Two young girls discover love only to have quashed
Losing My Love

by Tanya Writer

Copyright© Tanya Writer 2013

This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. Any places mentioned, had nothing to do with this story nor do they endorse anything mentioned herein, or have any knowledge of their being mentioned in the story. The author does not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home.

I am writing this in my notebook because my parents took my computer. It is the story of me and Jenny.

Chapter 1

My name is Sandra and we lived in our house as long as I can remember. My parents say that we lived in an apartment when I was born and we lived there until I was about two. I don't remember it, but I've seen photos of it so it must be true. We had a three bedroom one bathroom house, in an older neighborhood, but it was a good one.

I have one bedroom, my parents have one, the other is my brother's, Jerry. Jerry is six years older than me and was OK as brothers go. But he and I didn't do much with each other. In fact, we never even went to the same school at the same time.

When I was five, I started kindergarten. I was only a couple of weeks into my schooling when Jenny's family moved in next door to us. She was four, but despite the one year age difference we became fast friends.

Jenny had a baby sister, named Barbara, but everyone called her Barbie, so she was Jenny's Barbie. Jenny usually hung out at my house to get away from her crying and because her mom was always busy with the baby. Jenny looked on my mom as a kind of extra mom.

Jenny and I were together all the time. Because I was a grade ahead of her in school, I knew all the stuff she needed to know for the tests and I would tell her. We would share everything and we went everywhere together. I helped her learn how to ride a bike so she could go bike riding with me. My dad taught me to swim so I taught Jenny.

That is what we would do all summer, ride our bikes and swim all the time. We could do that in the nice weather in Southern California. We would sleep outside in a tent in my back yard. She would even go with us on vacations. It was almost like having a sister. She had a real one, but she and Barbie don't do things like we did.

When I was in the fifth grade and 10 years old, we played a game of soccer at school. We had one match that was really hard where I don't think I ever had done so much running before. Boy, my legs were tired when I got home. Mom said a nice hot bath would be just the thing I needed. I could soak in there and have the muscles relax and I would feel better.

It did feel nice I felt really relaxed. I messing around and I would pour water over myself. If the water poured over my pussy, I would get a little twinge of a good feeling. Eventually I was laying back in the tub and poring the water over myself time and again, but especially my pussy. I would lay back and raise up my hips and took a cup and filled it with water and filled it water and poured it out over the top of my pussy. I did it many times. Sometime is was just a little at a time in a constant stream then I would do it in a big dump all the water at once. It felt different which each different way that I did it. But one thing was certain that it felt good no matter what way I did it.

A few days later I was in the shower. I was washing and I was making sure I was clean. I rubbed across my pussy. Oohh! What was that? It gave me a bit of the electric jolt I never got before. It was a good feeling. I got it without the water pouring on it.

I touched myself there again and it happened again. It was a good feeling. I could get that feeling just by running my hand over what my mom called my vulva. (But the other girls at school said it was a pussy.) I ran my hand over there a lot. I found the best ways to touch it and just where it felt best. I spread my legs and tried to look down there to see just what was down there, but it was too hard to see. After I got out of the shower I got a hand mirror and sat on my bed. I tried to look at myself again but I couldn't see much.

A few days later I was in the shower, and I tried touching my pussy again. It felt good to touch myself there. But mom came into the bathroom and I knew that I needed to be quick. I got my hands loaded with soap and washed. OMG! It felt even better when my hand was slippery with the soap! I would get a tingling feeling in my belly and lower down. It was even better than just dumping water on myself or rubbing without the soap.

I can tell you I must have been the cleanest girl in my class because now I loved to spend time in the shower. I was going through so much soap because I loved to cover myself in the lather and rub it all over my body, but especially in that special place between my legs.

We had a shower head in the bathroom that had various settings. I don't know who it was who changed the setting on the shower head. They had turned it to the massage setting. I took it down from the holder to change it back to the regular setting. But as I held it, the pulsating warm water, began to spray on my pussy. OMG! It could happen from that too! I spread my legs and pointed it up there. I can't tell you how good it felt to have that warm water pulsing up at me.

I would get it hot but not hot enough to be painful and I would hold it so it pulsed on me. First on my whole pussy, but mostly the lips. Then I figured out how to open my lips there, I would get them open and direct the spray on to my the bump I had near the top. (I found out later that was my clitoris.) I would only do that for a bit. Then I would go down to the mouth of my vagina I tried to see if I could get any water up inside of me. But that water pouring over me caused such feelings. But I didn't let it end there I went back up to my clit and only was it pulsing but I would move the stream around back and forth on it. That seemed to give it more of a pulse effect.

This is so cool it was a great tingly feeling in my belly and lower when I used the shower massager or just rubbed myself with a nice and soapy hand. And even better with both, It seemed like the more I did it the more the feelings grew they would get stronger and better. It seemed like things would grow like it was coming to something, but it never made it all the way to wherever it was going.

I found that I didn't have to do it only in the shower. If I rubbed myself through my nylon panties I could get the same feelings, (it had to be the nylon one, the cotton ones didn't do it like that). I also discovered that if I put my pillow down on the bed and got my pussy over it, I could rub myself on it and I could get the feelings there too. I found next to the shower massager the best way to do it was to rub my hand over my lips in my bed. I would lay in my bed on my back and pull my PJ bottoms down and rub myself.

I would start by just rubbing the outside, sometime more like a tickling, just using my finger tips. It was a nice beginning. I would began to more the palm of my hand to cover the whole area. It would be slow at first, but building to going faster. I would switch sometime after that to one finger going up and down the crease between the two half of my hairless little peach. I might finish off with one finger on that bump and the other hand around the bottom of pussy, where this hole it, below where my pee came out.

I was doing it one time and that tingly feeling was coming good; I was in bed when I suppose to be asleep. I had my PJ bottoms off and I was rubbing myself it kept getting better and better as I touched myself. Sometimes my fingers would rub over the special place in the middle near the top, the bump. I started concentrating on that. The feelings grew faster and to a bigger tingle, so that I was almost shaking. Something happened that time, I don't know what it was! It seemed like my head went off and I was seeing stars. My head was dizzy and there were fireworks going off. Wow that was great! I felt so good after that so alive. It was best feeling yet!

I was best friends with Jenny, but I didn't tell her about this. It was too personal, and it was naughty. They told us at school not to let people touch us there, it was bad touching. We should tell if anyone tried to touch us there. My mom told me not to touch myself there either. So I didn't tell Jenny. But I found that more I did it the easier it was to get those fireworks, and I loved those fireworks. I was harder to go without them. I wanted them more and more.

I tried to look things up in the library about this thing, but it was hard to find. I couldn't find anything at the school library. I tried the public library. I would ride my bike over and try to see what I could find. But I couldn't tell anyone what I was looking for. I did eventually learn that this was a form of sex, called masturbation. Wow, I didn't know that this was sex. I thought sex was suppose to be with a boy. But I didn't think of a boy when I did it. If I did think of anybody I sometimes would see Jenny's naked body when I did it. Maybe it was because she was the only other person that I would see naked.

Chapter 2

I started sixth grade and was in middle school but Jenny was still in the elementary school I went to. Even though we didn't go to the same school that year, we tried to spend more time together, just because of that. That would mean Friday and Saturday nights having a sleepover. She would hardly go home over the weekends. My mom would say we must be joined together at the hips.

Being in the middle school meant I had more homework, and since I was also playing soccer I was so busy during the week that I would be extremely tired at night. Even so, I wanted to get those fireworks so much that I would pull off my PJ bottoms and rub but sometimes I would fall asleep before I got there. One nice thing for me was after soccer practice we could use the showers. I would take a shower and some of the other girls would too. I got to see them naked. I like that. I really liked seeing them naked and I thought it kind of naughty that they got to see me naked too.

I didn't have anything on my top or bottom, but some girls had their boobies coming in. One girl, Kim, was huge, I swear. I heard her telling one of the other girls she wore a B cup bra, wow! All the boys called her "Bubbles". She had a fair amount of hair on her pussy and everything. Most of the girls had a lot less than Kim, but some of the girls wore real bras although some had training bras. Then there we girls like me, who didn't have anything. Boys would call us a carpenter's dream; flat as a board and easy to nail. Well, I thought, no boy was going to nail me, even if I was flat! Most of the girls didn't have any hair yet and I could see their little peaches, and I liked looking at them. But I had to be careful! I wouldn't want to be caught looking much at another girl like that. But I did like to look and I liked it a lot.

One Friday night I was needing to have the fireworks so much. But Jenny was sleeping over. She was right in the bed with me. But I needed to get the fireworks. I checked her, and saw that she was sleeping. If I was quiet, I could get them and she wouldn't know. I at looked her again she was facing the other way and I was sure she was asleep. Carefully I lowered my bottoms. I licked my hand to get it wet, (it works best that way). I started just rubbing the outside. The books say that it is called the labia. I would rub them for a while then when I started to get a warm feeling there, I knew it was time that I could touch that place, I called it my magic button.

I was starting to feel good. I was warmed up enough to touch my button and began to take off for the fireworks. But I guess when I do that it causes the bed to shake. I didn't know that. While I was very much into it with my knees doubled up and legs open so I could get at myself better. My bottoms were around may ankles. Just the sheet was over me.

Jenny turned over and looked at me, and said, “Are you shaking the bed?” She took a long look at me as I lowered my legs and closed them up. “What were you doing?”


“Yeah you were.”

Her leg bumped against mine. Jenny wore a nightgown and her legs were bare. She could feel my bare leg. (I know because I felt her leg too.) She knew that I had PJ bottoms on when we went to bed.

She then reached out and touched my leg. She said, “What did you do with you bottoms? You didn't wet them did you?”

“No of course I don't wet the bed and you know that!” I pulled them up. But it was too late I was busted and I knew it, but maybe I could bluff my way out of it.

She reached out and touched my leg again, and my PJ's were up. She said, "You had your bottoms down and your legs spread! What were you doing that was making the bed shake?”

“You won't tell anyone?” I asked fearfully.

She looked straight at me. “You know that I won't! I always keep our secrets.”

“I was touching myself,” I admitted.

“Touching? Where?”

“On my pussy,” I said blushing.

“Why?” Jenny was very curious.

“Because it feels good!" said I with feeling.

She cocked her head and looked closer at me. “How do you mean?”

“If I touch it enough in the right way I get a great feeling.”

“How does it feel?” she asked again.

“Oh it's great! It starts like butterflies in my tummy and it grows until it is all over my pussy. It's a warm tingly feeling that keeps growing bigger and stronger. It can get so big that it makes my head all dizzy and can make it feel like there are fireworks going off behind my eyes.” I think my eyes rolled back in my head as I thought about the feelings.

“All that is good feelings?” Jenny again wondered.

“Yeah! The best! You won't tell anyone I was doing that, it's kinda naughty,” I said.

“Of course I am not telling!" she said with finality. "But can others do it too?”

“Anybody can do it,” I assured her.

“Even me?" she asked wonderingly. "Would you show me how to do it?”

Eagerly I said, “You want to see me do it?”

“Yeah, I want to know how to do it too, since you said you feel so good,” Jenny exclaimed.

I got up and locked my door, and turned on the night light in my room. I was kinda embarrassed that I had to pull down my bottoms. Jenny had seen me naked before lots of times, but we never looked at each other closely like we were here. I spread my naked legs for her to see. Jenny was sitting right next to me looking intently at me. She glanced from my face down to my pussy. I wet my hand again and started rubbing the outside of my peach again. I got hot faster than I usually did probably because of the extra attention. Jenny watched intently when I started pushing my button. From that point I closed my eyes and was rubbing I even put my finger down by my pussy hole. That felt great! I climaxed sooner and with more explosions than ever! It was also so naughty for Jenny to be watching me and I think that made even better.

I didn't know what I was doing besides what my hands and fingers were doing. I could only concentrate on my pussy. When I was done I just lay there for a bit. When I opened my eyes Jenny was still sitting there with her mouth open in total surprise and shock, at what I had done and how I had reacted to it.

“It looked like it felt good," she asked. "Was it?"

“Oh it was the best! I never had one like that before! I think it was the best one I ever had,” I said dreamily.

“What did it feel like?”

“It is hard to describe, kinda like your whole body is gonna blow up and there are fireworks going off in your head. But that sounds horrible but really it is a great feeling," I continued. "But that is the best I can do since it's something you have to feel for yourself.”

“Can you show me how to do that?” Jenny wondered.

“OK, but you're gonna have to pull up your nightgown and pull down your panties,” I instructed.

Now I was looking fondly at her naked pussy. She didn't have any hair on hers either. In fact I guess it looked a lot like mine since we're only a year apart. Hers was a slightly raised area between her legs with a slit down the middle of a couple of slightly plump lips area on either side. Since they were closed, I couldn't see inside her pussy. All I could see was the outer lips and a little of the bump she had in the middle near the top.

I asked her to spread her legs and double up her knees. Then I had her spit on her hand and told her to rub her lips. She complied and took her wet fingers and slowly started doing it. I had her rub across the lips a while and I could see the lips of her pussy turn a darker color and get fuller. She had what looked like a U shaped area that came down from her lower body. There wasn't too much of a mound but looked like it was kind of a flat extension to her lower body. Her lips didn't look as large as mine, but she did have a clitoris that seemed to stick up out of her lips a lot more than mine did. I couldn't see her inner lips.

I didn't say anything to her, as I didn't want to break her concentration. But looking at her cute pussy so much, I was starting to get that itching in my pussy that usually means that I want to play with myself. So I took off my PJ's tops and bottoms and it felt so delightfully naughty to be naked with her on the bed.

As I watched her I noticed that her clitoris was growing like it was standing up. I told her to touch it. I would rub my own clitty up and down with one finger, so I told her to do too. Then I had her use her other hand to rub around the pussy hole and watched as her face got flushed. She was doing it a while.

She laid back saying the feeling was good. She got all tingly and she liked it. But she didn't get any fireworks. I told her that I didn't get it the first time either that it took several months of doing before I had my first one.

“How long have you been doing this?”

I said blushing, “Almost a year.”

“And you didn't tell me? Why didn't you? " Jenny sounded upset. "Sandy, I thought we were best friends, I tell you everything.”

“Oh Jenny, I promise I won't keep secrets from you anymore. Do you want with go me to the library tomorrow?”

“Why?” Jenny wondered.

“I'll show you some books I found.”

“You didn't tell me about other stuff too?” she asked.

“Sorry, but I will show you everything, I promise,” I assured her.

I told her to take off her nightgown. She asked why and I told her it would be fun to sleep naked together and that sometimes I did that. It is kinda fun thing, and a bit naughty thing to do after I touch myself. So she pulled gown over her head and left her panties off. It was nice to get a look at her naked. She was flat on top like me. Her areolas were the size of nickels which about the size mine were, but hers were a lighter pink in color then mine. Maybe that was because she's blonde and I have dark brown hair.

In the morning we rode our bikes to the library. I took her into the back stacks and showed her the books. We took a couple of them to a table and looked at them. But while we looked at some drawings of girls we got a little loud and the librarian shushed us. Then Jenny did what I never had the courage to do. She got out her library card and checked out the books.

We rode back to my house and went to my room. We laid on my bed reading the books. One books showed all the parts of girls and boys. We looked at the parts of the boys. We agreed that boys looked funny and not very interesting. I guess the only thing that boys could do that we couldn't was to pee standing up. Not much of an achievement, we thought, giggling.

When we looked at the parts of a girl, we couldn't see as well as we wanted. I offered to take my panties and let Jenny have a close up look. I laid back on the bed and spread my legs and held the book up on my tummy so Jenny could see the book and look at my parts. She reached out and gently opened my lips and looked inside. I had to bite my lower lip because her fingers on me there felt so good. She found all the places labeled in the book.

Then it was my turn, Jenny took her panties off, laid back and held up the book for me. This was so cool, I thought as I opened her lips and looked into her hairless little pussy. It felt so good to touch her like that my hands were shaking. Her legs were kinda skinny, but they felt nice and soft. I was glad to see the parts but I think I liked touching her more to open her up than comparing her to the book. Nonetheless, I made a point of calling out the name of something and then touching it on Jenny. I touched the upper parts of her thighs which I enjoyed, and I could tell she liked it too. But since we were supposed to be looking at the parts of a girl in the book, I couldn't do it very long.

We read the books about things they called masturbation, about how girls could do it, and how boys did it. Also they told us about sex. It sounded disgusting to me and Jenny thought so too. I never wanted a boy shoving his thing up inside me. I showed Jenny how I would get on my pillow and rub against it and she wanted to do it too. I took my pillow but I was being funny and threw my big teddy bear at her to use. She decided it would be funny to rub against her. My teddy bear's name was Terri, or you could say she was a Terri bear, so I was rubbing my pillow and she was doing it with Terri.

That night I told my mom that we wanted to take our showers early and go to bed. She just lifted her eyebrow in that way when she is wondering something. We went in the bathroom together because I wanted to show her how to use the shower massager. I stripped and then I began to give myself that special massage. It was hard to do that with the shower door open so Jenny could see and not get water all over the floor. It felt good, but I didn't have the fireworks. I let Jenny have a turn. I watched her and helped her to do it the best way that worked for me. She said it was good, but she was disappointed there was no fireworks for her either.

We just wrapped towels around us and ran to my room. We brushed out our hair. Jenny's is longer. Hers goes down almost her butt. My only goes down just past my shoulders. While we were doing that, mom knocked on the door and asked if we wanted some pink lemonade and we said yes. When she brought it back we were still naked and she asked if we going to be naked all night. We were giggling and I said yes. She laughed and said that we should not go out of my room, because my dad's blood pressure couldn't take two girls running around naked. We finished our drink after mom said good night and then just to be naughty we ran naked to the bathroom to pee before getting into bed. We thought it was naughty to watch the pee coming out between our naked pussy lips, which only served to start the tingles early for us both.

I locked my door and turned out the light and turned on my old nightlight. We talked about what it felt like in the shower and what different ways I had figured out. We also looked at the book for more ways to do it. We decided that we would do it at the same time. We laid down next to each other and began by wetting our rights hands with our spit. Then we started by going up and down on our labia. It was fun to watch her do that and I thought it was wicked that she was watching me doing it at the same time. I could feel that I was getting wetter down there more than just from my spit. It made things slippery. I could feel that my lips had gotten fatter, and I could see Jenny's. They had gotten bigger and were kind of red like mine. I switched to rubbing on my button, going in circles over it. It was feeling real good. After a bit I forgot about Jenny. I was kinda in my own little world the only thing that I felt was my pussy against my hand and my button against my finger.

There was that buzzing in my ears, and my head was starting to spin. I knew that it wouldn't be long before I got the fireworks the feeling that is best in the world. They couldn't get here soon enough, I thought. They didn't disappoint me, they came and blew the top of my head off. This was a good one! I was moving all over my body shaking around and my head going back and forth. None of this I knew, I only knew it because Jenny told me.

When I came back to myself, Jenny was still doing it because she hadn't got her good feeling yet. She did it a little longer. Then she quit. She said that she got a nice tingly feeling in her tummy and her pussy, but she hadn't had the same kind of reactions that I had. I told her it would come. It had taken me some time before I got them, even now I didn't always get them.

But she liked it enough that she would do it at home. She shared a room with her little sister, and when Barbie was a sleep she would do it. She said she had to be quiet when she did it to make sure she didn't wake her sister.

We decided that it would be better at my house. Although we went to different schools because was a grade behind me, we would both hurry home to my house. My mom would let us go into my room. She didn't bother us while we were in there, if we didn't stay too long, so we would have to be fast. As soon as we got in we would take off our clothes and lay down on my bed, side by side and do it.

One nice thing about being in sixth grade that was different from last year: we took showers after physical ed class. I got to see the other girls naked. Even though I didn't have anything on my top, I still got a secret naughty and hot feeling knowing the other girls could see me that way. And I really liked to see them naked too. It made me want to see a girl close up naked. I told Jenny once when we were naked that I wanted to look at her again. She laid back and spread her legs for me. I got to look at her close up, and I touched her exploring her parts. She liked that, she said. I was hoping that she would want to see me like that and touch me too, but she didn't do it.

We laid down together and we masturbated. When we finished, I had an orgasm, but she hadn't but she said she liked doing it better with me there. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I turned to her and asked if she wanted to try kissing. She agreed, and we spent the next 15 minutes learning how to kiss. We had seen it done on TV, and we had kissed our parents and stuff, but this was different, it was grown up kisses. Neither of us were very good at it but it felt so good to do it. Just kissing her gave me the start of the tingly feelings. We talked and she said she was getting them too when we kissed.

So the next time we got together, we decided that to make it more exciting we would kiss while we masturbated. We had to find a way to lay so that we could kiss while we could still rub our pussies without a problem of getting to them. That worked out great! I got hotter, faster and she said she did too. We tried it that way for a few more times.

I still was curious about naked girls. I could see them at school and I saw Jenny all the time naked. But I had the desire to touch one. We went into my room and we got naked and began to kiss while we touched ourselves. I stopped her and asked if she would like it if I did it for her. I told her that I would like it if she would touch me too. It was just as special as I thought it would be! It felt heavenly, not only the way she touched me but because I got to touch her as well. It didn't take very long for her to bring me to an orgasm. It was an even higher one then I usually had. Maybe it was because it was Jenny who brought me off. The other thing was I loved touching her. She was so sexy. Even if was at school I got hot just thinking about being with her. I would get damp spots in my panties.

I had told Jenny about one of the girls I knew on the cheerleading squad, and that I thought that she was cute. Also when they did their cheers sometimes you could see up their skirts. We went to watch her at some of the games.

It was already December and we had been doing this since the beginning of the school year. We were suppose to have a computer for school work, and for Christmas my parents got me a little laptop. Jenny would come over and we would look around the internet. Dad didn't put the usual parental controls on it. So we could go where ever we wanted.

One thing we looked up masturbation, now we could see it at home we wouldn't have to check out books from the library. I had hear about girls who did stuff with other girls, they were called lesbians. Well that was me and Jenny. So we looked it up. OMG there were stories about them, and all kinds of information. There were even videos of girls together. They had different ways of rubbing each other. But also they were licking each other. We were floored by this. We had never thought of that.

Being that we had a couple of days left before Christmas vacation was over, Jenny slept over. We were going to try licking as our main technique.

I did it first. I liked getting down and touching her between her legs. It was even better to touch her with my tongue. I didn't know if I would like the taste but found that I loved it. I was licking and Jenny was enjoying it. She grabbed my head and was holding it between her legs. She tried to wrap her legs around my body, trapping my body against hers.

Meanwhile I was exploring licking and sucking on her pussy. I would stick my tongue into her especially the entrance to her vagina. I tried to see if I could get my tongue into her pussy but I could up only so far and I reached something and she made a squeaking noise and jumped back a bit. I must have hit her hymen, which we had read about in the books. I moved up on her and began to lick her clit. But after a bit I changed to sucking on it with enthusiasm. I was able to get it in my mouth as it was standing like it was waving to me.

Then it happened, she had her first fireworks. She was moaning she was even calling out my name. When I could feel that she had come down from her climax. I got out from between her legs and laid beside her.

She said panting between words, “Wow that is fantastic! No wonder you like doing that! It was great!”

She kissed me, and then she licked her lips. She asked, “Is that me, that I can taste on you?”

“Yes, I think so,” I agreed, licking my lips as well.

“Then I taste good. Will you taste as good?”

“I don't know but I would love to find out! So do you want to kiss my other lips for me?” I slid my legs apart as I lay back flat on the bed.

“Yeah let me get down there,” Jenny exclaimed as she moved into position.

She moved down between my legs, and that was the start of my trip to heaven.

She kissed my thighs all over. I told her, “Use your tongue, lick my legs.” It felt so good. The warm and wet with the roughness of her tongue was doing it for me. She licked up and down my lips as I reached down and held open the lips to allow her go in. The point of her tongue was tentative at first, but it felt great because it was light, like hit and run touches, that only made me want more.

"You taste yummy, girl," Jenny said softly.

I pushed my pussy back into her mouth, which explained why she wrapped her legs around me earlier. She didn't want me to get away. But I hadn't any plans of going away and now I hoped she wasn't planning of going away from there, ever.

I pulled her head up and she got the idea and began to lick my clit. I held her head in my hands and moved it back and forth side to side so she was rubbing and licking my clit like that. Then I would change and had her move her head up and down along my pussy slit. She wiggled her tongue against my clit trying to get up inside the hood. That was enough to get me off. I had the best fireworks ever! I had to push her away after a bit because I had become so sensitive.

We found that we needed to go back to about two times a week being together when school restarted. We would talk about girls in the neighborhood who we thought that were cute. We told what we would like to do with them. There wasn't any jealousy between us if we played around with another girl But we never did it because we didn't know any girls who were like us, and liked other girls.

It was on Valentine's Day I got Jenny a little gift to go with a card. It was only a little charm bracelet, but she loved it. I told her that I loved her. She kissed me and told me she loved me too. She got me a set of hair clips and barrettes as well as ties for making ponytails. She also got me the cutest card, with lots of little hearts and she even got some lipstick and kissed it so it had the imprint of her lips.

Through the spring we would meet in my room after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mom would know that she would be coming. She would have milk and cookies or some other snack ready for us when we got there. We would go to my room and lock the door and get naked. We would be eating each other. We would also watch some lesbian videos on the internet. It would give us ideas about what we could do together.

We would kiss on the lips but I began to touch her areolas she didn't have very much and I would kiss them to make things sexier. I licked them with the flat of my tongue on her chest then I would wiggle my tongue on her little nipples. I was a bit surprised her areolas got a bit smaller and the nipples began to rise up off her chest. Her face flushed and I think once she got an orgasm just from what I was doing to her chest.

I had her do the same things to me. If she felt half of what I felt when she did it to me, then it must have been great. I could feel that there seemed to be a direct connection, between my boobies and cunt. It seemed like she would suck on my nipples and it was like an electric wire down to my pussy. It would get all hot like it was an electric filament from a light bulb that glowed white hot.

Once I could feel like there was something leaking out my cunny. I knew that I would have to have her mouth down there soon and she didn't disappoint me. I was going out of my mind with her tongue all over my lower, sensitive lips. Then she started to suck the juices out my hole. She was trying to get a better gasp on my hips, (what there were of them), her fingers grabbed my butt cheeks. One finger got right next to my butt-hole. I let out an ahh noise. Jenny realized where she was touching. She said. “Sorry,” and moved away.

I told her “Put your finger back there that was great.” She was fingering my butt-hole I was wondering what it would be like if she put her finger inside it. That is when I could even think with what she was doing to me. It was driving me out of my head. Then it did happen and the top of my head blew off again. But that was what we were wanting to do, we wanted to blow our minds.

By the beginning of May, I was starting to get my boobies. They were just my areolas that were sticking out. I wasn't ready for a bra but mom went out and some training bras. I was so proud of them. Jenny saw them and now she was jealous. Jenny had me go next door so Mrs. Murphy could see and had me show her showed her my training bra. Jenny told her that she wanted on too, but her mom said she didn't need one and to prove it she had Jenny lift up her shirt. Jenny was still flat. She got embarrassed because just then Barbie walked in and wanted to know why Jenny was showing off her boobies.

My school was going to have tryouts for cheerleader we decided that we would try out for it. I would be in 7th grade next year and she would be in 6th. The 5th graders this year could try out for next year. I didn't know about it before I started school this year.

When we would go to the games it was more to watch Sarah, the cheerleader. After the games we would talk with her and walk with her into the gym. We would talk to her, while she got undressed because we liked to watch her in the shower when she got naked. We would get that itchy feeling between our legs.

We wanted to be on the squad so we could have a practical reason to be naked with Sarah. Jenny and I practiced the routines they showed us that we should know and be able to do. But we got sweaty and have to have showers afterward. So we would take them together, which made for more interesting times in the shower.

We would get in the shower together. First was a shower to get the sweat off us, then came the good stuff. With the water just right, I would have her stand with her legs bent at the knees and bowed out. I had her use both hands to open her lips and I would direct the spray at different parts; sometimes her vagina other times her clit. I got be good at using the shower head in that I would change the stream. Sometimes it would be a hard concentrated small stream, then I would change it to a pulsing and would cover a bit bigger area. I used a finger my other hand I would put it right at the entrance to her pussy or sometimes up on her clit and rub either place. She wasn't getting the orgasm that I was, but she got a good enough feeling that she would about be falling down.

Chapter 3

But it was Memorial Day Weekend that was when the trouble came. Jenny spent the night like she would normally do. We locked the door and we found a lesbian video on the internet. Then we had sex. It started out like we usually did I would do her first then she would do me. We kissed then we rubbed each other's boobies, even if I was the only one with anything. I kissed her boobies first I loved those hot pink nickel sized things that would shrink up a bit when her nipples would start to rise off her chest. It was so cool that I could make her body do that.

Then I told her it was her turn to do my chest. She started to object, because I was suppose to go down and lick her pussy. But I told her that I had something in mind. She began to lick me and then suck me I wanted her to lick all around the place where my boobies would be when I finally get them. It was getting me hot, and I could smell and different. It seems that I got that when I was excited, and I sure was just then.

I had us get into the position we saw on the video recently I had her up on top of me with her butt over my face. Her head was down by my pussy. I was licking her all along her legs and the area around her hips. I planted lots of kisses in between the licks. I moved up to her lips and kissed along them. I was licking them and I was going inside with my tongue, to make little licks. I could taste her she was starting to make the juices that I make too. It wasn't much as I think I make, but what she made it tasted sweet. I went after he vagina, I put my finger up against her cherry and was wiggling it. It made more of her juice come out. I was licking it up. I moved up and was sucking on her clit while I still wiggled my finger there. She was moving all over it was hard to stay on target with her clit.

Because she was all over the place she was having a hard time keeping on my clit. Her finger was around my vagina It felt like it was inviting her in too. I couldn't tell all of what she was doing because I had a job to do with her. But what she was doing was great I was climbing up the mountain to my climax. I felt that after she had hers, she redoubled her efforts on my pussy. Her fingers were everywhere and so was her tongue. I don't know how she could be sucking on my and licking me at the same time but that is what it felt like she was doing to me. It didn't matter, as she gave me my orgasm.

We laid back drained but happy. We were talking about it. We both thought that the fingers around out vaginas was so good. I wanted to know what it would be like to have something up inside me. Jenny said that she would like to feel it too.

We decided that we would put a finger up each other. I told her, “If we do this we won't be virgins anymore.”

She said, “I don't want to be a virgin, I want you to be the person I give it to, I love you Sandy.”

“Oh Jenny! That's so sweet!" I was beaming at her. "I want you to be my first girl as well! Will you take mine too?”

“Of course," Jenny exclaimed. "How do we do this?”

“We can put a finger up inside each other,” I explained.

“OK but who goes first?”

“We can do it together.”

“OK,” Jenny agreed.

I began to kiss her and we got into it pretty good. I stopped and put my fingers into my mouth and got them wet and then she did the same. I went to masturbating her with my wetted fingers and she followed my lead. I stopped her and said "Let's do it now!" Then I kissed her and pushed my fingers up into her. It was a good thing that we were kissing. It stung when she did it to me. It must have been the same with her, because she made a noise. But it was muffled by my mouth on hers.

OMG! I felt so good to have her fingers inside me. We moved them back and forth in each other. I found this rough spot on the top of her pussy just inside. I used one finger to rub on it while I was pushing the other two back and forth in her. She just keep using her three fingers to go in and out of me. For the first time we both had our orgasms at the time. It was even better because we were kissing at the same time.

When we came down from our climaxes, I could feel something wet on her and my fingers. I looked them there was blood on my fingers. Jenny looked at hers, and she had my blood on her fingers as well. We got up and unlocked the bedroom door and scampered over to the bathroom. We washed our fingers and saw some blood around our pussies. We washed them off and ran quietly back to bed.

It was morning and we woke up and we were feeling frisky and decided to have sex again.

We were in the middle of a sixty-nine position eating each other's when my mom walked in to tell me I had a phone call. The first thing we heard was mom yelling “What the hell are you two doing?!”

Jenny looked up from my pussy with some of my wetness all over her mouth. I think it was pretty obvious about what we were doing. My naked pussy was open for the whole world to see. As Jenny sat up, it was obvious that she was naked too. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out what I was doing to her.

Mom yelled, “Get dressed, and get out to the living room!” Then she called for my dad. She stood there was were getting out bed.

Mom cried, “You have blood in your bed!” Sure enough there are two small spots of blood on the sheet where we were laying when we broke each other's cherry.

Jerry quickly was told to go somewhere, anywhere but he was to leave the house now! He is to take his cell they would call him when he could come home.

As we got dressed. I could hear her telling dad what we were doing.

Shit! We unlocked the door last night to go to the bathroom, but we didn't lock it when we came back or this morning. We usually didn't have sex again in the morning. If we did I would get up and lock the door first but I forgot to do it this morning. It had to be the morning that they were calling to tell me that I made the cheerleading squad. Otherwise mom never comes in my room in the morning. She always waits until we come out.

We got out to the living room. That is when mom told me about the call. But she said, “After what I say you doing Sandra, you're not going to be on any cheerleading squad.”

My dad was on the phone to Jenny's parents. It seemed they would be over in about a half second. Barbie was with them, but she was told to go and sit on the front porch and not go anywhere.

The guilty sat awaiting the execution. But first here would be an Inquisition as terrible as anyone could read about in a history book.

Mr. and Mrs. Murphy were over quickly. We sat there silent in our misery. Mom told them what she saw us doing. Mr. Murphy asked Jenny if this was true. She looked down with a blushed face, (that I saw out of the corner of my eye), and nodded.

Mrs. Murphy said, “What you were doing was a mortal sin! Jennifer you will be going to church and making confession to Father Patrick.”

“How long has this been going on?” my dad wanted to know.

“About a year," I said.

“How can you two little girls know about this?” my mother asked.

“I read about it in the library and on the internet,” I admitted.

With that my dad went and got my computer, he opened it and demanded my password. After I gave it, she went into my history. Mr. Murphy was looking over his shoulder. They found the lesbian porn sites we had looked at, and they stories we had read. They started looking around and found the folder where we had downloaded the best lesbian videos.

“What do you have to say about all this Sandra?” he demanded.

“We love each other and we wanted to know how to make love together,” I sobbed.

Mrs. Murphy said, “Girls don't love other girls like that! It's unnatural! What you did is vile!”

My mom asked “Who started this?”

I didn't get want Jenny to get in more trouble I told them, “It was my idea. Jenny didn't know about any of this until I told her. I did it all I showed her the books and the websites.”

I could see my dad deleting everything on my computer.

Mrs. Murphy told Jenny to come home with them. That was the last time I ever saw her. I didn't get to say good-bye let alone kiss her good-bye. She looked back at me with tears running down her face, but without making a sound. I could hardly keep my tears in either. It was hard to see as my eyes were all blurry.

Mom asked if I had gotten my period. I hadn't, and she knew I didn't have periods yet. She took me by arm into my room closed the door, and told me to pull down my panties. She had me sit on the edge of the bed. She spread my legs then my lips and looked up into my pussy. After a minute of looking she took a couple of fingers and put them into her mouth. She got them wet then she pushed them up into my pussy. They went into me pretty easy.

“Just as I thought, you want and ruined yourself. Did Jenny ruin herself too?”

I just couldn't answer I just cried.

I was grounded for a month. I was to come straight home after school. Just to be sure I did my mom would walk me home every day. Well, at least soccer was over for the year.

I had to tell the girls on the cheerleading team that I couldn't be on the squad. I heard Jenny made it too; she had to refuse it too. Everyone at school wanted to know why I quit before even being on it. All I could do when they asked me that was cry. When that happened they left me alone.

After school I had to spend all the rest of the day after school in my room. I could only come out to eat or to go to the bathroom. They took everything away from me; no TV, radio, phone calls, no visitors, I was to do my homework without my computer. If I did have to use it for something, mom was right there looking at the computer. When I was done I had to give it back to them and they kept it.

I hadn't hear anything about Jenny other than she had to give up cheerleading too.

School ended and summer came. At the end of June my grounding was over. I could go outside. I heard later from Barbie said that Jenny had moved and was living with her Aunt Cathy and Uncle Fred, about 200 miles away. I saw a For Sale sign in the Murphy's yard. I was told not to try and contact Jenny ever again.

But I love her and I know she loves me.

Thanks to my editor Nicknason, who makes me look much better than I am.

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I loved this story. But it broke my heart too. The girls should not be punished just because their parents are so ignorant. I'm a teen lesbian too and my parents are cool.

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