My first story. The opportunity of a lifetime.
This story is fiction, it is taboo, fantasy, and does not represent any real life actions.
All characters are completely imagined, not real. I do not condone, participate, or wish to participate in anything mentioned below. This is my first story.

     It all began when I was in college. I majored in photography, models were my specialty. Female models. I studied abroad taking internships across Europe for several years. At first I was uncomfortable with photographing increasingly more provocative women, especially when they were younger. But then I began to love it, and be incredibly turned on by them as they'd gladly remove clothes for the pictures. 
     Then it all ended, I received word that a distant family member passed away, and left me a fortune and a private island. I was set! I met with a lawyer who gave me a check and a map. I discovered the secluded island in the Florida keys, miles from the mainland, I found the private boathouse and set off to find the island. 
     Even from a distance, it looked uninhabitable, completely covered by thick mangroves. But then I found a small opening, just large enough for the small boat to find its way to a lagoon opening. And there was the house, overlooking a private beach on the lagoon. 
     The more I explored the more I was impressed. Solar panels, water filtration, stores of food, this place was entirely self sustainable for years. The house had four bedrooms and bathrooms, very open and airy, a typical tropical retreat. The island was perfect for many modeling backdrops I thought. Nobody knows about it. 
     I went to the mainland, made some phone calls to people who owed me favors, and went on a shopping spree. I had a somewhat honest contest set up. Young aspiring models sent their info and photos to win a four month exclusively private modeling camp. 
     My shopping spree consisted of photography equipment and hundreds of young girls outfits, panties, and very skimpy and scandalous lingerie. Everything was small or extra small. And some other supplies. I combed through the applicants and arranged travel plans for the winners. My heart was racing. 
     I had the three girls picked up by limo at the airport, the driver was clueless of what he was transporting. He called and told me there were four, I told him that was okay. The driver was given instructions to tell the girls they'd only be able to bring a toiletries bag, thy would be provided clothes for the camp. 
     I almost fainted when they walked into the secluded boathouse on the mainland. We said hellos, greeted each other like professionals. But I couldn't stop staring. They were all so beautiful. 
     "Hello I'm Jake, your agent and photographer for the next four months" I introduced myself. 
     "Hi, I'm Amanda, I'm 13 and from California. My parents told me to bring my sister for the summer too, I hope that's okay." Amanda was gorgeous, beautifully tanned body, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'2, 95 lbs with some small perky B cups. She was wearing a tank top, short jean shorts, and flip flops. 
     "She's beautiful, definitely model material, that's okay." I smiled looking her younger sister up and down. 
     "Hi, I'm Amy," she spoke "I'm almost ten!" she proclaimed proudly. Sticking out her undeveloped chest, tiny little bumps poked through her thin tank top, no need for her to even wear a bra yet. She was blonde haired and blue eyed like her sister, only smaller, and more innocent looking. I had a sudden pause in my thoughts, this can't be good. 
     "Hello, I'm Emily" chimed in the redhead. "I'm 11 years old and I live in Minnesota. And I don't have a boyfriend." She looked up at me. She was way too flirty for her age, she might be too easy I thought. She was short, gorgeous red hair and green eyes, freckles all over, skinny, somewhat tomboyish, wearing a jean skirt and a tube top. Emily was just starting to develop some perky tits, her puffy nipples shown through her tube top, it almost seemed like she enjoyed showing them off. 
     "Hello, I'm Julie, I am 12 years old. I was born in Korea, but live in New York with my adoptive parents." She was a beautiful little girl, as short as Amy, dark hair and eyes, glowing skin, dressed very girly in a pink flowing summer dress. I couldn't tell at first, but it looked like she had some nice little A cup breasts barely growing. 
     "Are you girls ready for your best summer ever?" I helped them into the boat one by one. I couldn't help but notice Amanda seemed annoyed that Emily was constantly checking me out, smiling, and flirting with me during the boat ride. 
    I am in my late twenties, short blonde hair, blue eyes, 6'1, 180 lbs, a pretty good looking guy. Hopefully they'd think so too by the end of the summer. We drove by boat to the island, they oohed and ahhed when we pulled into the lagoon. I tied up the boat. Go ahead and make yourselves at home. This is our home for the next four months. 
     They each claimed a bedroom, but I wasn't yet sure what I'd do with Amy, the tag along. Amanda came up to me in the kitchen as I made dinner. "Your bed looks big enough for two." She smiled at me. "Amy can have her own room then." She whispered. "I haven't figured that out yet Amanda, we will see." I smacked her firm buttcheek as she walked away, unsure how she'd take it. She turned and smiled at me. 
     While they were exploring the house and island, I made dinner. I wanted to spice up the next four months, so I added a very little bit of a liquid aphrodisiac into the fruit punch cocktail I made for us. We ate dinner, gotten to know each other better and more comfortable with one another. 
      After dinner I told the girls it was the first group shoot for the camp, I instructed them to pick out a one piece and two piece bathing to wear. As they went to their closets I set up my photography equipment next to the edge of the lagoon just before sunset. 
    Julie came down first, wearing a pink one piece, followed by Amy in some tiny blue bikini bottoms with a white tube top strapped around her flat chest. Amanda came down wearing an extra small bikini, showing off most her ass almost like a thong, the top was two small triangles barely covering her perky breasts. Then came Emily. She was wearing a sheer white bikini top and flowered boyshort bottoms. 
     They all posed individually, together, in different areas around the lagoon, just another photo shoot. Amanda and Amy seemed very close when I was shooting them, they had no problem hugging, touching one another. Several times Amanda pulled Amy's top down to reveal her little hard nipples, she smirked when she did it. Julie was the most reserved, shy at first, but slowly warming up, especially noticing how the other girls were behaving. 
     After we were done shooting photos, they all went to their separate rooms to get ready for bed. I had started a fire outside by the pool as it was getting late. Julie opened her window and said goodnight to me and turned off her light. Amanda and Amy changed into some skimpy lingerie and were in the kitchen snacking and drinking more punch. 
     I headed to my room and changed into my night attire, basketball shorts, no shirt or underwear. As I came out of my room Emily was walking down the hall towards me from her room. She was wearing white thigh high stockings, a tiny sheer babydoll top, her puffy nipples clearly visible through the thin material, and a tiny matching gstring, her tiny wisps of red pubic hair pressed between her and the thin material. 
     "Wow Emily, you look amazing." I say, looking her up and down. She spins, showing off her tiny round buttcheeks as she caresses herself. "I love these kinds of pajamas, they make me feel so sexy." she replied smiling, rubbing her body. My cock is hardening in my shorts, I make no effort to cover my tent as Emily dances for me, occasionally peeking at my crotch and giggling to herself. 
     "I have to go to the bathroom." she said and quickly ran into her room and slammed the door. "She's really nervous about being with a guy," said Amanda, who had been watching the whole show. She looked down at my tent, "looks like you're not nervous though." Amanda was wearing a blue satin tank top, matching boyshorts. She smiled as she walked up and gave me a kiss on the cheek, grinding her body against mine, whispering "thank you for all of this" into my ear as our bodies rubbed together gently. "Tomorrow is another day, goodnight" she said, kissing my lips gently and then headed to her room and closed the door. 
     I composed myself, a little overwhelmed by this, and I headed into the kitchen. There was Amy sitting on the counter with her legs crossed wearing small, short, lace black dress, frilly at the bottom. "This punch is really good, I think we should make more!" she exclaimed, downing her cup. 
    She helped me make another batch of fruit punch, she didn't see me add the aphrodisiac, but she was eager to tell me to add a little alcohol. "I've sipped Amanda's drinks when she makes them, I like the way it makes me feel," she replied after I sent her a look after her alcohol comment. "Okay, but only here on the island, you're too young for this Amy." I told her. 
    "You can sleep in my bed tonight, until we figure it out okay, but it's bedtime, we have lots to learn tomorrow Amy." I kissed her forehead and watched her twirl and unknowingly show off her small round bare buttcheeks as she ran up the stairs. I adjusted myself and followed her. I worked on the computer until she fell asleep, then I quietly joined her in my large bed, keeping my distance from her. 
     I woke in the morning to find myself in bed alone. I looked out the window to see Amy and Julie playing in the lagoon together, Amanda was nearby on a beach towel tanning herself in the tiniest little bikini that barely covered her young nipples and pussy. Where was Emily? I wondered. 
     Just then she burst through my bedroom doors and hopped on the bed playfully, still wearing her seductive, revealing lingerie. "I'm ready for another photo shoot!" she exclaimed. "Okay" I smiled, grabbed a camera from the desk as she began to pose on my bed. She bent over on all fours, the small gstring didn't completely cover her young pussy, she didn't seem to mind or care. "Here, let me fix your underwear" I reached out and put my finger under the string, pulling it back, my knuckle rubbing against her smooth warm lips. She moaned lightly when I touched her. I continued snapping photos. She insisted to see them on the computer, as we were reviewing them, she sat on my lap, my thick hard cock between her buttcheeks. "ooh you can see my nipples in this outfit?" she asked as she saw in the photos, she pulled down her top, revealing both small mounds to me. "They're getting bigger huh?" she smiled up at me for approval. "Your breasts are beautiful Emily." I told her. 
    She gently rocked back and forth  on me as we looked at pictures, appearing oblivious to what she was doing. I could feel her warmth so close to me, and I could smell her young virgin juices in the air. When I got to the last photo she abruptly got up and ran to her room, "thanks!" she yelled without looking back. 
     As I got up from the computer, I noticed Amanda walk into my room, and closed the door behind her. She had just showered and had only a towel wrapped around her. She looked up into my eyes, "I want you first" she smiled "I know what's going to happen with these girls here and you, and I want you first" She stepped closer with every word, then stopped looked at my crotch and pointed. "Looks like I'm not the only one who wants you" My shorts were visibly soaked with Emily's pussy juice. 
     What could I do or say? I just let the young 13 year old get her way. Amanda dropped the towel, revealing her entire tan body to me. Her young nipples were pointy, very soft pink in contrast to her tanned body. As I looked down, she opened her legs a little then rubbed herself, "I shave every day" she smiled as she rubbed herself for me. "Are you a virgin?" I asked, now gently caressing her sides with my hands, pulling her closer to me. 
     "I am not." she smiled, "I had an older boyfriend last year, we did it like 5 times!" I leaned down and kissed her lips. "can I see?" she asked, reaching down and fondling me trough my shorts. Without an answer, she knelt down and pulled my shorts down off me. We were both completely naked. "wow" she said, just looking before she reached up with her hands and gently started to stroke me. She knew what she was doing. She looked up into my eyes and wrapped her mouth around me, sucking gently on the head. 
     "oh yes Amanda, you are good!" I reached my hands down and ran them through her golden blonde hair as she sucked me as deep as she could. What wouldn't fit in her mouth, she stroked with her thin fingers. It was incredible. "I want to taste you too" I said. She pulled my cock out, "really?! My boyfriend wouldn't do that, and I've always wanted to 69" she smiled. We climbed on the bed together, I laid down, and she turned around, straddling my chest. Her butt cheeks were round and firm, I gave them a little smack and a squeeze. "I play soccer" she giggled, then gasped as I ran my thumb down her buttcrack and into her warm juicy pussy. She was wet and still pretty tight, I worked my thumb around inside her as she bent down over me, grabbing my cock and shoving it back in her mouth. 
     She laid down on top of me more, pushing her wet pussy right into my waiting mouth, she shrieked as I first dove my tongue into her. "mmm you taste good" I mumbled into her pussy as I delicately ate her out, she struggled but she couldn't focus on sucking or stroking me as I found her clit with the tip of my tongue. 
     I twirled my tongue around her clit as she moaned and squealed, her body tightening up and her hand clenched harder on my cock as her pussy became soaked and she screamed, "I'm cumming!!" I enjoyed her naked body collapsing on me, gently stroking her asscheeks while looking directly at her pussy glistening with her juice. Her head perked up and looked back, "your turn" she smiled. 
     Amanda shoved her mouth down over my cock, bobbing her head up and down as her perky nipples brushed against my stomach in motion. I slipped two fingers inside her, slowly sliding them in and out of her juicy pussy as she wildly stroked my cock, wanting to make me cum so badly. 
     Just as she started licking the tip of my penis and stroking me hard, I couldn't contain it, my cock throbbed and started shooting my cum. She sucked the first bit into her mouth, then pulled away a little, still stroking me. My jizz spurting on her young face, some in her blonde hair, all over the bed and her hands. She giggled the entire time I was cumming. She climbed off me, smiling and licking her cum covered lips. "wait, I need a picture of that!" I laughed and grabbed my camera, taking a couple pics of her smiling and puckering her lips with a cum covered face and messy hair. "beautiful" I told her. 
     She leaned down and kissed my cock before skipping off to my bathroom to shower. I got off the bed and pulled some shorts on, and headed to the kitchen to make us lunch. After lunch, I want you girls to change and you're going to photograph one another, so you know what it's like on the other side of the camera. "okay! That sounds like fun!" they said. 
     Julie was complaining of a headache, but I could tell she was just annoyed that the other girls were infatuated with me and she maybe felt like she didn't have someone. "I have some medicine" I told her, smiling to myself as I went to the bathroom and brought back two aphrodisiac pills for her. She took them without thought. 
     As we ate they discussed and decided that Amanda and Julie would do an outdoor shoot together and Emily and Amy would do an indoor shoot. Sounded good to me. I first followed Amanda and Julie out to the garden near the edge of the lagoon. Julie was wearing a thin, loose fitting cotton dress, white and flowery. Amanda was in a tight halter top, making her breasts more pronounced, and a frilly mini skirt, she walked behind Julie, spun and smiled at me, her skirt lifting and showing me she wasn't wearing any panties. 
     I gave the camera to Amanda first, showing her the basics as Julie posed for her. "I'm gonna check on the other two, you seem to know what you're doing." I said, walking away. "don't forget, whoever has the camera can also direct the model what to do." "okay" replied Julie. "oh yes I know," Amanda said to me with a wink. I smiled and shook my head a little. 
     I walked into Emily's bedroom where I could hear them in them. "You girls find anything to wear yet?" I yelled into the closet. "The sexy stuff doesn't fit me right" replied Amy. "you'll grow into it Amy, just be patient." She came out wearing a small training bra, which just pressed her tiny bumps flatter, and pair of boyshorts that were lace around the edges. "wow you look beautiful" I told her as I started snapping a few photos. "come here, you can be the photographer first" Her face lit up as she bounced over to me, I was showing her the camera when she yanked it from me and to her eye. "Here comes my model!" she exclaimed, and started snapping photos quickly as Emily came out. 
     Emily was wearing a tiny white satin tank top with matching low rise bikini panties. As she spun I noticed about an inch and a half of the top of her buttcrack exposed from the panties that were clearly too small. She smiled at me as she posed in so many provocative positions and Amy snapped away on the camera. Emily began to fondle her young freckled body. I love how this feels against my skin, she caressed her small mounds, gently tweaking her own nipples under the thin material. She laid back on her bed and spread her legs wide open, the satin material in her crotch had a big wet spot. Amy noticed and said "you got your panties wet!" and as she went to point at it, she lost balance and we finger pressed into the soaked material. She rubbed her fingers together and smelled them. "it's not pee though" she looked at her. "girls get wet when they get excited and turned on" replied Emily. "isnt that right Jake?" she looked at me, batting her eyes with an innocent and seductive look. 
     Amy resumed taking photos as Emily began to rub her wet pussy through the thin satin material. "and it feels good to play with yourself when you get wet too Amy" she instructed her. I couldn't handle this. "I have to check on the other group, you two are doing great, listen to what Emily tells you Amy, she's really smart." I walked out and down to the kitchen. I noticed all the punch was gone! 
     After making another batch I walked down to the lagoon, to my surprise there was Amanda, completely naked, taking pictures of Julie as she caressed her small Korean body. She was completely naked too! "you're right, I feel so much sexier naked!" she told Amanda. I smiled at her, Julie hadn't noticed me yet as she spread her legs open revealing a very little bit of dark pubes over her small pink pussy. As I looked at her tiny perky tits and tall hard nipples I remembered the pills I gave her. No wonder she was so horny and wet! I watched as she began to finger herself in front of Amanda.
     The sound of my voice startled Julie at first, "how about you join her Amanda?" I asked, taking the camera from her hand. Julie covered herself briefly, but as naked Amanda approached she began to rub herself again, looking up at Amanda's hot naked body. She couldn't resist, Amanda leaned down and kissed Julie on the lips, she was surprised but then loved it, they began making out on the lawn, caressing and fondling each others naked bodies. 
     "you want to taste each other?" Amanda asked her excitedly. "um, I'm not sure" Julie said hesitantly. Without asking again, Amanda laid down on a chair and helped Julie up ontop of her, Julie looked down at Amanda's shaved wet pussy and slowly moved her hands to it, gently rubbing her. Amanda spread Julie's buttcheeks and shoved her tongue right in, triggering cute little squeals from Julie as she was probed with her first tongue. 
     The young girls fingered and licked each other, their juices all over each others faces, hands, and thighs. I watched in awe as they brought each other to climax, the aphrodisiac really bringing out the naughty in Julie. She was cumming all over Amanda's face as I took photos. When she smiled her face glistened with Amanda's juices. It was so beautiful. "that was amazing" they both said at almost the same time, causing them to laugh, and the spectators to giggle. 
     I looked up at the balcony and saw Amy and Emily had been watching the whole time.  They darted back inside when I saw them. Amanda nodded to me as I headed towards the house. I noticed the younger girls had already finished the recent batch of spiked punch. I smiled as I made another batch. 
      Julie came in the kitchen, she was wearing her loose dress and holding her panties. "they got messy" she smiled, smelling her own juices on her underwear. "I like seeing you without panties" I replied, as she lifted the front of her dress and twirled her little pubes between her fingertips. She slid her finger into her still wet slit, pulled it out and sucked off her juices. "tastes good huh?" she asked as she shoved her finger in my mouth and I tasted her 12 year old juices. 
     "mmm very tasty Julie" I said as I picked her up and set her on the kitchen counter. "I want to taste it straight from you" she giggled and spread her legs wide open, her pussy drenched from Amanda and the aphrodisiacs. I licked it delicately from bottom to top, sliding the tip of my tongue deeper with every stroke. I reached up under her dress and fondled her small hard nipples, tweaking them between my fingertips as she wiggled and squirmed with my tongue in her pussy. I sucked on her clit as she screamed and began to cum. She convulsed, her legs tightening around my head. Julie, even at 12, began to squirt her young pussy juice on my face, I licked it up from her pussy and buttcrack, "mmmm that's even more delicious Julie" I smiled at her covered in her juices. 
     She laid there for a minute and finally got up, went up to her room to shower. I headed up the stairs as well to my room, showering and cleaning the young juices off me. I wrapped a towel around myself. I looked on the counter and notice a bottle. I read the label, it was Amanda's, birth control pills. And he clearly wanted me to see them. 
     I had another idea. I smiled to myself, opened the bottle and poured the pills into the toilet and flushed them. I got my stash of aphrodisiac pills and put them in the bottle instead. I went in her toiletries bag and found another bottle, I did the same to that one as well. Amy startled me as I was putting them back. "mommy says I don't need pills yet cause I don't do what Amanda does" she giggled. "what do you mean?" I asked her. "mommy said both of us could get pregnant really quickly cause we are both really fertile or something. But she said I don't have to worry for a few more years." I thought for a minute, "yeah but if you've already had periods you could get pregnant." I smiled as I said it, and sure enough her face lit up. 
     "But that's when you're older right?" I asked, she dropped her head a little and sighed, "yea I guess." I pulled a pill from the bottle and handed it to her. "but you can take one and pretend okay?" as she gulped it down. I wasn't sure how the aphrodisiac pill would react in her 70 lb body, but we'd find out soon enough. be continued...
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