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Peter pulled off his tie and jacket and threw them on the chair. He was
disgusted with everything. His dream girl, his "Marsha," had hardly said two
words to him since their arrival. And tonight, she never danced with him, not
even once. He shrugged out of his shirt and tossed it after the others.
Rationally, he knew his anger was directed more at himself than at Marsha. His
entire fantasy was a pipe-dream and he should have recognized it as such. You
just don't go around asking your sister to fuck, he thought. He had been a fool,
and he didn't like feeling foolish.

Fortunately, he thought, aunt Mary had come to his rescue. She's really
something, he mused. Who would have thought the old girl was so wild? Then he
remembered that his aunt was only in her early forties. Not really such an old
girl, he thought. Hell, Lucy Parsons' older and she's a fine piece of ass!

Now I'm thinking about banging my own aunt! The irony of the situation made him
chuckle. Dear aunt Mary had given him a hard-on more than once tonight, but the
one he really wanted to fuck didn't even say 'goodnight.' He shook his head and
opened the bathroom door.

Startled, Marsha jerked her head up and looked directly into Peter's eyes.
Without conscious thought, she dropped the towel she was holding. She was naked
from the waist up. Her bare tits stood out proudly; the nipples, big and rosy.
For a lifetime she held her breath as her mind tried to force her mouth to
speak. Nothing came out.

Peter stood transfixed. His face flushed as his eyes roamed his sister's
beautiful body; his mind registering every contour and curve. His stomach
tightening and he felt a sharp pain in his nuts as if they were caught in a
vise. Sheepishly, he mumbled, "Excuse me" and closed the door. The pain in his
balls, like his frustration, intensified.

Fucking blue-balls! Angrily, he stripped, pulled on his swimtrunks and headed
for the pool.

Marsha stared blankly at the closed door. Her mouth was dry and her throat felt
constricted; shivers ran up her spine and goosebumps rose on her flesh. Her cunt
was dewy. Fool! Fool, she thought, but as her mind screamed she wasn't sure who
she was accusing. Herself or Peter? She threw the towel down and went into her
room. The empty bed seemed to smirk at her. There would be no sleeping tonight,
she realized sadly. Then she stripped, put on a robe and went downstairs.


Peter stood in the shallow end of the S-shaped pool; the end away from the
house. Surrounded by shrubs and trees it was private and secluded. Peaceful.

Churning the water to foam he had tried to burn the image of Marsha from his
fevered mind. His cock still ached with desire, but the pain in his balls was
gone. He shook the water from his hair.

"Ow!" He yelped as something - somebody! - squeezed his prick, then forced his
legs opened and swam through them. His aunt surfaced in front of him, water
streaming off her voluptuous body. She was wearing a white, one-piece bathing
suit that he could practically see through - the hardened nipples of her big
tits stood out like round little pebbles, and the tangle of cunt-fur was dark
against the white material. He felt his cock stiffen.

"Hi, lover! I saw you swimming and I'd thought I'd join you for some fun and

"Er, aunt Mary! You scared the shit out of me."

She giggled. "That wasn't what I wanted to come out and greet me," she said
coyly, moving close to him. The tips of her tits touched his chest and his cock
jumped automatically, jabbing her in the crotch.

"Ooooo, now that's more like it!" she said in a husky whisper. Her arms went
around him and she pressed her pliant body against his, her cunt grinding
against his prick. Sweat broke out on his forehead and his breathing became
ragged. His hands ached to squeeze her full, ripe tits, but this was his aunt,
his rational mind kept saying - his father's sister! - he couldn't do this!

"Aunt Mary, this is insane! I can't do . . ."

His lovely aunt humped her pussy against his swollen cock. "Sure you can, lover.
You want to! You really do, and I want you to do it! Fuck me, Peter!" she said,
her voice almost a rasp. "Stick your beautiful cock in me and fuck me ragged!"

An image of Marsha's nakedness came to him and his steel-like cock threatened to
tear through his trunks. His mind reeled and blinding lust filled his body. He
pulled Mary to him and passionately covered her lips, his hands, roughly,
kneading her sensitive skin. A moan of exquisite pleasure parted her lips as she
fondled his hard cock.

Their hands tore at each others clothing until they were naked. Mary grabbed his
shoulders and hoisted herself above his jutting prick, then, slowly she lowered
her boiling pussy onto the throbbing member. She felt Peter's cockhead part her
pussylips, stretching her cunt-channel; the water gurgling around her hot hole,
squishing, as his cock slid up into her slick, waiting pussy.


Marsha paced in the semi-darkness of the den, her mind in turmoil. Her desire
for her brother was becoming an obsession, and now, flirting on the edges of her
mind was visions of her father's cock, and her uncle's, too. She didn't know
what was happening to her or why these feelings and these images were plaguing
her. She tried to shut them out but her brain refused and in her mind she could
feel their cocks entering her body and her mouth, thrilling her almost to death.
Her cunt was wet again. Marsha Bradford feared for her sanity.

She threw herself down on the couch. The TV's remote control stabbed her in the
ass and she winced. Absent- minded, she flicked it to ON. The screen lit up in a
crazy zig-zag pattern of gray lines. Stupidly, she stared at it until she
realized that it was set for VCR play. She pressed the PLAY button.


Carol Bradford lay in bed listening to her husband's quiet snoring. Sleep eluded
her. She got up, covered her naked body with a robe and quietly went downstairs.
She had a dull ache in her head from too much wine and too much mental tension.
The party had only postponed the whirling thoughts that Marsha had put in her
mind. What should she do? Tell her the truth? What would that do? Make her run
to her brother's bed - start another cycle of incest? - or shock her so much
that she would never speak to her again? How, she wondered, could a daughter
have the same perverted desires as her mother?

Her mind swirled and she giggled to herself. What I need right now, she thought,
is a good stiff cock! That would take my mind off everything. She remembered
Peter standing on the stairs, his tight pants outlining the heavy mound of his
prick and balls, waving goodnight to her. She licked her lips as the camera of
her mind's eye focused on his crotch. Mary's words came back to her: 'just the
type you like!' It was true! Marsha's confession had set her vivid imagination
into motion, and the thought of Peter's hard cock up her pussy had made her
blood boil and her pussy ooze with cuntjuice. How she had envied her
sister-in-law, Mary, when she was dancing with Peter, seeing her hips grind
against his hard body. She had blushed beet red when a trickle of cum-cream
dribbled down her hot thigh.

Shaking her head she tried to untangle herself from the morass of emotions
inside herself. Dejectedly, she headed for the quiet of the family den.


It took a full thirty seconds for Marsha Bradford to realize she was watching a
home video of her mother and father having oral sex. Blushing with
embarrassment, Marsha stared, transfixed as her father sat in a straight-back
chair, his long, thick cock, hard and erect. Her mother knelt before him,
fingering his heavy ballsac; her tongue gliding, wet and shiny, up and down,
coating his shaft with a layer of saliva. Her eyes were bright with desire.

There were no words spoken but she could hear their mewing of passion; the slurp
of her mother's tongue, her father' heavy breathing. Aghast, Marsha tried to
flick the video off, but her fumbling fingers couldn't find the right switch.
Just then a naked leg straddled her father's lap, and a heavily thatched pussy
positioned itself above his saliva covered prick. Marsha gawked as the camera
closed in on the churning, dripping cunt and the angry, purple prick- head
slipping between the puffy cuntlips. The remote control fell from her trembling
fingers as the camera pulled back, revealing, to her astonished eyes, her aunt's
face, contorted with passion.

Her mind reeled as she tried to cope with what she was seeing and hearing. Her
father was fucking his own sister! And her mother! She was lavishly licking her
husband's balls and her sister-in-law's cunt and tits! Her mother was actively
condoning incest!

Marsha watched, in horrid fascination, as her mother's tongue darted from hairy
balls to protruding clit, then up to jutting tits, her nimble, snake-like tongue
circling each swollen nipple, sucking each one, in turn, into her hot mouth. A
camera close-up caught the passion and lust of the women's dueling tongues, as
they hungrily entwined, and her mother's hands squeezing her aunt's firm tits.

The video was sending conflicting signals to Marsha's brain: embarrassment,
anger, and voyeuristic pleasure. It was all jumbled up. Making love to her
brother was an obsessive desire! Making love to another woman was just a stray
thought - a true fantasy - but here was her mother and her aunt actually doing
what she had only dreamt about. She blinked as the camera jiggled, then

The picture had been pulled back. Mary's body twisted lewdly on her brother's
humping prick, the long shaft glistening with pussy-juice as it plunged in and
out of her grasping cunt while her mother showered the fucking couple with wet
kisses. A naked man stepped into view, his cock hard and sticking straight out.

Marsha's hands covered her mouth as she watched her uncle John smile and finger
his heavily veined prick, then pull his sister - her mother! - away. Without
preamble they embraced and he began fondling her lovely body; his mouth finding
her full tits, his fingers probing her blonde cunt thatch. Marsha's body was on
fire! Her cunt was drooling and the nipples of her beautiful tits were hard and
sore. She was unaware of how hard she was squeezing them.

She watched in stunned fascination as the camera showed her mother's smiling
face sucking her brother's hairy cock, her fingers playing with her own wet
pussy as she did; eyes slitted with passion and her mouth full of thick
prick-meat. Marsha could see her mother's saliva shining on her uncle's cock.

When she heard her mother tell her brother to fuck her, to stick it deep in her
cunt, Marsha covered her mouth, stifling the urge to scream - not
vindictiveness, but her frustration and passion. The walls of convention, of
mental imprisonment were crumbling around her.


When Carol entered the room and saw what Marsha was watching she felt the world
cave in on her; a mammoth avalanche of despair that blocked out all light and
air. She hugged herself as her body shook with humiliation. Tears streaked her
cheeks as she watched herself get fucked side- saddle, by her own brother! Her
left leg stood almost straight up giving the camera a spectacular shot of John's
large prick, slick with cum-juice, driving deep into her twisting body. When she
heard the passion erupt from her mouth, she screamed.

Marsha jumped up, startled by the eerie sound; something that sounded like a
wail of despair. Her own body was trembling with suppressed desire and her
breathing was ragged so it took a moment for her fevered brain to focus. Her
mother stood at the door, her body bent forward, shaking, tears running down her
cheeks. Her robe had become loose and through the gap, Marsha could see the
swells of her tits and part of a naked leg. A strange, tingling sensation
rippled through her body, making her cunt contract and filling it with hot
pussycream. Her mind pictured her mother's blonde, wet cunt, a twin of her own,
and her lust spilled over.

"Marsha! . . . Marsha! . . . I can explain, I . . ."

Carol's words stuck in her throat as Marsha, her eyes bright with excitement,
pulled her robe open and exposed her body. She stiffened as her daughter's
hungry lips covered her own and her hot tongue twisted in her mouth, probing its
softness. A moan escaped her lips as strong hands gripped her tits and harshly
kneaded the yielding flesh. Carol felt her legs begin to tremble and her cunt
start to fill with the hot juices of her body. A small, rational part of her
mind tried to tell her that this was wrong, but a blinding light filled her
senses, blocking out all rational thought. Marsha had, roughly, stuck a finger
up her cunt!

Pulling her mother to the couch, Marsha sought Carol's lips. Entwining their
tongues, each felt the response and electric thrills ran up their spines. Hands
pulled roughly at the constricting robes as both were consumed by a forbidden
passion fueled by fantasy, guilt, and frustration. They had to have each other!

Naked, they rolled around the floor; arms and legs entwined, as the television
screen continued to flash the family's secret before them. Marsha was dimly
aware of her mother being fucked by a strong, young man; someone around Peter's

Carol, now in the throes of lust, spread Marsha's cunt wide open with her
thumbs. Pressing her nose to the steaming slit, she inhaled the tart aroma of
female pussycream. A small drop of cuntjuice dripped onto her outstretched
tongue, and with a moan of lust and anguish, she buried her face in Marsha's
sopping cunt and began to suck greedily. Marsha's groans turned into pleasurable

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!" Marsha moaned as her mother's tongue began to stir
strange, hidden feelings in her body. Her cunt was being sucked by another
woman! Incredible excitement surged through her, heightened by the knowledge of
whose mouth was thrilling her.

Marsha rolled their bodies over and Carol's active tongue never left her snatch;
never missed a lick as it rushed over her extended clit like a fast moving
stream, making her limbs twitch uncontrollably. Now, she could see Carol's
blonde-furred box, dripping with hot juice, directly above her mouth and nose.
As she gazed at it in wonder, Carol pushed her cunt down, hard, completely
covering Marsha's face and the tart female juices flowed freely into her mouth.
She swallowed and the musky taste drove her tongue deep into her mother's pussy
searching for more.

Like gladiators, locked in combat, their tongues stabbed and their hands probed;
each straining to give and to receive.

"Oh, God! Mommy! I'm gonna cum . . . I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes, baby, yes!" Carol mumbled. "Cum! Let me suck your cum! . . . . .

Waves of pleasure washed over their misted bodies as the multiple cums began to
flow, and Marsha realized the sexual dizziness that only another woman's tongue
could produce. Her body arched, and began to shake with uncontrollable tremors.
Her pussy erupted and she squirted her lust into Carol's waiting mouth; the hot
cum dribbling down her mother's cheeks and into the crack of her ass.

Her body still shaking, Marsha wrapped her legs around Carol's twisting head,
holding it captive; keeping her probing, snake-like tongue prisoner; her hips
humping into a cum-slick face.

Carol wailed into her daughter's thick muff as Marsha sucked hard on her exposed
clit, sending a torrent of sizzling cunt-juice flowing into her mouth and over
her cheeks. In their passion, they had cum like men, shooting globs of juice
into each other's mouth.

They broke apart, bodies panting and smiled lovingly at each other. The grinding
sex had been a cathartic experience for them; a purging of guilt and
frustration. In its wake only love, pleasure and desire existed.

Marsha pointed toward the flickering screen. "How did you all get together?" she
asked, watching a close-up shot of her aunt flushed face; her mouth open and
three erupting cocks -her father's and uncle, and the strange young man - splash
cum all over her face and mouth. Excited, she watched Mary's mouth swallow glob
after glob, her tongue searching for the stray drops that ran down her nose and
cheeks. She appeared immensely happy.

Carol reached over for the remote control and turned the set off. "You can see
that some other time. I feel foolish having you watch that. I always knew it
would get us in trouble one of these days."

Marsha smiled. "Don't feel bad. If it wasn't for that nothing would have
happened tonight and I'd still think I was nuts." She threw her arms wide,
pulling her lovely tits up. "You don't know how good I feel; how free."

"Oh, yes I do, baby. Yes, I do!"

Marsha moved closer, her still warm body touching Carol's. "How did it happen?
You and uncle John and aunt Mary?"

"Well," Carol sighed, consigned to tell the story, "it started just after you
left for San Francisco. Over a year ago. The four of us went to Las Vegas for a
weekend, remember? Well, between Mike and John, they won around a thousand
dollars. So, we had a party."

"A sex party?" Marsha asked, incredulously.

"No, silly! A celebration. We went out and painted the town red, white and
blue." Carol hesitated. "Well, to make a long story short. We had a suite at the
hotel and Mary and I were feeling no pain. When we couldn't take another drink
we left the boys at the bar and went off to bed.

"I don't really know what happened, even the guys can't figure it out, but when
they came up, pretty tipsy, they went to the wrong bedrooms." Carol shrugged

"Oh, no," Marsha said, "I want to hear it all. Don't give me that shrug of the
shoulder bit."

Carol giggled. She actually enjoyed telling the story, but was still embarrassed
and needed prodding to go on.

"You can imagine what happened next. I woke up with this thick cock nudging me
in the ass, and the next thing I knew I was on all fours getting fucked doggie
style." She put her hands up, searching for the right words. "Sex was always
good, but like a lot of couples it wasn't as . . . exciting as it once was. This
. . . this was somehow different, not better . . . just different. Yes, that's
it. John's cock felt different! His whole style of fucking was not what I was
used to.

"Well, there was a mirror behind the bed and when I looked up, there was your
uncle John, fucking my pussy for all it was worth! All of a sudden I'm cumming
like a waterfall. I can't stop! I know it's my brother and I know it's wrong,
but I'm so excited, so hot and horny I can't do anything about it. I didn't want
to do anything about it!

"All my schoolgirl fantasies came flooding back; my handsome brother, the
football hero with all the girls after him. My incredible secret crush! I wanted
a boyfriend just like him. Actually, I wanted him. I use to masturbate dreaming
about him. He was my fantasy!" Carol sighed.

"Well, like I said, we fucked and fucked. And I came and came. Afterwards,
Johnny told me that when he realized who he was screwing his cock doubled in
size. He said he had to keep fucking me. He couldn't stop either."

"What was aunt Mary and Daddy doing all this time?"

"The same thing. And they felt the same, too. Even after they knew who they were
in bed with, they had to keep at it. The excitement was just too much! It was as
if all our emotions, all our passions had been walled up and this just shattered
the barriers.

"I can tell you we were pretty sheepish in the morning. No one could think of
the right thing to say. No one wanted to admit how much they enjoyed it. Thank
God, for Mary. After a silence that was terrifying she ups and admits that she
fucked her brother, loved fucking her brother, and wanted to fuck him again. Her
honesty made me stand up and admit how I felt, too. I still loved Mike, but I
also loved fucking John. And, like Mary, I wanted to do it again.

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