Chapter 2: Rain

It’s been a while since I last wrote. I’m still having trouble believing what’s happened between me and my sis. It’s insane, but fucking awesome at the same time.

About a month after the awesome day I wrote about in the first part of this incredibly epic series, things were normal. Rachel rides me till my crotch hurts, and even my other sister Rebekah (I thought I was clear I had two sisters, but for the morons out there that didn’t get it, I just wanted to clarify for you) has started talking to me and Rachel again. I swear Rebekah is going to be a total emo when she grows up. Right now all she needs is all dark clothing and to color her hair black and she’s got it. At fucking seven years old. Damn.
Anyway, things were getting better, my mom got this boyfriend that’s a manager for a Walmart somewhere downtown. He has enough money for an apartment, and we could move there…but here’s the catch. He doesn’t like kids. So he gives my mom money for her and us kids (which is awesome) but he only wants my mom over at his place. We still have to live at this trailer park, but it’s not all bad, because mom is gone a lot. Sometimes even for days. Of course we don’t tell anyone in town that, and the neighbors in the other trailers don’t care. It’s a huge plus for me and Rachel. Now we don’t have to get down on some wet grass under a bridge. We do it on our mom’s queen size bed! HA! Of course when we do we have to make sure Rebekah is not anywhere near mom’s bedroom and listening to my iPod. Shit might get weird if she came in.


Rachel yells, grabbing tight onto the bedsheets. I continue hammering in and out of her with my cock, the familiar sensation of electricity pulsing through me. I break the stare at Rachel’s wide-open eyes and a take in the scene, nearly blowing my load right there. Goddamn she is so beautiful. Porn just isn’t good anymore when I’ve got a live pornstar just for me. Rachel doesn’t like her natural blonde hair, so with the money from our mom’s boyfriend she gets her hair colored every once and a while. Her long dark auburn hair is fanned out around her head, and as my eyes travel down as I stare at Rachel’s round firm breasts squeezed tight in my hands. I knead her tits furiously in my hands, feeling her hard pink nipples. She continues moaning ‘shit’ over and over again as I continue my rapid thrusting. My eyes travel down from her pale breasts, down her smooth, petite stomach, and to her lower half’s pink lips that I’m pounding into over and over.

I feel the electricity in me starting to grow, so I quickly pull out of my sister’s pussy, breathing fast.
“Why don’t you do some of the work for a change,” I say, laying down on the bed next to Rachel. Rachel rolls her eyes. “Pussy.” I turn the insult by saying, “Yeah, bring it here, whore.” Rachel gets up, standing over me. I guide my rock-hard shaft to stand erect lining right up under my sister’s pussy. Rachel lowers herself down, until her pussy is less than an inch from my dick. I stare up at her. She has a mischievous look on her face. “What?!” I say. “Come on, bitch!”

Without a word my sis lowers herself down way too quickly on my rod, hitting my crotch in seconds with her firm sweet ass. I can’t believe I didn’t blow it just then. I gasp. “Fuck!” I shout, and Rachel laughs. She rocks her hips around in a circular motion on the full length of my dick, sending me into chills. Not wanting to be useless I grab onto her gorgeous tits again. Rachel starts to rise up and fall back onto my pulsing member in a quickening motion, moaning with pleasure. After a minute Rachel moans louder than before, and I feel my dick get all wet as Rachel cums her sweet love juices all over my cock. My hands travel down from my sister’s bouncing tits as I feel her thin smooth waist and down onto her round firm ass. I squeeze her ass cheeks, eliciting high-pitched moans from the hot girl riding me. “Spank me hard, bro,” my sis moans, continuing to rise and fall onto my cock. I slap her firm ass, making my sis bite her lip sexily.



My sis moans my name as I slap her ass over and over as she rides me faster all the time. The window behind my head has a thin curtain over it, but plenty light comes through, making my sis’ smooth naked body glow with a golden light. I continue staring into her wide bright blue eyes, as she stares back at me. What I feel is more than intense pleasure…I feel a sort of connection.
I shake as the electricity pumping in my veins starts to all travel into my wet cock. I quickly sit up some, lifting Rachel off my waist as she laughs. I lay her down on her back again, getting on my knees between her legs.
“Where do you want it?” I say.

Rachel smiles sexily at me. “Everywhere,” she says.
I pump my cock furiously over my beautiful sister, the sensation building inside my dick. With a final jerk I let out a loud groan, firing a spray of cum at my sis. I paint my seed all over her breasts and face, jerking off until the last bit of cum sprays out. Breathing heavily I stare at my work. Rachel is smiling with a tired and contented look on her face. Some cum is spattered on her nose and on her outstretched tongue. The cum on her breasts drips down onto her stomach and onto her juicy pussy, mixing with her own juices that are leaking out onto the bed sheets.

I collapse on the bed next to her, staring up at the trailer’s ceiling. Rachel’s fast sexy breathing eventually slows down, and she turns her head and says, “Damn. You dumped a big load on me.” I laugh. I look over to see Rachel scooping up all the cum on her and sucking it off her fingers. She gulps everything down until she’s practically clean. “You’ve got some in your hair,” I say with a smirk, and I wipe it off with my finger. My sis sucks it off my finger, swallowing it and letting out a long sigh.

After we’ve laid there for a while my sis rolls over on top of me, pressing her pussy onto my deflated dick. We cuddle for a while before finally getting up and dressing. The small room smells heavily of sex, so Rachel takes a thing of air freshener and sprays the room a bit. We wouldn’t want mom returning home unexpectantly and getting suspicious.

As I expect I find Rebekah sitting on my cot listening to my iPod while she draws on her nails with a black marker. I lightly tap her on the head. She looks up at me, then closes the marker and takes the earbuds out of her head. “You were listening to Owl City?” I ask, taking my iPod back. Rebekah shakes her head. “Then what?” I ask.

“Black Sabbath and Eminem,” Rebekah replies in a short sentence. I stare at her for a moment then laugh. I look over at Rachel, who’s staring at Rebekah with surprise.

“You do realize you’re seven years old,” Rachel says. “You shouldn’t be listening to music like that at your age.”

Rebekah stares up at me and Rachel with an evil smirk.

“Oh yeah? And you guys are totally old enough to be popping eachother in mommy’s room,” She says.

I choke on the blunt I’m smoking.

“W-what?” Rachel stutters, staring at Rebekah, her eyes wide.

“Yeah, you heard me. I’m not a dumb little baby. I know what you guys are doing in there. You’re a loud little bitch, sis.”

I can’t help myself and burst out laughing, while Rachel looks on, her jaw open.
Okay, wow. So Rebekah is VERY mature for her age. Hopefully that was obvious.
“Don’t tell mom, Rebekah,” Rachel says, terrified. “She can’t know. Please.”
Rebekah looks over at me. “I won’t tell, as long as you let me have your iPod whenever I want it, Nathan.” I sigh, handing over my iPod back to the little napoleon.

Rebekah walks away from us and into the room she shares with mom, then quickly comes back out.
“You guys take that room tonight again, it smells like a fairy’s ass,” Rebekah complains. (I am still laughing my ass off about that. She actually said those exact words, no lie.) Rebekah goes and lays down on my cot, listening to loud music. I look over at Rachel and we exchange looks. Shit just got more interesting.

The next morning I wake up and lift my head to look around. Rachel is laying on my bed with a thin sheet over us. With my right hand I lift the sheet off. Rachel is wearing some short pajamas, her head laying on my chest. I rub my hands slowly down her back, finding my way under her thin pajama shorts and onto her smooth ass cheeks. Rachel’s head moves a little, then is still. I continue rubbing her ass, running my fingers into her crack. Rachel remains still as my hand makes its way down her crack until it touches her fleshy folds forming her pussy. Slowly and gently I stick two fingers into my sister’s warm cunt. Rachel moans, starting to breath harder on my chest. “Mmmmm…” She moans. “’Morning, sis,” I say smiling. I continue sticking my two fingers further in until they’re up to the knuckles, making my sis moan louder. I pull my fingers halfway out, then push back in, slowly increasing the motion. Rachel reaches her hand out, sliding her hand into my pants and grabbing my growing cock. Will I continue thrusting into her cunt with my fingers Rachel uses her hand to jack off my cock, making it grow to full height.

“Hey sis,” I say, inserting a third finger into Rachel’s pussy while I finger-fuck her hard, “I think you got one of your math problems wrong the other day.”

Rachel looks up at me with a quizzical look. “Why are you talking about school?”
“No, it’s important. Uh…I think it was problem sixty-nine. I was thinking I could help you out with that.”
My sister grins. “Oh. I see.”

Rachel jumps off the bed and looks out the curtain door to make sure mom isn’t home, then sprints back onto the bed. I pull her pajama top off while Rachel pulls down my pants. Before Rachel can even get to my t-shirt I pin her down on the bed, sucking on her breasts. She lets out a sigh of pleasure as I suckle on her pink erect nipples, gliding my tongue across them. I lightly nip one of those juicy little rose buds, making my sis moan ‘Oh’, My sis holds the back of my head, pressing my mouth firmly against her left breast. I suck in as much as I can of her delicious mound, then pull off and start to suckle fast on her nipple like a newborn baby. At the same time I stick three fingers back into her dripping cunt, thrusting into her with a blurring speed. Seconds later my sis cries out, and my hand gets covered in her sweet juices.

I pull my shirt off, and Rachel takes off her shorts. Rachel crawls on all fours like a cat over me and turns so that her juicy pussy is inches from my mouth. With one swift movement my sister brings her mouth hungrily down on my cock.

I grab onto my sister’s firm ass cheeks, bringing her pussy down to my mouth. I stick the tip of my tongue into her dripping wet pussy. My sis moans into my cock as we continue pleasing eachother. I suck on my sister’s pussy lips, drinking all her sweet love juices up as she deep-throats my dick. Rachel rocks her head up and down in forceful motion which sends vibrations into my cock from her loud moaning. The wet warm feeling on my dick spurs me on, and I thrust my tongue into my sister’s outstretched pussy with increased vigor.
Rachel is shaking all over with pleasure as she continues devouring my dick with her hot mouth. She moans into my cock again as she cums, flooding my mouth with her juices. I finally can’t take it anymore and fire a load into my sister’s mouth. She chokes a little but manages to gulp all my seed down as it enters her mouth.

I am dead tired as I dress, slapping my sister’s round firm ass as she puts on some panties. We eventually make our way out of the room and into the kitchen. I look into my room, but Rebekah’s not there. Both me and Rachel check the small space right next where I sleep that’s Rachel’s room. She has a cot like mine, and on her walls are a bunch of pictures of Justin Beiber, Niki Manaj, and Rihanna. Yeah, I know.
Rebekah is sitting on my sis’ cot, listening to my music while she’s sloppily putting on some dark eye shadow. She’s mumbling,

“Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out, till my legs give out, can’t shut my mouth…”
“Hey, little midget!” My sis yells, ripping out one of the buds in Rebekah’s ears. Rebekah looks up. “What, asshole?” She says, annoyed. “You’re using my makeup!” Rachel yells. Rebekah glares at her. “Yeah? So? You wouldn’t want me to tell mommy—“ Rachel rolls her eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Okay. You can use it,” Rachel grumbles, storming out of her room. I take one last look at Rebekah before following Rachel out to eat breakfast.

“She’s a monster!” Rachel yells, striding beside me as we take a walk away from the trailer. I shake my head. “Kids these days. Where did we go wrong, honey?” Rachel punches me in the arm. “Shuttup. So where do you want to go?”

We walk for a while out of the trailer park and down towards the train tracks. I’m sure you people are thinking how bad of a brother and sister we are by leaving a seven year-old by herself, but honestly I had really gotten to hate the little brat. Sure, she started talking again, but what came out of her mouth was usually an insult to me and Rachel. And the fact that she was controlling us…oh well, it was going to happen eventually.
My watch tells me it’s about 1 o’clock pm. I think we woke up somewhere around 12:05. Damn. Our little party last night really tired us both out. We reach the bridge, walking down the incline and onto the railroad tracks. I think about how many times we used to fuck under the bridge, and that makes me grin. We continue walking down the train track, far away from the bridge. There are tall pine and oak trees on either sides of the track now. A cool breeze blows through the area, and I look up at the sky to notice a group of dark clouds inching their way in our direction. Hmm. We were walking on an iron track surrounded by trees, in an area in the city that we weren’t familiar with. Shit. Not exactly the best place to be if there’s going to be a thunderstorm. We quicken our pace, hoping that we’ll come to another bridge or something. There’s a bend up ahead in the track. A group of trees block us from seeing what’s around the corner. We continue walking for several more minutes, finally taking a turn in the railroad track.

Ahead is a big overpass that runs overtop of the track. Dozens of cars are driving over the large bridge, and in the distance on either sides of the track are a mass of buildings.

“We must be in one of the busier parts of Charlottesville,” Rachel says, looking around.
We continue walking until we reach the large bridge. Me and Rachel sit down on one of the concrete ledges on the right side of the track making up the bridge’s foundation. I look around at all the graffiti painted everywhere underneath the bridge. It’s actually not that bad. Someone even managed to get up on the iron support planks hanging from the top of the underside of the bridge and do graffiti there.

“So…I guess we wait out the storm and then go back?” Rachel asks. I nod. “Yeah. But we better hope mom doesn’t get home while we’re away. She would kill us for not watching Rebekah.”

Rachel looks over at me with that wicked look.

I can’t help but feel my crotch stir with anticipation as I roll my eyes. “Are you seriously that addicted?”
The sky is dark now, dark clouds have blocked the sun’s light. In moments there is a boom of thunder, followed by a harsh downpour of rain. In less than half a minute we are both naked, and my sis eyes me with lust.
“I’m not that hot,” I laugh, but the way my sis looks at me does bring up my self-confidence a lot I won’t lie.
Rachel walks away from me and out from under the bridge, allowing the heavy downpour of rain to wash over her. Now it’s my turn to stare with lust as the drops of water cascade down her beautiful nude form and make her shine a little. Droplets of water drip down off her gorgeous tits and run down her stomach to collect on her pussy lips. Rachel motions with her finger for me to come, and I practically sprint over to her. I stand behind her, guiding my shaft into her from behind.


My sis moans. She reaches behind her with one of her arms to feel the back of my head as I thrust into her slowly. I don’t know if where we’re standing people driving on the bridge can see us, and I really don’t care. The pouring rain combined with my sister’s smooth wet body is incredible. Water flows down Rachel’s smooth back and down over her ass cheeks, soaking my dick as I enter her repeatedly. I hold Rachel’s slick breasts and rub my hands all over her amazing body. Rachel suddenly cries out, making my dick feels even better inside her as it’s soaked in her juices. I reach my hands down, massaging her pussy with my fingers from her front as I enter her from behind. I increase my speed, rubbing my sis’s pussy lips in a blurring motion. Rachel’s hand tightens around the back of my head. With her other hand she guides my free hand onto her left breast. I knead her firm mound as I continue my thrusting. There is a crack of thunder and a lightning bolt lights up the darkened sky. The rain is relentless, still coming down in a torrent. I slow down for a moment to lean forward and kiss my sister’s neck passionately.


Rachel gasps, and a moment later my dick is enveloped in more of her warm juices.

“Fuck me harder, baby,” she says, moaning the whole time.

I start to rapidly thrust into my sis, now holding both of my sister’s breasts tight. My sister’s pussy is spasming all over my dick, expanding and constricting each time I hammer my entire length into her. Even though I’ve fucked my sis a hundred times now she’s still tighter than a nun’s asshole. Her cunt has got my dick in a vice-grip now, squeezing the life out of it. I can’t believe I’ve even managed to make it this long.
Before long I start to shake with anticipation as my dick feels like it’s on fire.

“Rachel…ugh…I’m ganna cum,” I warn her, and my sis starts to back her ass into my dick in a rhythmic motion.

“Fill me up, bro,”

She says, taking her hand away from my head and holding tight onto my hands that are clasped on her chest.
The world fades around me. I am thinking of nothing except the incredible feeling that is coursing through me and the beautiful girl that I am making love with. I faintly hear the sounds of thunder, but they’re muffled, as if coming from dozens of miles away. I concentrate all my strength into this final moment, hammering my cock into my sis with all I have. My sis screams with pleasure as I pound her ass with a ferocious speed. My face feels hot, and after a moment I realize that I’m holding my breath. I take in a huge lung full of moist air, water drops running into my mouth. With a final groan I shove my cock in until my balls slap her firm ass and I fire a load of cum into her slutty womb.

“Fuck yes,”

My sis moans and grasps my hands tight. I feel weak at the knees, but I’m not about to collapse. My sister’s pussy feels incredibly warm as I continue to slowly pull in and out of my hot sister’s ass, enjoying the incredible sensation.

I finally pull all the way out. I let go of my sister’s breasts, then put one hand on her back and one in the middle of her legs where they bend. In one swift motion I pick her up. As I hold her beautiful body in my arms, Rachel stares up at me with those shining bright eyes. I watch as the rain drops bounce off her glowing pale skin. Damn.

Rachel giggles as I carry her back under the bridge, then set her gently down on the pile of clothes on the concrete. As Rachel lays there I get on my knees before her and then lay down on top of her. Rachel puts her arms around me as we cuddle under the bridge, and she kisses my neck. “See, you like it when I’m gentle too,” I say, smiling at her. Rachel kisses me, saying, “Yeah. You weren’t that bad.”

“So that’s what it looks like.”

I look up from Rachel, startled at the voice. I stare at the other side of the bridge, at the darkness in the direction from where the voice came. After a moment someone very familiar walks out.


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