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"I'm in ass-fucker's heaven!" John roared. His trembling hands gripped Marsha's
asscheeks and his hips swung back and forth, driving his fat, rigid cock up her
asshole again and again.

"I swear," he huffed, "fucking your ass, girl, is almost as good as screwing any
other woman's pussy. Hot damn, you've got a tight one!"

"Fuck my pussy, Uncle John!" Marsha ordered. Her body bordering on violent
eruption craved a hard cock in her cunt.

"Fuck it good!" she demanded.

As John pulled his cock from Marsha's ass, Mike grabbed his shoulder and pushed
him away. "My turn!" he snapped.

Marsha thrust her ass higher exposing her glistening blonde cunt. With a groan,
her father pushed the bulbous head of his cock between her pussylips, and with
an easy stab, buried his entire cock in his daughter pulsating cunt.

"Ahhhhh!" he moaned in satisfaction. "Hot, tight pussy!" He fucked rapidly,
grunting with each plunge of his long cock, his belly smacking up against
Marsha's ass.

Marsha squealed, driving her tongue deeper into her mother's creamy cunt,
wiggling her ass lewdly as her father screwed her pussy.

His body shaking with lust, and frustration, John squeezed his cock, hard,
working the skin back and forth. It throbbed painfully. Frantically, he looked
around and spied his sister's, dreamy-eyed face. Her mouth was open and she was
breathing rapidly. Lunging forward, he grabbed her head and speared his thick
prick into her gaping mouth, forcing her lips wide, driving his ass-flavored
cock to the very edge of her throat. Carol gagged and wrinkled her nose at the
noxious odor. She tried to pull back, but John had her head pinned and was
pumping his prick lustily into her mouth. Catching her breath, she ran her
tongue around the meaty shaft, savoring its different taste, the aroma no longer
as bad. My cunt, she thought. Marsha's ass! Mike's cock in her cunt! John's
prick in her cunt! She could see them joined together; attached by their
smoldering loins; mouth and cock, pussy and prick, mouth and cunt; almost the
entire family! All that was missing was Peter's cock up her ass!

The sudden erotic flash send a stream of hot pussycream to her cunt, that rolled
over Marsha's lapping tongue and down her waiting throat. Carol caressed her
brother's ponderous balls, rolling them in their sac; then, her cravings
aroused, she began to suck his thick cock in deep earnest.

"I guess that leaves only us, lover," Mary said. She stood in front of Peter,
legs wide and hands on hips; the black splash of cunt-hair spread out in a thick
triangle between her legs, directly in front of his eyes. Peter gazed at her
voluptuous body; the high jutting tits and smooth, rounded thighs. His
semi-erect cock twitched as it remembered the hot passion of her tight pussy.
Hungrily, he licked his dry lips and put the video camera down.

Her lips were warm and her mouth tasted surprisingly salty. His hands enclosed
her tits and the nipples hardened as the heat of his palms warmed her sensitive
skin. Mary held his shoulders and straddled him; one leg on the floor, the
other, high up, on the bolster of the sofa. His now rock hard cock stood poised
directly beneath her gaping hole. He could see the fat, puffy lips peeking
deliciously through the jungle of cunt-hair. Slowly, she lowered her body onto
his twitching prong, shifting her hips as she slid down the hot length of his
meaty shaft, seating his cock firmly in her cunt.

"Oooooooo," she mewed seductively. "Eight inches of beautiful cock! Oh, how I
love it!"

"Nine inches!" he said wickedly. "And it's all for you sweet Aunt of mine. All
for you!"

"Oh, yes, Peter! Yes! Give it all to me! I want it! Fuck me, Peter, fuck me!"
She hissed at him, as her knees flexed and her stuffed cunt traveled the entire
length of his rampant cock. She threw her head back and, rapidly, began to
piston her hips up and down, plunging his throbbing prick into her incredibly
wet, lusting pussy; her body suddenly shimmying, as sharp jolts of electricity
pulsed through her.

Mary squirmed as the blinding surge of pleasure washed over her enflamed body,
stoking the hot fires of her loins again. Pussyjuice gushed out of her, running
like hot sap down her thighs. Peter's hard cock was thrilling her, driving her
demanding body to greater and greater exertion. She felt the tightness in her
thighs, the beginning of leg cramps, but she ignored it and with machine-like
precision, forced them to drive her wanton hips up and down his massive fucking

Carol was on the verge of losing control. She felt an icy tingle on her hot skin
and the start of a shivering spasm, the forewarning of a violent orgasm. John's
cock stuffed her mouth and stretched her lips wide. She could feel the pain all
the way up her jaw line. Marsha's tongue and corkscrewing fingers refused to
give her a respite. Relentless, and without mercy, they drove her body to the
very edge of an uncharted, bottomless abyss. Dimly, through barely focused eyes,
she was aware of Mary's naked ass straddling her son, her hips pounding on
Peter's huge cock, but she wasn't sure if she was dreaming or not. But she could
feel Marsha's face mash against her cunt as Mike drove his cock in and out of
the squirming hole. They were going to cum! All of them!

Marsha's free hand dug into the soft flesh of her tender thighs; Carol opened
her mouth to scream and a tidal wave of cum flooded her throat.

"Awwwww, yeahhhh!" John bellowed. "Suck! Suck my cock!"

"Cummmmmmm' ... " Marsha wailed.

Carol closed her eyes, swallowed a mouthful of frothy cum, and exploded between
her legs as Marsha's tongue and thrusting fingers broke the dam. Like as vise,
her legs clamped shut, imprisoning Marsha's wiggling face; the tremors of her
daughter's erupting body surging through her legs, to her own squirming, gushing

"I'm cumming!" Mike grunted. "Jesus Christ! Ahhhhh!"

Shaking out of control, his body riding Marsha's trembling form, Mike grabbed
her magnificent tits and used them, brutally, to lunge his hosing cock deeper
into his daughter's bursting cunt.

Carol was delirious. The potent aroma of hot cum filled her senses. She choked
as the cum flooded her throat and overflowed her mouth. She gulped as best she
could, but cum escaped her mouth, ran down her chin and dripped on her heaving
tits. Like a vacuum cleaner, she sucked and licked and swallowed; all the time
smashing her shaking hips against Marsha's twisting face.

Breaking free, Marsha screamed her lust and passion as her head turned,
frantically, from side to side. Severe tremors rocked her body as her father's
cock pulsed madly in her battered and juicy cunt. She could feel the overflowing
cum leak out of her pussy and ooze down her trembling inner legs. Like runners,
at the end of a marathon, they each sagged down to the floor and collapsed,
totally exhausted. Only Carol still had the strength to pick her head up when
she heard Mary scream.


Mary was gagging; mouth agape, and her head lolled like a cork in water. She
looked like she was either in great pain or great pleasure. Peter had flipped
his Aunt to the floor, rolled her over onto all fours, and stabbed his big tool
all the way up her exposed asshole. The pleasure-pain had almost make her faint.

"Oooooooo, yesssss!" she purred, shaking with excitement as Peter's cock started
to stroke up her hot rear hole.

"Hell, what's happening?" John asked to no one in particular, his head back and
his eyes still closed.

Marsha giggled. "Peter's just repaying the compliment you gave my ass before,
uncle John," she said. "And lucky Aunt Mary is enjoying the hell out of it."
Even tired, her voice had a tinge of envy to it.

Mary squirmed and her eyes glazed with pleasure as her sweaty nephew humped her
tight butt-hole; each powerful lunge sending scorching sensations rippling
through her body, down to her dripping cunt. Pussyjuice bubbled from her cunt
smearing Peter's swinging balls as they banged against her throbbing pussy. She
dug her nails into the carpet pile and humped back at him, her ass mashing
against his crotch in a hot push, pull; her body demanding release.

"Fuck me!" she squealed. "Ooooh, fuck my ass, Peter!!"

"I'm gonna cum!" Peter panted. "Fuck my cock! FUCK!"

They screamed in unison as their climaxes exploded in their sweaty, lust-filled


Carol wasn't sure how long she had slept, but she knew she had dozed off. They
all had; each entwined with another, until everyone provided a head rest or a
soft shoulder. Now awake, she felt slightly cramped and sore. But it was a good
sore; a warm, languid feeling - something to be enjoyed while it lasted. She
turned her head slowly. Marsha's head was resting on her shoulder, her body
protectively covered by Peter's. Mike lay next to her, his shoulder touching
hers; Mary's head in his lap. John's limp body partially covered Mary's sleeping
form, his hand draped, casually, over her recently ravished ass.

Carol took a deep breath. The pungent smell of sex was all around her, like a
heady perfume. She longed to stretch, but that was impossible. She would have
woken everyone up, and as much as she loved these wonderful people, she
treasured this solitary moment. Resting her head against the wall, she let her
mind drift backwards, remembering the last few hours, beginning with Mary's
violent ass-fucking orgasm; how she bucked wildly against Peter's pounding cock,
how he dug his fingers into her tender ass-flesh, holding her steady so he could
ram his prick in, all the way to the base. Mary had screamed, pounded the floor
with her fists, tore at the carpet, then she arched up, her perky ass impaled on
Peter's massive spike, shuddered and collapsed in a heap, like a rag doll. Carol
was sure it had been the most intense cum Mary had ever had from a butt-fuck.
The glint of leaking pussyjuice could be seen flowing freely from her bubbling
cunt, down her shaking thigh and into the crevice of her ass.

Carol remembered her own reaction: tight chest, heavy breathing, hot-cold
sensations, and a new gush of cunt lube filling her pussy. Her asshole had
twitched involuntarily, as she remembered Peter's beautiful cock stretching her
own back hole wide, forcing its way past the protective outer ring, and filling
her body with wild surges of perverted excitement. Trembling, she had crawled
over to Mary's supine body, somehow hoping to share the magic she knew her
sister- in-law was feeling. Tenderly, she kissed Mary's lips; the taste of
John's cum still in her mouth. Slowly, she felt the spark of response, the
slight jerk of Mary's tongue sliding into her moist warmth and the gentle,
feminine fingers on her sensitive tits. She had moaned, softly, as the heat of
their bodies mingled, like a gentle mating of sand and sea. Warm pussycream had
leaked from her cunt and was slowly trailing down her leg.

The gentle hands were suddenly replaced by stronger, rougher, more demanding
ones; squeezing, kneading, roughly playing with her tit-flesh. The hot flash of
searing heat in her cunt was almost immediate. She had opened her mouth to gasp,
only to have it filled with hard, hot cock. Blinking her eyes, she recognized
her husband's long, lovely cock and the tang of Marsha's cuntjuices still
clinging to warm flesh. Her tongue started to wash the heavy knob and she had
savored the man/woman taste as her saliva trickled back down her throat.
Glancing backwards, she saw her brother's excited face. His cock was hard, too,
and pushing upright against the crack of her ass; his hands squeezing and
pulling on her hot tits. She remembered how the warm glow of rising heat
enfolded her body, how her eyes misted and closed in wonder as the sensations -
the wonderful, exciting, totally taboo sensations - flowed outward from her cunt
to all parts of her body and the sudden jab of hard cockmeat filling her wet,
tender pussy bringing her out of the dreamlike stupor, back to the sharp reality
of a hot, driving prick.

Her eyes had moved around, clearing; taking in the scene. She was sucking
Peter's semi-erect prick! And she was straddling Mike's thrusting hips! It was
his wonderful cock in her pussy. Where was Mary? And when did this all happen?
she wondered, idly, as her tongue and saliva worked around her son's prick. The
taste of Mary's cunt and ass were still on it, and the vicarious thrill of their
hot fuck session filled her mind blocking out the idle question. It was like
tongue-fucking Mary's puckered hole! Now she had tasted both of them! Marsha and
Mary. Her body fired at the erotic thrill of it, adding to the fuck sensations
generated by Mike and Peter's steely cocks, and John's roaming hands.

"Shit!" Peter groaned. "What a mouth! I'm fucking hard again! Momma, you can
raise the dead!"

She had tried to smile at the compliment, but Peter's hands held her head tight
against the base of his crotch; the full length of his huge cock deep in her
mouth. Soon, the tingling in her cunt was driving her mad. She raised her hips
up and leaned forward, giving Mike more room to hump into her volcano-like
pussy, and Peter, better access to her demanding mouth.

John spread her asscheeks wide, exposing her pink asshole, and blonde covered
pussy stuffed with cock.

"Christ, that's a hellava sight! I should get the camera and put this on film."

"No," Marsha said, kneeling down beside him. Her face was flushed with a new
rise of excitement. "Put your cock in her ass, uncle John. Give her a three-way!
She deserves it."

Carol remembered feeling a hot rush of pleasure when she heard her daughter's
words. She had wiggled her pretty ass, obscenely, in consent. Pulling Peter's
cock from her mouth, she hissed, "Oh, yes, Johnny, fuck my ass! Hard! Fill me up
with cocks; all of you. I need it so bad."

"Yeah," Mike chorused, in agreement, "screw her ass good, Johnny. We'll give her
a ride she'll never forget."

His voice had been raspy, almost a choke. Playing with her hard nipples, and
watching her mouth slide, relentlessly, back and forth over Peter's thick shaft
had enflamed his mind and stiffened his cock to an iron hardness that was almost
painful. He had reached up and pulled her rear cheeks even further apart,
stretching them to the very limits, giving John the ultimate target. Carol
remembered holding on to Peter's cock, steadying herself in preparation for
John's first ass-fuck lunge; the muscles of her butt contracting automatically
in hot anticipation. She had felt like she was drowning in a sea of erotic

"I'm going to put his cock in your ass, Mom," Marsha had said, her voice tight
with excitement, "just the way Aunt Mary did that beautiful dildo. I'm going to
push it in all the way."

Shaking with electric sensations, Carol had sensed, rather than seen, Marsha
take hold of her uncle's thick cock; lovingly run her mouth and tongue over the
meaty shaft, lubricating it with her thick saliva, and placing the bulbous head
at the entryway of her tight rear end. She had gasped and her body stiffened as
the huge cockhead pressed against the neuter ring of her asshole.

She remembered screaming into Peter's crotch as John's cock forced its way up
her almost dry back-hole. She remembered the flashing lights before her eyes,
the wild, contorted movements of her impaled body; flinging her head from side
to side, her powerful jaws almost clamping down on Peter's precious cock.

"Com'on, baby sister," John wailed, "Com'on, you can do it! Suck that cock up
your ass! You know you love it!"

She remembered Marsha's face close to hers, her hands roaming over her body, her
voice hoarse with excitement.

"He's all the way up your ass, Mom! Can you feel him? Can you? ... You have
three great cocks in you! God, you look wonderful!" she had hissed.

She had finally nodded, after gaining small control of her heaving chest. Her
eyes had remained closed, unfocused; clouded by a hot mist, filled with vibrant
colors of blinding passion. Her cunt was secreting bubbling pussycream like an
open water tap, and each thrust of the two rampart cocks, rubbing up against
each other, through the thin, separating, wall, sent another steamy stream
cascading down her fiery love tunnel. Carol could not remember ever feeling so
full, so excited, so high! Never had three cocks given her so much pleasure.
Every pore of her body was vibrantly alive; throbbing with anticipated wonder
and delight. She thrilled as her brother's balls banged against her husband's
up- thrusting cock, and she gagged delightedly as Peter's cockhead bounced off
her tonsils, at the very entrance to her throat!

Now, she remembered Peter adjusting his fuck stoke into her unmoving mouth;
Marsha licking the slimy shaft as it slid by; his loud demands. She remembered
how they began to fuck her in unison, each one timing their stroke to meet the
frantic movements of her hips and face.

"Cum all over her!" she heard Marsha say, "Wash her body in cum!"

The words were like spurs to a race horse. She had heard the hard, loud
grunting, felt the quickening of their movements; the sudden, violent,
acceleration as they shoved their hard cocks into every fuck opening of her
screaming body. She was on the verge of a blissful death; her cunt ready to
explode in a violent tidal wave of hot, blinding pleasure.

"Cum! Cum all over me!" she had cried, grabbing Peter's ready prick and harshly
fisting the steely fuckmeat. Her tongue flicked, wetly, at the angry purple head
and her hand flashed up and down the hot shaft.

Lovingly, she looked up at Peter's contorted face; he was going to cum!

"Yes, baby, yes! Give me your cum!" Her voice had been a wail of anguish, then
her flaming body erupted.

Carol was jolted from her reverie when Marsha stirred, restlessly, against her
shoulder. She had been panting loudly, and almost woke her daughter up. She bit
her lip. The pain helped to control her rapid breathing and heaving chest. She
tried to recapture the memory of that impossible climax, but the first few
moments escaped her. Her cum had been so incredibly intense, so violent, she had
blanked out. She did remember their hot cum splashing against her face, her
stomach, her ass and back. She remembered her trembling body and shaking arms as
she rubbed Peter's spurting cockhead all over her face. The wild, spraying, cum
juice shot into her hair and dribbling down her scalp, mixing with the other hot
streams sliding down her nose and cheeks.

Mike had pulled his throbbing cock out at the very last minute. His jism had
erupted like a searing volcano, each explosion smacking her stomach and tits
like little hammers, washing her body with love, then sliding down her belly and
straining legs. Lots of his love juice puddled around their mingled loin hairs.
She remembered, in wonderment, how his cock had slapped against her stomach,
twitching maddeningly, as his juice poured out.

Her brother had waited one second too long. Wailing, loudly, his first
shuddering explosion had flooded her asshole with a huge, hot, wave of erupting
passion. It crashed against the tender inner walls and receded with a rush,
flowing unchecked out of her asshole as it following John's escaping cock. His
cock had shot huge spurts of cum all over until Marsha grabbed it and directed
the pulsating prick downward. Cum juice splashed in her hair, on her back and
ass, and ran down her body in what seem like a million tiny streams of released
passion. The images were vague and surreal, but the sensations were real and
vivid, and sprang to life immediately.

Another piece was missing, because the next thing she remembered was Marsha and
Mary licking her body with eager tongues, rubbing the silky wads of love juice
into her skin; sticking their tongues into the secrets of her ass and her cunt
and her mouth, extracting the musky taste of prick from each opening, searching
for any tiny stray droplet of sweet cum.


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