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The night moves on.
Danny got up and went to the bathroom to wash his face. He couldn't help but think of a Simon and Garfunkel song as he did. He was feeling pretty good. He was after all living a dream. There weren't too many married guys out there who would ever be as lucky as he was tonight. He finished washing and decided to pee. There were two horny women in the next room, and he wanted to be ready for anything. He finished up and went back to the bedroom.
“Why don't you go and get us a fan.” Kayla said to him as he came back in.
“OK.” he replied. “Anything else while I'm down there?”
Sara spoke up, “Maybe some more waters.”
Danny put on a pair of pajama bottoms and headed downstairs. Bobby was still crashed out on the sofa, which was a relief. If he hadn't been, he definitely would have heard what was going on upstairs. He collected the fan and waters, and then took the time to turn off all the extra lights. Just one more thing, and he would return upstairs.
Kayla and Sara both visited the bathroom and then returned to the room. They talked about what they had done, and what they wanted to do.
“I'd really like to see you ride him.” Kayla told Sara.
Sara thought for a minute, and then spoke. “I would love to do that but what if Danny doesn’t want me to?”
“Oh, he does.” Kayla assured her. “He's had fantasies about you. He told me about them.”
“Really?” Sara asked doubtfully.
“Really.” said Kayla.
“Doesn't that bother you?” asked Sara. She thought it odd that Kayla would be so easy going about this.
“Umm,” Kayla was thinking of the best way to answer. “A little. I get a little jealous, but up till now they've only been fantasies.” She thought that it was taking Danny an awful long time get the waters and fan.
Danny was taking so long because he was rooting through the medicine cabinet after taking an antacid. He was looking for the bottle of male enhancement supplements that were supposed to help you “perform”. He never really thought they worked, but figured it couldn’t hurt
“We've done this sort of thing before,” Kayla continued. “with a couple of Danny's friends.”
Sara just looked at her in shock. She was dumbfounded by Kayla’s statement. She had met and knew a lot of Danny and Kayla's friends and her mind immediately went to work trying to figure out who. She ran through the list in her mind but couldn’t come up with an answer. Finally she just asked. “Who?” not really sure if Kayla wanted to tell her, but hoping that she would.
Kayla was silent for a bit. Thinking to herself that maybe she shouldn't be telling Sara this stuff. Maybe Sara would lose all respect for her if she did. Think she was a slut or something. Finally she spit it out. “I have played around with Sean, blowjobs and such. A couple of times he went down on me.” She paused there to gauge Sara’s reaction. “I’ve gone all the way with Mike.”
“The skinny guy?” Sara asked a little shocked.
“Yes.” said Kayla feeling a little ashamed. “We had some threesomes with him. Danny likes to watch me get fucked”
“Well,” said Sara after she took a moment to digest all this information. “He is kind of cute.” She was very interested in this latest tidbit.
They heard Danny coming up the stairs, and quickly Sara said, “Later you are going to tell me all the details. You're spillin' it all, sister!”
Danny entered the room and could tell that the two of them had been discussing something. He looked from one to the other and then back again. They both looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. “Uh, oh!” he said. “Is this about me?”
“Sort of.” Kayla said. “I was just telling Sara about our sorted past.”
Danny took advantage of this and kidded Kayla a little. “Did you tell her about the midget, weed whacker and the live chicken?”
“WHAT?” exclaimed Sara.
“He's just kidding.” Kayla quickly said as Danny stood there chuckling.
After the moment had passed, Danny asked them what they wanted to do now. Kayla had to think for a moment then had an answer, and it both surprised and excited him.
“You lay down on the bed,” she told him. “We're going tie you up and have our way with you.”
'Hell yea!' Danny thought to himself as a smile came to his face. “Sounds good.” he said as he climbed on the bed and stretched out. 'This is going to be fun' he thought. The very idea of being tied up as his wife and her friend had their way with him was a fantasy come true. Being completely helpless, under their control, knowing that they alone held all the power to decide when and how he gets off. All very exciting in his mind.
His hands were bound and tied to the legs of the bed and he had very limited movement. As a tie was placed around each ankle, Sara looked at him with a naughty look and said.
“Now you'll have to behave, or else.”
“Or else what?” Danny asked. “You going to whip me too?”
“We might.” said Kayla.
“Depends.” said Sara as she tied the ankle ropes to the two bottom legs of the bed. “On whether you're a bad boy or not, and how well you please us.”
“Well I will try my best not to disappoint.” Danny replied. By now he was tied up pretty well. He could move his feet enough to get the leverage needed to get his hips off the bed a little bit. Handy if one of them decided to ride him. Getting tied to the bed had made his dick hard, but now he was getting so horny that he could feel a little scout team dripping down from the tip of his cock and settling on his stomach. A little embarrassing, but not much he could do about it.
Kayla and Sara sat down on opposite sides of the bed. Kayla on her customary left, and Sara on the right. They just sat there for a long time looking at Danny lying there helpless. Neither one of them knowing exactly what to do now. Neither one wanting to make the first move. Kayla was secretly wishing Sara would start something so she could watch. Sara wasn't comfortable enough to take the lead, and was hoping that Kayla would start something. She, however, was the first to speak.
“What shall we do with him now?” she asked.
Kayla thought for a moment then answered, “Let's have some fun with him.”
“Like what?”
“Oh, I don't know.” Kayla said “But by the looks of it, he definitely wants some action.” She nodded towards Danny's dick, which was thick and hard and had a small thin string of scout team hanging off of it. “Why don't we tease him a little bit.”
“Sounds like fun!” Sara said sounding excited.
“Oh, shit!” Danny said as he heard those words. He wondered just what was in store for him now, but had to admit to himself, it did sound like fun. He couldn't wait for one of them to relieve the aching in his cock and balls.
Kayla reached out and rubbed one hand on his chest. The other she ran up his leg and stopped before she got to his cock. She bent over and kissed him, sucking on his tongue as she did. At the same time, Sara had one hand on his other thigh, and was bent over flicking his right nipple with her tongue. Then she sucked on it hard enough to hurt a little.
Danny winched at this just enough that they stopped. He suddenly wished that he hadn't. The two girls looked at him and saw the desperation on his face.
“Look at him.” Sara spoke as if she were talking about a puppy. “I think he's about to beg.”
“Hmm.” said Kayla. “I wonder if we could make him beg for it.”
“You two are cruel!” Danny told them. “Go ahead and do your worst.” he stared up at the ceiling and tried to look indifferent. His cock was telling a different story though. He was so fucking turned on, that he could feel his dick pulse with every heartbeat. Like a swollen ankle or wrist when you sprain it.
Kayla got up on her knees and placed her hands on the wall above the bed. She let her big tits hang down above his face just out of reach. She was amused by his trying so hard to get at them. “What?” she asked him playfully. “You want these?”
“Yes.” he answered. He could see Sara out of the corner of his eyes.
Sara was turned on by all this and wanted to do her part to drive Danny crazy. She noticed him peeking at her, so, as Kayla teased him with her big tits, Sara decided to tease him with hers. She started by running her hands down her body and then back up to her breasts. Once there she began to squeeze and massage them, making seductive faces as she did.
Kayla lowered her tits until one nipple grazed his mouth. She watched as he immediately stuck out his tongue and licked at it. This felt so good to her, so she let it down low enough for him to suck on. She let him have it for a minute or two then rose back up just out of reach. “You want the other one now?” she asked.
“You know I do.” he replied.
“Then suck on it like you mean it!” Kayla demanded as she shoved the other breast towards his mouth.
As the boob hit his lips, he began to do just that. It was hard to keep it in his mouth without the use of his hands, but he did OK. He sucked and nibbled her big boob like there wasn't going to be a dawn. Kayla began to moan a little, and Danny began to wonder if he was doing a good job. After all, he didn't want to be whipped.
Kayla drew back from him after a few minutes, and sat back down beside him.
Then Sara leaned over and began to kiss Danny on the neck as she started to play with his nipples. This was making him crazy and she could tell. She kissed her way up to his face and then their lips met. Her tongue was so far in his mouth, it was a wonder he didn't choke. She began to kiss his face, made her way over to his ear, and whispered, “I bet you're really horny right now, huh?”
“Yes.” he quietly answered.
“I bet you would love for one of us to ride you right now?” Sara whispered again.
“Yes.” he said quietly, then added, “Please?”
“Oooh!” said Kayla as she ran her fingers through his hair. “Are you begging?”
“No, simply requesting.” Danny answered.
“Well, not yet big boy.” said Sara as she pulled away from him. “We're going to have some fun first.” She ran her hand up his thigh and stopped just short of his balls. She enjoyed the look of anguish on his face as his dick was denied her touch. “Poor baby.” She said. “Look at him. He really wants someone to play with his dick.”
“Maybe like this.” said Kayla, as she wrapped her hand around the hard shaft of his penis. She held it straight up like a Titan missile ready for launch, gave it a few long, slow strokes and then let it fall back against his belly with a slap.
“Let me try.” said Sara as she took Danny’s hard cock in her hand. She stroked it so slowly it was excruciating to him. She went all the way up to the tip and gave it a little squeeze as the head disappeared in her fingers. Then she slowly and firmly went all the way back down to the base. She repeated this process three or four times, then, let him go.
Now, having never been stroked quite like that before, Danny was ready to blow. His cock was actually starting to hurt as once more he could feel it pulsing with his heartbeat. He wasn’t sure how much of this kind of thing he could take before he just couldn’t help it, and blew. This was so erotic, and the sensations were so fucking intense.
Kayla and Sara continued taking turns stroking him. Neither one allowing him the sweet relief he was desperately wanting. Each one would bring him to the brink and then stop. Then there would be a long enough pause before the other took over, that the feelings would die back down. It was all enough to make him want to scream. Finally, Sara said, “Let’s see how far he can shoot his load.”
‘Finally!’ thought Danny. The words sounded like an angel choir to him. He was so worked up from being jacked-off by the two of them, that he just wanted relief, and it didn’t take long to achieve it. Kayla started to stroke him, while Sara played with his balls. When he started to move his hips up and down with the rhythm of Kayla’s hand, she stroked faster. He could feel it coming now, the familiar tingle and the tightening in his balls, then, POW! He went off like a cannon. His upper body came off the bed as his body started to jerk all over. Some of his cum went flying, hitting Kayla on the boob and Sara on the leg and face. The rest oozed out down across Kayla’s fingers as his cock throbbed in her hand.
“Wow!” said Kayla, still holding his cock.
When he had stopped spasming, he looked up and noticed some of his love juice on Sara’s face, and thought it sexy. He was still excited about what had just happened. This was something that he would be thinking about as he jacked-off for the next several weeks. He thought that nothing could top how hot this had been.
Kayla leaned over and slurped up some of the cum running down Danny’s cock then sat back up. “You really came!” she said as she looked at the sticky white stuff all over her fingers. Then, Sara stunned them as she reached over, took Kayla by the wrist and brought her hand to her own mouth.
Danny was now seeing the most sexy and erotic thing he had ever seen. Sara, licking and sucking his cum off of his wife’s fingers. He was sure he would be hard again in no time as Sara slid Kayla’s fingers into her mouth and sucked.
Kayla too was surprised by this, and like Danny thought it was really sexy. She was confused by the fact that she was turned on by this. Why would Sara sucking cum off her fingers turn her on.
When she had cleaned Kayla’s fingers sufficiently, she let go of her wrist and just sat there. She was really fucking horny now too, and was hoping that she was going to get a chance to feel Danny’s cock deep inside her soon.
Danny however was in no way ready to perform. He had already cum several times, and his dick just needed a break. However, he wasn’t going to tell them, it would be more fun having them try to get him hard.
Kayla returned her hand to his dick and was a little disappointed “He’s not cooperating.” she said referring to Danny’s dick.
“Keep trying.” Danny told her with a smile on his face. He knew he would get it back up again, but that it might take some doing.
Kayla began to kiss him passionately while playing with his dick. Sara bent over and tongue flicked his nipples again. Nothing. The two girls sat and looked at him.
“Is he dead?” Kayla asked.
“No.” he said. “Just resting.” Danny enjoyed their attempts. He was in no hurry, he had just had cum hard and felt good. He could wait a bit for more. Besides, not like he could go anywhere.
‘Well, I guess we’d better try something else.” said Kayla.
“Maybe a blow job would do it.” said Sara. “You want a blow job?” she asked Danny.
“Sure.” He said with that same smile. “Whatever you think might work. I’m a bit tied up right now so it’s all up to you two.”
Sara’s hand wrapped around his limp dick. She held it up and said to Kayla, “He wants a blow job. Should we take turns like before?”
“Sure.” was Kayla’s answer.
Sara let go of his cock as Kayla bent down and licked a bit of cum off the head of his penis. Then she licked all the way down the shaft. His cock tasted like cum as her tongue slid along it. She slid back up to the tip and sucked the whole thing into her mouth and sucked on it for a brief moment then let it fall from her mouth. She took hold of it and pointed it towards Sara who bent over and sucked it into her mouth.
Danny could feel the tingling. The little signals that let him know that this was working. He just watched them do their thing and enjoyed it.
Kayla was turned on by the fact that Sara was sucking on Danny’s dick, something she had never seen. It was especially erotic because she was holding it out for Sara to suck. Something about being able to feel, as well as see Sara’s lips wrapped around his tool, was exciting. She could feel tingling sensations of her own as Sara’s mouth worked on him. Sara stopped, and so Kayla took her next turn. She was glad to see that Danny’s cock had begun to regain its firmness while in Sara’s mouth. She was sure that he would be ready soon, and was right. By the time she finished her turn and released his cock from her mouth, he was back to being hard as ever.
“It’s awful big.” Sara said. “It’s hard to fit it in my mouth.”
Danny liked the fact that Kayla was still holding on to it, he also found it erotic that his wife was holding his dick out for another woman to suck. He liked the feeling of Sara’s lips on his dick. Sara was good at it to. Not better than Kayla, God knew he loved Kayla’s mouth and what she could do with it. It was just different good. Like when you’ve been drinking nothing but Sprite for a while and then suddenly have a 7Up. It’s no better, just different.
As Sara’s head bobbed up and down on his tool, Kayla again enjoyed feeling her lips on Danny’s dick. She still had her hand wrapped around the base of Danny’s shaft, and on every down stroke of Sara’s head, her lips would press against Kayla’s fingers. It was really making her hot. She even began stroking him, moving her hand right along with Sara’s lips. She did it partly to get Danny going, and partly because she liked the feel of Sara’s mouth touching her hand as she sucked Danny’s dick. They traded off every little bit. Just like when they were jacking him off, he would get right up to the brink of exploding, and then they would switch. It continued for a while, almost making him crazy. Finally Kayla was tired of playing. She wanted his cock inside her.
“You want me to ride you now?” she asked Danny. She was still holding his dick up and Sara was letting it fill her mouth.
“Yes I do!” he said enthusiastically. “Oh God, I do.”
Sara backed off and Kayla climbed on top of him. She reached down, aligned his dick with her dripping wet pussy, and then slowly slid down its length.
“Oh God that feels good!” Danny said as Kayla began to ride him up and down.
Kayla had gotten so worked up from all they had done up till now, that she was not going to last long before she had an orgasm. She felt it welling up down in her nether regions. She started riding him faster and harder. The whole bed shook as she drove herself down on his manhood. Harder and harder she went. Her mind racing with thoughts of what she had seen already, watching Danny eat Sara’s pussy, and Sara sucking his dick. She couldn’t wait to watch Danny fuck her now. The idea seemed strange to her. She was actually excited by watching her husband and another woman getting it on. A woman wasn’t supposed to be turned on by that, but God help her she was. And now, thinking about Danny sliding his big dick into Sara’s pussy was going to get her off. She slammed down hard on his cock and stiffened up. Danny could tell she was cumming. She started to tremble and collapsed on his chest as her arms gave out. Her orgasm was intense, and took every ounce of energy out of her. As the waves of pleasure subsided, she rolled off of him and just lay there.
“That was incredible.” she said in between breaths. “I need to rest for a minute.”
“Well I don’t!” Sara stated boldly as she mounted Danny. She was extremely horny after watching Kayla ride Danny to an orgasm. She didn’t even wait for an approving word or look from either of them. She poised herself on top of him and taking his dick in hand, guided it into her cunt. She slid down his shaft as Kayla had done, but didn’t come back up right away. She just stayed there with Danny’s cock buried deep inside her. She was savoring the way it felt. Feeling the way it filled her with its girth. It felt so good, all warm and firm. After a moment she began to slowly move up and down, enjoying the way it felt as it slid in and out of her.
Danny was so turned on by Sara’s boldness, he wasn’t sure how long he could last. Feeling another woman’s cunt gliding up and down his cock was really intense, especially since his wife was lying right there beside him watching. She felt good to him. Once again, not better or worse than Kayla, just different. ‘Sometimes different is good.’ he thought to himself.
Kayla was also turned on by Sara’s boldness. She would have been getting worked back up had she not just had an intense orgasm that wore her out. Even though she was tired, it was still sexy to watch her friend riding her husband’s cock. She suddenly had an idea. She decided that if this happened again sometime, it would be cool as hell to videotape it. Then she could watch it over and over.
Sara began to really get into it. She started riding him faster and harder, maybe a little rougher too. That was cool. Both Danny and Kayla were turned on by it. She sat straight up on top of him and arched her back, her tits sticking out. If Danny’s hands had been free they would have been on them instantly.
Danny raised his head off the bed as far as he could and looked down. He could see his own cock doing some sort of weird disappearing act over and over again inside Sara’s pussy. He wondered what Kayla was thinking about this. He looked over at her and saw that she was looking too. Then he watched as she moved to the other end of the bed and got behind Sara. ‘What the hell is she doing?’ he thought.
Kayla had moved down there so as to get a better view of Danny’s cock inside Sara’s pussy. She was turned on beyond belief as she got a close up view of the action. Danny’s cock was glistening with the combination of everyone’s juices. She found that very sexy, and began to get turned on again. As she watched, she began to wonder if there was something wrong with her. This should not excite her, but she just couldn’t help it.
Danny was looking down at the both of them, thinking that he was probably the luckiest man in the world. That’s when he saw Kayla’s hand move towards her crotch, and when she started to play with herself, he knew he was going to blow.
Sara continued fucking Danny. She was moaning and panting pretty hard, and riding him so hard that he was beginning to feel like a beaten horse. She was a regular cowgirl up there.
Danny’s imagination got the better of him and he pictured her with a pair of chaps and cowboy hat. The image made him smile. Thought it was both funny and kind of sexy at the same time.
“Oh, Shit!” Sara suddenly yelled out.
OK. She was getting loud now. Danny was excited by her getting loud, he was also glad that Bobby was asleep.
Kayla was also turned on by Sara’s outburst, and it made her start to move. She came back up to the top of the bed and straddled Danny’s face. She wanted some action too.
Danny knew what she wanted, so he raised his head so his mouth and tongue connected with her pussy. He couldn’t remember Kayla’s pussy ever being so wet before. He didn’t mind either, he liked dripping wet pussy. Kayla started to grind on his face a little, although not like Sara had. It was so erotic to him to be eating his wife’s pussy as Sara rode his cock, he was in sexual heaven. He was so close to blowing, but hoped he would last at least as long as Sara. Didn’t want to disappoint her. He felt Sara start to shake a little and wondered if she was getting off. He didn’t wonder long.
“Oh sweet Jesus!” Sara screamed as she arched her back. She was climaxing so incredibly hard right then. Seeing Kayla put her pussy in Danny’s face, had sent her over the edge. She was cumming hard, having the mother of all orgasms.
At the same time Danny started to feel Sara’s pussy spasm on his cock, he felt Kayla’s pussy get extremely wet, and her pussy walls started to contract on his tongue. That was all he could take, and he shot his load deep into Sara’s cunt. Both girls collapsed on the bed, one on either side of him. He liked the feeling of their hot naked bodies lying right next to him.
They all just lay there catching their breath. When he could finally speak, Danny asked, “Well, was I a good boy, or do I get whipped?”
“I don’t know.” said Kayla. “What do you think, Sara?”
“You were great!” she said, still out of breath. “Maybe we can do this again sometime.”
“That would be fine with me.” agreed Kayla.
There was a long moment of silence and then Danny once again spoke, “So, can I get untied now?”
Sara and Kayla both got up and untied him. It felt good to be able to move his limbs again.
They all three took turns visiting the restroom then once again collapsed on the bed. Danny held them both in his arms and they all fell asleep.

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Spacing between paragraphs would help in the reading.


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Very well done , hopefully there will be more to this tale

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Great job but proofread a little more. It's 'sordid past' not " sorted past. And just a suggestion but work on the deives " sliding into her pussy" becomes something along the lines of ' plundering her molten fuck hole'. Great job, keep writing and refining.

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