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I first met Louise when she was a student working at my factory. I was only a couple of years older than here so we often hung out with the same crowd, doing the usual stuff – pubs, parties. I’d known Louise for a couple of years on and off, until I was transferred to another unit at the end of the country.

After a few months I took advantage of the business expense account and revisited my old stomping ground. I called a few of my old mates who met up with us & partied a while. Louise came too. As it was a work night there was no massive party, and one by one we drifted off, until we decided to call it a night & head off back to the hotel. Louise came with us as her flat was that way, but being the party animal she was it didn’t take much to persuade her to come back the room and raid the mini-bar. One by one the lads left, ‘til it was just Louise and I, buzzing from the alcohol.

“I’d better be going”, she said, standing & reaching for her coat. Drunk enough to want to try my luck, and being able to blame the knock-back on the booze, “you can always crash here – the bed’s plenty big enough” I suggested, almost innocently, trying to give enough leeway for deniability if she started thinking I was taking a liberty by hitting on her. She didn’t even pause, “OK – saves me walking home in the cold”

We crashed on the bed, lying close to each other, slightly touching but still both being cagey, not wanting to commit. A few drunken giggles later, she said she had to sleep. We got undressed at either side of the bed – stealing glance to see if it was just jeans being lost, or more. More there was – being a bloke I stripped down to my boxers with no problem, and had to hide a massive grin when K reached behind her to unhook her bra. I immediately lost my boxers and climbed under the duvet, joined by Louise in just her black knickers – slightly larger than a thong, but not much. “Wow” I though, “I’m going to have a fuck”

Louise had her back to me in a classic “you make the first move” style – by this stage I had a lot more confidence of where this was heading, so make the first move I did. I snuggled up fairly close, placing one hand gently on her hip over her knickers, my other hand going through her short hair and gently tickling her neck. A few murmurs and slight movement of the hips told me I was doing ok, and I started caressing her side, stroking very gently up and down with just my fingertips, until after a couple of minutes I was stroking the side of her left tit. Louise was a petite girl, a boyish figure and maybe a good B cup – they certainly seemed to be well proportioned to her small frame & I’ve never been a fan of big tits (more than a handful and all that). A few more minutes and I had my hands running all over her tits, rubbing my palm over her nipples - small and smooth, only erect once I touched them. Now she responded. She started grinding her arse back into my hard cock, turning her head for our first kiss, sloppy due to the angle but erotic nonetheless, open mouths, tongues reaching, searching, exploring and wrestling with each other.

The gentle seductive technique was pushed aside, and I dragged my fingernails down her stomach, not hesitating at her waistband but pushing straight down into her thick wiry pubic hair, half-pushing her knickers off her at the same time. I cupped her mound with my hand, feeling her heat and damp, but not yet exploring further, instead just using the pressure of the flat of my hand to caress her, feeling her moisture escaping onto my palm, feeling her cunt lips mashed against the insensitive palm of my hand.

She responded – her hand reached back, finding my cock like a heat-seeking missile, wrapping her fist around it and slowly pumping a few times before letting go, exploring further down by grabbing my balls and gently tugging them, then returning to my cock, now seeping pre-cum to lube up her wanking motion.

Pulling her further round to face me, I moved her top thigh over me, and reached down with my mouth to start sucking her tit. Amazing – small enough to fit whole into my mouth (with a bit of strong sucking), they were perfectly formed, almost spherical, perfect pink nipples sat high to give a perky, upturned appearance. Her arm could no longer reach my cock in this position, she let go and reached between her legs, brushing my hand to push past, grabbing my balls again and slowly playing with them. “oh, fuck” I muttered into her tit, “that’s good”.
“Do you have a condom?”, she asked.
“I’m not on the pill, we need a condom”
Back then, we all wore them anyway, due to the Aids scare – but I wasn’t expecting sex, so hadn’t packed any (a mistake I’ve never made since!)
“Fuck!” This time it sounded a lot different. “Oh well,” I said, “there’s other stuff we can do…”
“I know”, she said – looking directly at me for probably the first time. She turned around to face me on the bed, pushing me on my back, then started what I hoped for – the trail down. She bit my nipples, traced her tongue over my stomach then took hold of my cock in her hand. She looked up at me past my cock, with that great, dirty look in her eyes that says she’s going to have fun. “Like this” she murmured, as she slowly went down on it. I was guessing that she had a bit more experience than I did – she didn’t quite deep-throat it but she wasn’t scared or hesitant either – long, deep strokes, her hand holding on near the base and gently wanking at the same time. “Yeah, that’s good” I encouraged her, almost going cross-eyed when she held the tip in her mouth and started swirling her tongue around the head.

Wanting to return the favour, I reached down and encourage her to spin around & on top of me for a “69” position. I now got to see her cunt for the first time – pubes trimmed into a wide rectangle, a darker blonde than on her head, but still definitely blonde. Her lips were engorged, pouting sloppily open and glistening, with her clit clearly poking out of its hood – a deep salmon colour, full of blood and aroused.
Taking the classic approach, I held her hips and poked my tongue forward, taking a long stroke along her cunt lips but avoiding her clit – for now. Entering her, feeling the tightness around my tongue, feeling the wetness smeared over my face, then introducing my fingers. Touching the outlying parts, moving closer, eventually letting my fingers enter her at the same time as my tongue finally touched her clit, and getting the result I was hoping for – a great shudder, her cunt clamping on my finger, it’s tightness unbelievable.

I knew I wouldn’t last if she kept blowing me, and I needed her to cum (I don’t pull girls easily, so when I get one, I make sure they don’t want to anywhere else). I pushed her down and away, leaving her on her knees, and crawled up behind her. I got my face down again and starting tonguing her cunt, hinting at going for her arsehole, but not quite doing it. Instead I moved a third finger in to play, all three buried in her cunt up to my knuckles, slowly moving them around in the tightness, vaguely searching for her G-spot but not frantically – it would be a bonus, not essential.
“Jesus, that’s fucking good” she moaned, “keep going”.
“More?” I asked, “I don’t want to hurt you”.
“Yes, more, I’ll let you know when it’s too much”.
“Fuck me”, I thought, “I never expected this”. I moved a fourth finger in, my hand now squashed into a cone-like shape. She responded by sinking lower onto her knees, pushing herself back onto me, moving slowly but deliberately in large circles over my hand. This was it, I felt it starting, her breath getting shorter, her movements becoming jerky, my hand getting slicker. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” she whispered, “keep going”. I did, although now all I was doing was keeping my hand still while she fucked herself on it. Then she came – “ohhhh, ohhh, ohhh, aaahhh, eeeee”. Not like a porn star, not a screamer – but deep and satisfying, appreciation for what she had.

We collapsed together, manouevering to a spoon position where we fell asleep. In the morning it was my turn…

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2013-04-23 23:06:55
I don't mean to drag this story down by challenging a situation but the author listed is a female but the story is written as a male so the questions i have is who are you really and is this a real true story or just some more made up BS from a 6th grader that we all seem to be finding more of on here

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-23 19:16:31
Nice story but you left so much out of the fisting part it ended JUST as you finally got your whole hand in, you didnt even mention balling it up into a fist inside her. this story basically leaves us the same way she left you. stranded with blue balls.

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