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Events during first serious relationship, post-divorce
It Started At The Pool - Part 2

This story picks up from where Greg had just finished fucking Cindy's daughter, Jen. Jen,
knowing that her look-alike mother had had her flight cancelled and wouldn't be home
when expected, had snuck into the master bedroom late at night knowing that Greg (her
mothers boyfriend) was dead asleep and didn't know any better.

Business as Unusual

Jen and I fell asleep, and were awoken the next morning by the ringing of the telephone.
She was out like a light, still naked, and draped over me, and had to be disentangled so
I could answer the phone.

"Hello?" I said, trying to make out the time as my eyes slowly came into focus (it had been a
long night). "Good morning, honey!" called a very cheerful sounding Cindy. "I've managed to
get an early flight, so I'll be home early in the afternoon". "'Morning! What time does your flight
arrive?" I asked, trying to sound energetic. "Around 1:00" replied Cindy. "Shall I pick you
up at the airport?" I asked. "That would be wonderful - I'm taking my usual airline", she
replied. "Great - call me if you get delayed again. Otherwise I'll swing by and pick you up at the
curb by the main exit, and if you like we can have a late lunch on the way home", I said.

"Thanks darling, but I'd rather have something at home - it's been a long week", she said. "No
problem" I replied, "I'll see you at about 1:15 at the airport". "Awesome, I'm going to be
so happy to come home - and now I should be off the road for at least a month. See you soon,
love ya", she said. "Me, too babe - I can hardly wait to see you! - Bye", I said and hung up.

I looked over at Jen, who was almost spread-eagle on her stomach, face down, naked, and
asleep. The sight of her toned nakedness, and the flawless curves of her body came into
absolute clarity after I put on my glasses and stared at her in the ambient light of the sun coming
through the blinds. My mind was now in conflict over several major thoughts: I had (albeit at
first unwillingly and unknowingly) been party to cheating on the girlfriend I loved with her only
daughter; My cock was now rapidly hardening as I leered at Jen, knowing that I could fuck her
again right then and there if I wanted to (and being a healthy man, I certainly did); And, my
girlfriend would be arriving at the airport in a little over 4 hours, which meant we had about
3 1/2 hours to launder and change the bed linens, which now had a liberal quantity of visible
cum stains all over them.

Jen jumped with a start when I slapped her ass and said "get up girl - your mother just called
and she's going to be arriving at the airport at around 1:00, I've got to pick her up, and you're
going to help straighten this place up before I leave". She said "yeah, I was half awake and
heard the conversation", a smile arose on her face as she saw my hard-on, and she reached
for it and said "how about some breakfast in bed?" as she got up on her knees, knelt over me,
and tenderly sucked it almost entirely into her mouth while massaging the shaft with her tongue.
I basked in the pleasure this horny young woman was so intent on giving me for a minute, when
my sense of self-preservation took over and I gently pulled her off my cock. "Look, thats really
great, but you're mother is going to be here soon and this bed has got to get cleaned up", I

Jen sort of pouted (man - that was cute!) and replied "really - why?". So I pointed to the dried
cum stains all over the bed and said "that's why - these linens have to be washed, dried, and
the bed re-made well before your mother's plane lands.". I swung my legs around, slapped
her on the ass again, and said "get up, girl!", got up, and started pulling all the covers off the bed.

She got up, and walked around behind me, hugged me (I could feel her breasts and nipples
in my back), and started stroking my still mostly wet cock. I finished pulling the covers off and
turned around when she put an arm around my neck and pulled me down to her and kissed
me deeply, still stroking my cock. She slipped down onto her knees and again took my cock
into her mouth, pulling my ass towards her to keep me from backing away, and suckled me.
Two or three more full strokes of her mouth and tongue almost caused my knees to buckle,
when I undid her arms and pulled away again.

As any healthy guy can attest, pulling yourself away from a beautiful young woman intent on
giving you a mind blowing orgasm by swallowing your cock is incredibly difficult. But, my
sense of self preservation, the fact that it would take a good few hours to rid our bedroom
of the quantity of evidence that was so visibly obvious on the sheets was cause for concern.
I couldn't take that chance, and I also wanted to have plenty of energy to satisfy Cindy when
she came home, because she was always sexually demanding after she was away for a
week (I accepted this "burden" like a man!).

"Enough of the playing around - you've got to help me get this joint cleaned up" I told her,
in a stern tone of voice. "Or else what?" she asked, looking up at me and smiling. "C'mon,
I mean it - you helped generate the mess - you get to help me clean it up" I said. "You
haven't answered the question - or else what?" she asked, with a lascivious grin. "Jen,
you've noted how happy you are that your mother and I are together, and how happy she
is now. You said how you were only 'borrowing' me since she was away. Now, you want to
see to it that I'm worn out when your mother gets home? She has a rightful expectation that
I am hers and will have plenty of pent-up energy tonight. And I WANT to be ready for her
when she gets here. So quit playing around and be helpful. Ok?".

She sighed and said "All right. But I'm going to have a real hard time with this. Knowing that
you're here, that I want to fuck you, and that you belong to my mother". "You knew that before
you 'borrowed' your mothers nightgown and crawled into our bed. You should've thought that
through more before doing so. Can't you find a boyfriend to keep you maintained?". "I don't
want one now - I want you" she said.

"Well, your mother is going to be home for at least a month after this trip, so you're going to
have to find another way to occupy yourself. Besides, I've got more than 20 years on you, and
you ought to find someone more age appropriate for the long run. So lets get the laundry
started, get cleaned up, have some breakfast, and get organized. You can come with me to
fetch your mother" I said, continuing "so get some clothes on, and lets get motivated".

She giggled and replied "you don't have any clothes on - why should I?". Ok - she had a
point. I walked over to my bureau, pulled out and put on some sweats as she stood there
naked in front of me, smiling. "Ok, now I've got clothes on - go put something on and lets
get moving" I said. I walked over to her and smacked her on the ass as she looked up at me.

She yelped and jumped, and I guided her out of the room. I walked over and picked up all
the linens, and carried them off to the laundry room down the hall. I turned on the water,
stuffed the sheets and pillow cases into the washing machine, and went back to the master
bedroom when I heard moaning coming out of Jen's room. I went a few steps further down
the hall, and her door was wide open. I looked inside, she was lying on her bed with her
legs over the side and feet on the floor, with one hand holding her pussy open while the other
was rapidly manipulating her clit. Her pussy was clearly wet, her hips were gyrating and she
was moaning as she pleasured herself.

Damn it, I thought, she's fucking incorrigible. I stood there for a moment, when she saw me
and lustily whispered "aren't you going to help me out?". Ok - the washing machine was now
chugging along, and there was a good half hour before the wash was done. Aw, fuck it, I
thought. I walked into her room, got on my knees, lifted and spread her legs and stuffed my
tongue into her wet pussy. Her hands grasped my head and pulled me into her, and tried
guiding me up to her clit. Instead I slowly sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked
hard and drank the wetness out of her as she shuddered and dug her heels into my back.
As I continued sucking her inner pussy lips her pelvis started gyrating and she groaned with
pleasure. I then moved up to her clit and concentrated on it my tongue, and then sucked it into
my mouth. She pulled her legs wide open and back, pulled my head into her pussy with her
hands, shrieked, and shuddered as I was rewarded by the flood of pussy juice that poured out
of her cunt.

I continued sucking her clit until she pushed my head away and her body went limp as she
gasped for air. I stood up, pleased with the results my handiwork, and asked her to get
dressed (again) because I was going to make coffee and get breakfast started.

I left her there, went to the kitchen, and got the coffee started while I straightened out the
living room. Jen came into the living room in a pair of sweat pants and a body-hugging
fleece top (obviously with no bra), her face still flustered from just a few minutes ago. She
walked over to me when I turned around, looked up at me, and put her hands on my
shoulders and just stared at me with sort of funny look on her face, motionless. I looked
down at her, studying the look on her face, and gave her a long, drawn out (with fake
southern accent) "yeeeeees?". She started to slowly shake her head at me as this look
of wonder came to her face, combined with a smile. "How… that was incredible. How
did you ever learn to eat pussy so well? My God, you're almost as good, maybe as good as
Diane. I came so hard I almost forgot to breath. The wet spot on my bed is huge… How,
or who, taught you how to do that so well?".

"I had a good teacher" I told her. "Now will you please help me get all this stuff done before
I have to go to the airport?". "I've already started" she said, continuing, "I poured some
bleach into the washing machine to make sure the sheets will be super-white when they
come out". Good call, I thought. Then she reached up and held my head between her hands,
looked into my eyes, and whispered "I will, from this point on, be your sex slave. You can
suck my pussy, fuck me, demand blow jobs - anything. Any time you want. Do you
understand? Any. Time. Anything".

"Thats very friendly of you. Yes. Anytime. But this is not the time, and if you want any chance
of getting anything further out of me you have to help" I said. Just then the buzzer for the
coffee maker made its noise, and she turned around and scampered off to the kitchen. She
soon came back with a mug of coffee and handed it to me. "I'll take over making breakfast"
she said, and went back to the kitchen.

I went back to the bedroom, and straightened things back out, relieved that Cindy's nightgown
was none the worse for wear (i.e. lacking any stains from the previous night). I could smell
the aroma of bacon coming out of the kitchen. I heard the washing machine beep, notifying
me that the linens were done, and I went into the laundry room and moved them into the drier
and tossed in a few sheets of fabric softener for good measure.

"Breakfast is ready" called Jen "come and get it!". Good timing! I wandered into the kitchen
and Jen was just putting a full, and elaborate breakfast on the bar, along with fresh mugs of
coffee. "Wow" I said, "This is a serious breakfast, whats the occasion?". She smiled and said
"you've earned it, and my undying admiration".

So we ate and chatted, determined what else needed doing before Cindy came home, and
otherwise made small talk. Then her phone beeped, and she picked it up to take a look, and
her jaw dropped as she shook her head. "What's wrong?" I asked her. She looked up at me,
and told me that Diane had just texted her, saying that she and her boyfriend had had a huge
fight and had broken up last night. "Really, how come?" I asked. "I don't know, but I'm sure
I'll find out" she said. So she blasted out a quick reply and continued eating.

We did the dishes, and finished straightening out the house. The drier alarm went off, and
we went to pull out the linens, which fortunately turned out fine, and made the bed.

So now everything was back in order, except that maybe the house looked a little "too good",
which might cause some measure of suspicion. So I carefully mussed a few things up so that
the place looked clean, but without quite the attention to detail the discerning housekeeper
might require. I looked at the clock, and it was now about noon, so I had a good half hour to
go before I had to leave for the airport. Jen went back to her room, and I went down to my office
and checked my email for a little while, and came back upstairs to take a shower. I had just
gotten into the bathroom, shaved, taken off my clothing and turned on the shower when Jen
walked in in her robe, which she untied and dropped on the floor.

She looked at me, and said "well, aren't you getting in?". I laughed at her and said "yeah, ok -
but after this we're back to as if you had behaved yourself". I got in, and she followed me. I
was allowing the hot water to pour over me when she put her arms around me and held me
tightly (pressing her nipples into my back) and turned me around so she could have a turn
under the hot water. I started shampooing my hair and soaped myself all over, when she saw
me and told me I should let her do that. "Sure" I told her, "then we'll never get out of here.
Now turn around". She stared at me with a look of defiance. "NOW, SLAVE" I commanded
her. Her jaw dropped, and she slowly turned around with her back facing me.

I took the shampoo, squirt some into my hands, and quickly shampooed her hair. I took the
body wash and rubbed it all over her, paying special attention to her breasts, her pussy,
and ass. When she was thoroughly covered with lather she asked if she could rinse her
hair and I told her "only when I give you permission, slave!" in a commanding voice. So she
stood there while I continued lathering her. I then turned her around, put one arm around
her waist, reached up and put my other hand behind her neck and bent her over so the hot
water was now running over her head and upper back. My cock had hardened while I had
been in the shower with her, and was now super stiff as a result of my giving her tight body
a thorough scrubbing.

I held her down by the nape of the neck with one hand, and with the free one pointed my cock
at the opening of her pussy and stuffed it in to the hilt. She arched her back and yelped with
surprise and pleasure. I pumped it slowly in and out a half a dozen times, when she put her
arms down on either side of the tub to steady herself and pushed back to meet my thrusts,
groaning with each one.

I pulled out of her and pulled her up, moved her around and out of the hot water, rinsed myself
off and got out of the shower. She almost yelled at me "you can't do that!" from the shower.
"Yes I can - SLAVE" I said with a wicked grin, and started drying myself off.

She got out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and started drying herself off, clearly agitated.
I looked at her innocently, and said "Is there a problem?". "A problem? You bet your ass
there's a problem! You get me all fired up, bend me over, stuffed your cock into me, left
me hanging, and you have the gall to ask me if there's a problem? I want to be finished off!
I have a right to be finished off, I want to cum, and that isn't being fair!".

I took her head in my hands, looked deeply into her eyes, and quietly told her "Slaves do not
have rights, and besides, I was being nice to you…". She practically yelled "Nice? You call
that nice?" I looked at her innocently, shook my head again saying "I just wanted to give you
something to think about, thats all. Slave." She visibly deflated and wondered aloud "What
have I gotten myself into?". So I smirked at her and slapped her ass again, and said "I don't
know what you've gotten yourself into, but I can tell what I put in you. C'mon, hurry up - we've
got to fetch your mother."

I left the bathroom and went back to the bedroom, and put on a fresh pair of jeans, a long
sleeve t-shirt and sweater, followed by a set of thick socks, shoes and waited for Jen in the
living room. It was now pretty much time to leave, so I called down the hall "Jen, are you
ready?", and I heard a "I'm still getting ready" from her. So I walked down the hall and looked
into her room. She was barely half dressed, and we had to leave. So I said "Look, are you
coming, or should I go without you?". She answered "No - I want to come - go and fire up the
car and I'll come out and lock the house."

I went outside, fired up the car, and was just pulling out of the driveway when she came
running out of the house and up to the car. She opened the door and jumped in saying "You
are SO impatient". Beneath her coat I could see she was wearing a cute little skirt (kind of
a weird choice given it was cold out and overcast), but I answered "Sorry, we're running late
and I don't want your mom a-waiting.".

We drove to the airport and chatted on the way, and she started yet another discussion about
how mean I was to leave her hanging. I simply reminded her that she was the one who said
I could demand anything of her anytime, and I took her up on it - nothing more. So we pulled
up to the pick-up area at the airport just as Cindy came out the automatic doors and waved at
us. I got out, took her bags, gave her a quick, but fierce and deep kiss, and put the bags in the
back while Jen got out of the front seat, kissed her mom, and got in the back. The cops came
over to get us moving so I jumped in, and off we went.

We all chatted about what had been going on over the past week (with a few notable
exceptions), and Cindy looked back when Jen put her boot up on the back of the center
console. I heard her blurt "JEN!" and shoved her boot down, and I asked "what's wrong?"
and Cindy said "don't worry about it", glaring at Jen. So I asked if she'd like to have a late
lunch somewhere, or would she rather go home, and Cindy said it was best to go home.
Shortly thereafter, we pulled into the driveway and we were all heading into the house, with
me toting Cindy's luggage. I hustled her stuff into the bedroom, when I heard Cindy saying
she'd be with me in a minute. I turned around and saw her follow Jen into her room and
shut the door, which was followed by a slightly raised set of voices, followed by a decisive
"because I said so" on the part of Cindy, after which she came out of Jen's room, shut her
door, came into the master bedroom and shut our door.

She kicked off her shoes, and quickly removed her traveling clothes as I watched. She
came over to where I was standing next to the bed and pushed me onto it, climbed onto me,
and started kissing me as if she had been starving for affection for months. I ran my hands
all over her naked body while pulling her to me. I took my glasses off and tossed them
onto the night stand. She tugged at my belt, sat up, undid the button on my jeans, pulled
down the fly, got up and started pulling them off of me. "Don't you want to have lunch?"
I asked her. "Food isn't what's important right now…" she whispered "get these things
off. I need you NOW."

I sat up and pulled off my sweater and shirt together, and then lifted my hips as she pulled
off my boxer briefs. Fortunately, I had had the foresight to conserve energy earlier that
day. The sight of Cindy undressing combined with her practically knocking me down onto
the bed along with her climbing on top of me naked (etc.) was enough to cause by dick
to harden almost instantly. Now she climbed on top of me again, covering me with hot
and frantic kisses. I ran my hands over her glorious body and relished her horniness. She
worked her way down to my hard-on, and sucked it into her mouth, almost swallowing me
whole, making it super wet. She then pulled herself over me, straddling my cock and moved
forward just enough to get the angle right as I flexed it off my body to line it up to her opening.

She pushed back on it and I felt her pussy lips open effortlessly (wow! - that's REALLY wet).
Then she straightened up with the head of my cock still at the entrance of her pussy, and
settled down onto it in several determined strokes. I could feel her tightness grasping my
shaft as my cock slid in and finally bottomed out. I saw her abs flexing, her nipples hard on
her breasts, and almost a look of relief on her face. She leaned down to me and kissed me,
thrusting her tongue into my mouth as she slowly started to move my cock in and out of
her pussy, her muscles grasping the shaft as she pulled out. My arms were around her, and
I moved my hands down to her ass, and reached between her legs to feel her pussy moving
back and forth on the shaft of my now soaked cock. She was super-hot, and as she sped up
the pace to near the level of animalistic fucking, she pushed herself up with her arms
supporting her as her pelvis and breasts bounced frantically. I could feel her pussy starting
to tighten its grip and knew she was building up to an orgasm, so I held her hips and thrust
up to her as she pushed down. The smell of sex permeated the bedroom, the sound of our
bodies slapping together increased, and Cindy was moaning louder than she had ever
allowed herself to before (certainly, never this loud when Jen was home).

All of a sudden, her pussy gripped my cock so hard that it almost got pushed out of her. I
held her onto me and thrust back up to her as I quickly moved a thumb to rub her clit. As
rubbed her I heard a loud "Ohhhhhh…" out of her as her entire body convulsed, and my
balls were bathed in pussy juice. She fell forward onto me, when I reached up to rub her
nipple as her body trembled, her orgasm subsided, and I held her close with my other arm.

She was breathing heavily, and finally started to calm down. I moved my body
out from under her and on top as I rolled her over onto her back. I felt her breasts and
nipples pushing into me. Her legs were spread, and she reached up and pulled my face
down to kiss her as she wrapped her legs around my back and held me close. I had
started to pulled away to eat her pussy, but she held me in saying "not so fast, mister".

We kissed deeply and passionately for a while, but soon my curiosity got the better of me
and I smiled at Cindy and said "what's gotten into YOU?". She blushed and said "I'm just
so happy to be here with you, with our bodies joined together, making love. You have
no idea of how much I missed you, and have had a few dreams this week that were so
vivid and real that I woke up wet…" I kissed her passionately and started to move my cock
in and out of her. Her body started responding and her eyes fluttered as she arched her
back in pleasure and softly cried out. I elevated myself on my arms and started to fuck
her more aggressively as her legs unwrapped from around my back, but stayed wide open
and up in the air as our bodies slapped together.

Before long I felt her tightening up again, and drove even harder into her as she shuddered
and sighed, again spewing moisture on the bed and soaking my balls. I slowly pulled out
of her and traced the contours of her body with my tongue, stopped at her breasts to suck
her nipples thoroughly, and ran my teeth over her hard nipples. I moved down between her
legs, and kissed the insides of her thighs, which made her crazy. She tried to move my
head to where she wanted it with her hands, but I resisted her and continued to lick, touch,
nibble, and probe all around her pussy. Finally her squirming got the better of me, and I
stuck my tongue out and dug into the base of her vagina and licked the juices out of it. My
tongue fucked her, and started moving around her inner lips. I gently sucked them into
my mouth as she spread her legs as wide as possible and pulled my head into her pussy.
Her hips started to move in conjunction with my sucking of her inside pussy lips while I
drank from her, as her juices were freely flowing into my mouth.

I moved up higher and darted my tongue around her clit and under the hood as she
gasped for air. I looked up and her entire body acted as if it revolved solely around her
pussy as it convulsed. As I saw her start to tighten up again, and her eyes were clenched
shut, I sucked the hood of her clitoris into my mouth and pulled hard. My cheeks were
now soaked with pussy secretions, and Cindy was starting to thrash wildly. Then her
hips lifted off the bed entirely. I pulled up as fast as I could before she could hold me
down, pointed my cock as her now gaping opening, and shoved it into her pussy to the
hilt in one quick and determined thrust. She made some nonde but loud noise,
so I pistoned my shaft in and out of her, slamming my wet balls against her pussy, with
the sounds and smells of aggressive sex engulfing the two of us, when she came. Hard.

It was like she'd been jolted with electricity: her body tensed, her mouth was wide open,
her eyes were open but were rolled almost into the back of her head so you could barely
see her baby blues, and her pussy clenched my cock like a vise as I felt a rush of liquid
escape around my cock and balls. I gave her a few more strokes when my orgasm hit and
I felt my balls pump several long jets of sperm into her womb, and I slowly pulled out
of her. She eventually started to shake, and I watched as she'd started to breath as her
body trembled, shaking off her orgasm, and Cindy slowly returned to her senses.

Eventually her eyes refocused as this look of deep satisfaction came to her lovely face
along with an obviously contented smile. I lay on my side observing the results of my
efforts and whispered "welcome home…".

She grinned and said "I need something to drink - I think I've dehydrated myself - or you
dehydrated me… well you get the point". I said "fine, lets get up and be sociable - but what
has gotten into you? - you were uncharacteristically loud - you're usually much more careful
when you know Jen is here". I thought I heard Cindy reply "maybe that was my intention",
to which I said "come again?", and she said "never mind…".

We started to get up, and when I stood she was sitting on the side of the bed, she said
"wait a second, come here", so I went over and stood in front of her. She reached up,
lifted my cock and inspected my balls, which were soaked. Cindy gently sucked and
tongued by cock all over the shaft, up over the head taking it into her mouth briefly,
before working her way down the shaft again. She held my cock up and gave my balls
a tongue bath as my eyes rolled into the back of my head, and my fingers ran through
her soft hair. When she decided I was sufficiently cleaned up, she reached over
and handed me my boxer briefs with a smile, and said "all done".

We both silently dressed in sweats, and then held each other close and kissed, with
the taste of our combined juices flavoring our tongues as they met. We both walked
out of the room and she followed me into the bathroom. She hugged me close from
behind as I ran some hot water and picked up a facecloth, and doused my face with
water as Cindy whispered "wait…". "What?", I said "wait for what?". "Why are washing
your face?" she asked. I shook my head trying to understand where she was going with
this. "What are you talking about, silly woman? - My face is covered with the smell of you
having a good time in bed, and I don't think that being sociable means walking around
where other people are with Eu D'orgy as a cologne" as I dried my face. I grabbed some
mouthwash and quickly rinsed my mouth out, and sang out "your turn", to which she said
"I'm fine" as I turned around, looked at her quizzically, and walked out of the bathroom as
she shut the door behind me.

What was Cindy thinking? This normally careful woman was somehow now beyond caring
whether her daughter heard her getting laid, or whether she (let alone me) smelled like
sex? Regardless, I strolled into the kitchen and poured myself a drink, and joined Jen in
the living room. Instead of her skirt, she was now wearing leggings that seemed to show
the color of her legs through them, and one of her form-fitting fleece tops clearly without a
bra. As I walked in with my drink and sat down, she gave me a big, but rather mischievous
smile and softly said "Hi there, big boy…".

I frowned at her, replying "my name is Greg, and that is how you address me. By the way,
do you mind telling me what your mother and you were talking about?" She shrugged
and said "I don't know". "Say what?" I answered "If you don't want to tell me, then say
you don't want to tell me, but don't tell me you don't know!". What had gotten into these
two today? "Does this have anything to do with last night?" I asked, to which she replied
"I didn't tell her anything about last night, and have no intention whatsoever of doing so.".

Ok, I thought - so now I'm really confused. "So, what happened with Diane and her now
former boyfriend?" I asked, changing the subject. "Diane let it slip that she had had a girl
friend, that was more than a 'friend', and her boyfriend went berserk", she said. "Really?
Didn't she offer to share or at least let him watch? If that were me I would've thought I'd hit
the jackpot!", which earned me a punch in the arm, and a snort of derision. "Oh you're such
a pig!" she said, and picked up a cushion from her side of the sofa and started hitting me
with it. I laughed at her as she got up and continued wacking me with the cushion. "Ok, ok,
I apologize, that was tasteless", as I gasped for air. "You're right to be upset, I really like
Diane, and that wasn't nice of me. Seriously, I do apologize, and I mean that".

Jen stood over me, and pulled the cushion back to whack me again and said "are you sure
you're sorry, 'cause if you're not you'll have to grow eyes in the back of your head!". I looked
her directly in the eyes, nodded, and quietly told her "I truly am sorry, I know she really
liked the guy, despite his issues." She relented and brought the cushion back down (now
I didn't have to fend off another beating!) when I let my eyes down from her face. My jaw
dropped when I looked at her leggings, and realized she wasn't wearing leggings: she was
wearing tights, through which I could clearly see her pussy and her 'just-like-moms'
landing strip!

"Jen", I said, "you'd better go and put something additional on, or your mother is going to
kill you - it doesn't matter if you're home, THAT is inappropriate. Go. Now. Before she gets
out of the bathroom." She hit me one more time with the cushion saying "thats for looking"
and walked slowly away. As she headed for her bedroom, I could see her ass clearly as
she obviously walked away from me with the intent to arouse, swaying as she moved, and
smiling as she looked back at me.

I could feel my cock stirring again as I watched her head down the hall. Then Cindy came
out of the bathroom and walked into the living room, came up behind the sofa where I was
sitting, kissed the back of my neck as she ran her hands over me, and got on the sofa by
straddling the back and plopping down on it and me (she never did this before either). I
just smiled at her as I wondered what had gotten into these two, and decided I'd just ride it
out in the meantime, assuming I'd eventually find (or figure) it out.

She was now on the sofa, with her head in my lap, looking up at me and smiling. She turned
onto her side with her face towards my stomach and rubbed her head against my cock, which
was still somewhat hard from just a moment before. I pushed her back so she was facing up
to me again, and leaned down to kiss her as I ran my free hand over her body, up under her
sweatshirt, where I cupped one of her breasts while gently tweeking her nipple between my
thumb and forefinger. I took the moment to marvel at how fortunate I was to have snared the
affections of this brilliant woman, who had this body that made me crazy and seemed to love
using it for my benefit (well… and hers). Since she had just been rubbing my now-harder
cock with her face, I let go of her nipple and traced her body with my fingers and slipped it
under the elastic waistband of her sweats, and cupped her pussy. I slipped my middle finger
just to wet it when I heard Jen's door open, and her foot steps coming down the hallway. So
I pulled my hand out from Cindy's sweats, running my middle finger over her clit on the way
out (feeling a satisfying reaction from her body and a hearing a sigh) and cradled Cindy in
my arms.

Jen came into the room and sat down at the end of the sofa, lifting her mom's legs to sit
underneath them with her back towards the armrest (she was now wearing fairly low-cut yoga
pants, with the drawstring in the front: I had aways found those as a general garment rather
sexy - but the main thing is that she was now normally dressed for hanging around the house).

Then we got into normal conversation mode, and I hung out and listened as these two gossiped
about the neighbors, and friends, etc. So I brought up the subject of Diane just getting dumped
by her boyfriend, and Cindy was immediately sympathetic and started to query Jen about the
circumstances (to which Jen pleaded ignorance, as she just found out about it in a few text
messages). It was getting to be the end of the holiday break for their school, so I asked Jen if
Diane had come back yet, and she replied Diane was on her way and should be in town in a
few hours. Cindy suggested that she give Diane a call, maybe have her over for dinner and to
relax amongst friends instead of being probably alone in her apartment.

Jen said that was a great idea, and picked up her phone and started to punch a text to Diane,
when Cindy said "by the way, we're casual tonight - I'm staying in sweats and have no intention
of dressing up for anyone. My whole week in Dallas was nothing but all business all the time,
and I'm still decompressing". I was thinking there are worse ways to spend an evening: three
beautiful women, a relaxed dinner, we can crank up the fireplace, have some drinks, and more
than likely bask in the sexual affections of my woman after we pretend to wander off to bed to
get some "sleep". We chatted about Cindy's trip and the new connections she made, her
accomplishments, and what her next steps would be. Jen brought up her upcoming classes
and activities, when her phone beeped and she read her message. She looked up, smiled, and
said "Diane has accepted, and says she can be here around 6:30 or 7:00". "Great" said Cindy,
"make sure she knows its very casual", and Jen punched in the message and sent it on its way.

I looked at the time and it was just after 3, so I said "I'm heading for the Y, anyone for a swim?, I've
got to get some exercise". Cindy said she would go, but Jen declined, saying she was going to
do some laundry, and read up on something for school. So Cindy and I got up, got our stuff
together and went to the pool. The swim was refreshing and we both came out relaxed and
energized. On the way home we picked up some groceries and stopped at the liquor store to
replenish the bourbon supply, a few bottles of wine, and a bottle of really nice port. Just as
we got into the car, I looked over at Cindy, who was smiling at me and staring me straight in the
eyes. I smiled back at her "What?" I said. She leaned over the console and gave me a deep
and sensuous kiss and said "thats what".

We got back to the house around 5:30 and went into the kitchen to put things away, poured
ourselves a few drinks and started making dinner. Jen was in the shower (again) when we
arrived, and came into the kitchen in a tiny robe and a towel wrapped around her hair to get
herself a drink while we were making dinner. It was clear without having to use my vivid
imagination she was naked underneath, and I pretended not to notice. Cindy, on the other
hand, did, and as soon as she got her drink she directed her out of the kitchen and down the
hall without a word.

Diane showed up at about 6:30 in a pair of low-cut drawstring slacks, with a top that displayed
her abs a bit when she lifted her arms. She was welcomed by Jen (now back in her yoga pants)
with a big hug, and they went off to Jen's room while dinner was in the oven and Cindy and I
cuddled together on the sofa. The oven timer went off, Cindy jumped up to run to the kitchen
and asked me to get the girls. So I wandered down the hall and knocked on Jen's door, which
wasn't shut quite all the way (i.e. unlatched) and when the door continued opening by itself
through the crack in the door I saw Diane with her back towards me with her slacks around her
ankles and legs spread as far as they were limited, while Jen was on her knees in front of her,
trying to get up. I saw Diane quickly bend over towards me, pulling her slacks up, with her
pussy and ass showing. I just called out "Ladies, dinner is ready" and turned back down the hall
thinking that they really needed to be more discreet.

Cindy saw me come around the corner saying "where are the girls" and I replied, "oh, they're
coming", enjoying the pun and smiling to myself, but also wishing that Jen would use more of
the common sense I knew she had.

Anyway, I looked outside and noted that it had begun snowing. We all sat down, had a great
dinner, a liberal amount of wine, and a lot of laughs. After dinner, the Cindy asked me to start a
fire, and announced the women would do the dishes. So I got the fire going, and Cindy poured
us both a big glass of port, Jen and Diane joined us and we found a comedy to watch. It was a
nice evening, but when I got up to get a refill I saw that the snow had really accelerated, was piling
up outside, and the wind had picked up. I turned on the outside lights and saw it was just nasty,
so I walked back into the living room where the ladies were picking out another movie bringing
the bottle of port with me, and suggested that maybe Diane should stay over, because the
conditions outside were just ugly.

Cindy said "Jen and Diane, does that work for you? We'd rather you didn't drive if you don't have to".
The both of them looked at each other, Diane shrugged and said it was ok if Jen didn't mind (wow,
at least *someone* knew how to play it cool). Jen said sure, and Cindy said Diane could use
the daybed in Jen's room (Jen used it as a sofa, and often studied there). I was quite certain that
the daybed wouldn't get much use, unless they chose to study female anatomy on it (which I
considered unlikely - but I kept that thought to myself).

That decided, we opted to watch part of another movie, during which the girls decided to retire for
the evening, and Cindy and I finished our glasses of port (I had a nice buzz going), rinsed them out
and headed for bed.

I walked into the bedroom after brushing my teeth and Cindy was already in bed, with only her little
nightgown on and nothing else. She asked me about the linens being fresh and I told her I decided
to launder and change them because one of the cats had upchucked on the sheet, so I just did them
all at the same time. She watched me undress, and held the covers open for me as I got into bed.
We both pushed our bodies together and ran our hands over each others bodies, and took our time
as our bodies automatically moved to oppose one other and folded ourselves into a long and sensual
session of mutual oral love making. The rest of the night was spent having relaxed, middle of winter,
in the snowstorm, warm and buzzed passionate sex. I was further turned on at the thought of what
I was certain was going on in Jen's room, which for me made the night that much more erotic.

Cindy and I fell asleep in each others arms, exhausted and content…

A Partial Confession.

We all awoke the next morning to a pile of snow, and it was still coming down. Cindy moaned
as I extricated myself from her arms, and I whispered to her to go back to sleep. I wanted to look
outside and make some coffee. She mumbled something and turned over, and I took in the sight
of her naked back, her beautiful shape, and lovely ass. I pulled the blankets over her, kissed her
on the back of the neck, pulled on my sweats from the night before and quietly left the room,
shutting the door behind me.

I passed Jen in the hall just as she was coming out of the bathroom, as she was on her way
back to her room, wearing only her little robe. I whispered "good morning" to her and she asked
if her mom was up yet, and when I shook my head "no" she opened her robe and pulled my head
down to hers and kissed me intensely as I quickly grasped her ass with both my hands. When I
inhaled I could smell the telltale odor of pussy on her face, and was sure I could taste it in her

She released me and started tying her robe back up when I whispered "been busy?" and she
nodded smiling back at me. My cock was stirring in my sweats, but I couldn't resist commenting
"smells and tastes like it." Jen then stuck her tongue out at me, and we both turned around and
headed our separate ways: mine, to the kitchen to make coffee and check the weather; and
she to presumably jump back in the sack with Diane (who she was hopefully cheering up).

The weather guys were talking about travel advisories, warning folks to stay home, snow
emergency, and so on. Ok. So we're sort of stuck, but as I'd noted last night: If I'm stuck in the
house with 3 horny and beautiful women, things could be far worse.

The coffee done, I went downstairs to my office and took a look at my email, and did a little
correspondence with my clients. I started surfing the web and lost track of time when Jen
came down wearing her yoga pants and one of her form-fitting fleece tops. "What's up?" I
asked her. She said that Diane went back to sleep, she looked in on her mother who was
lightly snoring, and so maybe there were a few things I should be made aware of. "Such as?"
I asked. She pulled a chair over and sat down facing me and sighed. "Something wrong?
Something bad?". Jen replied "Wrong, maybe. Bad, that depends on how you want to look
at it". "Ok, spill it" I said.

"My mother got mad at me when we went to pick her up at the airport last night" she said.
"Really, what did you do?" I asked. "Its what I didn't do that made her angry" she said. "Ok,
will you get to the point? At this rate we'll be playing Q&A for hours and they'll be up by then.
So please get to the point: what's going on?" I said. She sighed again and finally let it out,
saying "mom was angry because I was wearing a little skirt yesterday, but wasn't wearing
any panties. When I put my foot up on the console she looked back and saw my pussy.
Thats why she knocked my foot back down, and had the private discussion with me in my
room after we got home". "Anything else I should know?" I asked.

"Um, yes" she said. "And?" I asked. "She asked me that I was thinking, and I told her that I
wanted you". Oh, Christ. "You didn't" I said. "I did" she replied. "You realize that she won't
let you out of her sight now, right?" I said. "What the hell were you thinking? How did you
two leave this? If she comes down here or ever finds you alone with me she's gonna hit
the roof. Jesus, girl, you've got a brain - I suggest you start using it. You want me, you say,
yet you no doubt alarmed the hell out of your mother by saying such a thing, which would
only put her on guard to prevent you from ever being alone with me. Again, how did you
leave this?".

She said "I had to acknowledge that you belong to her and her alone. I am not to interfere
or try to interfere in any way", and continued "and I realize I really screwed up when I told
her I wanted you. But its true. I also want to be clear with you that I have no intention of
stopping having sex with Diane, and that it is possible that I might stumble upon
a boyfriend sometime, or might even find another girlfriend if I can't get enough from her.
I have no intention of interfering with your relationship with my mom, but will only try to
borrow you when she isn't around. I've never lied to my mother, and I realize that I'm cutting
a fine line here - I won't try to take you away from her - but I do want YOU. As I told you, I
don't like BOYS. I like men. And you are a MAN. I heard you with my mother, and I know
you, unlike boys, have control and can satisfy me, too. Mom made a lot of noise yesterday
because she was sending me a blunt message and staking out her turf. But now you know
what happened and how I feel."

"You haven't exactly answered the question. Does she have any reason to trust you, given
that you blabbed that you wanted me?" I asked. "I didn't tell her anything about what
happened. And she asked me if she had to be concerned about me and I told her 'no'"
she said, continuing "she loves you deeply and I couldn't do anything to hurt her". "Except
for sneaking into her bedroom with the intention of fucking the man you know she loves" I
said. "True. But do I have to remind you that you became the willing accomplice who stuck
his cock into me in the shower yesterday morning after eating my pussy, etcetera, etcetera?",
she said.

Ok. I could see this was going nowhere, and rather than pursue this line of argument any
further, I told Jen "ok - here's a few ground rules since now we're going around in circles and
all we're going to do is piss each other off: you will not dress like you're trying to seduce me
or anyone else when she is anywhere near home, or when she is at home. You appointed
yourself my slave. Therefore, you will act like one when we are alone. Next, I don't care if
you mess with other women, or girls, thats ok with me (especially if I can watch!). And, its
ok if you find yourself a boyfriend, but then you are no longer my slave and it ends. Period.
Are we clear?". She nodded. "Fine, now get on out of here and go upstairs, or your mom
might get pissed at you. We both need to think this all through, and we can pick it up again
some other time".

She got up and bent over to move the chair back to where it was, but my brain caused me to
stand up, and my hands to grasp her perfect and muscular ass, bring her up sideways to me,
stuff one hand down her front to cup her pussy and another down her back to squeeze her
ass while I gently bit the back of her neck and exhaled hot air onto it. She stiffened as I
slipped a finger into her pussy and felt the lips close over it, and then pulled it out and guided
her on her way of of my office, as she mumbled something about how mean I was.

I heard her climbing the stairs and shut the door to the basement behind her as I licked her
pussy juice off my finger. I pumped some skin moisturizer on my hands to kill any trace of
Eau D'Pussy, finished up my immediate correspondence, and checked the weather forecast.

Wow, blizzard conditions. We hung around the house for the rest of the day, and Cindy and
I spent parts of the day napping together, enjoying our nakedness. The only times we got up
was to make something to eat, or watch movies. The girls largely hung around either in
Jen's room or watching movies with us as we all got snowed in together. Diane was wearing
Jen's clothes, which were just a little small for her and (to me) looked great. She did mention
that she was so glad to be with us, because there probably wasn't any food at her house, and
without any company it would've been awful. We told her we'd heard about her recent
breakup, and she could stay with us if she didn't want to be alone.

I decided to head outside and clear the driveway, and the girls came out to shovel the front
walk as I fired up the snowblower. While it was cold, I worked up a sweat and after we went
inside, I went into the bathroom to take a shower, knowing that I'd have to clear the driveway
at least one more time at some point.

When I got out of the shower and headed for the bedroom, I was wearing a t-shirt and a set
of boxer briefs, when Diane came out of Jen's room. She saw me, and gave me a big smile
when I saw her glance at my boxers. She stood closer to me when I thanked her for helping
to clear the snow. She looked up and quietly said that as a guest of the house, she would
be happy to do anything she could to help. I thanked her, and thought I saw her glance down
at me again as I continued back to the bedroom.


Things at the house went pretty normal for a while, but at the end of the month Cindy had
to take another week long business trip, with a hitch: They wanted her to stay over for a
weekend because they were having some sort of annual picnic in Dallas and they wanted
her to attend. Cindy and I talked about it, and she didn't like the idea of being away that
long, or over a weekend. Now I knew what her concerns were about, but obviously
couldn't say so, so I played concerned boyfriend, and suggested that if she had to be away
for a full 7 days and were taking away her weekend, then the company should offer her
something else as compensation.

She already talked to her boss about that, and he said that was reasonable and suggested
they send us for a week to Bermuda as a bonus. She was still agitated, so I told her that
her company wanting to send us to Bermuda for a week in return for 2 extra days away isn't
a bad deal - I'd been to Bermuda and its beautiful.

Since Jen was home, Cindy pulled me into our bedroom and said we needed to talk. I said
"sure - is something wrong that I wasn't aware of?". She said "No. Yes. I am very happy
with us - in fact I am in deeply love with you and I hope you know that". We both sat on the
bed, and I started to speak, but she put her finger on my lips saying "Let me continue. When
I flew home and you and Jen came to get me at the airport she was wearing a little skirt
without any panties in the car with you, and then she had the gall to put her feet up on the

She'd never done that before, and when I turned around to look I saw her bared for all to see.
If you'd turned around then you wouldn't need an imagination. I chewed her out afterwards
and told her to explain herself, and she told me she was attracted to you.

Its bad enough when I'm away during the workweek when she's living in her dorm, but if I'm
gone over a weekend". She let the thought linger and looked up at me. I smiled at her, and
told her there was no contest between an exquisite woman like her versus a little girl, and
that I loved her and no one else. And that was more than a little true. I loved HER.

Cindy grabbed my face and kissed me frantically and clung to me and said she was scared
to death - she can't compete with a young girl and wasn't sure she could trust her daughter
to behave herself (when it came to love her daughter didn't have a chance, but as far as
trusting her daughter when she wasn't around, in that she was entirely justified). Then she
told me that she was considering leaving her job so she wouldn't have to travel. A new job
she could find, but soul mates are almost impossible to come by. She had found a man who
turned her on physically, sexually, mentally, and thoroughly - and wasn't going to give that
up easily.

I sighed and asked her "are you sure this isn't some schoolgirl crush? C'mon now, how
serious can this be? She's too young for you two to be competing for same men. Thats
preposterous. You've got a wonderful job - you're respected, make a terrific living,
you've got serious responsibility - its what you've worked so hard for and how you planned
to build your career. How seriously are you considering leaving?". Cindy said "I'm really
concerned and I'm dead serious. I am feeling really vulnerable and I cannot bear the
thought of losing you. I can't describe what's going through Jen's mind, so whether its a
crush I don't know - but what I do know is how she looks at you. I've seen how she dresses
around you, and I've had to make her correct her clothing more times than I can recall. I
can only imagine what she wears when she's here alone with you and I'm not around.
I've heard her describe you to one of her friends on the phone - hence my worries. Please
excuse me… This is really hard for me. I didn't want to bring you into this but I have to be
honest with you".

She look at me, her eyes tearing up. I stood up, and held my hands out to her. Cindy took
my hands in hers and I pulled her up. I looked down at her, and turned her around so her
back was facing me, pulling her ass to my crotch as I put my arms around her and ran my
hands up the front of her sweats and cupped her breasts as I kissed her neck, and worked
my way up to nibble her ears. When I stuck my tongue into her ear she got up on her toes
and I felt her nipples harden against my palms and the goosebumps came up all over her
as she swooned. I kept one hand on her nipples as I slid the other down into the front of her
sweatpants and she pushed her ass into me. Her arms stayed at her side as I kissed her
around the nape of her neck to the other ear and let my tongue slip in, and then I gently
sucked her ear lobe as I wet my finger in her pussy.

I pulled my hands out and tugged at her sweatshirt. She lifted her arms up and I pulled it
over her head and tossed it aside. I slipped my hands into the waistband of her sweatpants
and pushed them down. I lifted my foot to push them down to the floor and she stepped out
of them as I pulled my sweatshirt off and kicked off my slippers. My sweatpants fell off of me
and I pushed my hardness between the cheeks of her ass as I stepped out of them. Then
I held her in place as I slowly kissed my way slowly down her back as I ran my hands over
her body and felt her now rock hard nipples, and followed that by tracing her body from the
insides of her arms, slowly down the sides of her body to her hips as she arched her back.
I pushed myself into her back and walked her forward to the bed, and then held her waist
and gently pushed her forward as she climbed onto the bed on all fours.

I got onto my knees staring at her beautiful body, with her gorgeous ass and pussy exposed
and open as she willingly exposed and offered herself to me. I looked between her legs
and saw her firm breasts hanging down with her nipples still sticking out, and her chin was
still up as she waited expectantly for whatever I had planned for her. I nuzzled the inside of
her thighs close to her pussy and I felt her tremble. I started to gently kiss them, and I sensed
the aroma of her sex as I gently ran my hands up her legs and over her ass. Her pussy was
perfectly naked from this view, and I was watching to see when her lips started to open as
she got wet. Her asshole looked inviting as I ran my tongue around her privates, avoiding
direct stimulation.

I heard her mutter "please…" and then moved my kisses closer as she tried to move herself
to where my lips and tongue were. I decided she'd about had enough of my toying with her,
and then stuck my tongue out and traced from the top of her ass all the way down her crack
to dig it into the opening of her pussy, where I proceeded to fuck her with my tongue. I was
rewarded with a spurt of hot juice as she gasped and shuddered. I then started to dart my
tongue around her clit, and circled it until she came again and collapsed onto her elbows.
At that point, I was so turned on that I pointed my cock at her opening and drove it deeply
into her womb in one push. Her body responded by squeezing my shaft as I penetrated her.
I pushed her forward so that she was now face-down on the bed, and I held myself up on
my arms and fucked her from behind as she raised her ass slightly for easier access.

I pulled all the way out, and pushed it all the way back in, repeatedly. I/we missed a few
times and my cock ended up pushing itself into her ass crack, which became soaked with
her pussy juices and my pre-cum as we squirmed together. Then on one of the thrusts
we both missed and I felt a pop, and I lifted myself up as she froze, and saw the head of my
cock embedded in her ass. I didn't move - it seemed like all my senses were concentrated
on that one moment, that one place. I heard her whimper and was about to pull out, when
I felt her push herself back. I stayed where I was, as she pushed back harder and my cock
was squeezed with a new level of tightness and heat. As she pushed back more, I slowly
pushed forward as I felt my shaft being compressed as it hardened. Her legs were spread
and mine were in between them, and she started to get up onto her knees while taking care
to keep my cock embedded inside of her. I got onto my knees with her as she pushed back
and I moved forward, finally sinking in to the hilt. I gulped as I felt like every sense of my
body was now attached to my dick, and I gazed at down at the union of our bodies and ran
my hands down the center of her back. I saw the goosebumps develop again, and I
reached under her to gently rub her nipples.

Cindy then pulled slowly away, and then pushed back. I did the same, and timed myself
to move with her. I moved my hands to her hips and caressed them as we moved with
each other, and I reached up to firmly pull her hair and head back. Our motions increased,
and I'm sure I was leaking pre-cum into her ass as it was clear there was quite a bit more
lubrication than there was before. Soon our bodies were slamming together, and my balls
were slapping her vagina as we groaned in unison. An orgasm hit me, and I exploded a
mass of hot semen into her ass. She groaned and and I felt her sphincter grasp at my
cock I don't know how many times as her body trembled and she sank onto her elbows.

I slowly pulled my cock out of her ass, and saw her pussy lips and opening gaping, with
clear liquid dripping out. I got onto my knees and collected juices from her pussy onto
my tongue, and drank them. I flicked her clit one more time as she gasped. She
collapsed, face down on the bed, panting.

I sat on the bad next to her, and lay on my back. She turned onto her side and crawled
next to me, putting her arm around me. Cindy whispered "that was a new one for us…
wow…". I nodded, feeling kind of dazed. After some number of minutes, I suggested
we go to the bathroom, and clean ourselves up. We got up, put on our robes, and headed
for the bathroom. I saw Jen eyeing us both from the end of the hallway going into the
bathroom, and I pulled the door shut as Cindy turned on the shower. She felt the water
and stepped in, and I followed her and watched her soak herself under the spray. She
then reached over and moved me under the hot water. We cleaned each other thoroughly,
after she rinsed off I got on my knees and made oral love to her pussy as she ran her
hands through my hair.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off, put our robes on, and strolled back to
our bedroom, where we put our sweats back on. I stood behind her as she dried her
hair, watching her in the mirror. It was now fairly late in the afternoon, so it was time to
consider what to make for dinner. Without saying a word, she got up and the two of us
walked to the bedroom door. She reached for the doorknob, when I put my hand on put
on top of hers, and whispered into her ear, "babe, I am so in lust with you".

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