I violated my sister, she violated me
I came home late after drinking beers with my two best friends. I was only 17 and beer was forbidden so I was trying hard to be quiet, not to wake my mother who was a light sleeper. I managed to get to my room unheard so I stripped naked then went to piss. My rational for being nude was that if mom saw me she would think I just got up to pee and avoid talking to me because of my free swinging dick.

On the way back to my room I tripped over the fucking fur-ball that was curled up by my little sister's bedroom door, usually the cat slept with Carol but had apparently been shut out. The cat hissed at me and I tried to kick it but it dodged my foot and glared at me evilly. I twisted the knob to Carol's door to let the cat in; she slid like a shadow into the room and leaped softly onto the bed next to the form of my sister. There was enough light in the room I could see my 16 year old sibling, she was lying on her back over the blanket wearing a short transparent nightie. Carol has a sensationally cute and tight teenaged body which captivated my attention immediately as the cat curled into a ball next to her. I stepped to the bed and stared down on her, taking in the rich vista of firm softball round tits, softly curved hips and the dark forest of pubic hair peeking from under the hem of the short night shift. Since I was naked my cock was free to grow rapidly into the night air over her prone body.

The beer was still running through my blood so my natural caution and inhibitions were banished to my subconscious. I reached for my sister's ankle and pulled lightly on the foot which spread her legs, broadening the view at the junction of her thighs. Carol murmured then shifted her butt, scaring me but she didn't wake up. As I stood next to her bed and stared at the soft folds of her slit my cock pulsed and I had to grab it in a choke hold to keep from spitting a load of cum at her. I knew I shouldn't be there, I needed to put some walls and doors between her and me but I couldn't make my feet move. My left nut started to tic and my breath couldn’t keep up with the rapid slamming of my heart.

I went to the end of Carol's bed and crawled up on the mattress then kept moving until I was over my sister. My knees were between her legs, my hands on either side of her. Carefully I dipped my hips until the head of my straining cock was poised over the incredibly soft split between her legs. I balanced on my left arm to spit a glob of saliva on my right hand and rubbed it over the end and shaft of my erection then in one swift plunge I pushed my cock into my sister until our pubic hair tangled. I didn't stop to think that I might be taking a virgin but her body took me easily, without resistance. I started fucking Carol in a drunken frenzy of unstoppable lust and need to empty my balls.

She came awake quickly but confused like she didn't know what was happening,“Mike?” That surprised me, my name is not Mike so she must have thought her boyfriend was screwing her. I knew then for sure she wasn’t' a stranger to cock. She focused on my face in the dim light of the room and her eyes widened in shock and astonishment. “What the hell are you doing!?” she demanded loudly. I clapped a hand over her mouth and slammed her body faster and harder, I wanted to unload and get away before she woke up mom with her protests. Carol pushed on my chest and bucked her hips, trying to dislodge me but only succeeded in spreading her legs wider which gave me more freedom to fuck her.

The hand over her mouth was getting wet from her tongue as she tried to yell at me, she was banging her fists against my chest and her legs pulled up as she arched her back in an attempt to roll over. The twisting and turning of her body felt to me like she was fucking me back so I quickly reached my goal. My cock seized with a massive contraction then blew firehose pressured streams of cum into Carol as she struggled to throw me off. I didn't take the time to relax and enjoy the afterglow of my orgasm, I lifted off my sister and the bed then escaped into the dark even before her cunt started dripping cum.

Once the pressure was off my nuts I starting thinking about what I had done. I raped my sister. Not only that but I shot her so full of sperm she might have a fucking litter if the time was right. As I started to get scared for what I had done I realized I didn't hear her screaming for mom or something.

I had just laid on my bed when my door crashed open and Carol stalked through it, very naked and very mad. She crossed the room in four hurried steps “You incredible son-of-a-bitch! What the hell was that!” I looked to the open door more afraid that our mother would come through it than of the enraged 16 year old girl.

My sister slapped my chest with her open hand, the room echoed with the sound. “Hey! You'll wake mom, be quiet!” I managed to whisper loudly.

Carol looked like she was going to blow a gasket or have a stroke “Mom, your worried about mom now? Well maybe I should go over there and show her what's dripping down my legs you dirty bastard,” at least she had stopped yelling, “would you like that?”

“Uh, no, not really” I was trembling with fear.

Carol stopped everything, moving, talking, even breathing I think, as she stared at me her facial expression transformed from rage and hate to evil and conniving. “If you don't want me to show mom your mess on my pussy, you better clean it up.”

Those words relieved the terror of her tattling; if that was all it took to keep her silence I had no problem with that. Hell, cleaning her charming little pussy would be fun. “Okay, let me get a towel.”

“Oh no fucker, I can do that myself. You are going to clean me up with your mouth, you lick me clean, I want you to suck up your own cum or I'm going straight to mom and you'll go straight to jail.”

I could only wheeze “WHAT”?

She crawled onto my bed, to her knees beside me “You heard me, lick it all off!” Carol pushed me to my back then threw a leg over my chest. I looked the junction of her thighs and saw that my cum had matted her pubic hair and some had flowed part way down her thighs. I looked up into her eyes and saw there was no escape, no way out. If I wanted to stay out of serious trouble I had to suck up my own spunk.

“DO IT” she demanded.

I shakily put my hands on my sister's bare ass and pulled her up until her crack was almost touching my nose, the scent of her body and my cum was overpowering; the thought of tasting my own discharge disgusting. Carol shifted her knees and her pubic hair brushed my chin. I looked up into her eyes and saw no pardon, no hint that she was willing to forget and forgive. I extended the tip of my tongue and dabbed it into the matted hair over her pussy.

When she felt my tongue touch her Carol pushed her hips forward and mashed her pubes onto my mouth. “Eat it all you stupid fucker” she growled angrily, and much to my relief, quietly; at least she had stopped yelling and maybe mom would stay asleep, unaware that her son was licking his cum off her daughter.

I tasted my semen. It was cold with the consistency of tapioca but not as sweet. I figured out quickly that it wasn't poisonous, that I wouldn't die but I knew for certain the humiliation of what my sister demanded of me would linger, maybe forever. I started licking the residue of my orgasm from my sister's pubic hair.

I sucked up all the mess from her hair then pulled on her ass again to get her to move. She lifted over me and widened her knees allowing room for my head between her legs. Her pussy lips opened and again I was assailed by the strong odor of her musk and my lust. I put my lips on her body and continued to follow her orders. Carol lifted her face to the ceiling while I ate her pussy, the insides of her thighs were rubbing on my cheeks, her pubic hair tickled my nose as I lapped the crack of her sex.

As I worked on my sisters cunt, licking her clean my revulsion receded and hormones began to bubble up from my nuts again. My terror shriveled cock was warming, filling with blood as I ate my sister. I probed between the tender folds of flesh with my tongue and plunged it as deep as I could, getting as much cum out of her as I could reach. When the taste of my stuff was gone and only the taste her sweet pussy remained I turned my attention to the goo on the insides of her legs. With long wet strokes I licked my sister's left thigh until it was wet and clean then finished my work on the right side. Carol was rolling her hips against my face, muted gasps of air escaping her lungs as I finished my job. I realized that she was on the verge of an orgasm so I covered her freshly cleaned cunt with my mouth and french kissed it. My little sister gulped a long breathe of air then began to vibrate. She slammed her hands to the bed and wadded up my blanket in both fists as her stomach cramped repeatedly, her mouth was clenched to keep from singing out her rapture. She straightened slightly, reached behind her, gripped my erection and pumped it rapidly until she buckled to my chest, her bare tits mashed against my body.

When she stopped quivering Carol opened her eyes and looked at me, she shifted close enough lick my right cheek, sucking up a daub of cum smeared there from her leg. When my face was clean she whispered next to my ear “The next time you rape me, you better make damn sure I'm awake.” She got off my chest and faded back to her own room, I watched her go with my lonely erection staring at the ceiling.

The next morning Carol marched into my room as if she owned it, it didn't seem to phase her I was still naked lying on the blanket. “Go pull my sheets and wash them, they got stained last night and you don't want me to tell mom how they got that way.” She looked me from toes to head, her gaze lingering on my limp cock for a moment then turned and walked out. I laid there and wondered about my future, was this how it was going to be from now on, the little bitch blackmailing me into doing her dirty work? How long would it take to pay off my drunken stunt?

I didn't see her for the rest of the day. As I cleaned up my sister's bed I couldn't believe I had blown so much to leave a crusty spot that big. I thought that I had sucked and licked a gallon from her but the evidence on the bed looked like another gallon had leaked from her. I was secretly proud that my balls could brew up a mess like that.

Nothing more was said, Carol left me alone and as the days went by our relationship became less strained. Gradually we resumed our usual sibling fighting and bickering, we returned to what we considered to be normal behavior toward each other. Even though she was awesomely cute and sexy and I enjoyed stuffing her full with my cock that once I had no desire to fuck with her again.

Two weeks after the late night violation of my sister I came home earlier than expected, mom was out somewhere so I thought the house would be empty. As I went past Carol's room I heard the unmistakeable sound of sex echoing in the hall. I stopped next to her door which was partially open and peered cautiously through the 2 inch crack. My sister was on her bed face down, completely nude, completely turned on and getting completely fucked by her boyfriend Mike while two other kids stood beside the bed watching. Mike's butt was a blur as he rapidly slammed against my sister's ass while the other guys had firm grips on their own cocks. Just as my mind was registering what the hell was going on, Mike went stiff as a board and started grunting as he came into Carol.

My flaccid prick was thickening in my pants when Mike rolled off my little sister and one of his friends climbed up then shoved his stiff prick into her. Carol arched her back and gasped delightedly as the new assault on her body began. I stood in the shadows for another 45 minutes watching my sister get gang banged by the three boys. In the time I stood there Carol got fucked several ways, sucked two cocks and got creamed four times, once in the mouth. By the time they were done emptying their balls on her and in her she was totally exhausted. As she bade them goodbye I sneaked from my observation post to my room to hammer my straining erection.

Before I could jack off I heard my sister go to the bathroom and turn on the shower. When I knew she was busy I went to her room, the scene of her one girl orgy. The room smelled heavily of sex and the bed was pretty much destroyed. As I looked at the puddles of cum on the sheet it struck me that I had seen a similar pattern before, the day after my night visit to Carol. I stood dumbfounded at the realization that the mess I licked from her cunt and washed out of her sheets had to have been the produce of more than just my own pair of balls. My sister made me eat up Mike and maybe those other dudes too, I left her room in a fury at what the fucking little slut had done to me.

I plotted, I planned, I hated my little whore sister and I wanted revenge for making me lick up her boyfriends cum. My opportunity came five days later when mom announced she was taking a two day trip with her lover Felix. Carol and I would be alone from Friday afternoon to Sunday and I knew exactly how she and I were going to spend the time. She had told me to make sure she was awake the next time I raped her, well, she sure as hell would be awake for what I had in mind.

She was getting ready to go out with some of her girlfriends then meet Mike later. Carol cleaned up, put on tight jeans and a cleavage revealing blouse and fixed her hair and face. I let her get ready to go out before I set in motion my own plans for the night. Just as she was headed out I stopped her with “Hey, come here, I want to show you something.”

When she got within range I lashed out and seized her arm and twisted it behind her so she couldn't get loose then lifted her from the floor and carried her to my room where I had laid out my supplies for the night. Carol was fighting and squirming, kicking at me while screaming a stream of viciously foul language “What the hell are you doing you son-of-a-bitch? Put me down you motherfucker before I cut your fucking nads off and give them to the cops! You ugly cocksucker, LET ME GO!!”

I threw her to the bed on her back and straddled over her tits to hold her down, her knees were hammering a tattoo on my back. She was burning red with rage as I pulled out the open end of some handcuffs and slapped it on her right wrist then did the same with the left. When I got off her Carol was screaming her anger but couldn't do much else because she was cuffed to the head of my bed. She stopped yelling as she glared at the metal bracelets holding her arms, “What the hell are you doing? You going to have your way with me again you nut-less asshole. You have to be nut-less because it take balls to seduce a girl normally!”

“I saw you last week when you fucked Mike and his two friends. You fucked and sucked those three cocks and I think you did it the night I screwed you too. You made me suck those guys' cum and now you're gonna pay.” Carol went pale as she listened, her eyes widened with fear of the unknown as I revealed her secret.

“What are you going to do? You want a blow job? I can do that, you can screw me in the mouth, I'll take everything you have.” She was bargaining, trying to make a deal that would free her hands from the cuffs. Just as she was propositioning me I heard the doorbell, I had invited a friend over, promising him a night he would never forget. Carol heard the chime and went silent, doubt clouding her eyes. “Who's that?”

“Your recreation for the night, be glad I invited only one” I told her as I went to let him in.

Ross didn't know what I had in mind, I hadn't told him but I knew he would enjoy what we were going to do to my sister. He had more than once told me she was hot and he'd fuck her in a minute. When we went back to me room he stopped cold in the door and stared at Carol tied to the bed. She glared back at him then me, “Him, you are going to let him rape me too? Go home Ross, you don't want this trouble.”

He looked at me “What the hell?”

“Hey, she's knows how to take cock and she's done three at the same time before, tonight she agreed to fuck us both this way. She likes being tied up and resisting,” I looked at Carol “Don't you Sis?”

As I was watching my sister's reaction to my question I saw something happen to her, I don't know if it was resignation, anticipation or what, but her eyes softened and she said “You can't fuck me this way boys, take my clothes off me.”

Ross looked at me “Holy shit, is she serious?”

I walked to the bed and reached for the waist button on Carol's jeans, “Take her shoes off” I told my best friend. When her feet were free and the pants open Ross grabbed the legs and pulled them off. Carol didn't lift her ass to help but she didn't protest as they went down her legs. She was wearing a brief white thong that clung to the form of her pussy before disappearing between the cheeks of her ass. My cock started to inflate.

Ross was staring at my half naked sister, his eyes riveted to her crotch. Carol spread her legs wide giving us a full view of her pussy and ass. “I can't take my blouse off with my hands like this” she said to me.

“Don't worry, I thought of that” I replied as I picked up a pair of sewing shears.

My sister looked at the scissors and gasped “You can't do that, this is Mike's favorite blouse!”

“Too bad bitch, it will be his favorite rag in a minute.” I cut the right sleeve from the cuff to her armpit then went to the other side and did the same. The last couple of inches of cloth I tore apart then pulled the ruined blouse off her, she wasn't wearing a bra. Ross, who was having a hard time breathing right took the scissors from me and cut Carols thong on each side then ripped them off her beautiful petite body.

Carol was pissed at what I did to her shirt and told me in very graphic detail what she was going to do to me when she got loose. I listened to her tirade then told her “Yeah, maybe but right now you are going to get fucked.” To prove to Ross he was my best friend I said to him “Screw her, fuck her until she gets knocked up, it will serve the horny little cunt right. When you get off, it's my turn.”

Carol rolled wide open eyes to her next lover “You get naked too, I want to see what you will be using on your jailhouse friends.”

My buddy pulled his pants and underwear off then moved onto the bed over Carol. He held his hard-on against her body then pushed not too gently into her. Carol flinched, her eyes flashed pain briefly before she closed them. Ross pummeled my sister's pussy relentlessly but she never moved, she was as still as a statute while he hammered her. While he was dick deep in her I shed my clothes an waited my turn, watching her tight cunt flexing and moving as his fat prick slid in and out. I grew a massive erection, bigger than ever before I think. Ross pushed up on his arms until only his cock pinned my sister to the bed then groaned deeply as contractions forced the air from his lungs. Carol opened her eyes to watch his climax then glanced at my cock as he collapsed down on her.

The girl humped her hips to dislodge him then rolled her head to me “Next?”

I got onto the bed between my sisters legs and looked at her pussy which was seeping Ross's cum down her butt crack. I held the swollen blue head of my shaft against her lips and pushed easily into her semen soaked hole. As long as she was acquiescent I wanted to know a few things.

“When did you fuck your first guy?” I wanted to know.

I shoved into her until she moved up the bed an inch then held still while my erection pulsed and twitched inside her. Her eyes flared slightly “Right after I turned 16, Felix got me drunk and fucked me when mom was passed out.”

I pulled my cock out of her “Felix? Mom's boyfriend Felix!?”

She rocked her hips, sliding her pussy to the end of my prick “Yeah, he did it twice, we were right next to mom who was sleeping. He never did it again.” I plunged back into Carol then started fucking her softly. I felt her shiver and she closed her eyes again, absorbing the feel of my prick sliding in and out of her body.

“And after him?”

“What, you want me to name names?” she opened her eyes, “I can list them in order if you want.”

I reached under her ass and held her tighter to me “Okay, in order.” Ross moved to the side of the bed next to her head and sat beside her, his prick standing tall again from his groin. He was watching me fuck my sister and listening to her talk while slowly pumping himself, getting ready to take her again.

Carol smiled up at me then started “Felix. Sam. Jerry. Salvador. Mike. Wilson. Oscar. You. Ross.”

“In six months?”


“Hell girl, some women never get that much in their entire lives, you like fucked someone new every month since you started.” My balls were beginning to balloon, readying to release the building pressure.

I looked at my friend, “Fuck her mouth Ross, lets both give it to her.” Carol started to protest but I clapped a hand over her mouth, “Hey just because we're talking nice doesn’t mean you get off easy. You did some nasty shit to me and I haven't forgotten. Now suck his cock while I poke your hole.” Carol's eyes narrowed with anger but she turned her head and parted her lips to accept the end of his prick. She started suckling the head of his cock while I continued to screw her pretty little body.

The sight of her mouth on his boner, the feel of her hot velvet cunt overcame my senses and I started shooting a river of cum into my sister. She lifted her legs as my groin slapped against hers then wrapped them around my waste and held me close with her heels. Ross began to grunt and shudder then cum squirted from my sisters lips down her chin. When he stopped jerking she spit his cock out and let his nut juice dribble to my bed. Carol looked back at me “Will you let me up now?”

“Not yet sweetie, you just lie there for a while” her eyes flashed another sign of irritation.

I told Ross the party was over, that I was going to let my sister loose so he reluctantly got dressed and left. After he was gone I went back to the cute piece of ass imprisoned on my bed to have more fun with her. I took her a glass of water because even though I was using her for my own pleasure, I could show her I could be considerate too. She sipped away the taste of Ross then asked “Now turn me loose?”

“No, I like you right there, and you'll be there until mom comes home if you don’t play nice.” I sat beside her.

“Fuck you asshole, you had your fun, you and your neanderthal friend. Let me go!”

“No, I going to fuck your asshole, ever do anal before?”

Carol stopped talking and looked at me strangely “come on, you can't be serious.”

I was serious and to show her I stood again and held my hardening cock for her to see. I pulled a tube of lube jelly from my pile of supplies and greased my cock then said “Roll over.”

Carol closed her legs, a defensive move, “I can't the handcuffs are holding me flat.” I stepped to her feet and grabbed her by the ankles and twisted her legs forcing her to roll to her stomach. Her hands crossed at the wrists but she still had enough slack in the cuffs that they weren't hurting her.

She struggled to flip back but I held her in place then swatted her left butt cheek hard with my bare hand. Carol began another string of obscenities that made me wonder what the hell she did in her spare time. I like the way her ass quivered so I smacked the right cheek even harder. “Hold still or I'll spank you until you can't shit because it would hurt so bad.” My sisters bouncing subsided to shaking she was so mad. I got to my knees between her legs and pulled her cheeks apart then smeared a big dollop of KY on her anus and worked it into her butt with my long finger. Carol tried to jerk away but only succeed in causing my finger to penetrate deeper, “Uhhhh” she moaned.

I laid across her legs and began to pump my finger in and out of her ass, spreading the jelly over and in her hole. My cock was beginning to pound with it's own life, ready to take the tender young virgin ass. When I thought she was slippery enough I moved around and put the end of straining erection against the puckered hole of her butt and pushed into her. The KY did its job and within a quick moment I was balls deep in Carol's asshole. I felt her butt clench around my cock then she started to growl and hiss at the same time, a strange sound I couldn't figure out. She started rotating her hips, grinding her ass against my groin, causing my cock to slip partially in and out of her. It didn't take me long to realize that my 16 year old slut sister liked getting her butt reamed. She rolled her head to look at me from the corner of her eyes “I never – UHH – did this be---MMmmm-fore. Goddamn this feels – uhh, uhh, UHH.”

I leaned over Carols back and felt under her belly for her pussy and plunged two fingers in her. She was getting pussy fingered and butt fucked and rocking and yelping like she was on a fucking carnival ride. My hand over her cunt was the final step off the mountain for her, she started flailing her legs and her ass quivered with the internal quake cause by her orgasm. “My hands, my hands, I need to move my hands” she cried in the throes of her climax. I quit holding back and loosed the hounds of hell from my balls into her anal canal.

I pulled my relaxed butt plug out of Carol, rolled her over and released her arms from the cuffs. She rubbed her wrists then snuggled close to me, her smooth tender skin heating me where we chafed together. We lay quiet, recovering, cooling off, she wasn't making any effort to get away, she didn't seem to be mad any more.

I put my hand under her chin and pulled her face up to look at her “Are you okay?

She sniffed the finger that had been in her pussy then said “You are a dirty, perverted sex criminal, I can't believe you could do me that way, I'm your sister.”

“Hey, your the one who parties with three guys at once, don't put this ball in my court.”

Carol rolled up to lie on my chest and stomach, her firm tits squashed on my chest, her pussy pressed on my cock. She smiled down on me and said “I'll suck your nuts dry if you clean me up the same way you did last time.”

As I thought about her cum saturated cunt and ass my cock began another resurrection; my sweet tasting sister and I started our clean up.

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