The carnage continues as the Asians attempt to retake their Headquarters
Day 3

“I just finished brewing some more tea, everybody,” Ellen announces cheerfully to the other girls at breakfast with her. “No thanks. That’s enemy tea. I’ll just stick with my coffee,” replies a skeptical Janine. “I’ll have another cup,” volunteers Julie. “That was a really great rice dish you made last night, Ellie,” chimes in Debbie, also holding out her cup for more tea. “Thanks. It’s an authentic recipe. Luckily that General had a really good 5 spice blend in her private stash. That’s what really makes that dish,” replies Ellen appreciatively. “That Captain had some pretty lace undies in her private stash,” offers Michelle, veering the conversation off into another direction. “She won’t be needing them anymore. They must have processed out her ass at Headquarters by now,” speculates Donna. “I wish we would have processed her out here. I would have loved to have had that little princess bitch wriggling on the end of my bayonet,” exclaims the bloodthirsty Janine. Sipping her tea and lost in her own thoughts, Debbie murmurs “A hundred and eighty six days.” “Oh no, not this again!” exclaims Janine. “None of us is getting dick, Debbie, so go and cry about it someplace else,” Janine continues, good naturedly feigning exasperation. “If you think it’s tough on you, just think how hard it is on this little whore,” she says, pointing to Michelle. “Why me?” exclaims a surprised Michelle. “Well, you’re the one with the tramp stamp! You’ve got to be the biggest slut here!” answers Janine. “From some of the stories you’ve told, I might as well be a virgin, you little walking sperm bank,” counters Michelle to the giggles of the other girls. “I just wish I had a dick in my mouth,” offers the orally obsessed Julie. “I used to practice on lollipops,” giggles Donna. “When you’re as good as I am, you don’t need any practice,” counters Julie. All the girls giggle again, and then look up to see a serious faced Katie standing in front of them. “Gee, I hate to break up this little slut party, but we need all of you on the battle line. The enemy is getting ready to make their move,” the corporal informs them. The Blonde troopers pick up their M-16s and hurry to the perimeter line.

“There is definitely movement over there,” Amy affirms to Katie, pointing to the north and handing her the binoculars. “And we’ve definitely got to keep an eye on that building over there,” she adds, indicating the blasted out shell of a high rise to the northeast. “That’s where the real attack is going to come from.” Amy is far from happy with the perimeter wall that she has her platoon deployed behind. It’s way too low, and even worse there’s no barbed wire on top of it. We’ll just have to work with it the best we can, she decides, waiting for the attack that she knows is imminent.

Out of the eerie stillness, the Blondes begin to hear a low, distant murmuring sound, almost like the rustling of the wind. The sound soon begins to move closer, and becomes louder and more distinct. It is the sound of a large number of young female voices singing! Amy orders her women to ready their weapons as the singing swells in volume and the massed formation appears in front of their battle line. They are Asian cadets, a troop of 100 of them, marching forward shoulder to shoulder. Amy has seen these formations many, many times before, but still cannot help shaking her head in disbelief. The Asian cadet troops are formed entirely of 15 and 16 year old girls, holding their unloaded, bayonetted rifles in front of them as they advance, singing the Anthem of The Leader. “With The Leader we move forward! With The Leader we conquer!” Dressed in berets, tightly buttoned uniform jackets and skirts, the cadets are led by their 17 year old Cadet Leader and a standard bearer, advancing in front. The Cadet Leader waves her sword, points it at the enemy battle line and calls out “Forward!” in her soprano voice. “Rifle fire at my signal. Barb, hold your fire until I order full auto,” Amy orders. Barb readies her M-60; the other girls set their M-16s to deliver 3 round bursts. Amy herself sets her M-16 to single shot; the Cadet Leader belongs to her and she wants to make this as personal as possible. The cadets, still singing, continue their steady advance. The Blondes now have their weapons shouldered, ready to fire. Amy can make out the wording on the banner, “Forward in Unity!” as it is held aloft by the standard bearer marching a pace behind the Cadet Leader.

Amy steadies her M-16, takes careful aim at the Cadet Leader and squeezes the trigger. She can see the bullet hole blossom on the Cadet Leader’s jacket in the upper chest area, above the tightly constrained young breasts. A look of surprise, mingled with pain, spreads across the Cadet Leader’s face, but she keeps her feet, and continues her steady tread forward, again waving her sword and shouting “Forward!” in a now hoarsened voice. Amy’s first shot is the signal for her platoon to begin firing. Bullets converge on the standard bearer. Nine slugs tear into the young female flesh, as the standard bearer, convulsing and gasping in agony crumples to the ground. A cadet quickly runs forward to grab the falling banner and also goes down, riddled with bullets in her turn. Bullets tear into the massed ranks and the singing of the cadets is now mingled with the screaming of young women being ripped apart by hollow point slugs. Amy once again takes careful aim and another slug tears into the Cadet Leader’s upper chest. Now visibly in agony, the Cadet Leader determinedly continues her advance, weakly calling out “Forward!” to her troop. More and more cadets go down as the bullets inflict an increasing toll on the advancing ranks. Here a 15 year old girl goes down with a bullet in the head, the projectile pulverizing her brain into mush, instantly obliterating awareness and propelling her into the eternal darkness before her body hits the ground. At her side, the singing of a 16 year old fellow cadet is brutally silenced as 3 M-16 slugs rip into her guts, literally knocking the wind out of her and sweeping her off her feet onto the cold, unforgiving ground, where gasping in agony, she will linger briefly until death embraces her. Amy can now look into the agony filled eyes of the Cadet Leader, and she realizes that her target is looking right back at her. Amy lowers the muzzle of her M-16 slightly and pulls the trigger. Her third shot rips into the Cadet Leader’s guts, literally propelling her backwards, but still somehow not knocking her off her feet. Gasping, the Cadet leader drops her sword and takes two more staggering steps forward before dropping to her knees, and letting out a loud moan of agony. Amy takes cool and deliberate aim for one final time and squeezes the trigger. She watches with grim satisfaction as a neat, round hole is punched into the Cadet Leader’s forehead, slamming her onto her back on the ground less than 10 yards from the Blondes’ battle line. The now depleted ranks of the Cadets shudder to a halt upon seeing their leader go down, even as more girls are dropped in the hail of lead. The Cadets hesitate only briefly. Seized with battle fury, the Asian girls yell a frenzied war cry in unison and surge forward at a run, bayonets leveled at their flaxen haired enemies. “Full auto!” shouts Amy above the din, and her infantrywomen empty their M-16s into the faces of the charging cadets. Lying prone, Barb keeps her finger on the trigger of the tripod mounted M-60 and sweeps the packed ranks of the cadets, mowing down row after row of them. Girls are literally thrown backwards through the air as multiple .30 machine gun bullets shred their bodies at point blank range. Suddenly the Blondes realize that no one is standing in front of them any longer. Looking out before them, they see a thin line of crumpled bodies lying almost beneath the muzzles of their guns. The carnage could not be more complete.

The last of the Asian cadets has barely collapsed to the ground in a crumpled heap, when the Blondes hear multiple metallic clangs sounding on the ground all around them. “Hit the deck!” cries out Katie, and the troopers throw themselves flat as dense clouds of smoke begin to billow from the three smoke grenades that have been tossed into their lines. Three more sinister sounding thumps, followed by loud detonations as three hand grenades spray shrapnel in all directions. The main attack, the real attack, is now being delivered. Linda is the first Blonde to scramble back to her feet, and is instantly cut down by four bullets slamming into her body, fired by a black clad Asian Shock Trooper emerging from the smoke. Janine in turn cuts down Linda’s killer and 2 other Shock Troopers with multiple bursts from her M-16. The wind suddenly shifts, blowing the smoke away, and the two groups of women now face each other, separated by mere yards, the Blonde platoon versus the nine surviving Asian Shock Troopers. The Shock Team sergeant fires a burst with her AK-47, and Jan goes down, a slug brutally perforating her heart. The other Shock Team members are left with no time to react as Barb, still lying prone, slams back the trigger on her M-60. The Shock Troopers are scythed down by the hail of lead, which is punctuated by bursts from the M-16s of the other Blonde troopers. Almost to their surprise, the Blondes realize that all of their enemies are now down. “Corporal, make sure they’re done,” Amy orders. Katie pulls her 9mm out of her holster and walks over to the sprawled out, black clad bodies. A bullet to the head for each one, just to make sure. Even a wounded Shock Trooper can be a deadly adversary. With the sporadic popping of the 9mm providing melancholy background, Amy and the rest of her platoon gaze down mournfully at their two slain sisters. Jan lies sprawled flat on her back, her arms flung wide, her eyes wide open, staring into the immense vastness above. Linda, too, is on her back, eyes half closed, a thin trickle of blood flowing from the corner of her mouth. As the Blondes absorb the loss of their friends, another sound carries to their ears, that of the agonized moaning of wounded and dying Asian cadets lying in front of their lines. Amy details Michelle, Debbie and Marilyn to begin digging graves for the dead within the lines. Individual graves for Linda and Jan and a trench which will serve as a common grave for the Shock Troopers who will be dumped into it. With the rest of her platoon, Amy cautiously makes her way forward to begin the task of finishing off the wounded cadets.

We’re actually performing an act of mercy, Amy reassures herself as she and her troopers reach the contorted mass of bodies lying just outside their lines. We have minimal medical services even for our own girls, much less the enemy. If we don’t do this, they’ll just linger out here in agony for hours, or maybe even days. This way, we’re just putting them out of their misery. Here, a young cadet lies sprawled on her back, softly moaning as she begins to drift into unconsciousness, her perforated bowels beginning to extrude from the deep wound in her belly. There, another girl lies curled on her side in the fetal position, her breath coming quickly in gasping sobs, as she endures the agony of providing a living home of flesh and blood to the five leaden visitors that have ripped into her young body. They’re all so young, Amy can’t help but think to herself, as the popping of the M-16s, set to single shot, echoes in her ears, and the sounds of agony begin to fall silent. Soon, all of these broken young lives will be extinguished. A hundred more girls consumed by the insatiable, unforgiving maw of war. Their bullet riddled husks will be left to rot in front of the Blondes’ battle line, and decay will joyfully begin its feast on the sweet young female flesh.

Amy gazes down at the corpse of the Cadet Leader. She is sprawled out on her back, eyes open, lips slightly parted, her long black hair spilling out beneath her. She is still pretty, but the neatly punched hole in her skull, oozing gray brain matter, is eloquent testimony that she is no longer among the living. Another bright young Asian leader snuffed out in the first flower of her youth. The more of them that we kill, the sooner this war will be over, Amy reflects.

Soon, the Blonde platoon is standing at the now covered over graves of Linda and Jan. Amy recites the Words of Remembrance, and the blondes sadly reflect on memories of their lost friends. Amy feels doubly devastated. Not only did she like the two dead girls, as did everyone else, but her problem of trying to defend the captured enemy headquarters has only been compounded by the reduction in her already limited supply of womanpower. Those reinforcements had better get here by tomorrow, like the Captain promised, or we’re in serious trouble, Amy frets.

“Lieutenant Ming, I am giving you command of the forces to retake our Headquarters complex,” the Asian Colonel announces, her image transmitted on the secure video conference line. Ming stands stiffly at attention, and her strikingly pretty face, framed by shoulder length black hair, is impassive as she receives her orders. Dressed in the black uniform of a Shock Troop officer, with gleaming patent leather boots, Ming’s 5 foot 6 inch slender frame is enhanced by her c cup tits, which strain eagerly at her tight fitting uniform coat. At 20, she is already a combat veteran and has the reputation of being a cool, capable officer. “Our first attempt to retake the position has failed, and I want no further failures,” the Colonel continues. “The position will be taken, Colonel,” Ming replies with quiet assurance. “This is of the utmost importance, Ming,” the Colonel impresses upon her. “The Leader herself is watching this battle with great interest. Success will ensure your promotion to Captain. And mine to General,” the Colonel quietly adds. “You know you can count on me, Colonel,” Ming replies in a confident, determined voice. “You have never failed me, Ming,” the Colonel replies. “I know you will not fail me now.”

Several hundred feet from Lieutenant Ming’s command post, the bored 19 year old Asian Quartermaster sits behind her desk in the Cadet Barracks. In a loud voice, she calls out the next name on her list. “Chong!” The diminutive cadet steps forward and stands at attention in front of the desk. The Quartermaster reviews the cadet’s identity card. Name: Chong, B. Age: 15 Rank: Cadet, 3rd class Height: 5’ 1” Weight: 99 pounds. The Quartermaster looks at the identity photo, glances up at the petite cadet, and looks back down at the photo. Yes, it’s the same girl, she affirms to herself. She now goes to the fill-in portion of the card. Last Test Date: Glancing up at the large red “V” in the right hand corner of the card, she writes N.A. next to the Test Date check box. This girl is clean as a whistle thinks the Quartermaster. We don’t even test V status girls. She goes on to the next box. Looking up from the form, she addresses the cadet. “Birth control?” Turning herself sideways, Cadet Chong quickly flicks up her skirt, her thong panties allowing the Quartermaster to clearly see the patch on her right ass cheek. Satisfied, the Quartermaster checks the box marked Contraception Certification. “Are you having your period?” she asks, moving to the next box on the list. “No,” the cadet replies in an embarrassed voice. The Quartermaster checks the Negative box next to Menstruation Certification. “You will be assigned to Dormitory A, Bunk 20, Cadet Chong,” the Quartermaster now announces. “You will be assigned a companion for the evening and you will be allotted 15 minutes with him. Is that understood?” “Yes,” the cadet replies, in an uncertain voice. “Your bunk will be inspected in the morning,” the Quartermaster continues. “If inspection of the bunk is satisfactory, your V status will be revoked. Any questions?” “Is that bad? I mean if my V status is revoked?” the cadet asks in a worried voice. “No, that’s a very good thing, Chong,” the Quartermaster replies, a surprisingly warm smile lighting up her face in response to the younger girl’s naiveté and innocence. “Good luck, Chong,” she says, in a now genuinely friendly tone. “The Leader allows you your pleasure tonight.” “I thank The Leader,” Chong replies formulaically.

“Corporal, when it gets dark, take two troopers and secure that position,” Amy tells Katie, indicating the blasted out high rise to the northeast of the Blondes’ position. “The Shock Troopers used it as cover to approach our position today,” she continues by way of explanation. “We’ve got to deny it to them as a jumping off point for their next attack.” “I’ll take care of it, Sarge. You get some sleep. You look exhausted,” Katie replies. “Okay, take Ellen and Marilyn,” Amy orders. “If anything looks or sounds funny, have me woken up immediately,” she adds, before trudging wearily to the command post.

Chong lies on her bunk in the darkness of the barracks, naked under the blankets. Along with 35 other teenage girls, she is awaiting the arrival of the males, so that the regimented quarter hour of fornication can begin. She is more than a little bit nervous, but also feels a thrill of excitement. This is the first time I’m going to be giving myself to a man, she reflects. She really has no idea what to expect, she admits to herself. I wonder if it will hurt? Will I like it? I think I know what to do. Laying her head back on the pillow, she listens to the low whispers and soft giggling of the other girls in the darkness. She slides her hand down, below her waist, to the delicious virgin mound of Venus. She daintily pushes a slender digit past her nether lips, and feels the delicious wetness within. Yes, I’m ready, she smiles to herself. Suddenly, she hears a soft whisper from Bunk 21, the bunk next to hers. “I’ve never done this before. I’m scared.” “I’ve never done it either,” Chong whispers back. “But there’s nothing to be scared about. We’re all here together.” The girl in Bunk 21 whispers again. “I don’t know if I’m ready for this.” “Feel your pussy,” Chong instructs her. “Is it wet?” “Yes,” the other girl replies. “Then you’re ready,” Chong reassures her. “Will he be ready?” the girl whispers. “I’m sure he will,” Chong replies patiently. “What if he’s not?” the other girl persists. “You can suck on him a little, and he should get hard,” Chong replies, remembering what the older girls have told her. A brief silence. “You mean put it in my mouth?” the other girl asks. “Yes,” Chong replies. “Just enough to get him hard, if he’s not already.” “I don’t think I’d like that,” the other girl whispers. “I don’t know,” Chong answers. “I think I’d like to see what a man tastes like. I’m kind of hoping mine isn’t ready so I can suck on him a little,” Chong replies eagerly. Another brief silence. “Oh, and when he’s inside you, hold your legs up in the air. He’ll be able to go deeper that way,” Chong adds, passing along another piece of advice picked up from the older, more experienced cadets.

Amy lies in her bunk in the darkness of the command post, trying to catch a few hours’ sleep. She has full confidence in Katie, who is in charge of the night watch, and knows that the corporal will call her if needed. Lying back on her pillow, unable to fall asleep, she thinks back to her most recent weekend of leave.

“Faster! Faster!” Amy screams, digging her fingers into the hairy ass cheeks of her anonymous, grunting sperm donor, who is thrusting into her with all his force. He’s good, and he’s big, Amy marvels, as yet another in a series of orgasms floods her body. Moaning loudly, she savors the ultimate joy of being a woman. “Cum for me! Cum for me!” she demands, and in obedience the stud thrusts harder and faster. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!” she moans, as the male continues his merciless pounding. He’s still not cumming, she marvels, as the pussy slamming passes the twenty minute mark. She lets out another loud orgasmic wail. I’m going to make a baby tonight. I just know it, she thrills. But I need his sperm to do it. “Cum for me, baby! Cum for me!” she repeats, now in an imploring voice, raising her hands to caress the male’s sweaty face and then running her fingers through his hair. The male does not reply, and continues his machine like thrusting, his humanity betrayed only by the visceral grunts forced from him with each pelvic thrust, as well as the massive amount of sweat pouring from his body and bathing Amy in its moisture. Finally, the male slams his tool into Amy to the root one final time and is seized with orgasm. He groans deeply as his balls explode. The thick white seed of life, his only justification for existence, blasts forth from the penile slit, and is pumped into Amy’s wet, eager womanhood. “Yes! Yes!” she cries out, her eyes rolling back as she experiences yet another powerful orgasm. Deep inside her, the teeming millions of swimmers begin seeking out the egg that it is their mission to fertilize. Only one can succeed, and tonight there will be no birth control to impede its mission. To make even more certain, Amy and her male will copulate five more times before sunrise the next morning.

A smile lights up Amy’s face as she relives that night. I just know I’m pregnant, she thrills. I hope it’s a girl. I want her to grow up in a peaceful world ruled by women, and I want her to experience the same sort of pleasure I did that night. They’re talking about someday finding another way for us to reproduce, and totally be rid of men, she reflects. I hope I don’t live to see that day.

After what seems like an eternity, the door to the cadets’ dormitory is flung open. The whispering and giggling fall silent as a shaft of light from the outside reaches into the room. One by one, the males begin to file in, each one deploying himself at his previously assigned bunk. Chong pulls back the blanket on her bunk as her male walks over and stands beside it. She can feel the wetness increase below. The voice of the Cadet Leader calls out: “You have fifteen minutes!” The door slams shut, and once again, the darkness is total. Her male climbs into bed, and all around her, Chong can hear soft giggling coming from other girls. She does not giggle. Her curiosity overwhelms her as she reaches out her hand into the darkness. The male is kneeling on her bunk, and her grasping hand soon finds the prize; the fleshy male trophy is stiff. She suppresses her disappointment that she will not have to suck the male to erection, but she gives a satisfied little purr as she feels the rigid manhood in her hand. Her wetness further increases as she caresses the bulbous tip of the love spear and then slides her little hand down the tautened shaft that will soon find a home within her. Sliding yet lower, she fondles the pouch hanging just below the love spear, now emitting a little giggle as she feels each of the twin DNA factories within. That’s where his sperm is, she thinks. All of that sperm is going to be inside me soon. She’s fascinated with the equipment of the human male, so radically different from her own reproductive organs, but she also knows that time is wasting, even as her carnal hunger intensifies. She throws herself back on the bunk and almost reflexively spreads her legs wide. Isn’t it funny, she thinks. I want to do this so bad, and I don’t even know if I’ll like it.

A shudder of anticipation runs through her body as she feels the tip of the flesh spear briefly nestle against her nether lips, and then push past them. He’s inside me! she thinks gleefully, even as the rigid intruder slides further into the saturated, virgin canal of love. As the male lowers his body closer to hers, Chong lifts her feet off the bunk, and gradually begins lifting them higher in the air. I want him to go deep, she tells herself, embracing the sweet discomfort of taking a rock hard flesh pole for the first time. The love tool slides into the wet little pussy to the root, and is then rapidly pulled back. Chong lets out a little gasp as the tool is then thrust forward again, slamming into her full force, forever obliterating her virginity. The first thrust is followed by a second and then a third. Soon, the male is hammering into her with a steady rhythm, the metal frame of the bunk squealing with each powerful pelvic thrust. Chong moans loudly with pleasure, her cries blending with the gasps, moans and screams of the girls in the other bunks in a symphony of lust. The male’s face is hovering close above hers, but forbidden to speak during copulation, he merely grunts as he skillfully and determinedly breaks in the fresh young pussy. Chong looks up at him, but in the darkness, can only see his silhouette as he works to pleasure her. The moaning coming from Bunk 21 assures her that her hesitant friend is also enjoying her initiation. Chong’s pussy begins to relax and loosen as the steady pounding continues, and initial discomfort is replaced by unalloyed pleasure as penis continues to slide in and out of pussy. After five minutes, males begin getting up, one by one, from other bunks in the dormitory, and their function fulfilled, begin to exit the room. Shafts of light pierce the darkness like flashes of lightning as the door opens and closes behind them. Chong is delighted that her male shows no sign of stopping or even slowing up. He feels so good inside me, she thrills. I wish he could go on fucking me forever. Looking up as yet another shaft of light pierces the darkness, she catches a chiaroscuro glimpse of her male’s face. He’s young and good looking, with close cropped hair, Chong enthuses to herself. She is pleased that the first time she is surrendering her body to a male, he is young and handsome. Her moans of pleasure blend with those of the girl in 21. Yes, my friend! We are enjoying ourselves together! Chong thinks, thrilled that they are both finding the loss of their virginity so pleasurable. The merciless pounding continues past the halfway mark. Suddenly, Chong hears a change in the sounds coming from 21. Her friend’s breath begins to come in short, panting gasps. What’s happening to her? Chong wonders, even as she continues to absorb thrust after thrust from her male. Without warning, a sharp moaning wail arises from 21. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” the young female voice calls out. Not even The Leader herself can prevent the forbidden word from being uttered at this climactic point. She’s having an orgasm! Chong thrills to herself, filled with happiness for her friend’s achievement of ecstasy. Shortly, the male in 21 rises from the bunk and makes his way in the darkness toward the door. Another brief flash of light into the room, and he is gone, the darkness closing back in behind him. He leaves his young partner lying in Bunk 21, still panting for breath. It is now past the 10 minute mark. I hope he finishes in time, Chong begins to worry, knowing that the clock is ticking. She is just beginning to doubt if she will experience the same ecstasy that her friend did when Venus smiles upon her. Her heart pounds wildly and she gasps for breath as orgasm washes over her. “Oh, yes! Oh my god!” she cries out, her thighs quivering uncontrollably. She is allowed no time to recover as the grunting male begins to thrust even harder and faster. Chong cries out again as a second orgasm seizes her, and then suddenly the male stops thrusting. Why is he stopping? she wonders, and immediately realizes the answer. The groaning male’s spurting tool is depositing his seed deep inside her. Yes! she exults to herself. He is giving me his sperm! After a long moment, the male withdraws his tool from the well fucked young pussy, and gets up. Chong wants to say something to him, but she is breathing too heavily to speak. Her heart continues to race and she feels curiously light headed. Light briefly flashes into the room once more and then the darkness becomes total. Chong notices that the room is now completely silent. She and her male were the last to finish. Her virginity now only a memory, a load deep inside her body, Chong smiles happily in the darkness. When she slipped her naked body into Bunk 20 earlier tonight, she was still a girl. Now she is a woman.

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