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Chapter 6

Jason brushed the sweat from his brow and then finished rolling the hose onto the spool. “Done,” he said with a deep sigh. “The pools also for open swim.”

He turned to look at the neighboring houses and grinned. Ten years ago the only houses in the neighborhood belonged to his mother and his aunt – at the time he didn’t realize Nancy was his aunt, he just knew her as his best friends mother, but he learned the truth after he started fucking Liz and her mother. Then about eight years ago a developer decided the old farmlands around their houses would make the perfect place for a new sub-division. He tried to buy up all the land for his development but Jason’s mother and aunt were the only hold outs. No matter how much the developer offered them the two sisters refused to sell, uninterested in any amount of money.

In the end the developer gave up and decided to develop the land surrounding the the two houses he couldn’t buy. He managed to build one access road and start construction on a dozen homes before the bottom fell out of the housing market and he was forced to sell out before he went bankrupt. After buying out the developer with the last of their inheritance Jason’s mother and aunt sold most of the unfinished homes to friends who shared their incestuous life style – like their family doctor and his children and their father’s old partner – but three of the homes sold before they bought out the developer so some of their neighbors didn’t share their lifestyle and they couldn’t be as open as they would have liked. Still, they were good neighbors and Jason and the rest of the family opened their pool to the neighborhood during the summer.

It was still two hours to the open pool but Jason looked at the pool and thought how good it would feel to take a quick dip. Jason jumped at the unexpected voice behind him, “Mr. Sinclair?”

“You startled me,” Jason told the young girl who’d managed to sneak up behind him. It took him a second to recognize the young teenager, but he finally managed to place her. “You’re Jenny Masters, right? Your mom owns the first house on the street, right?”

“That’s right, Mr. Sinclair,” Jenny said with a grin. “Mom bought the first house that came on the market, before Jenkins realty went under.”

“I remember,” Jason nodded. “Mr. Jenkins was relieved to have a sale when the realty market hit the rocks, but it wasn’t enough to save his business. By the way, Jenny, why don’t you call me Jason? Whenever someone call me Mr. Sinclair I don’t know who they’re talking to.”

“I’ll try and remember that,” Jenny promised.

“You know, it’s still two hours to the open pool.”

“I know,” Jenny said with an impish grin, “but I saw you working on the pool and decided to come over and talk to you about something.”

“I see,” Jason replied slowly, wondering what it was Jenny could have to talk to him about. “Well, it may be early for the open pool, but family and guests are still welcome. And I for one could use a cool dip. If we’re going to talk why don’t we get comfortable?”

“Sounds good to me,” Jenny nodded. “I’ll just run home, get my suit, and come right back.”

“You don’t need to do that,” Jason told his guest with a wave toward the changing rooms. “We keep several spare suits in the girl’s showers. Why don’t you grab one and join me by the pool?”

“Thanks,” Jenny said and headed off to the changing room. Jason hesitated before heading for the men’s lockers, watching the way Jenny’s 14 year old ass swayed from side to side with every step she took.

“Keep your mind where it belongs, Jason,” Jason told himself without taking his eyes off Jenny’s enticing butt. “You already have plenty of girls to fuck, and you certainly don’t want to get involved with a neighbor’s daughter – especially when she’s not part of our incestuous family.”

By the time Jenny joined him by the pool Jason had placed a couple floating loungers in the water and he jumped into the water just a few seconds ahead of the brown-haired teenager. “So,” Jason said after they were both settled into their loungers, “what do you want to talk to me about?”

Jason couldn’t help but notice that the white one-piece suit Jenny was wearing was at least a size too small for her. The suit was stretched so tight across her breasts that Jason could see her nipples pushing out against the fabric, and when he let his eyes drift down to her crotch the fabric between her thighs was pulled so tight it got sucked into her pussy lips. Not only that, when the fabric got wet it was practically sheer and he could see the pink aureoles around Jenny’s nipples clearly. Jason tried to turn his eyes away from Jenny’s nipples but found his eyes drifting down to the teenager’s crotch where he could see her sparse pussy hair sticking out around the top of her pussy and noticed that it was a little redder than the hair on her head.

While Jenny started talking Jason used his hands to turn his lounge chair in the water so Jenny couldn’t see the erection that was forming in his own swimsuit whenever he looked her way. “What do you know about my mother and I?” Jenny asked hesitantly.

“Not much,” Jason admitted, looking Jenny in the face for a second before he let his eyes drift back down her body. “I met your mother a couple times when we had some neighborhood barbeques, and I’ve seen you here for the open pool, but I don’t really know either of you that well – and I don’t know your father at all.”

“I’m not surprised about that,” Jenny chuckled, “I don’t even know who my father is. Mom never told me who my father was but I suspect he was either my Uncle Chuck – who died in an car accident two months before I was born – or my grandfather. My grandfather died about five years ago and mom and I moved here right after that because she said the old house had too many memories for her, she thinks I was too young to know what she and grandpa were doing every night, but I knew. In fact, just before grandpa died I was starting to get interested in sex, in fact I was thinking about seducing grandpa, but I was too slow.”

“Since we moved here mom’s had several boyfriends, but they never seem to last very long – especially if they show any interest in me. Don’t get me wrong, mom wants me to have a boyfriend, she just doesn’t want me to have any of hers.” Jason couldn’t help but notice that while Jenny was telling her story she let her hands wander down her own body. At first he thought she was going to pull the crotch of her suit out of her pussy, but then he realized the girl was playing with her slit as she spoke to him, and he noticed that his erection was growing with every stroke of her fingers.

“So, what is it that you want to talk to me about?” Jason asked, gripping the arms of his floating lounger so he wouldn’t end up stroking his own cock while he watched the sexy teen floating next to him. “Are you interested in one of my boys?”

“Close,” Jenny said with an impish smile. “I know Dave and Mike are both interested in me and they’ve both offered to pop my cherry. But I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to let just anyone pop my cherry, I want someone who knows what they were doing. I know your son’s know something about fucking a girl, but I overheard Jasmin, Nancy, and Vicky talking a few days ago and realized that your boys have nothing on you when it comes to popping a girl’s cherry.”

“You want me to fuck you?” Jason asked in surprise.

“Well according to your daughters, you are the best when it comes to popping a girl’s cherry and knocking her up.”

“That is a point,” Jason said thoughtfully. “You do realize that I’ve knocked up every girl I ever fucked, right? It doesn’t usually happen the first time, but it does happen eventually.”

“I know,” Jenny said with a grin, “and I don’t care. If you knock me up, you knock me up and that’s all there is to it. As long as you do a good job fucking me nothing else matters.”

“And what will your mother say?” Jason asked, gripping the arms of his lounger so he didn’t end up stroking Jenny’s tits or pussy.

“What can she say,” Jenny giggled. “When my panties start getting tight all she can really say is, ‘Like mother like daughter.’ After all, she was younger than me when I was born.”

“I guess,” Jason said, sliding out of his lounger and walking through the chest high water to reach Jenny.

“Here, why don’t you let me take care of that,” Jason offered, pushing Jenny’s hands away from her pussy so he could reach it himself. Jason pulled the fabric of Jenny’s suit out of her slit and pushed it to the side so he could stroke her cunt and tickle the girl’s erect clit.

“So, Jenny,” Jason said as the teenager shivered under his touch, he grinned at the way the girl’s pussy lips kissed his finger tips as he ran them across her slit. “I know I’m your first, but did you know that in a way you’re my first too?”

“You’re kidding,” Jenny said with a groan of pleasure.

“No I’m not,” Jason said, reaching up with his free hand to pull the straps of her suit off her shoulders so he could pull it down and free her tits from the form fitting fabric. “If you think about it, I’m related to every girl I’ve ever fucked. You’ll be the first girl I ever fucked that I’m not related to.”

“So, this is a first for both of us,” Jenny said with a gasp when Jason squeezed her erect nipple.

“That’s right,” Jason said, slowly pushing Jenny’s lounger to shallower water while he continued to play with her tits and pussy. “You are the first girl I ever fucked who wasn’t a sister or daughter. Even my mother is my half-sister, but you’ll be my first fuck outside of the family.”

“So this is special for both of us,” Jenny said with a contented sigh, satisfied that Jason really was going to fuck her.

“It sure is,” Jason agreed. The water was at Jason’s waist now and he pushed his trunks down so his erection sprang to attention while his shorts dropped to the bottom of the pool.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Jason asked, sliding his hands up to cup Jenny’s breasts while he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down the young teen’s fuzzy slit.

“You’re joking, right?” Jenny asked, opening her thighs wide and wrapping her arms around Jason so she could pull him in close for a tongue filled kiss. “Just to make sure you understand, I want you to pop my cherry, fuck me like crazy, and cum deep in my pussy. Is that clear?”

“Very clear,” Jason said with a grin. He brought the head of his cock up against Jenny’s virgin pussy lips and started easing forward until the crown parted the girl’s cunt lips. Jason eased his prick into Jenny’s unused fuck tunnel.

When the tip of Jason’s cock reached Jenny’s intact hymen he hesitated when the girl jumped with a quick gasp. “Hold on, Jenny, this will only hurt once,” Jason said, bringing his cock back just a little before he thrust forward hard enough to break through her cherry with a single jab. Jason waited for Jenny to relax a little after the soft squeak from losing her virginity and then worked his cock as deep as it could go, not stopping until the tip rested against the girl’s cervix.

“Better?” Jason asked while Jenny’s pussy pulsed around his cock.

“Yes,” Jenny sighed. “I’m finally rid of my damn cherry. So, now that you’ve taken care of my virginity how about that fuck?”

“Of course,” Jason said with a grin. He could see the blood from Jenny’s busted cherry drifting away in the pool’s circulation currents. “I’ll start slow, but when you’re ready let me know and I’ll speed things up.”

“Ok,” Jenny agreed with a groan of pleasure while Jason pulled his cock almost all the way out of her pussy and then shoved it all the way back to her womb.

It only took a few strokes of Jason’s cock for Jenny to start responding to his thrusts. The girl’s cunt was so tight Jason though he was going to lose it, but he managed to hold on and when Jenny started pushing back against his thrusts he picked up the pace until the two of them were going at it like they’d been fucking for years.

Jenny’s pussy started quivering around Jason’s cock and he knew it wouldn’t be long before the fourteen year old had her first real orgasm, especially when her continues moan of pleasure got loud enough that he wanted to cover his ears. He also knew that he wasn’t going to last much longer than her, so he picked up the pace as much as he could with the pool water splashing around their bodies.

“I’m cumming,” Jenny screamed. “Oh, God, I’m really cumming with a cock in my pussy.”

“I’m going to cum too,” Jason panted. “Do you still want me to cum in your pussy?”

“Yes,” Jenny grunted, locking her legs around Jason’s waist so he couldn’t pull out of her even if he wanted to. “Cum inside me, fill me with you sperm and knock me up with your baby, Jason.”

“I always love it when a girl tells me that,” Jason said with a grunt, shoving his cock so deep in Jenny’s cunt he wedged the head up against the girl’s cervix as his cum spurted into the horny girl’s slit. He held his cock inside Jenny’s slit as the walls of her cunt milked every drop of cum from his balls. It wasn’t until his cock started to go soft in Jenny’s pussy that Jason pulled out of her, going as slow as possible so his cum would stay where it belonged.

“Wow,” Jenny groaned, “I never knew fucking would feel this great. If I knew fucking was this good I would have lost my cherry years ago.”

“I’m not sure if it’s always this good,” Jason chuckled. “Remember, you came to me because my daughters said I was the best.”

“And they were right,” Jenny said, pulling Jason’s head down for a quick kiss. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you,” Jason said. “I always enjoy popping a girl’s cherry – especially girls who want to have my baby. If you thought I was good this time, just wait until your panties start getting tight and belly starts growing.”

“I can’t wait,” Jenny grinned.

“With any luck you won’t have to wait long,” Jason pointed out, giving Jenny’s tits a gentle squeeze. “You know, it’s almost time to open up the pool for the neighborhood swim. You really should change that suit before everyone starts showing up. I’m not sure about the other boys in the neighborhood, but I know my boys wouldn’t be able to resist fucking you if they found you like this.”

“Well, maybe I want them to fuck me,” Jenny said with an impish grin. “After all, now that I’ve had the best, I’d like to try the rest.”

“That’s your decision,” Jason said while he stroked Jenny’s flat belly. “But just remember, if you let them fuck you now you’ll never know the father is when your panties start getting tight.”

“That’s true,” Jenny agreed as a shiver passed through her whole body. “I think for this baby I want to make sure that it’s yours. But after I know I’m pregnant watch out. And after this baby’s born I don’t think I care who fathers the rest of my children.”

“So you are going to change your suit then?” Jason asked, letting his hand drift down a little further to tickle Jenny’s clit.

“Yes,” Jenny groaned, “but do you mind if I keep the suit so I can keep wearing it for you?”

“Mind?” Jason chuckled as he pulled the top of the suit snug against Jenny’s breasts. “I insist that you keep it. I just want to see what it looks like on you when your belly and tits start growing. If this thing is tight now it’s going to look even better when you start bulging.”

“Thank you,” Jenny said again, sliding out of her lounger and giving Jason another kiss before she made her way to the steps at the shallow end of the pool.

Jason watched the sway of Jenny’s barely covered ass until it disappeared at the door of the girls changing room and gave a little sigh before he retrieved his own suit from the bottom of the pool. As he pulled his trunks on Jason considered how much time he’d lost from work because of his encounter. “Well, I’ll just have to make up the time this afternoon. I just hope I don’t have any more surprises like this for the rest of the day, because I’ll never be able to resist them.”

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