Interracial Domination: Bradley's Tail

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Hello Again, this is Black Gorilla, and... I KNOW its been a while!! I been pretty distracted as of late, and simply haven't had the time. You've been asking for it, and I just been too busy to deliver, until now. This is not a blog! So... YES... FINALLY... You get a story!!! This is the first (of many) stories I'll be posting here for your enjoyment.

If you are NOT familiar with me, I suggest you look into my xnxx profile I am "Blkgorilla.IN.Vanillaboyz." Now... if you read the tags I posted up above, and you use your analytical capabilities to decipher the likely inference of what my xnxx user-name implies, then you SHOULD have a pretty good idea about what this story will likely entail. If not... I will further clarify... This story (like any others I will post here) is about a Black Male, dominating, feminizing, fucking, and exposing a white boy to the power of BLACK COCK!!!

If this sort of thing angers/upsets you... STOP READING THIS STORY RIGHT NOW!!!

I'm not kidding, just back out of here, and go read some other shit! Because I PROMISE you will NOT like what I have to say!!! And, you won't like the story, so save us both time and aggravation. I'm NOT interested in what you have to say, and I don't care what you think! So please don't leave me any angry/racist comments, or post your conflicting opinions. I'm not interested. THANK YOU!!!

If you are still reading... I have to assume you want to hear what I have to say.

If you NOT familiar with me... I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you look up my xnxx profile (Blkgorilla.IN.Vanillaboyz), and read at least ONE of my blogs BEFORE reading this story!!!

Once you've read one of my blogs your eyes and mind will be opened, and if you are white... then hopefully your ass and legs follow suite! Reading my blogs will provide proper perspective, and will greatly improve how much you are able to enjoy this story! However, if you do not, you will/should still thoroughly enjoy it, and then you can go back and read my blogs. Additionally, you can check out pictures I posted, request to be my friend, and send me messages.

For those of you who already know me, you know where I stand. For any new readers... I am Black Gorilla. I believe in the sexual conquest of the white race, through the power of black cock! Like a lot of blacks I fuck white pussy, ass, and penetrate Black Cock past your pouty pink Caucasian cock sucking lips!!! It makes no difference to me if your think you're a male... like many blacks, as far as I'm concerned you're bitch, and need to be fucked like one! I have always fucked whites who self-describe themselves as male and female, but here I focus more on those believing themselves to be male.

My rationale is that, there are plenty white women out there getting black cock, but there aren't enough white boys doing the same. Hopefully, you will enjoy this story, and it will encourage you to take on a female sexual role with a black man/men. If you have never read my blogs... AGAIN, I STRONGLY encourage you to read my blogs for an education in the true nature of sexual race relations. It will help provide proper perspective for enjoying this story!


This IS a true story! I believe in the power of the truth, and hope that Bradley's story inspires you to take action. If your white then I hope that you go out and get fucked and feminized by black cocks. If you are black, then I hope you join your brotha's, and are inspired to turn out a few white sluts, and bring these white boi's over to the dark side!

I did NOT write this story!!! This story was written by a white boy who serves as a black man's fuck doll! His name is Bradley. He was turned-out in high school long before I meet him. This is the story about THAT experience! I am NOT in this story!!! The author... like many (most) of YOU believed he was "straight," and was living in fierce ignorance/denial about the nature of the fallacy of white masculinity. I meet him a few years ago at a university, he was going to college, and was being fucked by a friend of mine. We double teamed the little tramp several times, but turned out he also had a passion for writing. He offered to write about his first sexual experience, and since I have been too busy to write my own, I've decided to post his. It is a very good story, and I have only minimally edited it. And, another contact of mine Ryan (also a white whore) has also expressed an interest in sending me his story, and I'll post that once he's finished. Obviously, I am going to post my own stories, but in the mean time... I'll provide you with white authored tales... which should actually be helpful, as you might be able to better appreciate sex from their perspective... since most of you, are probably white boys, and should follow Bradley's example!!!


My name is Bradley. I used to be different. I was... I was like... like most of you. I was white, straight, and thought nothing would make me happier than a hot piece of ripe pussy. I could've NEVER imagined the way my life would become, and could NEVER have imagined that I was a hot piece of ripe pussy, and like all white boys... I am better equipped to satisfy black cock, than any vagina. Life often has its own plans, it doesn't always pan out the way you think it will, and there are events that can shake the foundations of what you had always believed to be true, and show you the true nature of things. These kinds of revelations can transcend all sorts of issues. My lesson was in race, sex, and the nature of the interracial experience. Some people learn these lessons early, some learn late, and many more never learn at all!!!

I was a freshman in high school when I learned my lesson. I never knew my father, and was an only child. My mom made us move because she lost her job, and as a result I ended up in a new State, and a new school. We moved to Michigan because my Aunt's husband has a business there, and offered my mom a job. I was from Nebraska, and to say the least... things were extremely different in our area just outside Detroit.

Like most kids my age, I was interested in TV, music, video games, and girls. Problem for me was like many my age... I wasn't getting girls. I was shy, terrified of rejection, and although I was good-looking I was more "pretty" than handsome. I was not quite masculine looking, like many white kids... my physical features were intrinsically feminine... light eyes, light hair, light skin, small pointy nose, pink lips, etc...

I was somewhat short, physically small and thin; "petite." I had these big blue eyes, long shaggy blonde hair, thick pouty pink lips, and a bubble-butt. I had a petty-boy Justin Beiber like look. And, so it was no wonder that in a school that had a large black population... I got picked on quite a bit! The black kids... even the girls would call me Barbie, and the guys would call me bitch, faggot, and a bunch of other shit. I was new to the school, and new to the area, and it was difficult making friends due to my low social status, so my first semester was tough.

I had never known many black people before then, and one of the most difficult things I had to deal with was how physically large they were compared to what I was used to. They also seemed so much older and more developed than me. Which made it hard to stand up for myself, because I would have to be crazy to pick a fight with these Lebron James and Mike Tyson looking mother-fuckers... They'd kill me!!! I was pretty sure that even most of the black girls would whoop my lily white ass, and most of them were much bigger than me too!

So I ended up taking a LOT of shit! And, there wasn't much of anything I could do about it, For anybody's who's been picked on... its really terrible! And, I'm pretty sure I had it worse than any of you!!!

So this one day... I'm sitting in class, this black kid behind me began kicking the back of my chair, smacking the back of my head, and talking shit about me with the other black guys next to him. Then, one of them grabs my book bag, and starts throwing it around. Passing to other kids that are pulling my stuff out of my bag, and just taking my shit. The Teacher literally pretended like NOTHING was happening!!! I got up to ask them to give me my bag back, and that's when the teacher tells me to sit down! I get so frustrated that I start walking to the back of the class where my bag was to try to get my stuff back, and I get tripped... and, everyone just starts laughing at me...

The black kids with my bag, start saying shit like "go back to your seat faggot," you don't wunna come back here bitch, you get fucked up cunt," and all sorts of shit. These mother-fuckers were just looking for an excuse to beat my ass, and the class just erupted into laughter and taunts. I lost my nerve, and just went back to my seat. The teacher just continues like nothing happened, and against my best efforts water wells up in my eyes, I rubbed them out, so nobody would throw that in my face. BUT, Of course EVERYONE saw it, and now their saying shit like, "Barbie's crying" 'Don't make the bitch cry" etc...

Then, this HUGE... mostly quiet black kid named Andre, just stands up... walked over to where they had my bag, and without saying a word, he takes my bag, and opens it wide... and just LOOKS at the other black guys, and they put ALL my stuff back inside. Then, he walks up to me, and hands me my bag. The entire class was dead silent after that.

Andre was a scary kid. He was really tall, with long muscular limbs. He was 6'3 and had a long muscular build like a really muscular basketball player. He was really dark skinned black... black. And, had long dreaded twists in his hair. Andre was three years older than me, and looked older than that. He had a hard man-face. With a look that made you want to think twice about fucking with him. He didn't talk much, and was somewhat quiet, but silently commanded respect.

When class ended, Andre approached me as I was walking out, and basically asked me if I wanted people to start leaving me alone. It was the first time I had even heard him speak, I felt so nervous just having been approached by his big scary self. For some reason I felt so girly being approached like that, and I just froze up, and my voice cracked when I eventually managed to say yes. Andre spoke in such a deep, low pitch, low voice, and just didn't speak that clearly, and with slang I wasn't all too familiar with, so it was a little hard to understand exactly what he said, but essentially he told me that if I wanted to be his "boy," in his words... "Nigga's will leave you alone."

Desperate for some relief I thoughtlessly agreed. I knew black guys referred to each other as their "boys," so I assumed he just meant like we'd be friends. He told me not to sweat it then, he took down my cell number, and left saying he'd get back to me later. The verbal exchange had me so nervous my hands were trembling, and I also felt a little "giddy" like girl. Me made me feel so feminine the way he spoke to me, and I could quite explain exactly how or why! I hated that! He just sort of talked to me like I WAS a girl, or something. I also felt it was strange the way he propositioned me a deal, but wasn't exactly asking me for anything really, or... was he??? I thought it was weird, but had to get to my next class, and got sidetracked from it. I went home that day, and thought about the interaction with Andre all that night, but couldn't make much sense out of it....

The next day, was like being in the twilight zone! Nobody picked on me at all. The worst I got was people mumbling shit behind my back. I went from class to class without anybody outright tormenting me, I was mostly ignored. It was such a relief, but also... very strange!!! I didn't understand why Andre would've taken such an interest in helping me out, and how he got the message across so quickly. But, I didn't ask questions... I was just happy for the break.

Right before the class that I had with Andre, he sent me a text, that he wasn't coming to class, but to meet him in the student parking lot after school. I texted back OK, and went to class. I thought that was weird too, but what was I going to do? I went to the same class that I had been tormented the day earlier in... and, nobody said anything to me. I was completely spared any ridicule or torture. Andre wasn't there like he had said, and I hadn't seen him at all that day.

When school was over, I walked out to the student parking lot. I didn't see Andre at first. Then, he rolled up in an old beat up Chevy. And, told me he'd drive me home. I got in, and he asked me if anybody fucked with me, I said "no," and thanked him, he iterated something about me being his "boy," and he's got me, and if anybody gives me static just let him know. He said that to meet him there after school from now on, and wait for him to pick me up. I felt like he thought I was a girl the way he was talking to me, and driving me home. At this point I was definitely sensing that something was really strange... I mean out of nowhere, and for no real reason... this man just volunteered to be my bodyguard and shofar! I knew something was up, but still had no idea what was going on.

I gave him directions to my house, and he asked if I had siblings home, or if my parents were there. I told him that I had no siblings, and that my mom gets home kinda late. Then, he asked me what I usually do when I get home, and I just said watch TV, play video games, and stuff. He expressed an interest to come over, and "hang out," and obviously I couldn't say no, so I was all like, "yeah sure!" I acted like I wanted him to come over, but really... I was terrified.

We pulled up to my house, and it was a relatively nice-ish looking single-story house, second from the end of a cul-de-sac, in a moderately nice suburban area. He was impressed, and thought I must have money. I explained that I recently moved from Nebraska, and my Aunt's husband hooked us up with the place. I opened the door, and we went inside. Feeling awkward, and really nervous I asked if I could get him something to drink. He declined, and wanted to see my room, so I invited him inside. I showed him my computer, my TV, and just showed him around... he seemed disinterested... and, just looked so Out-of-place being there! I mean it was weird seeing this tall thugged-out hard-core ghetto black man standing in my room.

He was just looking around aimlessly... and, didn't say a word. Feeling awkward, I asked to show him some of the games I had, but he didn't respond to me at all. Just continued looking around aimlessly. Then, he walked over to the window at the back end of my room, and seemed interested in the window for some reason. Then, he walked back around to my door, and checked it out for some other unknown reason. I sat down at the edge of my bed, and just watched him rummage about.

Then he looked at me, and said, "You said your from Nebraska right?" And, I said a tentative, "yes." He followed up saying, "Prolly not a lotta black people in Nebraska hungh?" And, I responded saying, "Not really... I mean there are some, but not whole lot."

He was quiet a few more seconds after that, just looking towards the window, and stood in front of me, he asked me to stand up... I did, and then he grabbed my shoulders, and gently spun me around. I had NO CLUE what was going on! One of his huge black hands grabbed me by the back of my arm, and the other... began feeling me up!!!

I was petrified... just frozen... I still did not fully realize that Andre wanted to fuck me! His powerful hand began palming my ass through my jeans, and the other went up my shirt! Then he leaned his mouth close to my ear, and said, "So, you aint neva been fucked before hungh?" Freaking out, and suddenly coming back into it... I spun back around, and fell on my bed. I looked up at Andre, and he looked confused. He looked at me, and said, "What are you doing?" .... TOTALLY SHOCKED, I stuttered, and said, "What are YOU doing?"

Andre cracked a smile, and placed his massive midnight hand on my shoulder, and said, "What'd YOU think I meant when I said you my boy?" Suddenly I understood how I come to have my own personal bodyguard and shofar! I explained that I didn't know that he meant THAT, and frantically tried talking my way out of whatever he had planned to do to me! But, Andre just stood there smiling, he apparently found me incredibly amusing! And, that somehow made me even more nervous!!! He spoke to me like I was a high-stung girl who was over-reacting, and fluidly continued to sexually advance on me. Grabbing me, grabbing his dick through his pants, and just brashly pushing forward!

He was so cocky, and self-assured. He looked like he was about to devour me, and behaved like I just needed a little push, and I'd be bouncing on his cock! He pressed forward like nothing could stop him, and happily declared his intention to have my pretty pink lips wrapped around his cock, and fuck the freckles off my cheeks! Then, he told me how he'd had experience with virgins before, and not to worry...

Andre was all smiles, and I was more nervous and terrified than I had ever been in my life! I was rambling on and on, trying to politely explain that this was a big misunderstanding, and while I was doing that, I said, "I didn't even know you were gay!"

The moment I spoke those words... Andre's smile turned into a face that could kill a person! He quickly responded saying, "What the fuck did you just say???" Way too terrified to reiterate what had made him so angry... I just sat there scared and confused!!! Realizing I did not mean to offend him, and was just simply ignorant about his race and culture, he calmed down a little, but was still angry. Andre responded saying, "Don't ever say that shit to a black man! I'm NOT gay, this here... this is just pussy to me! A nigga like me just wunna fuck pussy, n' dat white pussy's da best. You ain't NO type of guy to me snow bunny, a nigga don't see white boys as nuthin' but pussy! You white boys ain't really no different than a white girl to a Nigga. You a female same as any other to a black man. I guess you from Nebraska, and didn't know dat shit, but don't say that shit to me again!"

Sitting there without any clue how to respond, Andre continued, "See, when you gettn' down wit a nigga you're the girl... ya'll already so feminine... its da same shit to a brotha. Lotta little snow bunnies like you getting fucked by niggas like me on the low. Like a booty call, u know we cool, but when its time to get down, u pull dem panties off, and handle a nigga's dick like good gurl." At that time I had no idea there were SO MANY black men that fuck and feminize white boys, or that the term for a white boy who is used like a girl by black males... was called "boy." Many/most blacks don't see white males as males at all... just another type of white girl, they indiscriminately fuck us same as any white girl.

I was no different than Brittney Spears as far as Andre was concerned, and apparently most other black males saw me and most other white boys in a similar way. Andre and others like him had... HAD lil' snow bunnies like me, regular white girls, and black girls on the side. They got a LOT of action!!! And, enjoyed the variety of pussy they had access to... simple as that.

Andre calmed down once he saw that I understood what he was saying. He insisted that on some level I already knew that, and knew what he wanted to do with me. I wasn't sure what I knew beforehand, I knew something was going on, and maybe on some level I knew that it was something along those lines was brewing. Andre said even I know, that a black man only comes into a white bitches bedroom to do one thing! He tried making me feel like I was behaving irrationally, and like of course we're going to have sex ... so stop being ridiculous!

Andre began telling me that he knows I'm a virgin, and that I'm shy, but that I'll like being his lil' gurl-friend. He made it sound that' it would be like being "friends with benefits," and made it all seem so natural and casual. He was so non-sealant about it, and was reassuring and funny even.... He spoke to me like how a cool guy/bad-boy boyfriend talks his goodie-two-shoes girlfriend into sex.

He was undaunted by me constantly rejecting his sexual advances. Like I was just saying "no," but that really I meant "YES!" He remained completely unfazed by anything I said! He was so sure of himself, and so confident that we were going to sex, that I was really shaken, and taken aback by his unwavering resolve! He effortlessly applied crushing pressure, pushing for sex like a freight chain that just would not be stopped!

When, I tried explaining that I was only into girls... he was just like, "that's cool." When I tried explaining that I didn't want to be his girlfriend... he was just like " Yeah Ungh hugh." But, no matter what I said, I couldn't keep his hands off me!!! I didn't want to make him angry or violent, so I just kept pulling his hands off me gently, and continued to try talking my way out of the situation. But, I froze when he bent me over on my bed, and slid his hand down my jeans... It happened so fast!!! And, before I could even react... he was fingering me!!!

His hands were so big, and his fingers were so long and thick... it almost felt like I was going to cry... And, he was only inside me up to the first first. He remained relatively shallow in the beginning, but firmly established strong control over my body.

His middle finger fucked me slow, and turned it inside me subtly. I couldn't go anywhere because his other hand had a fistful of my hair. I tried to squirm away, but he pinned me down, and unapologetically continued to finger fuck my lily white ass. Slowly and deliberately, his huge finger worked me. With all my might I tried to get away... I desperately tried to wiggle, squirm, and crawl away, but he was so strong... and the powerful pain of being butt-fucked was paralyzing! It hurt SO MUCH, especially at first... but, after a while it began to feel euphoric!!! It was physically impossible to get away from him, I had no control over the situation, Andre did as he wanted...

I couldn't even scream... initially the pain was so powerful, my voice box was paralyzed. After the euphoria set in, the only sounds I could make were moans and heavy breathing! I couldn't form words... especially when he shoved my face into my pillow, and held it there. Then, he lifted my ass up, and forced my back to arch for deeper penetration. And, I could feel it from the top of my head... down to my toes!!! Every time I tried to crawl away, he just pushed me down, and controlled by body.

He did it, not like he was rapping me, but rather... as though, I wanted him to do it! It wasn't true, but... he behaved as though it was! Like I wanted to be fingered, but I was just playing hard to get, or something! I continuously got my ass slapped, and finger fucked, while he told me how good he was gunna fuck me!

His fingers worked rigorously! I could even feel him beginning to loosen me up a little, and then his finger buried itself down to the second knuckle deep into me. I was in my own bed being fingered by a black man... I was in a state of unreality, saturated with ecstasy chemicals flooding my system! At some point I lost higher reasoning thought capacity... My brain went off-line, but my body was screaming out in blissful euphoria... I didn't want it to...but it felt incredible! And, at some point I just stopped fighting, I was being dominated, and for some reason... my body loved it!!!

When Andre felt that I wasn't resisting him, he propped my ass up higher, arched my back, and put his mouth to my ear, and began telling me how good he was about to fuck me. He slid my jeans just a little further down, but not completely down my ass cheeks, and began pulling my hair, and telling me what a guud gurl I was. All together he only fingered me for about 5 or 6 minutes, but I had to fight the urge to cum when he did it.

I was completely in a state shock, and only returned to my senses when he pulled his finger out. I turned around on my back, and lifted my jeans back up over my crack, and tried to make a run for it...

I didn't get far though. Andre had me firmly in place on my back, on my bed. His hands were all over me, and his busy fingers were trying to remove my clothing. I kept crying for him to stop, and he just smiled as if it was clear that I wanted him to keep on going. He didn't get my clothes off, so he just descended on me, grabbing my hair, and kissing my neck... I finally let out a convincing, "PLEASE STOP," and he backed off me. I sat up, and he stood up.

He looked at me lust burning in his eyes... and, said, "You don't appreciate what I did?" He was talking about giving back my bag, and getting everybody to stop picking on me. I replied that I did appreciate it, but I don't want to get give him sex because of it. And, he some how put me on guilt trip, And, explained that it was fine if I wasn't ready for sex, but I should at least give him head. He told me he heard me moan when he fingered me, and he knows I liked it... even if I didn't want to accept it. It was true of course, and I couldn't believably deny it. So, he insistently spoke about how much I'm going to like it, and that if I just try it a little I'll see how much I enjoy sucking his cock!

His pressure was relentless! He just kept pushing, with such unbelievable confidence! He was just so sure I would give in, he was so certain that I wanted to suck his cock! He believed I obviously wanted to suck cock, and get butt fucked... and, it didn't matter WHAT I said! He was so steadfast with uncompromising intent, and pressured me for sex with an inescapable bottom line that inevitably ended with him fucking me like a girl! His demanding, domineering, incessant forward pressure was absolutely overbearing! His desires were unyielding, his will was immanent... his pressure was just so totally overwhelming, that I was shaken and completely flustered!

He stood in front of me, and since I was sitting at the edge of the bed, he put his crotch in front of my face... and, placed his hand under my chin lifting it, so I could look up at him... And, he said, "Look, try it, and if you don't like it... you can stop. Okay, I just want you to try it. Just try it. Nobody has to know! I'll still protect you at school, and everything. Just try it! You can stop if you don't like it, and I won't push you again. I went out on a limb for you, I'm just asking you to try it"

While he spoke he unzipped his jeans, and put his hand down his boxers. His jeans dropped to his knees, and his hand wrestled with the beast in his boxers. His hand grabbed me by the top of my head, and pushed it closer to his crotch. His confidence was so fucking incredible, and just forced some kind a psychological hold over me! His pressure was relentless!!! I felt so pressured, intimidated, and afraid not to comply that I just couldn't resist his pressure any longer.. He had broken me down... I even began to feel guilty. His psychological pressure was so intense ... that I couldn't help but cave in, he wasn't going stop, and before too long... we both knew I was going to suck his cock!

Andre knew he was about to make me a full-fledged cock sucker, we both knew it! So I began trying to bargain with him, that if I did it... I could stop whenever, and that it wouldn't go any further I pleaded with him that if I did this... he wouldn't fuck my ass! Andre wanted his cock sucked, and was willing to say whatever to get his big black cock in my mouth!!! I made him promise not to fuck my ass if I sucked his cock! I said the word promise over and over again. So, he just gave me the old, "yeah... yeah," and pulled his huge black dick out in front of my face!

His cock was bigger than my entire face!!! It was bigger than my forearm!!! My eyes opened up like binoculars!!! My jaw went slack, and I was in complete and utter disbelief that this black man's cock could be so unimaginably BIG!!! I just sat there for a few seconds in sheer awe!!!

Andre thought this was hilarious, and decided to snap me out of shock, by smacking me across my forehead with his huge black cock, and then slapped me across my face with it for good measure! To save myself from being beaten into unconsciousness with a black cock, I grabbed it to stave off further beating. I could NOT believe how small my hand seemed grabbing that big black penis! My fingers didn't even make it half way around that monster cock!!! It was THICK, VEINY, AND LONG!!! Like REALLY LONG!!!

I seriously didn't think it could EVER fit in my mouth!!! There I sat at the edge of the bed in my own room, with a huge nigger cock, in my hands... pointing itself towards my lips! I looked up at Andre with NO CLUE what to do with his big dick! Andre smiled, and told me to give the tip of his dick a kiss! It seemed utterly disgusting, and I was utterly disgusted with myself for doing it! But...

I leaned in... and gave the tip of that mighty African cock, a soft Caucasian kiss. Andre LOVED IT! And, he told me to lick my lips, and kiss his dick slower, longer, and with more passion. Though it made my stomach churn, and though I felt like the filthiest faggot whore on the planet... I licked my lips, and kissed the tip of his cock with a long, slow, passionate, and slightly wet kiss! Andre demanded wetter sloppier kisses, and I turned my mind off, and just obeyed him! Then, he had me stick my tongue out, and lick his midnight cock like a lollipop, I ran my tongue up and down the great length of his mighty cock, and went all around the head... clockwise, counter clockwise, up and down, and all around.

It was almost like an out-of-body experience... I couldn't really believe what I was doing!!! It didn't even seem like me! I would have never imagined myself capable of such vile, putrid, perverted, sickening acts of cowardice and faggotry, but there I was... And, before long... Andre grabbed me by the sides of my head, and told me to open wide, as he pushed his big black dick into my mouth! It hurt my jaw and mouth trying to get his giant black cock inside, and I could only barely get the head of that black cock in my mouth!!! But, Andre pushed my head down further, and his cock down deeper, and as I gagged on his cock... he told me what cute lil cock-sucker I was, and how good my thick n' pouty pink lips felt wrapped around his big black cock!

He would let me come up for air every now and then, and then shove his tremendous nigger cock back down my throat! He demanded that I constantly look up at him while I sucked his big black cock, because he thought it looked so hot to watch me suck his dick! And, there was a mirror on my side wall, where I could watch myself suck his cock, and if I wasn't looking up at him, he demanded I look into it... so I could see what a natural cocksucker I was!

I had only been sucking cock for about 5 minutes, before my jaw could no longer tolerate the job! Andre noticed this, and told me to stand up! I stood up off the bed, and he turned me around, and started taking my clothes off... when I objected... he told me to, "Shut the fuck up!," and said I should have been naked BEFORE I started sucking cock! And, that white boys should never even be allowed to look at a nigger's dick with their clothes on, much less give a black man head! He ripped my clothes off my body, while he told me he wants to watch my lily white bitch ass suck black cock naked!!! He threw my shirt off, pulled my jeans off, shoes, socks, and underwear ALL off. He said half the fun was WATCHING my li' pretty... naked white ass suck his big black cock!

Once fully nude... His powerful and busy black hands seemed to envelop my naked lily white flesh! His hands were EVERWHERE!!! All over me!!! He rapped me with his hands and eyes, and the moment his eyes saw my perky pink nipples his mouth consumed them, then he spun me around backwards, and slapped my naked ass, first with his hands, and then with his cock! His hands rubbed and caressed my bottom, while his huge heavy cock traveled up and down the length of the crack of my ass! He subjected my ass to this again and again, just siding it up and down, like he was just imagining what would be like to fuck me!!!

His swollen dick's head rubbed forcefully up against my ass cheeks, and I knew then, THAT he would NEVER be satisfied until he's fucked my milky white ass! I wished it wasn't true, but I knew that he just HAD to fuck my ass!!! He was mad with lust, and would NOT be denied! After cock slapping my now pink n' rosy ass cheeks a few more times... he spun me back around facing him, and asked if I was ready to start sucking cock again, Hoping to quell his overt desire to interracially buttfuck me into a coma... I eagerly said yes, desperately hoping to make him cum with my lips, rather than a full blown Anal Assault... that I was quite certain I could NOT endure!!! Physically... nor psychologically...

He told me white boys suck black cock on their knees! And, he pushed my head down, until I was fully on my knee's with his monster cock shoved in my face! I figured to ONLY way I could escape a brutal, tortuous... possibly fatal interracial buttfucking was to make him cum with the blow job, so I pounced on his big black dick!!! I bobbed up and down on his cock like my life depended on it.... because maybe it did!!!

I kissed, licked, and sucked that Massive monstrous nasty nigger dick like a seasoned porn star! Andre could not believe the increased intensity I was suddenly possessed with! I was surprised myself at how quickly I'd learned, and became comfortable giving a black man head! Andre told me all white boys were natural born cock-suckers...and, it seemed he was right! I couldn't believe how feminine sucking black cock would make me feel! Or, how deeply feminized I so naturally became! Sucking that black cock became natural, like second nature!I enjoyed pleasing Andre, I enjoyed being naked, and on my knees giving a black man head!

He fucked my face so hard I was sure his dick would come out the back of my head! I sucked on his balls! I intimately kissed and licked his head and shaft, and sucked his cock with sloppy passion... so much that my saliva stuck to his penis and made a long sticky bridge to my lips! I really began to enjoy being a slutty little white cock-sucker, and felt empowered by my ability to satisfy that massive black beast!!!

I was trying to charm that fat black snake, I was taming a monster with my lips, tongue, and mouth! I was sucking a nigger's cock, and I was actually enjoying it! Andre had successfully made me a full-fledged cock-sucker! But, I was still desperately hoping that he wouldn't take my little white ass, and make me a fully-fledged faggot too!!!

I had been 7 or 8 minutes since I'd been thrown to my knees, and been avidly sucking cock, I was close to making Andre cum in my mouth, I could feel it, but my jaw and mouth couldn't stand the workout! I tried with everything to push through the pain, and even used my tongue to give my mouth a rest, but his cock was just so big, and my small mouth could only take so much cock for so long. I used my hands to jerk him off, and would seductively kiss his cock, and lollipop lick it up and down, but Andre kept shoving it in my mouth!

When it became obvious I couldn't suck anymore cock, Andre told me to stand up. And, that's when we both noticed that my tiny little pink prick had a fully blown erection! Which made it obvious to Andre that I liked being fingered, stripped, and I'd evidently... sucking black cock... which made him even crazier! He laughed at my tiny pink penis, and called it a clit... saying he'd seen white girls with clits twice the size of mine! Andre couldn't believe how small my penis was, and spoke about it like it REALLY was a clitoris. My utter lack of anything he perceived to be even remotely masculine became a source of endless amusement! He ridiculed me brutally, and spun me around to fixate on my naked white bubble butt!

He was going to fuck me!!!

He yanked back on my hair, and push me on all fours on my bed! I screamed and begged him to stop!!! Crying out that he had PROMISED that he wouldn't! I rattled off excuses one after another! I begged and pleaded, I screamed and cried, and I tired everything I could to get out of being butt fucked! But, Andre was undaunted! He was GOING to fuck me, and nothing else mattered! He was going to make me his whore, and that was THAT!

He pulled by hips back, and I felt the tip of his massive cock reach my butthole, I felt him trying to push it in, and I screamed... and tried to crawl away! André just grabbed my ankle, and pulled me right back in... as he pulled my body back across the bed I continued begging!!! And, tried to tell Andre that my Mom would be home any minute, and we had to stop! Andre was unfazed. He smacked my ass, and put me back in the doggy style position, and prepped to fuck me like a bitch in heat!

But, every time I felt the tip trying to press its way inside me, I tried to crawl away, and desperately try to convince Andre that my mom would be home any minute, or that I heard her come in, or she's coming to the door. But, undaunted... Andre would just pull me in by my ankle, ass smack me, and force me to arch my back, and doggy-style my body for him!

But, their were physical issues... that seemed to save me! His big black cock was simply TOO BIG... it DIDN'T FIT!!! It wasn't even close!!! Even the very... very tip of his big black dick was WAY TOO BIG to penetrate me!!! As I sat there on all fours, while Andre desperately tried to force his cock inside me... I thought I'd been saved! Then, Andre, grabbed me by my hair, and stood me up, and said, "Take me to the bathroom!!!" So with a fistful of my blonde hair, in his hand... he marched behind me as I walked butt naked across the hall to the bathroom. Once we got there, Andre began rummaging through the products under the sink... apparently looking for something! He grabbed a bottle of baby oil, and then grabbed me by my hair, and dragged me back into my room.

Once we got back to my room, Andre locked the door behind him... picked my entire body up, and tossed me onto my bed. He wasted NO TIME laying me on my belly, shoving my face down, and getting my ass up in the air! He soaked my ass in baby oil, and soaked his fingers too! Then he began feverishly fingering my brains out! He continued to burry his shiny black... oil drenched fingers ALL THE WAY down my canal! Using more and more oil!

His fingers were so big, long, thick and masculine it felt like I was already taking cock!!!

He smacked my ass, and ran his fingers down deep!!! It hurt a thousand times worse than before, and felt a thousand times better too! Every cell of my body must have been saturated with ecstasy producing peptides! I was paralyzed in euphoric bliss!!! As one hand worked my milky white bottom... the other was drenching his mighty cock with baby oil, and his fingers continued to loosen me, and lubricate his cock's destined passage into me!

After some time... he sensed it was ready! He yanked back on my hips, and pulled my hair to arch my back, and began pushing the tip of his cock, into my ass! I crawled away again out of fear, and this time... more violently than the first time... he grabbed me by my ankle and just flung my ass back towards his hungry cock! As he propped my body back up in doggy style position, and began trying to get his tip inside me, I turned back to look at him, and said, "Wait, aren't you AT LEAST going to put on a condom???"

Andre just laughed, and said, "Why? You worried I'll get you pregnant???" Then, he slapped my ass, and told me I was a funny little faggot! As, he continued to try getting his big dick inside me he told me that white boys get fucked raw!!! So Blacks can breed us! He told me I wasn't just getting fucked... I was being mated... Turned-out and converted! The distinction being that he was going to inseminate me!!! This was called boi breeding!!! He told me that black men seed their lil white bois, so that they'll know what its like to have the essence of a REAL MAN alive and inside them!!!

Andre told me that I'm having sex with a black man, and THAT meant NO BARRIERS! Black cocks provide NO obstructions for white boys! I was to be fucked, interracial sex... which meant feeling his naked black Africanized cock, inside my raw white Caucasian insides! Andre told me that... one of the best things about fuckin' white boys was that no matter how much cum niggas pump into them, they never get pregnant, but... THAT WON'T STOP THEM FROM TRYING!!!

He told me he was going to pump cum into my guts, and fill me up so frequently that I'll experience withdrawals like a drug addict if I go without getting an African cum fix!!! As the tip of his cock pushed up against the entrance of my oil soaked asshole... I could fell his pre-cum seep out of his cock, and leak down into my lil' hole. It was thick, warm, and sticky! He told me he was going to fill my little white Caucasian body, with proud Black African semen, and that they would swim inside me, wiggle, squirm, live, and die inside my body, and that... THAT experience would make me a black man's whore for the rest of my life! And, THAT is WHY white boys get fucked RAW!!! That is why black men inseminate us! That is why I am being inseminated!!!

As despicable of a whore I felt like... I was MORE sexually aroused than I had ever been in my entire life!!! My own pre-cum oozed from my hard tiny little pink prick, as his dick began to push into me! I could feel the tip of his rock hard nigger cock, as it began stuffing itself, and sliding in pushing itself past my expanding pink ring, and I felt the tip penetrate through! I felt the tip enter inside me, as if it was in slow motion. My central nervous system flooded my system with powerful peptide potions that made me feel like I was in wonderland!

His cock just kept pushing through slowly, but with a constant steady pressure like how thick molasses pours down. First his tip, then further down, until the mighty shiny black crown of his cock entered me, and sent radiating pain like 100,000 electric volts the length of my body, which was followed by the violent release of euphoric chemicals pumping through me. I felt levels of simulations pleasure and pain that I could had NEVER imagined possible!!! And, with that same consistent pressure... the LONG ROD of that big black cock continued to sink deeper and deeper and DEEPER down into my body!!!

I felt his MASSIVE Black cock push deep into my guts, and even when I thought it could go no deeper... IT DID!!! And, kept going further and further down!!! I had began moaning like an animal during the initial penetration, but as it went deeper... my voice froze! I could feel his cock in the toes!!! My fingers clutched at my bedspread as if for survival! My insides trembled as he burrowed cock deeper and deeper down into me!!! My toes curled, and every inch of me became alive and trembled, shook, and tremored as his black cock pushed its way in further and further down!!!

His cock seemed endless, like it would eventually push its way so deep, it would exit out of my mouth!!! It JUST KEPT GOING DEEPER!!! Eventually, I felt the base of his cock, and his pubic hair, compressed... flattened by my ass! He had EVERY LAST INCH of his cock buried inside me! The entire length of his black penis submerged in my little white body. And, once fully inside me... he just left it in there, holding the position, forcing my insides to expand to accommodate his invading African Conqueror Cock!!! He just left it in there, and held it for 80 or 90 seconds! And, I could just feel that huge swollen cock literally THROBBING inside me!!!

My voice could NOT unfreeze, nor could my toes uncurl...and, my little white fists could not un-clutch their death grip hold on my bedspread! I could literally feel every fiber of my being alive with a feeling totally unparalleled with absolutely NO experience to compare it with!!! I could feel his cock throughout every inch of me! I could feel it at the base of my scalp, through my hair follicles! It was a spiritual experience! His raw, uncut, swollen black cock made me a woman! The power of black cock turns white boys into girls! Andre's black cock penetrated me... somehow making me, or rather exposing me as intrinsically female, and I knew that I could never return to even pretending to be a male ever again! I could NEVER be a man now! I was now forever turned bitch!

Every last inch deep inside me... I was his, I belonged to him now, to him, and his black cock! He owned me, he'd conquered me, I was his property, his slave, his bitch, his cute little white whore! He asked me if I could feel that??? And, demanded a response. Once I could finally muster the strength to say yes... my voice only now... mostly unfrozen, he said, "Good! What a good gurl you are!!! That's a big black cock you got inside you!" Then, he began rocking his hips left and right to make me moan like a whore, and it WORKED!!!

While he did this... he said, "Yeah, you feel that big black dick inside you, don't you bitch?! You brought me into your bedroom, took off all your clothes for me, sucked my black cock, and just let a Nigga fuck you in the ass!!! ... Gotta LOVE White boys!!! Ya'll just can't resist a black dick can you!!!" Then, he said, "You were born a bitch, but today I made you a cock-sucker, and I made you a faggot too! You can NEVER un-suck a cock once you've sucked it, and you can NEVER un-fuck a cock once its fucked you, so congratulations, you are a cock-sucking faggot for the rest of your LIFE now bitch!"

Every word of it was true of course, it was self-evident, and it turned me on! Then, he rolled his hips in a circle... round and around, up and down... and, I lost control!!! Moaning, panting, crying out, and moaning some more!!! Andre told me I was his bitch now, and he's gunna fuck me every day! Then, he SLOWLY pulled his cock out.... until ONLY the tip was in, and then SLOWLY pushed it ALL THE WAY BACK up my ass!!! He did this again, and again... getting my ass accustomed to getting fucked, like breaking in a baseball glove!!!

The feeling was light-years beyond incredible!!! There are NO WORDS that could describe the sensation of being fucked by a black man!!! And, on the third time... on the way inside I uncontrollably began to cum like never before! It was the most powerful orgasm ever! And, I continued ejaculating until, he was "balls deep" in my butt! He continued fucking me in this way many...MANY times, ALL the way IN and ALL the way OUT, and continued lubing his cock with baby oil, to facilitate all the harder faster fucking he planned on dealing my lilly white bare bottom! THEN...

He began fucking me harder and faster! His speed just kept increasing! For several minutes he just kept building up! We began to sweat like we were in a sauna! The sex grew more passionate, and much more primal! This interracial fuck fest grew hotter, stickier, and sweatier by the second! His speed built exponentially pounding my milk white bare bottom like an African war drum!!! He began a brutal buttfucking that send me into tremors!!! His pace grew faster, harder, and more violent with each and every pump! Until he crashed cock into my ass with such force that bursts of sweat mists busted into the air with each successive time he slammed into my ass!!!

There was a mirror at the head of my bed post, the one I had looked into before when I watched myself give him head, but now I was watching Andre fuck me! I watched myself let him fuck my ass, and watched myself turn full whore! It was thrilling watching myself being fucked from the back, it looked and felt so fucking hot!!! I couldn't believe how exciting it was, or how good it felt! It evoked such an arousal to watch his huge...LONG BLACK COCK sinking inside my bright white alabaster ass!!! I LOVED watching it penetrate me, seemingly disappearing as its buried itself into my lily white flesh!!! I liked watching his powerful black sweaty muscles flexing and contracting as he fucked me savagely!!!

He fucked the shit out of me! And, I kept dry cumming again, and again, again!!! He threw me on my back, just mounted me like the might nigger he was, and fucked me while starring into my eyes... I reached my dainty little hands up to feel his massive pectoral muscles while he fucked me like a whore! I wrapped my legs around him, and dug my toes into his sides while he mercilessly fucked me into oblivion! He propped my heels up on his shoulders, and had my knees pushed past my ears while he jack hammered that thick ebony rod, down deep into my pale flesh!!!

He dripped sweat off his black forehead down onto me, sweat from his black face and body rained on me... while I held his powerful pecs, and my whole body just contracted in orgasmic bliss again and again! I felt like I was being fucked by an African War god!!! He lifted my entire body up in the air, and just bounced my alabaster ass up and down on his massive midnight cock, and then forced me back on all fours, while he continued his savage anal assault, until my legs grew too wobbly, and my knees buckled out from under me, laying me out flat!

He propped pillows under my hips, lifting my ass up, and used one hand to push my face down into the mattress, while he just continued fucking my ass!!! Then, he continued brutally pounding cock up my butt for more than an hour, until he finally came, and just pumped LOADS of cum into me, soaking my guts, and drenching my insides! I could actually feel him inseminate me!!! I felt proud to be inseminated by black man! I enjoyed being breed in that way! I was so happy to have a black man inseminate me... I had millions of proud African warrior semen alive deep inside my little white body!!! Then, he pulled his cock out, and beat my ass with his heavy, sticky cum coated cock, and rubbed it all over my ass!

Then, he grabbed my hair, and had me use my mouth, to clean him up! And, there was still enough cum coating his cock, that I had cum dripping from my lips, and I swallowed so much nigger cum, I could feel tem swimming in my tummy!!! I licked and sucked his cock clean, and then collapsed in exhaustion, and soreness immediately after. I lied there fucked senseless, and only then was truly grasping the realization of what a vile, nasty, filthy little whore I had just become... while I just watched Andre putting his clothes back on. Once he was fully dressed, he grabbed and smacked my freshly fucked ass, and told me I was his "boy" now, and he was my "dom." And, that he will come and fuck me whenever he wants, and it was my responsibility to serve him whenever, wherever, and however he chose.

I lied in bed without getting up once, for the rest of the day, in the fetal position, with my arms wrapped around myself, while I tried to grapple with what a disgusting, slutty, wretched, filthy little whore I was, and how I would never be the same again. I didn't go to school the next day, I just told my mom that I was sick, but around 3:25pm Andre was already knocking at my window anyways!

He asked why I didn't go to school, and I admitted it was hard to walk, and I was in a great deal of pain. While I spoke, Andre just started taking off my clothes, I tried begging him not to fuck me until I could recover but, his ears were deaf to my desperate cries! Beg as I did... He had me suck his cock, and then fucked me again! Even harder and longer than the first time. When he finished he grabbed my underwear from the floor, and told me he didn't want to see me in shit like that anymore, and I needed to wear panties from now on!

Like the first time, there was no escaping Andre, he would come looking for me, he knew where I lived, and where I went to school! There was no denying him, black men won't be denied! He would always come for me, dominate and inseminate me... there was no escape!

Andre fucked me nearly every single day, a bare minimum of six days a week. He taught me to ride cock, and after getting me to wear panties... he got me wearing lip gloss, eye liner, mascara, and blush! After just the first week, the Monday of the second week... he arrived at my window with another black male, and had me suck his cock too, and then they both took turns fucking me, and "finger cuffing," me. One fucked my face, while the other hammered my ass. In time he brought other friends to triple team me, and eventually had little gangs of niggers "running trains" on me! Andre pimped me out, and had me turning tricks, for all sorts of niggers in school, and out. The football, basket ball, and track team were no strangers to my bedroom!

They once even video recorded a dozen of niggers "running trains" on me! My mom walked in on one of these little interracial group fuck fests, and was positively traumatized to find what must have seemed like half the project housing niggers within a ten mile radius taking turns butt fucking her baby boy! She pulled me out of school, and we moved... I was a junior in high-school by then. But, black cock found me in my new school too... although not anywhere near the same extent, but I still found myself still sucking black cock behind the bleachers, sitting on black cock in bathrooms and locker rooms, and getting butt-fucked in the backseat of a basketball players' car. And then, In college... I got more black cock than a urinal at the Apollo!

Once you go black... you NEVER go back, and for white boys... once you go black, you NEVER go back to being a boy, EVER again!!!

After college, I tried having sex with women, it felt gay, and it honestly just could NEVER compare! White boys are built for black cock plain and simple! We lack the equipment to truly satisfy pussy, we serve far better as pussies ourselves! Find a black man, and learn the truth for yourself!


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I loved ur story and I'm in total agreement with you I am white an also suck black cocks it's all I do I only suck cocksand love cum .I believe all white guys should serve blacks .Iconsider it a honor to suck black cocks. I love to be put on display so people can watch me sucking and drinking loads of cum. I love telling people im a black cocksucker. I'm always ready to drop to my knees for black cock ANYWHERE BLACKS ARE SO SUPERIOR .DOUG from lanc pa



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