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A 20 year old boy gets groped in the bus and than for the first time in his life sucks a cock in the forest.
First something about myself. I’m a 20 year old male student, I live in a village still with my parents but go to the university in a small city, and like most students I travel by bus. My girlfriend is one year younger than me and studies at a different university.

Like every day I tried to get myself into that bus back to my village and is always filled with people during rush hour. This time I could cram myself into the bus directly against the glass of the doors in the middle, but just so in the corner of these doors, so I wouldn’t have to constantly step out and back in when passengers wanted to leave the bus. There was no private space whatsoever, to my left, right and behind me other people were crammed up and sighing from a long day at work.

It was after ten minutes that I felt something move against my leg. Normally I wouldn’t be surprised by something touching me in this crammed bus, but this movement on my right leg was so systematic that it had to be that someone was accidentally bumping up to me, not aware of the fact that he or she was touching me. I looked down to my leg when I saw a large, male hand slowly stroking the upper side of my leg. Instead of looking behind and get mad at the unknown man, I quickly turned my head away to the window of the doors. I’m not a very strong person you see, so I didn’t considered it an option to accuse a man of harassing me in a full bus. Instead I just hoped the man would eventually stop.

But he didn’t stop. This strong hand was even slowly getting higher and higher and was now just under my ass cheeks, still rubbing it fondly. Although I had a girlfriend and never had any feelings for men in a romantic way, I sometimes fantasized about sex with a man, how it would feel to touch each other. So naturally, I became a bit aroused but tried not to show this. The unidentified male was probably standing right behind me but I didn’t dare to take a look. His fingers slowly went up from the bottom to the middle of my right ass cheek, and when he reached the middle he softly squeaked it. From this point I really became aroused and opened my mouth, but could just stop a moan coming out of it. Deep inside I hoped he would continue, to stroke my ass with his strong hands. He stretched a finger and pressed it against the fabric of my pants, on the spot exactly between my ass cheeks.

At that moment the bus stopped at a stop in some village 6 miles from my own. The doors opened and I felt the strong hand pushing me out of the bus. Aroused by the stroking of this mysterious man I immediately obliged. When the bus was gone I was left alone with him. I still hadn’t seen his face and tried to turn around when his two hands gripped me by the shoulders and stopped me.

“Just don’t look behind you, keep walking and follow my orders”, he whispered.

So we walked through the village and I was relieved that there was nobody who could know me, although the locals probably never noticed something; just a 20 year old boy walking and a man coincidental walking three meters behind him. The man ordered me with the instructions; go right, go left, cross the street etcetera. After fifteen minutes we came to the gates of a forest I knew from long times ago, and the man ordered me to walk through it. We walked and walked, and when we hadn’t encountered other strollers for 5 minutes he told me to stop.

“Now you may turn around”, the man told me. I turned around and saw a man in his forties, not the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen but then again, not the most ugly one either. He was about five centimetres taller than me, a little bit muscular and strong hands. He wore blue jeans and a brown jacket. His face was one of thousands, shaved, brown hair and a quite normal looking face without any curious warts or scarves.

“So you liked that, didn’t you”, he said. My head turned red and I nodded shyly.

“Good. Take your shirt off”, he ordered. I immediately obliged.

“And now your shoes and pants, but leave your socks on.”

I did and there I was, standing before a man I didn’t know, with just my socks and underpants.

“You look gorgeous, a real slut just waiting to be fucked. Do you have a girlfriend?”

I nodded.

“She’s a lucky girl. But now you are my girl. Or maybe I should say ‘bitch’. Do you like the sound of that?”

I shied, but nodded again.

“Good. Get on your knees bitch.” I obliged. He stepped forward and placed his crotch before my face.

“Open it.”

I zipped down his pants and placed my hand on his crotch.

“Good boy. Are you ready to take some cock? Is this your first time?”

Again I nodded.

“Alright than, take it.”

Nervously I took his underpants down and looked at his cock. It wasn’t large, but it wasn’t small either - “Just your average cock”. I took it in my right hand and slowly began pulling it. After 30 seconds it became completely hard, after which I looked up hesitantly.

The man smiled and placed his hand behind my head. I became nervous and tried to pull my head back, after which the man took my head with both his big, strong hands.

“Don’t struggle, you are my bitch now and have to follow my orders. Open your mouth.”

I opened my mouth and he led my face to his cock. I took the head in my mouth and immediately liked it. The smell was odd yet pleasant and the feeling of my tongue on the head of his cock felt strangely satisfying. I first licked the head, than his shaft. After 3 minutes I put his cock further into my mouth. The only thing I saw was his delicious cock, his balls and his jeans. I soon started slurping and the man decided to go a little faster. He pushed my head in and out of him and when I closed my eyes out of shame, the man pulled out and slapped me in the face.

“You better look at me when you are worshiping my cock, slut”, he said angry.

“Sorry”, I frightened apologized. I started sucking again, now without his guidance and with my eyes fixated upwards to his face. With my left hand I caressed his balls, after which he began to moan.

“Yes, there’s a good boy slut”, he whispered. My head went in and out, in and out, sucking and slurping. My own cock was also hard but didn’t get any attention – both of my hands were busy satisfying holding his cock and balls. After five minutes I heard his breathing intensify and soon he took his cock out of my hungry mouth.

“Keep pulling and open your mouth”, he ordered. I did just so, and with a lot of groaning his cock spit cum on my face and tongue. I felt his cum everywhere and when he was done I took his cock in my mouth for one last time, sliding my tongue on the head while looking in his satisfied eyes.

There I was, still dressed in my underpants and socks, sitting on my knees before this strange man which cock I just sucked. He smiled and pulled up his pants. After looking at my underpants he said:
“I see you have a hard one too. Pull it out.”

I placed my hard cock in my hand and looked at him with eager eyes.

“Go sit on your ass slut, and satisfy yourself.”

I started masturbating, his cum still on my face dripping onto my chest and belly. With his arms folded the man observed the slut which he dominated. When he noticed that I was about to cum he moved his head to my face and said:

“You may come bitch.” He moved his lips to mine and when I finally came he kissed my lips, which opened up a bit by the ecstasy. I was shooting my cum on my belly, mixing it with his. Our lips were pressed against each other and I loved every moment of it.

After I was finished he got up and asked my number. I gave him the number but still didn’t do anything to clean or dress myself.

“You’re an eager boy, aren’t you? You like to learn right?”, he said with a grin on his face. “I’ll call you in a few days, maybe you can ask if your girlfriend wants to join in on the action.”

He left, leaving me alone in the forest. I took a leaf from a bush, dried myself with it and dressed. When I walked home my heart was still racing from all that had happened. I put my hand in my pocket, where I put my mobile phone. I waited for his call...

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2013-06-10 22:38:00
whats he want his g/f for to suck his cock also

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2013-04-26 12:29:13
love the story...please write more <3


2013-04-26 10:00:48
pretty sexy & glad for a change the kid wasn't 14. made it hotter!!

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