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Early workings of a confused sexuality
My fiancée (Cynthia) and I were in a love /hate relationship and had steadily begun to drift apart.
We would often chat at home about what direction our lives were going.
She told me when I felt indifferent to her; that she would visit glory holes and give random guys head until she felt happy again.
Sometimes it was all night, sometimes only a couple of hours.
It was her new hobby.
She also told me that she only gave them head; and that was it.
While I would visit the local watering hole and shot some pool; while blowing my pay packet on beer and watching strippers perform.

On one Friday night about a while again, we had a few red wines together while having a quite night at home.
We watched a movie and chatted.

Cynthia made an exquisite meal prior for tea; that night (roast beef).

After several red wines she unzipped my pants and gave me a mind exploding blow job.

While we sat cuddling, she felt frisky and ask if she could go to the Club-X glory hole on McIssac Rd.
I smirked and said she pleaded.

“Oh honey, don’t feel left out, I want you to come with me.” Cynthia said.
“I don’t know.” I responded.
“Come on, I will pay for the taxi.” She pleaded.

I really didn’t want to see her blow another guy, but it looked like she wanted me too.
So I reluctantly agreed.

When caught a taxi and entered the building.
I watched the attendant at the counter, as Cynthia paid for the use of a booth.
She led me by the hand and I felt nervous.

There was a small red light near the end of the hallway we walked down.
The lighting was poor but I could make out silhouetted people standing around in the distance.

This made me feel real anxious.

We came upon a room with a small red light above it.
Once inside, I noticed the room was painted black and there was; a large leather matt on the floor.
The light inside was dim and also red.

There were several holes in the walls and Cynthia told me; that’s where the cocks slide thru.

I noticed cum stains glistening down below the large O shaped holes.

She locked the door behind us and began to undress.
I stood bewildered.

There was a video playing of some young girl sucking cock.

Cynthia stripped off and put her arms above my shoulders and wiggled her ass; and gave me a passionate kiss.

It wasn’t long before cocks were inserted through the make shift holes in the wall.

Cynthia dropped to her knees and began to almost instantly start sucking on a cock.
With her hands she stroked as many cocks as she could; while having a dick in her mouth.

Watching Cynthia made my cock hard and I was wondering; what it would be like to suck on one.
It wasn’t long before I had dropped my pants and began to slow stroke my own cock; all the while getting turned on with what I was witnessing.

I decided to stick my cock thru a vacant glory hole but it was pushed back thru and a cock was pushed thru the other side.
It was a black uncut one.

I looked at it puzzled but did nothing.

In my late teens I visited one of these on a few occasions with school buddies.

I missed having a random girl or guy slobbering on my cock and taking my load.

There was no chance I was going to suck on it.
If anything, I came here to see Cynthia have fun and maybe have my own dick sucked; not the other way round.

He peered thru the hole and left.

Out of curiosity I knelt down and took a peek myself thru the hole.

I saw a room full of naked guys, stroking and the odd couple kissing each other.

That grossed me out and I was starting to move from the hole, as guys kissing revolted me.

Maybe I stared a little too long as the black cock poked thru the hole once more and touched my nose and almost went in my mouth.
Startled I jumped back and stared at it, before looking at Cynthia.

She was too busy to care.

He shoved further inside the hole so now his balls drifted inside.

I sat staring at it on my knees.

Nervously I reached out and first touched his cock.
I then smeared his pre-cum over his cock’s head, with the palm of my hand.
He didn’t object, so I began to stroke it.

I played with his balls and stroked his black cock.

To this day I don’t know why I did this and the thing I did next.

I tentatively put his cock inside my mouth.
His cock was bigger than mine but not enormous.

It smelt fresh and clean and I have to admit that I actually enjoyed its hardness in my mouth.

At first I showed my inexperience and hesitation but the sheer thrill of a cock in my mouth urged me on.
He was rock hard inside my mouth as I slowly slobbered all over his cock.

It wasn’t long before my conscience left me and I found myself highly aroused; sucking dick.
The more I sucked the more I became aroused.
All I wanted to do was try to feed on this cock and be good at it.

I became lost in what I was doing and enthralled in sucking his cock, that I forgot Cynthia was right next to me.

Deep down I felt ashamed but all I wanted to do, was to feed on his cock for the time being.

Never would I have thought this possible thirty minutes ago.

I tried doing things that I like being done to me like; to suck hard on the tip and to deep throat his cock.

But my gag reflex didn’t allow me that pleasure; and left me choking and coughing his cock it out of my mouth.
Clumps of saliva dangled from his cock before I put it back inside my mouth.

After what felt like an eternity; I could feel him banging his body into the wall.
I knew he was close to cumming, that it brought a smile to my mind.

“Swallow it, swallow my load.” He grumbled out.

With that I didn’t relent.

He let out a groan and I felt his cock spasm; and cum spurt inside my mouth.

Several twitches later and I had his cum fill my mouth.
At first I didn’t know if I could but I gulped it all down.

The funny thing is, after Cynthia gave me a blow job I wouldn’t kiss her.
I think that will change after today as; it didn’t really gross me out like it had before and it tasted good too.

He slowly withdrew his wilting cock from my mouth and a mixture of cum and saliva dangled from my opened mouth.

I sat down trying to catch my breath and licked my lips, when a business card was poked thru the hole.
On it, it stated that I was to be here at 8:00pm on Thursdays with his mobile number.

He left and I was left to compose myself and nervously looked towards Cynthia.
I thought to myself did she see me giving head to a guy?

But she seemed busy in her own little world.

THE END for now.


Anonymous readerReport

2015-04-20 00:02:39
I love gloryholes. Love to gag myself on the occasional BBC that cums through for me to suck. I have sucked off 5 cocks in a single night but only 1 was black and slender. I tried to get him in my booth so I could ride his cock and suck another but he only wanted a blo n go.

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-01 12:57:59
Similar to my first experience. Write more!

Anonymous readerReport

2013-04-25 00:11:32
I love sucking cock through glory holes. Awesome story friend. Cannot wait to read some more.

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