just a fake story
It started out as any normal day for Tommy.. Sitting in his room waiting for his girlfriend Amanda to get into Georgia. But this time she was bringing her 7 - year old Cousin Sam with her.


To tell you what these three people look like: Tommy has dark brown hair, Blue eyes, a normal but skinny figure. Tommy is wearing his John Cena look-alike black jean shorts, a wrestling t-shirt, socks&shoes. Amanda has brown hair, Blue eyes, big tits, she is normal but has a big figure. What she is wearing on that day when she told Tommy over the phone... A white bra, green thong, blue t-shirt and blue jeans, socks & shoes. Sam has dark brown/blonde hair, no tits at all, and just a nice 7-year old type body. She is wearing a Pokeadot t-shirt and dark red blue jeans, socks& shoes.

When Amanda & Sam finally get into Georgia, Amanda calls her boyfriend Tommy to come pick them up. So as Tommy is on his way to get them, he is planning his whole day/night in his head. Tommy and his mom get in the truck to head downtown to pick them up. Tommy gets to the Bus Station and sees botth girls and waves them over to the truck. As they get in: Tommy and Sam sitting in cab of truck while Amanda sits up front with Tommy's mom. As his mom drives them back home. On the way home Sam asked Amanda how much fun she will have? as Amanda answered " Lots Sam, just sit there and wait till we get there." As the truck pulled in the driveway and parked under the carport. Everyone got out of the truck, and Tommy grab their suitcases and carried them into the house.

Tommy shows Sam his room and that she will be sleeping with the both of them in the same bed. Sam says "ok are we going to play games?" Tommy ask Sam what type of game she wants to play? As Sam answered by saying a Card Game. Amanda told Sam that would be fun but before she could finish Tommy added..... Sam I have a game we can play! as Sam yelled "YAY" at Tommy's response. Tommy told Sam to take off all her clothes like Amanda was already doing. As Tommy also started to undress. Sam had on a small white bra and white panties, But like I said "had on". Tommy could finally see Sam's 7-year old hairless mound and layed down so Amanda could teach Sam how to suck his super hard cock. As Amanda sucked Tommy's cock into her mouth Sam watched on so she could do it soon. When it was Sam's turn, she started to jerk the hard penis in front of her. As for Tommy, he grab the back of Sam's head and made her suck his hard penis while telling Sam to open/spread her legs so that Amanda could lay on her back & get in between her legs.

Sam did what she was told to, as Amanda got down to lick her sweet hairless pussy while slowly fingering her cunt. Tommy then stopped both girls to tell Sam to lay down on her back as she did, Tommy told Amanda to sit over Sam's face so Sam could lick her pussy. As Sam did what she was told to, Tommy started to lick Sams 7-year old pussy for a while, but in between licks Tommy would slowly finger her very tight cunt. Then he stoped & had Sam get onto all fours. Sam asked/said " What do you mean on all fours?" Amanda showed Sam what Tommy was talking about by getting up and laying on her arms and knees and as soon as Sam got into position, Tommy stuck his tongue into her tight little asshole and licked/tongued it. Sam started to moan and giggle to the touch of Tommy's tongue in her asshole. Tommy stop doing what he was doing to her hole and then got into position so he could push his very hard cock into her tight little underage asshole, as it slowly went in he started to pound her tight virgin asshole. Making Sam scream in pain. But to stop her from screaming.... Amanda grabbed Sam's head and shoved her face into her ass and told Sam to lick and tongue it like Tommy did and Sam did. Tommy started to feel his cum getting ready to come so he stoped pounding her asshole and slowly pulled it out with a loud pop! Tommy then told Sam to turn around and open her mouth as soon as she did Tommy put his cock into her mouth to throat fuck her as Tommy cummed into her throat making her swollow every bit of his cum and told Sam to suck him dry.

By this time as everything was going on.....

Amanda was putting on a Lime Green Strap-on Dildo. She told Sam when she was all done sucking Tommy's cock to come lay on her back. Then Amanda started to push the head of the green Strapon into her hairless pussy making Sam moan in pain as she was being opend up by the Strap-on cock that was inside her. Amanda kept going harder & harder as well as faster & faster making Sam moan out that she was going to pee but, Tommy said to Sam " No you're going to cum Sam not pee." As Sam moaned that she was cumming from getting raped by Amanda with the strap-on & Tommy.. Amanda made Sam wear the green Strapon Dildo ( showing her how to put it on and use it) Amanda then got onto all fours and told Sam to fuck her in the ass with it just like Tommy did to her earlier. Sam started to slowly fuck her ass and started to get the hang of it but Amanda was in heaven and wanted to cum so bad but told Sam to stop and take the cock out of her ass and told Sam to lay on her back.So sam stop and got up to lay on her back. As Sam was laying on her back Amanda got up and sat on the Strapon Dildo and started to bounce up and down hard.. Making her big tits bounce like crazy rubber balls. The Strap-on was going in and out of her wet pussy and Amanda started to moan to Sam she was going to make her cum and soon enough Amanda let out a scream AHHHHHHHHH IM GOING TO CUMMMMMM as she cummed she slowly layed next to Sam and the two girls started to kiss.

BUT Tommy became hard at the sight that just unfolded in front of him.. So Tommy took the Strap-on off of Sam & begun to push his hard cock deep in Sam's 7-year old pussy and started to fuck her & pop her cherry , Since the Strap-on didn't do it first! As Sam screamed in alot of pain, But Tommy didn't cared as he pounded more and more of his hard cock deep inside his new fuck toy. Tommy felt that same feeling yet again but instead of stopping to take his cock out to cum, Tommy kept pounding Sam's hairless little pussy making Sam feel better and the pain go away. At that moment however Sam started to cum yet again but all over Tommy's cock that was deep inside her cunt, Which made Tommy start to moan and tell Sam he was about to cum and cum he did, Tommy shot his load which took like forever to stop shooting from his cock into her tiny hairless little pussy as he layed there for a few moments before getting up and off of Sam who layed there trying to catch her breath.

Afterwards the three of them all got dressed for bed, He knew no one heard what just went on either so with all of them dress for bed, that's what they did and went to bed, but Tommy whispered into Sam's ear that she just might get a poke here or there tonight when she falls asleep. As Sam softly giggle and Tommy kissed her cheeck and said good night he rolled over and said the same to Amanda and they went to bed.


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How does she lose her virginity twice? I mean the strap-on Rape from the Amanda character would have taken care of that. Also I don't believe you labeled this as rape.

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Please, the writer could not be more than 8 years old. Wait for puberty before writing again.

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