Doing things you weren't do
As they sat around the table eating dinner, Greg watched his sister consume more and
more alcohol. She pushed the food around on her plate and ate no more than a couple
of mouthfuls, but the wine glass was hardly ever away from her lips. Already there
was an empty bottle on the table and the second bottle was well down. Just as he
was thinking about this, his sister picked up the bottle and glugged more red wine
into her glass, filling it right up to the neck and emptying the second bottle.
She was very drunk, and showed no signs of letting up.

In truth, Greg wasn’t actually sober himself, having downed a few cans of beer,
but he figured that the difference was that he could control his drinking
while his sister was rapidly becoming an alcoholic!

That was what had actually brought him to Boston, where his sister Louise lived
with her two daughters, Elle who was fourteen and Ashley who was three years
younger. Although he had come to stay for a while and help out, because the
house only had three bedrooms and because Elle and Ashley hated each other
and refused to share a room, he was forced to spend his nights on the couch
in the living room.

A couple of years ago, Louise had pretty much everything she wanted form life.
Her world was shattered however when her husband announced that he was leaving
her for a younger woman and she hadn’t seen him since. He cut off all ties with
Louise and his daughters, never wrote, never called, and the only communication
they ever received was from his lawyers. That was what had started her drinking
and now that her daughters were entering their teenage years and trying to have
some independence, it was getting worse.

Elle and Ashley were so used to their mothers drinking, that it seemed
perfectly normal for then to sit at the table and eat while Louise drank
herself into a stupor. The teenage girls tucked into the fast food that
Greg had ordered in and then Elle raised her head to look at her mother
and said, “Mom, can Jessica Tandy sleepover with me on Friday night?”

Louise rocked back and forth on her chair a few times before she was able
to focus on her eldest daughter, and her voice was thick and slurred as she
answered, “Jessica Tandy! Isn’t that the fucking slut that lives over on
Bridge Street?”

Although he had only been in town for a couple of days, Greg had quickly
learned that the more his sister drank, the more foul her language became.
The girls were obviously used to it by now and they too swore and cussed all
the time.

“Mom!” Elle replied indignantly. “Jessica has changed. She used to put out easily
but she doesn’t do that any more!”

“That’s not what I heard,” Louise said. “I heard that half of the boys in your
school have had her!”

Ashley giggled at that, and Elle glared at her for a couple of seconds before
she looked back at her mother and again asked, “So, can she sleepover or not?”

Louise sighed deeply, swallowed another mouthful of wine as she shrugged her
shoulders and slurred, “Why not! You just remember that Greg’s here though,
although he’ll probably just want to stick his cock in her!”

“Jesus Louise,” Greg said, “She’s only fourteen!”

Louise looked carefully at her brother as she replied, “Age didn’t seem to
matter when you were fucking me, and I was a hell of a lot younger than

Both Elle and Ashley gasped at that revelation, but they were both grinning as
Ashley said to her Uncle, “You were fucking Mom?”

“As I recall it,” Greg replied, clearly angry that his sister had brought up
what he considered to be a closed subject, “It was your Mother who was fucking
me. My horny sister was gagging for it.”

As the teenagers laughed, Louise made a “Huh” noise, but she didn’t contradict
her brother.

Being the oldest daughter, and therefore slightly more confident, Elle asked
her mother, “What age were you when Uncle Greg first fucked you?”

Greg shook his head ruefully, both because he could see that this subject
wasn’t going to die, and also because he was still very surprised that the
young girls would discuss sex so openly and use the most graphic and obscene
words to do it.

While Louise considered her daughters question, she took another mouthful of
wine before setting the glass back down and her elbow was propped on the table.
In her drunken state however, her elbow was very close to the edge, and when
it slipped off, her whole body jerked as she almost fell off her chair. Her
daughters tried not to giggle while Louise pretended that it hadn’t happened
as she slurred her reply, “I was ten when I caught him in the garage jerking
off to some of Dad’s porn that he had found. He got me to sit down beside
him and read some of the magazines with him, and when we were finished he
pulled my panties down and stuck his cock into me.”

Both of the young girls looked over at Greg, who was blushing slightly, but he
didn’t want his sister to have the last word and he said, “That is actually true,
but what you mother isn’t telling you is that later that night she sneaked into
my bedroom and begged me to fuck her again.”

This time Elle and Ashley did laugh and Greg joined in as Louise raised her wine
glass to her lips again. After the laughter had died down, Ashley piped
up, “Why don’t I get to have friends over for a sleepover Mom? It’s always Elle!”

Before Louise could answer the eleven year old, Elle snapped, “Because I get
good grades at school and you don’t. You spent enough time in that bedroom
of yours and if you actually looked at you school books instead of playing
with your cunt all the time, maybe your grades would improve.”

“Mom!” Ashley cried indignantly. “Stop her saying that! I don’t play with my
cunt all the time!”

She waited on her mother backing her up, but Louise said, “Yes you fucking do.
You’ve always got something up your hole and everything in your bedroom smells
of your cunt. In fact, your whole bedroom stinks of cunt!”

Ashley’s mouth fell open, and she glared fiercely at her sister when Elle
started to laugh. The eleven year old was about to protest her innocence again
when Elle suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm straight. The older
girl sniffed Ashley’s fingers loudly and looked at Greg in triumph as she
announced, “I knew her fingers would smell of cunt. Smell them Greg, the little
slut has been playing with herself again!”

Ashley was horrified and embarrassed because she was only too well aware that
she hadn’t washed her hands since she had fingered herself off upstairs, and
she quickly jerked her wrist free just as Greg had started to bend his head

She glanced over at her Uncle, clearly embarrassed that this was being said
in front of him, but as they locked eyes, a little smile spread across the
eleven year olds face and her body tingled as she wished she had left her
hand where it was and had let him smell her. Although she wasn’t aware of it,
Greg’s cock had stiffened in his pants as he thought about the preteen
masturbating, and he wondered if she was as much of a slut as her mother had

While Louise went back to concentrating on her drinking, Elle could see the looks
that were flashing between Greg and her younger sister and she clicked her
tongue loudly in her mouth as she stared at Ashley and hissed, “Fucking slut!”

Without batting an eyelid at the insult, Ashley smiled sweetly at her sister and
retorted, “Cunt licker!”

Elle’s body stiffened and she had a look of pure rage on her face as she glanced
over at her Uncle to see if he had heard. When she realised that he was following
every word, she blushed and then jumped to her feet, causing her chair to scrape
loudly over the floor, and stormed out of the room.

Her mother has been completely oblivious to what was being said, but as her older
daughter bolted out of the kitchen, she glanced at Greg and Ashley as she
asked, “What the fuck is up with her?”

Shrugging her shoulders, Ashley grinned as she replied, “I guess she can dish it
out, but can’t take it!”

Louise clearly didn’t understand what Ashley was meaning, so she just shook her
head and drank more wine.

As Greg and Ashley shared another secret smile, he couldn’t help wondering if
the “cunt licker,” remark meant what he thought it did!

After dinner was finished and cleared away, Louise retired into the living
room with a glass and a bottle of Jack Daniels, while Ashley went upstairs to
her bedroom.

That left Greg alone and he sat quietly at the table and replayed the dinner
conversations over and over in his head. Ashley was definitely flirting with
him, but being only eleven years old, what did that actually mean? It seemed
obvious to him that the young girl regularly masturbated and it didn’t seem
to bother her that much that her mother and sister knew about it.

As he started to think about Elle, he kept on coming back to that “cunt licker”
reference and if that meant that the fourteen year old was gay, or bi-sexual.
What it did mean of course, was that the teenager must already be sexually

His cock was hard inside his pants as all of these thoughts ran through his
brain, and then it suddenly occurred to him that if he asked Ashley why she
had called her sister a “cunt licker” she would probably tell him.

Smiling to himself, he got up from the table and went upstairs.


Ashley’s bedroom was next door to her mothers and he stood outside the closed
door with his hand raised, about to knock. He froze in that position when he
heard the soft moans and grunts on the other side of the door, and he slowly
lowered his hand.

He thought he knew why Ashley was making those sounds and his first instinct
was to quietly walk away. It would have been a logical course of action, and
he couldn’t quite understand why his feet refused to move, or why his hand
was gripping the doorknob and slowly twisting it.

The door silently swung open, and Greg’s prick pulsed and lurched inside
his pants at the horny sight in front of his eyes.

Eleven-year-old Ashley was on her knees on top of her bed with her skirt
pulled up to her waist and her panties around one ankle. Her knees were
wide apart and her back was arched as her hand reached down between her
legs, where she had an empty coke bottle jammed half way up her cunt and
was slowly sliding it in and out of her body. It was obvious that she was
very used to having something like the bottle inside her because she was able
to take it easily and was making little moans and sighs of pleasure. Her
thighs glistened with her juices as she began to masturbate faster and get
into a rhythm that would get her off, and that was when Greg deliberately
cleared his throat.

At the unexpected noise, Ashley simply froze. Her butt was still high in the air
exposing her little asshole and her sticky cunt with a bottle jammed up it. Her
fingers were gripping the bottom of the bottle, but she looked more like a
statue than flesh and blood.

Very slowly, as if in slow motion, her head began to turn to look over her
shoulder. Nothing else moved except her neck muscles and when she saw Greg
standing in the doorway, the colour drained from her face, and she snatched
her hand away from the bottle that then slid out of her cunt and hit the floor
with a resounding thump.

“Oh shit,” she moaned as she threw herself face down on the bed and buried her
face in her hands.

Greg smiled quietly to himself because although it was understandable that the
eleven year old would be embarrassed to be caught in this position, the sense
of embarrassment was slightly nullified because Ashley had kept her legs apart
and he could still see her sticky slit and the panties that were hanging around
one ankle.

Entering the room and quietly closing the door behind him, Greg sat on the
edge of the bed beside her and said, “It’s okay Ashley, everybody masturbates.”

He didn’t want to add that not every eleven year old did it with a thick
coke bottle however, so he kept silent until she lifted her head and looked
at him. Despite all of the sniffing and snivelling noise she had been
making, there was no sigh of tears around her eyes, and she blinked a
few times and then said, “But you’ve seen me naked between the legs. That’s
so embarrassing!”

“You don’t need to be embarrassed,” he said soothingly. “I promise I won’t
tell anybody.”

She smiled at that, and then watched him reach down to pluck her panties from her
ankle. She assumed the he was about to hand them to her and was surprised when he
moved them to his nose and inhaled deeply. That looked so dirty smelling her
soiled underwear, but it excited her to see him do it and she grinned happily
when he said, “Mmmmmm, I love the smell of your cunt Ashley. Your hole smells

Somehow, that obscene compliment made the preteen girl’s fuck hole tingle and
because she was lying on her stomach, her butt started to rock up and down as
she rubbed her sex mound against the covers. Greg could see that she was in
heat and he lay down beside her as he wrapped her underwear round the back
of his hand in such a way as to display the wet stain in the crotch. He made
sure that Ashley could see the wetness of her juices as he sniffed again and
then said, “I’ll bet you taste just as good as you smell, don’t you?”

“That’s dirty,” Ashley said softly.

“I like being dirty,” Greg said. “I’ll bet you sniff your panties, don’t
you? Tell me Ashley, do you like the smell of your cunt on your underwear?”

The eleven-year-old girl didn’t answer him, but she watched closely as his
tongue flicked over the wet stain. His taste buds exploded with the flavour
of her sweet cunt, but instead of showing any pleasure, he turned to face her
and said, “I can’t really taste you from these panties. It would be better if
I could touch your cunt to get some of your juice!”

They both knew what he was really saying, and Ashley knew that she could say
no and he would probably leave her alone. That was the last thing the horny
young girl wanted however and although her voice was little more than a
whisper, she replied, “Okay!”

They were lying side by side with their heads almost touching and Greg’s hand slid
down her back and over her shirt. Lifting up the back of it, his hands were now on
the hot, bare skin of her butt.

Ashley held her breath and she opened her legs as his hand slid over her butt and
around to her cunt. He had no idea how long she had been playing with herself
before he came into the room, but her slit was very wet and sticky and she moaned
softly when his finger slid up her hole.

She turned her head towards him and their noses were almost touching as he
fingered the young girl and the lust was clearly written on her face. Her
breathing came in short, sharp pants as his finger moved faster inside her body
and he asked softly, “You like that Ashley?”

“Uh huh,” she gasped as she stared into his eyes. “I like it!”

He kept fingering her for a few seconds and then asked, “What is it you think
about when you masturbate?”

Without any hesitation at all, the eleven year old replied, “Cock! I think
about cock!”

He smiled and she continued, “I’ve never seen a cock before and I think
about how it would look, how it would taste and how it would feel to have
it in my cunt!”

“Wow,” he replied, “You certainly think a lot about cock, don’t you?”

When she nodded her head, he added, “If you like, I could show you my

Ashley’s eyes shot wide open and she had to swallow before she
replied, “I want to see it Greg.”

Before he could make any response, she added, “But once I’ve seen it, will
you put your finger back in my cunt again?”

He assured her that he would and when she felt his finger leave her fuck hole,
she giggled when he brought it to his nose and sniffed it appreciatively before
pushing it into his mouth. After licking it clean, he said, “I knew you would
taste good, but that is fucking awesome!”

Greg got to his feet and Ashley sat upon the edge of the bed to watch him
unfasten the waistband of his denims and then kick them off. He was wearing
a pair of black boxer shorts and her eyes were out on stalks when he dropped
them around his ankles.

His prick was rock hard and just over eight inches long. Mesmerised by the
sight, her heart almost stopped when Greg said, “You can touch it if you want.”

Ashley reached out for what had been the object of her desires for years and
her hand wrapped around the root. She was surprised at the heat that
radiated into her palm, but she loved how it felt and her hand started
to stroke up and down the shaft.

“That’s nice Ashley,” Greg moaned as he watched her and as she worked her
hand up and down, her mouth was edging closer and closer to the tip.

When her face was only millimetres away, she looked up into his eyes as
her tongue came out and swiped across the head. Even although he had been
expecting it, he jumped slightly and then groaned loudly. Encouraged by
his reaction, the young girl started licking the tip like an ice-cream
cone and she seemed to take great delight when a drop of pre-cum oozed
out of his piss hole. Her tongue quickly scooped it up and the taste of
it made her lick faster and faster.

She was very inexperienced in giving head and Greg was never going to get off
like this, but the sight of the preteen slurping over his shaft was very
arousing. As she sucked, he could see that Ashley’s hand was between her legs
with her fingers were rubbing over her clit, and as she rubbed herself, she
happily let him pop open the buttons on the front of her shirt to expose her
budding tits.

The harder she sucked, the faster she stimulated her clit and he loved the
way her rock hard nipples jutted out from her chest. The swelling of her tits
were like little tangerines and she moaned softly around his shaft as he
reached out his hand to cup and squeeze her breasts. Her nipples were so
hard and tight and just begging to be sucked, but in the position he was in,
he couldn’t reach them with his mouth.

He let her suck on his prick for a bit longer and the more she worked on it,
the better she was becoming. She obviously knew the basics of keeping her
teeth away and sucking hard, but now her little fist was pumping his shaft
and her hot tongue was delightfully flicking and probing around his sensitive
piss slit. For the first time, there was a little tingle in his crotch and
he was aware that the preteen might just be able to make him spurt.

As attractive as the thought was to empty his balls into her mouth, what he
desperately wanted was her eleven year old cunt!

As he cast his eyes about, he could see the empty Coke bottle lying on the
floor, and it was wetly glistening with the preteen’s juices. Looking down
at where Ashley was still suckling on his prick, he asked, “Did you get
yourself off with the bottle?”

The eleven-year-old rocked back on her heels, taking his cock out of her mouth
as she replied, “No. You came in too soon!”

“Well,” he said with a grin, “I think I’ve got something better that your
bottle to get you off.”

Although she had removed her mouth, her hot hand was still wrapped around the
base of his shaft, and she squeezed it as she replied, “I think so too!”

Greg laughed as he said, “No, not that.”

He lifted her up onto the bed, and there was no resistance when he opened
her legs wide apart. Kneeling down in front of her, Ashley hauled herself
upon her elbows so she could see what he was going to do, and she cried
out softly when he bent his head forward and swiped his tongue over her
sticky slit. This was the first time that the young girl had been
licked out, and the first time that Greg had tasted preteen cunt since
his sister all those years ago.

Ashley had seen pictures of girls being eaten out before and she had
always wondered what it would feel like. It was kind of obvious to her
that the sensation would be pleasurable, but nothing had prepared her
for the awesome feelings she was now experiencing.

She had tasted her own fuck hole many times and the preteen knew how good
the flavour was. It therefore came as no surprise that Greg would like the
taste of her sticky hole, but what really surprised her was just how awesome
his tongue felt.

Not only was he licking her hot slit, but now his tongue was worming its
way into her tight tube. Swiping over her little piss hole, the sensation
caused shivers to run up and down her spine and she opened her legs wider
to give him easier access.

Ashley was breathing heavily and her skin was pink and flushed. The fuzzy
feelings in her cunt and around her crotch were amazing, and she gasped
loudly when Greg moved his head back and pushed two stiffened fingers into
her cunt. He curled them up to the roof of her fuck tube and her eyes
glazed over when he pistoned them in and out of her hole.

“You like that Ashley?” he asked, and the preteen nodded her head vigouresley.

“You want to cum baby?” he teased, and when she nodded again, he
hissed, “Tell me Ashley. Tell me that you want to cum!”

“I want to cum!” she responded immediately. “I want to cum so fucking
much. Make me cum Greg! Please make me cum!”

His flashing fingers were holding the eleven year olds cunt open and as he
bent his head forward, he could see the hard pink pleasure bud that was her
clit. He glued his lips around it and kept fingering her as he sucked the
hard bud into his mouth. The effect was instant and it was like an electric
current was blasting through her body. Ashley’s mouth opened in a silent
scream and her back arched high off the bed, pushing her cunt harder into
his mouth and onto his fingers. Her muscles locked and she became as stiff
as a board as she climaxed, and then she suddenly crashed back down and
shuddered uncontrollably.

All through her orgasm, Greg kept finger fucking her and sucking on her
clit until the child’s over stimulated nerve endings couldn’t take any
more and she frantically scrabbled up the bed and away from him.

As soon as her cunt was empty, the preteen rolled onto to her side, curled
herself up into a foetal position and both hands were jammed protectively
between her legs and over her cunt.

Gradually, her breathing steadied and although her climax was almost over,
she felt completely washed out and exhausted. She had no idea how long she
had been lying still, but when her eyes opened and she looked up, Greg
was standing at the foot of her bed and slowly jacking on his erect prick.
Mesmerised at the unexpected sight, Ashley slowly uncurled her body,
rolled onto her back and opened her legs wide. It was a clear invitation
for him to fuck her, and one he had no intention of refusing.

She was still feeling shaky and light headed, but Ashley desperately wanted the
feeling of her first real cock inside her. She knew that the Coke bottle and
Greg’s fingers had stretched her nicely and she could feel that her hole was
sopping wet. She was definitely ready and the young girl felt no fear as he
knelt between her legs and fed his cock into her cunt.

She was very tight inside her fuck tube, but Greg pushed hard and the girl moaned
and groaned loudly as she was penetrated fully. Placing his hands flat on the bed
beside her head, Greg took a deep breath and started to fuck his eleven year old

Ashley’s eyes were wide open and she was moaning continually as she was properly
fucked for the first time in her life. She raised her head up to look down over
her flat stomach and watch her Uncle’s cock slide in and out of her fuck hole.
The shaft was thickly covered with her girl cum and it was glistening wetly as
it fucked her hard and fast.

Although her last orgasm had receded, this new stimulation of her cunt was very
quickly bringing her back to fever pitch. She could feel the familiar rush begin
deep inside her cunt and she began to pant for air as the sensations intensified.

Although only eleven years old, Ashley had managed to cram a very varied
selection of things into her cunt during her young life. Some had felt
better than others and some were amazing. Her current favourite was the
Coke bottle that managed to stretch her open, go deep into her fuck tube
and also to stimulate her clit with the smooth glass swirls and bumps on
the surface. Up until a few moments ago, the preteen would have had no
hesitation in claiming that it was the best thing she had ever had inside
her cunt.

All that was now changed however and she couldn’t believe how much better it
felt to have a hot and hard cock sliding in and out of her fuck hole.
Everything about Greg’s prick was amazing and it seemed to be able to touch
and stroke the most sensitive parts of her young cunt all at the same time.
She was definitely going to explode soon and she closed her eyes and
concentrated on the intense sensations that were flowing out of her sex
and making her flesh tingle.

She was panting and moaning as the gorgeous feelings between her legs
intensified rapidly and her senses soared at the same time. The tingling
strengthened and escalated until her head was thrashing about on the bed.
Her moans and groans were getting louder and Greg felt a moment of panic
in case somebody would hear the preteen, but there was no way that he
would ever consider stopping. His cum was boiling and spitting inside his
balls and with only seconds before he climaxed, Ashley’s back arched up from
the bed and she convulsed wildly.

Greg gasped loudly as he came and the preteen bucked and writhed beneath
him with every squirt of his hot slime. Her cunt felt like it was milking
the cum right out of his balls and his eyes were closed as he savoured her
awesome body. A few seconds later, his cock thrusts slowed down, and a
creamy trickle oozed out of Ashley’s swamped cunt and bathed his balls in
their combined fuck sauce.

Pulling his prick gently out of her hole, he stared down at the erotic
sight of freshly fucked preteen cunt, before he collapsed onto the bed
beside her.

The eleven year old was breathing heavily as she recovered and her hand
rubbed over her soaking cunt that had just been fucked for the first time.
Greg watched her for a few moments and although he was enjoying the sight,
the reality of what he had done was beginning to overwhelm him and he
figured that the longer he spent in the preteens bed, the more chance
there was of getting caught.

Getting to his feet, he pulled on his clothes and turned for one last look at
the young girl before leaving the room. She smiled at him and then raised her
hand to her face. He could see that her fingers were soaked with a mixture of
girl cum and spunk, and she blew him a kiss before she started to lick her
fingers clean.

Greg went to the bathroom and washed his face in cold water. As he studied
his reflection in the mirror, there was a sinking feeling in the pit of his
stomach and he could only pray that Ashley would never tell her mother what
they had done. Despite the situation he was in, his cock was still rock hard
and if he thought he could have got away with it, he would have walked back
into the young girl’s bedroom and fucked her again.

As it was, he went into his sister’s bedroom and lay down on the bed to
recover, and to think!


When he came back downstairs to the living room, his sister was snoring softly
as she lay on the couch with the half empty Jack Daniels bottle on the floor
beside her empty glass. He hadn’t thought about Louise sexually for years,
but after fucking Ashley upstairs, he was still on a high and he studied her
sleeping form appreciatively.

Although she definitely drank too much, her body was tight and toned and she
had never been plain featured. He had to admit that she still looked good,
and his cock twitched inside his pants and began to stiffen.

The way she was laying, her skirt had partially ridden up her thighs and he
crossed the room and lifted up the front of her skirt. Louise had always
liked to wear skimpy panties, and it would seem that she still did. The string
thong had a small triangle of black material that just covered her cunt and
the waistband at the back of the garment consisted of nothing more that a
series of thin cords.

He dropped the hem of the skirt back onto her thighs and roughly nudged her
in the ribs as he said, “Bed time Louise.”

She moaned, but opened her eyes and then blinked rapidly for a few seconds
as her befuddled brain tried to remember where she was. With a sigh, she
heaved herself into a sitting position, before she looked up at her brother
and nodded her head. Rising to her feet, she walked unsteadily out of the
room and he heard her footsteps on the stairs.

While he sat down on the couch, Greg listened to the muffled sounds from his
sisters bedroom, and after a while, there was only silence. That was when he
went upstairs and went into Louise’s bedroom. He took his time to take off
his clothes and then slipped into the other side of the double bed. His sister
was sleeping on her side, facing away from him and he ran his hand over her
body as his prick stiffened. She was wearing some form of tee-shirt or
nightshirt that stopped above her waist and nothing else. That was perfect
for him and she moaned softly as he ran his fingers over her naked butt and
down her thighs.

Moving back to her butt, Greg squeezed her ass cheeks, making her moan a bit
louder, and then pushed his fingers into her ass crack. His fingers gently
rubbed over her tightly closed little asshole before moving around to her
cunt and stroked up and down her sex lips. After a few seconds, her hole
opened up to his touch and his stiffened finger slid easily into her hot
fuck tube.

Despite being drunk and still half asleep, Louise’s cunt juiced up very
quickly and he hunched closer, pushing the head of his cock towards the
hole that his fingers had opened. He lifted her top leg slightly and
swivelled his hips to push the tip inside her cunt, just as her eyes
opened up.

Looking over her shoulder, she slurred, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I didn’t want to sleep on the fucking couch any more,” he replied. “So
I thought we could share.”

“I suppose we can share,” Louise confirmed, “But that doesn’t mean that
you have to stick your cock into me.”

“Yes it does,” he replied as he moved his hips forward, and with one long
push, he slid up her fuck hole.

“You bastard,” she hissed as she was penetrated. “You fucking bastard!”

Greg could tell from the tone of her voice that she wanted this and his hand
snaked around to rub her clit as he pistoned his prick in and out of her cunt.

He brought his mouth to her ear and whispered, “Tell me to take it out slut.
Tell me to get my cock out of your cunt!”

Louise just moaned and groaned loudly and she opened her legs wider to give
her brother easier access to her fuck hole. Greg loved the way he was now in
complete control and he suddenly jerked his shaft out of her body, pulled his
fingers away form her clit and rolled onto his back.

“I guess you’ve changed sis and you really don’t like fucking any more,” he
said. “It’s probably best if I just go to sleep!”

The growl that erupted from Louise’s throat was like a big cat ready to attack,
and she slithered her body on top of her brother and reached down between her
legs to grasp his cock.

“Get it up me,” she hissed as she positioned it at the entrance to her cunt and
sank down on top of his hard shaft.

Throwing the bedcovers back, she pulled her nightshirt over her head as she
started to ride him like a horse, lifting her wet hole on and off his prick
as she raised her hands to cup and squeeze her tits. Her back was straight as
she sat on him, taking his prick fully into her cunt and she increased her speed,
slightly tilting her hips to drag her erect clit over the shaft.

Looking down into his face she snarled, “Don’t you dare cum up me until I get
myself off!”

Greg grinned up at his sister and revelled in the newfound power that he had
over her. He didn’t know whether it was the alcohol that was making her horny
or if it was just that she hadn’t been fucked for a long time, but he really
didn’t care. Relaxing back on the bed, he was content to let his sister do
all the work and because he had fucked her eleven year old daughter only a
couple of hours ago, he had no fears about cumming too soon.

Louise was moaning as she pulled and tugged at her nipples, dragging them out
from her body until it looked like her tits had a conical shape, and all the
time her cunt was bouncing up and down his shaft. His sister had always been
a juicy bitch, even when she was only ten year old, and it would appear that
she still was because he could hear her slime slurp and slosh inside her hole.
Her eyes were closed as she worked furiously towards the release she craved
so much and she was panting for breath.

After a few moments, her rhythm increased rapidly and he could hear her
hiss, “Nearly there! Nearly there!”

Her face had a thin film of sweat over her skin that reflected in the moonlight
coming through the window and Greg could tell that her body had a pink flush
to it. He looked down at where they were joined, just as his sister
gasped, “Fuck, I’m going to cum!”

She bounced her cunt faster and faster for about another five seconds before
she screamed loudly and rammed her fuck hole down on his prick and she
started to shudder. Seeing his sister orgasm wildly, Greg pulled her down
on top of his chest and rolled her onto her back with his cock still inside

Louise was still writhing in climax as Greg lifted her ankles onto his
shoulders and he began to pound her hard. Long and fast strokes of his shaft
held his sister in climax as he worked towards his own release and she
moaned and gasped every time the head of his prick slapped into her cervix.

She was panting for breath and her butt squirmed about on the bed as she was
fucked. All of her senses were concentrated on the glorious sensations
radiating out from her cunt, and she jerked wildly when she felt the first
powerful squirt of her brother’s hot slime spray inside her. Every spurt
made Louise jump and moan as she was filled with cum and she started to
shudder again and another small orgasm rushed through her flesh.

When his balls were empty, Greg rolled away from his sister and lay on
his back, panting for breath and staring up at the ceiling. He waited
for his sister to recover, but when she did, the alcohol on her system
simply made her turn onto her side, and within a few moments she was back


The next morning, Louise woke up with her normal hangover and a silent promise
to herself never to drink again. She rolled onto her back to find Greg lying
awake beside her and the events of last night rushed back to her. Just to
confirm, she pushed her hand between her legs and immediately felt the dried
juices and cum that had leaked out of her cunt during the night.

Turning her head to face him, she spat, “Bastard!”

Completely unperturbed by his sisters outburst, he grinned at her and
replied, “And good morning to you as well!”

“You fucked me!” she cried, as she tried to give him what she hoped was a
venomous stare.

Greg nodded his agreement and then said, “I did, but only after you had
fucked me! I take it you do remember sitting on top of me and riding my
cock until you came?”

Actually, she hadn’t remembered that at all, but now it was starting to come
back to her, although it was slightly fuzzy. She decided that it might be better
not to say anything else at the moment in case there was anything else that she
had forgotten, and when the silence had lasted long enough Greg said, “I
suppose I should get up now, but look what I woke up with.”

As he spoke, he lifted up the bedcovers and Louise automatically looked down
to see that his cock was fully erect.

As she stared at it, she heard him say, “What about a quick blow-job little
sis. You used to give great head!”

“Go to hell,” she muttered, although her eyes never left the stiff shaft.

“Awwww, go on Louise,” he replied, giving her head a slight push towards his
prick. “You give the best blow-jobs that I have ever had in my entire life.”

She didn’t reply to that, but when he pushed her head down again, she didn’t
resist. Another push and her face was only inches away from his cock and
her nose twitched as she smelt her own dried girl cum that still clung to
the surface.

When she reached out to grip the shaft in her hot hand and she flicked her tongue
over his piss hole, Greg sighed in satisfaction and he let the bedcovers fall
to cover his sisters head.

Lying back, with his head on the pillow and his hands clasped behind his head,
Greg watched the bedcovers rise and fall in time with his sisters bobbing head.
A few moments later and he knew that his sister had lost none of her skills and
he was experiencing the most delicious feelings, when the bedroom door burst open
and Elle walked straight inside as she said, “Mom, are you remembering……”

Her voice trailed off when she saw Greg, and a second later she noticed the
steady rise and fall of the bedcovers. She could easily tell what was happening
from the outline of the covers, but she felt she had to make sure as she
whispered, “Is she sucking your cock?”

He nodded his head as he replied, “Your mother has a great mouth and she really
knows how to use it.

Elle was dressed in her school uniform and she took a few steps closer to the
bed and tilted her head to the side because one edge of the bedcovers was
slightly raised. Seeing what she was doing, Greg lifted the edge up
slightly and Ellie could just see the top of her mother’s head, and Greg’s
hard cock that was shining with saliva.

Dropping the cover back down before Louise noticed what was happening, Greg
stretched out his arm and was just able to reach Elle’s bare leg. Running
his finger slowly up and down the inside of her leg, he asked, “What was it
you wanted?”

She looked at him before replying, and his fingers went just a little higher
until they were under her skirt. The fourteen-year-old girl didn’t attempt
to move out of his reach and his fingers went higher as she said, “I wanted
to remind her that Jessica was staying over tonight.”

By now, Greg’s fingers had reached Elle’s panties and his finger stroked over
the outline of her slit. He could feel his cum begin to froth inside his balls,
but he tried his best to ignore it as he increased the pressure of his finger
and Elle gasped softly.

The girl stared at him as he continued to touch her, and deep inside her
cunt, she could feel that she was juicing up. Turning her head to the side,
she watched the outline of her mothers head bob up and down, and the
thought of what she was doing to her own brother was really getting Elle

When she turned her gaze back to Greg, she was startled when he pulled his
hand away and said, “Let me see it!”

Any other time and a sentence like that might have needed some clarification
as to what “it” was, but Elle knew exactly what he was asking. She chewed on
her bottom lip nervously as the butterflies started in her stomach, but her
fuck hole wasn’t just juicing up any more. Now, it was wet!

Sliding her hands under her school skirt, she skimmed her panties down to her
knees, opened her legs as far as she could and lifted up the front of her skirt.
While Greg stared at the gorgeous sight of a fourteen-year-old cunt, Elle also
looked down and she blushed with embarrassment. Not because she was lewdly
displaying her cunt to her Uncle, but because she could see a wet line on the
inside of her pale blue school underwear that showed how aroused she was.

Greg’s eyes hadn’t reached the wet stain yet because they were riveted onto
the young girl’s fuck hole. He knew that Elle’s eleven year old sister had
a soft covering of pubic hair around her cunt and the only explanation for
Elle being completely hairless was that she must have shaved, and shaved
recently. When he reached out with his hand again, his touch confirmed that
she was baby smooth between her legs and she gasped loudly when he slid a
stiffened finger into her cunt.

The bedcovers around Louise’s ears prevented her hearing anything except
for the sound of her own breathing through her flared nostrils. She was
blissfully unaware of her daughter’s presence in the room and she sucked
and licked Greg’s shaft, and she could tell from the way his butt cheeks
were clenching, that he was nearly there.

He was well aware of that fact as well, but it wasn’t just the action of his
sister’s mouth that was getting him off, but also the way his fourteen year
old niece was letting him finger her cunt while she bucked her hips in

Sadly, he could tell that he didn’t have enough time to give Elle a cum
before he spurted himself, but he kept on fingering her fuck hole and her
hard clit until the very last second, when he stared at her and
hissed, “I’m going to cum!”

That spelt danger for the young girl and as her mother was drinking down the
spunk spurting into her throat. Elle had no option but to step back, pull up
her panties and bolt out of the room. Only seconds after the door had closed,
Louise threw back the bedcovers and wiped a small trickle of her brother’s
cum from the corner of her mouth with her finger. Slurping the sticky morsel
into her mouth, Greg said, “God, you’re a dirty bitch Louise, but you sure
know how to suck cock!”

The look she gave him was almost a smile as she got off the bed and into
the en-suite shower. As he watched her go, Greg sniffed the finger that
had been Elle’s fuck hole and despite having just cum, his cock twitched
when he slid the finger into his mouth.


Breakfast was a strangely quiet affair as they all sat around the table. Louise
didn’t appear to regret having her brother fucking her again because she
answered anything he said in a normal tone. He could also see from the
looks that Ashley was giving him that he wouldn’t have any trouble
getting back into her panties again, and that just left Elle. Despite
what had happened upstairs, he wasn’t quite sure if she would let him
fuck her or not, but he was determined to find out. Remembering how
horny she was, he idly wondered if she had brought herself off before she
came downstairs.

He had no chance of finding out however because as soon as breakfast
was finished, everybody was rushing about getting ready for work and

Ashley and Elle left first for their bus and about ten minutes later,
Louise picked up her handbag and car keys and looked at her brother
as she said, “I’ll see you later tonight!”

He nodded his agreement and Louise made to leave the living room, but
stopped in the doorway. After a few seconds where she remained motionless,
she seemed to make up her mind and she turned around and walked back to
her brother. Bending down, she kissed him on the lips and then the pressure
increased and her tongue was inside Greg’s mouth. He responded by reaching
up to cup her tit as his cock started to stiffen and he could hear a soft
moan that Louise breathed through her nose.

Breaking the kiss and standing up, she looked down at her brother, and at
the bulge forming in the front of his pants as she said huskily, “Tonight,
I want you to fuck my brains out!”

Without waiting on a reply, she threw him a smile and walked out of the room.


After clearing away the breakfast dishes, Greg had little to do, so he went
into Ashley’s bedroom and then Elle’s in search of their dirty panties. He
was slightly surprised that every one of Ashley’s worn panties were thickly
stained in the crotch with her girl juices. He figured that she must either
be permanently dripping wet, or she masturbated in her panties a few times
every day. His prick was rock hard inside his pants as he sniffed the
dirty underwear and the last pair that he picked up were still damp!

Once in Elle’s bedroom he found a few pairs of the teenager’s panties that still
smelled slightly of her cunt, but nothing like her younger sister. Snooping
around the fourteen year olds bedroom, Greg soon found the reason why. Hidden
in the back of her underwear drawer, Elle had stashed a pink coloured dildo
that was about eight inches long and as thick as his own shaft. Holding it
up, the sunlight streaming through the window reflected on the dried girl
cum that covered the plastic toy and Greg’s cock lurched when he saw that
some of the juice was still wet and sticky. Licking the dildo, he savoured
the wonderful flavour of teenage cunt and he didn’t replace the fuck toy
until it was completely clean.


Later that afternoon, he was relaxing on the couch when he heard the front door
slam open, followed by the sound of voices and feet. A few moments later and Elle
came into the room, followed by a tall and graceful girl with long, straight
blonde hair. Although the girl’s body was firm and enticing, Greg couldn’t help
but stare at her shouldering green eyes that were incredibly sensual.

“This is Jessica,” Elle explained and Greg jumped top his feet and held out his
hand to the teenager.

“I’m pleased to meet you Jessica,” he said, and after glancing down at the
wheeled suitcase she was dragging behind her added, “I guess you don’t believe in
travelling light. That’s quite some packing for just a sleepover.”

Jessica’s brow wrinkled in confusion at his remark and she turned to look
questioningly at her friend. Elle just laughed however as she said, “Jessica
will be staying for a few days.”

Greg nodded his head, wondering how his sister would react to that piece of
information, but Elle seemed to have thought it through as she said, “Mom was
pissed when she agreed for Jessica to sleepover. She won’t remember any of the

He wisely decided not to get himself involved in Elle’s scheme and he smiled at
Jessica as he said, “Let me take that heavy case upstairs for you.”

She readily agreed, and as Greg climbed the stairs, Elle and Jessica were right
behind him.

Once they reached Elle’s bedroom, Greg’s eyes darted over to the underwear
drawer that contained the pink dildo, and grinned as he remembered licking
the teenager’s juices from it. Placing the suitcase onto the floor, he watched
as the two fourteen year olds bounced onto Elle’s double bed and neither of
them seemed to care that he could see their panties as they sat crossed legged
on the bed.

Although Elle always left the top two buttons of her school blouse undone,
he couldn’t help but notice that both girls now that the top three buttons
open and that the cups of their white bras were clearly visible. He was
unsure it they were just teasing him, so he decided not to react and instead,
he looked at Jessica as he asked, “So, how come you’re staying here for a few

The question hung in the air as both girls looked at each other and it was
almost as if they were speaking telepathically. Their eyes moved, but never
left each others face, their tongues came out to wet dry lips and various
expressions that were difficult to read flashed across their faces before
Elle turned her gaze to Greg and said, “Jessica’s mother wants her out of the
house for a few days!”

There was no way that Greg could simply accept that statement without some
further explanation and he glanced over at Elle’s friend as he asked, “Why?”

Again, the two teenagers shared a look between them before Jessica took a
deep breath and replied, “Because my Mom caught me fucking my Dad!”

Greg’s mouth dropped open at that revelation and he simply stared at the
beautiful girl for a few seconds and he could swear that her astonishing
eyes were dragging him towards her. He could very easily imagine that the
fourteen-year-old girl would be impossible to resist, but the thought that
she would let her father do her made his brain hurt and his cock harden.

When he eventually found his voice again, he managed to croak, “You and your
Dad were fucking?”

Jessica shrugged her shoulders as she replied, “I was horny and wanted cock,
and we were alone in the house,” in a tone of voice that suggested that he
should understand.

It was clear from what she was saying that Jessica had made the move on her
father, so Greg couldn’t help but ask, “But didn’t your Dad say no. Didn’t
he send you to your room, or something?”

“He tried to,” Jessica admitted. “He was shouting and pacing about in the
room, but he stopped shouting when I took my panties off and showed him my

Elle giggled at that and added, “Yeah, it’s hard to shout and suck cunt at
the same time!”

It was obvious that Jessica had told her friend the whole story and probably
in graphic detail, and Greg looked from one teenager to the other and couldn’t
help glancing down at the little triangle of their school panties that was
visible as they sat on the bed. Giving himself a mental shake, he looked
back at Jessica and asked, “And that was when your Mom caught you?”

“God no,” Jessica laughed. “After he had licked me to a cum, my horny Father
stuck his cock up me and fucked my brains out before he shot his load of cum
into me.”

Greg’s prick was rock hard inside his pants by now and starting to feel
uncomfortable at the confinement. It didn’t help matters when Jessica
added, “After that, I sucked him hard and he fucked me again!”

Elle had a grin on her face as she informed her Uncle, “That was when her
Mother caught them!”

“Yeah,” Jessica agreed ruefully. “I was on my hands and knees and Dad had his
finger or his thumb up my asshole as he pounded his cock into me, and that
was when my fucking Mother came home!”

“Jesus!” Greg whispered as he sat down on the edge of the bed, and gently
eased his hard prick into a slightly more comfortable position.

This gave him a better view of the girl’s panties, but for once, he had
other things on his mind.

He was conscious that Jessica had got onto her knees and was shuffling to his
side. As she moved, Elle copied her example and shuffled to his other side.
With them being so close, he could smell their perfume and it filled his head
as Jessica whispered into his ear, “We were kind of hoping that we could keep
this between ourselves.”

“Yeah,” Elle agreed, whispering in his other ear, “I mean, Mom doesn’t need
to know about it, does she?”

It was as it the two girls were some kind of double act that when one finished
speaking, the other immediately started. As soon as Elle’s mouth
closed, “Jessica started, “It’s not really my fault Greg. It’s just that when
I get horny, I need to get a cock inside me.”

“So,” Elle said, “Do you think you could keep this a secret Greg? We’d be
ever so grateful!”

“Really grateful,” Jessica agreed, and then Ella continued, “And maybe you
would be able to help Jessica out.”

He wasn’t sure what Elle meant by that and as he turned his head slightly to
look at her, she explained, “Well if Jessica was horny and needed to be fucked,
maybe you could help her out with that and she wouldn’t have to go looking for
her Dad any more!”

His eyes widened and he could feel that his boxer shorts were now wet and
sticky with pre-cum, but Elle wasn’t finished yet and she
whispered, “Actually, Jessica is horny now Greg!”

She raised her hand up until her straightened index finger was under his
nose as she finished, “That’s her cunt you’re smelling!”

The heady aroma entered his nostrils and he moaned softly as the scent of
aroused cunt travelled straight into the pleasure centre of his brain. He
thought about pushing out his tongue to touch the finger, but Elle moved
it away and Jessica quickly replaced it with her own index finger.

“And that’s Elle’s cunt you can smell now Greg, but I guess you’ve smelt
that before, haven’t you?”

He vividly remembered fingering the fourteen year old earlier this morning
and it was obvious that Elle had told her friend all about it. Moving her
finger slightly closer to his lips, Jessica gently bit down on her bottom
lip as she watched Greg’s tongue start to lick the finger.

Elle’s cunt tingled from just knowing that Greg was tasting her cunt juice
and she dropped her hand into his lap and squeezed the hard bulge. He jumped
slightly at her first touch and then moaned softly as her fingers applied
just the right amount of pressure. After kneading his shaft for a few seconds,
the teenager moved her fingers up to unfasten his belt and pop open the
fastener on the waistband of his pants.

He had just about finished licking Jessica’s finger when Elle said, “Lie down.”

She could see that there was no way she was going to pull down the zipper in his
pants while he was sitting and he eased himself back and then squirmed up the
bed until he was comfortable. Both girls remained on their knees and Elle
pulled down the zipper. Working together, Jessica pulled the waistband of his
boxer shorts away from his skin while Elle reached inside and her hot hand
curled around this prick. A few seconds later and his pants and boxer shorts
were lying in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Greg was happy to lie back and let the two teenage girls set the pace. After
jacking his cock for no more than a couple of seconds, Elle released her hold
and she and Jessica slipped off his shoes, followed by his pants and his
underwear. Now naked from the waist down, Greg could see his prick standing
proud and pointing straight towards the ceiling as he waited to see what would
happen next.

He didn’t have to wait long because both girls hopped off the bed and started
to take off their clothes. As they unbuttoned their blouses and pulled the
garment out of their school skirt, the movements was so alike that it looked
like a carefully choreographed dance. After the blouses were on the floor,
their skirts quickly followed and then their shoes were kicked off.

They both pirouetted around, dressed in just their bras and panties and although
there was a slight hint of wetness in the crotch of Elle’s panties, Jessica’s
underwear had a large wet stain. The bra’s they wore weren’t necessary for
support because their tits were still growing and remarkably similar in size.
Somewhere around the size of a tennis ball, he held his breath when they both
reached around their backs and unfastened the clips. Once they had exposed
their tits to him, he could see that although roughly the same size, they
weren’t the same shape. Jessica’s tits were round and full, with light coloured
areolas and hard pink nipples. Elle’s on the other hand were conical shaped
with puffy nipples that jutted straight out from her body and were rock hard.

The sight of two fourteen-year-old girls wearing nothing but their school
panties was obviously highly arousing, but what he actually wanted to see
was what was still hidden inside their underwear!

The two teenagers grinned at each other, and with a slight nod of their
heads, the both skimmed their panties over their butts and let them drop
to their ankles.

Greg’s mouth dried up immediately at the erotic sight and he had to lick
his lips. Elle and Jessica were both shaved between their legs and while Elle’s
cunt was a deep slit between her legs, Jessica’s cunt lips were slightly longer
and shining with her sticky juices. They both opened their legs and as Elle ran
a finger through her slit, she asked, “You like what you see Greg? Do you like
our hot little teenage cunts?”

He swallowed hard, and then again, before he was able to croak, “You look awesome
girls. Fucking awesome!”

As he was speaking, Elle slipped a stiffened finger into her cunt and while she
started to masturbate, Jessica did exactly the same. Greg groaned loudly at the
sight and he clenched his butt cheeks tightly together and gritted his teeth as
his prick lurched and for a frightening moment, he thought that he was about to
spurt his load. He managed to pant his cum away, but it had been a very close
thing and his eyes closed for a couple of seconds until he had recovered.

He felt the girls get onto the bed beside him and once his eyes had opened
again, it was to see Elle straddle his lap and squat down. Her cunt was open
and drooling with her arousal as she gripped his shaft and positioned it at
the entrance of her fuck hole. Staring straight into his face, the fourteen
took her hand away as she sank onto his shaft and she sighed deeply as she
took him fully into her body. Only when she was sitting right down on his
lap with his pubic hair mashed into her crotch did Jessica throw a leg
across his face and lower her cunt onto his mouth.

Greg was in pure heaven with one hot cunt dripping its juices in his mouth
and an equally hot hole bouncing up and down his cock. The only thing that
marred the situation was that he was so horny that he knew he wouldn’t
be able to last very long.

He tried to grit his teeth and to keep on licking Jessica’s teenage slit at
the same time, but that was never going to work. He had just about resigned
himself to spraying his load into Elle’s cunt within the next few seconds
and he was praying that he could get hard again so he could do Jessica, when
his niece lifted her fuck hole off of his cock. A second later and Jessica
rose smoothly to her feet and he was able to pant away his impending cum. The
teenagers were grinning at each other as they shifted position, and Greg
realised that they were trading off on him.

Elle straddled his face and squatted down so that he had a wonderful view of her
swollen cunt and her tightly closed little asshole, but she kept her sex raised up
from his mouth to let him watch Jessica sit on his lap and take his prick all the
way up her fuck tube.

As Elle then lowered her cunt onto his mouth, it occurred to him that the two
fourteen year olds were anything but inexperienced and that they knew exactly
what they were doing!

For the next ten minutes, both girls changed places about every thirty seconds,
bringing his aching balls close to spurting, but always lifting their tight cunts
away from his prick just before he was able to cum. By now, he was desperate to
shoot his load, and his face and his hard shaft were both running with cunt juice.

He groaned in frustration when both girls again stood up and made to change
around again. When Jessica sank her hole onto his cock however, Elle lay down
beside him and whispered in his ear, “Poor Uncle Greg, do you need to cum?

Before he could answer, she continued, “Do it now Greg. Spray your hot slime
into Jessica’s hot little cunt, so I can lick all of your cum out of her!”

He was very close to his climax and having a fourteen year old girl whisper
the most obscene and dirty things into his ear wasn’t helping. Even although
he wanted to cum, he also wanted the awesome sensation in his balls to
continue and he gritted his teeth as the tendons in his neck stood out like
knotted rope.

She could see the effect she was having on her Uncle and Elle lewdly raised
one leg high in the air to finger her dripping fuck tube as she listened to
the rhythmical slapping of her friends soaking crotch slapping down onto the
base of Greg’s cock.

Masturbating furiously, Elle hissed, “Cum up her Greg. Dump your fucking load
up her cunt!”

That was the final straw, and Greg groaned loudly as his slime rocketed up his
piss tube and he watched Jessica shudder as his spunk sprayed against her cervix

Elle watched her friend shudder as well and she jumped up onto her knees. As
soon as Greg’s balls were empty, she pushed Jessica back onto the bed,
dragging the prick out of her cunt, and glued her mouth over the girl’s fuck

Although the erotic sight would normally have been enough to rivet Gregg’s
eyes onto the scene, he was so exhausted and drained that he hauled his body off
of the bed, picked up his clothes and staggered downstairs.


Greg went into the living room and sat down heavily in an armchair. His brain
was swirling with the images of Elle’s and Jessica’s firm bodies and of what he
imagined was happening upstairs.

His orgasm had been so powerful that it had drained him completely and he had
been glad to escape out of the bedroom. The way a body could recover was an
amazing thing however and after sitting for just about ten minutes, his prick
began to stiffen again as he thought about the two fourteen year old girls
rolling about in a sixty-nine position and sucking out each other’s juicy cunts.

He smiled to himself and had made up his mind that he was ready for some
more action when he heard the front door open. Groaning in frustration, he
tried not to let it show on his face when he recognised his sister’s deep
sigh as she closed the door behind her.

When Louise came into the living room, she looked exhausted and she threw
her briefcase onto the floor as she lamented, “What a fucking day. Thank God
it’s Friday.

She helped herself to a glass of Jack Daniels from the cabinet and then lifted
the bottle as she raised her eyes in a silent question to see if he would join
her. Greg had always preferred Vodka, so he shook his head, and as Louise crossed
the room to her brother, he could see that although she looked tired, her eyes
were sparkling. Without saying a word, she gulped down half of her drink in a
single swallow, and then pushed her hand into the waistband of his pants. She
laughed when he jumped slightly, but that didn’t stop her fingers closing over
his soft prick, that began to harden as she squeezed and kneaded it.

Greg would normally have been quite happy to have his sister’s hand on his cock,
but he was worried because he hadn’t washed since fucking Elle and Jessica
upstairs and he figured that Louise’s hand would soon smell of teenage cunt.

As she felt his shaft stiffen, she looked into his face as she asked, “Do you
remember the last time you fucked me up the ass?”

In truth, he didn’t recall, but Louise wasn’t waiting on a reply anyway, and she
continued, “It was just before I got married and I came home from my bachelorette
party really drunk. I was sprawled on my bed wondering why the room was spinning
around and then you came in, lifted up my skirt, pulled down my panties and stuck
your cock up my ass!”

That rang a bell with him and he grinned as he replied, “You know why I fucked
your asshole, don’t you?”

There was a little smile on his sister’s face, because she clearly did remember, but
he told her anyway as he said, “It was because you had so much spunk running out
of your cunt that your panties were soaking. There was no way I was going to
stick my cock in there!”

Louise giggled as she accepted what her brother had said, and now that she could
feel that his prick was fully erect she said, “I want you to fuck me up the ass
again tonight and spray your load into my shit hole. My bastard of a husband
wouldn’t do me in the ass because he thought it was dirty and I haven’t been
ass fucked in years.”

Thankfully, Louise didn’t smell her hand when she pulled it out of his pants, and
she went into the kitchen to wash here hands before she started to prepare dinner.


Greg tried not to think about what was happening upstairs as he crossed to the
unit and helped himself to a good three fingers of Vodka. It was a bit early for
him to start drinking and he knew that it would go straight to his head as he
had an empty stomach, but he needed to do something to try and soften his cock.

He gulped down half the glass as he sat back down in the armchair and then sighed
deeply at the new familiar sound of the front door opening and closing. That could
mean only one thing, Ashley was home!

The eleven year old went through the house like a whirlwind, throwing her
schoolbag onto the floor, racing into the kitchen to greet her mother and then
came bouncing into the living room.

“Hi Greg,” she said brightly as she crossed to the chair and bend down to kiss
him. This was nothing like an Uncle/Niece kiss however, because Ashley’s mouth
was open and she pushed her tongue into Greg’s throat as she reached down to
squeeze his crotch. Finding his prick was already hard, she giggled as she
broke the kiss and then smiled at him seductively as she went out of the room
and he heard her run upstairs.

“Jesus!” he whispered to himself, “What the fuck am I getting into here?”

While he pondered that thought, he raised his glass to his lips and swallowed
the rest of his drink. His cock was still hard and he was still horny, so he
got up to pour himself another Vodka, and had swallowed half of it before he
sat back down and adjusted his crotch to make some more room for his hard shaft.

At that moment, Ashley skipped back into the living room, after what must
have been the quickest clothes change in history, and instead of her drab
school uniform, she was now wearing a tee-shirt that looked to be about two
sizes too small for her. Although she had very small tits, just about the
size of tangerines, the tee-shirt was so tight that it moulded itself to
every curve and her nipples were rock hard and clearly outlined beneath
the thin material. Her mini skirt was black with small pleats all around
it and Ashley’s mother would have had a fit if she had seen how her youngest
daughter was flaunting herself in front of her brother.

Ashley however, had no such inhibitions, and she stood in front of Greg and lifted
up the front of her skirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties. The
eleven year old had taken no more than five minutes to race upstairs to her bedroom,
change her clothes and come back down to the living room. She had no time to
masturbate, so the fact that her preteen cunt was swollen with lust and her
crotch was sticky with her juices meant that she had been playing with herself
on the way home in the school bus.

As she showed her wet slit to her Uncle, she whispered, so that her mother wouldn’t
hear, “You want to fuck me again Greg? You want to stick your cock up me again?”

Despite her inexperience, the young girl could see the lust written all over
Greg’s face, and she spun around until her back was towards him and she could
look straight at the living room door and make sure that her mother wasn’t
about. That wasn’t her main reason for adopting that position however, and
the eleven year old lifted up the back of her skirt, gripped her ass cheeks
with both hands and savagely pulled them open.

Her preteen cunt gaped wide and she was pulling so hard that ever her
little asshole opened slightly. It was one of the most erotic things
Greg had ever seen and his cock lurched inside his pants as he forced
himself to resist the urge to pull her back onto his lap and bury his
prick up her sticky fuck hole.

The Vodka had done nothing to cool his arousal, and neither had Ashley’s lewd
behaviour, and as he stared at the little girl’s open cunt, he groaned, “Oh

Laughing quietly as she looked over her shoulders, Ashley moved one hand until
her index finger slid into her hole. She wriggled it about, and then
straightened up as she pulled it free. Locking her eyes onto Greg’s face,
she pushed the sticky finger into her mouth, making her Uncle groan loudly.

Ashley giggled and walked back upstairs, and Greg followed her like a
little lapdog, with the huge bulge in the front of his pants pointing
straight at the child’s fuck hole that was now hidden beneath her short

They had to pass Elle’s bedroom to get to Ashley’s, and although the door
was firmly closed, Greg couldn’t help but imagine what was going on inside
the room. Those thoughts only served to make his prick harder and the eleven
year olds fingers went straight to the bulge as soon as she had shut her
bedroom door behind her.

Greg was really horny again and when Ashley dropped to her knees in front
of him, he knew that was exactly what he wanted. Greg opened the waistband
of his pants and pushed them down to his ankles, together with his underwear.
When his hard cock sprang clear, Ashley immediately reached out for it, but
he roughly knocked her hands away and placed his hand on the back of her head
and pulling her forward. It was only when he was pushing the head of his
prick between her lips that he remembered that it was still covered with
dried girl cum, but he shrugged his shoulders and slid it into her throat.

Ashley’s taste buds told her immediately that Greg’s cock tasted different
to the last time she had sucked it, but the taste wasn’t bad, and she was
so aroused that she happily licked and sucked it clean.

He gritted his teeth as he fucked her throat like a cunt and the saliva was
pouring out of Ashley’s mouth as she sucked and slobbered over the shaft. She
was also gagging and spitting at the same time, but she never even thought
about pushing him away or trying to escape.

He could feel the spunk start to boil inside his balls and he kept on face fucking
her for another few seconds before he jerked his shaft free. It had been a close
thing and he was breathing heavily as he panted away his cum, and looked down at
the eleven year old girl on her knees in front of him.

Reaching down, he gripped her upper arm to haul her to her feet and noted at the
same time that the short skirt she was wearing had an elasticated waist. Tugging
it down to her ankles, Ashley was now naked below the waist and she stepped out
of the skirt as he led her over to the bed and pushed her down. She pushed very
easily and flopped onto her back with her legs open and wantonly displaying her
sticky and swollen cunt to his gaze. Greg pushed the front of her tight tee-shirt
up to her neck so he could see her budding tits and hard little nipples, before
taking hold of both of her legs behind her knees.

Ashley only cared about one thing, and that was getting fucked by a real cock. That
was why she didn’t mind when he pushed her legs back until her knees were around her
ears and her cunt slit was pulled high in the air.

Crawling forwards, Greg looked down at the preteen and hissed, “Put it in!”

She reached up to take hold of his rock hard cock and eagerly positioned the tip at
the entrance of her fuck hole. Rubbing it up and down her slit a couple of times,
she then held it steady and her eyes shone with lust as he pushed about two inches
into her hole.

She was much tighter than when he had fucked her last night because she hadn’t
been stretching her hole with the coke bottle, but Greg was in no mood to be
gentle and he rammed his shaft deep inside her body. Ashley screwed her eyes
closed and her expression reflected the pain she was experiencing and he
grinned at her plight as he started to fuck her.

He was gripping her ankles and pushing then hard against the bed as his prick
pistoned in and out of her cunt. In the position she was in with her body
virtually folded in half and her crotch pulled high off of the bed, Greg
was able to penetrate her fully and every inward thrust he made jabbed the
head of his shaft hard against her cervix and his balls slapped loudly
against her little asshole.

Now that she was fully stretched, the pains were fading fast and the eleven
year olds hips began rocking back and forwards and encouraging him to do her
faster. Despite the roughness of the fuck, Greg’s cock was dragging over the
preteen’s burning clit and Ashley could feel the familiar buzz and tingling
feeling intensify between her legs.

This was exactly what the eleven year old girl craved and she held her breath
as the fuzzy sensations radiated out from her crotch to take in her entire
body. Both her toes and her hands were curled into tight fists as she was
pounded and she knew that she was very close.

Even in this situation where her body was folded in half and she was about
to orgasm, her mind made a clear decision for her to stop masturbating so
much, and to get a lot more cock inside her.

Ashley was moaning continually as the tingling intensified to an almost
unbearable level, and then her body became rigid and her eyes almost bulged
out of their sockets. That condition only lasted for a few seconds and
then she had to take a huge intake of breath as she began to writhe on the
bed, out of her mind with the ecstasy her orgasm produced. Her toes clawed
the air and her eyes rolled back into her head as the spasms shot through
her body like electric jolts and completely forgetting where she was, she
opened her mouth to scream.

At the last second, Greg realised what she about to do and he had to let go
of one of her ankles and clamp his hand over her mouth until her cries had
subsided. She was still deep on climax, but as she wasn’t making loud noises
anymore he concentrated on his own release.

Greg’s teeth were clenched so hard that his entire face ached, but his cock
was still pounding the shuddering eleven year old as hard as he could. His
spunk was burning and bubbling inside his balls and only his willpower was
holding it back. That could only last so long however and he soon had to
surrender to the inevitable.

Throwing his head back until he was staring at the ceiling, he gave a
strangulated cry as he sprayed his thick cum into the preteen’s clenching
cunt. Spurt after spurt of his hot slime splattered into Ashley’s fuck
tube and her spasming muscles rippled along the full length of his shaft,
milking every last drop out of him.

When his balls were empty, Greg slowly straightened up and as he panted heavily,
he released his hold on Ashley’s ankles and let her body unfold. The young girl
was almost unconscious and she only moaned softly as her shuddering body relaxed
on the bed with her legs still apart. Looking down at her, Greg smiled at the
sight of her preteen cunt that was still open to about the size of a golf ball
and he could see the thick clumps of his cum lodged high up in her open tube.

He walked to the bedroom door after pulling his clothes back on and when he glanced
back to the bed, Ashley’s eyes were open and looking straight into his face, but
she made no move to close her legs and a thin trickle of cum was beginning to
ooze out of her cunt. Smiling at his handiwork, Greg left the bedroom and went
back downstairs.


Dinner that evening was a more subdued affair, mainly because Jessica was
sitting at the table with them. That didn’t stop Louise drinking however
and Greg didn’t know how many glasses of Jack Daniels his sister had
consumed while preparing the food, but she had now started on the wine.

With five people sitting around the small dining table instead of the more
normal four, everybody was a bit closer to each other and Greg’s face showed
his surprise when he felt a hand rest on his crotch and gently massage his
cock. Thankfully, no one else noticed his expression and he glanced over at
his sister who was sitting beside him. Louise had a fork in her hand picking
at the food on her plate and her other hand was wrapped protectively around
her half full glass of wine.

That effectively ruled her out and he looked at Elle who was sitting on his
other side. He found the fourteen year old smiling seductively and she licked
her lips suggestively and squeezed his thickening prick hard.

He had to stifle a groan, and he looked guiltily around the table. Ashley and
Louise were concentrating on their food, but he could see that Jessica was
watching her friend fondle his cock inside his pants and Greg sighed in
resignation. He would just have to accept that he now had four women to satisfy,
and he was already exhausted.

He had fucked Elle, cum up Jessica’s cunt, cum in Ashley’s cunt and was expected
to ass fuck his sister in a few hours. The last thing he needed now was a
fourteen year olds hand stimulating his cock and throwing off all kinds of
signals that she wanted him inside her again!

There was only one course of action open to him. He gently eased Elle’s hand
away, before standing up and announcing that he was going out for a few drinks.


It was about eleven o’clock when he returned to the house. All of the lights
were out, except for his sister’s bedroom, and he climbed the stair knowing that
she would be waiting on him.

She was sitting up in bed reading a magazine and she smiled at him and watched
while he took off his clothes. His prick was semi-erect as he pulled back the
covers and climbed into bed beside her, and that was when he realised that
Louise was naked beneath the covers, and that the magazine she was reading
was a porno.

He left the covers pulled back and watched his sister’s fingers gently slide
up and down her slit as she said, “Do you still like porn as much as you used
to Greg? I seem to remember that you were always jerking off to some of Dad’s
hardcore stuff!”

“I didn’t get much chance to jerk off after you discovered that you could
do something more with your cunt than just piss through it,” he replied
with a chuckle.

He leaned closer to look at the magazine she was reading and the photographs
on both pages were of a young Asian girl with jet black hair who was taking
a cock in her cunt and another up her asshole at the same time.

She let him look at the images as she said, “I didn’t discover what to use
my cunt for. It was you who pulled down my panties and stuck your cock up

“I don’t remember you struggling much,” he mused, as he pushed his hand
between her legs.

“I didn’t,” Louise confirmed as she dropped the magazine, opened her
legs and pulled his mouth down onto hers.

Her tongue snaked into his mouth and she gave a soft moan as her brother’s
finger slid up her wet cunt. He fingered her for a few moments and they
both rolled onto their sides and into a more comfortable position. Their
saliva mixed in their mouths and Greg pulled his finger out and raised
his hand to cup her tit.

Louise could feel her hard nipple getting wet as her brother spread the cunt
slime that was on his finger all over it. He gripped and twisted the hard teat,
making his sister moan into his mouth and she threw her top leg over his body
and humped her cunt against his hip bone.

Lifting his sister’s tit up to his mouth, Greg sucked the nipple inside, and
as he teased it with his teeth, he could feel the wet slime trails that Louise’s
wet cunt was leaving on his skin. He could also feel the heat radiate out of
her aroused fuck hole and he twisted his body to roll her onto her back.
Louise moaned softly in disappointment that she wasn’t able to stimulate
herself any longer, but a second later she felt Greg’s hand slide between her
legs and her back arched up from the bed when two stiffened fingers went
into her hole.

“Yes, oh God yes,” she cried as he started to finger fuck her
furiously. “Finger me hard you bastard and make me cum!”

She bucked her cunt against his fingers, driving them as deep as possible into
her fuck tube, and her brother could feel the hot fuck sauce on his skin. He
could also tell that Louise was getting close because of the flushed look to
her skin and from the way that her cunt was gripping and pulling at his fingers.

“Like that,” she cried. “Oh fuck, just like that. Get me off you bastard.”

His fingers were curled to rub against the roof of her fuck hole and now moving
so fast that they were little more than a blur. It therefore came as no
surprise to him when his sister hissed, “I’m going to cum. Shit, SHIT I’M

She convulsed wildly, her cunt clenching his fingers tightly and holding
them inside her hole. She jerked and writhed on the bed, moaning and
gasping for breath as her head thrashed from side to side.

Pulling his fingers out of her cunt, Greg sat back for a few seconds and
watched his sister orgasm. In their teenage days, Louise had always
shuddered wildly when she came, and it would appear that the passing
of the years hadn’t changed anything. He wasn’t content to let her
recover however and she was still convulsing as he rolled her onto
her stomach and pulled her butt into the air.

His sister had the sense to get her knees beneath her and she cried out
when Greg bent his head forward and started to lick her sensitive asshole.
His tongue swirled around the little hole, pressing the tip right on the
centre as his fingers darted between her open legs and rubbed at her
throbbing clit. Her last climax hadn’t fully receded yet and the stimulation
of her hard pleasure bud quickly had her panting as the familiar rush began
all over again.

Louise moaned continually as her forehead dropped onto the bedcovers and
her butt pushed back at her brothers probing tongue. Summoning all of the
concentration she could, Louise relaxed her anal muscles and kept them as
slack as possible. A few moments later and she sighed loudly as her
brothers stiff tongue wormed its way inside her bowels.

“Yes,” she hissed softly, as she was penetrated. “Lick my asshole Greg. Lick
it just like you used to do baby.”

She loved the sensation of her brother’s tongue inside her greasy back hole, and
as she looked underneath her body, she could see that Greg’s cock was rock hard.
She shivered and licked her lips at the thought of that shaft stretching her
shit tube open and she suddenly realised that she was about to cum again.

Greg’s hand and fingers were slick with his sister’s cunt juices and he was
rubbing hard and fast on her hard clit when her head snapped up and she
shouted her orgasm. As her fuck hole went into spasm, her asshole automatically
clamped down on the tongue inside and seemed to drag it deeper into her body.

Ashley’s bedroom was next to her mothers and the eleven year old girl had
been lying awake in her bed. There was a delicious ache still in her pubic
bone after the pounding she had taken from Greg’s cock and although she had
fingered herself to another cum just before she had turned out the light,
she was finding it hard to fall asleep because of all the horny thoughts
flashing through her mind.

In the quietness of the house, she had clearly heard her mother’s cry and the
preteen was fully aware that Greg was now sleeping in her mother’s bed. There
didn’t seem to be much sleeping going on however because the young girl easily
recognised her mother’s shout as one of pleasure. Getting out of bed, she
pulled a long tee-shirt over her naked body and quietly padded out into the hall.

While Louise climaxed, Greg replaced his tongue with his finger, and now he could
feel how incredibly buttery, soft and hot his sister’s back hole was. He fingered
her for a few seconds and grinned when he heard her gasp as he added a second

It was obvious that it had been a while since she had been ass fucked because
her shit tube was tighter than he remembered it. Back in their teenage years,
Louise had loved the feeling of his prick deep inside her bowels and he had
been able to loosen up her asshole easily. Now, he had to work at it, but
gradually her muscles were relaxing properly and his two stiffened fingers
were sliding more easily in and out of her ass.

Louise could feel the change as well and although she was still breathing hard
from her cum, she was more than ready to be fucked. Raising her ass higher and
pushing it back onto his fingers, Greg got her silent message loud and clear
and he pulled his fingers free and shuffled forwards.

Louise closed her eyes and concentrated hard on keeping her asshole relaxed,
but Greg wasn’t quite ready yet. Instead of pushing his cock into his sister’s
asshole, he lined it up with her sopping cunt and with a single thrust, he sank
into her wet tube all the way to his balls.

As surprised as she was, Louise still groaned loudly in pleasure as her hole
stretched open and she felt her brother’s hands move around her body to grip
her hanging tits. The rubbery nipples were rock hard and she squealed in
delight as he twisted and squeezed them.

Her cunt was hot and tight around his cock, but she was also very wet, and when
he started to fuck her, the most obscene sloshing and slurping noises accompanied
his thrusts. The sounds thrilled the horny woman and added to her excitement.
She wanted her brother to hear that she was in heat. She wanted him to know
that she was soaking wet and ready to take his hot cock in whatever hole he

“Fuck me Greg,” she snarled, humping her cunt back at his cock. “Fuck your
horny little sister’s brains out!”

Ashley was standing outside her mother’s bedroom door, and the sounds coming
from inside the room were unmistakable. The eleven year old slid two
stiffened fingers deep into her cunt tube as she listened to her mother
getting fucked, and a pang of envy flashed through her brain as she wished
Greg’s prick was inside her preteen cunt, and not her mother’s hole.

Despite the jealousy, Ashley couldn’t help but vividly recall the brutal
fucking she had taken only a few hours ago and although her crotch still
ached from the pounding, the pain was exquisite and only served to make her
more aroused.

She wasn’t the only one who was feeling aroused because her mother was wildly
humping backwards, her nipples on fire with delicious pain as her brother
pinched them tightly with his fingers. Greg’s hands were kneading her
hanging tits, squeezing them roughly as he pounded in and out of her cunt
and she could feel another orgasm growing inside her body while his balls
swung up and slapped against her clit with every inward stroke. Still
hypersensitive from her previous orgasm, her cunt was pulsing uncontrollably
and was very close to sending her into another fierce orgasm.

Releasing hold of her tits, Greg straightened his back and took hold of her hips
as he began fucking her harder and faster. As he looked down, he could see his
sister’s asshole winking at him as he thrust and the winking turned into sharp
spasms as she cried out in orgasm.

Louise shuddered and shook under the assault from Greg’s hard prick and she
gasped when he moved his hand and pushed his finger deep into her shit tube.
He could feel his cock on the other side of the thin membrane that separated
them and he started to rotate his finger in small circles to loosen her up
again. Her back hole was still spasming slightly around his finger, but her
cunt was doing exactly the same thing to his cock and he could feel his
spunk beginning to froth inside his balls. He was well aware that Louise
wanted his prick in her ass, so he jerked it out of her cunt and was happy
to let his impending climax fade away.

Louise was recovering from her cum and as he senses returned, she could feel
that her cunt was now empty and that her asshole wasn’t. Her butt rocked back
and forth on her brother’s finger, and rocked faster when he added a second.
She knew that she was about to get ass fucked and she shivered in anticipation
when the fingers were removed and she could feel Greg change position on the
bed behind her.

A few seconds later, she experienced the wonderful sensation of having a hard cock
touch her loosened asshole, and she swivelled her head to look over her shoulder
at him as she growled, “Bury it!”

Louise’s shit hole was greasy and still tight, but Greg’s cock was thickly
coated with his sister’s girl cum and that provided all the lubrication that
he needed. He pushed slowly forward and Louise’s asshole was pushed into her
body as she gasped and panted for breath. This was always the worst part of
an ass fuck for her, and she was very out of practice.

The more he pushed, the deeper her back hole was forced into her flesh and the
worse the pain became. Her eyes were screwed shut and them the resistance of her
anal muscle vanished and Greg’s prick popped into her bowels.

He groaned loudly, and she gasped in relief at exactly the same time when she
was penetrated and as all of the pains faded away, she eagerly pushed back and
took his shaft deep into her asshole. When he was fully inside her, Greg
paused and they both took the time to enjoy the different feelings they were

For Greg, it was the incredible heat and tightness of his sister’s bowels and
even although he had tried to loosen her up, deep inside she was like a vice.
Louise on the other hand felt a lovely burning feeling that she remembered so
well from her teenage years and also felt like she was completely filled. A
cock always felt bigger inside her asshole than it did in her cunt, and she
sighed happily and waited for her brother to fuck her.

Greg started slowly, pulling his shaft back and then pushing it back in
again. He made sure not to take it completely out of his sister’s shit tube,
and also to force it fully up her ass on the inward stroke. Gradually
speeding up his thrusts, he began to fuck her properly and Louise raised her
head up and snarled her pleasure.

Ashley was sliding her fingers in and out of her fuck hole with the same
rhythm as Greg’s thrusting cock that she could hear through the closed door
of her mother’s bedroom. She could feel that she would cum shortly, but
suddenly the rhythmical slapping stopped! A few moments later however, she
clearly herd Louise cry, “Fuck my asshole hard, you bastard. Fuck it deep
and spray your fucking cum into my shit tube!”

The thought of her mother taking it up the ass was simply awesome and as
the images of it filled her head, Ashley took her fingers out of her dripping
cunt and slid them between her butt cheeks. She didn’t normally use her
asshole in her sex play, but her fingers seemed to be drawn to her back hole
like a magnet and a little moan escaped her lips as she ran the tip of her
finger gently around her puckered asshole, and then wormed it inside. The
preteen was so horny, that not even the disgusting thought of touching her own
poop could stop her finger fucking her shit hole.

The young girl felt slutty and perverted at fingering her own asshole, but it
was producing the most amazing sensations inside her body and she moved her
other hand onto her cunt and rubbed at her hard clit.

Louise began to buck back against him, her cunt dripping with her arousal as
she slammed her tight asshole back onto her brother’s hard prick. She
squealed with pleasure as she was buggered and silently cursed her whimp
of a former husband for not treating her properly. She was grateful that
her brother knew what she liked and she cried out when a fast hard thrust
almost knocked the wind out of her and made her tighten down on him even
more with her buttery back hole.

They both groaned and panted as her shit tube rippled up and down his
thrusting shaft, and while her fingers rubbed furiously over her throbbing
clit, Louise suddenly screamed and her body convulsed uncontrollably.
Paying no attention to what his sister was experiencing, Greg thrust in
and out of her sticky asshole, and although her insides burned and
cramped, the sensation just lifted her cum higher. Wailing loudly,
Louise kept on rubbing her clit as she rode her brother’s prick like
a bucking bronco, and just outside the bedroom door, her eleven year
old daughter was rubbing her burning pleasure bud just as hard and
her hand was covered with her thick girl cum.

Greg was pounding his sisters shit hole as fast and as deep as he could
as he worked towards his own release. Her spasming cunt and clenching
asshole were milking his cock and the action seemed to be pulling his
spunk out of his balls.

Clamping down as hard as he could with his muscles, and gritting his teeth
until the tendons in his neck stood out like knotted rope, Greg managed to
stave off his cum for a few moments, but then he raised his face up to the
ceiling and grunted as he rammed his cock fully up Louise’s asshole and
sprayed his load into her bowels.

Ashley’s heart raced as she listened to her mother’s cum and her fingers worked
faster on her clit and in her asshole. She knew that she was close, and the
intensity of the tingling sensation between her legs was almost unbearable.
Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, she gasped as she climaxed,
and she had to lean against the wall as she shuddered and thick girl cum ran
out of her body and coated her hand.

While Louise and Greg had collapsed side by side on the bed with their chests
heaving, Ashley eventually opened her eyes, straightened up, and walked unsteadily
back to her bedroom. When she pulled the tee-shirt off and looked at her reflection
in the mirror, her cunt mound was red and swollen with her arousal and the inside
of her thighs were covered with cunt juice that reflected in the moonlight coming
through her window. Her nipples were rock hard and longer than she had ever seen
them before and they were so sensitive that she jumped when her fingertips brushed
over them.

She held up the finger that had been deep in her asshole and was very thankful
that there wasn’t any trace of poop on it. She sniffed it and then hesitated
for a couple of seconds before she took it into her mouth and licked it clean.
She was surprised that her asshole didn’t taste bad, and when she was finished,
she licked her other hand and enjoyed the flavour of the much more familiar
taste of her cunt.

Before she crawled back into bed, she picked up the tee-shirt from the floor and
used it to soak up her girl cum and to wipe the inside of her legs clean.


The following day, Elle and Jessica wanted to go to the Mall and Ashley had to go
to band practice. By the time they were sitting around the breakfast table and
Greg had heard what they wanted to do however, Louise has started the weekend in
her normal way by getting half a bottle of Jack Daniels inside her, and although
Greg suggested that he drive the girls to the Mall, Louise decided that she would
go with them.

Ashley hadn’t come down for breakfast yet and the eleven year old girl would
happily spend the entire morning in bed if she was allowed to. Today was
different however and Louise looked across the table at her brother and
said, “Go up and remind Ashley that she has band practice this morning, would
you honey. I don’t want her to be late because that ugly bitch in charge of
the band just mouths off at me if she isn’t there on time!”

Greg grinned as he got up from the table, and his cock twitched in his pants
as he climbed the stairs. He wanted to see the young girl’s naked body again,
and he was very sure that she wouldn’t object.

The disappointment was clear on his face when he opened Ashley’s bedroom door,
and found the room empty. He stood still for a few seconds, and then heard the
sound of running water in from the bathroom next door.

The bathroom door was closed, but the handle turned easily under his fingers, and
Ashley smiled at him when she saw his reflection in the mirror. Her smile was
rather crooked because she was standing in front of the wash hand basin brushing
her teeth and she was wearing a pink crop top and matching panties.

The sleepwear was clean and fresh because the young girl couldn’t possibly wear
the long tee-shirt she had been wearing last night. The material was streaked
with her cunt slime, and even if her mother and sister didn’t spot the stains,
they couldn’t miss the scent of her aroused hole that seemed to be infused
into the material. She had therefore pulled on the pink outfit before she
went into the bathroom.

Greg’s cock had been semi erect just thinking about the horny eleven year old,
but somehow the way the clothes clung to her body made him rock hard in an
instant and he crossed the room to stand behind her.

Ashley continued to brush her teeth as his hands circled around to her flat
stomach, and then up to her budding tits. He could feel her nipples tighten
beneath the thin material of the crop top and she was grinning into the mirror
as she worked the toothbrush from side to side.

Her tits were firm to his touch and she moaned softly as he squeezed at her
tangerine sized swellings and trapped her hard nipples between his fingers.
As he increased the pressure, her moans became a little louder and her body
stiffened as she felt the hard bulge of his prick press into her butt.

He knew that what he was doing was very risky with his sister just downstairs.
While Louise was definitely a slut and was now happily taking her brothers
cock in whatever hole he wanted, he didn’t think that she would be too happy
to find out that he was fucking her preteen daughter.

His ears strained, listening for the slightest noise from outside the bathroom,
and even although he knew he was taking a chance, he just couldn’t stop
touching Ashley’s eleven year old body.

Still caressing one of her little tits, his other hand slid down over her flat
stomach to cup her crotch, and he could immediately feel the heat that radiated
out from her cunt. As his fingers traced the outline of her slit beneath her
panties, Ashley spat the toothpaste out of her mouth before straightening up
and pushing her sex harder against his hand. Her back pressed against his
chest and as soon as his fingers lifted up to the waistband of the tiny
briefs she was wearing, her breathing quickened and her ankles opened to
give him better access.

Sliding his hand into the front of her panties felt like immersing his fingers
into hot molasses, and he hissed into her ear, “Dirty little girl, you’re
soaking wet!”

Ashley’s only response was a small moan, but she had a smile on her face as her
eyes snapped open and she looked at his reflection in the mirror. Her face was
flushed with excitement and she chewed on her bottom lip as his stiffened index
finger slipped easily up her cunt!

Greg’s brain was screaming at him and telling him that this was as far as he dare
go. It would take his sister less than ten seconds to walk from the breakfast
table to the bathroom and she had to be already wondering what was taking him
so long to deliver a simple message.

The problem he had with paying any attention to this thought was that Ashley was
obviously in heat and he whispered, “Jesus Ashley, you are a gorgeous piece of
fuck meat!”

The preteen giggled as she watched the shape of his hand inside her panties and
felt the finger sliding in and out of her hole. Greg was also breathing heavily
and he speeded up the thrust of his finger until it was just a blur and kept up
the pace for a few seconds.

When he stopped, Ashley’s body was trembling with her arousal and the hard little
nipple pressing into the palm of her other hand felt like it could cut glass.
Bringing his mouth to her ear, he hissed, “Tell me what you are Ashley. If you
want to cum, tell me what you are!”

“I’m a gorgeous piece of fuck meat,” she replied instantly as she looked at the
reflection of his face.

Even before she had finished speaking, the eleven year old was pushing her
panties down to her knees and she added, “I’m a gorgeous piece of fuck meat
with a wet cunt!”

He could now see the reflection of his slime covered finger in the mirror
behind the wash hand basin, and the smell of Ashley’s sticky cunt drifted up
and into his nose. The preteen’s hips were humping back and forth, dragging
his finger in and out of her hole as her breathing changed into short, sharp
gasps that were regularly punctuated with erotic little moans.

The young girl was acting like a complete slut and the effect on Greg’s cock was
awesome. As hard as an iron bar and leaking pre-cum into his underwear, his prick
was screaming for attention and it completely blotted out the danger signals
that his brain was trying to get him to comprehend. Ashley was a beautiful
eleven year old girl as well as being a slut and in heat. It was a combination
that he was powerless to resist and the preteen made no sign of protest when he
pushed her head down to bend her over the wash hand basin.

When she heard his zipper being pulled down however, her eyes shone as she
swivelled her head around to look over her shoulder and hiss, “Are you going
to fuck me Greg?”

That was exactly what he was going to do and the girl felt the head of her hot
prick touch the skin of her butt just as his finger left her fuck hole. He
didn’t even have to look down to find Ashley’s cunt but just pushed his cock
between her legs and her wet and sticky fuck tube seemed to suck him inside.

The eleven year old took the first half of his shaft easily, but then started to
grimace as it began to really stretch out her cunt. She tried to pant away the
lancing pains inside her hole, and she gritted her teeth and pushed her butt
backwards. With Greg lunging forwards and Ashley pushing back, it didn’t take
long before he was fully inside her body and she gasped “Yes! Fuck, YES!” when
she felt him bottom out against her cervix.

It was a gorgeous feeling to be stretched open and feel his hot shaft pulsing
inside her cunt, but the young girl got no chance to savour the sensations
because he started fucking her at a furious rate. Her body was jerked about
like a rag doll as he pounded her hard and she eventually straightened up
and let his hands circle back onto her budding tits. He was fucking her so
hard that her eyes couldn’t focus on anything, but she didn’t care. The
sensations radiating out from between her legs were amazing and she made a
series of little grunts just before she started to shudder and shake.

Although Greg was happy that he had made her cum, he was much more concerned
with getting himself off, and as soon as possible. His cock was little more
than a blur as it rammed in and out of Ashley’s tight hole and he pressed his
lips to her ear and whispered, “I’m going to cum soon baby. I’m going to spray
my hot load right up your cunt!”

Ashley was far too deep in her own climax to respond, but on some unconscious
level, she heard and understood the words he had said. Her little body was
being violently jerked and jolted as Greg’s cock fucked her as hard and as
fast as he could and his teeth fastened around her earlobe and bit down as
his spunk jetted up his piss tube and splattered deep inside her cunt.

He kept on thrusting until his balls were empty and then stood perfectly still
with his ears straining to hear the slightest sound. The only noises were
Ashley’s heavy breathing however, so he dragged his cock out of her body and
zipped up his pants as he strode back to the bathroom door. His spirits soared
when he saw that the corridor outside the room was empty and he stood in the
doorway and turned back to look at the young girl.

Ashley was clutching the edge of the wash hand basin with both hands as she
recovered and her toothbrush was still gripped between her fingers. Her pink
panties were rolled down to just above her knees and the crotch was stretched
tight between her open legs. As he watched, the first drops of his cum began
to ooze out of her open cunt and drip onto the material.

The preteen smiled into her reflection in the mirror as she stood up and as he
watched, she pushed the bristle end of her toothbrush into her cunt. Pulling it
out, he could see his slime covering the bristles before she put it back into
her mouth and used his spunk to clean her teeth.

His soft cock actually twitched again, but he could hear people moving about
downstairs and he said, “Remember you have band practice,” before he turned
around and closed the door behind him.


It took Elle and Jessica about an hour to get ready, and by that time, Louise
had just about consumed the rest of the whisky bottle.

Ashley was getting picked up for band practice and she came downstairs
clutching her Recorder case. She gave Greg a knowing smile, and when she
was sure that her mother couldn’t overhear her, she said to him, “You could
give me a lift to Band Practice if you want.”

He opened his mouth to reply, but the eleven year old then added, “If you do, you
can drive me somewhere and watch me push my Recorder up my cunt before you fuck
me again!”

He swallowed hard, and was prevented from answering her by the sound of a car
horn outside. Shrugging her shoulders, Ashley gave him a quick kiss and
said, “That’s my ride!” before skipping out of the room.


When they eventually were ready to go to the Mall, Louise, Elle and Jessica all
trooped out to the car, and the sun was high in the sky, and the heat was

As they drove out of town, the heat was so intense that the air conditioning
in the car was having little effect. Whilst Greg and the girls suffered the
heat, Louise rested her head on the window of the passenger door and drifted
into an alcohol induced sleep.

Both of the teenagers could see that Louise had pretty much passed out and Greg
could feel them move about in the back of the SUV. He glanced in the rear
view mirror, only to find them both looking back at him and staring intently
in the mirror. Despite the air conditioning, the fourteen year olds had a sheen
of perspiration on their foreheads and Elle blew him a silent kiss, while
Jessica opened her mouth and licked her lips suggestively.

There was something strange about the way they were sitting and Greg cursed the
limited view he had in the mirror, but he suddenly realised that he could see
the tops of Elle’s knees. He straightened his back and lifted his head so he
could see lower down, and although that helped, he still had limited vision.

Checking that they were driving on a straight section of the highway, and that
there were no other cars close to him, Greg looked over his shoulder, and
nearly drove off the road!

Neither of the fourteen year olds were wearing panties and they were both
sitting right back in their seats so that they could raise their feet up and
place them flat on the seat with their heels touching their butts. Their short
skirts were up around their waist and they had a stiffened finger sliding
easily in and out of their sticky cunts.

Greg’s breath caught in his chest and he glanced from one aroused fuck slit, to
the other and only then did he remember that he was driving and his head snapped
around to look at the road.

In the few seconds he was distracted, the SUV was now travelling towards the
shoulder of the road and he had to swerve back into his lane. In the back seat,
the girls giggled and the swerve had been so violent that Louise woke from her
drunken sleep and she snapped, “What the fuck was that?”

“Sorry,” he mumbled. “There was some timber lying on the road and I didn’t see
it until the last minute.”

That seemed to satisfy his sister, although she grumbled, “Well, watch what you’re
fucking doing!” and within a few minutes, her head was back on the window and
she was snoring contentedly.

Both girls had lowered their feet onto the floor and sat with their knees closed
when Louise had woken up, but when she closed her eyes again, Greg was watching
in the rear view mirror as they resumed their previous position.

This time, he was careful to glance between the two horny teenagers in the back
seat and the road in front and keep the car straight. He watched them finger
themselves, and then they took turns to push their sticky fingers into each other’s
mouths. By this time, Greg’s cock was rock hard, and although getting sore from
overuse, he was ready for more fucking!

Still not satisfied with their teasing, Elle whispered something into her
friend’s ear and then lifted her butt up from the seat. Greg could easily
see the erotic sight of the fourteen year old girls open cunt framed in the
rearview mirror, and he watched as Jessica lowered her hand and slid a
stiffened finger into Elle’s body.

At first he thought that it was the angle he was looking at in the mirror that
made the position of Jessica’s hand look strange, but his heart suddenly lurched
as he realise that it wasn’t Elle’s cunt she was fingering, but her asshole!

It took every ounce of concentration to keep the SUV between the lines on the
road as his eyes tried to focus on the road and the mirror at the same time, and
now the bulge inside his pants was so hard that it was starting to cause him
actual pain.

Greg saw the girls whisper to each other again, and then Elle leaned forward,
glanced at her mother to make sure that she was still out of it, and then circled
her arms around her uncle’s neck as he drove.

She pressed her finger to his nose and whispered into his ear, “Pull over
somewhere Greg. Jessica and I want you to fuck us!”

The smell from Elle’s finger that was rising into his nose was incredible and it
seemed to go straight to his cock that lurched powerfully inside his pants, and
for one short moment, he actually thought that he’d cum. The scent was a mixture
of Jessica and Elle’s cunts and assholes, and there simply weren’t any words to
describe it. Scientists all over the world had been searching for many years
for a cure to impotence, and Greg had just found it. He was convinced that any
man who smelt what he was breathing in just now would be instantly hard.

His discomfort was suddenly doubled when Jessica leaned close and added her
glistening finger to the heady scent, and she whispered, “Come on Greg, I really
need your cock up my cunt. Elle and I are both dripping wet and we need fucked!”

Despite his desire to haul the SUV into the side of the road and do exactly what
the fourteen year old girls had suggested, he had one major problem, and she was
snoring quietly in the passenger seat. Even although Louise was drunk, there was
no way she would sleep through him fucking her daughter and Jessica in the back
seat of the vehicle.

Rest stops were out to. Too many people around and somebody was sure to think it
suspicious that a man and two fourteen year old girls would share a toilet! He
could wait until they got to the Mall, but that would also bring them into contact
with too many people and getting rid of his sister so that he could fuck the
girls in some quiet and remote corner on the parking lot seemed to be a very
remote possibility.

It was a problem without a solution, until he passed a sign for a picnic area that
was well off the road and reached by a twisty and rutted road. As soon as he turned
onto it, he could see Elle and Jessica grin at each other in the back seat, and then
his sister woke up when the SUV swayed from side to side as he tried to avoid the
worst of the ruts.

“Where the fuck are we,” she asked, slurring her words so much that he only just
made out what she has said.

“Picnic area,” he replied. “The girl’s need to pee and they can’t hold it until we
get to the Mall.”

“Bastards!” Louise spat. “You should have let them piss their panties. Would have
served them right!”

It was on the tip of his tongue to tell her that neither Jessica nor Elle were
wearing any panties, but he wisely decided to keep quiet.

He was relieved to find the picnic area deserted and as soon as he had parked
up, he said, “I think I’ll take a leak as well.”

Louise had rested her head on the window again, and everybody waited for a few
moments until her breathing had deepened, and then they crept out of the vehicle,
quietly closing the doors behind them. Both girls had their stained underwear
balled in their hands, not wanting to leave them in the back seat in case Louise
woke up. There wasn’t a toilet block at the picnic site, but as that was just a
ruse anyway, they walked through the trees until they came to a small clearing
that was completely hidden from where the SUV was parked.

Elle was leading the way, with her friend close behind, and when they reached
the clearing, Jessica reached out her arm to stop Elle moving. She tossed her
wet panties onto the ground and Elle quickly copied her actions. Greg had a
sudden compulsion to pick up the dirty underwear and smell them, but he knew
that he didn’t have time for that.

Jessica pushed her friend gently to make her bend forward at the waist and then
lifted up the back of her skirt to display both of her fuck holes.

“You want some of this Greg?” she asked, as she pulled Elle’s ass cheeks open.

Before he replied, Greg unzipped his pants, pulling out his rock hard cock, and
then answered, “What do you think?”

Jessica giggled, and then slid her stiffened index finger all the way up her
friend’s asshole. Elle moaned as she was penetrated, but then said, “Take it
out Jessica, I really do have to pee.”

“Do it standing up,” her friend growled. “Show Greg how you can piss like a

Elle giggled, but she straightened up slowly, keeping her friends finger in her
shit hole, and opened her legs. Greg walked round to face Elle and watched as the
young girl fanned open her cunt with her fingers before she tilted her hips
slightly upwards.

She still had a grin on her face as she said, “I’d move back a bit Greg if I were

Just as she finished speaking, a powerful stream of Elle’s piss arched out of her
hole and Greg had to jump to the side as the urine splashed onto the grass about
three feet in front of the girl.

“Told you,” Jessica laughed. “Elle’s always been able to piss like a
racehorse. In the shithole that’s the school toilets, nobody can piss higher
up the wall than Elle can!”

Greg had to acknowledge that Elle’s pissing skills were impressive, and he had
never given a thought to girls playing the “who can piss highest” game. It was
played regularly in all schools by the boys, but this was the first indication
he had got that girls played the same game.

He watched Elle piss until the last few drops fell from her cunt lips, but they
were all conscious that they had to be as quick as possible with their fucking,
because Louise wouldn’t stay asleep forever. Elle wiped her cunt with the palm
of her hand and then said, “Lay down Greg. I want to be on top!”

The past few days had been hot and dry, so he was happy to kick off his pants,
shoes and socks and get onto his back on the grass. His prick was pointing
straight up as Elle moved her asshole away from her friend’s finger, let her
short skirt fall to her ankles and stepped over his body to straddle his hips
before squatting down. She expertly positioned the head of his cock against
her saturated cunt and groaned loudly as she sat down on it.

Even although she was soaking wet, Greg’s shaft stretched out her fourteen year
old fuck tube and the sensation made her shiver. She savoured the feeling of
having her cunt filled with hot cock for a few seconds before she started to
bounce up and down on it, and then grinned up at her friend in satisfaction.

Jessica nodded her understanding and couldn’t wait for her turn on Greg’s cock,
but she was unsure if she would actually get any. Their lewd behaviour in the SUV
had got him very horny and she was sure that he was about to blow his load into
Elle’s cunt very soon. That meant that he would have to recover and get hard
again before she could get any cock, and with Louise liable to wake up at any
moment, that might not be possible.

The fourteen year old girl could only get down onto her hands and knees with her
face only inches away from Greg’s cock and watch Elle’s sucking cunt cover the
shaft with delicious smelling fuck juice as she bounced faster and faster. She
pushed two fingers up her cunt and as she started to finger fuck herself, she
tried to imagine that it was her hole that was being stretched by Greg’s shaft.

Elle was pounding her cunt harder and harder on her uncle’s prick, knowing that
she was about to cum very soon. She was so horny that this was always going to
be a quick fuck and the tingling sensation deep inside her hole was
intensifying wildly.

She sat up on his lap with her thigh muscles propelling her up and down on his
cock as her eyes rolled back in their sockets and her pretty teenage face
contorted and grimaced as she waited for her climax.

Elle’s tight fuck tube was like a velvet vice around his shaft and she could
feel every ridge and every thick vein as she worked towards her cum. She
looked down at her uncle, but Greg’s eyes were locked on to the glorious sight
of his prick being expertly swallowed by his fourteen year old niece’s hole.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” she gasped as the fuzzy sensations in her crotch became much
more powerful. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

She was gasping for breath and she rammed her cunt as fast as she could on his
prick, desperate to reach her climax. The tingling sensation was now almost
unbearable and her fuck hole was drooling hot and sticky juices onto Greg’s balls
as she almost sobbed, “Let me cum! Please let me cum!”

Whatever God she was praying to was obviously listening because her face turned
up to the sky as she slammed her fuck hole down into his lap and cried out her
orgasm. She was no longer aware of anything but the hard prick in her cunt as
she started to shudder and convulse uncontrollably.

Jessica stood up as her friend started to cum onto Greg’s cock, and she was
determined to get herself fucked. Getting off with her fingers wasn’t an option
anymore and she just had to get a real prick inside her cunt. Her fingers were
pistoning in and out of her cunt and she was so wet that drops of her juices were
marking the dry earth between her feet. Her back was resting against a tree as she
masturbated and waited impatiently for Elle to finish her cum.

She shuddered slightly as she listened to her friend climax, and then Elle
collapse down onto Greg’s chest, breathing heavily. It was at that moment that
a little light of inspiration flashed in Jessica’s brain and she stopped playing
with herself and stared down at where Greg and Elle were still joined. Her eyes
opened wide in delight as she saw that there was absolutely no sign that Greg
had cum yet and it definitely appeared that his prick was still rock hard inside
Elle’s fuck tube.

Although Elle had just climaxed, Jessica knew that her friend was enough of a
slut that if she realised that Greg was hard inside her, she would start bouncing
her hot hole up and down his cock again. Jessica figured that it would be most
unfair for Elle not to share her uncle’s cock, so she reached down and pulled
her friend to the side. As she rolled onto the grass, Greg’s shaft was pulled
from her sucking cunt and although the girl moaned in disappointment, she was
still too wiped out from her cum to protest.

Greg was grinning up at Jessica as he relaxed back on the soft grass with his
cock pointing straight up to the sky. He had expected the girl to squat down
onto his prick like Elle had done, but Jessica took a few moments to remove
every item of clothing she had on, and then stood over his head so that he
could look up her naked body.

He loved the sight of her round tits topped with rock hard nipples, but it was
her cunt that his eyes feasted on. Jessica’s crotch was swollen with her lust
and her fuck tube was open and dripping wet. He could see right inside her pink
tube and the scent that was drifting down to enter his nose was intoxicating and
made his cock lurch.

Satisfied with showing off her near perfect body, the girl dropped onto the grass
and opened her legs wide as she rolled onto her back. The invitation was very
clear, and Greg accepted it eagerly. Crawling between her legs, he got on top of
the fourteen year old girl and Jessica’s cunt just seemed to suck him inside.

She gasped and moaned as she was penetrated and let him have a few slow and
deep strokes into her hole before her lust took control of her mind and her
body. Throwing her legs up around his waist, she wasn’t quite tall enough to
lock her ankles together, but her firm thighs pressed hard against his waist as
she arched her back up from the grass. Her hips began to buck furiously against
Greg’s cock and Jessica’s ass writhed around in little circles, opening her
cunt just a little more and throwing her immature cervix against the head of
the rutting shaft.

“Make me cum,” she hissed loudly. “Fuck my cunt hard and make me cum!”

In actual fact, Greg wasn’t really fucking the fourteen year old at all. The
palms of his hands were on the grass at either side of Jessica’s shoulders
and his feet were planted on the ground. He looked like he was in the start
position for push-ups, and it was the horny girl who was doing all the fucking.
Her thighs gripped him tightly and her bucking hips drove his prick in and out
of her hairless cunt at a furious pace as she worked towards her release.

His shaft made the most obscene slurping noises on the way out of her fuck tube,
and when she humped him back into her body, it was with the loudest cunt farts
he could ever remember hearing. It did cross his mind that the noises
reverberating around the trees may attract the attention of his sister if she
wasn’t in a drunken stupor, but he was past caring.

He let the fourteen year old fuck his cock like it was a sex toy and he could
feel her hot cunt slime coat his balls and plaster his pubic hair to his skin.
There was no way Jessica could keep up this frenzied pace for long, but she knew
that she didn’t need to. Her fuck hole was tingling wildly and that wonderfully
fizzy sensation was spreading through her crotch.

Her teeth were pressed together and her hands were curled into fists as she threw
her hole harder and faster onto his prick until she suddenly gasped, “I’m
cumming! Fuck, FUCK I’m cumming!”

Her body shuddered violently and her cunt spasmed around Greg’s cock as she was
carried away on a tide of orgasmic bliss. She could see flashing lights in front
of her eyes and the roar of rushing water in her ears was almost deafening. She
wanted to continue fucking Greg’s cock and to prolong her orgasm as much as
possible, but her body now had a mind of its own and no longer obeyed her. She
was shuddering and convulsing so much that she simply couldn’t co-ordinate the
movements of her hips and the tremors racing through her thighs caused her to
crash back down on the ground, flopping about like a fish out of water.

As her butt fell onto the ground, Greg’s hips followed her down, keeping his
prick buried up her cunt because he was very close to his own cum. While the
fourteen year old girl slithered about beneath his body, he could feel his
shaft being bathed in her hot girl cum that was now being forced out of her
hole and was covering the inside of her thighs. As much as he was enjoying the
sensation, his balls were starting to ache, and he began to thrust back into
Jessica’s cunt with powerful thrusts that went all the way to the bottom of her
fuck tube.

The renewed fucking that had his shaft rasping over the throbbing clit was exactly
what Jessica wanted, and she had just enough of her senses left to open her legs
as wide as possible and let him pound her.

Greg could feel his spunk froth inside his balls and demand its release. He
tightened and tensed all of his muscles as he continued to fuck the young girl,
but it was inevitable that he wasn’t going to delay his cum for very long.

Raising his face up to the sky, he cried out loudly and rammed his prick all the
way up Jessica’s cunt as he started to spray his load into her body. The jets
of hot slime splattered forcefully against Jessica’s cervix as he hissed between
gritted teeth, “Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!”

They were both groaning as the waves of ecstasy raced through their flesh and
Jessica’s fuck tube clenched tightly around his shaft, feeling every pulse and
lurch from his pumping balls. Only when his balls were drained, did Greg groan
and roll away from the young girl to lie beside her and gasp for breath. They
both had their eyes closed as the sun’s rays warmed their skin, and then
Jessica jumped slightly and then moaned softly. Opening his eyes to see why
she was having such a reaction, Greg watched Elle crawl between Jessica’s legs
and gently lap up the thick slime that was starting to ooze out of her open cunt.

It took about fifteen minutes before the three of them were fully recovered
and had brushed off their clothes before pulling them back on. The last
things that the girl’s picked up were their dirty panties and Greg noted that
they had swapped underwear and now had the others wet stain against their cunts.

He was slightly nervous as they made their way back to the SUV, but even
from the edge of the woods they could see that Louise was still sleeping
with her mouth open and snoring peacefully.

They got back into the SUV as quietly as they had left it and it was only when
Greg was driving back down the rutted tract and the vehicle swayed enough to
bang his sister’s head onto the side window and wake her up.

“Watch it,” she snarled, rubbing the side of her head and blinking rapidly
to try and clear her befuddled brain.

After a few moments, Louise then said, “How much longer. We seem to have
been driving for fucking hours.”

“Not long,” Greg replied, trying to placate her in the hope that she would
fall asleep again.

It seemed to work because she relaxed back in her seat and closed her eyes. A
second later however she opened them again to look over at the back seat
where the girls were sitting demurely with their feet on the floor and
their knees closed. Frowning slightly, Louise opened her mouth and
asked, “Why does it smell of cunt in here?”

o0o The End o0o

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