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Mike and Bruce were best friends and they did everything together.They were like brothers even though Mike was black and Bruce was white.Bruce also had a sister named Dina who Mike had a vicious cruch on but didnt let anyone know.Mike and Bruce were both 16 at the time and Dina was 15 but was only 10 months younger than Bruce and was about to turn 16 as well.

One day after school Bruce and Mike were chilling at Bruces house when they came across a porn in his dads room.This was the greatest find in there existance.They had found a few magazines and looked at them but never had they actually seen two people having sex.They were estatic and ran too Bruces room to put it in his VCR.

"Is your mother or father going to come home anytime soon?",Mike asked.

"No they wont be home till 10 cause they went to a seminar and my sister wont be home till 8 cause she has a softball game,"Bruce replied.

"sweet,"Mike said with excitement.

They popped the tape in and it was everything they thought it would and more.The first scene started out with a guy and 2 big breasted woman.They went right into it.The 2 woman immediately had there tounges all over the guys dick.The guy obviously was turned on by this because he was moaning like crazy.Then the 2 ladies took off all their clothes.Bruce and Mike both gasped at the same time when the gals big tits flopped out.The guy started eating the girls out and then they began fucking.When the guy shot his load Bruce said something that made Mike wonder.

"Wow that guys dick was huge,"Bruce said.

Mike just sat and wondered what the hell is this guy thinking.Then the thought my dick is way bigger than that guys,but passed it off as if it was nothing.As the next scene came Mike couldnt stand it anymore as he was rubbing his dick through his pants.This was too much excitement and he just had to get his 10" member out and relieve himself.So he wondered how he was going to be able to do this with Bruce right there.He thought that since he and Bruce were close it wouldnt matter if he just took it out and started stroking it.Also Bruce probably need some relief too so he said"I need to jerk off.This porn is really getting to me."

"Me too," Bruce said.

So the two of them undid their pants and started to stroke their dicks.Bruce had an average size dick at about 5 or 6 inches but it was no where as big as Mikes massive cock.Mike also noticed Bruce starting to stare at His dick and began to wonder until Bruce said"Holy shit your dick is the biggest one I have ever seen in my life."

"UH do you wanna touch it," Mike asked.

"Uh as long as you dont tell anyone,"Bruce replied.

"Ok touch it like you do yours"Mike said,

When Bruce touched his buddys throbbing member Mike let out a sigh as a total feeling of exctasy swept through his body.This was the first time anyone but himself had ever touched his cock in a sexual manner.
With the porn that was going on in the background and the feeling that Bruce was giving him he couldnt hold back any longer and he shot a load all over Bruce.The first shot went clear over Bruces head,but the next one landed right on Bruces lower lip and started to dribble right in his mouth.The last few spurts landed on his hand and on Mikes dick.

"Whoa that felt so good.How about I return the favor,"Mike panter as he was out of breath from shooting his load.

"Oh man some of your jizz went in my mouth,"Bruce said trying not reveal that his come actually tasted good.

"Well what did it taste like?"Mike inquired."You can tell me"

"Actually it tasted kind of good,"Bruce blushed.

"Ok well let me touch yours,"Mike said.

Bruce spread his legs and his dick sprang up and Mike took it in his hands.It was consiberably smaller than his but it still had the same warm throbbing feeling his had when he stroked himself.Bruce let out a small moan as Mike started to stroke Bruces hard cock with a little more viggor.His hand looked like a blur to Bruce as Mike was furiously stroking his friends cock.All of the sudden Bruces body started to shake and he shot his load all over Mikes arm and chest.Ropes after ropes of Bruces thick man goo went all over Mike.Bruces orgasm didnt go as far as Mike shot his wad but what he lacked in distance he made up in quality.Mike had never seen so much cum come from one mans cock before in his life.

"Wow,"Bruce panted as he was out of breath from the best orgasm he ever had in his life.

"Thats the most cum Ive ever seen,"Mike said.

"Did you taste it,"Bruce inquired,"cause its not that bad."

Mike reluctantly dipped a finger into Bruces come and put it to his tongue.He noticed it had kind of a sweet salty taste but it didnt taste all that bad.They both still had hard-ons and still needed relief so Mike had another suggestion but he didnt wanna sound like a homo so he went about it delicately.

"Uh you know what might feel good right now.A blowjob."

"Yeah it would but from whom,"Bruce asked."Theres no girls here."

"Well we could give one to eachother.No one will know,"Mike said."Ill even go first if you want.Im not gay just curious to what it feels like to have my dick in someones mouth."

"OK but you cant tell anyone about this,"Bruce stammered.

"Why would I tell anyone.So then can think Im gay.No fucking way,"Mike said.

"Alright go for it,"Bruce said.

With that Mike swooped down to Bruces hard member and too his friends cock in his hand and stuck his tongue out and touched it to Bruces cock.The electricity made Bruce shiver as it felt so good.When he jumped more of his dick dissapeared into Mikes mouth.So Mike started to do the same thing the girls were doing on the video and he started to bob his head up and down on Bruces dick.The feeling was so incredible to Bruce.Then Mike started to rub his friends balls as he bobbed and licked Bruces dick.Bruce could take no more and Mike felt his balls tighten up and he knew he was about to come but he didnt stop bobbing his head and was soon rewarded with a load from his best friend.

"Ahhhhhh Im cccccommmmmminnnnng,"Bruce said.As his body convulged and he shot a wad into Mikes awaiting mouth.This one wasnt as intense because he just came 5 minutes prior but it was still enough to full Mikes mouth with his hot sweet cum.Mike gulped it down and thought to himself that was pretty good.

"Wow that felt so good and since im a good friend Ill definately return thr favor,"Bruce said.Now it was Mikes turn to get his first blowjob of his like.Just like Mike did Bruce swooped down and took hold of his dick.He slowly lowered his head and and stuck his tongue out.Mike also jumped as Bruces tongue touched his rock hard dick for the first time.Bruce tried to mimic the exact movements that Mike did but his friends dick was to vast to get anymore than the head in hid mouth.So he just sucked on the head and swirled his tongue all over it.He fondled Mikes balls as Mike did to him.Mie could tell he was getting close to cumming but when Bruce stuck his tongue in his piss slit Mike just lost it.His body tightened up and his seed flowed into Bruces awaiting mouth.

"Oh my god ahhhhhhhhhhh,"Mike cried as his second orgasm of the day ravaged his body.

"What the fuck is going on here"a voice said from out of nowhere."What the hell are you two doing".

"Oh shit my sister,"Bruce said as he pulled his mout off of Mikes still cumming cock."Its not what it looks like. It it...."

"Well it looks like you were sucking Mikes cock."she said as Mikes still hard cock shot its last shot."What was it like?"She inquired with wide eyes as she never seen a mans dick before.

"Why dont you join us and find out?"Mike said.

Dina walked in and said"OK but I have never done anything like this before."

"Well this is our first time too,"Mike said trying to relieve some of the nerves Dina might have had.Dina was your typical girl next door.She had a classic beauty to her.She had nice green eyes and shoulder length curly hair.She also had a pair of 40DD tits that made Mikes dick hard just thinking about them.He had once wrestled playfully with her one day while Bruce was out.He ended up on top of her with his hands on her titties.Dina noticed but she didnt say anything cause it felt nice to get attention from a boy and cause she secretly had a crush on him.She could feel his dick get hard and it flattered her to know it was because of her this was happening.

So now she was here amongst 2 naked guys.One was her brother whom she kind of had a little crush on cause he always hung out with Mike who was the most popular guy at school.And also Mike whom she had a huge crush on because he was so popular and good looking and because of the incident that occured before when she felt him get hard cause he was touching her titties.She didnt know what to do.

"Why dont you take off your clothes.Its only fair.Plus I wanna see thoes big titties in there full glory,"Mike said.Even though Bruce was her brother he did notice how big het tits looked and he even tried to sneak peeks at them in the past with no avail.

Dina turned beat red with embarrasementand said"I dont know.I...I...I."

"Come on it cant be as bad as it is for us when you caught us a few minutes ago.Besides your a beautiful girl and you have a beautiful body you should be proud,"Mike said trying to coax her to remove her clothes.Dinas heart almost melted when she heard Mike say that she was beautiful.

"OK ill do it,"she said as she took off her top and then her bra.Mike and Bruce both gasped as they both saw Dinas big beautiful titties for the first time.

"Their almost as beautiful as you Dina.I have had the biggest crush on you for the longest time,"Mike said.

"Really I wish you told me cause I feel the same way,"Dina said as she went over to Mike.She gave him a hug and then they began kissing passionatly like lovers do.

"Can I touch them?" Mike said.Dina nodded yes and Mike took his trembling hand and gently touched Dinas tits again.Then after he got no resistance from her he started to squeeze them and rub her nipples.Then he got a thought and lowered his head and stuck out his tongue.Next he licked and then started to suck on Dinas nipple.She let out a faint moan and Mike continued to feast on her nipple delight.

Dina kissed Mike on the forhead as he continued to pleasure her sensative nipples.She could feel herself getting wet from pleasue Mike was giving her.She couldnt take it anymore and took one of Mikes hand and put it into her panties.Mike could feel the heat of Dinas pussy the second his hand entered her underware.He was surprised to feel wetness though.He thought that she peed herself but was too mesmerized by her naked tit flesh to care.His hand came in contact with her pussy.This was the first time he touched one and the first time Dina had anyone but her touch it in a sexual way.The feeling was incredible for both.Mike instinclivelt slid a finger into her slit.It made a squishy sound as it entered and it felt kind of sticky.From this Mike realized that it wasnt pee and it was precum like he had sometimes when he touched himself.With this he moved on and entered anothed finger into her cunt.This time it was a little harder to get in cause it was such a tight fit.He continued to move probe around her pussy as he sucked on her tits like a baby.

Mike looked in Bruces direction and he was jerking off to the pron that was still on in the background.Then he took Dinas hand and placed it around his vast dick.Her hand couldnt fit all the way around his dick it was so thick.Oh my god Dina thought as she touched her first dick ever.

"Stroke it for me,"Mike whispered to her.With that Dina slowly started to move her hand up and down on his cock which had become hard again thanks to Dinas big tits and her pussy.Together they continued to play with eachother until Dina removed her hand from Mikes cock and her body shook and a violent orgasm ravaged her body.

"AHHHHHHH my god Im cumming ahhhhh ahhhhhha ahhh,"Dina panted as Mike quickly moved his fingers in and out of her pussy.Bruce looked over and smiled."Can I suck your dick now?I wanna know what it feels like."Dina said.

"Yeah but I wanna lick your pussy too," he said as he licked his fingers sampling her tasty juices.

"Well we could 69 and both get what we want."Dina said as she removed her panties.MiKes jaw dropped as he saw her pussy for the first time.Her lips were glistening with her wetness.She had a neatly trimmed triangle of hair just above her slit.

"What is that?"Mike asked.

"Well lay down and ill show you,"Dina said.So Mike laid down and Dina started to suck his dick.Then she swung her body so that her pussy was in his face.So he stuck his tongue out ahd sampled her musky sweet juices first hand as she sucked his dick.She must have done this before because she knew all the spots to hit and how to hit them.She sucked the head and swirled around the shaft.She was a pro then she licked Mikes member with long broad stroked.She said she hadnt though so Mike was amazed at her skills.

Dina never had been eaten out before but his tounge was music to her pussy.He licked and sucked on her meaty pussy lips.Then his tounge brushed up against her clit and she let out a moan.He didnt know what a clit was but he knew his tongue hit a bump that resembled a tiny cock and it made her moan.So he did it again this time more deliberately.She let out another moan.So he licked it but this time he kept licking and probing it furiously.Dina released Mikes cock from her mouth and cried out as another orgasm ripped through her body.This one was more intense than the first one.

"WOW OH MY GOD that was so good,"Dina panted."Do you wanna fuck me?I wanna feel you inside of me."

"Yes Ive wanted you for so long,"Mike said.So Dina got off of Mike and laid down on the bed.

"Are you a virgin,"Mike asked,"cause this is gonna hurt if you are"He said showing concern for her well being.

"Yeah I am but my cherry is gone cause one day I needed to feel something inside of me and I shoved a cucumber in my pussy."Dina said ashamed.

"Oh thats hot,"Mike said.

"Yeah it wasnt as big as your cock though.Yours is so big and beautiful.I wanna feel it inside of me right now."Dina said.

Mike took his throbber and guided it up to Dinas wet pussy.He rubbed up and down her slit to find her opening.Her pussy was very wet and when he found his mark his head slid in and parted her lips.Then he slowly inched his way into her not wanting to hurt her in the process.
The feeling was so incredible.Like nothing either of then ever felt.

"Are you OK,"Mike asked.

"Oh my god you are so big,"she smiled."Fuck me now.I cant stand it anymore."Mike slowly raised his hips then slowly lovered then and sank back into Dinas cave of pleasure.Then he started to go at it at a more steadied pace.Dina wrapped her legs around Mikes waist as she wanted to feel him as deeep as she could inside of her.Her big tits were really jiggling as Mike pounded in and out of Dina.Bruce was now looking on and stroking his cock as he watched his best friend fuck the shit out of his sister.The moans of pleasure that were escaping their mouth was now echoing throughout the room as Bruce furiously stroked his pud wishing he could take Mikes place.

"Can I do you from behind,"Mike asked.

"OK,"Dina replied.

With that Dina got on her knees and Mike plunged his cock back into Dinas pussy again.This time he was tagging it from behind and he was moving his fuck stick in and out of her as quickly as he possibly could.His thrusting was causing Dinas big tits to sway back and forth.Bruce seemed to notice this as well as the slapping noises the 2 made everytime Mike slammed his colossal member in and out of his sister.

"Oh my god I am gonna cccccccum,"Dina said as her pussy contracted and squeezed Mikes cock for all it was worth as her orgasm overwhelmed her body.

"Me too im gonna cum.AHHHHGGGGGGGG,"Mike said as he unloaded all of his man juice inside of Dinas pussy."Oh man that was so good Bruce why dont you give it a try?"

"Uh dude its my sister,"Bruce said.

"So what whose gonna know,"Mike said."I mean shes so hot and her pussy is so good."

"OK ill do it if Dina doesnt mind,"Bruce said.

She was so owerwhelmed with pleasure that she would have taken any dick in her flooded snatch at that moment.So without any resistance Bruce went over to his sister and slowly eased into his sisters sloppy pussy.His cock was so hard from watching Mike fuck his sister he needed to cum and he knew he would cum soon.He also knew he was going he was finally getting his first taste of pussy even though it was from his sister.

There was something about sight of brother and sister was so taboo that even though Mike had cum a few times already his dick wouldnt quit.He needed more and Dinas mouth was just that place.He went over to her and placed his dick into her mouth.She didnt protest and Mike slid his member into her mouth as Bruce assulted his sisters cunt.Althought it wasnt as big as Mike and it wasnt as good a feeling Bruce was no slouch.He was vigorously pumping in and out of her pussy.Mike couldnt help play with her tits as he got a thourough sucking from Dina.

The assult on Dinas pussy like all good things had to come to and end.Bruce couldnt take it anymore.He started a chain reaction.He shot wad after wad into his sisters already filled cunt.The first splash set off Dina and her orgasm went through her body.As she did this her suction on Mikes dick greatly increased as to suck his cum out of his balls like a straw.This was too much for Mike as he shot a small but thick load of cum into Dinas mouth.Everybody was panting and moaning simultaneously.

"Wow Im so spent,"Mike said.

"Yeah Ive never cum like that before ,"Dina noted.

"Wow sis your pussy feels so good why didnt we all do this sooner,"Bruce added.

"Well how about we get together tomorrow for some more suckin and fuckin,"Mike said.

They agreed much to the delight of their parents who were listening in the next room wondering how they could get in on some of the action.

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Rated this a negative...She's way too knowledgable for never doing 'stuff' before. There's just no hesitation and in real life the players usually are more careful to not rock the boat and things go more slowly than this story went. I didn't like this one that much....Could have been lots better!


2008-05-17 15:02:52
story was good,I enjoyed it


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to the idiot that said bi is only girl girl, ur a dumb-ass. it can be both dude


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learn to spell


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crap as a dogs head shoved up a small grannys nose.

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