A beautiful Italian girl in distress
Annalisa CH1:

I was driving the streets in a suburb of Naples, Italy and came up next to a smart car with the driver slapping a young lady numerous times while driving down the street. I blocked the road getting out and walking back to the car. The driver was obviously high and started cussing at me and giving obnoxious hand signals. I am a big guy pushing 40 at 6’4” around 250 pounds, so as I got closer he locked the door. The girl looked to be a beautiful young woman in a bikini top. I yelled at him in Italian to quit hitting the girl or I would show him what it felt like. In defiance he slapped her again, which sent me into a rage as it felt as though I had caused that one. No matter what she did, no woman deserves to be punished like that at the hands of a man. He must have thought it would end with his locking the door right up until he got a face and lap full of glass squares followed by my fist.

Although he seemed to be dazed by the blow it did not seem to really hurt him. I would imagine an effect of whatever drugs he was on. The girl exited the car, but as she did he grabbed for her ripping her bikini bottoms off. There was not much to them anyway as it seemed to have been a thong. As he did I had opened the door and pulled him out to the ground. I put my knee in his chest and bloodied his face with a couple of punches. Once I thought he would stay down I reached into the car grabbing the keys. Once in hand I had found that he was now trying to get into my car to get to the girl. Coming up behind him I put him in a choke hold finally putting him to sleep by depriving him of oxygen and laid him in the grass. I placed the keys to his car under his seat then got in my car taking off.

This beautiful girl was sobbing and hugging up against me thanking me. It seemed as though she had probably taken something as well, but it was hard to tell through the crying. Her body was beautifully tan and she had a dark well landscaped landing strip between her legs. Not wanting to purv on her I did not stare enough to see any further. She had C cup breasts and a flat belly with a shiny belly button ring. From what I had seen of her ass in the instant she was getting out of the car it looked pretty good. Through the gobs of mascara that was running down her cheeks she still looked beautiful. Tan all over with jet black hair, full lips, and big brown eyes.

I asked her where she needed to go and she told me that she really had no where. She had problems with her parents who now lived close to Rome and she had been staying with the guy’s family that was hitting her. I asked if he was her boyfriend and she said emphatically no. His sister was her friend. The whole fight was because he was giving her a ride to the beach and wanted favors for it. We pulled over and I helped her tie the sides of her bikini for a temporary fix. That’s when I saw her beautiful little pussy. She had a little camel toe, with nothing showing at the time as she was not excited with everything else going on. By the looks of it, she was not very experienced. With further conversation I found that she was 16 almost 17 and her name was Annalisa.

I took her to her friend’s house who met her at the gate screaming at her about what happened to her brother. Her friend was just as hot and was wearing a short t-shirt and what looked like panties or a swimsuit underneath. She threw Annalisa’s bag at her and then commenced to slapping her and taking her to the ground. I jumped out and went to pull her off. She kicked back at me hitting my leg and barely missing my nuts her exposed ass in the air with a dental floss g-string being the only thing she had on the bottom. I took advantage of the hostile situation by wrapping my arms around her chest and the other hand picking her up from behind by her crotch. She wiggled and squirmed to get away, which allowed me the chance to cop a feel of her breasts with the motion working my hand under her panties and onto her bare pussy. For some reason she was aroused as my finger easily slid between her wet lips. She actually stopped kicking at this point, but was still wiggling allowing me to take further advantage burying a finger into her now sopping wet hole. She stopped struggling obviously liking it, which seemed to take her focus off of Annalisa. My cock was now hard and showed in my shorts. She looked back seeing that and started calling me names now arching her hips to provide better access. I thought about pulling it out and raping her, but what I had already done was way off from what I would or should have ever done. She reached back trying to hit me in the nuts. So I took my index finger that was dripping with her juices and shoved it impolitely in her ass. She let out a gasp pulling herself off of my finger and running into her gate screaming obscenities. Pulled my hand up looking her in the eye as I sucked her juices off of my middle finger (not the one I had in her ass). She actually stopped yelling in what seemed to be shock smiling while she turned to walk into her house. Not wanting to see what would happen next, I helped Annalisa up and into the car.

“I guess you’re not welcome there anymore” trying to break the silence.
“Nope, I guess not” tears welling up in her eyes. “I don’t know how this all went so crazy. It’s like she agree with her brother and I thought we were friends so she might at least understand. Her brother is fine, but I guess the police showed up with the ambulance finding him high. They looked in his car and found his drugs too, so they took him in” tears flowing more freely now. “Thanks for saving me from him. I knew that he was starting to look at me funny around the house and that he was doing drugs, but he has never hurt me or been that aggressive towards me. If you had not done what you did he probably would have kept hitting me and maybe raped me.” She reached over taking my hand in her hand. I held her hand to comfort her while I drove to nowhere.

Letting her emotions settle for about ten minutes I asked “where should I take you now? Do you have somewhere to stay?”
She dropped her head to her hands. I felt for her and pulled over stroking her back to comfort her. “I can’t ask any more of you” as she got out of my car. I exited as well as she grabbed her bag and was getting ready to walk away. I finally got a good look at her ass and it was amazing. Not a bubble butt, but the tan muscular ass of a dancer.
I stopped her “wait a minute. Settle down a bit and think this through. Before you go walking around out here you might at least want to put more clothes on. You might find trouble showing that beautiful ass.” I thought about it after it came out rather than before. I probably should have just left it at putting more clothes on without the comment about her ass.

She looked at me quizzically “you really think it is beautiful?”
“Yes it is nice, but you already know that or you wouldn’t wear a bikini like that.”
“Well, it is nice to hear someone else say it sometimes too!” she said while smiling at me.
“Really? I thought women took it offensive when we made comments about body parts.”
“It depends on the circumstances and how it is said. If it is said by someone who is not hitting on you then you can take it as a compliment.” She paused a bit “You weren’t hitting on me were you?”
“Look although everything about you is beautiful, I would not try to take advantage of your current situation to have sex with you. I am more than twice your age and although it would be great, I would want you doing it because you wanted to and not because you thought that you owed me anything or because I made you feel better at the time.”

I was working off of getting her clear enough to think through her current situation, but I wasn’t lying about her beauty. “Let’s talk through it, I don’t want to just leave you in the middle of the road. So what’s the next step, where are you going to stay wither temporarily or long term?”

She leaned up against the car with me “Well, I really don’t know. Like I told you, my parents don’t live around here and I actually don’t even know exactly where in Rome they are living. I don’t really have other friends that I could stay with, I mean I thought where I was would work. I need to stay here in the area to finish school and dance classes I already paid for, but I really don’t have the money for my own place or anything. I just get some money when I cube dance.” Cube dancers are hot girls that dance up on little stages in big clubs. Probably about a step away from stripping as they are in sexy outfits, but no nudity or lap dances.

“I am not sure where that leaves us. I don’t know where or how I can help you. I think you should find your parents, but I don’t know what the situation there is.”
“I know we just met this morning and I don’t expect you to solve my problems. I don’t really feel comfortable giving you my life story. I just don’t have any answers right now either.”

I felt for the girl and did not feel right about just leaving her on the street. The situation with the drugs and everything made me even more apprehensive. I have a good place with a pool and all, pretty big and empty since my wife left me and all. The whole thing gave me trust issues, especially with beautiful Italian women. “So the guy you were with was extremely high on something. It seemed to me like you might have been using as well. Were you?”
“Oh no, no way! I don’t do drugs at all, for a reason. I was just in a daze by everything going on. My head was spinning trying to think of what I could do to get out of the situation. I was kind of in shock not knowing what a big guy like you was going to do when you came up to the car. Then next thing I knew you broke the window and were saving me. I drink occasionally, but will never do drugs. I understand what you are thinking. I was in the car with a druggie so the association makes me look bad. I am not some slut or I would have been fine in the car and I am not some druggie. I am just trying to get my shit together the best way I can.” Tears now welling in her eyes again, probably from the hopelessness of the situation.
“I am not going to give you my whole life story at this point either. I currently live alone and that is where I need to be right now. I am not worried about what people think, I just have a lot of trust issues right now. I just met you this morning, so I am not sure how I feel about supporting you for any length of time. I am also not the type to leave a damsel in distress in the middle of the street with no where to go.”
“I understand, I am not asking for you support me as we aren’t family. I will figure it out.”
She bent down opening her bag to get clothes out of her bag her perfect ass up in the air. “It would actually be nice to have some beauty around the house, just come and stay with me for a couple of days until you can figure something out.”
She turned to look me in the eye “are you sure?” I nodded. “Thank you!” as she jumped up into my arms rapping her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. I caught her by the ass in surprise, but she didn’t think anything of it. I really did not mean to, at least consciously.

We got in the car and headed to my house, which was only about fifteen minutes away. Once we got there I showed her around. I guess when she was thrown her bag something spilled all over her clothes. I showed her my t-shirt drawer and the bathroom heading to wash her clothes. She then asked me to just show her where it was so that she could do it since her “personal” stuff was in there. I told her that I was going to sit outside and she could clean up and take a nap or whatever she wanted to do.

I went over to the pool shower and changed into the shorts I wear around the pool. They are pretty good at putting my junk on display. I wear them a lot since I found my inner exhibitionist. I found that I like putting myself on display. I figured that she would be inside for a while anyway. I jumped into the pool to cool off and then got out sitting in the shade of the cabana.

I was there for a while when she came out in one of my wife beaters with her basket of laundry. She asked if she could hang it outside as Italians feel that driers ruin their clothes. I watched, trying not to stare, as she hung them up constantly giving me side boob shots and exposing her bare ass. I got noticeably hard, so I jumped into the pool to cool down again.

She then decided to hang out by the pool with me. So we sat by the pool talking about things. I told her about my divorce. She ended up explaining to me about her parents, which tied into the drugs. I guess her father was really drunk and talked her into doing some drugs with him. Her mother walked in just as he took her virginity. She was incoherent when he did, but her mother blamed it on her and called her a slut saying that she had teased him into it and shit like that. That was the only sex she had ever had with the whole thing only happening a few months ago. She was crying by now, so I moved next to her. She buried her face in my chest and continued crying. I let her cry for a while and then she stopped, but stayed there with her head on my chest.

I told her how much more attractive she looked without all of the makeup on and stroked her hair. She moved over placing herself on my leg and hugged me again thanking me for being so nice. I could feel that she hadn’t found any clean panties as her warm sex had direct contact with my leg. She looked down to see that she was giving me an erection, but didn’t move. I stood her up getting back in the pool. I got out going to the shower washing off and changing into my around the house shorts. She stayed and seemed to be watching the whole time.
“What food do you have in the house? Is it ok if I try to find something to cook you for dinner? I can cook and clean to earn my keep while I am here, if that’s ok?”
“Sure, I will come help in a minute.”

She had found an apron and was cooking up some pasta. The way the apron tied pulled her shirt up so that the bottom of her ass cheeks were exposed. I sat and watched as she cooked getting hard again, so I decided to go watch some TV. A few minutes later she came in bringing the food. I got an eyeful of her breasts as she bent down handing me my plate. She obviously tanned topless as she had no tan lines. Her nice dark nipples caused another erection. She smiled as she noticed it, but I covered it up with the plate eating awkwardly until it somewhat softened. Even though it was only semi erect she continued to stare at it once I picked up my plate.

We sat together watching a movie. I had to translate and explain it as it went as it was in English. She laid with her head on my chest and I stroked her back from the outside of her shirt. The smell of her hair causing me to once again get an erection. One I couldn’t hide in my current position, I really did not want to as it actually turned me on more that I knew she was checking it out. I finally decided to head to bed and took her to show her where she would be sleeping.

Later in the night I felt her get into my bed. She stayed on the other side of the bed, which was good since I sleep naked. I woke up with my regular morning wood looking over at her as she slept. Her ass was fully nude and exposed. I wanted so badly to just lick it, but had decided that I would not take advantage of the situation. She started to rustle in the bed. So I covered her ass up with my sheet and got up to go to the bathroom. She turned to see me naked and erect as I was reaching down to get my shorts.
“Oh my! I am sorry to have come in here uninvited” staring directly at my erection. At that point I left my shorts where they were. “The house is so big, I am used to sharing a room with at least one person. I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to wake you.” Her eyes were still locked on my rock hard morning erection.

“I would have dressed more appropriately if I knew you were coming. Now you have seen me, so I guess there is no use in covering up at this point.”
“I guess not, I see it all of the time on the beach’s I go to. We are not as hung up on it as you Americans are.” She continued to stare “I must say that they are not normally that big and hard. Did I do anything to cause that?”
“Although you easily could have, this is just a morning ritual.”
Almost sounding disappointed “oh yeah, I have heard about that.” I sat back on the bed giving her a better view.
Are you going to be ok here or do you want to go with me to the store to get some food?”
“I guess I will get ready and go with you.”
I dressed and she left to get her clothes from outside to do the same. She came walking in wearing some short shorts, sandals, and a white see through one piece lingerie. Her nipples hardened as she entered in to the air conditioned house. She stayed like that until we got ready to go pulling a light gauze button shirt on.

The trip to the store was uneventful. I lit the grill to cook us some lunch. I put the meat on and then asked her to check it while I went to get something inside. I heard her scream and ran outside finding that she had burnt her hands closing the grill. I sprayed some burn relief spray on her hands as they were not that bad. She continued to complain about them so I took her to the local clinic.

Once we arrived we had to wait. Her phone rang, so an answered it and held it up to her ear. It was Maria, the girl she was staying with. She apologized for the way she reacted to what happened and that she was glad that Annalisa was ok. She did not feel it would be good for her to come back as the rest of the family was still pissed. “She wanted me to tell you hello and that she wanted to see you again soon. She actually said that she can’t quit thinking about you.” Sounded like a trap to me. “Why does she want to see you? What happened to make her not be able to quit thinking about you?”
“Now’s not the time, maybe later.”
“Come on, all we are doing is waiting. Maybe it will keep me from thinking about my pain.”
I moved in close whispering in her ear “when she tried to hit me in the nuts I stuck my finger in her ass.”
“Really? You really did that?” I nodded and she gave me a weird smile.

We got in to see the doctor. Her hands were mildly burnt and would be fine in a couple of days. He had the nurse put on some cream and gave her some gauze gloves telling her to take them off in the morning and not to use or especially get her hands wet. They also gave her some meds for the pain letting her know that it would knock her out. We stopped at the pharmacy next door and headed back to my house.

I heated up the food we had cooked before she burnt herself. She ended up sitting on my lap to make it easier for me to feed her. Once she had eaten a enough to take the medicine she kissed me on each cheek and on the lips. “I am sorry that I am so much trouble. You are a great guy to be doing everything you have for me” once again tears started rolling down her cheeks. So I kissed her cheeks cleaning the tears and then she turned catching me on the lips again, this time lingering longer than before.

I had her take her pill and she asked me to help her get ready for bed as she was already getting drowsy. I pulled her shirt off and then she asked me to take the tight shorts off, so I did so. Once again, her ass was amazing and I was getting a really close look. I also got a good whiff of her musky sex, which made me immediately hard. The lingerie she was wearing was a transparent white piece that had a button crotch. She was really starting to get groggy. She stood in front of the sink and I pulled her beautiful hair back into a pony tail. She kind of moaned a little as I did and I thought she was getting woozy so I reached around her waist pulling her up against me to stabilize her. I brushed her teeth for her and then started to leave.

“Tony, this is going to be as weird for me as it will be for you. I need to use the bathroom.” I hadn’t really thought about this situation. Then it hit me, what if she has to take a dump?
“Ok, well what do you need me to do?”
“Thankfully, I only need to pee. So I guess if you could unsnap my lingerie and hold it up. Then I will just pee in the bidet and you can turn on the water for me to wash myself with it. This is getting a little more personal than either of us probably expected, but I really have to go and I don’t want to pee in your bed when this pill knocks me out”

“Ok, well let’s get started.” I sat on the tub in front of her running my finger into the front of her lingerie with my knuckle up against her slit and tried to reach between her legs with my other hand. My hands and fingers were too big unless I sat her down spread eagle. I looked up noticing that her nipples were now hard and pressing against the thin material. “It might be better if you turn around” she did as requested. I ran on finger in from the part that covered her slit and another down her ass crack. She bent forward pushing her ass back to give me better access and a great view. Once again my knuckle was against her slit and I started to feel heat coming off of it. I finally got the snaps undone pulling it apart exposing her slit and anus. Both were amazing, I really wanted to bury my tongue in them but knew that was not what I was there for.
“Now don’t even think about using your finger in my ass!” she said while laughing to lighten the mood.
“Good thing you stopped me!” and we both laughed some more.

She opened her legs and sat on the bidet. I held the front and back of her lingerie up so that it wouldn’t get wet. It took her a while to pee with me standing there, so I went ahead and turned the water on. This helped her to let go and then she just let the water wash her off. She asked me to dry her off so I grabbed a wash cloth and had her bend over again wiping the water off of her thighs and ass. I then bunched it around my finger and started wiping her labia and just inside dry. I also rubbed her clitoris area to dry it as well. I have to admit that I took a bit longer than I probably needed to, but what the hell and I didn’t hear any complaining. I then pulled the two pieces and snapped them back together.

I took her to her room to see if she needed anything else before getting in bed. She asked that I help her put a pair of panties and a little top she had on to make it easier if she needed to use the restroom again. So I unbuttoned her lingerie again, feeling heat and a noticeable wetness. I pulled it off getting a feel of her firm breasts doing the same while I put on the little top that was transparent white and frilly. I then pulled a small matching g-string panty on as well. She looked tired, but amazingly sexy as well.

I asked her if she wanted to sleep in her room, but she asked if she could sleep with me in mine. I stayed with her in the bed watching TV. I put my arm around her and she fell asleep with me stroking her hair and back. I moved my hand down and started stroking her wonderful ass. As I did she put her leg across my body scooting up higher giving me better access to feel her ass.

Once I got tired as well I left her on top of the sheet and pulled my shorts of getting under the sheets. I was sporting a serious hard on from having her against me and feeling her ass. I was thinking about relieving myself when she rolled over scooting up against me not really able to due to the sheet. She got frustrated so I pulled the sheet up letting her under. The top she was wearing was tangling up and every move seemed to be frustrating her, probably an effect of the grogginess caused by the medicine. I still had the bedside light on when she lifted the sheet with her arm looking down at my erection. “you’re naked and this thing bothers me so pull it off!” She rolled over so that her breasts were against my chest and belly while I pulled her top off. She then rolled over placing her legs on top of me, so I reached down and pulled off her panties. Her eyes were closed so I took advantage pulling her panties up and smelling them. They had an intoxicating smell that almost made me shoot my load all over her legs.

She asked me to hold her as she turned away from me. So I moved almost up against her wrapping my arms around her body. She backed up harder against me wiggling her butt against my erection. She kissed my hand “Thank you” falling back to sleep. I reached down to adjust to a more comfortable position my hard cock ending up between her legs. I reached back up placing my hand between her arms, basically holding her right upper arm in my left hand. She moved a bit against my erection with the wiggling moving to where my hand was now cupping her breast. I just left it there without doing anything to wake her or piss her off. Soon I could feel her grinding against my cock almost like she was trying to coax it in. Feeling that turned me on, so I started to massage her breasts and rub her erect nipple between my fingers and thumb. She started moaning and gyrating harder against my erection. I then started thinking that I was taking advantage of her and my mind drifted to the story with her father. So I kissed her neck and rolled over onto my back.

Once I was over on my back I found that my balls were aching. I started to stroke my erection with my left hand while touching her ass with my right. Just as I was close to shooting my load she turned over angrily “why did you move away from me?” as her leg moved my hand off of my erection and she laid half way on top of me. I reached over to turn the air conditioning up as the heat from her body was making me uncomfortably hot. As I reached to put the control back it fell knocking the remote for the TV to the floor as well. I shifted my body to pick them up turning the TV back on to a baseball game. As I shifted my body came a little out from under her body. “Not again” as she shifted rolling up on top of me her legs spread around my body with my erection sticking between her legs reaching her ass cheeks. Her breasts were against me and she nestled her head into my neck and shoulder kissing them both and then falling back to sleep.

I tried to fall asleep with this beauty on top of me. The smells from her hair and body had my mind working overtime. I reached up playing with her hair and stroking her back. She moaned in my ear as my hand reached her ass. I continued to play with her ass working my hand down so that my finger twirled around on her anus. She shifted down so that my cock was between her pubic region and my body as she shifted back up my erection was against her clitoris which started a whole different reaction. Her hips started grinding against it and she started kissing my neck and moaning. I looked down at her to see that her eyes were still closed seemingly still asleep. She started to reach down with her hands and I grabbed her arms knowing I was about to shoot and I did not want to get that all over her gloves.

I felt the ache in my balls and my cock twitched shooting my load between us. She sat up and started bucking wildly using my erection to get herself off. Just as I was reaching up to massage her breasts she let loose peeing all over me. The position of pussy on my erection was like a finger on a water hose spraying us both with her pee. She let out a yelp and her eyes opened wide in shock. I did not know if she understood what she was doing or if it was some kind of effect from the medicine she took. I guess now I had my answer.

She laid down against me sloshing in her pee and my secretions. I could tell that she was sobbing so I tried to comfort her. “No, why did you take advantage of me like that? Why?”
“Wait, we didn’t have sex. Everything that happened was stuff that you did. I just happened to be here. Plus you just peed all over me!”
“What? We didn’t? I thought we did, I guess I was just dreaming that we were. I am sorry for accusing you. Are you angry?” I shook my head and she kissed my neck working her way up to kiss me on the lips. “Thank you for not taking advantage of me! That means so much. I am sorry that I peed on you, that is gross. I guess I will go sleep in the other room.”
Although she said it was gross, for some reason that never came to my mind. It was strange to me, but it was actually a big turn on. My cock was already hard again and ready to go for round two. “Let’s just get cleaned up and back in bed” I rolled my legs off of the bed still holding her in my arms. My hard cock still between our bodies, I felt her shift her ass to adjust so that it was pressing in the right place.
I stood up with her in my arms and pulled the sheets into a ball on the floor with one hand still holding her up with the other. I reached down to grabbing them and as I stood up she started to fall pulling herself up higher with her arms around my shoulders. As she settled back down the tip of my erection was now pressing against her opening. She didn’t try to move away from it, she actually seemed to be settling down on it as the tip parted her wet lips. Using both hands I pulled her up shifting her so that my erection was now under her ass and it was like a pendulum dropping down and then slapping her ass as it came up while I was walking.

We got to the bathroom so I dropped the sheets on the floor and I set her down on her feet while I started the water in the shower. I started to walk out when she asked “how am I supposed to do this if I can’t get me hands wet?” I hadn’t thought about that.

“Are you asking me to help you take a shower?” The thoughts of what was next running wild through my head. She smiled looking down and nodding her head.
“I am sorry that you half to do it, but I can’t. I think we have been intimate enough that it should not be an issue. I mean it doesn’t get much more intimate than me peeing on you.” We laughed easing the tension sexual or otherwise in the moment.

I have a decent sized shower, so we both fit with a little wiggle room. She looked down at her belly, chest, and pubic area “Did you cum on me?” I looked down in shame “Did I make you do that” I nodded. She kissed me on the cheek “so I guess you do like me a little”
I kissed her on her neck “more than a little” Annalisa melted against me.

I got behind her pulling her against me keeping her hands above her head and the shower head. I pulled it out of the holder and rinsed the front of her body down turning her to do the back. I pored some body wash on my hands and started to soap her back down. I then turned her to get the front. I started at the shoulders working my way down my erection poking her in the ass as I cupped her breasts massaging them with soap twisting her erect nipples between my fingers and thumbs. As I did her ass wiggled against my pulsating hard cock. I reached down soaping it up and pressing it down under her ass. She continued to wiggle as I worked my way down her belly to her pubic region. I made sure to clean her landing strip well and then worked my hand down to clean her labia, which was swollen and her lips were budding out. I rubbed her crotch with my hand running my finger between her lips on the way out her body feeling like she was melting against me as I did. I soaped up her inner thighs taking advantage to run my finger back through once again.

I put some more of the body wash on my hands and squatting down to soap up her legs starting with her feet. As I worked my way up her left leg soaping and scrubbing up to her inner thigh she bent forward opening her legs further to provide better access. The view I had was unbelievable. I paid especially close attention to her ass and anus noticing her body tensing as I did. I could not understand if it was because she liked the feeling or she was afraid that I would jam my digit into her ass. I continued working my way down to her swollen and flowering labia running my fingers across her lips on each side of them and on up into her swollen hood. I could feel her pushing against my hand as my finger tip made contact with her hardened nub. I started on the other leg at the foot once again working my way back up soaping her ass in the same fashion and her pussy the same way. This time when I hit her little nub she started twitching and fluids secreted adding a whiter color to the soapiness.

I brought myself back up placing my erect cock at her entrance and leaving it there while I took the shower head rinsing her off using my hand to wipe the soap off. I could feel the tremors in her pussy as the head of my cock rested against her pussy lips. I could feel her working between pushing down to take it all and keeping herself off of it. She obviously liked the feeling as she did not attempt to move to change its aim. I man handled her body as I rinsed the soap off, more aggressively handling her breasts working my fingers and thumbs on her nipples with specific intentions. She moaned in appreciation and had to pull herself up as she had pushed further down on my cock almost making the whole head disappear between her lips. I do not know what her apprehension was, but did not push it either. Sure, I desperately wanted to fuck the shit out of her, but I wanted it to be on her terms not mine. Hell, I would have been happy just to lick every inch of her beautiful young body.

I worked my way back down her belly this time kissing her neck and shoulder as I rubbed her pussy around my cock. She reached back placing her hand on the top of my head pulling it into her shoulder. I pushed in a little just before I pulled my cock away from her pussy as I rinsed down her back to her ass. Not knowing when the next time would be that I would get such a chance I spent an extra long time getting the soap off of her ass. I then rinsed her legs and feet off bring the shower head back up focusing once again on her pussy. I more deliberately pushed my finger into her slick folds and onto her clitoris and as she pushed back I placed my lips on her ass cheek wanting to taste every inch.

I helped her out of the shower drying myself off first and then focusing on her. As I pulled her arms up over her head her focus remained on my pulsating erection. I used the towel to wipe her body dry squatting down to dry her legs. Face to face with her pussy I could smell her clean sexy odor. She blushed as I looked up across her breast and into her eyes while I dried her pussy. I then turned her around drying her back squatting down to dry her legs and ass. She giggled as I kissed her ass cheek once again. She moved to the toilet now sitting eye level with my erection. I let it hover there for a while and then squatted down in front of her picking her foot up opening her legs giving a perfect view of her pussy. I placed her dry foot on my thigh and pulled the other up to dry it. The movement caused her to slip on the toilet seat with her foot ending up brushing against my erection. I placed the towel on the floor allowing her to stand. She reached up thanking me and giving me a kiss, my rock hard erection poking her in the belly.

I took her to my room sitting her in the chair while I laid towels down and replaced the sheets. It seemed most of her urine ended up on us rather then the bed, so there were no puddles. So we were able to get back into the bed. She got in and I followed lying on my back. Annalisa snuggled up against me under my arm resting her head on my chest as I watched the end of the baseball game I started watching earlier. She was looking down and had a close up view of my cock. “Why are you always so big and hard?”

“I am not always like this. You have to understand what I just went through washing your amazingly sexy body. Then having you all naked against doesn’t help either. It will probably take some time to go away without help.”

“So you don’t want to have sex with me?”
“What makes you think that? I want nothing more. I had to hold myself back from licking you head to toe, much less making love to you.”
“What do you mean licking me head to toe? You mean with your tongue and everywhere?”
“Yep’ running my finger down the crack of her ass and twirling it around her anus “even here!”
“Really, it sounds gross.” I continued playing with her anus since she was not resisting.
“Not to me, I bet every part of you tastes as good as it looks. I am sure that you would enjoy it too.”
“I don’t know about that”
“What do you mean? Are you telling me that you have never had someone use their tongue on you before?”
“Uh, no I haven’t. I have had guys grope on me before. It has never felt like the way you touch me. Your hands and fingers are so strong and you touch me like you really like doing it, not just to say you did or to get to the next step.” She paused “I told you about my one real sexual experience. I really don’t even remember how it feels as I was so drugged up. I just remember the hell I got for it.”
“So, you have never had an orgasm?”
“Well, yes I have. I give them to myself all the time. I have had two others and both were tonight.”
“Two? I was there for the one in the shower, right?” She nodded her head. “So when was the other one?” I thought for a minute “No way, are you talking about when you peed all over?” She nodded again “you were awake?” She nodded again.

“When I felt you start to cum and felt it against my pussy it gave me the hardest I have ever had and I couldn’t keep from peeing.” She looked up at me and then smiled looking down again. “I couldn’t believe that you were so turned on that you could cum without even putting it inside or anything.”

“That was really not fair. I would have gotten more into it if I knew that you were awake.”
“I’m sorry. I wanted to do it, but did not want you to think that I am a slut or something like that. I mean we did just met and all.”
“I wouldn’t have thought that at all.” She kissed my chest.”

Annalisa propped herself up on her elbows looking me in the eye “So why did you not take advantage and have sex with me? You definitely had your chance.”
“Well, I definitely thought about it. It was hard for me not to. I guess I really wanted you to want it as much as I did. I also thought about your story and did not want you to think of me like that. If I took advantage of you then you would just get pissed and I might not get a chance to make love to you again. I think that you are a good person in a bad situation that just seems to get worse. The last thing I would want to do is to make it even worse. Do I seem like that kind of guy to you?”
“Well, you did stick your finger in my friend’s ass and it is not like she asked you to do that.” I looked her in the eye with a half eyed look “I’m just joking” as tears rolled down her cheeks “I was trying to lighten the mood. I don’t know how to start to say how you have made me feel taking care of me the way you have or especially how you have made me feel about you. I have never felt so safe and protected or to be with a man who is not trying to take advantage of me and my situation. I have been naked around you and against you without you trying to have sex with me. I almost thought that you didn’t think I was attractive. That is why I like having you naked too, there are some feelings you just can’t hide. You make me feel so good.”
She tilted forward and kissed me passionately while I wiped the tears from her cheeks. I reached down and played with her anus again which made her jump forward her nipple just above my mouth. I flicked it with my tongue. She came back down smiling and kissed me again.

She laid back down on my chest. Then I felt her drift downward and the next thing I knew there was a tongue on my rock hard cock. She licked up and down the shaft then taking the head into her mouth. “Do you like it?” I nodded and smiled. “Well I only thought it fair as you helped me to have two orgasms. I just can’t use my hands. I haven’t done this much, but I thought I would try. You big cock kept calling me.” She went back to sucking the head and licking it like an ice cream cone. I reached down and played with her tits, which made her suck even harder.

I was close to cumming and I told her so, but she just kept sucking and sucking even harder. I reached down pulling her lower body in my direction. She lifted up on her knees and I started touching her pussy. I ran my finger on her inner thigh and then worked it to her damp and swollen labia. I rubbed her clit and she pushed back on my hand. Then I guided my finger in between her slippery lips inserting it deep into her hole. Her pussy was so tight even as wet as it was. I worked my finger in and out of her and I could here her appreciative moans which made me pump harder. My balls started to twitch and then I shot my load into her mouth. Rope after rope of my cum went into her throat and she slurped it all in.

She came up to me smiling “Did you like it?” I nodded kissing her on her cheek and working my way down her neck to her breasts. I licked and sucked her breasts with a passion, trying to suck her whole breast into my mouth. She held my head with her glove covered hands pulling me towards her wanting me to suck them even harder. I left her breasts licking down her belly circling her belly button and on down to her pubic region. Licking every crack, crevice, and bump to and around her slit and on down her legs to her feet sucking each toe. Switching to the other foot to do the same rolling her to her stomach as I licked the full length of her leg. Arriving at her ass cheek licking to the middle and up her crack with her lying flat and using my tongue like a brush not missing a spot. I pulled open her ass cheeks and licked her ass crack once again, this time ending with my tongue on her anus. Tonguing her anus until she started to moan and whimper finally shoving my tongue into her asshole. The salty taste was not displeasing and the view was exquisite.

She like my tonguing her anus so much that she pushed her ass against my face wanting more. I slipped my tongue out and she gasped as I crossed her taint to her pussy licking from bottom to top flicking her nub then heading back through it back to her anus. The smell and taste of her sloppy wet little pussy was intoxicating. My nose burning from the smell and the taste like honey. I rolled her over to her back holding her legs against her and sucking her her swollen labia into my mouth. She screamed “oh Dio! Dio Dio Dio!” Finally opening her legs and sticking my tongue deep into her sweet hole with my nose grinding into her clit. She arched her back still screaming as I put my hands under her ass licking her pussy holding her up like a burger in my hands. Finally licking up to her clit running circles with it and then sucking it between lips like I had her nipples. She was close to another orgasm when she rolled me over onto my back. She kissed me from mouth to cock wetting it down with her mouth before she stood on her knees with my hard cock pointing into her entrance. She pushed herself down onto it little by little screaming and moaning as she did. Only halfway down and her body started to shudder forcing her to drop pushing almost all of it in. Her pussy was so tight around my cock that I never thought that we would get it all in, but she continued up and down on it until it topped out on her cervix. Hitting her cervix was the jolt she needed to release her orgasm. “Si, Si, Si oh Dio Si” I reached up squeezing her breasts pushing her even further over the edge. I was ready to explode once again so I pulled her off and she turned around sitting her pussy onto my face and taking my cock into her wanting mouth. I sucked and licked her pussy clean of all of her juices. As I was getting ready to blow my load I reached up placing my finger against her asshole. She pushed back against it, so I wet my finger in her slit and then pressed it into her ass up to the first knuckle and onto the second she exploded once again on my face and I erupted into her mouth once again. I worked my finger in and out of her ass as it seemed to send waves of orgasm through her body as I did. I blew a load like I had never blown before and she seemed to almost gag from it, but continued sucking me dry without missing a drop finally collapsing on top of me as I pulled my finger from her ass.


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