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Epic saga of Family incest
Returning her smile with an eager grin, John quickly stepped out of his pants
and shorts; his cock and balls swaying in front of him.

Mary smiled, leaned forward again and nuzzled Carol's silky cunt-hair,
flattening it out to the sides and exposing her sensuous pink slit to their
view. Then she stuck her tongue up inside it. Carol groaned happily and bucked
her hips.

John was standing over them now, stroking his thick cock while he gazed dreamily
down at his sister's inviting pussy.

Pushing a finger back up inside Carol's dewy cunt, Mary explored its wet depths
for a moment. Then she gave the red-hot clit a few more teasing licks with her
hyper tongue.

Carol's cunt was on fire. Mary shoved two more fingers up her pussy and Carol
humped her invading hand.

"That's the way, babe! Finger-fuck her!" John choked. "Move your head. I want to
see those slippery fingers pop in and out of her cunt."

Mary moved her head back.

"Yeah! That's the way! What a sight! What a hot pussy! Your hand's covered with
her fuck-juices! Stick a finger up her ass, too! Finger-fuck both holes! I wanna
see!" John's voice was hoarse; his face bright with excitement, and his
cock-head bulged deep purple as his hand stroked the throbbing shaft.

Slowly, Mary pushed a long, slender finger up Carol's asshole.

Her body gasping with pleasure, Carol pulled her legs back against her tits,
giving Mary more room. Her hands clutched, roughly, at the sofa material.

"Oh, you do like it so, you sexy bitch; don't you? Who would have ever thought
you were so hot?"

Carol smiled weakly at her sister-in-law. Her chest was heaving. "You too," she
said softly. Mary giggled.

"Quit screwin' around and fuck her!" John snapped angrily, "Fuck her hard! I'm
gonna cum!"

"In my mouth, honey!" Mary said, parting her full lips for him.

Mary grabbed his quivering shaft and crammed his swollen cock-head deep into her
mouth, just in time to catch his hot load of cum, deep, in her throat.

Carol grunted and her hips bucked as Mary pulled her fingers from her slippery
fuck-holes. She sighed and licked her hungry lips; her throat muscles working in
unison to her sister-in-law's as Mary swallowed John's heavy load.

Finally finished, John's limp cock flopped from her mouth. Mary leaned across
Carol's heaving chest and stuck her fingers back up her ass and cunt. Carol's
mouth gaped and Mary kissed her, hungrily, releasing a glob of John's rich cum
into her mouth. Tongues dueling, they swabbed the thick cream over gums and
teeth. Carol sighed, licking the tangy cream from her lips.

"Don't you worry, sweetheart," Mary said, huskily, "I'm not finished with you.
Neither of us are. We're gonna make you cum like a race horse."

Carol shivered as Mary waved the menacing dildo in the air. "This is for you,"
she said with a wink. Then she roughly squeezed Carol's big tits and pinched her
rigid nipples.

"Oh, no," Carol moaned, looking fearfully at her brother and sister-in-law.
"They're too big," she gasped.

"Easy, babe," her brother said, giving her his hand for comfort. "You'll love
'em once they're inside you. You should have seen that little girl yesterday
morning. She went right out of her head."

An image of the girl came to Carol - what was her name? She couldn't remember.
But she remembered the taste of her pussy; the way she squirmed when Carol had
stuck a finger up her cunt and her asshole; the way the girl's husband's cock
tasted as he exploded in her mouth; her throat milking him dry while her fingers
fucked his young wife ragged.

Carol looked at the huge dildo again and the thought of having those big things
stuck up her fuck-holes was enough to make her cuntjuices flow and the walls of
her pussy twitch with eager anticipation.

"Fuck me!" she moaned at last. "I want it so bad!"

John leaned over and locked his lips over Carol's and gave her a long lingering

Mary rubbed the huge, fake cock up against Carol's wet slit and she sighed with
delight. A lovely tremor rippled the length of her body as her fevered brain
realized what was about to happen. "Oh my God!" she moaned. "Do it to me! Do it

The tip of the dildo was wet with Carol's flowing juices. Mary shoved the head
between the lips of her pussy and Carol shrieked with sudden pain and pleasure.
Slowly, she pushed it deeper into Carol's writhing body. Her body bucked, her
arms tossed about, and her head whipped from side to side. Her sopping cunt was
being stretched wider than it had ever been before. She thought she was going to
die of pure ecstasy as the relentless invader slowly penetrated her wet depths.
She ground her ass against it, trying to fuck it in deep. Finally, it hit bottom
and her body went rigid, then deflated, like a released balloon.

Carol was panting harshly, her body coated with a film of perspiration, but she
smiled when she saw how deep the fake cock was in. "Holy Christ!" she moaned.

Mary's face was flushed, her eyes bright with perverted pleasure. Her fingers
had long since found her own pussy and her hot juices dribbled down her thigh,
unmolested. She looked at her husband, squeezing his sister's hand. He was
breathing heavily and his cock was hard as rock again.

"Now for the masterstroke," Mary said and she held up the big butt plug.

"NO!" Carol yelled loudly. "You can't shove that thing up my ass! It's too big!
I'll die!"

"I can and I am," Mary said with a wicked grin. "And you will die, sweetie . . .
of pleasure. Johnny, pull her legs up. I need some room."

John grabbed his sister's legs and pulled them up and open. "Shit! What a view!"
he said as he looked at the evil fuckpole sticking out of her stretched cunt,
and the matted pussyhair surrounding it. "Jesus, that looks sexy," he whispered,
more to himself and he silently blessed the day his cock first found his
sister's hungry pussy.

Mary smeared fuck juices all over the head of the big butt plug until it
glistened with Carol's own body lubricant. She rubbed it around the pink,
puckered opening, teasing her; until Carol's protesting body began to twitch
with suppressed desire, and her hips began to hump against it.

Carol felt the tip of the butt plug pressed against her tight opening. Then,
Mary began pushing forward. Carol moaned and tossed her head. The plug was huge.
Her asshole would never stretch far enough, she thought. She took a deep breath,
closed her eyes tightly and tried to relax her ass muscles, but she couldn't
keep from crying out as Mary shoved the plug home, and a wave of pain washed
over her. Her body jerked and a huge wave of pleasure engulfed her as Mary
twisted the butt plug and the dildo at the same time. Then her tormented body
went limp.

John pulled her legs wide; the sight was mind-boggling. Cunt juice was
everywhere. His sister was flowing like a hot water tap. His cock was so hard it

"Are you okay, kid?" he asked. "How's your ass?

She tried to smile at him, but it was an effort. "It feels wonderful," she said
in a small voice, "but I feel so weak."

"Relax, kid. Rest a moment. Mary will have you climbing the walls in a minute."

Carol turned her head and smiled at her sister-in-law.

"One day I'll do this to you," she said.

"I'm counting on it," Mary answered, her fingers working frantically in her own
hot pussy. Then she started to savagely twist the fake cock around, ramming it
deep, making Carol's steaming cunt beg for more.

"Oh, shit, that feels so good," she said humping her hips against the bulging
dildo, and squeezing her ass muscles together. Brilliant flashes of light
erupted in her brain as the cums - little ones, coming in rapid fire - began to
flood her body with pleasure.

"Give me your cock!" she yelled at her brother. "I need your cock!"

John pushed his engorged prick against her open lips and his sister immediately
began to suck on it in a frenzy.

"Oh, Sis! Suck it! Suck my cock, Carol!"

Carol wrapped her lips around the thick shaft and sucked it deep into her mouth
until the head rested at the very entrance of her throat.

Mary began working the dildo back and forth in Carol's cunt. She fucked it with
deep penetrating strokes, strokes that sent lightning bolts of pleasure shooting
throughout every nerve in Carol's hot, horny body.

Carol was going wild. She wailed a long, lusty shriek of pure ecstasy.

"Fuck it, Carol! Fuck that phony cock! I want to see your cunt squeeze it to
death. Cum on it, honey!" Mary's voice was shrill; her face distorted. She had
four fingers of her left hand buried deep in her own cunt and her hips churned
lewdly on the thrusting digits.

Carol was humping the dildo as hard as she could. She was teetering on the brink
of a massive orgasm, tossing about wildly in the throes of sublime passion. Her
brain threatened to explode.

"Fuck me harder!" she whimpered through a mouthful of swollen cock. "Make me
cum!" She was begging.

"Fuck her! Fuck her hard, Mary! Oh, God, I'm gonna cum. Sweet sister! I'm gonna
shoot my load!"

Somewhere in her fevered mind, Carol heard her brother's words and her strong
cheek muscles sucked his delicious prick deep into the furnace of her mouth. The
powerful vacuum sucked the hot cum from his balls and he came in stinging, hot
spurts down her waiting throat.

Mary jammed the huge dildo to the hilt inside Carol's grasping pussy, sending
her super-sensitive body over the edge. Her cunt began to spasm with ecstasy and
her body trembled violently. Her mind was crushed by a tidal wave of pleasure
and she thought that she would surely pass out.

Her ass jerked spasmodically as wave after wave of glorious feeling washed over
her. Then she collapsed back against the sofa, limp and exhausted.

The telephone ringing was insistent. Carol didn't know for how long it had been
going on before it finally, and painfully, penetrated her sexual after-glow.
Neither her brother or sister-in-law made an attempt to get it.

Finally, with great effort she reached over the sofa and picked up the offending


"It's about time!" her husband said, his voice irritated. "Where were you?"

"Right here," she said lazily. "John and Mary came over."

"What the hell were you doing?"

"Fucking!" she said with a smile.

There was a pause. "Well, the kids are on their way. Marsha's driving and
Peter's flying. They'll both be in around six tonight. And Carol . . . keep your
pussy warm. I'm on my way home."

She heard Mike chuckling as he hung up.


It was one of those rare California days: sunny, clear, and smog free. On top of
that the Coast Road was virtually deserted of traffic. To Marsha Bradford, this
was frosting on the cake.

She handled the convertible with easy confidence. The wind whipped her long
blonde ponytail around, and she brushed a stray wisp of hair from her full lips.
The morning sun warmed her face and body, pushing last night from her mind and
like a kid out of school, she revelled in its' warmth.

Impulsively, she opened the zippers that ran down the middle of her denim jacket
and skirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. The racing wind hardened the nipples on her
full breasts and flipped her jacket open, exposing her left tit.

A loud horn blast made her laugh.

Eat your heart out, she thought, with a smile. She was proud of her
superstructure, and her slender frame served to accent them even more. They were
full, firm, and big nippled; perfectly round and jutting. She worked damn hard
at keeping them that way.

Going into one of the never ending curves, the sun found her tan thighs. It was
warm, sensuous; like a lover's caress, and she opened her legs wider to receive
it. She tugged the skirt's zipper up further and was rewarded with a hot sunbeam
directly on her cunt. The heat flowed through her body and penetrated her being.
Idly, her hand played with the reddish-blonde hair protruding from her minuscule
panty. For a change, she was on top of the world.

Another horn blasted the air and she heard the squeal of tires. She giggled. If
they could only see what I'm really doing, she thought, they would go right off
the cliff.

Marsha's finger had squirmed beneath her panty and had found a home in her hot,
pink pussy. The warm glow, along with the sun, gave her entire being a sense of
contentment she hadn't known for a long time. She was glad to be going home. An
unnamed feeling had been gnawing at her for days, ever since her mother had
called about the anniversary reunion. And her secret fantasy had been more
frequent and more vivid. Just last night she had to call it up from her
subconscious mind, to feed the furnace of her hungry body; to put herself over
the top.

The road stretched out before her, and she remembered.

Her mind was detached; separated from her body. It floated free, and its' eye
wandered about the bedroom. It saw her laying on the bed, legs wide and pulled
over Tom Ellis' shoulders. It saw his sweaty body and skinny dick pumping
furiously in and out of her semi-dry cunt. It could hear her rote responses,
moaning and moving on cue, like an actress in a role. It was a good performance,
Tom Ellis thought she was hot stuff.

Marsha knew she would have to call it back; have it help her through this - as
she had so frequently in the past. Sex with Tom Ellis had lost what little
sparkle it once had. For the millionth time, she wondered why she let this man
fuck her.

Because he looks like your brother, Peter, a little voice told her.

Her mind circled the room once more, taking in Tom's heaving flanks, her own
firm, rounded asscheeks; pink, puckered asshole, involuntarily contracting;
round tits flattened against her chest by his weight, blonde hair framing her
oval face; then it returned to its' rightful place.

Peter! Oh, Peter, she thought, come to me! I need you! She could see her brother
as he had been that day; young, but with a full-grown cock. He lay naked on his
bed, legs apart, his hand slowly caressing his heavy prick, bringing it to life.
She saw herself watching from the closet - a childish game that suddenly turned
exciting - the strange, unfamiliar, heat beginning in her cunny, spreading
upwards through her body.

Her eyes widened as Peter gripped his cock tightly. He couldn't quite fit his
hand around the whole, throbbing shaft. His prick mesmerized her; long, thick,
and meaty, with a heavy ballsac drooping between his legs. She found it hard to

Marsha watched him stroke the shaft, gaining speed. Each stroke seem to send an
electric shock through her cunny, making it throb. She pressed her hand against
her mound and hot, sticky juice began to seep out and wet her panties. A warm
wave of pleasure flowed through her body. Without conscious thought, her hands
began small explorations; stomach, hips, tits, thigh. Tits and thighs!

She heard Peter groan; watched his fist begin to fly up and down the engorged
shaft; saw the veins bulge, the angry purple head. Fingers slipped beneath
elastic panty-bands, through the silky fuzz, searching; finding her drooling
slit, and a magic spot that intensified this new thrill. A blinding flash
erupted before her eyes and her legs went weak. She sucked in her breath, but
made no sound.

Peter's cock seemed to fill her vision and her fingers moved with rough finesse.
Pleasure came in waves.

She could see it!

She could feel it!

It filled her up!

"Oh, God! Yessss!" she screamed, as her dream within a dream drove her to
reality. "That's it! Yes! Fuck me! Oh, fuck me! Make me cum! I need to cum!"

"Shit, babe, oh, shit, Marsha . . . babe, you're so hot. I love fucking you! Cum
for me! Cum for Tom!"

Her mind heard nothing. It was reaching for her brother's huge, erupting cock.
An enormous wave carried her up and over.

"Aaaaaaagggg! . . . I'm cummmmmin' . . . I'm cummmmin'!"

Her legs wrapped tight around Tom's back; fingers digging into his flesh. He
yelled his pain and pleasure as his cock exploded hotly in Marsha's, now, juicy

She felt the hot, sticky cream spurt, lava-like, inside her body; fill up her
cunt cavern, then seep out into the crack of her ass. Her body thrashed and her
hips beat frantically against his, as her cunt-walls tried to drain every
pleasure-giving droplet from his shrinking cock. Her mind and body strained, but
it was no use. The image was slowly fading away.

A car horn blared at her as her car drifted towards the white line. Her brow was
furrowed and beads of sweat dotted her forehead. She blinked her eyes and a
shiver ran up her spine. The fantasy was becoming stronger and stronger; the
urge more insistent. Oh, God, how she wished Peter wasn't her brother.

He's only your adopted brother, not your real brother, the little voice said.
Who would know?

Marsha pushed the tormenting thought from her mind, but like a seed planted, it
had already taken root in her subconscious mind. She pressed the accelerator
down and the car surged forward. Marsha Bradford was in hurry.


When the young flight attendant bent over to assist an elderly passenger, her
skirt tightened across her buttocks. It was a very nice ass, Peter Bradford
thought, as he watched from two rows back. It had a familiar look about it; an
ass that he new and liked. Watching, he had an almost uncontrollable urge to
reach out and pat it; so much so that he deliberately crossed his arms to avoid
a reflex action.

The more he watched the well-shaped derriere sway from side to side, the more he
wondered whose ass it reminded him of. Impulsively, he rang the call button.

The flight attendant stood up and straightened her skirt out, effectively hiding
the heart shaped mounds. But Peter had her contours memorized. He searched his
mind, taking in the girl's long legs as he did; young, mid-twenties, blonde,
nice smile, a well shaped bust hiding beneath the tailored blouse.

Damn, he thought, Marsha! Always at the edge of his thoughts; even here and now,
after all this time.

"Yes, Mr. Bradford, can I get you something?"

"Eh, yes, another Scotch, please," he stammered, amazed at how quickly they
picked up on names.

"Right away, Mr. Bradford," she said, giving Peter her best airline smile.

He watched her walk away. Was the sway of her hips more pronounced, or was it
his imagination. Sometimes Marsha walked that way, he thought.

Heat filled his loins, like it always did when he thought about his sister -
'that way'. She was part of a teenage fantasy world; a world that he kept safely
hidden, only to be examined in the dark of the night. As the flight attendant
brought his drink, a fleeting image of Marsha's naked body came to him.
Embarrassed and angry, he crossed his legs to hide his growing erection. This is
silly, he thought. That was long ago. He hadn't even seen Marsha in over a year.
He should be thinking about Lucy Parsons, not his sister; somebody real, not a

He gulped his drink and forced himself to concentrate on Lucy, but even as he
slipped into reverie, he knew that his sister was a fantasy that would always be
with him.

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