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Ashley goes horseback riding, but things go wrong, and ends up on the wrong side of the horse.
Authors note: Please forgive me for any grammar mistake I make in this story. I created this story for people to read, and not criticize. Non of the events is encouraged to be replicated at all. But enough talk and lets get to the story.


Horseback Riding Gone Wrong

It was a beautiful summer day at the farm as usual. The gentle prairie winds gently blow across Ashley with the sweat scent of wheat and barley. Ashley's parents owned a 400 acre farm which also included a big forest which was well suited for horseback riding.

Ashley was a 22 years old, 5"6 tall, with beautiful blond hair that reached to her ass. She had eyes that were blue as the sea, and breasts that looked like the foothills. She had quite a slender body, with a perfect farmers tan that she earned through the life of a farmer. She also had good strong muscles from working in the fields with her father lots. Ashley also loved to go horse back riding, especially with with one of the two stallions that her family owned.

One of the Stallions was Thunder. He was a strong horse, that was oddly born during a thunder storm. However although Thunders birth was quite scary, making Thunder a brave horse. This also made Thunder the most unpredictable horse in the entire stable. Thunder was a black horse, who's hair seemed to gleam against the moons light.

The other horse was Frost. Frost was born during a cold winters night when everything was freezing. This in fact made Frosts birth quite dangerous, risky, and it looked as if Frost would not live due to the cold temperature. However it was in face a miracle that Frost in face lives on that cold night. Frost was quite a lucky horse, managing to just barely get out of potentially lethal situations. Frost was also quite a calm horse, but was also sometimes quite fragile to the reaction of other people, and horses.

Ashley went to her sister Greta that morning hoping that she would accompany her to horseback ride in the trails. They have done it many times before, and neither of them were strangers to the dangers of it. In fact one could say that they were experts at Horseback riding on the trail. Greta promised that she would go later on once all the chores were finished.

Greta was 24 years old, 5"4 tall, with nice red hair that burned like fire. It's length was at least just past her shoulders. Greta, like her sister had a quite a slender body, with a brilliant farmers tan. As well she also had strong muscles from her time in farming. She quite loved horseback riding as much as her sister, and they both had a passion for it.

However both sisters both particularly loved each other. In face at times when their parents were gone, they would roam the farm naked, and share the shower together. And in one particular incident, they both started having lesbian sex in the middle of a pig pen rolling in the mud. Yes they shared a romantic relationship with each other. However Ashley was still a virgin despite this experience, however Greta had lost hers with her boyfriend in high school.

Later on that day, Ashley was preparing the two Stallions for horseback riding. She decided on the journey she would take a rope with her in case she need Thunder to pull something off the path. It usually didn't take Ashley long to get the saddles on both horses, with the reigns. However Ashley noticed something different about thunders behavior, but she just couldn't put her finger on it. She finally gave up and just thought it was nothing, and just left the situation alone. However what Ashley didn't see was Thunders giant cock when she was brushing him. This would soon lead to a potentially lethal mistake.

When Ashley was done, and lead the horses outside the stable, she was met by Greta waiting for her just outside the stable doors. Greta took Frost's reigns, while Ashley took Thunders reigns, and rode to the woods.

Within 30 minutes of entering the woods, they came across the splitting path. Greta and Ashley decided to separate. However this decision was the final mistake that Ashley would make, and it would be to late for her to recognize. When Ashley went the other path, she noticed that Thunders ears perked up as if he heard something. As Ashley continued down the path, she saw something black swoops across the trees. She assumed it might have been a bat, but as she went on, the bat got closer, and closer. That was until suddenly it flew across Thunders face.

This not only spooked Ashley from how close it went, but startled Thunder. And instead of acting calm, Thunder decided he had different plans for Ashley. Now as mentioned before, Ashley kept a rope with her, and she kept it front of her. However when Thunder jumped onto his hind legs, Ashley lost balance and the rope tangled with the reigns. And as fate would have it, she got her hand wrapped around the rope, but could not untangle it fast enough. Ashley eventually fell off thunder flipping her underneath Thunder, just as the rope tangled her other hand making it hard to undo. And unfortunately for Ashley, her feet were also caught and trapped in the foothold of the harness.

So here Ashley was, tangled hands and feet, and under Thunders belly. This excited Thunder as he landed on the ground. When Ashley looked backwards, she saw something growing. It was of course, Thunders cock coming out of its sheath. When Ashley saw the size of it, she began to struggle to try and escape. However Thunder wanted to make Ashley his bitch, and he wanted to make sure Ashley knew it. When Thunder started bucking his back legs, his cock got closer to Ashley's pussy. And the rope kept sliding down, making Ashley get closer to Thunders cock. In quick panic, Ashley moved her waist to hopefully make his giant cock miss. However her panties got caught onto the side of the giant cock, and tugged away from Ashley's vagina. This unfortunately, exposed Ashley's Vagina.

With one last hard bucking action of Thunders back legs, Finally forcefully slamming Ashley forcefully and brutally down Thunders cock. However it was barely in, and not enough for Thunder to do a full penetration, which left Ashley's hymen untouched. Thunder decided to fix this, and shoved his cock into Ashley's hole. Ashley of course was screaming for her life to try and hopefully get Greta's attention. But the forest was to thick for Greta to hear Ashley. This left Ashley at the complete mercy of Thunder and his giant cock. So when Thunder finally made that one last push; Thunder's cock tore through Ashley's flesh, straight down, and through Ashley's hymen.

The pain that came from this was too much for Ashley to handle, and was knocked unconscious, leaving Ashley completely vulnerable for Thunders full penetration. And thrust by thrust, Thunders cock went deeper and deeper; and more blood, and more flesh torn. This brutal act probably would have killed Ashley if it were not for the fact that Ashley was as strong as she was.

When Ashley awaking from being unconscious, she felt her entire body numb, feeling nothing but the entire numbness in her body. She also felt liquid from Thunders cock being pumped into her. Of course by this time, Ashley was not thinking clearly at all, and started to panic, and asking question like,"what if I get pregnant?" Ashley's shoulders were also fractured from the constant pounding of Thunders front legs, as well as Ashley's bottom legs because of Thunders hind legs.So Ashley just dangled there like a lifeless rag doll.

When Thunder was done with Ashley's pussy, he was not quite done with Ashley completely. Instead he took his cock out of Ashley's pussy and aimed. And poor Ashley who was too disorientated to even know what going on, didn't even notice what Thunder was planning. And with a quick, hard, lethal thrust. Thunder jabbed his cock inside Ashley's ass. This no undoubtedly made Ashley become unconscious for a long period of time. However Death had other plans for her, and decided not to let Ashley die.

Thunder continued to pound at Ashley's ass, full thrust without stopping. Putting on full speed, and thrusting his full length cock inside of Ashley's pussy hole. Thunder knew as well as Ashley, that she was Thunders new bitch for life. Thunder didn't care for Ashley's life, he just cared about the satisfaction of fucking Ashley. And after a few minutes, Thunder unloaded his semen into Ashley's ass.

When the paths finally met again, Greta and Frost were having a lovely time, however just as she turn the corner, she saw Thunder, with Ashley all tangled up, bloody, abused, unconscious; and Greta didn't even know if Ashley was still alive. Thinking quickly, and acting fast, Greta untangled her sister from the ropes and foot holes, and carried her onto her horse, and let Thunder behind her horse. When Greta finally reached the house again, she quickly bolted inside and called 911. A few minutes later, the ambulance arrived, and rushed Ashley to the hospital.

During Ashley's entire time in the hospital, all she could think about was having brutal sex with Thunder again, and how much she enjoyed getting fucked with Thunders giant cock. And two months later, she was back on the farm continuing to willingly fuck Thunders cock.

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2014-12-07 01:43:55
what the fuck is this garbage? the very poor grammar and unrealistic content is a major turn OFF

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2014-07-27 14:15:19
Omh please stop making me laugh *Is longer horny just laughing my head off*

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2013-07-12 04:25:20
If you got fucked to death, would YOU want to do it again? Hells no!

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2013-04-28 22:47:50
You wrote a piece of shit story and don't want critisism? What were expecting? Both shoulders and legs are fractured, meaning broken, and she is feeling no pain? Da'fuq? Then, a cock the width of a pop can is shoved into her dry pussy and asshole, meaning she will need stitches, and somehow has an orgasm? Plus, who the fuck rides a horse without leg protection? That means jeans, numbnuts, because any person who has ever ridden a horse will tell you about their legs being rubbed raw, so how the fuck did the horse cock rip her jeans off?

You are an idiot and if the critisism you receive helps prevent this story from reoccurring, then consider yourself educated.

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2013-04-23 18:11:25
"Thunder continued to pound at Ashley's ASS, full thrust without stopping. Putting on full speed, and thrusting his full length cock inside of Ashley's PUSSY hole."

You should probably proof-read it before posting it.

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