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The Pleasure Deck, mother, son and tutor.
Cruise Ship Regeneration 03

The Pleasure Complex

Part-1 The Cruise Ship provides sexual therapy to a family.

03.01 Pleasure Complex:
03.02 Amanda, Julie and Tyler:
03.03 Fantasy Room, Tyler and his female Entity:
03.04 Fantasy Room, Julie and her male Entity:
03.05 Pleasure Room, Amanda gets a makeover:
03.06 Amanda, Chamber Preparation:
03.07 Amanda, Chamber, First orgasm:
03.08 Amanda, Chamber, Breast enhancement:
03.09 Amanda, Chamber, Clitoris enhancement:
03.10 Amanda, Chamber, Vaginal enhancement:
03.11 Amanda, Chamber, Vaginal testing, Conditioning:

03.12 Mother Deep Throats Son:
03.13 Daughter Fists Mother:
03.14 Brother Mates with Sister:

03.15 Amanda, Julie, Tyler, Things to do Today:
03.16 Fantasy Room, Amanda, Sex in the dark:
03.17 Pleasure Room, Tyler, Extraction Preparation:
03.18 Pleasure Room, Tyler, Semen Extraction:
03.19 Pleasure Room, Julie, Sybian Preparation:
03.20 Pleasure Room, Julie, Sybian:

03.01 The Pleasure Complex:

One of the more popular places in the cruise ship is the Pleasure Complex that is in the center of deck 2 and is the size of an Olympic-size pool.

There are 42 soundproof rooms, ten feet by ten feet, in six rows. Each row is separated by a fifteen foot aisle. At the head of Pleasure complex is the reception desk and a waiting area and at the back of the Pleasure complex are four larger rooms that are used for GenTech's high-tech Entity, Sexual Devices and Surrogate Fantasies.

Each passenger's Key Card has information pertaining to their gender, sexual status and preference.

1. Male teen
2. Female teen
3. Male adult
4. Female adult

1. Virgin
2. Limited experience
3. Experienced

1. Heterosexual
2. Lesbian
3. Gay
4. Hermaphrodite
5. Shemale
6. bisexual

Each user must fill out a form at the reception desk indicating what they want their experience to include. Multiple selections are permitted for the Pleasure Room. They are then given a room number and the waiting time, if applicable.

Pleasure Room

[1] The Chamber, Male/Female Enhancements
[2] Semen extraction/prostate milking
[3] Sybian, female/male

In the center of each Pleasure room is an enclosure or chamber that resembled a personal spa capsule. When not in use, the front panel of the chamber rests in the vertical position above the chamber. Internally, there are leg and arm rests and a 'U' shaped seat for the user to sit on. When the user is positioned correctly, restraining straps are automatically applied to the wrists and ankles. When started, the front panel closes down over the front of the chamber and fills a thick liquid gel that stops when it reaches the user's shoulders. Both the gel and the chamber execute the program that the user requested at the reception desk.

Fantasy Room

[1] Entity Male
[2] Entity Female
[3] Canine

The Fantasy rooms include two rooms for invisible Entities and two rooms for Sexual Devices and Surrogate Lovers. The Entities and Surrogates can provide a heterosexual, lesbian or a Gay encounter. The Sexual devices are for both genders.

03.02 Amanda, Julie and Tyler:

Amanda is a single mother by choice, is 37 years old, physically fit and happy with her body. Her sexual life has been one disappointment after another which has gradually become non-existent. She has two 17 year old twins, Julie and Tyler.

Julie is a promiscuous 17 year old that is becoming increasingly frustrated with the boys she dates because of their inability to know what to do and their lack of control. Tyler suffers from premature ejaculation and word is spreading to the girls in his class about his problem. Julie and Tyler are close to each other and one day, Amanda overheard them talking about their sexual experiences. She joined in on the conversation and told them about her own sexless life.

Amanda remembered getting an email from a friend that had moved to London describing the Cruise Ship Regeneration and the sexual adventures she had experienced on it. Amanda got an email off to her friend describing the problems with herself and her twins. The reply was almost immediate. It told her that the cruise ship would solve everything and is well worth the cost. Her friend would setup everything for them. In two days Amanda received an mail with a link to a secure web site. She was a bit surprised at the detailed personal and sexual information that was required but filled out the forms and submitted them. She requested a cruise in mid June to coincide with the schools summer holidays. When the reservations were accepted, Amanda was told that the Pleasure Complex would attend to all their needs.

It took two days for the three to get used to the 'nudist colony' atmosphere and on the third day, while Julie and Tyler were at the pool, Amanda went to the Pleasure Complex and filled out their requests in advance for the following morning.

Tyler: Fantasy Room: Female Entity, controlled ejaculation
Julie: Fantasy Room, Virgin, Male Entity
Herself: Pleasure Room: Oral, Penetration

At 10:00am, Amanda led her reluctant kids into the Pleasure Complex. They were greeted by the same woman that Amanda had talked to the day before. She had a girl walk with Julie to her 'room' and a boy, carrying a small bottle of liquid, walked with Tyler to his 'room'.

When Tyler and Julie were out of hearing range, the woman leaned close to Amanda and said,

"I can program the Chamber to enhance your breasts, clitoris and vagina."

Amanda just looked at the woman. It took a few moments to register in her mind what she had just heard. She finally smiled and nodded her head.

As the woman type in the program changes she asked Amanda three questions,

1. What size breasts have you always wanted?


2. Hard clitoris, 3/4", 1", 1.5"?


3. Vaginal and 'G' spot enhancements?

"Oh God Yes."

The woman then asked Amanda if the twins were going to 'visit' the Pleasure Rooms and if so, she would need her input regarding their enhancements. Amanda thought about it and asked the woman what kind of enhancements she had in mind for seventeen year olds.

She replied,

"Julie, breasts 34D, external clitoris 3/4" plus vaginal enhancements.

Tyler, penis flaccid, 4.75" x 1.75" D, penis erect, 7.75" x 2.75" D."

The woman finished the entries and handed Amanda a small bottle of liquid saying,

"This will help you relax and minimize your nervousness."

She drank it down and then followed the woman to one of the Fantasy rooms.

03.03 Fantasy Room, Tyler and his female Entity:

Tyler entered the Fantasy Room. It was empty and in the center of the room a soft circle of light highlighted an area of the floor. The boy directed Tyler to stand in the lighted circle and wait. Tyler stood in the circle trembling, he wished his mother was with him. The boy handed Tyler the bottle and told him to drink it down. Tyler did so and liked the chocolate taste. It contained a relaxer, and a drug that would quickly restore his sexual rejuvenation if stimulation were present. The boy then pressed a button by the door and left, closing it behind him.

Suddenly, the circle of light went out and Tyler was encased in darkness. His mind panicked and wanted to run out of the room but couldn't see where the door was. It started as a soft touch on his right shoulder and he froze. The touch turned into a gentle massaging action and were soon followed by other touches across his body. As the unseen hands and fingers massaged his shoulders, abdomen and legs, he felt light suckling kisses on his face, neck and chest. He looked in front and around his body but saw only darkness.

Tyler closed his eyes, savoring the pleasurable sensations and his fears ebbed away from his mind. With a start, he reopened them when he felt a pressure forming along his back, head, buttocks and legs. His nervousness returned when he felt himself being moved into a lying position, his legs were bent at the knees and spread apart. Again he looked around, seeing no one. The touches and kisses resumed and Tyler sighed as he welcomed back his unseen 'friends'.

The sigh turned into a startled gasp when he felt the 'hands' that were on his inner thighs move inward, one lifted his testicles with an exquisite massaging action and the other cradled his flaccid penis with delicious squeezes and strokes. Tyler didn't know what to think, all he knew was that he liked what 'they' were doing to him and his penis tingled and stirred as the 'hand' coaxed it into full erection.

The hands withdrew and again he sighed, this time with disappointment as his hardness throbbed above his abdomen. He felt movement between his spread thighs and then a pressure as if someone were leaning over him. The first touch on his upper chest felt like two breasts were pressing onto him and then soft lips touched his lips. At first he kept them closed but they slowly parted as a moist tongue glided across them. The tongue slipped into his mouth and touched his tongue. The kiss became deeper and Tyler reached above him and wrapped his arms around something that he could feel but could not see. He returned the kiss and his mind reeled with sensations that he had never felt before and a muffled moan was heard and his erection throbbed against his unseen Lover.

The kiss was broken and a dazed Tyler felt the soft butterfly-like kisses on his face and neck trek downward toward his right breast area. The lips closed around his right nipple and the tip of a tongue pressed and swirled around the stiffening bud. Tyler gasped at the exquisite sensations and his hands reached out and grasp the loving head. The kisses trekked across his chest and descended onto his stiff left nipple. The entity slowly moved back and forth between the excited nipples and Tyler was soon pushing them into the unseen suckling mouths. He felt his Lover's mouth move down onto his abdomen and his hands fell to his trembling sides as the mouth and lips neared his excited manhood.

He arched upward and gasped loudly when he felt a warm, moist tongue slip onto the tingling gland at the head of his erection and then press onto it with an ecstatic swirling action. It was too much for Tyler's body and once again his control failed him. He moaned as his ejaculation gushed and spurted onto the lapping tongue. He wondered if he would ever experience the full joy of an orgasm.

As his penis slowly softened, he closed his eyes and in almost a whisper said,

"I'm sorry .."

As if in response, his Lover's mouth slipped over the head of his near flaccid penis and began to suckle on it. Within seconds Tyler was moaning as his rejuvenated manhood soared to full hardness within the incredible mouth. At the same time two hands slipped between his thighs and began massaging his balls. Tyler arched upward and squealed, his mind couldn't believe what had just happened. His erection felt harder and thicker than it had ever felt before and his massaged testicles felt heavy and bloated.

His Lover withdrew and Tyler moaned with frustration as his aroused body lay on the blanket of air. He felt his bent legs being straightened out and his back was lowered so he now lay in a horizontal position. Soft hands lifted his testicles so they lay over his closed thighs. His breathing quickened when he felt his Lover straddle his thighs and felt his hands being lifted upward until they came in contact with his lover's firm breasts. His breathing quickened as his hands began exploring each breast with a kneading and massaging action. Ripples of excitement spread into his finger tips as they crept onto the stiff nipples. He felt hands on his shoulders pulling him upward and then the hands guided his open mouth toward the erect nipple of the right breast. A muffled moan was heard and his erection throbbed as he suckled on an a nipple for the first time.

In a few moments. Tyler's reluctant mouth was pulled away from the breast and he was laid back on the mattress of air. He felt the pressure on his thighs moving forward and moaned when he felt a warm, moist smoothness slide over his testicles and onto the base of his erection. His Lover glided forward until his tingling gland lay nestled with the grasping folds of the Entity's labia. A gasp escaped his mouth when the thick folds closed around the excited head of his erection with an exquisite pressing and swirling action.

His mind was giving him the signals that he was about to ejaculate and he began thinking about cold showers, anything that would help stop him from orgasming. The Entity sensed what Tyler was doing and stopped its ecstatic movements. Slowly the sensations receded and he tentatively pushed his hardness into encasing lips. Tyler was learning and once again, he enjoyed the incredible feelings that his unseen Lover was giving him. The Entity pushed its gripping folds further down onto Tyler's throbbing penis and began an ecstatic dragging action causing Tyler to whimper and moan as the flared labia made love to his erection. The clenching folds massaged his testicles and its clasping inner lips kissed and caressed his agitated gland as it briefly nestled into them. His mind reeled with deep need every time his twitching gland came in contact with the warm, softness of the Entity's vaginal entrance.

His Lover smiled down at Tyler's torment and lifted up from his body. His drooling erection jumped into the air and a moan of denial was heard from his open mouth. His hardness jumped when he felt it being lifted and cradled in a hand and then positioned so the excited gland nestled into the massaging inner lips. Tyler held his breath when felt his penis slipping into a warm, moist cavern and a hiss of joy was heard as the Entity's clenching vagina slowly descended onto his virgin manhood.

All a stunned Tyler could do was lay there as his straining hardness filled his mind with ecstatic sensations that he had never expected or dreamed of. His Lover swirled its clenching sex in a slow grinding action as it lifted upward and then held the tingling gland within its clasping opening. Again a loud moan of joy escaped Tyler's mouth as the encasing sheath sunk back down onto his hyper-excited penis.

His Lover began slow, rhythmic, up and down sweeps and Tyler's body instinctively began to match them. His mind blocked out everything except the intense milking sensations that were flooding into his mind. Incoherent sounds of pleasure echoed around the darkened room as Tyler was thrown into a sexual frenzy. His upward thrusts soon took on a sense of urgency as his excited gland tingled and throbbed.

The Entity knew Tyler was at his orgasmic edge and gripped his granite-like erection with a series of deep clenches, causing him to arch upward and freeze. His eyes and mouth opened wide and straining hardness jerked wildly as the liquid pressure entered the base of his erection and surged up his straining hardness. The liquid joy swirled around the throbbing gland and then jettisoned into the welcoming vaginal passage of his Lover. Tyler finally felt the ecstatic joys of a full male orgasm and his loud wail was interrupted as a second stream shot past the agitated crown and into the milking cavern,


Tyler slumped down onto the bed of air gasping and panting. His still spurting manhood slipped out of his lover's vagina and lay jerking on his abdomen. He closed his eyes as his mind and body savored the delicious aftershocks. In a few moments, he felt a warm flow of water washing his abdomen, thighs and genitals, quickly followed by puffs of warm air. Tyler cooed softly as his body was cleaned and dried.

He felt himself being put into a standing position and the circular beam of light returned. The door was opened and he saw the boy smiling at him. A dazed and speechless Tyler was led from the room and escorted to a Pleasure Room.

03.04 Fantasy Room, Julie and her male Entity:

Young virgin females are processed with gentleness and patience. A girl the same age as Julie approached Julie at the reception desk and said,

"I see that you are nervous and I want to assure you that you will enjoy every moment of your session in the Fantasy room."

She handed a soft, silky robe to Julie and helped her put it on. Julie was thankful that it covered her nakedness. The girl handed a cup of water and two pills. She was told they would help relax her and prepare her for the Fantasy room. Julie drank them down and followed the girl to the room. Along the way, the robe clung to her body and her movements caused the silkiness to brush across her breasts and tease her stiffening nipples. They entered the room and Julie was surprised when she saw that the room was totally mirrored. There were no visible lights yet the room was bathed in a soft warm glow. The girl led her toward the center of the room and said,

"Just relax and enjoy yourself. Trust me, you will remember this for the rest of your life."

As the girl left, she pressed a button and closed the door.

Julie was now alone, she felt nervous and wondered why she was so quick in accepting what her mother had setup for her. She closed her eyes, wondering how it would start. A warmth suddenly flooded her loins and her stiff nipples began to tingle.

She flinched slightly when she felt the first touches on the soft fabric of the robe. They were light at first and Julie thought it was the air moving across the fabric. As the touches changed into persistent presses and massages, feelings of pleasure spread across her body that she had never felt before and she kept her eyes closed, not wanting them to go away.

She felt what seemed like 'hands' pushing the fabric onto breasts, lifting them and then 'fingers' pushing onto her nipples, always moving, always pressing. More 'hands' moved onto her hips, lower abdomen and thighs. They also, teasingly pressed the soft fabric against her inner thighs, coming close to, but not touching her private parts. As the wonderful touches flowed across her body, her nervousness and apprehensions slowly faded and a soft sigh escaped her lips. She felt light, butterfly-like kisses, spreading across her face and neck, the wonderful warmth intensified and continued to ripple throughout her body. The 'hands' on her inner thighs were now, gently pushing, the fabric of her robe against her tingling labia and stiffening young clitoris.

She began to unconsciously push herself into the unseen 'hands' as they roamed freely across her body. Suddenly she felt the fabric being pushed onto her protruding organ with exquisite swirls and massages. Her eyes snapped open, her hips jerked and she moaned loudly as the pink organ throbbed against the silky cloth. She would have crumbled to the floor had not been for the unseen hands that were supporting her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Julie looked franticly about herself but saw no one. She saw the fabric of her robe being pushed and swirled onto her body. A flushed looked spread across her face as her mind tried to understand what was happening to her body. She felt soft 'lips' touch her lips, then a warm moist 'tongue' slipped back and forth between her lips. The 'tongue' slowly slipped inward and Julie took a deep breath when she felt her tongue being touched. Delicious sensations flooded her mind as the tongues danced and played together. Soon the kiss became deeper and more passionate.

The boys she dated had never kissed her like this and she moaned into the unseen 'mouth'.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .."

The kisses on her neck and face continued along with the massages on her breasts, nipples and the swelling folds of her labia and clitoris. The pills, the hands and the fingers were pushing the teen toward her point of no return. The passionate kiss continued and a dazed Julie was barely aware that the sash to her robe was being loosened. The soft fabric of her robe was pushed from her shoulders and Julie broke the kiss gasping as her firm breasts and erect nipples sprung into the air. Her stiff clitoris stood hard between her thighs.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Her breath came in quick pants when she saw her aroused nakedness in the mirror. The unseen mouths and hands now reacquired her body. This time they had soft, bare skin to massage and suckle on. A soft finger pressed onto her hard organ and Julie gasped when she saw it being swirled in the air and her hips bucked forward at the ecstatic contact.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The mouth and lips slipped from her face and suckled their way down toward her right breast. A massaging hand seemed to hold it for the advancing mouth. She gasped as a wonderful warmth bathed her erect nipple and then descended onto the excited bud with an delicious sucking and suckling action. She saw and felt her left breast being gently lifted and another mouth slipped over the tingling nipple. Ripples of pleasure flowed across her chest and merged with those radiating from her clitoris. At the same time she felt the hands on her inner thighs move inward and form themselves around the swelling folds of her labia. Both thumbs pressed and swirled her rigid organ and she cried out, instinctively spreading her legs and hunching down.

"Ohhhhhhhhh .. Goddddddd .."

Julie's wide open eyes still saw nothing in front of her or around her. Her mind and body no longer cared about the 'whys' or 'hows', only the joy that 'they' were giving her body.

She felt pressure against her legs and back, it was almost like a blanket of air. Her body was slowly moved from a standing position to a prone position. The loving attention on her body never faltered or stopped. A sense of excitement gripped her when she felt her legs being bent at the knees and spread apart. She then felt her feet being pulled slightly back toward her hips. She saw herself in the mirrored wall and it remained her of the first gynecological exam she had before the trip.

While the hands and mouths adorned her nakedness, another third suckling mouth gently slipped onto her abdomen and worked its way downward. The fingers of the hand that were molded to her labia slipped between the folds and pulled them apart as the suckling mouth approached the junction of her thighs. A deep intake of breath and a long hiss was heard when a long, warm tongue curled around her excited clitoris.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The tongue was joined by suckling lips and both began to suck on her organ of joy as it jerked and throbbed within the loving mouth. The exploring fingers began to tease and tantalize her clasping inner lips and her hips began pushing her enflamed sex against her unseen Lover. Slowly two fingers pushed into her eager passage with an exquisite twisting and turning action. She gasped as jolts of intense pleasure flooded her vagina and merged with those from her throbbing clitoris. Finally, 'someone' was doing something to her that her dates didn't know how what to do.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww .."

While Julia's mind was reveling with all the sensations, a finger pushed through the small opening of her hymen. It secreted a mild numbing chemical as the tip of the finger slowly shredded her virginity. When finished, another finger slipped inward and both began to swirl around her excited vaginal passage. Her clenching vaginal muscles were trying to draw the twisting fingers deeper into its enflamed sheath. The slithering tips began circling her excited vaginal walls as if they were searching for something.

Julie suddenly arched up from the 'blanket of air', her hips bucked her enflamed sex in wild circles and she squealed in joy. 'They' had found her illusive 'G' spot and began an ecstatic massaging of the ultra-sensitive tissues.


All the unseen forces came together now and intensified their actions on her body. From breasts and nipples to her rigid clitoris to her spasming vagina. They suckled, they massaged, they stroked, they teased and they caressed. She thrust her breasts and engorged nipples into the devouring mouths and ground her raging sex into the sucking mouth and stroking fingers.

The seventeen year old was thrown into a sexual frenzy and her body unleashed her first orgasm.


Julia slumped down onto the supporting 'blanket of air' and she moaned as delicious aftershocks rippled across her body.

"Ohhhhhhhhh .. Thank you ... Thank you ..."

She felt all the unseen mouths, lips, hands and fingers slowly leave her body.

She whimpered in disappointment.

"Oh .. please don't leave me .."

Julie felt a presence move between her spread and bent thighs and lean over her body. She looked down her body and into the mirror and saw nothing. Something long, thick and throbbing came to rest on her abdomen and she could feel a warm wetness oozing onto her skin. She reached out into the air and her hands found her 'new' lover's erection. She had felt boys erections before but nothing like the one that was throbbing in her hands. Her mind said 'NO', it was too big, but her body vaulted up the arousal ladder screaming,

'Yes .. Yes .. Yes .."

She sensed the head of her Lover as it neared her face. She closed eyes, parted her lips slightly and waited. Its lips touched her lips and its tongue slipped into her mouth. Julie moaned into the Entity's mouth as she eagerly returned the kiss, it was deep and full of passion.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .."

While they kissed her Lover settled further onto her body. It shifted its mid section and its heavy testicles came to rest on her engorged organ of joy. She pushed up, sinking it between the soft, heavy balls in an ecstatic swirling motion and a deep guttural moan was heard from her mouth. They broke the kiss and Julie lay there gasping and panting as the soft heaviness massaged her excited clitoris.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh .. "

The presence began planting wet suckling kisses over her face and neck. The kisses trekked downward from her shoulders toward her chest. As its head moved downward, so did its body and she squealed again as its throbbing hardness slipped over her clitoris and through the swollen folds of her labia. The suckling mouth reached her right breast, slipping over the firm mound and descended onto the bullet-like nipple. Its lips and tongue swirled around the rubbery tip and Julie moaned her gratitude.

"Yes .. Yes .. Yes .."

The presence shifted its mid-section again and Julie's eyes shot opened as its massive gland slipped between the swollen folds of her labia, pushing them further apart. The suckling mouth began an wonderful journey over to her left breast and nipple, bestowing equal time to both. While its mouth adorned one, its hands massaged and kneaded the other. Julie gasped and moaned, pushing the breast and nipple into her Lover's mouth. Back and forth, back and forth, no one had ever given her breasts so much attention or pleasure.

Julie wasn't really aware of it, but her hips were deliciously sawing her wet pink furrow over the pulsing girth of her Lover's hardness. On one sweep, the thick head nestled into the clasping inner lips and Julie screeched loudly,

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Her Lover now shifted downward between her spread thighs. Its hands gently wrapped around each thigh as its head came nearer and nearer to his open sex. Again Julie held her breath as the moist breath of air bathed her hyper-excited clitoris. Her Lover's lips slipped over the rigid organ and its mouth and lips began sucking her rigid, pink clitoris.

She squealed as her hyper-excited organ exploded with joy.


Her hips bucked and jerked wildly and the grasping hands on her thighs prevented the ecstatic contact from being broken. The mouth slowly loosened its suckling grip and moved downward onto the twitching folds of her labia. Julie cooed and gurgled as the exploring lips and tongue pushed into the wet furrow and began to suck and kiss its way up and down the swollen portal of her womanhood.

On one downward sweep, the tongue's thick tip began an ecstatic tracing of her clasping inner lips causing jolts of pure pleasure to shoot directly into her dazed and aroused mind. She spread her thighs as wide as she could so her Lover could have complete and open access to her seething sex. It did not disappoint her. Its long tongue slithered inward and she almost fainted from the incredible sensations as it twisted its way into her seething passage. Its curled tip circled her clenching walls and quickly nestled onto her exploding 'G' spot. Streaks of joy rolled across her loins like a series of freight trains. Julie's hands grasped the unseen head and pulled it deep into her enflamed sex.


The long, thick tongue pushed deeper into her vagina sucking up her oozing vaginal nectar as though it was a straw. It withdrew and slipped back in, again and again. Julie's hips were bucking and thrashing, her clenching vaginal muscles desperately trying to draw the wonderful appendage deeper into her clenching sheath. With each inward and outward sweep, the swirling tip massaged and caressed her excited sweet spot throwing her into a sexual frenzy. Her body arched upward and froze as her second orgasm rumbled throughout her body.


It took several seconds for the ecstatic convulsions to subside into delicious aftershocks. Her hands adorned the loving head that was still latched onto her spasming sex. She moaned with disappointment as the loving tongue slipped out of her clasping entrance and she slumped back onto the soft 'blanket of air', cooing and gurgling.

In a few moments, she felt the presence again shift upward between her wide spread thighs and gasped when she felt its massive, thickness settle between her wet, swollen folds. It began a slow, ecstatic sawing motion within the wet, pink crease, burrowing deeper between them with each stroke. Julie vaulted up her arousal ladder as the pulsing hardness swept over her engorged organ and down onto her excited inner lips. Her hands reached out and grasped her Lovers unseen hips and pulled them forceful inward and she squealed in joy as her Lover's warm, throbbing hardness pressed onto her rigid clitoris.

Her hands moved between their bodies and her Lover lifted upward a little causing its erection to slip out of the her clasping folds. Her hands searched for and found the Entity's incredible erection and she moaned when her hands and fingers were barely able to wrap themselves around it. Her virgin mind and body now needed, now wanted, now craved for this magnificent organ to penetrate her body.

She felt hands pulling her hands away and at the same time she felt her Lover pull its straining hardness back down through her folds until the thick head nestled against her excited inner lips. Julie closed her eyes, her breath quickened and gasps of anticipation flowed from her open mouth. She felt her oozing entrance being stretched as the thick gland nudged inward. The pressure was almost unbearable and for a fleeting moment, apprehension gripped her mind. It quickly disappeared as the elastic rimmed entrance stretched and 'popped' over the flexing head of her Lover's thick erection.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

She wiggled her hips and the stretched feeling moved further inward. Her eager vagina excitedly expanded to accommodate her advancing Lover and her vaginal muscles began to kiss and caress the incredible thickness. As her Lover slipped further into the enflamed passage, Julie gurgled with joy. It burrowed inward four inches and then slowly withdrew, repeating the pleasuring cycle until Julie's vagina got used its thickness. It slipped further deeper and Julie's mind was being saturated with ecstatic sensations that she had only dreamed about.

She wanted more of her Lover's magnificent 'manhood', she wanted it all. She held her breath and lunged her hips forcefully upward, skewering her enflamed womanhood onto the enormous phallus. Julie wailed as the long, thick hardness plunged into the depths of her sexual being.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

She and her Lover froze in sexual union. Her body had never felt such fullness and her mind was flooded with new intense jolts of joy as her stretched vaginal walls rippled up and down over the flexing surface of her Lover's manhood. It slowly, almost teasingly pulled outward and Julie gasped at the ecstatic friction. The throbbing head reached her clasping inner lips and then sunk slowly inward.

Her Lover now started a cycle of slow and fast strokes. All the way in, all the way out, part way in, part way out. Julie was in orgasmic heaven. Her stretched vaginal muscles were now used to the girth of her Lover and began to massage and milk the wonderful thickness that was thrusting and lunging into her enraged cavern. On occasion it would delay over her hyper-excited 'G' spot and Julie would arch up and wail in ecstasy.

She felt hands grip her flailing legs behind the knees and pull them back toward her shoulders which pushed her flared sex upward, allowing her Lover full penetration into her body. Its erection bored into her seething passage and the flexing thickness of its head pushed into the flowering portal to her womb.

Julie locked her legs around the lower back of her Lover and her hips began a frenzied counter thrusting action. The thick juices of her steamy passage were now flowing and soft slurping sound could be heard as the long, thick shaft plowed into the depths of womanhood.

She felt the beginnings of her orgasm building in a way that she had never felt it build before. It started as a series of wonderful spasms deep within her vagina. It rumbled outward past her twitching folds and onto her rigid, ruby, red clitoris and swept upward onto her aching firm breasts and bullet-like nipples. The sensations intensified and she began moaning and gurgling incoherently.

Her legs shot out in a wide 'V' and kicked franticly in the air. Her thick juices spurted past the stretched opening of her vagina. She arched upward impaling her Lover's massive erection deep into her cervix and womb. Her eyes opened wide and saw nothing, her mouth open wide and no sound was heard.

The ecstatic rumblings turned into orgasmic explosions and Julie came out of her euphoric freeze and wailed loudly as her third orgasm shattered her mind.


Her saturated mind lost all touch with reality and she floated on an orgasmic cloud between consciousness and unconsciousness. Slowly she came down from her orgasmic high, moaning as the delicious aftershock rippled across her body.

Julie reached up and drew her Lover's face down her face and this time she kissed him deeply and passionately. The Entity slowly withdrew from her body and her vaginal muscles spasmed as the thickness slipped out of her body.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Julia felt the hands put her into a standing position and supported her on weak and wobbly legs. She saw her radiant body being reflected back into her sexually satisfied eyes. The door opened the girl entered the room. Julie smiled at her and nodded her head. The girl told Julie that her mother had reserved a Pleasure Room for her and they would go there now.

03.05 Pleasure Room, Amanda gets a makeover:

Amanda entered the room and the woman walked her so she stood in front of the Chamber. She saw the 'U' shaped seat, the arm rests and leg rests. She looked at the front panel that was standing above the top of the Chamber knew she was going to be totally enclosed within the Chamber. Amanda was having second thoughts about doing this but allowed the woman to help her step into the enclosure. Her legs were lifted and put on the leg rests. She cringed slightly when she saw how spread her bent legs were and how open her sex was. Her arms were then placed on the arm rests. With a sense of foreboding, she sat back against the soft cushion and waited.

The woman smiled at Amanda and pressed a button on the side of the Chamber. The front panel was lowered, effectively sealing her in the chamber. Soft Interior lights turned 'on', along with the 16" HD screen. While she looked at herself in the monitor, the chamber's restraining straps curled around her wrists and ankles. The action took her by surprise and she instinctively tried to pull her arms and legs out off the restraints. The drug was in effect and fearfulness quickly faded.

03.06 Amanda, Chamber Preparation:

Suddenly, she heard gurgling sounds as a thick liquid Gel entered the Chamber. She watched with wide open eyes as the level neared the seat and then the warm, Gel touch her spread buttocks and then flowed onto thighs, hips and bent legs. The Gel continued its upward flow unto her abdomen, lower chest and then spread onto her breasts, back and shoulders. Amanda closed her eyes and sighed as her body was encased within the swirling Gel liquid. It felt good, almost like a massage at the Spa.

The Gel flowed over and around her labia, pushing deliciously between the flared folds between her open thighs and her clitoris tingled as the sensitive tip was kissed and caressed. The Gel thickened as it flowed under and over her form breasts and onto her stiffening nipples. Amanda felt her breasts being lifted and a wonderful encasing pouch enveloped each of them within an exquisite massaging and kneading action. Within each pouch, 'mouth' like depressions formed and suckled their way onto her tingling nipples.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Amanda was now ready for her enhancements and her Lover.

03.07 Amanda, Chamber, First orgasm:

The Gel that had seeped between her flared folds now snuggled deeper into the pink furrow, pushing the folds further apart. A delicious massaging action was started over her entire body and Amanda felt as though a hundred of tongues and mouths were now kissing and caressing her clitoris, labia, breasts and nipples. The massaging Gel traced and teased her fluttering inner lips that were already moist with their early juices. Her clitoris hardened and began to ache and throb. In a few more seconds, the pink tip extended its way out of its protected hood into the waiting and suckling Gel liquid. The Gel thickened around the engorged organ with an ecstatic sucking action causing Amanda to gasp as her clitoris jerked with joy.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The Gel nudged against her treasured entrance with a delicious kissing and caressing action and it was rewarded with thicker drools of Amanda's vaginal juices. Her hips jerked rapidly as the Gel suckled on her organ of joy and excited inner lips and she pushed her bullet-like nipples into the 'mouths' of the Gel's suckling pouches. She closed her eyes and savored all the sensations that she hadn't felt in years.

Suddenly, eyes flew wide open when she felt a thickness forming between her thighs. She looked at the monitor and saw the flared folds of her labia being pushed apart as the thickness nestled into her clasping inner lips.

"Ohh .. Ohh .. Ohh .."

She shifted her hips excitedly against the caressing mass and pushed her sex outward onto the thickness that was probing the portal to her womanhood. Her swollen labia was now tingling with desire and Amanda moaned as the ecstatic sensations rippled into her vaginal passage. While her swollen folds and clitoris were being massaged and suckled, the thick Gel formed into phallic shape and slowly nudged against her excited entrance. Tendrils of joy rippled up and down her vagina as the flexing head stretched the elastic entrance and slowly slithered inward.

Amanda had almost forgotten what an erection felt like and she gasped loudly as the Gel entered her excited vagina. The ecstatic sensations rippled throughout her body and she wanted more. Her hips bucked up forcefully and her Gel Lover bore deep into her womanhood.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The Gel phallic started a methodic thrusting action, from inner lips to cervix. Full in, half in, fast, slow. It twisted and flexed, it pulsed and throbbed. Amanda was delirious with ecstasy. She couldn't keep up with the counter thrusts and just sat back and let the orgasmic waves wash over her mind and body. Ecstatic jolts of joy saturated her vaginal sheath. Her stiff bullet-like nipples ached and tingled as the Gel 'mouths' continued to suck and suckle on them. Her long sexual abstinence was pushing her into a sexual frenzy and toward her orgasmic trip point. Her Lover started deep, direct, in and out thrusts. Incoherent noises escaped Amanda's mouth as her hips ground in tight circles around the Gel's magnificent hardness.

"Don't Stop .. Don't ever stop .. Oh God .."

Amanda raced toward a climatic orgasm. the Gel phallic plunged deep into her cervix again and again. Suddenly Amanda arched up from the seat, her body rippling with orgasmic convulsions. Her eyes opened wide and she saw nothing but white flashes of ecstatic joy. Her vagina clenched and spasmed along the entire length of the long, thick penetrator.


Her body exploded into orgasmic overload and she lost consciousness for a few seconds. When she recovered her body was still heaving in the throes of aftershocks. She closed her eyes and slumped onto the soft supports of the Chamber's seat. The Gel liquid began analyzing Amanda's orgasmic fluids and finalized its formula for Amanda's bodily enhancements.

When it finish, the phallic absorbed the vaginal fluids and then slipped outward until only the head remained within the caressing lips of Amanda's outer vagina. It went into a dormant stage with delicious 'purrs' and flexes.

03.08 Amanda, Chamber, Breast enhancement:

The Chamber let Amanda rest against the soft backing of the seat while she slowly came down from her orgasmic high. She looked at the screen and with dazed eyes saw her swollen flared folds being stretched by the Gel's thick gland and the bright pinkness of her rigid clitoris within the Gel's 'purring' sheath. Her erect nipples stood out like bullets within the massaging pouches.

The silky breast pouches now released their enhancement chemicals. Amanda suddenly felt a wonderful firmness grip her breasts. The encasing pouches intensified the massaging action and her excited nipples felt like they were going to explode. Within seconds Amanda felt as if dozens of hands and fingers were massaging and kneading her breasts and suckling 'mouths' devouring her erect nipples.

Amanda moaned as waves of pleasure radiated across her chest. She felt the delicious sensations building in both of her breasts. Amanda looked at the screen and her eyes opened wide and she gasped with joy when she saw the clear pouches expanding. Her breasts were becoming fuller and firmer. Delicious quakes pulsed across her chest as her breasts and nipples grew in spurts.


"Ohhhhh .. Myyyyy .."


Amanda couldn't believe how full and full her breasts were beginning to feel. Her nipples had never felt so hard and tingly.


Amanda was thrusting her breasts and nipples wildly into the loving pouches.

"Ohhhh .. Goddddd .."

The Chamber now had Amanda's breasts and nipples at their target size and the pouches settled down to a wonderful 'purring' action. Amanda cried out in joy when she saw her enhanced breasts within the clear Gel pouches. The pouches slowed their assault to a low level 'purring' and Amanda lay within the Chamber's soft restraints, savoring the wonderful new feelings.

03.09 Amanda, Chamber, Clitoris enhancement:

She lay back savoring the 'new' fullness and firmness. Her hard nipples felt like bullets and she yearned to touch them. The rippling sheath that was encasing her rigid clitoris now began to intensify its sucking action as it released its enhancing chemicals. As it burrowed into the clitoral hood Amanda felt her clitoris begin to expand and threw her head back and gasping and panting.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

EXTERNAL CLITORIS: 1/2" x 3/16" .. 5/8" x 1/4"

With each ecstatic jerk of her hips, Amanda's clitoris lengthened and thickened.

EXTERNAL CLITORIS: 3/4" x 3/16" .. 1" x 3/8"

Amanda's hands were franticly opening and closing with a desperate need to touch and massage her ecstatic organ but the restraining straps held her hands firmly. Jolts of joy were exploding across her loins.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. Goddddddddddddddd .."

EXTERNAL CLITORIS: 1.25: x 1/2" .. 1.50" x 1/2".

The long rigid organ's natural downward angle insured an ecstatic contact against a thrusting erection. Amanda's hips were bucking and grinding with abandonment as the suckling 'mouth' brought her closer and closer to her orgasmic edge. Her throbbing organ was now fully within the sucking 'throat' and she threw her head back and wailed as her clitoral orgasm was unleashed.


The Gel's clitoral sheath slowly withdrew from her erect organ and Amanda lay back gasping and panting. She looked at the screen and saw her excited, clitoris extending well beyond the confines of its clitoral hood and a smile lit up her face.

She whispered,

"Oh! God, Thank you .."

As if in an answer, the thick Gel swirled around the engorged pink tip and Amanda again gasped in joy.


03.10 Amanda, Chamber, Vaginal enhancement:

Amanda felt the thick, 'purring' head of the Gel's phallic that lay within her clasping inner lips begin to move. Her arousal was now at a fever pitch and she ground her hips against her thick Lover. The flexing head nudged further inward and Amanda's excited lips eagerly slipped over the thick head as it slowly twisted and turned its way into her more than welcoming vagina. Amanda screamed as her Lover sunk into the depths of her sexual being. The twisting head nestled against the flowering portal of her womb and then rested with delicious 'purrs' and flexes as Amanda savored the wonderful fullness that was stretching her womanhood.

"Ahh .. Ahh .. Ahh .."

The Gel now secreted its vaginal enhancement chemicals. She gasped as delicious antsy sensations gripped the entire length of vaginal sheath. The elasticity and vaginal depth was slowly changed to accommodate an 8.5" x 3.5" erection. The sexual sensitivity was expanded to take in 50% of the vaginal sheath and her elusive 'G' spot was expanded and enhanced.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

03.11 Amanda, Chamber, Vaginal testing, Conditioning:

Suddenly Amanda's entire body was flooded with waves of rippling sexual joy. The massaging, kneading and suckling pouches renewed their loving attention to her firm breasts and bullet-like nipples. The suctioning 'mouth' of the Gel's clitoral .mouth' once again slipped ecstatically over her extended organ of joy.

Amanda bucked and jerked as her body was thrown into a sexual frenzy. Her Lover withdrew from her clenching vaginal sheath until the thick was just inside the cle4nching inner lips and then plunged back into the depths of her steaming passage. Amanda squealed in joy as her lover began an ecstatic series of rhythmic thrusts and lunges. The Gel began to vary its rhythm, full in, full out, part way in, part way out, always twisting, always flexing.

Amanda began deep gasps for air as her body became saturated with waves of sexual ecstasy. Her hips were bucking and jerking wildly within the Chamber's restraints as her Lover stoked into and out of her enraged vagina. Her orgasm exploded like a clap of thunder and bolts of joy flashed across her dazed eyes and mind. Her hips bucked upward and froze and a loud orgasmic wail echoed around the Pleasure Room.


She slumped back down, gasping and panting. Her hips continued matching the deep thrusts of her Gel lover. Her mewing and gurgling sounds became louder and incoherent as they escaped her drooling mouth. The phallic now expanded its length and girth and Amanda's body went into its sexual 'auto' mode with forceful counter thrusts as she rode her second orgasmic wave. Her hands fisted and her toes curled as her Lover lunged into her womb and unleashed its warm thick ejaculant. Amanda felt the incredible thick volume fill her cervix and vaginal sheath. Her eyes opened wide but she saw nothing, her mouth opened but no sound was heard. Suddenly, her orgasmic freeze disappeared and the room was again filled with her orgasmic wail.


Amanda's mind and body went into orgasmic overload and she lost consciousness. Her jerking body slumped back down onto the soft supports of the Chamber's seat and backrest.

The Gel's phallic released its final set of conditioning chemicals.

Amanda would be bisexual. The barriers of gender, age and incest were removed from her mind, including bestiality. Finally, pheromones were absorbed by her body that would bond sexually bond her to Julie and Tyler.

Amanda slowly regained consciousness and she moaned as a series of wonderful aftershocks rippled across her body. Amanda purred as she came down from her orgasmic high. She felt The wonderful pouches slip away and her firm breasts and her perky, erect nipples tingled as they sprung into the swirling Gel. The suckling clitoral 'mouth' released her still engorged clitoris and Amanda gurgled with joy as the rigid pink organ joined her excited nipples in the warm, caressing Gel.

The thick phallic slowly withdrew from her stretched vagina. A mix of vaginal fluids and ejaculant gushed into the waiting Gel.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. Don't leave me."

The thick Gel was now drained from the Chamber and was replaced by warm jets of soothing waters. Amanda sighed as her body was washed and cleaned. Soon the jets were replaced with warm puffs of air.

The front panel opened and Amanda saw the smiling face of the woman. As the panel lifted upward the restraining straps on her ankles and wrists were removed. The woman helped Amanda out of the Chamber and she stood on wobbly legs. The woman turned her so she could see her enhanced body.

Her hands reached for her breasts and she smiled as she gently lifted them. Her right hand slipped downward and fondled her still rigid organ of joy.

Her hips bucked forward as jolts of joy exploded across her loins.

"Ahhhhhhh .."

As she was walked toward the waiting area, the woman told Amanda that Tyler and Julie were now in their Pleasure Rooms .. receiving their enhancements. Amanda sat down and waited. In a few minutes she saw Tyler walking toward her and couldn't believe what she was seeing. As he walked his 'enhanced' manhood and testicles swayed between his thighs and a knowing smile radiated from his face.

Tyler stopped in front of his mother and gazed at her curvaceousness, at the same time she was gazing at her son's 'package'. Neither could understand the sense of attraction that was filling their minds. Amanda got control of herself and told Tyler that Julie would be with them shortly. In a few minutes a radiant and beaming Julie joined them. Amanda smiled and Tyler tried to stop the stirring of his penis. It didn't go unnoticed and Amanda thought it would be a good time to leave the Pleasure Complex. As they walked back to their stateroom, Amanda was thinking that she would have to find a way to control her son's raging hormones. Julie didn't seem to disturbed at all by the sight of her brother's semi-erect penis.

03.12 Mother Deep Throats Son:

By the time they reached their stateroom Tyler had calmed and Amanda was both confused and disturbed with the feelings they had for each other. She sat her twins down on the sectional and stood in front of them and began talking,

"I am not really sure what happened to us today, but things have changed and we have to control ourselves. I think it would be best if we use the Pleasure Complex when we feel ourselves getting .. ah .. you know .. excited."

Amanda saw Tyler's fixed gaze on her body and knew the words weren't getting through. She was also having the same problem and Julie's eyes were switching back and forth between her mother and her brother. She tried to blank out the feelings that were building within her and, as if in a hypnotic trance, Amanda walked toward her son and knelt down in front of his bent legs. Julie didn't know what her mother was going to do, but she would learn from it.

Amanda rubbed her hands along the top Tyler's thighs and looked up into his face and smiled. Her hands slipped down onto his inner thighs and slowly pushed them apart. Her breathing quickened when she saw his heavy balls and thick penis swaying in the air over the edge of the cushion. She reached out with both hands and lifted his testicles with a gentle massaging action. She couldn't believe how soft and heavy they felt and smiled when she saw her son's penis begin to stir. Her right hand moved up and wrapped itself around the thick tube of stirring flesh with a persistent swirling and squeezing action. Amanda and Julie gasped and Tyler moaned as his incredible penis soared to full erection. Julie looked in awe at the sight of her brother's hardness. Both of Amanda's hands now glided up and down the thick pillar and Tyler squirmed and moaned as his mother adorned his throbbing manhood.

Amanda pulled away from her son and said,

"Come with me you two, There is a better place for this."

Amanda led Tyler and Julie into her bedroom and had Tyler sit on the edge of bed, Julie quickly sat beside him. Amanda knelt down in front of her son's bent legs and whispered,

"I want to taste that wonderful nectar that shoots out of that huge, hard penis of yours."

Tyler's erection jumped excitedly and Amanda looked down and saw the drops of precum oozing from the tip of his thick gland. She put her hands on Tyler's shoulders and her mouth gently touched Tyler's lips. He quickly parted his lips knowing he was going to be kissed, their lips met and his hardness jerked as their tongues danced and played with each other. With their mouths locked onto to each other, Amanda gently pushed Tyler back on to the bed so lay on his back. As they continued to kiss, Tyler instinctively spread his bent legs and Amanda shuffled further inward between them, forcing them to spread further apart. She felt her son's rigid member press against her abdomen and the oozing slickness heightened the sensations as Amanda deliciously ground against it.

Tyler moaned into Amanda's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .."

Amanda broke the kiss and looked down at her son and smiled,

"I just want you to lay there and absorb all the sensations that my hands and mouth are going to give you."

With that, Amanda starting planting soft butterfly kisses on Tyler's neck and shoulders. A soft sigh escaped Tyler's lip her hands reached in and palmed Tyler's firm areolas which turned into a moan when the Amanda's fingers moved onto his enhanced nipples and began manipulating the erect buds.

"Ohhh ... Mommmmm"

The suckling kisses continued from shoulder to shoulder and Tyler's breathing quickened. Amanda's mouth and lips now trekked downward toward Tyler's right areola. Tyler knew where Amanda's suckling mouth was headed and he held his breath as it neared his right breast. He felt a warm, moist breath bath his erect nipple and then he felt it being sucked into his mother's mouth. Another moan was heard as Amanda's lips and tongue pressed and swirled around the excited nipple.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

In a few seconds the loving mouth kissed its way over to Tyler's left areola and again, her loving mouth devoured Tyler's left nipple. All the while the loving hands continued to massage and knead both of Tyler's areolas. Amanda divided her loving attention to both nipples and Tyler's breathing now came in quick pants and gasps and he started to push his tingling nipples into Amanda's wonderful hands and devouring mouth. While the mouth continued to suck and suckle on Tyler's nipples, Amanda lifted herself up slightly and her hands massaged their way down onto his abdomen. His pants deepened as the hands neared the base of throbbing erection. She teasingly retraced her way back up to his aching bullet-like nipples and smiled when she saw and felt Tyler's hips pushing his erection in the air.

After tweaking and sucking his excited nipples, her hands again started their downward trek. She deliberately grazed Tyler's hardness with her wrists and felt the hot, rubbery pulses of her son's engorged organ. Her hands slipped further downward and neared Tyler heavy, swaying balls. Tyler shifted his hips trying to get Amanda's massaging hands to move inward to his aching testicles. Amanda didn't disappoint him and she gently formed her hands around his bloated balls. Tyler's hips jerked upward and he moaned as waves of pleasure radiated across his loins.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

An aroused Julie was staring intently at what her mother was doing to her brother.

While Amanda's hands pushed Tyler's arousal level higher and higher, her loving mouth now left Tyler's tingling, erect nipples and began a delicious kissing journey downward over Tyler's abdomen.

Tyler knew where the loving mouth was headed. His entire sex rippled with excited anticipation. His erection jumped and jerked and precum spurted and drooled from the enflamed head. He closed his eyes and waited with baited breath as the suckling mouth came nearer and nearer to its destination.

Tyler felt his mother's mouth leave his abdomen and then a wonderful, warm, moist breath of air bathed his highly-sensitive and tingly gland. He screeched and arched upward as the open mouth descended onto the head of his straining manhood. Amanda's lips suckled their way down to the circumcision ring and her tongue swirled ecstatically around the highly excited gland.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Amanda moved her hands from Tyler's testicles and put them on the bed for support. Her head and mouth now started a slow descent onto Tyler's throbbing erection. She raised up a bit and tilted her head. Tyler's thick gland now glided into her clenching mouth and throat.

He gurgled with joy as Amanda's warm throat muscles clenched and squeezed his pulsing hardness as it was sucked into the depths of his mother's throat. Amanda's throat bulged obscenely from the imbedded thickness and her chin pressed against her son's heavy balls. She shifted it back and forth causing Tyler to gasp loudly from the dual sensations.

With a torturous twisting motion, Amanda lifted her head and Tyler's throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated gland reach her mouth, she closed her cheeks around it with a forceful suctioning action. Her tongue swirled around the pulsing head and played with the oozing opening. She sucked up Tyler's precum with her curled tongue as though it was a straw.

"Uhh .. Uhh .. Mommmmm .."

Amanda smiled inwardly at Tyler's torment and then skewered her loving throat back onto Tyler's enraged organ. Tyler's hips began bucking and thrashing, his hands gripped Amanda's head tightly. Amanda's grip on Tyler's hips tightened. Again, Tyler felt that ecstatic sucking and milking action as his erection descended into the depths of his mother's incredible mouth and throat.

Amanda knew that her throat was pushing Tyler rapidly toward his orgasmic edge and she pulled upward just enough so that two or three of Tyler's hardness remained within her throat. She then began to ecstatically flex and clench her throat muscles around Tyler's highly excited manhood, catapulting Tyler into a sexual frenzy. He gurgled incoherently as his thick load of semen entered the base of his erection and shot up his highly agitated erection. The thick stream of semen spewed into Amanda's eager and receptive throat.

Tyler wailed with joy.


Amanda feasted on Tyler's free flowing, gushing nectar. She increased her exquisite milking actions, knowing that she could coax at least one more massive ejaculation from Tyler's enraged erection. His hips arched high above the bed as his mind and body became submersed in a cauldron of orgasmic sensations. Amanda's mouth and throat followed Tyler's frantic twists and contortions. His erection was now at the swollen bursting point. Another huge stream of thick semen exploded up his undulating organ. Again, Amanda feasted on the spewing gushes of nectar.


His body slumped back onto the bed and his still spewing erection slipped out of his mother's throat and mouth. Amanda looked down at her son's drooling member and smiled. Long strings of semen hung from her lips. She laid the palm of her right hand on top of Tyler's jerking erection with an exquisite swirling motion. Tyler moaned as it again spurted with his aftershocks.

Amanda leaned near Tyler's dazed face and whispered,

"How's that for a mother's love."

Amanda saw Julie's stunned face. She took her hand and placed it on her brother's semen drenched penis. Julie brought her fingers back to mouth and smiled as her tongue licked at the thick nectar. Her eyes drifted down between her mother's thighs and saw the enhanced organ standing out like a pink beacon.

03.13 Daughter Fists Mother:

Amanda was looking intently at her son's drooling erection as it slowly softened slipped over his drained testicles. Julie had left the bed and was now kneeling beside her mother. Amanda's focus was suddenly replaced by an ecstatic jolt that exploded across her loin's. Julie had reached between her her mother's thighs and her fingers began pressing and swirling around the rigid clitoris. Amanda cried out and her hands grasped her son's thighs for support as her daughter's fingers slipped down through the wet crease and nestled into the clenching inner lips.

Julie leaned close to her mother's head and said,

"Trade places with Tyler on the bed."

Tyler quickly squirmed his body out from in front of his mother and Julie helped a dazed Amanda onto the bed. The siblings helped their mother shuffle forward so her sex lay over the edge of the bed. A smiling Julie looked at her mother and then knelt down in front of her bent legs and spread thighs. Amanda felt her daughter's warm breath bathe her hard, excited clitoris and she closed her eyes knowing what Julia was about to do. It seemed like an eternity and then, Amanda's hands grasped the sheet and her hips jerked upward as Julie's tongue curled around her highly excited pink organ with an ecstatic sucking and swirling action. Julie's suckling lips drew the enhanced clitoris into her mouth and Amanda's hands shot down to her daughter's head, pulling the ravenous mouth into her enflamed sex.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Julie slipped her fingers into her mother's flared folds and nestled them into the clasping inner lips. Amanda wailed and squirmed as Julie's mouth and fingers pushed her into a sexual frenzy. Julie nudged three fingers into her mother's excited vaginal entrance, twisting and turning and intensified her suckling of her mother's engorged organ of joy. Her twisting fingers continued to stroke deeply into her mother's enflamed vaginal passage.

Just as Amanda's orgasm was about to be unleashed, Julie withdrew from her mother's body. Amanda cried out and her hips ground her sex in desperate circles above the bed. Julie sat back on her lower legs and smiled at her achievement. She opened the drawer to the nightstand and took out the bottle of personal lubricant.

A flushed and aroused Amana saw her daughter pour the lubricant over her right hand and wrist.

"The best is yet to come."

Amanda's entire body was screaming, 'Yes, Yes, Yes', as her thick juices oozed from her enflamed vagina.

Julie looked over Amanda's body and smiled at her as she slowly slipped the tips of her grouped fingers between the swollen folds and pressed them against the eager opening. Julie then nudged them inward twisting and turning.

Amanda felt a great pressure as her vagina stretched and then unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the hand and wrist slipped inward. Her excited entrance quickly stretched over the advancing wrist and Amanda gasped at the delicious fullness. Slowly Julie's hand slipped further inward and Amanda gurgled and moaned as the wrist, hand and fingers were soon twisting ecstatically within her clenching vaginal sheath.

"Oh God .. Oh God .."

Amanda's hips ground hungrily as spasms of joy raced throughout her sex. She thrust upward and wailed as she impaled herself deeply onto her daughter's lower forearm. Julie's wiggling fingers massaged and danced their way all along the length of her mother's spasming cavern.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Julie paused for a few seconds and then withdrew her wrist and squirmed it back inward. Amanda's mind didn't think it was possible for a wrist and arm to penetrate her and give her so much joy. Julie now varied her thrusts from fast to slow, all in and all out, part way in and part way out. Amanda's stretching vaginal muscles began clenching around the incredible fullness that was imbedded within her spasming womanhood. Bolts of pure joy shot directly to her dazed and stunned mind. Her breathing came in deep gasps and pants. Her thick vaginal juices spurted out past the lunging hand and wrist. Her head thrashed back and forth as waves of ecstasy rumbled throughout her body like a series of freight trains.


Julie leaned her head inward and closed her mouth over her mother's straining organ. The lips and tongue began an ecstatic caressing and suckling action on the hyper-excited clitoris. Amanda's body bucked upward and jerked wildly as all the sensations merged into each other.

Julie started her final series of masterful strokes. Amanda's mind could no longer control her bodies actions. She lay there and let the orgasmic pressure cooker build to the exploding point. Julie's thrusts and lunges intensified and Amanda's vaginal fluids gushed out past her stretched folds and flowed down her thighs, drenching the sheet and her breasts and nipples swelled to the bursting pointed.

"Ahh .. Ahh .. Ahh .."

Amanda moaned and gasped. Her whole universe was centered on her clenching and spasming vagina. Her eyes and mind became saturated within an ecstatic, euphoric fog. Only the spiraling sensations were allowed to enter her mind as she was catapulted toward her orgasmic trip point ... and it came. Julie felt her mother's vaginal muscles clench tightly around her loving hand and wrist. Her hips thrust upward impaling herself totally on Julie's wrist and lower forearm. Her legs shot out in a wide 'V', kicking franticly in the air as bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across her eyes.


Amanda slumped down onto the bed unconscious. Her body continued buck and jerk as her internal orgasms continued. Slowly the contortions of her body ebbed and she slowly regained consciousness. She felt the wonderful fullness still imbedded deep within her vagina and moaned as the aftershocks rippled across her body.

Julie slowly withdrew her wrist and arm from her mother's vagina, it was accompanied by a loud slurping sound. Torrents of vaginal fluids gushed out past the gaping entrance as it slowly returned to normal.

Amanda smiled at Julie and then looked at her aroused son.

"Let your brother satisfy your needs"

Julie smiled when she looked at Tyler and his straining hardness.

Amanda got of the bed and arranged the two pillows, one for Julie's head and the other for her hips.

03.14 Brother Mates with Sister:

They stood in front of each other, gazing at the other's aroused nakedness. Julie reached down and wrapped her right hand around her brother's erection and panted as it throbbed within her hand. Tyler reached down and molded the palm of his hand onto his sister's swollen, slick labia. Julie instinctively spread her legs and hunched down to give Tyler easier access to her sex. She laid her head on Tyler's chest and gasped and moaned as his slick fingers explored the flared lips and slick furrow. His thumb had worked its way to her pink, extended clitoris and began massaging the rigid organ. Her hand closed tightly around her brother's straining erection.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Amanda smiled as their hands explored each other's sex. She knew Tyler was going to need some guidance and came near to them and said,

"Julie honey, get on the bed and lay on the pillows."

Julie got on the bed and rested her head and hips on the pillows. Amanda then told Julie to bend her legs at the knees, spread them apart and bring her feet back to the pillow. She smiled when she saw her daughter's raised and open sex.

Tyler watched as his sister's sex came into his view and his erection twitched at the erotic sight. The thick gland glistened with his drooling precum and his faced was flushed with his arousal. He climbed onto the bed and knelt down between Julie's spread thighs and feasted on her sexual treasures. Julie saw his head disappear between her thighs and then felt a warm breath of air bathe on her aching folds. She closed her eyes and held her breath in anticipation as her brother's head neared its destination ..

slowly .. slowly .. and then ...

Tyler's warm tongue made contact with his sister's enhanced clitoris. Julie's hands shot down and grasped her brothers head as the ecstatic sensations flooded her sex. She had only dreamt of what a slippery tongue would feel like on her clitoris, now she knew, and her hips arched her sex upward, pushing her organ of joy into her brother's sucking mouth.

"Ohhhhhh .. Yesssssss .."

The fingers of his right hand slipped between his sister's slick folds and began a delicious tracing of her excited vaginal entrance. Julie's hips squirmed from side to side as her brother's mouth and fingers explored her enflamed sex. Amanda saw that Tyler was having difficulty with his sister's thrashing body and whispered,

"Use your hands .. grasp the underside of Julie's hips."

Tyler did so and his mouth and tongue reacquired Julie's jerking clitoris. His right hand left Julie's hip and the fingers began teasing her clasping inner lips. He nudged a single finger inward twisting and turning and Julie gurgled with joy as her clitoris and vagina sent jolts of pleasure rippling across her loins. Another finger slipped inward, followed by another as the sucking lips and mouth intensified their actions on her enraged organ of joy. Her hands tightened their grip on Tyler's head as she ground her sex onto his devouring mouth and stroking fingers. By sheer luck, Tyler fingers pressed into the soft spongy tissues of his sister's 'G' spot and she bucked up squealing with joy as her as her vaginal muscles clamped around the massaging fingers. Her bucking hips rose off the bed and froze. Her mouth opened wide but no sound was heard and her wide open eyes saw only bright flashes of orgasmic lights. Her hands fisted and her toes curled as her clitoris and convulsing vagina exploded with her first orgasm.


Julie slumped down onto the pillows gasping and panting as her body rippled with aftershocks. Tyler raised up and shuffled forward between her sisters thighs and leaned over her. She reached up and wrapped her arms tightly around her brother and held him close to her trembling body. She could feel Tyler's pulsing manhood throbbing against her abdomen. She reached between their bodies and began massaging the wonderful 7.75" x 2.75" tube of flesh. Her fingers swirled around the slick oozing gland and Tyler moaned as his manhood jerked and drooled more of its slick preseminal fluids.

Julie whispered in his ear,

"I have a special place for that 'thing' between your legs."

Amanda offered a suggestion and Tyler grabbed Julie's legs behind the knees and positioned them back against her shoulders. A tormented Julie grasped her brother's erection and pulled it into her swollen furrow. As the thick head slipped between the grateful folds, it pushed them further apart and both gasped at the exquisite contact. Julie dragged the thick, pulsing gland up and down her wet, pink crease from her inner lips to her engorged clitoris. She nestled it between her clasping inner lips and Tyler moaned as the throbbing head of his erection was kissed and caressed.

Julie, in a gasping plea, whispered,

"Now .."

Tyler nudged his excited member inward and he gasped as the treasured opening stretched over his excited gland and his engorged manhood slipped into her seething passage. Tyler couldn't believe the rippling tightness that was encasing his excited member. Julie felt the lips of her vagina being pushed wide apart. The elastic rimmed tightness resisted for a moment, and then gave way before the relentless pressure. Tyler pushed inward with deliberate slowness he heard gurgles of joy and pleasure coming from his sister's open mouth.


"Ohhh .. Goddddd .."


"Yes .. more .. give me all of it .."


"Uhhhhhhhhhh .."

Amanda smiled as her son slipped further and further into her daughter's 'special' place. She could see the ecstatic sensations on both their faces as he sank deeper into Julie's clenching vagina. She didn't want Tyler to ejaculate too quickly and whispered instructions into his ear.

"Go slow .. stop for a moment or two if you are getting too excited."

Tyler pulled partially out and slipped back inward. He kept his rhythm slow with short penetrating strokes, allowing him to get used to the incredible sensations that a female's vaginal passage can give a male. Julie moaned as Tyler's thrusts soon became longer and deeper. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs locked themselves around his lower back. Tyler gasped and his lunges quickened when he felt Julie's vaginal muscles began clenching and milking his straining hardness.

Amanda suggested a change to his penetration and Tyler shifted his hips. The angle to his thrusts changed and Julie squealed in joy as the flexing gland caressed and massaged her excited 'G' spot. Her arms and legs tightened around her brother's body as she was thrown into a sexual frenzy.

Loud slurping sounds accompanied Tyler's pistoning strokes as he buried his thick erection deep into his sister's cervix and womb, again and again and again. Her thick juices were gushing and spurting out past her stretched swollen and flared folds. Suddenly Julie bucked upward skewering her enflamed sex on Tyler's massive manhood. Her vaginal muscles went into deep contractions and she wailed as her second orgasm exploded across her body.


Julie slumped back down on the bed gasping for air. As she did, Tyler's erection accidentally slipped from her stretched passage with a loud slurping sound and jerked in the air above her abdomen.

Julie groaned as the wonderful thickness slipped out of her body.

Amanda quickly reached between their bodies and guided Tyler's engorged hardness back into Julie's seething passage. Thankful moans were heard from both sister and brother. It took Julie a few moments to realize that her brother had not ejaculated yet and her arousal came flooding back like a bursting dam. With a low guttural moan, Tyler again sunk back into the depths of his sister's thankful vagina.

Tyler leaned his head down and their open lips pressed together, this time their kiss was frantic and urgent. Tyler flexed his deeply imbedded erection and Julie gurgled with joy into his mouth.

"MMM .. MMM .. MMM .."

Tyler broke the kiss and Julie's hips began to grind her sex around his impaling hardness. Tyler slowly withdrew until the engorged head was again being kissed by those wonderful inner lips and then he plunged back into her enflamed vagina. He withdrew again and began a rhythmic series of lunges. Full in, full out, part way in, part way out. He varied the speed from fast to slow to in-between. His lunging erection was twisting, jumping and flexing. Julie was thrown into a sexual frenzy as her cervix and womb eagerly flowered open to accept her magnificent penetrator. Her hips became a blur as she began counter thrusting with a sense of urgency.

Suddenly Julie's mind was exploding with orgasmic jolts of ecstasy. Her vaginal muscles clenched franticly around Tyler's plunging hardness. She arched up and froze as her third orgasm came crashing down on her body.

Julie's body glowed with her orgasmic release and she wanted more.

Her sounds became incoherent as her body again surfed the orgasmic wave. Tyler was now at his orgasmic point of no return. He felt the intense ecstatic pressure building at the base of his erection. His balls churned, his prostate throbbed and intense tingling sensations gripped the head of his erection. His ejaculation surged forcefully up his hyper-excited manhood. The liquid joy swirled around the flexing head and jettisoned outward into Julie's dilated cervix. Within a second, a more powerful stream gushed and spewed into Julie's waiting vaginal sheath.

Her legs flew upward and outward in a wide 'V' and cycled wildly in the air. Her eyes flew open when the incredible liquid pressure from her brother's massive orgasms flooded into her spasming sheath. Her cervix and vagina were ecstatically ballooning with Tyler's warm, thick essence. It threw her over her orgasmic edge and she arched up and froze as her final orgasm was unleashed. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights flooded her mind and eyes. Her toes curled and her hands fisted tightly. Every erogenous zone in her body spasmed and convulsed in orgasmic ecstasy.


Julie's sensory system went into overload and she lost consciousness for a minute or two. Her body continued to orgasm as Tyler continued to flex his spewing erection.

Amanda whispered in Tyler's ear,

"You can take me next."

03.15 Amanda, Julie, Tyler, Things to do Today:

The following morning the rested and refreshed trio were having breakfast and the conversation was centered on what they were going to do today. Julie left the table and returned with the pamphlet on the Pleasure Complex. She opened a marked page and said,

"I want to try this out today."

It showed a picture of a woman being held in a harness directly over a device resembling a Sybian.

Tyler took the pamphlet and went through the pages. A smile crossed his face and he showed what he had found to his sister and mother. The picture was of a boy about his age straddling a motorcycle like machine and the title stated 'A boy having his semen extracted'. Under the picture in smaller print was 'Preparation required'.

Julie and Tyler looked at their mother who began leafing through the pages. She stopped and showed them what she had found. There was no picture, just a black square. Under it was written, 'Sex in the Dark'. Choice of Male, Female or Both.

They all looked at each other and nodded their heads. Amanda picked up the phone and asked for reservations. She gave the reception desk what each of them wanted and when the desk asked her told her about 'The Dark', Amanda turned away and in almost a whisper said,

"Male and must be well endowed."

The girl replied,

"How about 8.50 in length and 3.25 inches diameter.?"

Amanda sucked in her breath and gasped a solid 'Yes'.

She was given a 1:00pm time for all of them. They decided to spend the morning at the pool and take in all the nakedness that they knew would be there. Amanda thought back to their first days on the ship and remembered how embarrassed each of them were.

03.16 Fantasy Room, Amanda, Surrogate sex in the dark:

Amanda was given a robe and after putting it on, she was escorted to her Fantasy Room. When she entered the room she saw a padded, waist high supporting rail about three feet from a mirrored wall. The escort smiled at her and said,

"Your lover's name is Adrian and he will be with you shortly.

The escort left and Amanda was alone.

Another door opened and Amanda saw her Lover enter the room. It was as if someone had reached deep into her mind and saw the image of what she thought the perfect male would look like. Six feet tall, muscular, tight ABS, hairless from the shoulders down and a 'package' that most women would die for. Her breathing quickened as her eyes feasted on his 5.00" long, 2" thick flaccid penis and his testicles, the size of tennis balls, were heavy and bloated as they swung under his penis.

His smile and body made Amanda's heart beat faster, her nipples stiffened and tingled, her clitoris pushed outward from its hood and her and her vagina rippled with need.

He moved toward her and said,

"You must be Amanda, my name is Adrian."

A stunned Amanda could only stand there and look at him. Adrian moved in front her and reached down, undoing the sash to her robe. She sighed when the front of the robe parted. It was as though a confining barrier was removed and her firm breasts pushed proudly into the air. She sighed when she saw Adrian's eyes wander up and down her partially bared body and closed her eyes knowing her Lover was feasting on her nakedness. She felt lips touch her lips and they quickly parted as Adrian slipped his tongue into her mouth. She moaned as he kissed her with a passion that she had never felt before.

Adrian broke the kiss and Amanda saw him step back away little. She saw his swaying thickness and something compelled her to touch it. Her right hand slowly and tentatively, reached out toward it and gently lifted and cradled it in her hand. A small gasp escaped her lips when the warm thickness pulsed and stirred within her cradling and massaging hand.

A sense of awe and excitement flooded her mind as it grew longer and thicker, pushing her curled fingers apart.

5.50" x 1.50", 6.00" x 1.75", 6.50" x 2.00" ...

7.00" x 2.50", 7.50" x 2.75", 8.00" x 3.00", 8.50" x 3.25"

Amanda's fingers were barely able to wrap around the engorged erection and her heart beat faster as her hands glided up and down the granite-like pillar. Her hands reached down and lifted Adrian's swaying testicles and moaned openly as she massaged the wonderful silky, heaviness. She smiled when the massive erection jerked before her eyes.

She saw Adrian's large hands reached down between her thighs and as if in a trance watched them mold themselves onto the folds of her labia. The contact was electric, her thighs spread apart and she hunched down giving her Lover easier access to her sex. She gasped when they started to massage and knead the swelling folds and his thick thumbs pressed and swirled against her excited and extended organ of joy. The fingers slipped between the flared folds, pushing them further apart and the slick fingers began caressing her clasping inner lips. Amanda threw her head back and moaned loudly,

"Oh God .. Oh God .."

Adrian moved further inward and pressed against her body. The massive hardness pressed and throbbed against her abdomen and her moans became whimpers of need and desire.

Adrian led a dazed Amanda toward the rail and the mirror. She heard a voice saying,

"Amanda, reach out with your hands and grasp the rail .. Now move your feet back a foot or so .. that's good."

In the mirror, she saw her slightly leaning body, her swaying breasts, her aroused and excited clitoris.

Suddenly, the lights went out and the room was plunged into darkness. She could not see herself in the mirror nor could she see her hands or the rail

Adrian leaned closer to the back of Amanda and whispered,

"It much more exciting in the dark."

She felt two hands touch her shoulders over her robe. The soft touches began a slow massaging action and Amanda sighed.

Adrian whispered in her ear,

"The darkness heightens the senses, the touches, the rising passions."

After a brief pause to let the words register, Adrian's hands began a slow massaging of her shoulders. Amanda sighed again and her breathing quickened. She stared in front of her trying to see if she could see her lover .. there was only darkness.

She gasped when she felt an electric sensation run from her left ear and down her spine. His warm, moist tongue began to lick the back of her ear and the right hand left her shoulder with the fingers lightly tracing her robe downward. They delicately caressed the outside of her right breast then trailed downward to wrap around her hip. The fingers gently pressed into the soft fabric of her robe as the hand moved onto her lower abdomen. Everything that had been touched tingled and the sensations were spreading outward to warm her body. She inhaled and exhaled deeply. She trembled slightly as she felt the lips and tongue move from her ear to touch her neck on her right side, just above her shoulder line. She shivered as pleasurable streamers flowed across her shoulders.

Amanda felt the warm suckling mouth plant light butterfly kisses across her neck, at the same time the hands returned to her shoulders with a wonderful massaging and squeezing action.

"Oh .. that feels sooo good .."

She felt the soft fingers on her shoulders tug slowly on her robe and Amanda sighed louder as it was pulled from her shoulders and it slipped down to the floor. Even in the darkness, Amanda could feel her nakedness stand out like a beacon and her breathing quickened knowing that soon those loving fingers would be exploring her nakedness. The hands left her shoulders and a quick intake of breath was heard as both hands came to rest on her newly bared hips.

Her breath quickened as the hands massaged their way upward over her abdomen. Each cupped and lifted a firm breast and the sigh turned into a moan. The nipples began to tingle as if begging for attention. They were not to be disappointed. Slowly and teasingly the soft fingers worked their way over the full mounds and slipped deliciously around the tingling, erect buds. She gasped as they were caressed and fondled and pushed her chest downward into the darkness and into the loving hands.

"Ohhhhhhhh .."

In a few seconds, the invisible right hand slipped down and began a slow, circling, rubbing action on her flat abdomen. The little nibbling kisses exploring her neck and shoulders continued as the massaging hands continued their joyous exploring of her breast and abdomen.

The lips now pressed up and down the back of her neck, the tongue trailing wetly downward to the neckline and shoulders. The tongue then moved in slow circles around her neck, mimicking the hand that was circling her abdomen and the one kneading her breast with its tingling nipple. The hands switched, left massaging its way downward to her abdomen, the right moving to cradle then encircle her right breast.

Amanda moaned and her knees began to feel weak.

"Oh Jesus .. That feels so nice .."

Amanda felt the hands as they glided downward toward the junction of her thighs.

With an almost whisper like plea,

"Oh! Yes! Oh! Please! Yes .."

The massaging fingers tap danced their way downward and Amanda gasped as her engorged clitoris was teased as the hand slid downward between her slightly parted legs to gently palm the swelling folds of her labia. The ecstatic jolt caused Amanda to almost fall back, but Adrian was there, sturdy and unmoving, behind her. She leaned heavily back his leaning chest and waist. Her silky buttocks pressed up against his large straining hardness, and she gasped at the combined sensations. She trembled and shook as the hand that was palming her labia began circling slowly. Amanda could feel her wetness seeping between her folds.

An increasing moan escaped her lips as the fingers of the right hand caressed and manipulated the right nipple. Delicious sensations swirled around the erect bud and Amanda cooed as she ground her aching breast into the massaging hand. The mouth moved forward to the lower part of her neck and under her chin. Amanda leaned her head back so it rested on a firm shoulder as the lips and tongue explored and tasted her.

The voice in the darkness whispered,

"Amanda, I will satisfy every need and desire in your body."

Amanda's response was more of a plea than an acknowledgement.

"Ohhhhhh .. Yessssssss .."

Amanda gasped as two fingers slid down over each fold, while a third slipped between them, caressing the rigid organ of joy and then dipping into her warm, moist furrow between the swollen folds.

Amanda was awash in pleasure. She had not really known just how aroused she was until that first intimate touch. With a start she realized that she was close to having a minor orgasm.

The fingers continued their relentless exploration of Amanda's enflamed sex. The middle digit dragged wetly against her extended clitoris with an exquisite caressing action. Her hips rocked automatically with the motion, rotating her pelvis forward and backward, trying to increase the sensations. Unconsciously her knees separated, giving her lover more room between her trembling thighs.

Amanda hissed as the middle finger dipped deep into her simmering, vaginal opening, and then back out and up across her slick crease to begin short rapid circles over her engorged and excited clitoris.

That was enough to push Amanda into the throes of her first orgasm.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,,"

She shook as she orgasmed, the familiar spasms making her body quake. She felt her inner muscles clasp and release, heard her breath catch. It was not the most intense orgasm, it was almost gentle and rolling. As she shook, the left hand gently manipulated her nipple, the right hand slid back so that the middle finger was just inside the oozing entrance while the other fingers massaged her flaring folds. The mouth continued to gently suck and lick at her neck and throat.

As she slowly came down, glowing from the climax, the loving voice whispered again,

"I felt you orgasm and I will give you more."

Still in the afterglow, Amanda did not fully comprehend the words. She smiled when she felt him quickly kneel down behind her.

Adrian said softly,

"Amanda honey, Move your feet back a bit and lean forward and rest your shoulders on the rail."

In a daze, Amanda did so.

"Now spread your legs Amanda .. Beautiful."

She could feel hot breath on the backs of her slightly spread thighs. Amanda heard him breathe in through his nose, deeply inhaling the scent of her arousal. The sound sent delicious tremors up and down her spine. With a start, Amanda felt the unseen face press into the space between her spread legs. Lips pressed against the sensitive spot where her legs met, and then a tongue snaked slowly up, up, up, and into her open furrow. It was long .. or did the darkness make it seem longer. She felt it slither like a warm, moist snake within her wet crease.

Amanda's back stiffened and arched, and she reflexively raised her hips and pressed back to give the tongue greater access. It obliged, sliding up and down, over and inside her swollen folds. She spread her thighs wider and so it could now reach all the way onto her engorged clitoris. The contact caused her to jump and cry out.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The strong hands now slid up and down her buttocks and legs. Down to her calves and up her inner thighs as she trembled. Her hips began to rotate and rock back and forth as the tongue and lips did things that were incredibly exciting to her sex.


She began cooing and mewing as she rode the rising waves of pleasure, for what seemed like hours, or was it just seconds? The tongue danced across her most private parts, circling and dipping into her. She felt her juices flowing freely, dripping in thin rivulets down her thighs and legs. The suckling mouth and long tongue continued its ecstatic exploration of her swollen labia and clitoris.

Her cooing and mewing gave way to more incoherent sounds as the fingers and mouth drove her toward her second orgasm. Amanda felt this one start at her toes and follow the pattern of his moving hands up to her labia where it exploded into something else altogether. The tongue manipulated her organ of joy and dove deep into her seething vagina.


Amanda cried out incoherently as her inner muscles clutched at the invading tongue and unseen fingers that teased her rigid clitoris. She saw flares of light in the darkness around her wide open eyes and her body shook and trembled from the power of her orgasm.

The dark shape behind her stayed where it was, tongue quivering in her as it surged and she rode it out, only gradually subsiding to pants and gasps. She shuddered again as the long tongue finally withdrew from her from her enflamed sex. The invisible hands never left her body. They glided upward over her hips, slipped over her abdomen and onto to her swaying breasts with a delicious circling and massaging action. Amanda was still resting on the rail, legs and knees still parted and trembling from the ecstatic orgasm. She jumped a little as he stood up and leaned over her back. His hard, thick erection laying between her spread thighs, pushing upward into the flared, wet folds of her labia.

His arms and hands circled down under her and began to knead her swaying breasts, occasionally catching a hard nipple between a pair of fingers with a gentle caressing and manipulating action. Amanda gasped as her folds were pushed apart by his thick, straining member. His erection now began dragging itself back and forth between her slick flared folds and the throbbing thickness glided over her extended organ of joy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The hard member drew back and forth just a little further with each sliding motion. The head slipped ecstatically over her rigid clitoris, back toward her vulnerable and eager entrance a little more each time. Amanda froze. Her hands gripped the rail, her legs tensed and her dazed and aroused eyes were now tightly closed. The thick gland slid back and nestled into her clasping and ready entrance.

Her mind screamed,

"Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss .."

In one fluid motion, the thick head stretched its way through the elastic opening, pushing her swollen folds further apart. A loud hiss of ecstasy was heard as the full throbbing length slithered deeply into seething passage. Her eyes opened wide as an incredible fullness, stretched and filled her spasming womanhood. She gasped as the thick erection kept slipping into her. Sliding in deeper and deeper until she was almost out of breath. The twin sensations of her shadow lover's pelvis pressing onto her buttocks and of the thick pulsing gland pressing into the depths of her sexual being filled her mind with incredible, erotic images. Another ecstatic squeal escape Amanda's open mouth.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww .."

The long, member slowly withdrew, almost all the way out, and then glided all the way back in. Then it withdrew part way, and seemed to wiggle slightly as the shadowy shape adjusted his position behind her. The angle of penetration changed, and pressed oddly into her for a moment, dragging back and forth until .. something electric shot through enflamed sex.

An intense wave of ecstatic joy surged through her highly excited vagina and shot upward, connecting with her jerking clitoris and shot upwards onto her breasts and excited nipples. She wailed as the flexing head teased and caressed the hyper-sensitive tissues of her 'G' spot.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Her lover quickly lunged all the way into her then came back to tease her sweet spot again and again. It was incredible, Amanda was almost overloaded with raw pleasure, and realized that she was rapidly climbing towards another incredible orgasm. The massive member continued to enrage her enflamed vagina, sometimes sliding all the way in, filling her completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking her again. She gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. Her body was frozen, open and lewdly thrust back, unable or unwilling to move, not wanting the fantastic connection be broken.

"Yes .. Yes .. more .. Deeper .. Faster .."

Her eyes snapped open and her mouth opened wide as her body exploded.

The orgasmic lightning struck inside her ecstatic body and she screamed. Her toes curled, her legs stiffened, and her back arched as her vaginal muscles clamped around her lover's massive erection as it plunged one more time into her seething vagina.


Amanda squealed with joy as her body wide orgasm was unleashed. She was so completely full and her orgasming juices squished and gushed around the hard organ which was buried all the way into her.

Amanda's foaming wetness gushed outward past her swollen and clenching folds. Her inner muscles squeezed and clenched around the pulsing flesh that was embedded deep within her. Her clitoris and bullet-like nipples throbbed excitedly. Her whole body trembled and shook. It lasted almost forever. Her mind and body convulsed and spasmed in the ecstatic aftershocks.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Adrian let Amanda rest while his flexing manhood remained buried deeply within in her body. Soon, Amanda cooed again as her lover withdrew and began to slowly stroke into her frothy passage with gentle, full length thrusts. It felt good, just enough to sustain her sexual glow. Delicious aftershocks continued to flood her satisfied body.

Then it registered in her mind.

Her lover had not ejaculated! Amanda knew that it was not over and her arousal came rushing back like a tidal wave. She felt his heavy testicles swing upward and bounce onto her still engorged clitoris with each thrust. The hands left her breasts and slid down to firmly grasp her waist, pulling her back onto him as he stroked forward.

His hand had left her hip again, this time coming around front, under her leaning body. A finger slowly pressed and teased her rigid and excited organ of joy. Her hips jerked, her clitoris spasmed and her vaginal muscles clenched hungrily around the wonderful thickness that was ecstatically stretching its way into her eager vagina. The loving hand left her labia to reassert itself on her hip and help pull her back onto his long, thick manhood.

She felt his warm groin press against her buttocks and grind in an ecstatic circling action, causing the thick head of his erection to twist and turn within her enraged vaginal passage.

"Oh .. What are you doing to me ..""

He lunged inward and Amanda felt incredibly full when the wonderful thickness entered her cervix and pushed against the flowering portal to her womb. She breathed heavily in quick pants in response to the delicious impalement. Amanda once again moaned and gurgled as her body vaulted up the arousal ladder.

Both hands now moved to Amanda's lower hips and he once again started a slow, building rhythm of thrusts. His thick member stroked steadily in and out of her excited vaginal passage. Her gasping sounds registered her body's rising levels of ecstasy. Amanda began thrusting and grinding her sex rearward onto her Lover's granite-like pillar of joy. For then for the first time she was hearing Adrian's deep gasping pants as his lunges took on a sense of urgency. She wanted to return the joy that he had and was giving her and began clenching her vaginal muscles with an intense milking action.

Amanda now wanted, now needed and now craved for her lover's thick gushes of semen to flood her enflamed sex. Her own words surprised her as they flew from her mouth.

"Now .. Oh God ..Nowwwwww .. Cum In to me now .."

The lunges became more urgent and Amanda intensified her loving grip on the engorged erection. Suddenly it plunged inward and began to thicken and flex wildly within her milking sheath. She felt the most incredible ballooning sensation in cervix as copious amounts of thick, hot, nectar spewed from the flexing gland. Amanda thrust her hips forcefully rearward and squealed with joy.


Now her lover's hips pulled his straining erection outward and then thrust inward again, his spasming gland unleashed another forceful, flood of semen. The ecstatic feelings spread through Amanda like a series of freight trains, shooting from her vagina and connecting with her exploding organ of joy, to her breasts, nipples and then flooding into her mind.

Amanda's fourth and final, climatic orgasm was total and all consuming.

Her toes curled, her hands gripped the rail tightly. Her orgasmic scream drowned out the deep moans of her lover. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across her wide open eyes. Every cell in Amanda's body vibrated with ecstasy. Tears streaked her face as she shook uncontrollably. His jettisoning essence went on and on, the hips grinding his manhood into her as her vagina was flooded again and again with his liquid joy.


Amanda's sexual sensory system went into overload and she slumped unconscious with her shoulders resting on the rail with Adrian's loving arms supported her. Slowly, Amanda recovered and her hips jerked onto her still imbedded lover as ecstatic aftershocks flooded her leaning body.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Adrian's erection slowly relaxed and subsided, still buried in her vagina. The deflating feeling of fullness made Amanda moan with disappointment. The squirmy sensations caused more reflexive squeezing and the softening thickness was slowly pushed out.

"That felt soooooo .. Goooood .. Thank you .. Thank you.."

His hands lifted Amanda into a standing position and he snuggled in close to her body. She sighed when she felt his flaccid, long, thick and very slick penis lay against her left buttock.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

She turned toward him and their lips found each other in the darkness. Their kiss, through stray strands of her hair was passionate and wondrous. Amanda detected her own intimate taste on his lips, and her scent on his face. The kiss lasted for a long time, barely broken by Amanda post orgasmic pants.

Adrian slowly broke the embrace and again Amanda whispered,

"Thank You."

Suddenly she felt Adrian leave her and again she felt all alone. The lights came on and the door opened. Amanda saw her escort standing in the doorway smiling at her. She pressed a button and part of a mirrored wall opened to a large walk-in shower. Amanda nodded at the escort and enjoy a long warm shower. Soon she was walking back to waiting area, her body glowed and an occasional gasp was heard as trailing aftershocks filled her sex.

03.17 Pleasure Room, Tyler, Extraction Preparation:

A girl led Tyler to his Pleasure Room. The room's walls were mirrored and in the center was a strange device that could best be described as a large motorcycle, without the motor. The width of the rear of the seat was about normal but was much wider from the mid-section to the front of it. The surface was, clear, smooth and gel-like and he could see the machine's inner parts. The machine had hand grips instead of handle bars. The rear part of the 'seat' was saddle shaped for the user to sit on. The foot rests were at the normal motorcycle position, at the bottom, and slightly toward the rear.

Beside it sat what looked like 'U' shaped Bidet without the lid. Within the bowl was vertical, accordion like, 4" x 1/2" probe. Positioning lasers could move the probe anywhere within a ten inch radius and the internal mechanisms could move the probe upward and downward. The probe itself could expand and and contract. The tank has three compartments, the first is water, the second is an enema solution and the third contains chemicals that would sexually enhance a male's rectal sheath or females vaginal sheath.

Tyler was getting a little nervous as he walked around the two devices. This isn't exactly what he expected. The girl sensed his nervousness and handed him a cup filled with a light green liquid.

"Here Tyler, drink this down, it will help relax you."

He drank down the liquid and the girl began explaining what was going to happen.

"The Bidet will give you an enema that is required before you use the Semen Extractor. All you have to do is sit on it, everything is automatic. The Extractor will show you how much pleasure your prostate can give you."

As the girl was talking, The drink began to take effect. A pleasurable warmth began flowing into his penis and testicles, and tingling sensations seeped into his anal lips, trickling into his rectal sheath.

When the girl finished she led Tyler to the toilet. The girl guided Tyler on the Bidet. Instead of facing the tank, he sat down on it facing forward, toward the mirrored wall. The Bidet sensed his body and soft straps curled around his thighs and waist holding him firmly so he could not move. A muffled whirring sound was heard as the head of the probe aligned itself with his exposed anal opening. A startled Tyler suddenly felt a soft hardness pressing against his anal opening and he tried to shift away from it but couldn't.

He flinched when he felt the tip of the probe trace around the tight opening to his rectum, occasionally, nudging into the center of his anus. Soon, a tingling warmth seeped past his anal lips and spread inward. The tight sphincter loosened and the head of the four inch probe slipped past the stretching entrance and slipped into his rectal sheath.

The cleansing solution was released and Tyler moaned as he tried to wiggle his hips and stand up as his lower bowel were filled. For the next minute, he was forced to endure the discomfort and embarrassment of his enema while the girl smiled at his torment. Just when he thought he could take no more, the probe withdrew from his rectum and loud sigh of relief was heard as the liquid bowel waste was expelled out of his body. A warm flow of water bathed his anus and buttocks, followed by puffs of warm air.

He looked at the girl wondering why his restraints had not been removed and she said,

"It isn't finished yet Tyler, one more thing to do."

Again he felt the probe slipping into his rectum and he closed his eyes wanting this to end. This time, the probe had a different agenda. It flexed and pulsed as it slipped inward, lengthening and thickening.

1" .. 2" .. 3" .. 4"

A reluctant gasp escaped his mouth as the slick tube ground over his prostate on its delicious trek inward.

"Uhh .. Uhh .. Uhh .."

5" .. 6" .. 7".. 8"

In a few seconds Tyler felt a thick fullness fill his rectal sheath. The girl pulled up a stool and sat down in front Tyler. Her eyes were glued to his flaccid penis and balls.

Small holes imbedded on the surface of the probe began oozing their enhancing chemicals and the girl smiled when she saw Tyler close his eyes, moaning softly. With a sudden gasp, Tyler eyes sot open and his hips squirmed and thrashed as the chemicals created a thick nest of sexual nerve endings along the lining of his rectal sheath and anal lips. Both were connected to his sexual sensory system. His prostate was enhanced to produce six times more semen than a normal male.

"What .. What .. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Tyler's mind was flooded with the unwanted sensations from his rectal area. He tried to stop his penis from stirring, but the probe's exquisite caresses of his prostate was overriding his sexual control. He moaned as his penis soared to full erection and his rectal sheath was filled with a deep need.

His massive, vertical, 7.75" erection throbbed and jumped in the air and the girl's eyes were now focused on the highly excited gland of Tyler's straining erection as it drooled with his preseminal fluids. The stroking probe was causing his rectal muscles to clench and spasm with new found joy. Tyler's dazed mind was filled with ecstatic sensations that he had never felt before and his hips wanted to thrust his engorged manhood into the air but the restraints held him firmly onto the seat.

The girl said softly,

"Let it happen naturally Tyler, your body will ejaculate when it is ready."

The flexing head of the probe slipped back and nestled onto the excited tissues of his prostate. He squealed with joy as his rectal muscles closed around it, not wanting the ecstatic connection to be broken. His balls churched and his hard nipples stood up like bullets as he was catapulted toward his orgasmic edge.

Tyler felt his ejaculation form within his enhanced prostate and the spasming sensations spread to his bloated testicles and then into the base of his engorged erection. His hands fisted tightly and his toes curled as the ecstatic pressure surged upward toward his hyper-excited gland. The thick liquid of joy swirled around the jerking head and erupted out of the puckering opening, jettisoning high into the air. The thick stream of semen splattered back down onto abdomen and thighs.

His wail echoed around the room.


The girl reached out and pressed a finger against the sensitive underside of Tyler's excited gland. Tyler gasped loudly at the ecstatic contact and body squirmed and thrashed, testing the strength of Bidet's restraints. The girl's slick finger followed his frantic contortions, pressing harder against his pulsing gland, moving it in small teasing circles.

"Ejaculate again for me Tyler."

Tyler's mind was totally saturated with joy and the girl's words caused another thick stream of semen to be unleashed from the enraged head of his erection. The girl palmed his spewing gland and the thick semen gushed into her palm, splattering down along the surface of his jumping erection and onto his draining testicles.


Tyler slumped back onto the seat gasping and panting. He closed his eyes, savoring the delicious aftershocks that were rippling throughout his body. The probe withdrew with a soft slurping sound and Tyler moaned as it left his enhanced rectal sheath. The thigh and waist restraints were removed. The next thing he felt was the wonderful flow of warm water cascading onto his softening penis, abdomen, thighs and balls.

This time, the girl used a soft towel and began drying his body. The swirling and squeezing hands used the plush fabric to tease and tantalize his penis and testicles causing Tyler to moan as his sexual rejuvenation kicked in and his penis reversed itself and soared to full erection.

The girl whispered into Tyler's aroused and flushed face,

"Now you're ready for the Semen Extractor."

03.18 Pleasure Room, Tyler, Semen Extraction:

She helped him off the Bidet and walked him toward the Extractor. His hardness stood out like a guiding beacon as they approached the machine.

Tyler was a bit nervous as the girl helped him use the stool to climb on to the machine and straddle the gel-like 'seat'. The girl guided his feet into the foot rests. As soon as he put his feet in them, the hand-grips shifted back along the sides toward the center of the 'seat'. Tyler reached out and grasped each of them. Immediately gel-like straps formed around his wrists and ankles. The hand grips moved back to the front of the machine, pulling him forward so he was leaning onto the gel surface of the seat. The foot rests moved his feet upward and back toward the rear of the machine with his bent legs being held the sides of the machine. Two Gel straps curled over his shoulders and lower back, pressing his body onto the machine's surface. The back up the 'saddle-seat' raised upwards and outwards, spreading the cheeks of his buttocks.

His balls and penis felt cramped as they were pressed onto the saddle-seat, as did his areolas on the forward area of the 'seat'. Tyler moaned in discomfort when he felt his abdomen pressing his erection into the surface of the seat.

The girl quickly said,

"Just another moment or two and that will be taken care of."

A lighting system within the machine was turned 'on'. Tyler looked into the mirrored wall in front of him and saw his naked self 'embracing' the strange machine. He saw his straddling body, wide spread bent legs and thighs. He could see and feel his hard penis and erect nipples resting uncomfortably against the warm gel-like surface.

Two depressions formed at the front of the seat under Tyler's areolas. They moved upward encasing each of his erect nipples within a suckling 'mouth' and Tyler sighed as his nipples tingled and ripples of pleasure radiated across his chest.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

A warm gel-like mass pushed upward between the spread cheeks of his buttocks and formed into the machine's anal massager. Tyler's sigh turned into a moan when his enhanced rectal area responded to the exquisite massaging and caressing. His excited anal lips swelled and again his rectal sheath was filled with need.

His eyes shot open when he felt the seat push upward between his spread thighs onto his testicles. He gasped softly when he felt his balls slipping into a warm silky pouch. The soft walls of the pouch began a sensuous lifting and massaging action which sent ripples of joy across his loins and into his erection.

Another opening appeared in the seat and Tyler felt as though dozens of fingers were manipulating his straining member into a soft satiny sheath. Another moan was heard as his erection became encased within the machine's clear vagina-like sheath. The moan became louder as the sheath began to squeeze and ripple along the full length of his engorged manhood.

Inside the seat's gel-like vaginal sheath thousands of tiny cilia-like fingers started massaging and caressing his throbbing hardness from its base to the tingling gland. The incredible sensations flowed into his balls and rippled outward toward his flared anus and up onto his excited nipples.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Tyler was now ready to have his semen and sperm extracted from his body. The girl had placed the stool beside the machine and looked intently at Tyler's suckled nipples, massaged anus and the clenching sheath that was making love to his erection. She smiled when she saw the oozing preseminal fluids causing his engorged gland to glisten in the Extractor's internal lights. The sensors detected the warm flow and a thin lubricated tube slipped into the puckering opening of his urethra and sucked up his drooling fluids and guided it toward the collection reservoirs.

"Oh Sweet Jesus .."

Tyler moaned as the anal massager intensified its actions on his excited anal opening. His rectal sheath spasmed, his prostate tingled and his throbbing erection jumped wildly within the clasping sheath. A rounded probe pushed outward from within massager and nudged against his clasping anal lips. The purring head oozed a warm liquid which caused a delicious warmth to spread into his rectal passage and Tyler gasped as the machine's probe twisted its way past his clasping opening and into his rectal sheath.

He gasped loudly as the cilia fingers that were attached to the surface of the phallic began caressing the enhanced inner walls of his clenching sheath. His erection jumped and jerked as it drooled more of his precum into the collection tube.

"Ohhhh .. That feels sooooo good .."

The probe's tip began circling the walls of the sheath as if were searching for something ... and then it found it ... Tyler's prostate. The depression on the tip expanded and pressed onto the excited mound with a delicious massaging action. Tyler arched up within his restraints and wailed at the incredible contact. His erection jerked as ripples of joy rushed from his prostate to the thick, sensitive gland of his enhanced erection.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The probe's slow, soft massaging actions were constant and never faltered. Within 30 seconds small explosions of joy ricocheted across his loins. Preseminal fluid spurted out the opening slit of his thick gland and was quickly sucked down the tube to the gathering container. Within a minute small orgasmic explosions were rolling throughout his body like a series of freight trains. His body trembled and shook as a series of minor orgasms, rippled across his loins and he flexed his engorged erection in a frantic attempt to ejaculate.

"Oh God! .. Oh God .. What's Happening .."

The seat's 'vagina' intensified its squeezes and massages on his engorged manhood. Tyler was being propelled toward his orgasmic edge. His internal rectal spasms were constant and never faltered and he wailed as his hips thrust his hardness with a sense of urgency into the machine's milking sheath. The probe felt the ecstatic contractions of his rectal muscles and the spasming of his excited prostate.

Tyler's first ejaculation was just moments away. Blinding flashes of orgasmic lights danced across his eyes. His body froze as his thick, hot semen exploded out of his hyper-excited gland and the thirsty urethra tube which routed the thick stream of semen and sperm to their respective containers.


The probe's prostate massaging now settled down to a series of low level 'purrs' and Tyler slumped onto the soft supports of the machines 'seat'. His suckled, erect nipples felt like bullets within the nursing 'mouths'. His sexual rejuvenation was on the fast track and he gasped as his hardness and rectum were filled with fresh need and arousal.

The probe now expanded, moving further into Tyler's excited rectal sheath. It twisted, turned and flexed as its eight inches of warm flexing thickness made Tyler's mind reel with its wonderful fullness. It then partially withdrew and slithered back in. It began an ecstatic rhythm, all out, then all in, slow then fast. Every thrust was in sync with the rippling squeezes that surrounded his enflamed erection. His totally restrained body could do nothing but absorb the building sensations that were flooding his body.

Tyler's mouth and eyes opened wide open and he gasped and moaned as his body was thrown into a sexual frenzy. The flexing phallic thickened again. Special openings slipped around and over his engorged prostate as the stoking phallic made love to his seething rectal sheath. The machine's 'vagina' now began rippling up and down the entire length of Tyler's straining hardness with an intense clenching and milking action. His breath came in deep gasps and pants.

The Extractor secreted chemicals that would keep Tyler from ejaculating. It wanted Tyler's sexual reservoirs to be filled to bursting point.

Tyler closed his eyes as the Extractor drove him toward his orgasmic trip point and kept him there. The phallic would thrust inward and stop for a few seconds with ecstatic flexes and twists then slip outward. On Each inward thrust its thickness expanded,

1.25" .. 1.5" .. 1.75" .. 2.00" .. 2.25" .. 2.50" .. 2.75".

Tyler's mind was became saturated within a euphoric cloud of joy. The phallic, relentlessly stroked into his seething rectal passage with ecstatic twists and flexes. His throbbing prostate sent jolts of joy into his hyper-excited gland. His enraged manhood jumped and jerked in a futile attempt to ejaculate.


Suddenly, Tyler felt the phallic plunge into the depths of his sexual being and begin to jump and jerk. He felt a delicious pressure of warmth flood into his body as the machine began to spew its thick ejaculant deep inside his spasming rectal sheath. Forceful torrents of its ejaculant gushed and jettisoned into his sheath causing it to balloon ecstatically and gush outward between the spread cheeks of buttocks.

Tyler screeched as waves of ecstasy flooded his loins. The Extractor's hold on his orgasm was removed. His prostate spasmed, his balls churned and his liquid joy shot up his erection and swirled around his enraged gland. The thick liquid of joy exploded into the machine's thirsty urethra tube.


Tyler screamed as the orgasmic waves hit him. It was a long guttural moan as his forceful ejaculation pressed the air out of his lungs. His hands fisted tightly around the grips and his toes curled. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across his wide open eyes As incredible jet of semen spewed from his spasming member.

A second, stronger ejaculation was coaxed out his body and again his orgasmic wail echoed around the room.


Tyler's body went into orgasmic overload and he lost consciousness for a few seconds. When he recovered, his body was still in the throes of orgasmic aftershocks. The phallic was still twisting and plunging. His body quickly rode another orgasmic wave which again pushed him into a sexual frenzy. His convulsing body thrashed and squirmed within the machine's restraints and he wailed loudly as the machine's 'vaginal' sheath deep throated his straining erection.

The phallic exploded again.

Tyler's granite-like erection e3xploded again.


This time his exhausted and drained body shutdown and the machine slowly whirred to a stop. It took a minute or two for Tyler to regain consciousness. His body continued to tremble and convulse with orgasmic aftershocks. The phallic slowly, almost teasingly, withdrew with a loud slurping sound and Tyler moaned as the wonderful fullness left his body.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The pouch open and released his balls and the loving sheath slipped away from his slick, oozing penis. The delicious suckling 'mouths' loosened their grip on his erect and tender nipples.

Finally, the restraints on his back, wrists and ankles were removed.

The display on the HD monitors read,

PRE-SEMINAL: 7ml SEMEN: 12ml SPERM: 400 million

The girl smiled and clapped. She stood up and helped an exhausted and happy Tyler off the machine using the stool. She had him stand there for few moments until his wobbly legs strengthened and then walked with him to the shower.

03.19 Pleasure Room, Julie, Sybian Preparation:

Julie followed the girl into her Pleasure room. There were only two items in the room. A Harness hanging from the ceiling in front of a mirrored wall and the strange Sybian that rested on the floor beside another wall. The Harness that lay on the floor has four adjustable leather loops which have soft padding along the surfaces that makes contact with the body. The Harness is attached to to a mechanically driven pole and is computer controlled.

The girl said,

"This will hold you in just about any position from sitting to laying."

A slightly apprehensive Julie let the girl guide her legs and arms into the loops. When the straps settled around her thighs and shoulders, a wide strap was adjusted across her back for support. Then girl pressed a button on a remote and Julie felt her upper legs being lifted upward until she was in a sitting position. Julie blushed when she looked at herself in the mirror and saw her thighs being spread apart and then her knees were brought back toward her hips. She could move her arms, hips and lower legs but not her thighs or back. Another button was pressed and Julie saw herself being lifted upward three feet above the floor.

The girl said,

"I am going to prepare your body for the Sybian."

She positioned a padded stool behind her and snuggled inward between Julie's wide spread thighs. She began planting light suckling kisses on Julie's shoulders and her hands reached out and gently lifted both of Julie's breasts. Her breath quickened as the hands began to massage and knead her firm breasts. The girl's exploring and kneading fingers crept up onto Julie's nipples and her fingers began to caress and manipulate the rising buds. The excited nipples were soon erect and tingling. Julie moaned and began pushing her breasts into the girl's kneading hands.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The girl lifted her mouth from Julie's shoulders and began a pleasurable trek down to the right breast. The massaging and kneading continued as the suckling mouth neared its target. Julie felt the moist lips inch their way upward over her breast and then she felt the moist breath bathe her nipple. The girl's lips descended onto the engorged bud with a delicious suckling action and the warm slippery tongue swirled around the erect, rubbery tip. Julie gasped at the contact and pushed her breast and tingling nipple into the girl's devouring mouth.

The mouth kissed its way over to the left breast and the caressing fingers moved away as the suckling lips moved in. The girl found the nipple already hard as a bullet and she lowered her nursing mouth on to it. Julie gasped louder and her hands held the girl's head as the mouth teased and manipulated the tingling nipple. Julie moaned as the girl's mouth and hands adorned both of her breasts.

The girl lifted her head and smiled at Julie. Through dazed eyes, Julie smiled back at her. Her engorged and excited nipples stood out like bullets in from her firm mounds. The massaging hands flowed downward over Julie's abdomen. A soft gasp was heard as the hands formed themselves around her labia and started a slow massaging and kneading action on the swelling folds. The fingers of the girl's left hand slipped onto extended clitoris with an ecstatic swirling action and the fingers of right hand slipped between the flared folds and began a joyous exploration along the flared pink furrow. Julie gasped and her hips jerked outward at the dual contact and her arousal soared.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The girl withdrew from Julie's aroused body, pulled the padded stool forward, and sat down on it. She pressed a button on the remote that adjusted the Harness so Julie's swollen sex was aligned with her head. Her hands reacquired Julie's squirming body. As the mouth neared Julie's straining clitoris, the girl fingers nestled into the clasping inner lips and began caressing the oozing entrance to Julie's womanhood. A finger slowly nudged inward, twisting and turning and Julie gasped loudly as her vagina rippled ecstatically.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahh .."

The girl's suckling mouth was now just above Julie's enhanced, rigid clitoris that was straining in the air, begging for attention. Suddenly, the gasp turned into a loud squeal of joy when the girl's warm, wet tongue and lips slipped onto the enhanced clitoris and began to ecstatically suck and suckle on the engorged organ of joy. Julie thrust her enraged sex into the devouring mouth and her hands shot down and grasped the girl's head as jolts of ecstasy exploded across her loins and rippled into her vaginal passage.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The girl nudged another fingers past Julie's excited inner lips. Both fingers squirmed and twisted as they slipped inward and Julie gurgled with joy. A third joined in and then a fourth. The bolts of ecstasy intensified as all four began a deep inward stroking action. Julie sat back wailing as her arousal vaulted and her excited vaginal muscles began clenching franticly at the thrusting fingers.

Suddenly the girl stopped and sat back on the stool.

Julie screeched with orgasmic denial.

"Noooooooooooooo .."

Julie's enflamed clitoris, labia and vagina begged to be touched. Her hips jerked with desperation into the air.

The girl smiled at Julie's torment and said softly,

"Now you're ready for your Sybian."

03.20 Pleasure Room, Julie, Sybian:

The girl pressed a button on the remote and the strange Sybian by the wall started to move toward the Harness that that was holding Julie. It followed sensors imbedded in the floor and stopped in front of Julie, far enough in front of her so she could see it.

The case was made of a clear Gel-like material and the internal mechanisms could be seen. The most distinctive visible features was the multi-lipped labia and clitoral massagers. The labia massager is soft and pliable and consists of dozens of small, self moving, suctioning 'lips' and mouths. The clitoral massager is a velvety 'mouth-like' tube with internal suckling 'lips'.

The device started to do things by itself. The cover swung open and began to install attachments that were within it. The first was an 7.75" by 2.50" deep ribbed phallic. Each rib would ripple independently. The base of the phallic attached itself it to a mechanism inside the Sybian. Two tubes were then connected to its base. One would deliver a strong jet of artificial ejaculant and the second would supply a lubricant to the phallic.

Julie looked wide eyed with fascination as the Sybian readied itself for her. Her breathing quickened and a deep need again filled her vagina. The cover then closed back over the top of the Sybian. Julie could see the head of phallic resting just below the slit in the center of the multi-lipped labia massager.

The Sybian now moved under Michelle's sitting body until it 'clicked' and locked into special slots in the floor. The girl did a final adjustment to the Harness so Julie was sitting with her open sex directly above her Lover. Julie had a look of excited nervousness and anticipation as she saw herself poised above her mechanical lover. The girl positioned the stool to the front and right of Julie and sat down on it. She was going to have a 'bird's eye view' of Julie's love affair with the Sybian.

Both waited anxiously for the 'lowering', both saw the 'mouths' and 'lips' of the labia massager start to move and then Julie felt the Harness and her body being lowered downward. Her eyes were fixed on the mirror in front of her. Slowly, she saw her labia near the massaging 'lips' of the Sybian.

"Oh . Oh .. Oh .."

Julie's sex made contact with the slick, suckling massager. Ecstatic sensations flooded her labia and spread into her vagina. A soft mouth-like tube rose up from the Sybian's surface and Julie gasped when she felt her clitoris being manipulated into its suckling 'mouth' and 'throat'.

The massager's 'lips' pushed her folds further apart and began sucking on the excited entrance to her womanhood. Her clitoris leaped out of its protective hood into the suckling 'throat' and Julie squealed as her sex exploded with jolts of joys and her nipples stood out like bullets.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

Julie closed her dazed and aroused eyes and began moving her swollen sex back and forth on both massagers. Her mind became saturated with wonderful waves of joy that were cascading across her body. Soft slurping sounds could be heard as her juices mixed with those from the massager's slick 'lip's and her vagina spasmed excitedly.

Julie was jolted out of her euphoric daze when she felt a slight pulsing pressure nudge against her vaginal opening. The nudging pressure built and Julie gasped when she felt the entrance to her vagina being stretched open. She felt the warm slickness oozing from the Sybian's thick head and a delicious warmth spread around her eager entrance. The elastic entrance widened and the thickness edged inward.

"Oh .. Yes .. Yes .."

Julie pushed down and ground her vaginal entrance against the slowly advancing head of the phallic. Her body now hungered for more of her Sybian lover. The Sybian was in no hurry and nudged inward slowly and deliciously. As the phallic slipped inward, so did the number of the expanding and contracting ribs. She wailed in ecstasy as her vaginal muscles rippled in sync with the ribs. The suckling clitoral 'mouth' made her organ of joy feel as though it was going to explode. The flexing probe sunk deeper into her enflamed passage as it twisted, turned, pulsed and purred. Julie's mind reeled with ecstasy as it bore into the the depths of her sexual being. The phallic partially withdrew then slipped back in.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

It began an ecstatic rhythm, all out then all in, slow then fast. The massaging lips extended themselves and began a delicious suckling all around the swollen and excited folds of her labia. The relentless thrusts of her Sybian Lover twisted, turned and flexed as it explored Julie's enflamed vagina. Her engorged clitoris jerked and throbbed as orgasmic tingles radiated from it. Julie's head thrashed back and forth gasping and moaning.

"Oh God .. Oh God .."

The undulating probe thickened. Thousands of tiny cilia-like fingers pushed outward from the body of the phallic and started massaging and caressing her enflamed vaginal walls. Julie screeched as jolts of joy shot throughout her sex. Her mind and body were catapulted into a sexual frenzy. She couldn't keep up with her frantic counter thrusts and she slumped down onto her Sybian Lover and let the waves of ecstasy explode across her body.

The clitoral massager now began to push Julie toward her orgasmic trip point. Its suctioning lips now rippled along the full length of her hyper-excited clitoris. Julie squealed as her clitoral induced orgasm shot across her body.


Just as she was coming down from her orgasmic high, the phallic began deep, full length thrusts and Julie was close to fainting as another flood ecstatic waves washed across her loins. Suddenly, the phallic lunged inward and stopped and swelled to a full three inches inside her enraged vaginal passage. The pulsing ribs along it flexing length teased and tantalized the sensitive nerve endings of her clasping virginal walls. Julie arched up ecstatically and her hips ground her excited sex onto both massagers. The Sybian began unleashing forceful torrents of its ejaculant which gushed and jettisoned into her spasming passage which ballooned ecstatically with her Lover's warm, thick essence.

Her hands fisted tightly and her toes curled. Her legs shot outward in the air in a wide 'V', kicki8ng franticly in the air as her vagina went into deep orgasmic contractions. Bright lights flashed and danced across her eyes, her mouth opened but no sound was heard, her eyes opened and saw nothing.

Suddenly the orgasmic hold on her body was released and Julie's ecstatic wail echoed around the room.


Julie's body went into orgasmic overload and she lost consciousness for a few seconds. When she recovered, her body was still in the throes of orgasmic aftershocks. The phallic was still twisting and plunging. Her body quickly rode another orgasmic wave which again pushed Julie into a sexual frenzy.

Her convulsing body thrashed and squirmed within the Harness, her head twisted from side to side. She gasped, panted and wailed. Her clitoris was jerking wildly within the suckling 'throat'. The phallic exploded again. The thick mix of Sybian ejaculant and vaginal juices oozed past her swollen and flared folds drenching her thighs and the surface of the Sybian.


This time Julie's exhausted and drained body shutdown and the Sybian slowly whirred to a stop, still deeply imbedded within her body. Slowly Julie recovered and she cooed and gurgled as deep aftershocks rippled throughout her body. As her mind cleared she moaned softly knowing that her 'purring' Lover was still deeply imbedded within her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .."

The girl got up from stool and stood in front of Julie satisfied face and whispered,

"I am going to lift you up from your Lover."

Julie just nodded.

The girl pressed a button on the remote and Julie began to slowly rise upward. She gasped as her clasping vaginal sheath slipped off of the Sybian's long, thick phallic. A loud slurping sound was heard as her reluctant inner lips cleared the head of the phallic. Torrents of ejaculant and vaginal juices gushed from the gaping entrance as her vagina returned to its normal size.

Julie moaned with disappointment as the wonderful fullness left her body.

"Ohhhh .. slowly ..slowly .."

The girl stood up and smiled,

"Was I right or was I right. You will definitely remember your Sybian experience for a long time."

Julie's face beamed and radiated with her post-orgasmic glow.

"I want to do that again."

The girl smiled knowingly and returned the Sybian to the wall. The harness was adjusted so Julie was put into a standing position. After the loops were removed the3 girl led Julie on wobbly legs toward the shower.

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