Part 11 of the 11 part series AS of right now.
About five minutes later, I felt Busters knot begin to shrink inside
me. I then
looked over at Lyle and said "I think Busters about ready to come out of me."
He then just raised his head slowly, and said in a very low, shaken voice
"Lucky you". Concerned, I said "Are you alright?" He slowly said "Dude, there
is SO much cum inside me right now, that I feel like im going to burst. I can
even feel some of it leaking out of me, and running down my balls. How his
cum is getting past his HUGE knot, I will never know, but at least it is."
Buster then gave me a little tug, and I felt his knot move a tad, but I was not
going to let him out of me yet, because his knot was still too big inside me. I
then just moved my ass back as close to his and he stopped moving, and I
did too. I then looked at Lyle, who was looking down at mine and Busters
asses, and he said "Not quite ready yet?" I said "Nope, but soon." I then asked
him "Is Rascal about done with you?" He was very fast to say "Not even close
yet." For the next couple of minutes, we didn't say anything and just went
back to waiting for our freedom back. I began to feel Busters knot shrinking
in me real fast all of a sudden, and I held my ass real close to his
so he would
not pull out of me to fast, or too early. About 30 seconds later, Buster
moved himself foward, and his knot was now small enough that it slid out of
me followed by his long cock that was once snake'd deep inside me. Just as
his cock fully came out of me, I felt a large amount his cum follow and run
down my balls and onto the floor. I quickly clenched my ass to hold the rest
of it in me, while I slowly got up and went into the bathroom of this old
'Haunted' house. When I got in the bathroom, there was no toilet, just a hole
in the floor, But there was and old dirty bathtub, which was good enough for

When I was done emptying myself, I went back into the bedroom and Lyle
and Rascal where still locked together. He then looked at me and said "Where
in the fuck did you go?" I replyed with "I had to get some of Busters cum out
of me." He then said "Fuck dude, you scared me. I thought you just split and
left me alone tied up with Rascal." I then said "No dude, I would
never do that
unlike some people I know." He the said "I said I was sorry." I then said "I
know, I was only joking." I then said "Rascal ready to let you go yet?" Lyle
then moved his ass around a bit and then said "Nope". I then figured that
Lyle and Rascal had been locked together for (I was guessing) about 20
minutes. I then heard this strange sound come from what looked like the
closet of this room. It scared me pretty good! I then looked and saw
something moving in the closet. I said "Dude, whats that!" and Lyle said
"Thats just Buster, hes cleaning himself up over there." I then got a better
look, and yup, it was Buster. Lyle then said "What did you think it was..A
Ghost!" I kinda laughed and said "The last time I saw something moving in
the darkness, it turned out to be that guy Steve that works at the shop." Lyle
then said "I hope Steve doesn't want to get fucked by Rascal right now,
because Rascal is all out of cum, and its all inside me right now." After
hearing that, I said "So hes done cumming in you?" He then paused and said
"I can't tell insides are so expanded from the size of his cock
WAY up inside me, and his cum, that I just can't tell." I then said
"What about
his knot, still full size or what?" He then said "Its not full size
anymore, but it
is still big as hell and not budging in me." I then said "Yeah, when Rascal
fucks me, his cock shrinks a bit after hes done cumming, but he still holds
you together for about 5 to 10 more minutes before he pulls out." Lyle then
looked up at me and said "Next time we do this, Rascal fucks you and not me
ever again!" I then said "Why?" He was quick with "Because his knot is just
way to fucking big for me to handle." Since I had seen that he had a hard time
being fucked and tied with Rascal tonight, I said "Ok" and just left it at that.

I then sat down on the ground next to him, since there was nothing in this
old 'haunted' house to sit on. I then began to really check out there tied
bodies, and I got an instant hardon and said "Dude, you look so hot tied up
with Rascal." He then said "You looked pretty hot too when Buster was
starting to fuck you." I the said "Why, what do you mean?" He then said
"Dude, even though Rascal was pounding away at me, I was looking at your
face when Buster was fucking you, and I could tell that you where enjoying
every second of it, because you where making the strangest looking faces and
moaning pretty good when Buster was fucking you hard." I then kinda smiled
and said "Really, I don't remember that...I guess I was just enjoying
the fuck."
He then said "Yeah you where, big time!" Just then Lyle gave out a moan and I
saw Rascal move foward. Lyle was quick to back up with him and re-mount his
ass as close to Rascal as he could. I then asked "What was that all about?"
Lyle then moaned and said "His knot is getting smaller in me, and I think he
wants to untie...but it is still to big to come out of me right now."
I then said
"Cool, should be only a few more minutes before he lets you loose." Lyle
quickly said "I sure hope so." I then turned my attention back to my horny
self, and my boner, and said "Fuck im horny right now." Lyle then looked at
my boner and said "As soon as Rascal releases me, im going to need to get
some of his cum out of me, like you did, and rest a bit. After that we can fuck
each other if you want." I was quick to say "Hell yeah dude, but do you think
you can take being fucked again after what Rascal just did to you?" He then
said "Im not sure, but" Just then Rascal moved again, and Lyle let out a huge
moan, and I watched as Rascals cock came sliding out of Lyle's ass. Lyle
quickly hit the ground and was laying flat on his stomach. He began
breathing hard and giving out slight moans. I then said "Are you alright
dude?" He then breathed out and said "Yeah, his cum is just pouring out of
me right now..I can't stop it." I then said nothing and just let him
lye there to
rest and do what he had to do with Rascals cum that was flowing out of him.

About a minute later, Lyle tried to get up, but then fell back down to the
ground. I got concerned and said "Are you alright dude?" He then said in a
shaken voice "I can't feel my legs..I think their asleep..they feel
all tingly, even
my asshole is tingling." I knew that feeling that he was discribing, because I
had felt it too when Rascal had first fucked me, So I then put my hands on his
legs and began rubbing them and said "I think you have been stuck to him so
long that your blood has ran out of your legs, It happened to me too when he
first fucked me, I had to wait until my blood came back in my legs before I
could walk. Let me keep rubbing your legs and see if this helps." (Honestly, at
the time, I didn't know if it would help him, I was just so fucking
horny that I
wanted to fuck him so bad, but I knew I couldn't because he was in such
distress.) After about a minute of rubbing his legs, he said "I think thats
helping, let me try and stand up now." I then stopped and stood up myself,
and began helping him off the floor. I then took his hand as he raised up. He
was just about fully on his feet when he leaned up against me and said "Help
me walk over to the bathroom, my legs are still pretty weak." He then put his
arm around me and we slowly started to walk towards the bathroom. About
half way there, I said "Theres no toilet, your going to have to use
the bathtub.
He then said "Fine with me." As we entered the bathroom, I guided him over
to the tub and helped him sit down on the edge of it, like I did
earlier. He then
said "Thanks dude, make sure Buster stays in that room with you and does
not wander off..I might be here for awhile." I then said "Ok, see ya
in a bit." I
then left the bathroom, feeling kinda bad for him..

When I got back into the bedroom, I looked for Buster, and he was
still in the
closet area, and Rascal was almost in the middle of the floor cleaning himself.
I then thought to myself, Wow, Lyle is hurting big time from the fucking that
Rascal gave him. I started to feel kinda bad since I didn't tell Lyle
that it was
Rascal that was licking away at his ass, and about ready to to fuck him when
we both getting ready to be fucked. As I kept thinking about this, I could
hear Lyle making grunting noises from the bathroom, which only made me
feel worse. But that all changed real quick when I heard Lyle comming out of
the bathroom and back into the bedroom where I was waiting for him. He
looked at me and said "Well, that was fun." I then said "Yeah it was...are you
ok now?" He quickly said "Yeah, im good now, my ass is still alittle sore, so
let me fuck you first." I was amazed, and yet happy that he was ok, and ready
for us to fuck each other. I then said "Awesome, lets do it." I then stopped
myself and said "Before we fuck, lets take Rascal back to the yard just in case
Steve starts looking for him." Lyle then said "Ok, but what about Buster, im
sure hes going to follow us if we leave." I then though about it for a second
and said "Put his leash back on him and tie him up to something in here until
we get back." Lyle then said, Ok and grabbed Busters leash and searched for
something to tie him to. He then found a beam of wood that was exposed
from a wall that had been kicked in from other kids that had thrashed the
house, and tied him up to it. We then both put our clothes back on, and I
grabbed the collar that Rascal was wearing, and we all then walked outside
and headed over to the auto repair shop. When we reached the part of the
fence that we pulled up earlier to let Rascal out, Lyle and I both
lifted it again
and I said to Rascal "Go boy, come on, come on, time to go home." Rascal
didn't seem to know what we where doing, Or he didn't want to go back in the
yard. It took us about 5 minutes before we finally got him to crawl back
under the fence and back into the yard.

We then both started walking back towards the old 'haunted' house. We
where about half way there when Lyle blurted out "I hope your ass is not as
sore as mine is right now, because I really want to put ALL my cum in you
when im fucking you." I had no idea what he ment by that, so I said "What do
you mean?' He then said "I can cum a lot before my dick gets soft." I then said
"How many times can you cum?" He didn't answer just yet because we had
just reached the steps to the house, and he began saying "Buster, your here
boy." We then went upstairs and back into the bedroom where Buster was, and
he was happy to see us. His tail was wagging like crazy and he jumped up on
Lyle when he reached him. We then both started petting Buster because he
seemed to be a bit hyper. Lyle then unhooked Busters leash, and he went
right back to the closet area and layed down like he liked that area for some
reason. Then Lyle said (out of the blue) the words "eight times" I didn't pick
up on what he ment and said "Whats eight times?" He then said "I can cum
eight times." My stupid 16 year old brain still didn't know what he ment, so I
said "I don't get it, eight times..what?" He then said "If you let
me, I can fuck
for about 30 minutes and cum inside you eight times before im empty and
my dick gets soft." I was pretty amazed at what he just said. so I said "How do
you know you can cum 8 times?" He then said "Well.. A few nights ago I was
jerking off, thinking of you, and I came 8 times that night." I then thought
about it for a second, and said "Dude, I just got fucked by Buster, and my ass
is a bit sore right now, plus I can still feel some of his cum still in me, and
now you want to fuck me for about 30 minutes and cum 8 times in me...Fuck
Dude, I don't think my ass can take anymore pounding right now." He then
looked at me with sad eyes and said "Please... I'll be gental and fuck you real
slow and easy." I then Sighed, and said "Well...ok, but if I say
stop, you have
to stop ok?" He then said "Sure, No problem."

I then took off my shirt, and Lyle quickly did the same. He then started
rubbing his hands slowly up and down my body and said, in a shaken voice,
"Fuck dude..your so fucking hot! You know you the hottest looking dude in
school don't ya?" I was kinda embarassed by that statement and so I said
"Thanks dude" He then said "You have the most awesome body and you have
the most dreamy eyes that look so awesome with your blond hair." I then
stopped him and said "How long have you been checking me out?" He then
said "Oh, about a year or so.. I would even jack off every night thinking of me
fucking you, and here we are now, both fucking each other, And where both
into being fucked by dogs, how awesome is that!" I really didn't know what to
say to that. so I just said "Pretty cool" and started to take off my
pants. I then
said "Fuck...8 times...Let me fuck you first, because I might be to wore out
when your done." He quickly said "Sure! but be easy on me too, Rascal really
did a number on me." I quickly agreed, and he then took off his pants and
instantly layed on the carpet, on his stomach, and spreaded his legs for me. I
then got between his legs and placed my hard cock on his ass and moved it
around until I found his entrance. I then gave him a slight push and felt the
head of my cock go in him pretty easy. He then moaned out the words
"yeah...fuck me dude." I then started to slide the shaft of my cock in him, and
even though he had just been fucked by Rascal, his ass was still tight around
my cock. Once I was fully inside him, I began to move my hips and start the
fucking. He began moaning and moaning with each stroke I was giveing him,
and my balls where slapping up against his balls as I continued fucking his
tight ass. He continued moaning away as I fucked him, and at one point I
heard him say "Awe yeah...fuck me good" as I was fucking him. I then felt my
cock about ready to explode in him, and he seemed to know it, because I felt
his ass muscles clenching down on my cock, and the was it. I came so hard in
him that he even let out a cry saying "Oh yeah! Fuck yeah, Mmmm, Mmmm"
as my cum shot deep into him. I then jerked my hips a few times just make
sure I was done cumming, and then I just fell on top of him, worn out.

As I layed there with my cock still in him, I could still feel him
clenching his
ass muscles around my cock, like he was milking me for every drop of my
cum. Damn it was an awesome feeling! Lyle then turned his head and looked
at me with his glossy eyes and said "Damn dude, you really came hard in me
this time!" I grasped a breath and said "Fuck yeah I did..when you started
clenching your ass muscles, I was in heaven." We both then just started to
rest, when all of a sudden the floor of this old 'Haunted' house started to
vibrate, and we both freaked out. I quickly pulled my cock out of him and said
"What in the fuck is that?" Lyle then jumped up and said "I have no idea!"
Buster then came running over to us, all scared like, which only made us
panic more. Since both Lyle and I where still naked, we just grabbed our
clothes and started to run out of the house when all of a sudden we heard the
sound "Ding Ding Ding" I quickly stopped dead in my tracks and stopped Lyle
from running, and said "Oh fuck dude! Thats a Train comming by! The
dinging is the railroad gates going down on the street next to us." Both are
hearts where racing, and we then looked at each other and started to laugh."
Lyle then said "Wholly crap dude, that scared the shit out of me..I thought
this house was haunted, and that we pissed off a ghost or something...whew."
I then laughed and said "Scared the crap out of me too." We then went back
upstairs and looked out the window and watched as the train passed by only
about 20 feet from the old house we where in. Lyle then said "Wheres Buster?"
I then looked around the room and said "I don't know." Lyle then quickly
started calling out for him "Buster, here boy, Buster, Buster." We then heard a
scrambling noise comming from the stairs of the house, and heading towards
us. Just then Buster came running into the room and perched himself right
next to Lyle as if he was protecting him. Buster kept looking around the room
as the train noise faded further into the distance, and then clamed down once
the noise was gone. Lyle then gave him a few pats on the head and said "It's
ok boy." Buster then went right back to the closet area, and layed down.

After everything was back to normal, Lyle looked at me and said "Can I fuck
you now?" I quickly said "Sure dude, but remember, If I say stop, you have to
stop." He then again said "No problem." I then layed on the floor and
spreaded my legs, waiting for him to mount me. He quickly got between my
legs and mounted me. He then just wrapped his arms around my chest and
began to hold me tightly. I then felt his cock moving around my ass
searching for my hole

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