“Really it’s easy. I promise.” Alex says to me.
I look in the distance. Beyond the line of trees at the end of the little field where we are sitting I can vaguely see the grey concrete wall. I look at my friend and at the money he is counting.
It’s more than I ever had in my life so far. And he just earned it.
“But isn’t it dangerous?” I ask him.
He shakes his head. “Some are kind of weird, but most are just nice to you.”
Even though he looks happy I cannot help but notice how swiftly he empties the bottle of water.
“And isn’t it dirty?”
He is getting slightly annoyed now. “Noooo, it tastes funny yes, and the end isn’t tasty at all. But really it’s not as bad as it sounds. Just try it for yourself.”
I look at the concrete wall in the distance. It’s the backside of the public toilet.

I take a very deep breath, think about what I’m about to do and get up. Alex smiles now.
“Good luck” he says and stuffs the money away in his pocket.
“Won’t you come with me?” I plead.
He thinks about it, and then shakes his head.
“Sorry, no. I already had one today. I don’t want to spent the next 15 minutes telling them over and over again I’m done for today.” He sighs.

All alone I slowly walk towards the small building. My heart is pounding and I cannot shake the feeling off that I’m about to do something very wrong. Once I’m getting closer my legs feel like rubber and my pace slows to a halt.
I’m really close now. I can see the opening of the building. There are men inside. Four as far as I could count them. They all look old but not grampa old.
I almost turn back but a thought stops me. If I go in there, I’ll be back within 10 minutes and I’ll have more money than I can spend in a day.
‘Just go in there.’

Step by step I continue my way towards the shadowy grey building. I stop right at the entrance. The bright sunlight makes it difficult to see what’s inside the dark bathroom. I see there is a fifth guy that I missed at first. He is all the way in the back walking back and forward impatiently. Two of the men face each other and are touching their crotches.
The two last both lean on the metal sink and are looking at me. The oldest of them, judging by his greying hair, is looking weird. Not angry but not happy either. The man next to him is smiling at me.
It’s a friendly welcoming smile.
My legs are frozen to the ground and I cannot move. I just stand there watching.

Until the friendly man nudges me towards him. First with a little jerk off his head, but when I do not move he uses a quick hand motion. I obey and walk inside.
It’s colder than I had thought and it smells rather nasty. I hesitantly walk over to the man.
He is still smiling.
“How old are you boy?” He gently asks.
I am so nervous I completely forget to lower my voice when I reply.
“14” a squeaky high pitched answer.
Both the men laugh softly.
“No you are not.” The friendly man says. “But that’s ok. What brings you here?”
Oh oh. Alex hadn’t mentioned this. He told me to just say 50 and they would either shake their head or nod. He hadn’t told me what to answer to that question. I look at the floor and I feel myself getting red. What to do?
Luckily the man spares me more embarrassment. He crouches so he is on the same height as me and touches my cheek softly. His hand is warm and feels nice.
“You here to earn some?” He whispers.
I nod. I’m still burning red but at least I don’t have to talk.
The man chuckles and scruffles my hair.
“How much?” he asks.
“50” I answer.
The man nods. Good. Good. Now the rest.

I turn to see if there is a stall empty. One is, all the way at the back. The man follows my gaze and gets up. With a soft hand between my shoulder blades he pushes me towards the stall.
“Hold on.” I hear a dark voice.
I turn around quickly feeling caught and stupid.
The other man is looking at me sternly.
“Tell me boy, were you sent here by someone?” he asks with a deep voice.
I shake my head. It feels as if my teacher is asking it.
“No sir.” I answer quickly.
The sternness in his face disappears. “Then its ok.” He says and looks away.

I continue my long walk towards the empty stall. Even though it’s only a few meters away, it feels like an endless walk.
Once I’m in I close the lid on the toilet and sit on the cheap plastic. He closes and locks the door.
It feels ridiculously small inside with the tall man. I feel trapped. All I can do is look forward and all I see is his crotch. His body blocks out every other view.
I’m afraid, but also exited. I cannot believe I’m actually going to do it. My throat is stuck and I cannot talk, but it isn’t needed anyway.
He ruffles my hair one last time and then crouches. He slowly pulls my pants and underwear down until my butt is nakedly pressing against the cold plastic toilet cover. I’m panicking now.
Alex didn’t tell me about them touching me. I was supposed to touch him. Before I can stop him he grabs everything that’s between my legs. His hand feels really good and warm.
He starts massaging it. Gently but firmly. Within seconds I feel the blood flow to my cock and it’s hard against his soft palm. He wraps his hand around my cock and starts jerking me.
Never had anyone done that to me and it felt great. It was so different than doing it myself. Despite this man breathing heavily in front of me my mind let go and enjoyed every jerk he made on my cock.
His other hand is gently stroking all the skin surrounding my package.
“14 my ass.” He grunts as he tickles the hairless skin.
He moves his hand up, under my shirt. When he find my nipple he squeezes in it. There is a soft explosion of electricity in my chest and belly. I moan softly.

He abandons my cock and starts undoing his belt and pants. He is still playing with my nipple when I see him tug his own package out. It looks nothing like mine.
His cock is dark skinned and there are veins running alongside it. The skin around it is covered in dark hairs. He lets my body go and stands up.
My face is almost on the same height as his cock now. The tip is wet and it smells a little.
Moment of truth.
I take a very deep breath and prepare for the worst. I open my mouth as far as I can. Making sure my teeth wouldn’t hit it. He holds his cock and aims it for my mouth. His other hand grabs the back of my head, keeping it in place.
With a fluid hip motion he forces his cock in my mouth.
“Take it boy, take it” He whispers.

Automatically I had withdrew my tongue as far back as I could. I take another deep breath. I hold him in place with my lips and slowly I press my tongue forward until I taste him.
A wave of relief washes over me. Alex told the truth.
It tastes salty and musky, but not disgusting at all. He felt my tongue exploring his cock, so with his fingers I feel him pull his skin back, leaving his cockhead exposed in my mouth.
I take another taste and he grunts softly. Against his exposed head the taste is stronger, but it’s really not that bad.
I start moving my head. It feels awkward at first. I try to massage the underside of his cock with my tongue and at the same time move back and forward but it’s more difficult than I had imagined.
He helped me. He took a firmer grip on my head and started pushing himself. Softly he slides his cock deeper in my mouth and withdraws again.
After a few pushes we settle into a nice rhythm. My jaw hurts a little and my tongue feels numb but I don’t feel the need to stop.
Slide, slide, slide. Over and over.

Suddenly I feel proud. A mix of relief and pride fills me. I’m actually doing it. I can’t believe it.
All I see is his shirt and belly closing in on my and withdrawing again. All I taste is his salty scent. I’m actually sucking on a man. The sensation feels fantastic.
Not the physical feeling of it, but the idea.
I get more bold and touch his moving cock more firmly with my tongue. He grunts again. It’s working.
I place one hand softly on his belly so I can match his movements better.
He moves his hand from the back of my head to my cheek and keeps it there. With his thumb he is caressing me and he uses his fingers to keep my mouth aligned with his cock.
Suddenly he withdraws quickly.
He keeps my face in front of his cock and with his other hands he starts jerking himself really fast.
“Let me see you swallow” he grunts. He quick motion of his hand so close to my face forces me to close my eyes.
I just wait it out.
He grunts some more and warns me “Here.”

The moment I open my mouth something warm hits my upper lip and the back of my mouth. Bitterness swells through my mouth. I try to jerk my head back but his grip is too strong. I feel him push his cock onto my lower lip and his stuff just gushes over my tongue.
Automatically I keep my tongue under it so it glides into my mouth instead of on my chin. It tastes horrible and I cannot help but wince. He takes his cock back and I quickly swallow it away. It gets worse. The bitterness is almost painful as I feel it glide into my stomach.
He doesn’t give me time to process it. I feel his wet throbbing cock being pressed onto my closed lips. I take it in and feel him dumb his last stuff into me. This time I was more prepared and it feels easier to swallow. Still I cannot help myself and softly exclaim “eew”.
He chuckles friendly and crouches in front of me.

I open my eyes slowly and feel a shudder down my spine, still tasting his seed. He wipes what he sprayed onto my lips off with his thumb.
“Was that your first taste of a man?” He whispers.
I nod.
He smiles friendly again.
“You did great” He tells me. Another wave of pride fills me.
“Here” he continues “Let me help you.”

He grabs both my thighs softly and caresses them. I look down and notice my cock is still hard. My cock looks so small between his big hands.
The moment he grabs my cock I feel that great sensation again. That weird yet pleasant feeling of another touching my cock. I relax more against the toilet and let him do whatever he wants.
He starts jerking me with the same speed he did himself.
Within a minute I come to a moaning orgasm. I feel my own cum leak over my cock and his hands. I fall forward and steady myself by holding his broad shoulders while my body shakes the last of my seed onto his hands. I am breathing deeply.
While he is still holding onto my cock with one hand he wraps his other arm around me.
“You are beautiful” He whispers.
His comment makes me feel funny. Like being proud but stronger. For some reason I feel happier than ever.

While I’m still enjoying the after-glow of my orgasm he slides my underwear and pants back over me.
I’m still in a dreamy haze of happiness so I almost forget the money.
Before he unlocks the door he grabs his wallet and fumbles in it.
He takes out two notes. He first hands me 50 euro.
“This is for your mouth.” He says and hands me a 20 after that “and this is for the rest of your body.” He says with his ever friendly smile.
I think it’s an odd comment, but happily accept the money.
After that we walk out of the stall.

There are more men inside now and most look at me. Some with a smile and some with a frown.
I don’t mind it. All the fear is gone and I feel just pride. Once I’m out of the dark smelly building and feel the fresh air blow past me I take up a good run towards the field where Alex waits for me.

I’m all out of breath when I reach him. He had been tanning. His shirt was next to him and he gets up very slowly. He smiles when he sees me.
“And?” he asks.
I proudly show him the 70 euro. His eyes get big once he sees it’s more than 50.
“What did you do for that?” he quickly asks.
I shrug. “I sucked and after that he jerked me.” I tell him while I settle down onto the grass next to him. I immediately remember the taste of his seed. I first give Alex a soft stomp on his shoulder and then down the remainder of the water we brought with us.
“You told me the end didn’t taste so bad!” I accuse him.
He smiles guiltily.
“Well you get used to it I swear. I didn’t want to scare you off too much.” He admits.
I shrug and forgive him. The experience had been so great and exciting the awful taste is easy forgotten.

“So he did you?” Alex asks me. He sounds hesitantly.
I nod and lay down onto the ground.
“That felt really good.” I tell him.
“So it worked?” Alex continues.
“Worked?” I’m confused. I try to look at his face but the sun is blinding me.
“Well you know. Did he do you to the end?”
“Yeah of course.” I tell him. To prove it I undo my zipper and show him the wet spot on my underwear.
“Wow.” He says and is quiet after that.

It’s silent for a minute.
“It never works on me.” He softly admits. He almost sounds guilty.
“What?” I ask him.
“Well you know. They often want to touch me, but I can never, you know, go to the end with those men.” He says.
I find it funny he can easily talk about taking in an adults cock, but doesn’t want to say orgasm.
I chuckle softly. “I came within a minute.” I tell him.
He is silent again.

We lie there for 20 minutes and I had almost forgotten the conversation when he suddenly asks.
“Could you teach me?”
“What?” I reply.
“Well… you know, how to cum with someone else.” He pronounced cum hesitantly.
I chuckle again. It’s weird and funny to see my experienced friend Alex struggle to talk about it. The roles are completely backwards.
I play with the thought of making him cum for a while. My tummy and chest feel funny when I imagine how that would go.
“Sure” I tell him.

We are quiet for a while again. I had planned on spending the money I had earned but tanning in the park feels too good to stop.
We don’t talk for a long time. When the sun is losing its strength I tell him it’s time to go home.
He looks at me. Then turns bright red and looks away.
“Wanna sleep over?” he asks.
I immediately understand his question.
“Sure” I reply “I’ll ask my mom.”
I chuckle softly when he avoids my gaze and collects his things.

When I get on my bike my cummy underwear reminds me of my adventure. It still makes me happy.
In the back of my mind images of the man’s belly moving towards my face and the feeling of his cock poking my mouth flash back and forward.
Somehow I think I should feel bad about it. As if I did something wrong. But instead I feel good and happy.
Before I reach my home I come to a realization. If this makes me feel good it cannot be wrong.

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