Flash forward
This is a flash forward installment of my history of perversion. It is another of the many turning points of my sick sex life.

I had turned 17 and stood 6’1” tall I was a very athletic 165 pounds, with long blonde hair and vibrant green eyes. My manhood had reached his peak; it was a full 10” long and 1.5” across the shaft with a 9 inch circumference. The head was bulbous stopping just short of 10.5” in circumference. I was hung like a horse, or so my previous girl friend was fond of saying.

I was messing around with a girl who had just turned 15. She was beautiful and incredibly sexy. She was only 5’4” and weighed 113. Her name was Tess; she had C cup breasts and a full flowing figure. Her full lips seemed to always be on the edge of a pout. She had soft brown eyes and a light complexion with long dark brown hair reaching almost to her waist.

Her family had moved down from Michigan to work the Oil boom. She had started school just a few weeks after I had dropped out. I could make crazy money in the oilfield or set in a class room all day, yep chose the money. But any way, my girl got pissed and dumped me for quitting school but had made friends with Tess.

Long story short, I met Tess and we started messing around. She was a virgin when we met and it took me some few months to get her convinced that I would not cripple her. There will be a full Tess story but this one will deal only partly with her.

I had the weekend off and was at her house, the crew I was on just happened to be the same crew her dad was on. Larry liked me and I was welcome at his home I was even welcome to drink and be one of the men. There was still a lot of young and dumb jokes to deal with but I loved being around the psychos. I am sure h
Larry knew I was banging his daughter, but I treated her like she mattered and made sure she was the center of it all, “Hoes before bro’s, unless the hoe’s a bitch, then scratch the itch and dump the bitch.”
This particular weekend Tess’s Aunt Sherry was there. Sherry had moved down just a few weeks prior and had taken a job at the local bar as the bartender. She was thirty something but was a grown up version of Tess. She would flirt a lot with me and I ate it up. Larry and Annie his wife had run up to the store to get the stuff for a Bar-B-Que. All of the other kids had gone with them. Sherry was still asleep and this left just me and Tess awake. They hadn’t been gone 2 minutes when Tess grabbed my hand and drug me into the laundry room.
“We can do it real quick before they get back, if Sherry wakes up we will hear her so we just have to be quiet.” She said all of this while unzipping my pants and pulling out my half hard dick.

She had no sooner stopped speaking than she was bent over sucking on the head of my cock stroking the shaft with her soft hands. I sucked in a breath at the feeling. He lips were so full and soft and felt incredible rapped around th top of my dick. She always sucked it the same way she would put the head in her mouth, close her lips around it and tongue it wildly as she gently twisted her and up and down the shaft.
I was rock hard in second and she released my cock and hopped up and set on the washing machine. When she spread her legs I could see she had no panties on and had a clear view of her puffy pussy lips. She had been wearing this thigh high skirt all mourning just waiting for a chance like this. I squatted down and stuck my tongue up in her slit feeling her soft brown pubic hair on my face. She was already wet but I tongued her for a few moments savoring the flavor of her. Tess was a multi orgasmic young lady and I felt her tense and shake fairly quickly even for her.
I stood up before it had subsided and rising to my tiptoes I pushed my cock into her still convulsing pussy causing her to let out a small squeal before she grabbed my head and kissed me groaning into my mouth. I fucked her hard and fast for just a few minutes trying to breathe through my nose because she would not release my mouth. I felt her tense again and she dug her heals into my ass cheeks and froze with my cock buried all the way inside her pussy. I came like this shooting my load into her as her orgasm milked my cock.

When everything had subsided I stepped back and looked at her glowing face and kissed her softly on the lips, she kissed me back and gave me a smile. She hopped down and stepped into the half bath adjacent to the wash room and I grabbed a towel from the shelf and wiped off my cock before putting my shorts back on.
We had gone back into the living room when we heard Sherry moving around. She came into the living room wearing a T-shirt and cut off short with no bra and most of her ass cheeks hanging out. I Mean DAMN! She sat down on the end of the same couch as Tess and I and looked over to her neice and asked her to get her a coffee.
“Okay Aunt Sherry.” Tess used the most innocent voice I had ever heard.
Trying not to stare at Sherry’s dark nipples showing through her top I asked. “Did you sleep well?”

At this Sherry caught me off guard with her reply. “Slept until all the noise started with Larry yelling at the kids to hurry up and get in the car.” She smiled a mischievous smile and continued with, “I was going to get a fresh towel and take a shower, but the laundry room was full up.”
I started to stutter an attempt at an excuse or some form of apology but Sherry held up a hand and said not to worry, she wasn’t mad just a bit jealous. Men flirted with her all night but none had had the guts to actually try to make a full move on her. “Rubbing yourself off gets old after awhile.” She finished her explanation with and then laughed at my reddening face.
Tess came into the room and asked what was going on and what was wrong with me. Sherry told her not to worry she had just embarrassed me. I would survive. Taking the coffee from Tess, Sherry got up and headed for the bathroom.
Later that day after everyone had eaten and a lot of beer had been drunken, the younger ones had all found places to fall asleep. Larry and his brother had decided to go to play some pool at the VFW, I was hoping to get some more quality time with Tess. Her mother on the other hand wanted to go do the real grocery shopping and asked if Sherry would mind keeping an eye on the napping kiddos. I was informed I should have gone with the men and I would just have to entertain myself for an hour or so until Tess got back.
Annie and Tess were leaving the driveway and headed down the street when Sherry walked up next to me and whispered in my ear. “Well what do you want to do for the next hour?”
I turned to look at her over my shoulder and met her eyes. “I don’t know, I guess I will watch TV and drink another beer.”
She took a step back and laughed, “I have a better idea.” She walked into the bedroom she slept in and came back with a small photo album.
I took the chance to watch her walk away, she had showered earlier and put on another tank top t-shirt and a pair of shorts just as revealing as the first pair she had worn earlier. I could feel my dick twitch in my tight shorts and knew if she looked she would see my bulge.
She handed the photo album to me with a smile and asked, “Would any of that be better than TV?”
When I opened the book I was confronted with Polaroid picture of Sherry and her ex-husband in various different sexual positions. His cock was the first I had seen that was bigger than mine. It was in her mouth, her pussy, squeezed between her tits and even in her ass.
“All of this looks way better than TV, but Tess would kill me.” I said looking away from the pictures and up and down her beautiful body before meeting her eyes. “I think about doing it with you a lot, but I don’t want to hurt Tess.”
“Tess is not going to find out from me. No strings attached Phil. Just your big dick making me happy and I promise not to let anyone find out.” She had a very serious look but even I could see the need in her face. She had been separated for over a year and I wondered if it had been that long sense she had enjoyed any sex.
She looked away from my eyes and down at my crotch. My erection was obvious. She looked at it for a second and the placed her hand on it and gently squeezed it. I lifted my hand and felt of her breast; her nipples were like iron on my palms. Sherry leaned into my fondling and moved to kiss me. I kissed her back. I dropped my hands to her ass and squeezed and rubbed and lifted her by it until her body was pressed against mine.
She broke our passionate kiss and suggested we go in her room and close the door. I agreed and followed her in. I hadn’t had sex just for sex in a long time. And here I was about to fuck a grown woman just because we both wanted to fuck.
As the door closed Sherry virtually tore her shorts and shirt off. I removed my own shorts as she fell back onto the bed revealing her pussy to me. It was an exact copy of Tess’s, with the exception of the dorito shave. Her completely bald pussy lips shown out at me below a perfect triangle of short brown pubic hair, burning an image into my mind forever. I took the few steps to the bed and placed my right hand over her pussy my palm on her patch of hair and my fingers on her shaved lips. This was straight out of my wet dreams from my youth. I wanted to take this woman and she wanted to be taken.
I do not know why I reacted the way I did but instead of gentle, I grabbed her vulva. Not real hard but very firmly, I wanted to feel them. Her response set me off. She groaned loudly and in a guttural voice said, “Oh God!” I knew instantly that she liked this. I move my other hand to her left breast and taking the whole thing into my hand I squeezed it equally aggressively, while I continued my assault of her pussy. She groaned all the more loudly. My cock was swollen to the point of rupture as I switched from one breast to the other squeezing them occasionally lightly pinching her nipples. Changing from squeezing her pussy lips, to rubbing her swollen pussy while pushing two and even three fingers into her.
I have no idea how long this went on before she came. I had never seen a woman gush before. I had felt the wetness and knew that women released juice when they came. But never like this, she had squirted pussy juice all over my hand and her bed sheets.
Her right hand came up from the bed and grabbed the hair on the back of my head and she used it to pull me off balance and on top of her. “God damn it Phil, fuck me now. Fuck me real hard. I want you to pound the shit out of my pussy and come in my mouth.” She was not asking me, she was telling me, her teeth were slightly clenched but her eyes were begging. This woman needed to be fucked.

I Positioned myself between her legs and as I held my cock poised at her pussy she could see the precum leaking out and took her hand and wiped a big dollop off and carried it to her mouth and started to rub her face with it. I pushed forward into her soaking wet cunt. I was not gentle or caring. I simply buried my cock into her pussy. She groaned and bit her hand. I started to fuck her earnestly right away. I pulled almost all the way out and drove back in. I fucked this woman just liked I fucked the women in my wet dreams. I used all my dick and I wanted to feel her under me taking it. It was not long before she squirted all over my cock and balls the heat of her juice drove me over the edge and not caring if she was done or not I pulled out and moved up to where I could get my dick in her mouth. She opened her lips to accept me and I fucked into her sucking mouth as my cum started to shoot out. She was trying to swallow it and was successful for the most part.
We had lost track of time and quickly got dressed and Sherry stripped the bed and through her sheets in the washer. Just as the machine started to fill the phone rang and Sherry answered it. It was Annie asking if the kids were still asleep because the T.G.&Y. was having a sale and she wanted to go check it out. Sherry told her to go ahead the kids were fine.
As she hung up the phone she looked at me and said, “Guess what, we have another hour.” And walked straight past me into the bedroom, turned and looked at me and asked, “Do you want to go again?”
I did not answer her, I simply walked in and quietly closed the door. I pulled off my shirt and shorts and walked up to her and grabbed her ass and started to massage it as I kissed her mouth. I could taste my own come on her tongue as I explored her mouth. It took no time for her to be naked again and I wanted something different. I moved her to the foot of the bed and turned her around facing away from me. And gently pushed the back of her head to let her know I wanted her to bend over. She complied with an,”Ummm, goody.” As she rose onto her toes and arched her back.
I bent down and buried my face in her ass cheeks and tongued her pussy and asshole like a mad man. I could feel her body respond to my tongue. I could feel her backdoor opening. I worked a finger into her butt hole and stood behind her stroking my cock as I fingered her ass. She just relaxed onto the bed and let me have my way with her. I stepped closer and pushed my dick into her pussy and started to work a finger from my other hand into her ass.
I had been slowly fingering her asshole with two fingers and gently fuck her pussy for five or six minutes when I felt her climax again. I kept my pace until her orgasm had subsided. And as she relaxed again I pulled out my cock and placed it between the right and left index finger of my hands. Which were both in her ass up to the knuckles. I pulled to the sides gently as I slowly removed them and pushed forward with my cock. When my fingers cleared her asshole my cock went in.
I slow fucked her ass, spitting on it occasionally to keep it wet until I blew my load deep in her ass.
When Tess and her Mom got back I was passed out in front of the TV with a beer in my hand and Sherry was making her bed up. Tess let me sleep for an hour or so then woke me up and asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. I was so glad when her dad said, “You two are not going anywhere.” We are going to play horse shoes.”

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