spot. One little nick, no problem.

“Good job,” Kayko said as she took the razor from her. “Now show him what you can do.”

Erin looked me squarely in the eyes and got this nice little smile as she began squeezing me inside her. I could tell she had learned a lot during the last two weeks, one thing being that she could grip me a lot harder than before.

“How’s that daddy?” she asked as she settled down on me as far as she could and gave just the slightest indication of the rippling action that Kayko does so well.

“Oh my!” I responded to the new sensations my daughter was affording me. “You have improved.”

She had improved. In the two weeks that I was gone she had not only improved her strength, but she was beginning to learn a new skill. And I, for one, was impressed. For several minutes she was able to suck on my cock with her pussy just like her mother. Although it was not as good, and not nearly as prominent, it was an improvement none the less. I put my arms around her and drew her up next to me, looking her in the eyes.

“Thank you sweetie,” I said just before giving her a kiss. “Thank you for working so hard to please me.”

Erin looked back into my eyes with a big smile on her face. “You’re welcome,” she said before returning my kiss. As she pulled away she looked lovingly into my eyes and said, “I love you so much.” And she squeezed me inside her really hard.

“Ok,” Kayko chimed in, “Let Saki have her turn.”

Erin gave a little frown as she released my cock and pulled herself up and off of me. I hated to have her go, but this was a ‘class’ in bathing me, so each student needed her turn. As Erin backed away in the pool Saki stepped up to me with a huge smile on her face. She was sporting a big smile as she straddled my legs, her shiny gold necklace advertising that my pet was coming to roost. I could tell she had been waiting a long time for this just by her expression. And she was not quite as subtle as Erin had been when she mounted me. Saki scooted up my legs and quickly impaled herself on me, driving her pussy down to take all of me inside her in a micro second.

“Hi Uncle Mike,” she said as she clamped her pussy around my cock. “I’ve missed you.”

“I can tell,” I said as I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her down harder.

One thing that truly amazes me about Saki is that for an 11 year old little girl, she likes me deep. And not just every now and then, but every time. I think that if I could reach her tonsils by going through her pussy, she would have me do it. And her work on the big horse in the gym proved it. While I was in Brussels I watched the cams one evening. For almost an hour Saki had sat on the longest and biggest phallus of the big horse with her feet off the floor, placing all of her weight on her crotch. There was no mistaking it; she wanted to make sure she could take all of me every time. Now, with her fully engulfing me, I really appreciated her efforts.

Again, I sat like a statue while I was shaved. It’s hard keeping your heart in place while a young girl is sitting on your dick with an ultra-sharp razor at your throat. But I was not going to exasperate the situation by even twitching a muscle. I sat completely still as I felt Saki slowly scrape away the day’s stubble from my face. She did a perfect job too. Not a single nick! When she was finished she handed the razor to Kayko.

“Excellent job,” Kayko said as she set the razor down on the tray. “Now show him what you can do.”

In the time it took Saki to turn her head back around so she was looking me in the face, her pussy was doing a number on me. Saki was able to squeeze me a lot harder than Erin, and she was a little better at the rippling action, making the sucking feeling inside her pussy very noticeable. But was really a surprise was when Saki released her grip on me with her pussy, and was able to push her body up my shaft without using her arms or legs. Granted, her buoyancy in the water had a great deal to do with it, but it was still impressive to see her lift herself up using just her muscles, before sliding back down to squeeze me again.

“Wow!” I said as I watched her make several trips up and down my shaft, “That’s really good. I can tell you have worked hard too.”

Saki lowered herself down onto me again and clamped herself in place with her pussy. “Thanks Uncle Mike,” she said before pulling herself against me. She hugged me tightly for several seconds before rising up to kiss me on the lips. “I love you Uncle Mike,” she said before she kissed me again.

I put my arms around her and hugged her firmly against me as I kissed her back with just as much enthusiasm. She really does love me, just like Erin and Kayko. And I know that she wants nothing more than to please me in any way that she can. Just as with Erin and Kayko. I really do have a wonderful family. I just wish I was not gone as much as I am. I miss them so much when I am away, and I long for them in the lonely emptiness of my hotel rooms. But it makes the homecomings that much more special. As I pulled my face back from Sakis’, she began squeezing and releasing my cock at a rapid pace. I think she was trying to feel as much of me as possible before we had to part.

“Ok you two,” Kayko said as she set the tray off to the side, “Go and start dinner.”

Reluctantly Saki lifted herself off me and stood up in the water. “I’ll finish this later.” She said with a smile and a wink.

“I look forward to it,” I said as she waded across the pool and climbed out right behind Erin.

Kayko eased across the pool and straddled my legs as the two girls began toweling themselves off. “Mike,” she said as she lowered herself down onto me, “I have something to tell you.” Kayko nestled herself all the way down on my cock and began milking me with my favorite rippling action, sucking on my cock inside her like a kid with a lollipop.

“What is it sweetie?” I asked as I brought my hands up to cup her breasts.

Kayko looked over her right shoulder and waited until the girls left the bathroom before she turned to me and looked me straight in the eye. “I had a doctor’s appointment Monday morning.” She said as she looked anxiously into my eyes and wiggled her hips back and forth.

“A doctor’s appointment?” I queried as I sat up a little. “Why honey, what’s the matter?”

Kayko looked into my eyes before she leaned in and kissed me very lovingly on the lips. When she pulled back she had a look of excitement in her eyes as she drew in a breath. “Well,” she said as she brought her legs around me and pulled herself closer to me, “That’s one of the things you have to do when you are pregnant.”

End Pt19


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