Cindy's mother tests Ed's prowess
The mother and daughter next door left their chaise lounges and went in about 7:30. sandy had put her bikini top back on before going in. Cindy had not removed any part of her itsy bitsy bikini but she was not so attractive as her mother was with her large breasts. Cindy did have a nice little ass. round and firm but her mother was equal and looked great.

Both of them had long red hair that hung down their backs. Shortly after they vanished from my sight. My phone rang. It was Sandy. She said,"I wanted to thank you baby sitting Cindy today and I'd like for you to come over for coffee if you are free tonight. I told her I would be right over and locked up my house before going next door.

I knocked on their door and little Cindy came to the door and gave me a hug. I lifted her up and kissed her on her little mouth and when we broke she said "Hello, lover." I blushed and as the blush faded I put her down and her mother Sandy, still wearing her bikini, came up with a steaming mug of coffee and said,"Don't be embarrassed. She told me before I called you to baby sit she wanted to seduce you.

"I was deflowered by my father at age 12. Her father is in prison for molesting her but I did not know she had tried to seduce him. He had caught her masturbating a couple times. The last time she asked him to do it. When she finally talked him into it she found out it was much better to have him do it than to do it to herself. After he had been doing it for a while she asked him to eat her. She'd been on our computer supposedly doing homework but actually she was visiting porn sites. So she learned about that exquisite pleasure and when he ate her she climaxed real quick. I caught them once with a finger in her vagina and his tongue on her clit I called the cops without thinking she had been the instigator.

"So when she found out you were not attached she devoloped a crush on you and she asked me to get you to watch her one day when I was at work. I knew she would make it hard to resist. I was hoping you would fall into her trap."

I asked her if she knew of the tape when she and a lover taught her to suck cock. She said "Yes, I had planned to record our lovemaking that night but when she came in and asked questions things got out of hand real fast. I dumped the guy because he asked Cindy to strip. He seemed to be turned on more by her than me."

While she was explaining all this we were sitting down on her sofa with Sandy on my left and Cindy on my right. At this point it was 8 o'clock and Sandy told Cindy to go get ready for bed. Cindy started to object but her mother squelched it with a promise she could come out and hug and kiss both of us goodnight.

After she had gone Sandy asked me how I knew about the tape. I told her that Cindy had put it on for me. Now that made her blush. She told me she was unaware that Cindy knew about the tape and that she thought it was well hidden among her other videos.

I warned her that Federal Law made it a crime to possess child pornagraphy and she said she was well aware of it. She figured as long as no one else knew she was safe. I told her I would explain it to Cindy next time I baby sat assuming I was still allowed to do so. At that point Sandy, this vision of loveliness I had jacked off watching her in my mind's eye, reached out and embraced me and kissed me on the mouth. I always keep my mouth slightly opened when kissing and Sandy slipped her tongue right into my mouth and we tangled tongues there. My body started to react to this and I felt my organ start to inflate. I wasn't hard yet but I was heading in that direction.

As we broke the kiss Cindy came into the room. She opened with,"Well Mom, isn't he a good kisser?" Sandy said,"Yeah he is good but it's time for you to go to bed. She held out her arms and her daughter kissed her on her lips. They hugged and then Cindy withdrew from her mother and embraced and kissed me with tongue like her mother had seconds before. When she pulled out of the hug and kiss she asked me,"Who do you like kissing better? Me or my mother? I told her I did not want to hurt either of them and I felt they both kissed equally well.

Cindy asked Sandy if it was okay if I tucked her in. Sandy said I was there to talk to her and she wanted to be alone with me as we talked.

Then Cindy left and went to the room where she and I had made love only a few hours before. Sandy said,"Tomorrow is Saturday and you may have plans but if you want I would like to watch Cindy at your house from about 7AM to about 9PM. I am going to visit my husband in the prison where he is. I'll send her over right after breakfast and you'll have all day to do whatever she wants to do. She may make more unusual requests and if you don't want to do them that is fine too."

I said I would be ready and waiting for Cindy. I got up every morning at 6AM and made breakfast so I would be finishing as she arrived. I did ask if I could show Cindy some pornagraphy and she said it would be okay since Cindy has watched a lot of it on her own.

I put down my coffeecup and got up and thought about leaving but she grabbed my band and said,"Would like to spend the night?" I looked at her up and down and said,"You have no idea how much I would like to but I'm not sure I have anything left after what Cindy and I did." She said,"Leave that to me." Then she lead me into her bedroom.

She said to me,"YOu want me to unwrap myself for you or do you want to do it yourself?" I took her into a tight hug and reached behind her to untie the backstrap of her bikini. When I broke the hug she slid the top off her shoulders and let it fall to floor. I saw once again those 36C breasts I had seen out in their backyard but now she was standing and they had no sag! This was a thirty year old woman with C cups who could still pass the pencil test.

What is a pencil test? You lift the breast, put a pencil horozantally under it then let the breast fall. Let go of the pencil and the breast. If the pencil falls then the breast does not need a bra to support it. If it stays up then the breast requires a bra for support. I pulled her back into a hug and tugged downward on her bikini bottoms. As they fell below her hips I cupped her ass cheeks and wiggled letting the bikini panties fall to the floor. When I broke the hug she stepped out of them and then pulled my T-shirt over my head. Then she, while kissing me with tongue she unbuckled my belt and opened my pants, unzipping them as she went and letting them drop. She broke the kiss and I stepped out as she had done earlier.

When I kissed and embraced her again she grabbed the waistband of my underwear and pushed it down. I slipped my sandles off and left the underwear on the floor then I put my left hand on her right breast and my right hand fingers on her pussy and my mouth on the left breast. She pushed into me and said,"No wonder she raved over your sex with her. You really aim to please. I laid her down on her bed face up then laid down with my mouth over her pussy. I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina then up and around her clit and then back down repeating and repeating again and again and again. She moaned with my up and down strokes and then she stiffened and her hips bucked as she climaxed.

I slipped a couple of fingers into her vagina and then found her little bump of a g-spot and using the other hand I pushed on her flat stomach on the same spot from outside. My tongue was wagging on her clit. With the continuous sexual assault going on she climaxed again and this time she plataued staying with her ass in the air for over 30 seconds. As her ass settled back to the bed she said,"If you fuck half as good as you eat I may have to have you stay here." She reached for my organ and found it hard. She pulled me up to her and plugged me into her pussy. She was not as tight as Cindy but she was plenty tight enough for friction. So I started humping her then I put my right leg outside her left leg and pushed her left leg in. I left my right leg outside her left then I used my left leg to pull her right leg in. Leaving my legs outside hers put me very high in her slot and she immediately groaned as I humped in and out of her. She came again in short order and then again as I pumped my cum deep into her vagina. She said,"I'm glad my husband does not mind me fucking other men while he's in prison. I may just have to keep you until he gets out."

My erection faded and withdrew from her pussy. I rolled off to one side and fell asleep. So did she. I slept soundly all night long. Tomorrow would be another day, and another story!


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I am not the police. If you try the phone number in the stories you will get long distance information. My only connection to the police is to go to them to renew my sex offender registration every ninety days and their visits to my house to make sure I am where I say I am.

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10/10 I enjoy it, as well as all of stories, so far.
With three given their phone Nos and e-mail address, this space is for comment on the story and how do we know if maybe you are or could be POLICE.

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