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Before I begin the story, I would like to thank all of you for your comments and votes on 'Boo 1'. I sincerely appologize to whoever was offended, but I hope you who DID infact enjoy the story will enjoy this next chapter as well. It has been customized to fit the likes of the readers (Paragraphs, punctuation, ect.) and is definitely a more stable chapter. Again, my apologies about 'Boo 1', but this chapter should be better!!! Thank You!!! TouchMe305!!!!
As I waved good-bye to Alex I couldn't help but to thank him twenty times more or so! I had only had Boo for about ten minutes and I was already over joyed about her. Even though her sour attitude showed no respect or interest for me. Still, though, I had decided my form of punishment for Boo would NOT be the same as Alex's. It was pretty obvious that she, Boo, was very sensitive and delicate, and probably the slightest and smallest comment would offend her.
As Boo impatiently waited beside my locked car, I said afew more words of gratitude to Alex before twisting around and jogging over to my car. A white Hummer, H3, with chrome designs. My car beeped as the acess to inside of it was granted to both me and Boo. When we climbed in I couldn't help, but to laugh as Boo's sour attitude became even more so when her buckle stubbornly rejected it's rightful place. I watched her for several more seconds before finally leaning over and taking the seat belt from her. I clicked her into her seat and started the car before asking, "So? You, eh, like 'Chic-fa-la'?"
She seemed stunned by my attitude and lightly blushed before looking back down at her fingers and quietly fiddling with them before answering, "Y-yes, Josh," I almost MELTED when she said my name like that. Her voice was quiet and babyish, so, when she talked she sounded like a sweet, innocent seven-year-old. The air around us became abit intense as an akward silence took hold of the moment. Well, I didn't want Boo to feel uncomfortable or wierd, so, I cracked open the windows and cranked up the stereo. To my delight, the 'You a Song' lyrics came blaring through the speakers and blew away the silence once filling the air, and as we pulled up to 'Chic-fa-la' the song ended just right with the twang of a guitar and the radio man immediatley beggining to speak up.
I turned down the radio as the girl on the speaker spoke up. "Hello, sir, welcome to Chic-fa-la! May I take your order?" I partially leaned out the window and said clearly, "Yes, that would be nice! But could you give us a moment?" I waited a second or two before the speakers crackled back to life, and the woman gave me a short, sweet reply, "Noo problem!!" I shifted back inside the car, and spoke to Boo, "So, what do you want?"
Boo looked up at the menu, her curly hair falling away from her face. Her cheeks were naturally tinted a light shade of pink, and her plump little red lips complimented that. Otherwise, she was very pale and obviously didn't get much sunlight.
"Um..." Boo mumbled in thought, "C-can I have the twelve piece chicken nuggets with l-large waffle fries and a, um..." she shyly trailed off before picking back up again and finishing her statement, "And a medium Coca-cola??" She nervously looked towards me and bit her lip. Alex must've never 'spoiled' her like this. Still, though, even though she was with a new owner, her facial expressions and body language showed a great fear of being punished. So, to show that I wasn't like that, that I didn't want to hurt her in ANY way, I gave Boo a soft smile and replied, "Sure, baby, anything you want!"
Her response to this gesture was quite adorable, actually, as she couldn't help but to grin big before profusely blushing and shifting her vision downward into her lap agian. I already knew what I wanted and wasted no time ordering our food. After all, I'm sure Boo was STARVING. Once the lady on the speakers thanked us and hurried us along down the line I turned to Boo. There was about two cars ahead of us, and we were not yet at a window, so, that gave Boo and I plenty of time for small talk.
Then, for the first time since we'd been together, I realized I knew next to nothing about her. I recognized easily what her personality was, but I knew nothing like age or favorite color. So, I created small talk, "So, Boo, how old are you?" I didn't get a response until afew seconds after the question was asked, "I'm thirteen," Akward pause, "I think..." That last statement confused me greatly, but at the same time got me very interested on her age topic. "You think?" I inquired. I didn't notice that she was nodding yes until I looked over at her moments later.
"Well, I mean, why do you not KNOW your age?" We pulled up one car closer to the first window and that's probably when I first discovered how sensative Boo was. I was getting a little annoyed with her 'no comment' thing and was about to ask the question once more when a quiet sniffle escaped her sound proof curtain of hair. I wasn't sure how long tears had been streaming down her cheeks, but when I lifted her face to check if she was alright, red splotches dotted around her beautiful, big, hazel eyes, and tiny, salty, tears streamed slowly and painfully down her cheeks.
I almost choked on my own spit when I saw her hurt state. Scared of me seeing anymore of it, she jerked her head back down to gaze through tears at her lap. "B-Boo?!" I choked out, unsure of how such pain had come upon her. All I got in response was a small, insecure, sniffle and her small, soft hands hardening into fists that would help her not to cry, but her hands failed her and she began to cry as if the world were ending.
I was about to speak up, and tell her that I had no problem just assuming she was thirteen, but before I could she wailed out, "I'm s-s-sorry... J-Jo-osh!! I sh-should know my own a-a-age!!!!" Then, she once again began to cry.
"Sweetheart!" I blurted out, "It's okay if you don't know your age!! You've been through alot, and probably was never told when your birthday ever came around so don't worry about it!!!" Still sniffling abit, Boo tilted her head up and let her eyes linger over to catch my worried gaze. She then sniffled before questioning, "R-really??" I smiled lovingly at her, and was about to continue, when the car behind us very rudely interupted our moment by honking their fucking horn.
I jumped, before quickly pressing down on the gas pedel, and inching forward to the first window. Quickly, I jerked out my wallet and handed the woman my credit card, waited a minute, and then thanked her and drove away as she pulled off my reciept and handed both the items back to me. Then, I drove up to the second window where our food and drinks were immediately handed to us. As I drove back out into the road while oh-so-talentedly poking the straw through my cup, I started a nice little conversation with Boo. Turns out, Alex adopted her just last week and she, being the type of Mito she was (Whatever type THAT is), had of course already grown severely attatched to him.
As we pulled into my driveway, Boo and I were just finishing up our meals, and I couldn't help but notice how CUTE Boo was when she drank. She firmly help the cup in two hands, wrapped her lips around the straw (as if wrapping them around a sensitive-to-teeth cock), and concentrated hard on the design of the straw as she sipped. I could tell that she had reached the bottom of the cup, because her straw started having uneven coke splotches inside it, and an annoying slirpping noise was now echoing from her cup. We hopped out of the car, and Boo handed me her trash, and as we approached the door I tossed it in the outside garbage can.
Once we were inside, Boo slipped her shoes off, and stood shyly aside as I put my keys down and slipped off my shoes as well.
"So," she inquired quietly, nervously twisting her foot on the hardwood floor. Innocently, she gazed up at me, and seductively licked and bit her lips. Gosh, that turned me on. She let her big hazel eyes fall away from my gaze, as she lightly began to blush. I didn't realize her reason for this, until looking down at my fully erect dick. I tensed up when she lightly fell to her knees and let out a hot breath on my throbbing member.
"P-please!" I whined, lightly pushing her away and stepping back, "Later, okay? I, uh-" As I fumbled for an explanation, my attention was redirection to afew water droplets lining the floor. I peered up at the ceiling, looking for the source of the droplets- that is- until I heard sniffling coming from inside Boo's curtain of hair. Scared that I had, once again, hurt her I slowly leaned down a peeked up at her. When she saw that I was aware of her condition, she quickly covered her face and looked away. "Boo! No, please! I didn't mean it like that it's just, well, uh, do you wanna watch a movie? B-Babe?"
She kept her face covered for a minute or so more before peering down at me. She just stared at me for afew seconds before replying, "What movie??" I gently smiled, letting her know I care for her and don't mind, "Any movie you want!" She let her hands fall to her waist and begin fiddling with her t-shirt's rim before inquiring, "T-titanic? Maybe..."
"Sure, Darling!" I stood up, relief washing over me that I have that movie, and made my way to the movie closet. As I shuffled through the cases of each film, searching for 'Titanic' I promised myself something. I promised myself that Boo would be mine FOREVER even if it takes decades for me to win her Love and Trust.

Sorry that this is kind of left off, and I don't really finish it (Tell me if that annoys you) but other wise I really am proud of myself and I hope you enjoy the story too!!!!!! :) 'Boo 3' Will hopefully be out soon!

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