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Sara discovers the true purpose of the internet... porn of course
Back to Sara's point of view in this part. She's still remembering the past few weeks so this is still her memories.

She finally crawled out of bed at 11 o'clock and made her way to the kitchen for some breakfast. As she made her toast she thought about the night before. The reaction her body had when she felt her dad's body against her's. The way she felt when she kissed him. What was wrong with her? It was just a kiss on the cheek after all. Why had her body reacted in that way and what in the world had she experienced last night when she had got back to bed? Was what she felt normal? Had anyone else ever experienced that earth shattering feeling before? So many questions flashed through her mind and she had no answers for them. As she ate her breakfast she tried to think of ways to find the answers she needed. She realized there was nobody she could ask about this.  She had no idea where her mom was. She hadn't made any friends at school. The only person she could ask was daddy and even though the thought brought back the tingly feeling she knew she couldn't do that. There seemed to be no way for her to get the answers she wanted so badly.

She went out to the living room and turned on the tv hoping it would offer up some kind of solution to her problem. They didn't have many channels. Only a few local ones and some sports channels that her dad loved. She was about to give up on the whole idea all together when a commercial came on for some website that set up domain names. That's when it hit her. The internet. "How could she be so stupid?" she thought.

She nearly ran to the den and hopped on the computer. She stared at the screen and tried to think what to look for first. She decided to type in "rubbing and fingering my vagina" first. Scrolling down she saw a page on yahoo answers that seemed like a good place to start. The girl asking the question had apparently tried putting her finger in too but hadn't felt anything. She was about to click away (since she obviously felt something) when she started to read through the answers. The first person talked about rubbing herself on a pillow or a stuffed animal to "get off" as she put it. Others talked about rubbing their "clitoris" with their finger. What the hell were they talking about? She decided to look that word up next.

She found a page on Wikipedia that talked about it and after a little reading she figured out that this was the spot that she had rubbed last night. She spent nearly an hour reading about her clit, her pussy, and different ways other women used to get off. She felt so far behind. She'd never heard of most of the things she'd read about. Her parents had never sat her down and had any kind of talk with her about sex. Hell if it hadn't been for tv she'd have never heard the word sex and wouldn't have even known how babies were made. She felt so stupid as she looked at all of these things. She discovered that what she had felt last night was called an "orgasm" and it was brought on by "masturbation". She found sites that talked about different ways to do it and found that they even made toys that would help.

She read about things like penetration which immediately made her think about her father. She felt her skin get hot at the thought and that now familiar tingle crawl its way up her legs to her pussy yet again. Even being as naive as she now knew she was she also knew that having these kind of feelings was looked at as being wrong. She decided to look and see if she was the only one out there that had ever felt this way before. She typed in daddy daughter sex. The first few pages she found talked about abuse cases which she felt didn't apply to her since she was now starting to believe she might actually want to have sex with him. As she continued searching she clicked on a page that was covered in pictures of people having sex. Again she felt stupid. Why hadn't she thought to look and see what exactly the act of having sex looked like? The truth was she never thought people would show themselves actually doing it.

Although she knew she was alone in the house Sara still glanced around the room to make sure. She clicked on a video with a young girl and a middle aged man in the picture. When the video started to play she felt her body go through the same odd changes that she'd felt the night before. She watched as the man started to undress the young girl while kissing her neck. That visual brought back the feeling of daddy's warm breath on hers. Before long they were both naked. The man layed down on the bed on his back. That's when she realized that his penis was hard. That made sense now that she thought about it. It was supposed to move in and out of her which would be quite difficult if it wasn't. Then she watched as the girl did something she had never thought of. She bent over the man and took his penis into her mouth. He started saying things to her like "suck that cock" and "you're such a dirty little slut". She figured "cock" must be his penis. Much the same way they called girls vaginas, pussies a man's penis was a "cock". She watched as the girl used her hand and her mouth to stroke up and down the man's cock. Then they switched positions and the girl lay flat. Now the man crawled between her legs and started to use his tongue to lick the girl's pussy. The sight of this made her cross her legs tight. She found that this pressure made the tingling feeling increase. Her head started to swim with excitement as she watched.

She now desperately wanted to feel that feeling from last night again. She was so nervous about the idea of watching this video and rubbing herself again that she went and looked out the window to make extra sure that there was nobody outside. Then feeling comfortable that the coast was clear she stripped off her clothes. She laughed a little as she thought about how funny she must look sitting naked at the computer. 

She decided to try to copy the video as best she could. While the man used his tongue to lick her pussy she put her finger in her mouth getting it nice and wet. Then she tried her best to follow the same pattern the man's tongue took. She let her finger rub tight firm circles around her clit before switching to an up and down motion. She felt herself starting to get close. Her legs were shaking so bad and she was starting to moan out loud. The man then crawled up the woman's body and slowly let his cock slide inside her. The sight of that pushed her over the edge. She threw her head back and let out several small screams. She tried to cover her mouth to quiet the sound that she couldn't help but make.

She just sat there for several minutes staring at the ceiling. This one had been even more intense than the one last night. When she finally came around she noticed that the video had ended. She restarted it and went back to the last part she remembered seeing. The man was now thrusting in and out of the girl. It went on like that for a while. She did notice one thing that she hadn't thought to try. The man kept pinching the girls nipples. She ran her hands up to her breasts and tried squeezing them softly. It felt really good so she tried pinching her nipples but found it to be too painful so she stopped.

She watched as the girl moved to her hands and knees with the man behind her. Then he did something that scared her. He took his cock and slowly started to slip it into her ass. To her astonishment the girl seemed to not only enjoy it but seemed to encourage the act by pushing back to him. "Why in the world would she want this"? she wondered. She watched fascinated by what they were doing on the screen. It seemed so wrong but at the same time she realized it was the wrongness of it that excited her. She stopped the video and went to search for more like this. The more she watched the more she realized she really wanted to try this. She sat there naked in front of the computer trying to find the courage to try putting her finger "there"... She failed though. As badly as she wanted to try it she just couldn't. At least not yet.

Sara went through the history on the computer and removed every trace of what she had been looking at all day. She had learned so much today but knew that there was still so much out there that she hadn't found.  At least now she understood what she was feeling and had a few ideas of things she'd like to try later tonight.

Sara decided she better take a shower and clean herself off. She grabbed her night clothes from off the floor and threw them on her bed. She searched her dresser for some clothes for the day and headed to the bathroom. She climbed in the shower and started to wash herself. As she did she looked at ever inch of her body. It was like she was discovering something she'd never known was there before. After she had finished washing Sara stood and let the hot water cascade over her body. She let her fingers trace over her nipples, then under her breasts. She never thought touching herself here could actually feel good. Before she had always cursed them. They were in the way. They forced her to wear a bra which she absolutely detested. Plus they had grown in way too big. She was a fairly small girl. Tall yes but her frame was little and she always hated how out of proportion her breasts and her butt made her look. But now she wondered if maybe that's the kind of thing men would like? More importantly she thought is it the kind of thing daddy would like?

Sara climbed out of the shower abd dried herself off. When she was nice and dry she stood infront of the mirror and looked at her naked form. The bathroom mirror was the full body length kind and she could she every last bit of her front. Before she had always felt weird looking at herself naked. Most times she'd go as far as to hang a spare towel over the mirror until she at least had a bra and panties on. She no longer felt embarrassed by the sight. In fact she felt turned on again.

Sara sat down in the floor and spread her legs open and finally got her first good look at her pussy. The first thing she noticed was that she had more hair there then most of the women in the videos. They must trim it she thought. She wondered if men prefered them that way? She thought about that for a bit and decided that she wanted to trim her's too. If for no other reason than it would help her to see it better. She'd have to make a trip into town sometime and get supplies for that.

Sara continued to stare at her body in the mirror when she had an idea. She decided to watch herself masturbate. She stacked a couple towels behind her and lay back. She then started to let her finger slide inside her. Then she pulled her finger out and started rubbing her clit much like she had earlier. A thought popped into her head as she watched herself and she let her free hand move up to touch her breasts. The feeling was incredible. She tried pinching her nipples again and this time found that the pain mixed very well with the pleasure she was feeling. This caused her to have another thought. She moved to her hands and knees. It was harder to see the mirror this way but she bent in a way that gave her a decent view of her firm ass. She tried to reach back with one hand while the other played with her clit but it was impossible to watch if she did it that way. So she let her wet middle finger move back while using her thumb to softly rub herself. She could feel her orgasm building but she didn't want to finish till she tried this one last thing.

Slowly and carefully she applied pressure with her middle finger. Her ass was so tight and resisted at first. She pressed just a little harder and felt it start to give. She moved very carefully afraid that this would hurt but the excitement pushing her on. Her finger finally slid the last few inches into her tight warm ass. She began moving it in and out just like the man's cock had done in the video. Her breathing increased and her her vision started to blur. Her free hand squeezed the towel so tightly her knuckles turned white. When her orgasm hit she collapsed onto the floor. Her face burried into the towel as she screamed so loud it hurt her throat. Wave after wave of pleasure wracked her body as she lay squirming on the floor. Her ass tightened around her finger so hard it finally pushed her out.

Sara didn't know how long she'd laid there or if she'd even been fully coherent the whole time. She looked in the mirror to find tears in her eyes. "Wow" she thought. It had been so amazing that it had made her tear up. She rolled over and pulled herself to her feet. Her legs were still wobbly as she struggled to remain upright. Then she noticed the clock 4:53... "Oh no daddy would be home soon. She quickly dressed and ran to the kitchen. Glancing out the window she saw that his car was not back. At least he hadn't got off early.

He arrived home 10 minutes later looking tired. He flopped down on the couch and kicked his feet up. He went right to the sports channels on the tv and got caught up on all of Saturday's college football scores. She heard various "all rights" and dammits" come from the living room as she got dinner prepared. When it was done she took it out to him on a tray.

"Hey there cutie" he said smiling at her. "How was your day"? "Do anything exciting while I was gone"?

She felt a blush creep up her cheeks till it felt like her head was in an oven on full blast. She prayed he didn't notice. "Oh I did a few things that were exciting. I'd love to show you sometime" she thought.

"Just some school work and I went for a jog" she quietly lied. "Other than that not much of anything". "I think I'm going to go read some in my book then head to bed early if that's alright"?

"Sure sure sweetheart" he said smiling.

Sara walked quickly to her room. She was unsure why she felt embarrassed. There was no way he could know what she'd been up too... was there? She crawled onto her bed and wondered if she was relieved he didn't know or if she wanted him to know in the worst way?

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This is an excellent story! A very beautiful fantasy

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This is an excellent story! A very beautiful fantasy

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This is an excellent story! A very beautiful fantasy

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