this is another fun afternoon my wife Clarice and I had with a few of our swinger friends.
The weekend finally got here and after a fucked-up week at work, I decided to have a few friends over to relax and catch up a little.

Mid morning , about 10:30, and four of my drinking buddies and I were huddled around the tv on the pool deck watching high-lites of the past weeks games and slamming down a few drinks.

“Where’s Clarice?” one of them asked. “I’m surprised she doesn’t have you busting ass on some of her pet “honey-do” projects.

“She had a paper work emergency she had to take care of at work this morning. I’m surprised she isn’t back already,” I answered. We continued watching and slamming, having a pretty good time just us guys.

About 11:00 she opens the door and walks out on the deck. “Hey, babe, get everything taken care of?” I asked. “Yeah, a small calculator error. Everything’s fine now,” she answered. “Good, so what are you gonna do for the rest of the day?” “I’m gonna ‘veg’ out and lay out by the pool for a while.”

She looked really good standing in front of us in here business get-up. A nice fitting jacket that really showed off her ample breasts, a conservative straight-lined skirt that ended a few inches above her knees showing off her ass, and about four inches of heels that showed off her perfect legs and well manicured toes.

“Are you boys gonna be out here ’hootin and hollerin’ all day to this shit, or do I get the place to myself?” she asked. “ We got a lot to catch up on babe, so I’m afraid you are stuck with us. Besides, you know that we may not be able to control ourselves if you lay out here, don’t you?”

“why don’t you guys grow up” she asked as she turned to walk inside. “Besides, I’m not in the mood for a gang-bang today. After last Saturday’s party, I could barely walk all day Sunday. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time and I loved every minute of it, all that I can remember. But Sunday, my pussy was so sore that I could barely put one foot in front of the other.”

With that, she disappeared inside. We all looked at each other and tried not to laugh. “It was a fun time wasn’t it?” my buddy Robert asked. “Yeah, but I really kind of felt sorry for her. The next day, even after soaking in the tub, I’ve never seen her pussy so red before,” I remarked. “Hell, I didn’t get any for four days.

About twenty minutes later she came back out with a drink in one hand and her tanning lotion in the other. She was wearing a short wrap-around robe and her fuzzy high-heeled bedroom slippers. She walked to the end of the deck to drag her favorite lounge chair closer to us.

“I wonder if she’s naked under that?” I asked myself. I’m sure the rest of the guys were wondering the same thing. When she finally got her chair situated, she untied her robe and let it fall to the deck.

NOPE…….. Not a stitch.

She lay back and settled herself in her chair. Suddenly, game high-lites weren’t so important any more.

“Damn, woman,” Robert said. “There’s something missing.” “What’s that?” she asked without looking up. “US,” he explained. “Eat me,” she answered. Flipping him the finger.

A few minutes later, she reached for her tanning lotion and began covering her front with it. This was no ordinary application though.

She held the bottle above her and slowly let it ooze out, falling in large drops over her beautiful body. I could see her trying to hold back a faint smile as she knew exactly what she was doing to us. I couldn’t see her eyes through her glasses, but I knew she was watching us starting to squirm.

Sitting the bottle back down, she began rubbing the lotion all over her body. Her hands were dripping as she started at her neck and slowly rubbed it into her skin. She drug the tips of one hand through some that had puddeled on her stomach and smeared it all over her face. Rubbing it in with both hands, she slightly extended her tongue as if licking it from her fingers. She worked her way to some that was dripping down her “DD” breasts and rubbed in a thin coat all over her chest.

I’ve seen her do this many times before (not usually with lotion though) and she was starting to affect me. I could only wonder what she was doing to the other guys. She raised her legs, one at a time, and finished covering herself with all that was left. As she raised each leg, her pussy was aimed straight at us. I swear I could see drops of moisture forming on her lips. I think she was getting as excited as we were.

Finishing up her legs, the only thing left was to make sure that that fabulous pussy didn’t get burned. She spread her legs slightly and stroked each lip, applying a thin coating. As she stroked , I could see her body rise, keeping in rhythm with her fingers. Only a few moments later, she turned her head to one side and lightly bit her lip. I knew then that she was making herself cum. When her hands fell to her side, I knew she was finished.

“I need a cigarette,” I said to the guys.

“You don’t smoke, dummy,” Robert reminded me.

“Oh, yeah, I forgot. Then in that case, I need a drink,” I replied.

Clarice sat up slowly and said “So do I. So I’ll go fix us all one.” Her knees were a little weak and made her walk a little shaky. But still she managed to make it inside. A few minutes later, she returned, handed us our drinks , and flopped down in her chair.

About fifteen minutes later, she decided it was time to turn over. She rotated herself in her chair until her backside was facing the sun. Soon after, I said “ hey babe, if you don’t reapply your gonna burn your butt.”

“I can’t reach behind me, I may need some help. Any volunteers,” she asked.

My buddy Robert was closest so he raised his hand.

(In case you haven’t read any of my other stories, Robert and his wife are in the same swingers club as we are and we have all played with each other many times. The other guys and there wives are new friends of ours that we have played with a few times before.)

He sat beside her and began dripping large amounts of lotion over her back. I could see her smile as it was landing on her body and starting to run down her sides. She looked like she had been in a bukakke party. Robert began rubbing it in using the same method she used on her front. We could hear her moan lightly as his hands caressed her body. When he had her completely covered, he let his finger slowly slip between her cheeks. The moaning came a little louder, she tucked her arms in beside her chest, spread her legs slightly, and slowly raised her hips off her chair.

When he touched her exposed asshole she let out a squeal of approval and raised her hips a little farther. He circled her spot a few times with the tip of his finger but never entered her. In desperation, she raised her head and screamed “shit,” grabbed his hand with hers, and forced his finger inside her. He pumped his finger several times into her until she squeezed her cheeks together holding his hand in place and finally fell limp to her chair.

It’s very easy to make her cum when you take your time with her. She released her grip on him, both her hands and cheeks. He gave her a slight slap on the ass and returned to his chair.

“If you want drinks now, you have to get them yourselves” she managed to speak.

Several minutes later , she sat up , picked an ice cube out of her glass and rubbed it over her face to try to cool down. She slid her chair closer to us till it was right beside Robert. She sat on the side of her chair and rested her hand on his shoulder.

“You feel good baby?” I asked.

“Fuckin-a” she replied. “That was an intense orgasm.” “Thank you Robert,” she whispered, kissing him lightly on the lips.

She put her hand back on his shoulder and stroked his chest with her other hand. As she rubbed over him, she looked me as if asking “can I?”

I motioned ’yes’ to her and she began stroking lower on his body. When she reached his cock, it was rock hard and trying to burst free from the cut-offs he was wearing. She moved her hand to his leg and eased it up until she was able to ’fish’ his cock out from the confines of his shorts. That wasn’t easy either because he is very well hung and very hard to boot.

She stroked him several times before leaning over and letting him slip between her eager lips. She has given him many blowjobs in the past, so he knew what he was in for. She sucked him slowly at first following with her hand snuggly wrapped around his shaft.

“Isn’t that a little uncomfortable?” I asked. “Are you nuts?” he replied. “Do you see what she is doing?”

She stopped and stood in front of him. He stood to let her unbutton and unzip, then jerked his shorts down to his ankles. Kicking them away, he sat back down and she knelt in front of him. She slid his cock back into her waiting mouth until it bottomed out in her throat. With one hand around the base of his cock and the other on his balls, she began to work her magic. Even though she didn’t move her hand, she stroked his cock with her tongue until she had to come up for air. She started jacking his cock faster and asked him “do you want to cum now?”

“You know I do,” is all he could manage.

She leaned her head back down to his cock and kissed the tip, collecting a smear of pre-cum that had formed. Robert put his hands behind her head and slowly pushed her down until she could take no more. Thrusting his hips, moving his cock in and out between her lips, he fucked her mouth until I saw his legs start to tense up. He told her he was about to cum and asked her what she wanted him to do.

Clarice likes to get a little kinky with her blowjobs and makes a real show out of it. “I want you to explode all over my face like you usually do,” she said grinning at him.

He stood over her jacking his cock as she licked his balls. He moaned as his cock erupted draining his swollen balls of all the built up cum he had. Each stroke of his hand sent more of his juices out the tip landing on her willing face, completely covering her. His cock and hand was covered also which she eagerly cleaned up. When she finished him she gave him a final lick to catch anything she missed, then started scooping all she could from her face to her open mouth. She knew the effect she was having on the rest of us. I really love watching her take a fresh load of hot cum and rub it into her skin. She continued to scoop it up to her mouth and push it back out letting it run back down her cheeks.

After doing this a few times, she finally licked her fingers clean and swallowed all she could gather.

“Delicious!!” she said looking at us smiling real big.

She stood and went back into the house leaving the rest of us with incredible hard-on’s. “Oh well,” I said to the rest of the guys. “I guess we’ll have to take care of ourselves.”

With that, Robert got dressed and everyone took off. The rest of the afternoon was filled with incredible sex with just my baby and me tearing each other up.

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